Juvenalas Penitatas: Sleepless Night

Original Series by Vaahn

For the first time in his sixteen years of life, the mere touch of Talek’s toes to the cold of the floor made him frightful. He cautiously slipped free of the blanket he shared with his punitive bed-mate, ensuring she did not stir before taking a few slow, uneasy steps in the silence. The pitch dark was abated only by the soft green glow of night lighting that guided he and Rilka’s late night bathroom visits, giving only a faint shadowy outline to the shape of the room; translucent door and windows peering out into the void of nothingness the upstairs hallway became in the dead of night. It was all he had in order to find the door’s control button, creeping in the dark with a stiff, stealthy curl to his reptilian tail, and the clear panel that kept him sealed away without a lock slid aside with nary a sound. Rilka had made it perfectly clear that leaving the room before being fetched was a mistake she’d not personally make, but with his paws balled over his chest, Talek forced himself past the threshold and toward a dull amber glow emanating from downstairs that he was ever so thankful to see.

Breathing uneasily and anxious to the point his chest was in his throat, Talek eased his protesting legs down the stairs as softly as he could muster. Upon the last step did he lean forward and peer around the corner into the living room, seeing the fireplace tepidly crackle for the dying hour in front of the rug he had spent almost the whole day playing. Sure enough his mother Liki was tucked into her reading chair with her snout in a book, and his father Shon was doing the same, staring into the dimmed screen of his pad on the sofa; colors and text scrolling by without any context Talek could decipher, but he sure didn’t try, with his mind wholly elsewhere.

The slightest contact of his toe-claws to the first floor caught the eye of his mother across the room; her iris darting like a whip.

Talek!”, she snapped without her daytime vigor, startling Shon out of his pad. He spun his head to his side, leaping into a scowl.

Young man it’s after midnight, what do you think-… !”, he immediately fired off like it was second nature, hastily shutting off the screen of his pad, but Talek continued timidly stepping toward him after his initial wince to the sharp words. All of that body language and down, drooping face of the boy catching the light of the room froze his vocal cords into stopping; his face breaking into something more puzzled.

Is… something the matter, son?”, Shon questioned far more lightly, traipsing with an abrupt note of cautious concern. Talek nodded his head affirmingly, wanting no more of being yelled at.

This isn’t about what happened at the pier, is it? Or… your sister, earlier today? We got her birthday going again – we just made a mistake. You two did have fun, after.”, Liki too fell back into mother-mode, knowing that the hard timer’s “birthday celebrations” out on the town ended up creating significant waves for the both of their children beyond what they could handle. Guilty and displeased, she really did try to patch things up, and it outwardly bothered her that Talek looked as on edge as he did. The lad though could only shake his head, tipping his snout toward Shon to meet eyes with the man.

You told me I could see you if I needed help, an’… I need help.”, the young lizard’s disquieted voice stressed for leniency, forgiveness and audience. It was endlessly awkward for Talek, and not something he was remotely comfortable with; snout reddening a tad even before acting; but he reached down to the front of his pajama bottoms and gave a pinch to the tip of a cloth-swaddled half-tent against his crotch, raising his paw with a spread of his fingers – a thin, loose strand of moisture catching the flickering of the fireplace.

Rilka ended up wanting a lot of attention for ‘lights down’ after what happened today… I haven’t been able to sleep.”, he nervously admitted of his persistent erection against his will to keep such things private, but certainly didn’t have much of a choice if he was going to request a reprieve from being forced to remain pent up – their birthday girl seeking a whole lot of creature comforts from him, working her stress out in ways that his body could barely tolerate without spilling a load. He had been laying in bed staring into space for hours, and the noise within his skull had grown deafening.

And I’m really afraid I’m going to have an accident if I don’t do something about it before passing out. I don’t want to get punished… a-and I know Rilka would get blamed, an’ she didn’t do it! We’d lose our ‘lights out’, an’ she already never gets to finish! It wouldn’t be fair!”, Talek got more and more upset sounding as he went, rattling off one sleepless fear after the next until he was nearly mewling in his discomfort, not knowing what terrible things a single wet dream could cause. It went increasingly beyond his little urges, distressed to the point that Shon had to lift his paws.

You’re working yourself up, Talek!”, the man’s hushed voice tried to get the lad to calm down, but Talek’s stiffened snout turned away with a spin on a foot, thrashing his tail to one side.

I’m tired of being scared of everything! Scared to fall asleep, scared to come down here… !”, he paced toward the fireplace with a hunch to his back, crossing his arms and flicking his tail about in childish agitation; his tones wary and hurt, letting out a touch of something bottled up.

Son!”, Shon raised his voice a little to be heard and heeded, “You aren’t in any trouble! I’m sure Rilka has told you a lot of things, but we lowered our tones when we saw you had reason to be down here, didn’t we? There’s no reason to be scared of breaking the rules if you’re not doing anything wrong, and it’s not wrong to want to talk to me.”, he framed for his Juvenalas the same as he tried after punishing him at the pier, pointing out what he was too rattled to take notice. Rules had exceptions, and he’d be the one to decide if they were violated.

You’re completely overtired, Talek… ”, Liki sympathetically cooed with her book in her lap, feeling familiar with that hastened, tantrum-like spin of a child’s sleep-deprived exhaustion – his overarching language getting ignored for how obvious it had become. As early as she turned him down for bed, he must have been laying in the dark alone for many hours, and that was on top of an exceptionally tiring day that her daughter apparently made no better during ‘lights down’.

Out on the rug his family shared earlier, Talek’s rattled tail twitched and flicked, standing there with the stiffest of frowns toward the crackle of a dying log of wood; his eyes worn and bloodshot from fatigue. He didn’t want to be popping off with his squeaky little voice, already feeling a miscreant fool with a thickened puddle formed against his pajama bottoms. He didn’t mean to sound like that while asking for help, and that vulnerability was palpable.

It seems a bit of ‘lifting up’ is in order, if you’re feeling that far down.”, Shon got Talek to turn back around, offering warmly, all the same as Rilka received earlier in the day.

I’ll let you have your relief and get you to sleep proper, so long as you’re not opposed to my paw doing it. That’s your caveat, this time.”, he hardly got through explaining the catch before Talek balked, recoiling with a repulsed curl of his maw. Shon expected such a thing, seeing as requesting an orgasm outside of Talek’s court ordained schedule couldn’t come without a price, and Talek had already made it clear once; rather uncomfortably; that he did not “like” other boys in such ways. Last time he shamed the tiny teenager in a nine year old’s body into having his wank in front of the whole family, but that wasn’t the kind of deterrent it once was, seeing how much certain things had changed within his house since then.

You already put on shows in front of Rilka. Whole public audiences too, if we count what happened today! No, we aren’t going to play that staring contest again. I can let you enjoy it this time, unlike then, so long as it doesn’t come from your own rubbing. In fact, I’ll prove it by removing any surprises too, so you know I’m letting you have this one for free.”, the older man leaned forward in his seat upon the sofa, keeping serious eye contact with his son even as he lifted a paw and extended one finger.

It won’t count as your orgasm this month. You can still have that with Rilka; I’m taking nothing away.”, he extended mercifully, same as he did a second finger.

You’ll have to sleep in your mess, that’s a given, but we’ll get you changed and washed up in the morning.”, and though that only made Talek’s tail curl awkwardly, Shon flicked a third finger into the air for him.

And you have my word that there will be no twists. You’re not Rilka; there will be no ‘time outs’ for moving or making noises.”, he closed his assurances, wanting to let there be no doubt that this was an extension of his kindness and not an act of comeuppance for coming to see him with a legitimate problem that was keeping him awake. It still had to have a caveat, but he chose one that would let Talek simply melt and enjoy being masturbated, rather than slink back to his room with his tail between his legs unsatisfied and misty-eyed when they were done.

While Talek stood there half-hunched and wringing his paws, Shon pivoted on his seat and slid into the arm of the sofa. One leg was thrown up onto the couch and tucked along the back, and the other footclaw remained upon the floor, making one big open place for a young boy to join him; right paw free and clear for use.

“… Just pull your bottoms down and lay here against me. Tuck your snout into the back of the couch and rest your eyes. I do know how to work one of those, I’ll have you know.”, he patted the back of the sofa before making gesture to Talek’s wet spot – though technically what that spot hid from sight, to Talek’s whimper.

But I don’t like… !”, the young Karrian tried to get off his tongue, stepping uncomfortably upon the floor before an unbecoming slap of his foot made him stop acting out; muzzle lips stiff.

Why can’t mom do it?”, Talek looked over to Liki, pitching aloud.

I’d rather be your live audience, dear.”, she merely waved with a claw, looking drowsy and bemused from her own seat. Talek’s snout shot back to Shon’s when the man snickered faintly, unused to his disciplinarian-first attitude allowing for such sounds.

It’s because you’re not Rilka.”, his paw went beneath his chin, smirking to the contorted face his wife oh-so promptly shot him for calling out her personal preference for a certain someone else and her sexual frustrations.

Shon! Cheeky!”, she chided, getting teased like that in front of one of their Penitatas – the Juvenalas one or not! Shon merely chuckled, giving the thigh upon the sofa an audible pat of invitation.

Please? Little trust?”, Shon certainly came off a tad differently, be it the lateness of the hour or his willingness to try and make things a little less uncomfortable. It was just enough to make the audible rustle of cotton against tiny scales come into the quiet of the room, and without a word.

Knowing that turning his father down now would just cause him more sleepless distress, Talek did the best thing he could have thought for himself, just by tucking his thumbs into the elastic of his waistbands and giving a pull. His dark checkered pajamas popped free of his tail, and his white briefs nary a moment later, sliding down to the young boy’s knees. His apprehension and discomfort was forefront in his motions, but he stood up from his bend without covering his more-or-less softened little ‘sore thumb’ or the copious slathering of pre-cum that had smeared along his foreskin’s wrinkles and folds, leaving streaks upon the loose coin-pouch shape of his sac. Talek’s acceptance came in the form of his steps, and it took barely three of them for him to lightly toss his tail to his side and flop onto the sofa, and his father’s lap in turn; a scoot nestling his back against Shon’s chest, and his head falling between his ribs and the back of the sofa as he was allowed.

Just as he began to nuzzle the faintly fuzzy fabric, getting comfortable, the feeling of a warm, masculine paw cupped his lap. It forced his eyes closed, and his sharp teeth against his lip with an uneasy swallow. Fingers tucked under his scrotum, fluffing it for comfort so it wouldn’t be choked by his thighs while his legs were bound by his clothing, and with the hug of a paw across his chest, those big, strong reptilian digits took his mostly flaccid length into grasp. Shon’s thumb and forefinger gave his soft boyish nub a gentle rub against his darker green scale, minding his sizable claws; their presence cool and smooth away from their pointed tips. It was soft and easy despite the paw clearly being that of a man’s; it enveloping Talek’s whole lap, covering his faintly shifting balls and all; rolling his foreskin back and forth to the peeking hint of deeply pink, glistening cock-tip.

That delicate, small jutting of young Karrian phallus stiffened without being as shy as its owner, giving form to its flopping little furl. Talek stifled a whine at the feeling, and not because it felt surprisingly good. His snout reddened and his legs squirmed ever so slightly, trying to tell himself inside his head to just close his eyes and not look at his father’s paw doing what it was. Imagine it was a grown Rilka, or really just anyone else! Huffing and tense, Talek urged his eyes closed and to relax as Shon intended, tucking much of his face into the sinking grasp of the sofa’s rear cushion; dimming the light so that only his own thoughts remained. He was too physically excited to resist a single jerk from those two fingers of the man’s, and… it was already too pleasureful to not innately enjoy, guilty as that made the poor, straight boy. Talek swelled to being as hard as he could be, naturally lifting off the pillow of his sac, earning that hint of extra length a third finger once Shon could comfortably tuck one against the soft underbelly of his rod; head exposed to the air, cooling now that its clear viscous mess was uncovered. Soaking wet within every fold, the pawing tugs from his father’s fingers made some particularly vulgar sounds, squishing and squelching against his softest, thinnest scales and naked flesh alike.

Masturbated by an older man quickly came with benefits, once Talek’s mind began to wander and the stimulation overcame his initial unwillingness. There was nothing clumsy about Shon’s motions, stroking his dick with just enough shifting pressure to feel like he was damn near doing it himself with his once teenage paw… or, well, if Shon was merely rubbing off his own, being tended to in his lap the exact same way, the back of his mind also accepted and tucked aside. No stroke too long or short, and the speed of the rod whipping was just right to keep him cozy for a steady buildup. Talek let off a hearty sigh through his nostrils, hitting a few of his first involuntary clenches of his pelvic muscles, pumping taut, needy lifts of his penis into the padded tips of his father’s fingers. It was wildly relieving, and both Shon and Liki could tell, seeing as his copious dribblings rolled thickened water in beads and globs down the backs of the man’s rugged fingers. It actually made Shon crack something between a smirk and a smile, holding Talek close amid keeping his eyes on his idle labor, watching that little furl of withdrawn foreskin shift about in his massage.

Talek drifted off in his gifted sea of pleasure, spacing out into a mental slideshow of curated pornography he hadn’t been allowed since being rejuvenated. The memory of getting to have sex for the first time got to take forefront, along with every lush, teasing spread of Rilka’s lowest lips – even an amusing spot of hero roleplay, seeing the feminine little lizard punished with that itchy cream he learned of today, only for her to beg him to shove his length into her cunny and scratch her as deep inside her passage as he could reach… which, in his imagination, was far deeper than he could in reality. Talek’s breaths deepened into contentment, though there was only so much he could disconnect himself from Shon’s milking paw-job. He had the attention span of a nine year old and the imagination to go with it, he really should have been, but there was something about the feeling of that paw that he couldn’t keep the forefront of his mind off of. Getting rubbed off was too tantalizing to not, and as tough as it was to swallow, trying to keep thinking of Rilka, he liked that big, overbearing paw. There was nothing dainty about it, lending an excitement that was so new, foreign, and strange – those times Shon’s claw-tips would just barely poke the scales of his groin, around the base of his cock.

Parting his snout to let off tiny, needy puffs of air, the young boy’s drifting mind returned to the shores of reality with a shameful, hidden lust, joining Shon in the moment to focus on his paw solely. Awash with more than enough to finish and cum his little pouch dry; a pleasure so simple and visceral even getting to have sex didn’t quite scratch; the masturbation-hungry lad held it in as best he could, shyly adjusting his nuzzle into the sofa to lean further into his father. His right eye cracked open, squinting above the faint peer of Karrian teeth, just to soak in a little of the “pornography” of his own little boyish length getting beaten off by another man; the shimmer of his fluids twinkling in the rolling motions, and Liki quite clearly watching from her own seat. His muzzle reverberated with muffled, suppressed whimpers and squeaks of moaning, but it was his own paws that gave his closeness to orgasm away, pawing and gripping at Shon’s leg, trembling almost like it had to be making a familiar jerking motion for his mind to be tipped over the edge. Warmly, and with that mercy he had been promised, Shon hugged him all the tighter the second his paw sped up, following his breaths and cues to know it was time to kick things up a notch.

Talek grunted, bearing down and stretching out a leg; the claws of his toes splaying, reaching into a curl. His snout wrinkled at its base, but before his cock could lock up down its little length in a welling of orgasmic fluids, a tense shift of his tail had the reptilian appendage poked near its base by something particularly firm through Shon’s lounge pants. The boy wasn’t stupid, but on the cusp of climax, he didn’t at all care to be given such a blunt, stark reminder that the person beating him off was male – his fellow’s second head having a mind of its own, no matter if he was trying to keep it to himself. Very “not vanilla” for the lad and enough to roast his snout into a deeper shade of red, Talek’s sharp teeth came bare with a seething whine; his reciprocal thrusts, no matter how tiny, locking up to the rush that jolted down the boy from base to tip.

Looser than earlier, being only nine and having his second squirt of the day, the overtired Juvenalas pumped out the biggest orgasm his young body could muster. One spattering of clear fluid was met with a longer rope of white; his cock tipped to point up and back against his groin, catching all of the musky, snotty juices into the crease of his pelvis and down his own length. Swelling and jerking, one panting, whimpering spurt after another erupted from the slit at his tip, quickly weakening to be little more than a fountain of boyish water running like a torrent down the light green of his penis, forming trails into the creases of his legs and over the lazy slump of sac between his testicles. The personal mess got bigger until it slowed into a single, big drop that ran down the topside of his rod, remaining half attached to his cum-soaked head; his foreskin holding a sea of white. Talek’s chest heaved, putting hot breaths into the fabric of the sofa in the warm embrace he was swaddled within, though he flinched with a tightening of his face once his father wiped his paw clean over the white speckles of his tummy, beneath the bottom hem of his pajama top. It took a few passes to get it all off his claws, front and back, ending up all over his waist and stomach; thicker patches running, flowing into trailing drips that tickled his over-sensitive nerves with cold wetness.

Could you give me a hand with his bottoms? Slide them up while I lift him a tad?”, his father asked above the spent slump of his head, coinciding with the creak of Liki’s reading chair. With little more than a hoist and a few wrenching tugs, barely needing to move on his own, Talek’s underwear and pajama bottoms were pulled back up with only enough care to make sure his crotch’s basting of cum went undisturbed before being tucked back into the cup of his underpants, making for a particularly slimy squish that spread far enough to reach the back of his balls. Some of the spunk his father wiped onto him ended up in the waistband of his bottoms, pooling against its lip from what continued to seep down his scales from his belly.

Mushed into a cold slop that his nostrils could easily smell, potent for as much as he pushed out of himself, Talek sank back into his father with a turn of his head back toward the fire. His hair and snout nuzzled into the man’s chest once he adjusted his tail, settling in with his promised “mess” soaking his scales; some of it continuing to leak and travel, forced out from under his foreskin as his penis relaxed and gently went about furling back into itself. This time around it wasn’t all bad, getting a post-orgasmic boon from the sensation of being left in his own ejaculate again; the fruit of his pleasure, being cuddled against his father as he was allowed to remain in his afterglow.

Sleepy, and with his eyes closed, Talek curiously played with pumping his muscles a couple of times, making his soft little lizard shift about in its wet, sticky pool. His muzzle let off the tiniest hint of exhausted amusement.

By the time that Liki returned to he and her husband’s side with a glass of water and one of their gentle sedatives for sleepless Penitatas, Shon simply smiled and gestured down with his snout to the boy cuddled into his arms, wholly still and breathing easy. Maw cracked open ever so faintly, Talek had drifted off – out cold now that a good paw had tucked him in, sort of speak.

Well, he’s spent. How about you, after all that?”, Liki spoke barely above a whisper, setting the glass and pill onto the end table beside them. Shon let a single huff out of his nostrils, not even letting himself correct the slump of his tail out of fear he’d wake Talek.

I’m stiff as a board and can’t do anything about it.”, the fatherly fellow poked a little fun at his own predicament, having silently fired himself up to the point that he was seeping the same as his son had been earlier. There was a Juvenalas between him and a taste of sweet relief, not holding to the same reservations that Talek did over the mix of genders, even if the act was simply supposed to be for his boy’s benefit. It couldn’t be helped – his rod had a mind of its own too.

It was then that he jumped, suppressed only out of his will to keep from rousing Talek. He held the lad more tightly in his flinch, suddenly getting a paw to his snout… dragging in a quick wipe, crossing his lip. One that was wet, and curiously slick.

Then a scent crossed his nostril, and he squinted.

No wiping until you get cleaned up in the morning, young man.”, Liki grinned toothily, wiggling a couple of glistening claws before Shon’s eyes. He and her son were much better than her silly rag of a romance novel, and a certain someone had something coming to him after dropping a loaded comment in front of one of their children.

Sleep tight.”, she teased him back for it, stroking the tip of her tail across his leg on her way to the stairs.

Cheeky.”, Shon tipped his head back toward her and groaned, making a face that disappeared once she turned out the light.