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Artwork of my Characters

Kayla Artwork
This artwork is by my husband, TwistedDragon, with Fan Artwork just below!

  • The Main Cast of 'Kayla'
  • And a Nude Version to Make Jacob Blush!
    [Clean / Adult Versions] If 'Kayla' had a paperback book cover, it'd be this!

  • Richter Relaxing in Bed
  • Richter Excited in Bed
    [Clean / Adult Versions] A bed of flexible slats suited to Roferian spines lets Richter be more comfortable on his back for both idle fun, and "less idle" fun.

  • Richter's Back Caning 1
  • Richter's Back Caning 2
    [Harsh Spanking] A rattan cane to a very severe, abhorrent place.

  • Richter's Curious Plush
    A stuffed friend delivers mild, disarming sheepishness.

  • An Ornery Quip
    Richter Saccard, being and doing as the surly firebrand shall.

  • Madam Montgomery
    [Adult] The fanged hare otherwise known as the 'Mistress of Fur' confidently raises one of her kind's strong legs in threat. She knows very well what that does to her excessively tight outfits, and she likes it that way.

  • Miffed Kayla
    [Adult] Kayla caught herself a spanking, and has chosen to be salty and pretend it doesn't hurt.

  • Zachary's Dress-up
    [Adult] Zachary trying on one of Kayla's old dresses, playing dress-up. Not particularly "lady like" with that tail of his, however...

  • Zachary's Bath
    [Adult] Zachary climbing into the tub, being cute.

  • Zachary's Lecture
    A certain Aspatrian boy looking meek, scolded, and displeased about it.

  • Inviting
    [Adult] A newer drawing of Kayla, looking chipper in a lewd moment.

  • Direct Oral Discipline
    Emily getting a tad deep and direct with punishing Kayla's mouth. That's one way to make sure that soap/oil/whatever is rubbed everywhere.

  • Defiant
    [Adult] A sketch I slapped simple colors on. Kayla getting her maw punished and trying to be defiant about it, like, "Whatever, I didn't even do anything."

  • Fox Maw
    A bust of Kayla with her mouth open. Good example of her teeth and vulpine features.

  • Waiting Patiently
    Just a sketch of Kayla in a cute manner.

  • Kayla and Melissa
    The little fox plush comforts her owner, as she waits for someone to enter her room and deliver a promised punishment.

  • Kayla's Mischief
    Be it a harmless prank or something more questionable, Kayla's activities on a data-pad bring about a devious expression.

  • Kayla Got Caught (Colored Version)
    [Adult / Spanking] In one of my dirtier picture ideas, Kayla is caught after a personal romp with herself and correction is delivered promptly. Maybe too promptly.

  • Kayla Got Caught 2
    [Adult / Spanking] Continuing the same punishment as above, Kayla has her front swatted. Emily would never really do that, but Kayla would also never be caught doing such a thing to begin with.

  • Armed Kayla
    While pondering more serious story ideas, I ended up asking for a picture of Kayla looking a little "bad ass".

  • Cleanup
    [Adult] Just something else dirty that Twisted sketched up for me. No story behind this one at all.

  • A Fox on Display
    [Adult] Just a display of rejuve goods.

  • In a Window
    [Adult]Just Kayla sitting bare, sketched in an artistic pose.

  • A Harsh Paddling
    [Spanking] Alex keeps Kayla down and steady while Emily does her Penitatas parenting duties.

  • Kayla Bathtime
    Getting ready for a bath. Hey look, a duck.

  • Paddle Pleasure
    [Adult] Trying to find alternative, non-disciplinary uses for the paddles left in her room, I suppose.

  • Kayla Shows Off
    [Adult] One of the earliest sketches of Kayla, and a personal favorite due to it's cuteness factor.

  • Bathroom Stall
    [Adult] Certainly not what the school bathrooms are supposed to be used for.

  • An Exotic Dance
    [Adult] Another very early Kayla sketch.

  • Midnight Computing
    Kayla snuck downstairs to write code under the moonlight. She'd best stay quiet, or face being caught up after curfew.

  • Paddle Talk
    [Spanking] Kayla and Ninne get their licks together, appearing to quietly bicker with each other in the midst of it. They must not be in agreement over who's fault this is.

  • The Switch
    [Adult / Spanking] A harsh spanking sketch, where Kayla is given quite the brisk switching. Delivered so sharply, the whippy stick has missed a few times, adding welts to regions aside from her bottom.

  • Privacy of Night
    [Adult] Another early sketch, showing a potential private moment Kayla could have had.

  • Just Some Fun
    [Adult] A dirty window decal, perhaps?

  • Kayla's Soap
    With a liberal squirt of soap placed upon her tongue, she is made to scrub her teeth into a lather and swallow.

  • A Portrait
    A colored drawing of Kayla, and the first ever made.

  • Kayla Courthouse
    A scene from Kayla #30, as Ninne and Kayla traverse the Calleet Courthouse.

  • Bringing her Paddle
    [Adult]The first drawing of Kayla in the fur, sporting the paddle she got from her first Christmas as a Penitatas.

  • With a Wooden Spoon
    [Spanking] A spanking illustrated from Kayla #30.

  • Sleeping With the Sting
    Another illustration from Kayla #30, where Kayla tries to sleep through the burn in her backside; a Penitatas' earned trial.

    Fan Art
    Kayla artwork, as made by others!

  • Richter's Chosen Library Volunteer Outfit
  • Richter's Assigned Chore Outfit
    Richter's two most important outfits, as shown off by Unsuppressed!

  • Richter in the Midst of Punishment
  • The Close-up Results of a Good Handspanking
    [Spanking / Adult]The fiery Roferian can have 'fiery' returned to him in kind! You can imagine the first piece to be of him being spanked or punished in any way involving all that he's upsetly bared. The second dives right under that tail for a personal gifting of handprints! Both are by Unsuppressed.

  • Teenage Richter
    As Unsuppressed noted in this piece's posting, it'll be an awfully long time before Richter could ever hope to be this old again. He's nicely dressed, on surely his second cup of coffee, and very much doesn't want to hear about your sports-ball.

  • Othello
    Unsuppressed drew a certain tiny border collie, complete with a purple collar!

  • Zachary's Upset About What's to Come
    The pain intolerant, self-professed coward of a sensitive lil' Aspatrian in a spare set of Richter's parent's chore clothes, knowing that they were both going to be thrashed bad for sure after he got hurt while being careless on the farm. By Unsuppressed.

  • Caesar
    An adult Roferian created by Unsuppressed, serving as a non-parent adjunct of the Penitatas Justice Department. He might be a parent again, should his personal mentoring of a little Roferian Penitatas at the library he likes volunteering at goes well, and heals some scars of his.

  • Richter and Zachary in Color
    Unsuppressed played with TwistedDragon's drawing of the 'Kayla' cast, coloring the two boys.

  • Flash - Kayla's Switching
    [Adult / Spanking] Kaon over on InkBunny made this flash as a pet project when he was still around, so that Kayla could see some time in animated form. Whappy goodness, and I thank him strongly for it.

  • Alex n' Kayla
    A fan sketch by Chris, where an apologetic Alex carries his Penitatas daughter off after a round of discipline.

  • Still In Uniform
    Another sketch by Chris, and the first on the site to star an adult Jacob; still wearing his old attire.

  • The Original Pair
    And, yet another from Chris, starring the series' first two Penitatas - Kayla and Ninne.