Professor Bob's Rejuve Universe Guide

  • Last Updated: 07/11/2011

    This guide is written as a variation of Lurking Dragon's Rejuvenation Guide, located here. The concept of the 'Rejuve Universe' is of his own creation, as are his characters. This guide goes into a time of the universe that is concidered to be the future of his original timeline. Kayla, my works, and this adaptation of the universe / additional data contained within, are copyright myself.

    Written as a lighter and more story involved version of the Rejuve Universe. Most methods and such things have been altered quite a lot. LD's unverse takes place in the 2740's, while Kayla takes place in the 2890's after a reform of the Penitatas Justice System.

  • Basic Concepts

    The general premise of the universe revolves around it's own mechanics, as well as the typical pieces of technology and concepts from the Star Trek universe. The invention of rejuvenators allows for an adult to regress back to a child, physically as well as mentally in some certain areas. Writing within the universe focuses on these rejuvenated individuals - primarily those of the Penitatas classification, with the emphasis on their discipline/spanking. Aside from the usual Penitatas, there are various other classifications of rejuvenated and non-rejuvenated children, leaving for an open exploration of concepts in a world of science fiction.

    Rejuve Classifications

  • Penitatas (P)- Rejuvenated for judicial reasons by a court, as punishment for crimes convicted. This is the equivalent of a prison sentence, adopted by Earth and other major worlds to replace prisons and penal colonies. They will recieve 'cycles', which identify the age they are to be rejuvenated to, and how much older they are allowed to become before being sent back in front of a judge. A sentence is usualy displayed in written form as '2x6-12' (Kayla's). This equates to two cycles of ages six through twelve, coming to a total sentence of twelve years. Six through twelve is common, but violent offenders will usualy be kept younger to ensure they are of no danger to others, though that means more cycles compensate (Such as 10x4-8). Their first cycle is always hard time, but the judge decides what will befall the Penitatas at the end of their current cycle. If a Penitatas has a cycle of '2x6-12', they will appear before a judge on their twelth birthday, where they will again be judged. The judge can parole the Penitatas; continue their sentence on hard time; or continue on soft time, requiring them to head to the rejuvenator and begin a new cycle. The three classes of Penitatas, identified by the markings on the backs of their hands or claws: 'Black 'P', 'Open 'P', and 'Filled in 'P', are as follows. It is worth noting that the lettering used to denote classifications is varied from that of the original universe concept, and will differ between universe styles.

  • Hard Timer (Silver, solid 'P'): Hard time is the direct punishment for the criminal's crime, by a society that believes in punishing for wrongdoing as strongly as they do rehabilitating. Their class insignia is represented by the letter 'P', the letter filled in with the color silver. The child is subjected to strict discipline and spankings for the behavioral and rule infractions they commit, while at the same time receiving occational spankings pre-scheduled by their parents for the sake of upkeeping their discipline as a hard timer. These "un-earned" punishments are not frequent, but are required by the Correction Counsel; one every so often, regardless of how well behaved a Penitatas may be. Depending on their parents, as well as the severity of their crime, these can vary from every other day, to once every two weeks. They are also required to submit to 'Special Punishment' days, the authority of their parents and justice officials, and the codes maintained by their particular school. Any attempt to flee, either by leaving their home or school to try and disappear, is a crime. Penitatas are taught right from wrong "the hard way", directed and parented by those around them while they are young and malleable; open to new ideas and concepts. There are also several key laws governing how severely a Penitatas can be spanked; the age of eight is the youngest you may blister the skin (three, for a judicial court punishment), no blood can ever be drawn, and the spankings must be kept within safety and sanity limits. Exception to this being an order from the Corrections Counsel, or on Special Punishment Days when all rules except for blood drawing are lifted, where the Penitatas is spanked with maximum force swings and given blisters regardless of age. Some Penitatas parents 'enjoy' spanking, as they do it with their spouses sexually, but this type of parent has been avoided since the 2790's in caring for standard Penitatas. During the 2700's they were the primary caregivers as Penitatas parents, until a reform of the Penitatas Justice System and a tense political atmosphere altered key points of typical Penitatas regulations. Those spanking-minded individuals are still quite allowed to have Penitatas, but their sexual side of the art is required to be kept seperate from their duties (See 'Universal Guidelines and Regulations' below).

  • Hard Timer (Black, solid 'P'): The designation of "Black 'P' Penitatas" is given solely to the worst offenders - that of murder, and that of rape. Those rejuvenated with this enhanced distinction of Penitatas will be visibly recognized for their crimes, and also face much more severe discipline. Their family's rules are bound to have much smaller tolerances, with the restrictions placed upon the Penitatas more stringent than the norm. This designation also calls for the Penitatas' gender to be switched to the "physically weaker" of their species', meaning most species' males will have chromosomes suppressed during their rejuvenation to make them female. This, however, is reverse for the Drakonian species for example, where females will be rejuvenated male. Alongside of this practice, a black 'P' Penitatas is also sentenced to a younger age and smaller cycles to ensure they are of little harm to others. While the overall standard of care remains the same between a black 'P' and standard hard time Penitatas, the "un-earned" spankings are more frequent, being once a week minimum by law. They also receive a second 'Special Punishment Day', are spanked harder and longer by comparison, and generally have stricter parents. As rejuvenated children, this class of Penitatas is also more prone to poor behavior or a bad attitude; being that a poor adult makes for a miscreant child, when that mind is ran through the immature brain of a fairly young individual.

  • Soft timer (Silver outlined, open 'P'): This designation of Penitatas is typically utilized towards the end cycles, or last cycle of a Penitatas' sentence. This designation places the focus further towards parenting and rehabilitation, while easing off the spankings and frequent discipline. This is to provide more time for the Penitatas to mature away from their prior behaviors and reform, while graduating away from the punishment phase of their sentence. While still living in a Penitatas household, held to a stricter standard and face at least some discipline for their infractions, the 'Special Punishment Days' and "un-earned" spankings they once faced are now gone. Their spankings need reason, and are only for teaching. The spankings themselves would not be as harsh as a hard timer's, and they would likely be able to earn a more relaxed array of privledges. They're treated much more like normal rejuves, and they are taken care of by the very same family they had during their hard time. This designation is most common in situations where a judge is not ready to grant parole, but another cycle in hard time would not be appropriate for the Penitatas' growth or needs. However, still being in a criminal classification, they are still required to abide by the base regulations set forth for a Penitatas.

  • Completatas (C) - A Completatas is a Penitatas that has been granted parole, bringing their final cycle to a close without returning to a rejuvenator. Under this classification they are no longer considered to be criminals, and the base regulations for Penitatas no longer apply. Typically they continue to live under their last set of Penitatas parents, now able to grow up freely with the parental guidance they need to continue along to adulthood. This guidance would be more typical to your usual rejuve, spankings leaving their lives unless they do something large enough to merit such corrective discipline. Having privledges taken away, or being placed on restriction, would be much more common for a mistake they would make to warrant more than a talking to. By now, these individuals know what is expected of them, and have come to learn better behaviors. Once the person reaches their twenty-first birthday, they are able to go to their local courthouse and have the silver 'C's removed from their hands; leaving no lingering criminal record, and the ability to start a fresh life as the reward for enduring their punishment and growing up beyond it.

  • Voluntarus (V) - Voluntarus account for the largest percentile of children in the world, as individuals who have rejuvenated on their own accord. Taking advantage of the social programs that provide rejuvenator access universally across the Earth, people typically decide to rejuvenate themselves once they feel they have become too old to manage comfortably, or if they decide to take advantage of the fast learning capabilities of an adolescent brain to return to school. As such, it is common to rejuvenate to the oldest limit of modern rejuvenation technology, being that of the puberty barrier, to start off at usually the age of twelve depending on the species. With time to prepare and set their affairs in order, this is eventually a smooth transition into a new phase of their life. They decide whom they live with and what they are going to be doing. It is also possible to continue more adult, sexual relations despite their physical age, but they would have to make it legal by making that decision prior to rejuvenation. While they still have the mind of an adult, they can sign paperwork to grant their younger selves those rights. They are normally cared for by family, but if no family members are able to (due to perhaps their own current ages), they can be taken in by a family who may be seeking to obtain their parenting license. Like other rejuves, their classification is removed from their hands at age twenty-one.

  • Medicalos (M) - A Medicalos is someone who has been rejuvenated for emergency medical reasons, typically without any consent. Without being able to make preparations and set their lives in order, suddenly becoming a small child causes a serious disturbance in everything they have come to know and work for. Careers abruptly end, futures up in the air as to what will come of things like their home. Their age out of sync with that of their husband or wife, their loved one would be tasked with caring for them, or even potentially leaving them. Those without a partner would be forced to take residence with family, or elect to take residence with a family seeking their parenting license. An emergency rejuvenator used by medical teams is portable and rapidly effective, but there is a serious side effect to using something so much smaller than a standard rejuvenation chamber. Lacking complex genetic programs and having only one rejuvenator crystal, instead of eight to twelve, the rejuvenatory reaction cannot be controlled. Chromosomes are lost in this process and the resulting age defaults to seven, if rejuvenating from an age of ten or above. Meaning, a male human rejuvenated by a portable unit will end up female, and seven. It is not uncommon for a new Medicalos who has suffered a shift in gender to return to an actual rejuvenation chamber to rejuvenate again with the appropriate chromosomal correction to restore their gender; then leaving them at the age of four. Without wanting to be a child again, or preparing for it, it is a difficult occurance; essentially losing the life you were living in an instant. They can have consentual sexual relations without first signing consent papers in their adulthood, as they did not have the opportunity. Medicalos are treated kindly by society at large.

  • Psycalos (PSI) - Typically a Psycalos has had an order written to rejuvenate with this classification by a doctor or psycologist, to live out a childhood to make it easier to overcome a particular mental issue or psychosis. Originally this classification was denoted by the greek symbol 'psi', but the representation had been changed to the three letters in 2815 by global legislation seeking to further simplify the system. Kindern, for the most part, often didn't understand the psi symbol, and that raised concerns over easier identification of potentially unstable individuals. Fairly rare, a Psycalos wound typically live with, or under the guidance of their therapist.

  • Innocentatas (I) - The Innocentatas classification is the rarest of all of them, accounting for the smallest percentage of all global rejuves. This is an individual who was found guilty of a crime and sentenced to be a Penitatas, but then found to later be innocent of their crimes, and had been punished in the matter they were without warrant. The tables now reversed, society feels they owe an Innocentatas their debt, for the shortcoming of justice they received. These rejuves are treated very well by others, with some of that coming from the Justice Department itself; often considering requests made by Innocentatas to keep their childhoods happy and ensure the quality of their upbringing. Able to grow up and resume life, they can choose to live anywhere they wish, just like a Voluntarus or Medicalos. Similar to a Medicalos, their sudden rejuvenation as a Penitatas had likely ruined their life; shaking their family dynamic, ending relationships, and potentially selling their house. Any sold belongings would be replaced by the Justice Department or local municipality, in good faith.

  • Juvenalas Penitatas (J) - A Kindern whom has been convicted of a crime could be sentenced by a judge to face their equivalent of the Penitatas lifestyle. Jails long since gone on Earth, it serves as a way to discipline wayward teenagers and older children that had never been an adult before. Unlike an actual convicted criminal, a Penitatas, they are sentenced to be punished in their current age for a predetermined length of time. Sometimes they are given to different parents for this, depending on the situation that landed them in front of a judge. A Juvenalas Penitatas generally has a very early curfew, as set by the court, and is to be disciplined for their mistakes as perscribed by the judge and/or Corrections Counsel. They receive fresh parenting, necessary spankings, and anything else determined required to keep them from becoming Penitatas in their adulthood. It's their world's version of a juvenile detention facility.

  • Kindern (K) - A real child; one not their current age as the result of rejuvenation. As such, Kindern go to their own local school, separate from their rejuvenated counterparts whom receive an education tailored to those who have already gone through the normal courses. While a rejuve will go to school to restore their prior abilities and increase their intellectual potential with all new skills in a challenging classroom environment, like that of a college, Kinderns go through a normal elementary and primary school to start them off. In order to have been born on Earth, with strict population control laws, their parents would have successfully obtained a parenting license and had the mother's reproductive organs re-activated to a fertile state (they are deactivated by a doctor at age eight, by law). After their one child, her reproductive organs would be rendered infertile again; population control a serious issue on a planet with openly available rejuvenators.

  • Universal Guidelines and Regulations for Penitatas and Penitatas Caregivers

  • For Penitatas - the expectations laid down by the Penitatas Justice Department, as decreed by the Corrections Counsel.

  • 1. - Their diet is to be regulated for appropriate nutrition. While having foods they enjoy is permissable and encouraged, food items high in sugar or fat, or candy, is forbidden. Junk food does not lend itself to their strict lifestyle, and candy is simply a luxury item not intended for Penitatas.

  • 2. - The bedroom dwelling of a Penitatas is required to be kept visually sterile; undecorated and unpersonalized. Plain, solid colors. No items on the walls. No luxury items permitted, such as a holo. Required; are a bed, a storage place for clothing and belongings, and a place for dilligent activities (desk or table).

  • 3. - As necessary to maintain a parental atmosphere that focuses on the Penitatas' forced childhood, a Penitatas is forbidden from any sexual relations. This includes other potentially intimate or matured partnerships, such as a boyfriend, or girlfriend.

  • 4. - A Penitatas of appropriate age must attend school, and respect the teachers and staff of their school as extentions and representatives of the Penitatas Justice Department. School can only be omitted in cases of special need or circumstance. Education, and 'Ethics and Morals' as a cirricula, are required. If there are problems at home or with their treatment by other Penitatas caregiving individuals, Penitatas are to understand to report these potential safety and ethical violations to the teacher of their Penitatas class, or an appropriate administrator.

  • 5. - They may not own, or take care of a pet.

  • 6. - Toys are to be limited and kept simple, with most forms of entertainment such as video games explicitly banned. Basic games or those focused on education, or appropriate ethics, may be permitted if they run on a standard data-pad.

  • 7. - Penitatas forfeit the rights of an adult. They are not allowed to act upon their own accord - such as owning their own business, making purchase decisions, or conducting acts outside of their scope of heavily restricted freedom (such as coming and going as they please).

  • For Parents / Caregivers - the expectations laid down by the Penitatas Justice Department, as decreed by the Corrections Counsel.

  • 1. - The physical, emotional, and possible spiritual needs of a Penitatas are to be understood as critical and important alongside of required disciplinary and punitive needs. Care must be taken to parent or guide, working as needed to teach appropriate lessons in a fair, and consistant manner that upholds the principles of the People.

  • 2. - Caregivers must maintain a certain degree of professionalism in their discipline. Spankings are not to be recorded or archived in any particular manner, unless directly ordered by the justice department, in accordance with the 2788 reform accords. Objectification is not acceptable as a care standard, and sexuality holds no hand with criminal rehabilitation.

  • 3. - As demonstrated and understood during the obtainment of their Penitatas Parenting License, the severity limits and safety protocols are to be followed as law. Blistering is not permitted until the age of eight, no drawing of blood at any time. Any accidental discipline related injury, be it a damaged joint, fracture, or cut, is to be healed or sent to a doctor for immediate attention, and the Penitatas Justice Department is to be promptly notified of the incident. An injury due to carelessness, or spanking inappropriately in anger outside of professional standard, is grounds for disciplinary action and possible termination of license.

  • 4. - The act of "sabotage" on a Penitatas is forbidden on ethical grounds. It is not permissable to intentionally get your Penitatas in trouble with another parent, caregiver, or justice entity. For example, a parent cannot place their Penitatas in the corner all evening to intentionally prevent them from studying for a test, so that they fail and get paddled by their teacher.

  • 5. - For the sake of safety and unity, the Justice Department forbids the ownership of weapons within a Penitatas household. No ballistic projectile weapons, be it physical or energy. Things such as knives and blades must be kept far out of reach of a Penitatas, and sealed within a location they do not have access.

  • 6. - Parents are to know and abide by local regulations and the boundaries of their Penitatas district in which they preside. Inside of their Penitatas district, where all of the homes are occupied by Penitatas families, public and outdoor displays of spanking and nudity in their Penitatas' discipline is approved and permitted. Outside of the district, public spanking is only allowed in certain locations designated as "Penitatas friendly". These are generally locations with few to no Kindern, that serve adults and rejuvenated individuals.

  • 7. - As included in the 2788 reform accords, the medical needs of a Penitatas cannot be interfered with, or turned into part of their discipline. Illness and injury must be taken care of without delay or additional unwarranted discomfort; being that most sickness and injury does not occur at the Penitatas' own fault. Needles cannot be used in lieu of modern medicine, and oral medication cannot be doped to make it further displeasing. Normal disciplinary practices can be continued during a brief illness, so long as common sense is utilized.

  • 8. - Parents are to create weekly written reports and submit them to the Penitatas Justice Department, detailing any disciplinary situations that occured and their compliance with any pre-scheduled "un-earned" spankings they may have given their Penitatas. Notes about behavior and attitude are encouraged, as well as accomplishments. These reports are to be kept on file with the department.

  • Parenting Licensing and Earth Law

  • Standard Parenting License

    In order to strictly control the birth rate on a world filled with immortals, partners must obtain a parenting license to become eligible to conceive a child together. Most girls will have their reproductive systems reversably shut down at the time of rejuvenation, but others who rejuvenate to a younger age, such as a Penitatas, have this de-fertilization procedure performed at the age of eight. With a license, this procedure is reversed so they can have a baby, then put back in place once they have had their offspring. Once it was determined that Earth's population had to be controlled after the invention of rejuvenators, limiting birth to certain individuals, the current social opinions of the planet came to the conclusion that those who want to have a child, must earn the right and prove their ability as parents. A couple can obtain a parenting license by fostering in a rejuve in need of a home, such as a Voluntarus without a family, a Medicalos, or as an end reward for taking care of a Penitatas. Fostering more than one child may be necessary, and they would have to demonstrate their abilities as decent parents to be granted a license. In the case of becoming a Penitatas parent, caring for a Penitatas through a time or reasonable length will make a couple elligible for a parenting license; with experience in hard time, soft time, and Completatas encouraged, to fully demonstrate their parenting abilities inside and outside the realm of discipline.

    In the unfortunate event their child passes away or does not survive to be born, the government allows the female's reproductive system to be re-activated a second time for another try. On a similar note, any potential parent that commits acts of abuse or neglect may become inelligible from ever getting licensed. A licensed parent that commits acts of abuse or neglect will likely have their licenses revoked - typically permanantly, forbidding them from ever caring for another child, be it their own, or a fostered rejuve. Society demands professional parenting, and will go to lengths to protect the small and defenseless from those who would take advantage of them.

  • Penitatas Parenting License
    Obtaining a Penitatas parenting license allows a person, or couple, to be a permanant full-time caregiver for a hard time Penitatas (Standard and Black 'P'), soft time Penitatas, or a Completatas. All Penitatas parents and guardians are required by law to have this license, proving their knowledge of parenting practices, the ability to discipline as harshly as necessary, and to do so within set safety guidelines. While unlicensed individuals can be granted the ability to spank a Penitatas, they must be given permission from a licensed caregiver and the arrangements are to be very short-term. In order to obtain this license, a person or couple would have to take Penitatas parenting classes, pass a psychological examination, and eventually complete a written and demonstration test to the satisfaction of the Penitatas Justice Department. The psychological examination is set to weed out potentially unstable or inelligible candidates; such as those with anger issues, or those over-zealous enough to cause harm or lasting damage to the Penitatas in their care. The written test touches upon key regulations and laws that they must follow at all times, as well as parenting situations. Lastly, they are tested to ensure their proper wielding of disciplinary implements and demonstration of safety procedure, utilizing a Penitatas randomly selected from their local district as their testing subject. Those with too much force, or too little force, would not pass this exam. Violating safety protocols, such as causing injury or drawing blood, merits immediate expulsion and requires the potential parent to re-take the course after a six month waiting period if they wish to try again. See 'Justice Department Duty' for further information. This licensing protocol was inacted in 2788 as one of the first actions towards ensuring safety and stability in Penitatas households. A Penitatas, even under the often intense and highly severe nature of their discipline, must feel safe within their home.
  • The Kensington Treatment
    The Kensington treatment is the name of the medical procedure that renders the female residents of Earth infertile, as per their population control and parenting laws. Receiving this treatment is considered critical, as a mandatory part of living on the planet. There are no exceptions; all females that reach the age of eight, or rejuvenate to an age greater than eight, are required to visit a doctor immediately to have the Kensington treatment performed. This procedure is painless and reversable, allowing those who obtain a parenting license to have a single child before the Kensington treatment is re-administered.

    It involves a basic injection, delivered via a hypospray in the vicinity of that particular species' female reproductive organs. In most, it would be into the pelvic region, while less human-like species such as a Drakonian would receive it directly below their ovula chamber, just between the front of their legs. The injection contains nanites, which migrate through the tissue and go right to work with their pre-programmed task, then becoming dormant within the ovaries or similar organ to ensure the treatment's effects remain in place unless reversed. Reversal is performed by an injection to the same site, filled with coded proteins that can be detected by the nanites. Written on the proteins are instructions, giving them explicit permission to undo their prior work and permit ovulation without interfering with the process.

    As an added benefit of this treatment, it shuts down the typical ovulation behaviors of the reproductive system entirely, preventing the monthly period or occational need to lay an egg, while not affecting with normal hormonal cycles. The organs are alive and well; just not generating eggs. All children, rejuve or Kindern, including Penitatas, have the expressed right to request a woman perform the Kensington if they are not comfortable with a male so close to their privates.

    An older practice called the Fujikawa Treatment was typically performed at the same time as the Kensington, intended to delay puberty for a couple extra years. It was a standard practice to help keep older Penitatas small, both male and female, and to delay sexual maturation in all rejuvenatory classes if they elected to participate. The practice fell out of vogue when doctors from other planets began to question the safety of interfering with natural growth, though not many claims were substantiated. As of the current timeline, the Fujikawa is an electoral procedure only, closed to the Penitatas classification as they are not permitted to have "cosmetic" or elective procedures at their own request. It's popularity has dropped sharply, with few electing to have it performed in lieu of natural teenage years.

  • The Justice Department and Associated Procedure

  • Justice Department Duty and Selection
    The final step of the testing and application process for a Penitatas parenting license requires the assistance of a real Penitatas and at least one of his or her's parents - bringing about the need for 'Justice Department duty', similar to that of jury duty in modern times. The Penitatas and their family are selected at random from all the registered Penitatas households in the area, often encompassing more than one Penitatas district. Their crime and behavioral records have no bearing on their selection; meaning a normal hard timer has the same liklihood to be selected as a high-profile black 'P' Penitatas, for the sake of being impartial and fair. Once selected, participation is mandatory by law, unless circumstances allow for an exception to be made, in which an alternate Penitatas and family will be selected. Failure to attend would result in the possible revokation of the offending parent's Penitatas licenses. This procedure was first outlined in 2788, which asked Penitatas to sacrifice their backsides and time to ensure future Penitatas would receive safe, quality care.

    During their duties for the Justice Department, the Penitatas' parent will be tasked with leading the testing individuals through the motions as a licensed, experienced caregiver. The Penitatas will have to follow directions as provided by their parent, or parents, in order to have the license applicants try out their spanking knowledge upon them, demonstrating their skill and mindfulness of safe practices. Generally, the use of a paddle and cane are to be demonstrated by each applicant, being that both implements are so much different from each other, up to and including the use of one's hand. For Drakonians, it would be encouraged for them to show their ability to perform tongue lashings. Any potential injuries sustained during this exam phase would be promptly healed, but not the examiner's spankings themselves. The applicants would have to console and comfort their Penitatas testing partner as needed, gaining their cooperation as part of the test itself. All spankings and parental actions, including those made by the Penitatas and their parent, will be gauged and observed by an official proctor from the Penitatas Justice Department.

    Penitatas selected for Justice Department duty will only have to serve that one time, before becoming inelligible to be selected during the random registry sweep again. They are allowed to serve once per cycle, or once every six years if the Penitatas is on a smaller rejuvenatory cycle.

  • Standard Penitatas Record Keeping
    The Penitatas Justice Department keeps a wide array of detailed records on every Penitatas during their stint as a hard timer, or soft timer, prior to their parole as a Completatas. Penitatas Parents create weekly reports on their behavior, attitude, accomplishments and failures, and any disciplinary actions that needed to be taken that week. School officials also add to their records, including classroom behavior, infractions, grades, and any need for principal or adminstrative punitive actions. A Penitatas' growth and behavior can be gauged on these records, informing the justice department of the mistakes they make and how severe they may have been. This is how the Christmas Special Punishment Day is tailored accordingly to a Penitatas' behavior, and how good or bad it may have been that year in proportion to their convicted crimes. In the end, the Penitatas Justice Department archives any useful information they can, even from a therapist or doctor, in order to make the most informed decisions based on the Penitatas' needs - also used by a judge at the end of the Penitatas' current cycle, to determine if more hard time is needed, or if a shift to soft time would be a better choice.
  • Court Procedure for Adults
    Within a society that believes in prompt punishment and justice for crimes committed upon their soil, or airspace, criminals are often brought to trial the same day they are arrested during their current time period. Technology so advanced and professionals so well motivated, the court system has been rapidly sped up with the collection and compiling of evidence done immediately to be presented by a prosecutor, challenged with presenting it and proving the accused's guilt in simplified courtroom procedure. Once presented, the defendant has the ability to challenge evidence, defend themself, request a public defendant to assist them, and submit a plea. Based on what is presented by both sides on a fair and equal plain, as witnessed by a public courtroom, a judge will declare the defendant's guilt or innocence. If found guilty, the judge will hand down their sentence based on the severity of their accused crimes. In necessary cases, though rare, a judge can suspend the trial for a day and bring in additional arbitration; but a typical trial can be concluded on the same day. If a person is truly guilty, there is typically vast amounts of supporting proof to that effect.

    Once a sentence is handed down, the convicted is taken from the courtroom to that courthouse's rejuvenation wing where it is carried out. Escorted by guards, the convict is eventually stripped down. Placed in a rejuvenation chamber, surrounded by a clear shielding material to watch the rejuvenatory process for complications, a rejuve technician operates the unit to rejuvenate the new Penitatas to their sentenced age, or gender in the case of a black 'P' Penitatas. Their classification letter is added to the backs of their hands, and they receive a brief check-up by the technician to ensure the process went well. They are then permitted to dress, get used to their new body, and meet the parents they summon to collect him or her. Taken home, the Penitatas is introduced to their new family, living space, and the rules in which they are to acknowledge and respect.

    Afterwards, they are treated to their first piece of discipline - the "welcome spanking", as required by the Penitatas Justice Department. Depending on the severity of the Penitatas' crime, or particular designation, they will receive a particular number of strokes from each of the home's standard implements. A black 'P' Penitatas' household would have more implements than a standard hard timer's. A basic welcome spanking would be five to ten licks from at least; the parent's hand, a small 'swatter' paddle, a normal sized paddle, a cane and/or switch. A ruler, belt, wooden spoon, and tawse would also be appropriate for a black 'P'.

  • Court Procedure for Penitatas
    In the event a Penitatas commits a crime, such as theft, or attempting to flee or elude, they would come before a Penitatas Court to answer to these charges. Penitatas are searched by courthouse security, and are allowed into the courtroom with their parents to face a Penitatas Court Judge. Separate from adults and non-Penitatas, they are forced to explain what they did, and why they did it. Typically there isn't much of a defense phase, being that if they were caught doing something to merit going to Penitatas Court, they were obviously, or admitably guilty. Penitatas who commit crimes during their sentence can be given additional cycles, and are given a judicial paddling as perscribed by the judge, and carried out by the judge. Blistering limitations are lowered to the age of three for a judicial paddling, and the paddling itself is massively severe, going far past normal limitations. The judge also has the option to provide a drug to shut down or limit the use of nano-lotion for a time.

    Judges used to have the option to also provide drugs to enhance pain or shut down endorphins, but such practices were eventually quietly stopped after the 2788 reform accords. There was no rule written to forbid it's use, but it's been implicitly suggested to avoid such practices.

  • The Corrections Counsel
    The counsel is comprised of seven members, serving to make all major decisions within the laws of the Penitatas Justice System. These seven oversee and structure the regulations that Penitatas and their caregivers must follow. Most rulings needed on individual Penitatas can be done with only one member's ruling, unless the issue is larger and requires a consensus amoung the members. The Corrections Counsel survived the reform of the justice system in 2788, passing the reform and detailing it's provisions over the coming years. Despite being the spear-headers of the reform once public pressure grew great enough, the members of the counsel are colder disciplinarians than most, having the most experience and knowledge of the subject than anyone. Nearly all members are currently active in the Penitatas Justice System, caring for high-level black 'P' Penitatas, and have been for a very long time. They were active in the justice system before the reform, and as early as the 'Melody' timeline, coming to their positions later in their rejuvenations. Ultimately, their decisions are final, while presiding over matters of the Penitatas Justice System or individual Penitatas themselves.

  • Rejuve Universe Technology and Guidelines

  • Rejuvenators and their Restrictions
    The standard rejuvenator is a chamber or booth, with portable versions that can be held and used. This technology was founded through a partnership between humans and Drakonians, whom researched the technology and the stark differences between their two species genetics to develop the concepts and computer programs that allow rejuvenators to be used in the comfortable manners society has become used to. The technology utilizes rejuvenator crystals, which when used properly, emit rejuvenatory radiation and causes cells and associated acids and proteins to regress their age; rebuilding tissue to a far younger age. This can allow a person to become a child again, or rescue their life from a fatal wound or illness. To control this rapid and intense reaction from living tissue, rejuvenation chambers use eight to twelve crystals and a powerful array of systems to organize genetic data and prevent chromosomal damage or loss; the primary issue when rejuvenators were first invented. Portable rejuvenators use one crystal, and do not have these special capabilities - leaving them to operate on the rejuvenator crystal's base principles unabated. The technology does not come without it's limits, which I will detail as separate "laws" - the basics to know if you're going to write using the universe.

  • The Puberty Barrier: Once a rejuvenatory reaction begins, the person has already been saturated with enough of the radiation and the process will continue unhindered, unable to be suddenly stopped. The invididual will physically regress to an age prior to puberty; typically twelve at the oldest. Crossing this "barrier" is the only reason the reaction ceases, making it impossible to rejuvenate someone to an age after the physiological changes of puberty have already taken place. Normal rejuvenation chambers with their more advanced functions can rejuvenate to age twelve, but without those functions, portable rejuvenators do not control the reactions so precisely, and will continue it until the person is age seven.

  • The 'Three Year' Rule: Below the puberty barrier, each additional rejuvenation will rejuvenate a person by a minimum of three years. They can be rejuvenated more than three years in one shot, but three years is the smallest jump the technology will allow. The radiation cannot be held back further than that.

  • Chromosomes: Shifts and changes in chromosomes was the first major challenge in being able to control the process of rejuvenation. They would normally be lost, making the male humans female, and the female Drakonians male. Normal rejuvenators have overcome this, allowing them to directly manipulate chromosomes how ever the technician inputs, but portable rejuvenators still suffer chromosomal loss. A portable, emergency rejuvenator will not only make someone seven years old by default, but they will also make males into females, and vice versa for drakes. Taking advantage of chromosomal changing abilities, a Voluntarus has the legal opportunity to change their gender if they so chose. And, while not consentual, a black 'P' Penitatas has their chromosomes shifted in this way if need be, to make them the smaller of their species' genders.

  • Artificial Implants, Scars, Tattoos, etc.: Being that the body completely regenerates itself during the process of age regression, healing wounds and curing ailments, things such as scars and bodily modifications are "healed" and undone. A missing finger suddenly returns, or an unnatural part of yourself disappears. Things like implants or artificial devices implanted inside of the body will be absorbed by the metabolizing effects of the rejuvenation process, breaking down their metals and components into their most basic forms; used like a biological fuel.

  • Chronostatic Radiation, and Other Radiation Poisonings that Affect Cells: Various radiation exposure can be held onto by cells and their DNA during the process of rejuvenation, though the rapid wiping and restructuring of their cells and the healing effects to DNA does remove large chunks of it. Those suffering from exposure to chronostatic radiation or other forms of dangerous radiation may require multiple rejuvenations to clear the radiation from their bodies and cure the types of damage that they incur. This becomes troubling with the 'three year rule', meaning they will have a chance to rejuvenate an adult a total of four times, reaching the age of three. A fifth rejuvenation would be possible with precision, but would require significant technological assistance that runs potentially "lethal" risks to the person.

    Chronostatic radiation can be billed as rejuvenatory radiation's unrefined cousin, and is used in the process of making rejuvenator crystals. In the far past, it was used in mass-casualty weapons, was released in research accidents, and sometimes occurs naturally in regions of space with massive subspace disturbances. It affects the natural, universal scale of time on a nanoscopic level, latching on to DNA to cause reversions on an evolutionary and nearly cancerous level. A heavily exposed person will mutate, resulting in a drawn out and painful death unless rejuvenated multiple times to clear the radiation and correct damages to their DNA structure.

  • Rejuvenations to, and Below the Age of One: It is possible to rejuvenate to the age of one, or a time before then, when an individual was merely a few months old with the help of further technological advancement. However, this is only done for emergency reasons and runs a high mortality risk. While the body can be saved, it is possible to lose the "person" - the brain far too young and small to retain all of the memories and components that make up the person undergoing the procedure. The rejuvenatory technology would have to be precisely controlled, limiting it as heavily as possible, all the while actively scanning the brain and re-writing data during the rejuvenation process. A baby would need technological assistance to hold all the data; a computer and memory storage device to manage it and keep the risk of losing information low. If bits and pieces are lost, the rejuvenated infant could end up with partial amnesia, or act differently than they did before. Under a full failure, the things that made up the "person" would be gone, leaving a blank slate of a brain; like that of a real Kindern, died and reborn.
  • Standard Technology Level
    The sort of technology available during the 'Kayla' portion of the Rejuve Universe timeline follows along the Star Trek side of things. People can be scanned and identified easily, along with every legal resident of Earth being properly registered. Most doors are push-button automated, with some opting to use traditional doors in their homes. Some homes have central computer and voice control systems, again based on personal preference.

    Modern televisions are called a 'holo', referring to the holographic imaging systems that allow them to operate the way they do. Using such internal projection allows them to be as flat as possible, though many families still decide to have a standing floor unit in their living rooms. Typical Earth programming would include news broadcasts, childrens' cartoons, and various shows from many worlds. For a time after they met, Earth children, rejuves heavily included, were particularly engrossed in Drakonian cartoons.

    Your average house would have a kitchen as well as a basic replicator, able to easily provide certain things while the family still had the option to cook with fresh food. Other technological luxuries may include a delta-inducer bed attachment, to make getting to sleep a simple task, and a vid-phone, usually built into a wall somewhere near the dining room to make video calls. There would also be small home computers, portable data-pads, and a galactic-net uplink.

    Hover cars are the most common means of sub-atmospheric travel. Capable of speeds up to several hundred KPH, they are strictly governed by law and operate themselves in an automated manner through the Earth satellite network. Despite this, the operator of a hover car still must be licensed and know how to fly the vehicle manually, in the event of a computer failure or power loss. With hover cars being the standard, streets have shrunk to the size of sidewalks, used for pedestrian travel and for school busses to pick up their students. A hover car can have between one and four engines situated on the bottom of the craft, and are fairly comfortable to ride in, making a comforting soft droning sound. Civilian vehicles operate at their own altitude, while other altitude spectrums are reserved for emergency and military aircraft.

    Medical devices allow for the prompt regeneration of tissue to heal wounds, and the use of nanite technology can let certain injuries or illnesses to be specifically pinpointed. In the event of severe injury and surgery, once impossible feats like spinal repair and reconstruction are possible; leaving emergency rejuvenation as an option when such facilities and skilled individuals are not available, or the injuries are too life threatening and are causing immediate death.

  • Notable Worlds and People

  • The Aspatrian Species: Planet Aspatria
    Kayla Ackart's homeworld, roughly two-thirds the size of Earth; no moons. Rust colored with gray clouds. The planet's dominant species are Aspatrians - primarily oranged furred anthropomorphic foxes, upright walking with different color variants. White and black areas of fur in certain places, where ever inherited or brought out from a past generation. An Aspatrian male would have a canine sheath in which his penis would reside, while females are "standard" in relation to human genital physiology. In contrast to actual foxes, Aspatrians have only three toes on their feet, complete with paw-pads. The planet has loose ties with the United Federation of Planets due to their infrequent industrial trade with Earth, but are barred from entry into the Federation due to horrible living-rights violations. It's trade is also seen as taboo as a result, trying to peddle chemicals and raw materials that were obtained through suspected slave and inhumane labor.

    Aspatrians themselves are rare members of earth, seeing as most of their kind is never able to leave the planet. Considered 'third world' by modern eyes, the planet and it's people suffer from rampant poverty, famine, and social instability as the result of a military driven world dictatorship and an unreachable corporate complex. There are many cities and outlying slums that are broken into "corridors", with the planet's numerous high-polluting industries, refineries, and factories dotting the hearts of most population centers. The dark red atmosphere always looks sickly from the amount of toxins and smog in the air, with many clouds of brown pollution reaching ground level in some cities. A large amount of the population is homeless or living in decrepid structures made up from clay, brick, and stone, leaving prostitution, drugs, gambling, and murder to be common crimes; none of which are stopped by any sort of anti-crime unit. Electricity is common though most have no reason to have it, able to tap into it ungracefully by slicing into power grid cables along the ground.

    The only law enforcement present on Aspatria is the military, controlled and used by dictator Francias Renacross to oppress and pacify his people. This military has been known to slaughter entire slums to eliminate resistance, with education, reading, and written word explicitly banned. Even a drawing would merit execution. By keeping the people as poor as possible, as weak as possible, and as uneducated as possible, the dictatorship does not have to spend resources on social programs and basic needs, and leaves them with a nearly slave-labor workforce to die in the poor conditions of the industrial complex.

    Life expectancy on the planet is very low, with most citizens dying young from starvation or disease caused by the smog and poisonous pollution. Centuries ago the soil was fertile, but now there are deserts and little to no farms or plants anywhere near the cities. Clean water is a restricted commodity, usually needing to be filtered and reclaimed through anyone that can maintain their old technology. Aspatrians living in slums or in city alleys tend to form small groups and work together to care for one another, sell what ever they can peddle, and try to survive along with the many orphans on the planet. Orphaned children generally always die at some point, while others are sold into slavery, join cheap and often lethal factory labor, or become thieves and child prostitutes. Not regarded with any particular rights, it was common for children to be mistreated as such, or taken up on their sex-for-food offers.

    It is customary that children below the age of ascention, which is thirteen, remain nude. With many historical records burned by the ruling regime, it is not certain where and why this custom came to place. Some believe it was due to lack of clothing for a quickly growing body, others think it was due to the fact they did not require it, while some members of the slums believe it was due to the rampant increase in popularity to have sex with the young kits hundreds of years ago, during the high point of the theocracy prior to their technological advancements and the dictatorship. On that same token, a woman is also supposed to know her place, and is not permitted to sell items or own an establishment. Young girls especially, are supposed to be seen and not heard, and female homosexual relationships are forbidden and punishable. On the other hand, a male homosexual relationship, called a 'Goda', is still considered to be honorable and religious. These are remaining cultural influences left behind by the old theocracy, and the Aspatrian religion of old.

    With rising fears of rebellian and discontent, any Aspatrian caught passing the written word or speaking poorly of the dictator would be subject to death, and potentially having their entire community pacified. Any key law found to be broken would result in an immidiate execution without trial.

    When contrasted to humans, Aspatrians are more agile and tactile creatures whom use their ears as a primary sense. The planet's sun is farther away than Earth's; it retains heat with it's thick, gassy atmosphere, but the light is dimmer as a result. Accute hearing was evolved due to the need for direction-finding in low light areas, allowing the primitive early Aspatrians to locate food and predators they could not see.

    Other cultural notes would include their heavy tolerance of prostitution and drugs; having come to see these things as bad, but normal things. In the absence of doctors and real pharmaceuticals, pills were named by their street vendors to be called 'finger cakes', for their shape and ease to sit on a fingertip. It is also customary to tap your shoulder before going to sleep, to quietly tell others your intentions while sleeping near other people.

  • Aspatrian Religion:
    Religion has become in lacking practice on Aspatria over the past several decades, since the dictatorship made historical knowledge disappear and fade with the passage of time. Prior to the dictatorship, when the planet was more fertile and the industries had not been solidified or invented yet, the planet was run by a global theocracy. It was known for it's harsh punishments and brutality, all for their nameless religion. The religion was word, and God, and needed no name.

    Female homosexual relationships would have resulted in execution for blasphemy, as would have any Aspatrian who did not follow the ancient religion of the planet. They believed in only a male diety, Hakra, as described and foretold in scripture. From it's anti-female sentimentality, describing them as impure and servants to Hakra, Aspatrian women were not respected and were treated as property during that time.

    Though many historical records were destroyed even before the theocracy lost power, mostly to protect the religion and their power over the people, it was their reign and decrees that brought about the tradition of children below the age of ascention not wearing clothing. At first they declared that their young kit's forms were symbols of life and gifts of God, but after less than a century, the belief has been perverted to including "a parent or fellow's right to lay with their child, or a child whom has been placed in their custody". Meaning, the Tovast, the Aspatrian church, had allowed forcible intercourse by parents to upon children, and anyone else the parents allowed; bringing rise to the first acts of permissable child prostitution on the planet. The was done under the guise that children needed to follow each order their parents gave in order to honor Hakra's gift of life. Children below the age of ascension, thirteen, were commonly used sexually, tortured, and beaten, under any excuse the Tovast could eventually make up to continue their practices.

    The ancient religion itself was founded on many of the principles that still exist on today's Aspatria, as the theocracy melted the religion away to leave only the dictatorship behind. The rich still have power over the people, running their factories and plants that ravage the environment, and the Tovast was controlled by a Bah-Ustra, the equivalent of today's dictator. The Tovast ruled all the lands, and made all of the laws. Only those with power became religious leaders, safe to do as they wished under the protective wing of the church.

    The primary teachings of the religion were to worship images of Hakra; a large Aspatrian fox, commonly shown holding up a planet in his right paw to symbolize his ability to create life. Abstractly, he is also commonly shown holding a jagged sword in his left, to symbolizing his wrath and ability to take life away. They made tributes in the form of formal prayer in his name, making statues and sculptures to honor him. The religion found homosexual partnerships between two males to be holy, as their ancient scriptures said that Hakra liked his 'perfect' creation - the male in his likeness, and was said to have laid with men and boys to admire his best work. Simply put, their God was said to be homosexual, and that females were to be kept low while the men ruled the planet in which he created as the proper holders of his legacy. The 'Goda', or male-male partnering was preformed largely during that time period, with their own wedding dedicated to Hakra; coming to live their lives as religious monks.

    Those whom openly went against the word of Hakra, by speaking poorly of his name, his religious officials or the Bah-Ustra, were either tortured or killed. Females were always executed for any religious crimes, accused of being out of line in Hakra's plan, reguardless of age. A child male however, would only receive a ritualistic thrashing across the back, rear, and legs with the "Jagged Sword of Hakra" - a thorned branch of the sapreten bush, while restrained to a pillar in the center of the village or city square. The thrashing did cause significant bleeding but was not life threatening, as the punishment was intended to show the child God's vengence. An adult male however, could be accused of treason against Hakra and the Tovast and executed, unless he vowed to change his ways promptly. Other ways to be accused of crimes against the Tovast were to not observe 'Janava Riat', the holy rule that states a woman is below a man, and a man cannot grant her rights beyond what he, God, permits; or to abuse one's body, with masturbation a crime for females of all ages and boys below the age of ascention; or to kill unjustly, without permission from the Tovast. To prevent females from "self abuse" or inappropriate sexual conduct outside of their man's wishes, atrocities such as genital burning, cutting, or sewing were employed during the time period.

    In today's Aspatria the religion is still practiced, but the Bah-Ustra is not the world power. The technological revolution brought on the world Aspatria is today, based on the ancient teachings, once bastardized. Many teachings are incorrect or removed completely, such as the origins of the child clothing tradition. The Tovast has to watch what they say and never circumvent the dictator's authority, and not posess any scriptures, needing to pass down their teachings by word of mouth alone. While females are not property, per-say, and genital mutilation has been mostly forgotten, they still however carry no rights.

  • Aspatrian Language:
    Their language would be somewhere along the lines of this, when demonstrated - "Da rast de estu kah!". Very vocalized sounds, void of accents. The language emphasizes easily made sounds, with rough sounds. For example, 'rast' and 'kah', start off quite vocalized and harsh. "Gastare to re vol?". When not exclaimed, the harshness of the words sill come through, as that is the nature of their spoken language. Hard letters, such as the hard 'v' in 'vol' there.
  • Aspatrian Technology and Modern Civilization:
    Aspatrian technology is not extrordinarily advanced; think post-modern. They would have simple space craft - low warp and impulse ships. Weapons on them would be similar to disruptors; colored red, and more rapid firing. As a result, the shots do not have as much power as an actual disruptor, being a step down from that technology in it's less refined state. Military defense craft in planetary orbit would also be using warheads with light-impulse propulsion - space based missiles. On the ground, Aspatrians use basic energy weapons. Rifles can fire charges similar to their orbital crafts, but in a much smaller version. The weapons also do not recharge automatically, meaning they run out of power quickly unlike a phaser of the time. Some projectile weapons are still used, such as pistols, on rare occation. Federation banned weapons are also used by Aspatrian forces against their own people, such as chemical weapons. Compressed plasma explosives are the most common 'grenade', causing an explosion and blue shockwave that vaporizes flesh on contact. The planet has attempted development of biological weapons, but does not have the proper medical knowledge or financial backing. Their technology and military is exceptionally crude.

    Their society is very lacking in medical care and the knowledge of complex physiology, with rejuvenation chambers in short supply - all for the wealthy. Your typical Aspatrian may have heard of a rejuvenator, but out in the slums it is a fairy tale and considered fictional.

    Other technology is based heavily on metals and industry, all poluting. A lot of chemical processing involved. Complexes and structures tower in their poor conditions, and power is generated by fossil fuels. There was no research into clean alternatives, or nuclear power, dispite using radioactive substances found on the planet in other applications; mostly government weapontry and corporate processing. Water is in short supply in many areas due to the levels of contamination. All water on the planet must be filtered and treated before use. Heavily polluted regions will have air that will result in likely death after a few years, as well as other cancers, ailments, and poisonings.

    Land vehicles are mostly treaded, as hover-cars are not feasible financialy on the planet. Other cars use wheels comprised of a rubber-like composition created by chemical plants, though there are few paved roadways. Computer systems and other complicated technology is not a common sight on most of the planet, as education is too low for the standard person to use a device such as that during the labors of their work. The more fortunate, or those capable mechanically with their paws, or quick on their mind, do end up obtaining more knowledge then the rest, mostly through appreticeship. Those would be engineers for ships, computer architects, and technicians. These individuals will be mostly employed by the government for their own projects, living marginally better than other Aspatrians. Many foods are processed and synthesized, as the polution killed a large majority of the planet's plant life long ago, ending the time of the farmer. Less poluted areas of the planet can be cultivated, but real Aspatrian fruits and veggies are too expensive for the generally poor people. It is another corporate luxury.

  • The Drakonian Species: Planet Drakon
    The Drakonian homeworld is a fairly large planet, coming in at 155% the size of Earth; sporting three moons; Ra`gas, Tavos, and Mastea. The gravity is only 0.89G, bringing a drake's strength down to a human level while they are exposed to the greater gravity of Earth. Their technology and culture is quite similar to mankind's, having expanded and grown technologically before humans got on their feet and came into their current state. They were found to be the first alien to visit Earth, after a historical acheological finding determined it was not the Vulcans who visited first. A few sets of dinosaur bones discovered of a new species were found to be too recent to be from Earth's dinosaur era, coming to find later that they correlated with Drakonian physiology. These remains disproved that the Vulcans were the first to visit Earth after World War III, and Kokhran's first warp vessel.

    It is highly difficult for a drake to rework their vocal cords to speak Panglish, the Alpha Quadrant's universal language, formed from english and similar dialects that most species can learn and speak with their vocal cords. Though they lacked speaking proficiency, Drakonian elders have been teaching the language for a long time to promote communication and mutual understanding. Though humans cannot recreate the spits and snarrls of their language, at least in an understandable manner, they and other species learn the Drakonian language for the same reason. Traditional Drakonians do not wear clothing due to a lack of need, being that their personal bodily parts were internal and well hidden, and happily speak the reptilian spits and snarls their vocal cords were designed to produce.

    As more Drakonians came to spend their lives and time off of Drakon, primarily on Earth, the old traditions went to the wayside to pave way for a new budding culture; coined to be called an "Earth Drakonian". With many years of hard work during Kindernhood, or a rejuvenated childhood, a Drakonian can work on re-training their mind and vocal cords to speak proper Panglish. These Earth-faring drakes also see it as customary and appropriate to wear clothing, in order to fit in with the other cultures. Rejuvenating dulls the muscle memory they need to speak Panglish, leaving a freshly rejuvenated Earth Drakonian stumbling with syllables, or forced to speak Drakonian until they can work out the kinks over their first few weeks.

    Physically, Drakonians are dinosaur-like, and look like, in 'furry' terms, a non-anthromorphic raptor. Females come in as the larger and dominant of the species, head coming as tall as eight to eight and a half feet, while males were smaller and more submissive, coming in at six to six and a half feet. Their sharp teeth show their carnivorus past, though they are omnivorus after much evolution. Feet are digitigrade, with four toes and sharp nails. Their claws are positioned at the end of the fingers, but they also need to keep them well trimmed if they're going to use them for discipline, as they grow fast and become sharp naturally. Their claws would even tear a young Drakonian's tail, not to mention a fleshy humans', if they were used for spanking. A drake's long, mostly non-prehensile tail is required to counterbalance their raptor-like body, like a kangaroo, and a quick lift of it will send their snout to the ground, unable to get up from their bent-over position until their tail was released. In terms of reproduction, a female would lay a fertilized egg and care for it until it hatches.

    For Drakonian Penitatas on Earth, as Lurking Dragon has laid out, a historical method of corporal punishment on Drakon was researched to develop spanking-equivalent disciplinary method. Forced to contend with their armor-like scale, they needed a way to punish a drake Penitatas on a fair and similar plain to that of his or her peers. The punisher, be it male or female, reclines and settles themself back onto their tail, making a lap as they use their tail as a chair. Using muscles to balance themselves and keep their tail rigid, it takes time and practice to condition their tail for lengthier sessions of discipline, or if there is more than one child or drake to punish. The offending drakeling is taken by the neck and tail, lifted to pin the drake's legs between the adult's own. One claw holds down the neck of the child while the other stretches out the tail, to give proper access to the underside base of it. The punisher would then bend over using their long neck and bite the base of the youngster's tail, upon the underside. Utilizing their sharp teeth, the parent would methodically and carefully bite and chew at the tender, thin scales at the base of the child's tail; serving as their own version of a spanking, while slapping with a claw would do little to nothing, aside from scratch or rip.

    Once humans began to babysit for their Drakonian friends, methods for them to uphold the rules and peace of their households became necessary. Little drakelings didn't need much of a hint, to see that their human sitters would not be able to chew on their scales and cause any particular harm. As first described during 'Melody's time, it became common for such people to keep a wooden backed, steel bristled hairbrush to be able to spank both human Penitatas and Drakonian alike, depending on which side of the brush was used. The steel bristles were pointed, and when spanked against Drakonian scale, caused enough pain and discomfort to be very similar to their parent's teeth in a pinch. Following this principle, Drakonian paddles were invented and thusly named "Dragon-Paddles", coming in various forms and severity styles.

    These paddles were typically heavy and not very easy for a human to use, but they were the most effective way to make a drakeling cry and howl out. They are coated in metal studs which come to a point, littered thickly across the face of the paddle. The sharpness and type of stud determined the severity of the paddle, eventually becoming longer and slightly jagged in a "blistering paddle equivalent", which damages drake scale in such a way it causes blistering similar to that of a human bottom when fluid collects in weak/damaged spots behind the scale. These paddles can be used beneath the tail, but can also elicit a loud response if utilized upon the hips; effective enough that Drakonian parents keep these paddles for themselves, unable to chew on their children's hips. Upon the thick sides of their dinosaur legs, the scales are taut and thin, making them perfect targets for disciplinary actions. The paddles come in three generalized classifications; normal, harsh, and blistering, as denoted by their studs.

    Another Drakonian spanking implement created during 'Kayla', was the concept of the claw swatter. The claw swatter was invented by a Drakonian Penitatas parent, whom sought a more suiting punishment for her young male Penitatas for playing with fire. While his friend's hands were easily reddened by a ruler, his own would never be marred by a simple wooden measuring instrument. Seeking to do her duty right, she sent her son to the corner and spent an hour making the first claw swatter; adapting small dragon-paddle studs to a tiny paddle she had in a drawer. It's a small, thin paddle much like a "swatter" paddle, but covered in tiny pointed metal studs, much like dragon-paddles. Sized and shaped appropriately, a human or Drakonian alike could use it to spank the claws of a drakeling, and make the small, thin, and sensitive scales on their palms and fingers sting fairly badly. The inventor's Penitatas son's claws looked just like his friend's hands once they were sent off to bed.

    And lastly, an act which has become a staple of Drakonian Penitatas parenting, Lurking Dragon also defined the concept of a 'tongue lashing'. Not so much the nagging and scolding the term is best known for, the phrase became more literal as the Drakonians came to learn their strong, powerful tongue could be used as a strap of sorts. Unable to spank human children without the big risk of cutting them open with their claws, an inventive female drake discovered the technique once she realised there was no paddle available for her to use. With their tongue physiologically adapted for sloughing marrow out of bone, it was a highly muscular, fork-tipped appendage. Mouth just above the child's bottom, a drake can snap it out like a snake, making a wet snap against their skin that is somewhat dulled from the nature of the harsh swat. Intense and particularly painful, the punishment is further enhanced by a side effect of Drakonian saliva; being that it acts as a mild irritant, soaking into the skin to cause stinging, and in many cases, itching. If left on for long enough, the saliva hurts as bad as the spanking itself did, and will continue to be potent until wiped off or diluted.

  • The Karrian Species: Planet Alqurai
    The Karrian are anthropomorpic reptilian creatures, much unlike the Drakonian. While the drakes continue to hold their ancient, dinosaur shaped physiology, this reptilian-decending people evolved to stand straight on two legs like most modern sentient species. This evolutionary path turned their scales soft, causing them to be fleshy and laiden with nerves for tactile touch and sense. Primarily, Karrians have green scales with minor hue variations between each other. A white scaled Karrian is possible, but the color mutation is rare - although pretty. Common eye colors are brown, gold, amber, and darker shades of blue. They have a snout/muzzle with small, sharp teeth, much like a small dragon or lizard, and slits for ears on the sides of their head. Hair is present, but only upon the head and usually in darker hues. Hands and feet have no additional appendages or pads, and have milky white claws on each digit. Feet have three toes; fairly large and reptilian, including their claw size, making shoes unfeasible as they do on Drakonians. Their tail can be considered normal in shape, like a dragon's, without coming to such a sharp tip as a lizard's. Starting at puberty then progressing through their teenage years, male Karrians develop a lightly ribbed metallic plate on the back of their neck - traditionally gold colored. Not made from bone like most species' plating, the spot on the back of their neck is the remnants of an old evolutionary phase when it covered most of the back. Due to being formed by absorbed metals, the growing Karrian diet must be rich in iron and zinc, along with various other minerals.

    Similar to Aspatrians, minus the fur, Karrian males have a small sheath in which their penis is stored, and have evolved an external scrotum; soft scaled. Females are typical, their genital slit containing both a reproductive and urinary path, but they do not have labial folds or a clitoris, having come from such a reptilian evolutionary line. In the female, all genital nerves are within the vaginal duct - in fairly extreme, dense numbers.

    Like a reptile, the Karrian female produces a single egg, complete with a shell. However, in stark contrast to a reptile, their uterus-resembling organ retains the egg when fertilized; carrying the child to term, for a live birth. Within it's mother, the baby lives off it's egg, leeching much less off of the parent herself with the ability to survive should something happen to her. Once the hatchling reaches the end of it's development, it releases hormones that migrate through microscopic channels in the egg's shell, thus ordering the mother's body to begin breaking down the egg for it - cluing the mother in if she can notice the slight shrink of her belly over the next day. Then, contractions and birthing will begin, laying the soft, membranous remains of the egg and her child within.

  • Alqurai:
    Their homeworld is of moderate size, sporting a gravity very similar to that of Earth. One moon - unnamed without any inhabitants, covered in frozen methane. On maps, the moon is referred to as the Alqurai Satellite. It is located inside of the Delta Quadrant, near the Alpha Quadrant border.

    The planet is composed of various asymetrical continents and islands with a vast ocean, blanketed by rain clouds and random storms encircling the planet. Climate is tropical in most places; very wet with thick jungle. Early Karrians lived off the jungle in small, sparsely scattered villages without much way to travel and contact one another, and separated by water in many cases. While many small cultures formed, these communities were so small when they started meeting and forming larger communities that large-scale religions were not able to take rise in part to their isolation. In a way similar to Earth history, the Karrians continued their growth by looking to the stars and creating the first exploration vessels to traverse the oceans. As places all around the world began setting sail, the first major finding was that most land masses looked similar to the home they left - filled with rain and deep dark green. Realizing the concept of plate teconics, seeing their world used to be one land mass and that this process over a long period scattered their race, science began to flourish while communities reached out their hands and grew. Over time the villages turned to towns, and then cities - their kind's first steady attempt at organizing and breaking free of their restrictive jungles.

    With the development of law, and focusing on culture instead of beliefs, life was pleasant through their initial artistic and technological strides until the dawn of the industrial era. While their communities were surrounded by jungle and lush forms of life, other structures came in to tower over the tree canopies. When manufacturing and combustion was developed, the first contaminants reached for the sky, and the first chemicals into their fertile soil. As a drawback to their warm, wet world, the introduction of pollutants brought an unexpected extreme environmental reaction. With the way the rain washed over everything, bringing down more pollution from the air, toxins quickly climbed into the plants and drinking water at a greatly increased rate to be further held by the nature of their dark, rich soil. The actions of those ignorant to what they were doing inevitably punished their coming generation, reducing food and causing sickness from the toxins in the soil and water. Lesions and malnutrition came over that generation's children, in part from their pollution sharply reducing their ability to absorb metals from their foods, as needed by growing bodies.

    Their advancement causing much guilt, able to smell the chemicals in their soil, elders and leaders ordered the factories shut down after a small, forty year industrial age. Having built a community bond and sense of unity, the incident that harmed their planet's lands brought an even stronger urge for technological exploration, coming to see they needed to clean up their own mess and not leave it for those who had not yet been born. The concept of environmentalism developed early, seeking clean alternatives to the ideas they had only just began to try; finding it to be a frustrating ordeal, not knowing they were skipping so many steps in their development. Over time, they found ways to make sure the water was filtered and clean, and how to deeply till their crops to spread and dilute the infected soil. Avoiding polluting technologies all together, looking at ways they could take advantage of their world, the first electrical power plants were hydroelectric in nature. From there, electricity was researched until one hundred years later they were left with hydrogen power.

    Eventually civilization was a global affair, with a sea of fast ships. Art and clean technologies budded - having all of those manufacturing processes their ancestors first discovered running off of electrical sources powered by hydrogen power plants and fuel cells. Then, in 2150, a small ship powered by hydrogen left their rainy clouds for the first time; entering the space age and the eventual discovery of matter and anti-matter to create an engine capable of warp speeds.

    Modern Alqurai consists of sprawling, tall white and intricately architected cities, surrounded by the jungles they and their ancestors worked to preserve. As such, Karrians are generally healthy individuals whom continue to focus on social affairs, the arts, and technological exploration. Governments are local controlled with an overseeing global body of elders that provide wisdom and act as a unifying body for peace and law; sometimes called upon to act as a supreme court. Hover engines are in use on their planet, making travel much easier, but their speeds are legally limited to a much sharper degree in light of their frequent rain. No weather control stations are in use, preferring their natural weather to keep the planet stable. Due to this, most walkways are covered with glass tops, so the lush green and dripping water is always there. They also serve as a resort destination, filled with cultural and historical landmarks to go with their beaches and socially-liberal atmosphere. Rejuvenators are considered a right, and much less red tape is involved than usual when it comes to a voluntary, openly free rejuvenation.

    Current Karrian military ships are small fighters, serving under a massive cruiser. Four of these mother-vessels make up the entire military. Thanks to their history, these ships are powered by an assortment of warp engines, with auxillary power coming not from reactors, but from hydrogen systems. Even their coolant plays a role in the electrical exchange process.

  • Disciplinary Methods:
    Be it fortunate for Earth Penitatas, the Karrian people did not routinely enforce corporal punishment and did not have any methods for other races to learn. During the older times of the planet, if a parent caught a child stealing food, they simply would be denied a meal. If they mistreated another child, they were not permitted to play with others for the day. All else fails, they could be confined by pinning their tail between two objects - a more literal interpretation of being "grounded", if you would.

    However, once they heard of the judicial system and subsequent punishment methods used in the Alpha Quadrant once contact was established across such a large divide, the elders discussed bringing it to their world. Currently on Alqurai, the Karrian people are trying out their own form of the Penitatas Justice System. While lighter than that of Earth in terms of discipline applied, also lacking any Special Punishment Days, Karrian Penitatas are also expected to perform community services. This could include daily chores near their home, or participating in public social projects. Their society would rather try to include them within their cultural structure than imprison them, making the idea of re-raising them to be a part of the community a much better notion, and one to be celebrated.

  • The Roferian Species: Planet Ventasa
    This species was first discovered after the Dominion War, becoming one of the races to first begin regular travel through the Deep Space Nine wormhole from the Gamma Quadrant. Physical qualities fairly reptilian, they are contrasted beneath features generally considered canine or from other similar creatures. Their bodies are covered in fur, varied from moderate length to thin; slightly longer atop their head and down their back, up to and against the base of their tail; thinner against their pelvic region with a slight thickening against the groin; and a general, consistant fur along the rest of their bodies. Roferian fur colors can vary between the three different thinkness areas on their body, with their typical colors being anywhere from light gray/near-white to black. Asymetrical spots are possible on the back and tail, but not typical - depending on the Roferian's lineage. Eye colors commonly are yellow, green, blue, or silver. Their muzzles are a cross between dog and dragon in their underlying structure, with the tips of the rear upper teeth commonly peering out from under the lip of their muzzle; more prominant in males. Tongue is normal, coming to a slight tip as a reptilian note. Ears are thin, pointed and slicked back, coming up at an angle away from their head. Most prominantly for their kind, Roferians have white spines going down the back of their neck to the tip of their tail, with one bony protrusion coming from each vertebrae. They come to a dull tip, short to moderate in length. Feet have four toes, each with a moderate size claw; paw pads are black/silver/pink, with a central one, a small one just adjacent to the central pad - behind it and on the inside of the foot, and one for each toe. Tail is reptilian in nature, semi-thick and on the longer, lithe side. Hands are standard, but have soft, spongy pads that do not stick up or out, covering their whole palm and their fingertips - with their color the same as their footpaw pad color. The thicker fur on the neck and head can come to make loose, wispy fur-hair, depending on that Roferian's abundance of fur or grooming preferences. Generally not bulky or heavy, being a tactical creature.

    When compared to one another, the Roferian genders are more physically matched than other species in terms of strength and general height; with exception to some feminine bodily curves on females, and commonly small breasts. They did not develop a dominant gender, sharing the same similaries and pain tolerance when it came to hunting and combat. Both male and female genitals are internal, with both only having a thin genital slit between their legs, hidden under their fur. For a male, the slit acts as an internal sheath for his penis, much like a Drakonian; testicle equivalents stored within the abdomen. A female sports a vaginal and urinary duct, with a thin, fleshy ring of labial tissue surrounding their vaginal opening; acting as a protective rim to ensure no urine reaches inside. Reproduction is achieved through live birth; mammal-like eggs generated by a single organ wrapped posteriorly around the uterus. Eggs are released only during copulation, with no estrus cycle or gravid behavior associated.

  • Empathic Abilities:
    Roferians have evolved an extra sense beyond the standard set employed by most races and living creatures. This pseudo-psychic sense allows an aware Roferian to pick up on the electrical fields generated by living, biological things, in order to note their presence, distance, location, and how they are currently feeling. Most creatures emit a small electrical field, and this field shifts and varies depending on their level of stress, pleasure, or other emotions, and can be deciphered by a race with empathic abilities. Unlike the Betazoids for example, Roferians do not have such powerful use of this sense, having lost a portion of it through further evolution. It's range can be fairly limited, but is dependant on the Roferian's ability to use the sense. A master of the sense, highly disciplined, may be able to achieve a maximum usable range of five hundred meters.

    This sense is achieved by an additional organ located within the skull, attached to and wrapped around the brain stem. It picks up on the latent electrical signals put out by other creatures and brains, focusing very specifically on those particular frequencies and waveforms to amplify them. The empathic sense was developed through the evolutionary need to detect possible predators and prey at some point down their evolutionary line, while they were still four legged animals. Having such an edge over their food and things that would eat them allowed their species to become the dominant on the planet, and evolve further until the modern Roferian had been reached. However, with the empathic ability no longer required as much during their evolution, the sense dulled. Instead of being fully natural, like feeling hot and cold with the touch of a finger, the organ must be operated like a muscle. Some degree of learning and training is required to use it, and practice is needed to properly maintain and decipher the information it provides. Your typical Roferian can use their empathic sense to at least sense everyone in a room. An atypical Roferian could go farther if they worked hard enough, or may not be able to sense anything at all, if they never had any training or practice and let the sense "atrophy".

  • Ventasa:
    A larger planet with a gravity of 1.21G, it sits in the Gamma Quadrant within traveling distance of the Deep Space Nine wormhole. Two moons, titled Erasa and Orasa by the early Roferian people as part of folklore and pagan-like beliefs. Erasa is a red color, traveling in a closer orbit to it's fellow - spotted with visible craters. Orasa is a larger gray-blue moon, covered muchly in ice and missing a significant chunk of itself in the form of a jagged crater. Struck by a passing comet in 1056, it was knocked to a wider orbit and shed enough ice and materials to give Ventasa a ring along it's equator; taking time to develop and organize, eventually adding more frozen water and methane to make the small ring a permanant addition to the planet.

    Ventasa has an atmosphere with a blue-green tinge; scattered clouds at varied heights, traveling along air currents and channels. Oceans dot it's surface along with large lakes, snaking through and forming valleys and lands as the major source for change - lacking plates beneath the surface of the planet due to it's composition. Cliffs stand jagged over plains and hills, with grass and trees covering much of the temperate world, especially near the equator. Ice thickly coats both planetary poles, and it's surrounding regions are plagued by harsh winds and cold conditions. Overall, much of the world is a cooler temperature, being a maximum of ninety degrees fahrenheight even at the equator. It's two moons make a complicated tidal system, with conditions coming to favor amphibious and land creatures with such unpredictable tides.

    The ancient Roferian people were hunter-gatherers, moving as tribes across the land with simplistic beliefs. They held the spiritual notion that their empathic abilities were delivered to them by their guardians, Erasa and Orasa, the children of their world, Ventasa. It allowed them to know how one another felt as well as hunt very effectively, coming to find the sense to be a divine gift beamed down to each of them. Pagan-like, they worshiped their planet and what encircled them. Feeling the way they did about things made outsiders and other tribes unwelcome things to stumble across, eventually leading to disputes over who was hunting what - the first time they needed to share a language, in order to yell at one another. Words were one thing, but with the ability to sense how others felt, the Roferian's empathic senses often caused conflict when a member of one party sensed hostility or dislike from a member of another party. Seeing this as a spiritual warning from Erasa and Orasa, catching foul emotions caused violence to break out between tribes and create miniature wars before civilization even began. Due to such conflicts, civilization stagnated.

    It wasn't until a couple of tribes attempted the novel idea of communicating that civilization was finally born. Once they shared enough of a language to talk, able to sense that each man and woman wanted the same things, did they decide to settle down and share the land as a community. They learned to get along, trade, and construct. People gathered and ideas spread, causing other such groups of tribes to create permanant residences. Over hundreds of years they grew, developing simple technology and metal working; mercantilism being the structure of the time. While some cities traded peacefully, those who sought power or had stronger empathic prowess used their influences to gather forces and fight for more precious metals and occupied land. The first actual wars were fought, creating nations and the concept of rulers; monarchies.

    For centuries the Roferians fought this way, either as a soldier or a commercial participant, making things or selling them as banking was established. Clad in suits of armor, either metal or cloth, men and women fought side by side on equal terms, using blades and polearms; arrow-like weaponry being bulky and reserved for city defence. Kings could say profound things and scholars could push for peace, showing the technology and new wonders they were designing, but the closed-in mercantilist nature of such monarchies cut off the flow of ideas, and their messages never made it outside the walls of their nations. In many cases, invading armies burned down such places of design and learning, or stole technology from them to win an edge against their opponents. Again the Roferian race hindered their own development, having learned how to work together but not for the right causes; lacking unity outside of their singular communities. Children lost their parents, and the world was driven by their internal conflicts.

    Then one day in the Earth year 1056, scholars from nations across their globe looked through their telescopes and pointed towards the sky at a streak of light that appeared to hang still over the heavens. Night after night the blue streak moved, seeming to grow larger until those without glass magnification lenses could easily see it with the naked eye. It played no role in their lives until the Roferians looked up one night to see their moon, Orasa, had been struck by a stellar body - a comet, pulled in by their planet's gravity. Seeing the molten bits of their moon, long since spiritualized across the world bleeding across the sky brought terrible fear and omen across the cities and the plains that became battlefields. Meteor showers and cosmic events shook the Roferian people to the extent that scholars began to predict it was the end of their world, and the heavens were preparing to rain down upon them. From kings to soldiers, the pagan people knelt down to Orasa and declared their guilt, asking for forgiveness for their transgressions beneath it's heavenly light.

    As it were, the world did not end. Orasa looked further away, but the wounded moon continued to circle the gravitational pull their planet had over it. Having been shaken, the Roferian's pagan ways ushered them to promptly begin attempts at peace. It was hard for the cities, but with the death of their wars came the death of mercantilism. The gates of their walls opened and markets formed, flourishing as capitalism took hold. Ventasa moved on from their violent past, leaving the bloodshed behind though enacting games of physical prowess; sports, and combat tournaments.

    Through the passage of time, paganism dulled as scientists of the coming ages made fresh discoveries and determined the exact cause of Orasa's damage. As industrialism came into power, stories of objects flying through space made young Roferians want to fly out to the stars - getting an early start on their hunger for space exploration. Building upon empires, cooperating through peace, the planet finally saw significant progress and the beginnings of infrastructure. Sadly, war had not left their planet, and it came through no fault of their own. Through studies of their skies, now more curious than ever, signals transmitted through their atmosphere caught the attention of a great power that had already achieved space travel. The Dominion.

    It was like a story book when ships came down over their skies, exciting the Roferian young. Because of this, the initial attack by the Jem'Hadar caused a great number of losses; survivors infuriated by the loss of their children or siblings - all having suffered a loss of some kind when those flying beasts rained bursts of light across their streets and homes. The empires that remained during the formation of the modernizing Ventasa had their armies work in unison; the Roferian finally fighting for a single cause. Calling upon tales of valor and combat from their oldest libraries, their race got to take advantage of the fact they advanced military technology before they did anything else, utilizing crude energy-based weapontry to combat Jem'Hadar ground forces. It was a difficult time, but by stealing their attacker's technology, just as Roferians of old might have, they were able to make the leap into space early and protect their planet.

    Declaring their independance from the Dominion, whom wanted to mine their large planet for the same precious metals their ancestors hoarded during the mercantilist days, the Roferians found themselves in the space age after six years of war. Population seriously decreased and cities badly damaged, the race had to re-build as they moved into the future. Children were regarded as sacred and important as they focused on procreation; intent on making them decent citizens, and good individuals.

    Currently, Ventasa is at peace as a constitutional monarchy. With the Dominion defeated by the Federation and it's allies, a willing Roferian people opened it's doors to new guests and decided to venture away from their planet, now that it was safe to do so. Culturally, strength and valor are just as noble as intelligence and care, having required both habits to survive. Intellectuals debate and work competitively, keeping with the spirit of their ancestors that had to fight so hard to grant them a future. Four hundred years since they were allowed to venture out into the stars, Roferians have scattered sparsely, though widely; making running into one at least not a surprising event. Their ships are advanced adaptations of Jem'Hadar technology coupled with their own achievements, and the same could be said for their weapons. They sport the most secure airspace in the Gamma Quadrant, being the most ideal location for interstellar trade.

  • Disciplinary Methods:
    Due to the nature of the early Ventasa, war-like Roferians were prompt to employ corporal punishment on their young. It was typically carried out upon the legs, be it front or back, with a light and extremely whippy implement crafted from a dried marsh plant. This implement was called a Takanazo, named similarly after the plant it was derived from; a Tak. While small, the ultra-flexible, mostly limp reed is able to make very thin welts and cause intense sting. It can wrap around the leg slightly being so loose, making it a spanking tool that can be swung fast and harsh. The implement is of a moderate length, customizable, and has a handle for it's user made from a wrapped coil of Tak - making a soft grip that flexes, to not break or damage the Takanazo's spanking reed when being used.

    A Roferian child receiving the Takanazo would typically be standing, as tough as it would be to cooperate with such a spanking. They would be bare, at least below the waist, to give ready access to the thighs, which would be spanked both front and back, unless a parent or disciplinarian wanted to do just one side for the convenience of it. Otherwise, they would be moving beside the young Roferian, changing spots and working to and fro. The Roferian child would want to scuff their feet against the floor or kick their legs in a dance, but the consequence for that would force them to try and keep their feet flat on the ground, and hold still. Hopping about makes it possible for their parent to miss, spanking the Takanazo across either their pelvis or bottom, or their tail, and nobody wants that.

    In modern Roferian society, while they hold children in high regard after all their wars, they will also protect them by any means, and that does mean disciplining them for their own good. The Takanazo is still employed, and their young is instructed to cooperate and accept it's use, should they earn it's sting. Thanks to empathic senses, it is easy to tell when a parent is upset with you, or when a child is feeling guilty for an error. Effective and readily available, the Takanazo is the only tool traditionally employed.

    On other worlds, such as Earth, a Roferian Penitatas would likely have a Takanazo in their home for it's cultural importance. With neither Roferian males or females having any external genitalia, a Penitatas parent whom decides to use a Takanazo on a non-Roferian male would likely have to forgo the lashing of the front of his thighs, due to the high risk of accidently striking his privates. Roferians do not have this risk, nor would any other species that have internal genitals, or females in general. For most non-Roferian species, receiving the Takanazo would likely be an embarassing, memorable event.

    Currently, in terms of a judicial system, the Roferians are not practicing the Penitatas Justice System. Rehabilitation and penal facilities are still in use, where an adult would serve a sentence. However, after the sentence, Roferians are sent off for rejuvenation before being sent back to society. This allows for a smoother, slower transition and re-integration, rather than throwing an older Roferian to the streets.

  • The Jalaxian Species:
    Jalaxians are a race of feline anthropomorphic people, with a typical blue fur color. As of 'Kayla' their race has been known for a fair amount of time. Their kind can speak Panglish now, and their short tempers have landed some into Penitatas sentences on Earth. If contrasted to the agility of an Aspatrian, the Jalaxian would win; quick and firey as they can be. Their fur can come in roughly every single color possible, with blue being the more common of their race.

    Lurking Dragon's guide would contain more information on them - I am not particularly up to speed on their history, as some of that may or may not have been written back when I read 'Melody'.

  • The Uprising and Reform of 2788

    Discontent and harsh sentiments slowly began brewing among Penitatas, as groups began criticizing and questioning certain principles involving their care and upbringing. It was a long process, but as the justice system became steadily more complacent, Penitatas started sharing those opinions and thoughts with others, in hopes that they would listen and the helping ear would allow them to feel a little better. While some had the conversations they sought, others were quick to discipline or report their words to their parents, in an atmosphere where it was easier for a non-Penitatas parent to spank a Penitatas if they so chose. Their words and opinions over their care and the system they lived within was dismissed as "misbehavior", and was met with strict correction to solve their attitude and authority problems.

    Politically, pressure from past Penitatas was starting to mount starting as early as 2783, with their articles and news bytes reaching the ears and eyes of current Penitatas. Able to see the system from the viewpoint of those who had already served their time within it, current Penitatas had been encouraged to band together just as these adults had; reading some of the things those past Penitatas had experienced, and how so much of it reminded them of things happening to them right at that moment. Allogations of improper sexual conduct had begun to surface, with people describing being used as a plaything to excite their corporal punishment enthusiast parents before they went to bed with each other. That they had grown too comfortable with bringing spankophile interests into their discipline, placing them in uncomfortable or too-harsh situations. While these accusations were not rampant, the sentiments got people talking, and other subjects of their care practices began to come up. People asked, "Who is allowed to be a Penitatas parent? What qualities make a good Penitatas parent?".

    To attempt to quell the public response to the alleged abuse, the current sitting members of the Corrections Counsel drafted new laws and regulations. These early reforms, starting in 2783, required Penitatas Parents to be licensed; ensuring that parents were qualified for their position and could pass a more stringent psychological examination. However, with this attempt to create new legislation to protect Penitatas came with a critical flaw for those currently within the justice system. These regulations only applied to new, incoming Penitatas parents - providing no provisions to allow current Penitatas to request new parents, or ask for them to go through this licensing process. Their parents were grandfathered in for the rest of their sentence, and during that time, many Penitatas had long sentences. This left dissention common for the next two years, as Penitatas still upset with their treatment in many areas found that nobody was truly listening to them. As it stood, Penitatas had no rights; with their parents, those they were speaking out against, acting as their only voice beyond the walls of their home.

    As complacency again sank their homes and lives into further discomfort with their living arrangements, with some Penitatas parents demonstrating that they were "allowed to do as they pleased" when it came to their many spankings, frustration with the system's lack of representation brought the first young criminals to speak out. Coming to learn who their fellow dissenters were, small groups of Penitatas spoke out loudly against their parents to those they thought could help; school officials primarily, despite being aware they would likely face punishment for being out of line. Around every corner, the average response was, "How dare you!", or "You earned what you get!". During the time, Penitatas were thought be uncredible, untrustable, and someone who has proven their judgment to be poor. No one wanted to follow their complaints, because they were just complainers; Penitatas couldn't file grievances. To have their spankings filmed and saved for later watching or "enjoyment" was just a fact of their Penitatas sentence, and a privledge of their parents. They talked about how excessive their un-earned spankings had become, and that they started feeling unsafe at home without a consoling hand. To these complaints, no matter how heartfelt, they were met with harsher discipline for their insubordination. These small group's parents were never questioned, and the first calls for reform fell on deaf ears - unable to hear their shrill cries.

    It wasn't until 2787 when a male human Penitatas named Richard McDaft arrived on the scene and began pulling support from surrounding Penitatas. The boy was eight years old and a past lawyer, serving a sentence of '5x6-12' for embezzling credits from his law firm; an act he came to admit was terribly pointless, but on the same token, he felt as if his punishment greatly outweighed his crime when compared to the treatment he received at home. Like those small groups of Penitatas that were never listened to, he came to feel his Parents were taking matters steadily too far and becoming too comfortable in their position of authority. So many Special Punishment Days loomed over he and those around him, and he never knew who was secretly enjoying doing their justice duties far too much. As he saw it, the Penitatas were swept into a corner and allowed to become someone else's belonging. On the recess grounds of his rejuve school the young lawyer encouraged other Penitatas to begin talking, and those who were talking to talk louder. More people would have to care, because at the time, the ones listening were the ones who did not want the system to change.

    Oppressed and shaken from a bad home life, Richard was on his third cycle of hard time; year twenty. It was horrible to admit or talk about it, but he was aware he wasn't alone when it came to parents that used discipline excessively, and like in his case, leaked sexual practices into what was meant to be his discipline. Openly, in front of anyone, Richard spoke out harshly against his parents and the Penitatas Justice System as a whole, detailing how his punishments would be filmed, and he spanked for personal entertainment as if he was no more important to the people he was expected to trust than a Spanking Suzie doll. For his persistance and open insults to his treatment, he became one of the most badly blistered boys in his city, paddled both by school officials and his own angry parents. But, through his tears and sacrafice, he was being heard.

    The news started running segments and columns about the unhappiness of Penitatas, as some cried abuse and misconduct, and others noted the often depressing thoughts that struck their minds. The current world attitude was that Penitatas could not be trusted on their word, and their word did not matter - a sentiment that hindered progress for a brief time, despite the news catching wind that some Penitatas were still calling for reform. News polls at the time showed that 89% of the Earth's population described themselves as "very satisfied" with the Penitatas Justice System as they believed it worked. They missed the point, unable to see that some may have been abused physically or mentally, and could have been trapped in unloving homes to be used for alternative purposes. Spankophiles were required at the time to care for Penitatas, thus ensuring the offending 'penny' would be disciplined frequently and by experienced, knowledged hands. They had to realise some just weren't cut out for their duties. The system was far too harsh, with too many cycles, and too little understanding for their problems. Politics were a fickle thing, but Richard was a lawyer with a thick head and a backside with nothing left to lose.

    Even the Penitatas Parenting License Act of 2783 was doing little to even ensure their safety, without clearing up the other problems at the same time. Richard vowed not to give up on his fellow penitatas, thinking of how the Justice Department's hand could be forced as he devised new messages to spread. If his words echoed down school hallways to be repeated in a news column read by a Penitatas elsewhere in the world, he would have already won a significant victory in terms of getting the word out. A plan was hatched and organized between he and his closest assistants in their school's hall one day; deciding that something had to be done to capitolize on their fellow Penitatas' fired up spirits. It would be something drastic that asked a great deal of all those who participated, but with his collected and strong voice he described a world without Diaspora, or even just a few less switch lashes at Christmas, just to let people know how worth it their sacrafice would be and what they could accomplish as a unified body. The plan was passed secretly, whispered like wildfire due to what it asked them to do - the shock actually encouraging Penitatas to spread it, like a virus.

    January 1st, 2788, the plan he let spread sprung into action... with inaction. From that day, the participating Penitatas were not to comply willingly with any order, and to only reply with, "I am not an object.". Richard organized a mass protest, rebelling to let their words be noticed. Needless to say, numerous Penitatas children of all ages sacraficed their backsides. What surprised Richard, was just how many. Later studies showed that 80% of all Penitatas in his city had revolted that day, feeling what he felt, and hearing his call. The parents were growing frustrated and angry, spanking all their Penitatas to just below the point of drawing blood in order to cease their peaceful protest. Some Penitatas could not handle the constant pain being delt and the endless punishments for their inactions, and were forced into compliance. Others had to have their nano-webs, old Penitatas technology used in all Penitatas to forcefully break their will, increased in power to reduce them to a baby's state of mind. However, their words all made it into global papers as the message of their city's Penitatas protest hit the news; the first of it's kind in history. "I am not an object.", was there for Penitatas globally to read, absorb, and act upon.

    It was three days until Richard's parents realised he was the one who caused this terrible mess, and punished him even more severely than they had been; going as far as making his punishments overtly sexual, just to mock his message as they grabbed and spanked at his genitals, an act that mortified and terrified him. Their disciplines turned to torture methods, using odd positions, and more harmful tactics. He would not break, and he would not heed to their demands to appologize and tell them he was wrong, and that there was nothing bad about what they were doing. That he earned this, and to be a good 'penny' and respect his parents.

    Word spread down from the news-chips to Penitatas, letting them know that one of their own was fighting for them, and who he was. More and more Penitatas joined up in what was only meant to be a one day protest for the New Year's holiday. The world, nor the Corrections Counsel could no longer sit idle and ignore the problem. Talks about the Penitatas' treatment arised, even as all these children stood up only to be spanked back down, for the good of the cause. Entire classroom chants of "I am not an object!" had been reported during this time period, when Penitatas teachers tried to explain to them why certain things were the way they were, and why it was so wrong for them to hold an opinion about it. They even chanted the name of the person they called their leader - Richard McDaft, and his well spoken reasonings against certain practices and principles.

    Despite a fight from the boy's parents, not wanting their Penitatas to further complicate their lifestyle or make matters for their fellows more difficult, the Corrections Counsel opened a hearing and wished to have this so-called leader speak. As the world began to demand answers for the sudden outcry from the Penitatas community, Richard was shocked that his plans to reach the media worked so well; encouraged past his pain by all the voices that agreed and resounded his feelings about a caring, safe environment for raising Penitatas that respected their rights as living beings. Richard stood before the committee and spoke as valiantly as possible, highlighting all the things that were wrong and what the Penitatas were standing up for.

    That they had a voice, and it was wrong to not listen.

    That they needed a good home, a loving family; a second chance, not a miserable many years with no goal.

    The immoralities of allowing Penitatas to be used by their parents sexually, even if not intentionally, by permitting the filming punishments and the fright of being someone's object of entertainment - instead of a child who was trying to learn.

    The Counsel tried to say he was wrong, and that he was not a child and had no rights. That a Penitatas had no place making such requests or judgments, and did not have the ability to determine right from wrong on their own, or what was good for them. That was when Richard spoke the most legendary words of the entire uprising in a sharp outburst, culminating the lump in every Penitatas' chest in bed at night into something that could be heard.

    "When you rejuvenate, don't you have a loving family and a warm home to return to? If you are hurt mentally or emotionally, do you not cry worse than you would if you were hurt physically? When you're used, don't you feel as if justice has slipped your grasp? Justice has left the justice system! Penitatas are objects of entertainment and abuse, only to be beaten and ignored! I want my justice; for all Penitatas! A second chance to do things right, with a decent family! Without a nano-web destroying my thoughts and manipulating my emotions! I want to live like everything else with a beating heart, not like an object without blood!", he had shouted at the counsel members.

    The debate only lasted the one day, and ended at sunset with uncertain results. He spoke as any lawyer would, with passion, saying he wanted to live without the abuse and injustice the system and his parents delivered on a daily basis. The sexual natures of his Penitatas parents and countless others were brought into serious question, along with the severities of the system, with it's seven special punishment days per year and belief that all Penitatas cannot be trusted. In the end, what he was asking for was a good roof over every Penitatas' head to let them feel safe, a hand on the shoulder once it finished slapping their backside, and the knowledge they would be taken care of under a system that focused on their rehabilitation and parenting. That other Penitatas who long since learned their lessons, like he, would not be trapped in hard time still after twenty years. "Fair and balanced" needed to describe the Penitatas Justice System, for all the good it has come do, had been his closing words.

    Later that night, abrupt and tragic, Richard McDaft was rushed into an ambulance for an emergency rejuvenation where he was confirmed dead by EMT's. Richard suffered from injuries related to the incorrect and too severe wieldings of multiple spanking impliments, many striking his back and chest in violent anger, along with the use of forbidden and illegal torture devices. His parents were found guilty of murder, thanks to their own holocam that floated above. They were filming it all, and even masturbating on camera in retaliation for what Richard had come out to say against them - proving they had gone too far out of line, and that Penitatas were fully capable of telling the truth. Fearful of having regulations changed by a miscreant Penitatas who dared tell them what to do, they had planned on forcing him to stop any further speeches and debate that may make parents look bad.

    During the trial his parents claimed they were doing their duty as penitatas parents, as expected by law. That his death was purely an accident, and that no blood was ever drawn; as if that made their actions any more okay, and their other numerous violations of procedure and safety permissable. In a landmark case decision, they were found to be radically out of line - and that just because they were Penitatas parents did not give them the right to commit lewd acts and kill someone. His parents had too many social and anger problems; showing they would have been immidiately rooted out if they had been required to take the Penitatas Parenting Licensing examination and it's psychological exam.

    Richard's words gained more clarity in his death, as everyone thought about the life he wished to live, and wished for all Penitatas to live. Penitatas cried out in tears across the globe, and not from their spankings. The media brought in a subject long ignored: the Penitatas. The world thought about all the messages and words Richard spread, and the hearing, and they agreed with him; for the first time in a century, Penitatas were being rescued from bad homes and dismal lives. After January 24th, 2788, the date of the hearing and Richard's death, it took two years to very quickly and effectively reform the justice system. Most spankophile Penitatas parents left the system, or were ejected due to conduct, when it was made illegal to incorporate sexuality into a Penitatas' discipline, or do any filming of any kind. While many of their peers left the system, some corporal punishment enthusiasts and couples remained, solidified as good parents who did not bring that lifestyle into their duties; likely to move on and become experienced caregivers for unruly Penitatas, still respected for the knowledge they provided within the justice system.

    An advocate group for spankophile parents arose, but were promptly extinguished by their own conflicting ideals. They felt they had controlled the justice system for so long they were owed the sexual gifts such as the filming, and that it was not immoral, while also stressing positive family values in regards to their Penitatas. The public at large did not accept this story, still shaken from the sudden death of an individual within the justice system they long since advocated. Only qualified parents remained, spankophile and non, as licensed and properly regulated entities of parenthood. They were required to be good, decent parents, and the license law was enforced strictly and reinforced by newer, stricter legislation every few years till they felt everything was resolved way out in 2797. In late 2791, the final legislative protections were enacted.

    Special punishment days were dropped to one (two for black 'P') with the sentencing cycles for crimes re-thought out, to end lengthy sentences for smaller crimes. Sexuality in the discipline was removed, and parents had to act like parents and properly care for their young reforming criminals. The nano-web brain implant was also stricken from the departmental process, with their removal ordered by the Justice Department. Humanity and justice returned to Earth's citizen's and even the Penitatas' lives, with everyone agreeing that it was all finally fair.

    There is a memorial statue of Richard McDaft in hundreds of cities throughout the world with a high Penitatas population, and his name will live in Earth's history as a historial leader for equal liberties and human/alien rights in the Penitatas Justice System. The plaque on each statue, as well as the plaque found in every Penitatas Court or Corrections office in the world, reads...

    'Richard McDaft - Died on January 24th 2788'

    'Fought for the rights of all Penitatas, and never gave up the hope that he'd live a better life.'

    "I am not an object! ... I want to live like everything else with a beating heart, not like an object without blood!"

    Special Punishment Days - As known and utilized during the 'Kayla' timeline.

  • Christmas:
    A hard timer's absolute living nightmare, this 'special' day serves as a grueling reminder of their crime, and that they are serving a sentence as penance for that crime. Naturally they made the funnest and happiest day of the year for children, Kindern and rejuve alike, into the worst for their child criminals paying their debts. Christmas survived the reforms of 2788 by being so specifically tailored to Penitatas' crimes and behaviors, as well as the historically old concept of Santa Claus bringing switches and coal to bad children. For being as fair as it is, and as necessary to Penitatas' lives as this harsh day is, the Christmas Special Punishment Day was permanantly solidified into Penitatas Justice Department customs post-reform.

    The Penitatas Justice Department, the entity that regulates and controls Penitatas and operated under the jurisdiction of the Corrections Counsel, sends a stocking with coal and switches tucked within it to Penitatas families. Within the stocking is an amount of coal, and that amount tells the child how many licks they get from each switch provided in their stocking that day. The number of licks and switches is directly linked to the behavior of the Penitatas that year, as determined by a justice official who reviewed that particular Penitatas' records and reports. Thirteen licks is a common number but more can be added for bad behavior, or a little less for very good deeds.

    A black 'P' Penitatas could get up to twenty licks with each switch and see up to four, as further enhanced for their particular crimes. On this day, normal restrictions on severity are lifted, such as the rule that a Penitatas cannot be blistered until eight. The switches will be applied with full force. The parents can add any punishments they see fit to include, and most of the Penitatas spend a good part of the day in the corner on a hard stool, sitting on their switch welts.

    The two to four switches are spread throughout the day, just to make the day as punishment-oriented as can be. Done steadily, none of the welts heal within that short amount of time - the nasty sting and ache always remains. The switchings will come hard no matter the age, with full force lashes being encouraged as they are. The switches come in various different types, such as peach, apple, oak, birch, or hickory.

    Penitatas can still get a few real presents from their parents or family, but mainly small things, or punishment or educational related items. Since the parents choose those, it's all up to them what they receive.

    The Drakonian version of the Christmas punishment is different, as switches aren't painful enough on their hide. The Penitatas Justice Department sends them a wrapped gift with a smaller one attached to it. Inside the large box is a Drakonian punishment brush. It's steel bristles are sharp, straight, and dense - fresh for the punishment, to ensure both severity and safety of the bristles. A Drakonian parent would have a new paddle delivered if it was time for the little drake to have a step up or just a new paddle, being that Drakonian paddles were intricate, heavy, and specially designed. Inside the smaller gift is a slip that tells how many strokes with each the paddle and the brush the Penitatas is to receive. The paddle is usually determined by age, while the amount of brush swats is determined by their behavior, similar to the coal other Penitatas recieve - but in massively increased quantity to be equivalent to their all-day punishment. 140 is a normal base number, but can go up to 200 or a touch higher for someone quite bad that year, or a black 'P' Penitatas.

    The brush's target is a certain slit up the base of their tail, where the scales are extra thin and sensitve. While ethically questionable, officials and Drakonian elders have determined there is no other way to safely cause as much pain as required without turning to this technique. Their vaginal or penile sheath opening, though only the outside scales, are spanked with the sharp bristles of the brush for the perscribed number of swats. This is the only location more sensitive than the base of their tail, or their hips; sometimes bringing itself under scrutiny or controversy due to the implications of bringing discipline so close to a Drakonian's private parts, protected only by scales thickly laiden with nerves.

    The parent has the drake bend over the arm of a couch or other suitable location, giving them the best aim for their target. After that, it's swatting time. All perscribed swats are intensely administered in the same full force manner, well making up for three switchings. This spanking is intended to be done all at once, leaving the rest of the day open for sitting in the corner or additional discipline, similar to their un-armored fellows.

  • Birthday:
    The Birthday Special Punishment Day is reserved exclusively for Penitatas of the black 'P' designation, increasing their days to two a year in response to their crimes. The day they were sentenced and rejuvenated is their Birthday, so each year when that day rolls around again, they must face this additional harsh consequence.

    They are awoken bright and early by their parent, getting a harsh spanking immediately, sometimes before they even really awake yet. They receive lashes or spanks from each implement of the home, used at full force, with blistering fully allowed. The number of swats is determinded by the Penitatas' new age (ie. a seven year old will get seven whaps with each). Later that day, while the black 'P' Penitatas is good and sore already, a party is held to add a public factor to their punishment. For this gathering of family, friends, and neighbors, the Penitatas is to remain bare regardless of their presence or company.

    During this gathering the Penitatas is spanked by those invited, allowing them to play a role in their discipline as guests, or friends. Certain rejuve classes like Medicalos or Innocentatas would recieve two turns, if they so wished, if present. If the victim of the Penitatas is present, they get three turns and the ability to do it with whatever implement they so desired.

    Afterwards, the Penitatas is sent to sit in the corner to cry out their particular laments while everyone else has cake and talks. The black 'P' Penitatas does not participate in cake or congregation, omitted from any particular fun or pleasantries they may have.

    When the party is over, the Penitatas thanks everyone as they walk out the front door, by required tradition. Typically, they would then be sent to bed, to rest and recover. They do not get nano lotion until the next day minimum, and even then a black 'P' Penitatas parent is harsh enough to not give any if the Penitatas has not earned it.

  • Misc. Information Related to the 'Kayla' Version of the Universe
  • In accordance with the Star Trek based pieces of technology and history contained within the Rejuve Universe, to keep with it's spirit, alterations such as the 'star drive' have been omitted from this version of the universe intentionally in lieu of warp drive. Standardized, advanced versions of Star Trek technology are present.

  • Not mentioned but extremely important, this version of the universe also assumes religion has fallen into obscurity on Earth. I recall from 'Melody' that Penitatas had been required to attend church. Such things do not exist during 'Kayla', and are not suggested to have ever existed.

  • While this has been practiced by other RU authors and executed without much issue, this version of the universe does not seek to mix-and-match, or "dual assign" rejuve classifications.