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Design by imbri
Artwork of my Characters

Kayla Artwork
This artwork is by my husband, TwistedDragon, with Fan Artwork just below!

  • Zachary's Dress-up
    [Adult] Zachary trying on one of Kayla's old dresses, playing dress-up. Not particularly "lady like" with that tail of his, however...

  • Zachary's Bath
    [Adult] Zachary climbing into the tub, being cute.

  • Zachary's Lecture
    A certain Aspatrian boy looking meek, scolded, and displeased about it.

  • Inviting
    [Adult] A newer drawing of Kayla, looking chipper in a lewd moment.

  • Direct Oral Discipline
    Emily getting a tad deep and direct with punishing Kayla's mouth. That's one way to make sure that soap/oil/whatever is rubbed everywhere.

  • Defiant
    [Adult] A sketch I slapped simple colors on. Kayla getting her maw punished and trying to be defiant about it, like, "Whatever, I didn't even do anything."

  • Fox Maw
    A bust of Kayla with her mouth open. Good example of her teeth and vulpine features.

  • Waiting Patiently
    Just a sketch of Kayla in a cute manner.

  • Kayla and Melissa
    The little fox plush comforts her owner, as she waits for someone to enter her room and deliver a promised punishment.

  • Kayla's Mischief
    Be it a harmless prank or something more questionable, Kayla's activities on a data-pad bring about a devious expression.

  • Kayla Got Caught (Colored Version)
    [Adult / Spanking] In one of my dirtier picture ideas, Kayla is caught after a personal romp with herself and correction is delivered promptly. Maybe too promptly.

  • Kayla Got Caught 2
    [Adult / Spanking] Continuing the same punishment as above, Kayla has her front swatted. Emily would never really do that, but Kayla would also never be caught doing such a thing to begin with.

  • Armed Kayla
    While pondering more serious story ideas, I ended up asking for a picture of Kayla looking a little "bad ass".

  • Cleanup
    [Adult] Just something else dirty that Twisted sketched up for me. No story behind this one at all.

  • A Fox on Display
    [Adult] Just a display of rejuve goods.

  • In a Window
    [Adult]Just Kayla sitting bare, sketched in an artistic pose.

  • A Harsh Paddling
    [Spanking] Alex keeps Kayla down and steady while Emily does her Penitatas parenting duties.

  • Kayla Bathtime
    Getting ready for a bath. Hey look, a duck.

  • Paddle Pleasure
    [Adult] Trying to find alternative, non-disciplinary uses for the paddles left in her room, I suppose.

  • Kayla Shows Off
    [Adult] One of the earliest sketches of Kayla, and a personal favorite due to it's cuteness factor.

  • Bathroom Stall
    [Adult] Certainly not what the school bathrooms are supposed to be used for.

  • An Exotic Dance
    [Adult] Another very early Kayla sketch.

  • Midnight Computing
    Kayla snuck downstairs to write code under the moonlight. She'd best stay quiet, or face being caught up after curfew.

  • Paddle Talk
    [Spanking] Kayla and Ninne get their licks together, appearing to quietly bicker with each other in the midst of it. They must not be in agreement over who's fault this is.

  • The Switch
    [Adult / Spanking] A harsh spanking sketch, where Kayla is given quite the brisk switching. Delivered so sharply, the whippy stick has missed a few times, adding welts to regions aside from her bottom.

  • Privacy of Night
    [Adult] Another early sketch, showing a potential private moment Kayla could have had.

  • Just Some Fun
    [Adult] A dirty window decal, perhaps?

  • Kayla's Soap
    With a liberal squirt of soap placed upon her tongue, she is made to scrub her teeth into a lather and swallow.

  • A Portrait
    A colored drawing of Kayla, and the first ever made.

  • Kayla Courthouse
    A scene from Kayla #30, as Ninne and Kayla traverse the Calleet Courthouse.

  • Bringing her Paddle
    [Adult]The first drawing of Kayla in the fur, sporting the paddle she got from her first Christmas as a Penitatas.

  • With a Wooden Spoon
    [Spanking] A spanking illustrated from Kayla #30.

  • Sleeping With the Sting
    Another illustration from Kayla #30, where Kayla tries to sleep through the burn in her backside; a Penitatas' earned trial.

    Fan Art
    Kayla artwork, as made by others!

  • Flash - Kayla's Switching
    [Adult / Spanking] Kaon over on InkBunny made this flash as a pet project, so that Kayla could see some time in animated form. Drop him a line if you enjoy his work! Whappy goodness, and I thank him strongly for it.

  • Alex n' Kayla
    A fan sketch by Chris, where an apologetic Alex carries his Penitatas daughter off after a round of discipline.

  • Still In Uniform
    Another sketch by Chris, and the first on the site to star an adult Jacob; still wearing his old attire.

  • The Original Pair
    And, yet another from Chris, starring the series' first two Penitatas - Kayla and Ninne.