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October 4th Update

Long time no 'Kayla'!

After waffling on several different stories and the order they came in, I fell in love with this one in particular. Spent a rather long time on it and polished it as best I could! It rather unexpectedly stars Richter Saccard, and is a tale I think anyone looking for a nice story might like! :3 Though it does help if you like your young fellows rather well punished, heh.

This is easily my favorite 'Kayla' entry, readable as it is. I took a lot of care in this one to curb my tenancy to over narrate, and focused a lot on flow and general fun.

You can read it here!

And, as deeply into Richter as I have been (hehe), my hubby has also drawn an absolute ton of him! Until I can upload him here, you can see his artwork in his InkBunny gallery!
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