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Other Works

  • Rejuve Universe Stories and Series by Other Authors:

    Melody - The original series by Lurking Dragon that inspired 'Kayla' and other spin-offs. Most works are F/f and M/f in nature, involving human characters. Occational Drakonian included! This link has since been updated to Rougebfl's hosting space for LD's stories, since the original Geocities page containing the tales disappeared.

    The First Penitatas - An innovative take on the Rejuve Universe, set on a world newly adopting the technology of rejuvenation. It's not the nicest of places, and Penitatas are considered slaves. What will become of the first to wear silver letters?

    Juvenalas Penitatas - On a Karrian colonial world, a Kindern teen finds himself in court, only to become a new experimental classification beyond being merely a Juvenalas. As a 'JP', Talek ends up in a dismal, isolated town dedicated to housing and punishing actual Penitatas; a boy in an awfully 'adult' new world.

    The Rejuve Universe Wiki - The wiki of information regarding the Rejuve Universe as a whole. Found a working link to replace the old!