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My Writings

The listing off all my works published here!


  • Kayla

  • A series based off of Lurking Dragon's 'Rejuve Universe'. In the far future where immortality is a fact of life bestowed by complex technology, the Earth judicial system also uses it to punish criminals. While most step into a rejuvenator to become young again and continue their life, their criminals are sentenced to them in order to be re-raised as a child; classified and called, a Penitatas. They are treated to the harshest of punishments by a society that believes in discipline as strongly as they do reform, leaving them to serve their years beneath the paddle's scorn.

    Kayla, an alien woman known as an Aspatrian, faces such a sentence upon her capture and arrest as the planet's most notorious hacker. Unfamiliar with the system and what lies ahead, she will be forced to endure the consequences of her crimes and face trials beyond that of the strict roof she comes to live under. With it comes a second chance; an opportunity for redemption, or further grave errors.

    A series still going strong!

    Side / Fanfiction Stories
    These are other 'Rejuve Universe' tales, written by myself or others!

  • Richter: Adventures in Northrock
    'Kayla' / 'Juvenalas Penitatas' Crossover by Vaahn
    (m/m and m/f sex, spanking/discipline)

  • Scent of Ginger
    'Juvenalas Penitatas' Fic by Professor Bob
    (F/f and F/m figging, M/m spanking)

  • Sleepless Night
    'Juvenalas Penitatas' Fic by Professor Bob
    (M/m handjob)

  • Confrontation
    'Juvenalas Penitatas' Fic by Professor Bob
    (M/f spanking)

  • Bexley
    'The First Penitatas' Fic by Professor Bob
    (M/f spanking and oral, y-rep female)


  • The 'Kayla'-Based Rejuve Universe Writer's Guide
    Updated as of 07/11/2011

  • My Rejuve Universe guide has been revamped for easier understanding and use. Being that my segment of the timeline takes place in the future of the original universe by Lurking Dragon, this guide was written to allow others the ability to use this portion of the timeline and style of writing.