In the 28th century, the technology of rejuvenation allows for immortality. This device is also used for sentencing as well. A penitatas; a criminal that is sent back to childhood to live a highly strict and disciplined life to start anew. (Story Nine)
Concept by Lurking Dragon
Kayla and story by Professor Bob

Kayla had gone back to school as planned, and she wasn't teased about what happened to her, to Emily's relief. She said the other students were quiet and sympethetic about it, especially since they knew she almost died. Still though, Emily sensed Kayla's growing difference, even with the little fox's attempts to hide her pain. Emily knew how hard life was for her, and the rape destroyed her faith in the world. It was twelve-fourty that Saturday, four days since Emily and Ki`rene put their fears aside and took what they were dealing for themselves. Emily noticed Kayla had been quiet all morning and was keeping to herself, having been in her room alone for a while, and oddly not infront of the computer, so she went upstairs to investigate. Kayla's door was open and she heard her inside, so she took this moment to tip-toe to her door and peer inside, trying to be a little secretive to see how she was doing. Emily was surprised to see and hear what she did, and kept still, trying not to be seen.

"You've been a bad girl Melissa!", Kayla scolded, spanking her anthro-fox plushie with her hairbrush. She had the little fox over her lap on the end of the bed, keeping her tail restrained and smacking the soft plush. Emily knew Kayla was venting her frustrations, playing this recreation of what happens to herself, and she thought her idea wasn't too bad. Kayla's poor mind had so much going through it, this was allowing her to express herself. Emily had gotten her that anthro-fox girl plushie while they were out last weekend, as she thought it reminded her of Kayla. "This is what happens to little kits who get themselves into trouble!", she then scolded again, making the brush whap against the plushie's rear. "It was wrong of you to hack all those people and cause so much frustration!", she then nearly shouted at the doll, spanking it harder with the back of that brush. Emily was surprised she said that, as she was refering to herself while spanking that poor fox. "Your little games got you no where, and even though your childhood was poor didn't mean you could hurt others! Never! You!...You stupid girl!!", Kayla really did shout, bringing a sob and tears at the end, giving the poor Melissa one final swat. She picked up the plushie and sat it into her lap carefully, cuddling it close why she herself cried. Emily was worried after that...she felt that way about herself? Her poor childhood? Kayla held the plushie after that spanking like Emily herself would, comforting herself by embracing her doll. "I'm sorry Melissa, but you're going to sit on the CornerStool now", Kayla lightly told the little plush, carrying her to the punishment stool in the corner of her room. "THIS will teach you", she said once she put the plushie onto the pointy pyramids of the punishment stool. Emily knew she added that emphisis because she hated the stool so much, and luckily Emily only made her sit on it when she was really bad, so she had only been on it a few times. Kayla lied her furry self onto her bed and started crying into her pillow, and Emily couldn't have felt sadder or more concerned, but she didn't want to invade her privacy time right now. The vidphone downstairs begun to beep, so she quickly slipped away from the little fox's door and trotted downstairs to answer it. Hitting a button, the screen came on and a woman flicked on.

"Hi. I was told you and Kayla were looking for me to babysit for my little Stephane. I like the idea of you and your girl getting a little time to punish her, as she had hurt Kayla so much", the young woman told Emily with a smirk, knowing that she knew who Stephane was. Emily couldn't have been happier at this moment.

After talking with her, she had the problem of talking to Kayla next. Emily sighed while going up the stairs, and just walked into Kayla's room, finding her sitting on the side of her bed, sulking a bit with her plushie in her lap, done expressing her anger with herself. She perked up upon her mother's arrival, smiling.

"Hiya ma`", she said, while Emily sat down beside her.

"Hello Kayla. I saw what you were doing earlier, with that plushie and all", Emily said softly, not wanting to startle her too much by saying she saw her private venting. Kayla winced, knowing she said so much during that. "Tell me what's bothering you so much, and...what was so bad about your childhood?", she then asked, speaking in a motherly tone.

Kayla made a sad, foxy growl. "I cant!..I won't!!", she yelled, feeling pain from thinking of it.

"Watch your tone Kayla! I should spank you for that, but I don't think that would help any right now. Please, it won't help you any, staying bottled up like this", Emily scolded before going back to her concerned voice.

Kayla wimpered, bringing water to her eyes. Emily put an arm around her and cuddled her close, knowing from what she did to the plushie that she appreciated her love. "I'm sorry mommy. Sorry for hitting my new plushie, I was just mad...please don't take her away", the teary kit appologized, holding her fox close with that sad plea.

"I wouldn't do that, don't cry...", Emily softly reassured, not knowing why she thought she'd do that. That poor girl was torn up inside, and it made her mommy want to cry herself.

With a few more tears, she relented her thick wall. "I can't believe I was raped...I hadn't felt pain like what he did to me ever...and I have felt plenty of pain. It was horrible, and It's all my fault for being here. I was a sex tool at this age, sucking males on Aspatria just to get enough money to stay alive, as I had no one at all, and I had already been raped more then once. That stupid man made me remember all of that, how I lived in alleys starving, covered in filth. It wasn't until I stowed away on a cargo ship that I arrived on earth, but naturally I got caught before we arrived and I was beaten by the ship's captain and held captive. When I escaped the room they were keeping me in, through the window, I was on your planet, and actually no better off then I started, as I was hungry and had no means of making money...", Kayla explained sadly, dripping quiet tears down her muzzle. "I was taken in by a man who found me...his home was old and run down like a shack, within an old neighborhood. He was so kind to me. He fed me, cleaned me up till my fur shined, kept me company. I told him my story, though I couldn't speak well, and he promised to keep me safe from then on. He didn't keep his promise....he died a week later. I was forced to drag him into the backyard with my tears and bury him myself, diging a hole with my bare paws...I made sure it was decent enough for my six year old run-away self. I never had parents, and fate wasn't going to change that. The man was a computer specialist and book-worm, hiding out there as his computer acts were illegal. The place was always messy and somewhat filthy, but it was covered in new and old technology. I begged a woman a few blocks down to give me a job working on her big lawn and garden, and to my happiness, she baught the story that it was to earn an allowance. I could buy bits of food, and she actually gave me some from her garden. At home, I taught myself how to read properly, as I knew the basics of reading and writing already from other homeless foxes from Aspatria. I examined his electronics and looked up about them in his books, learning their usage and insides. By the age of ten, I could use his computer well, and I was studying his books like it was the only thing in my life...well, it was really. I taught myself programming and advanced skills by twenty, continuing to evolve into the master hacker that brought me here. I lived all alone my whole life, never having a friend other then my books and computer. I hacked people to test what I learned, look at things, prove points, and get my revenge on the universe for turning their back on a tiny girl...", Kayla had fully explained, sharing the basics of her past, before she started sobbing.

Emily finally knew, dripping tears of her own, holding Kayla and her plushie tight. "I'm so sorry Kayla....I want to make your life better, really I do...", she comforted her girl, stroking the fur on the back of her head. "The man who raped you's mommy called. We get to babysit today, and you're going to get closure for what happened to you. I want to you be happy again Kayla, so you're going to vent this anger on the fox who really deserves it, and not your cute little Melissa", she told her furry girl, giving her a kiss on the muzzle and putting her to her feet, while she got up too.

Kayla smiled, wiping her eyes. "Thanks mom. I promise to stop sulking, I just have to teach that...girl a lesson. That little kits aren't sex tools...", Kayla said, knowing she'd be fine if she spanked the cruelty straight out of the girl. After having this happen to herself to survive when she was little, having dirty foxes like him unbutton their pants, she had something to learn about respecting her fellow living creatures. This would be for all the times she had to suck a dirty man just to have food!

"Good to hear Kayla. Thanks for telling me your story, and don't be so closed to me about some things. I'm your loving mommy now, and I want to help you. I'll help you get your shoes on and we'll go. She lives two blocks over, and her name is Stephane now", Emily told her from the bottom of her heart, before grabbing Kayla's little fox shoes and helping her get them on. After that, she and Emily left for their brief walk, heading to teach a rapist a lesson. She made sure to hold Kayla's paw on her way out, feeling ever so bad for the little fox's past. Emily was certain she didn't get the whole story, but Kayla had said enough for now. Now, was the time for her to fix a part of her past that didn't involve herself being spanked, but someone else, and by her. They walked for a few minutes, and Kayla was being quiet, but she wasn't sulking to Emily's observations. She looked more like she was thinking about how angry she was, and that her sadness was slipping away with every thought of teaching this girl a good lesson. Emily and Kayla arrived at the house within a few minutes, and they got to meet Gloria, Stephane's mom. When they were invited in, they saw a sniffling fox on a stool in the corner, obviously not liking her first month as a black 'P' penitatas. The difference between Gloria and Emily, is that Gloria loved her job, and Stephane's rear would always be sore.

"I'm going to go do some shopping, so i think you'll be able to handle her till I get back. You behave Stephane, and obay your sitters!", Gloria said as she left, leaving Emily and Kayla alone with the girl, who had no idea who her sitters were while she was facing the corner.

"Why don't you get off that stool and come here?", Emily said in a kind way, wanting her to turn around and see who her true sitter was. Stephane wiped her nose and eyes and got up, not wearing anything below her waist, and actually screamed when she saw the smirk of another certain anthro-fox.

"Stephane, go to your room and wait for me. You're going to be one sorry kit when I get through with you, for the crime you committed on me!", Kayla said sternly with a scowl, pointing for the stairs. The small, five year old girl bit her paw in worry, wimpering and crying as she slowly padded up the stairs without a word. She knew she was in deep trouble, and the workout her mommy gave her was about to hurt even more.

Once she left, Emily snickered. "Go ahead Kayla, I'll sit down here while you do your work. Call for me if you need an extra set of hands, or if your arms get tired", she said with a vengeful smirk. Kayla nodded with a smile, slowly taking her time to go up the stairs, making the girl wait in worry. Gloria told the two that she kept a small arsenal in her own room, and Kayla grabbed a very whippy switch, a strap, and a red maple hairbrush to 'trim the edges' sorta speak, before she went down the hall to the little rapist's room. When she walked in, Stephane was already lightly crying, standing at the end of her bed, rubbing her paws and shifting her feet.

"Looks like you're the one who feels trapped and helpless this time..", Kayla said in an emotionless way, closing her door. Stephane couldn't repress a wimper, as she literally trembled, knowing how much hate Kayla must have after what she had done to her, nearly killing her. With pleasure, comes problem.

"Please Kayla...don't do this...", Stephane said tearily, feeling ever so scared, seeing her with those three things she obviously intended to use.

Kayla growled softly. "You were a nasty man just like all the others. I sucked off guys on Aspatria at this age to eat and stay alive, you're no different then those horrid criminals! No, you're worse! I'm going to teach you a dire lesson for all those times I was abused for a few measly coins....teach you that little kits aren't there for your pleasure...", she scolded and yelled in anger, scaring the rapist girl even more. "Take off your shirt and get over here", she gave as her first command, going quickly to the chair that was kept in the room and placing it so she could use it. Stephane kept quiet, taking her shirt off as told, making herself fully bare. Kayla got her on her knees on the chair, and she used the velcro straps that were attached to it to fasten her wrists to the bottom struts of the chair, keeping her fully bent over. Using the nearby tail restraint, Kayla had her naughty penitatas all set for the punishment of a lifetime.

"Not the switch Kayla!", Stephane cried, already knowing what the position she put her in was. Kayla placed the brush, and to Stephane's surprise, the switch on the bed, keeping the strap in hand.

"I'll be starting with the strap first. I think the switch will hurt more after I have made your fuzzy rump well punished!", Kayla said in a taunting way, loving the fact that Stephane was the victim this time. With a quick reel back, *SMACK!!*, cracked the strap across the flesh and fur.

"OOWWWWWW!!!", Stephane whined out loudly, making it more high pitched before it turned into a child-like crying. Kayla sent her arm back again, letting the punishing strap swing again. Stephane screamed and cried with every lash, trying to kick her feet and escape this, but her arms were secured down low well. *SMACK!!* *SMACK!!* *SMACK!!*, the strap would come almost rhythmaticly, once Kayla got the hang of it. She administered thirty before she stopped, and that was only the warm-up of what she really wanted to punish her with. The little girl bawled her heart out, not liking this at all, as she really was trapped and helpless.

"Now, to work your thighs and around the edges with the brush. You know, I learned how to do this from your old boss Mr. Yami, so thank him if you ever see him again", Kayla taunted again, placing the strap down and putting the hard brush into paw, taking a good look at the fully exposed slit and rear before her. Finally, she was dealing the pain without the other's concent!

"*WHAP!!* OWWWW!!!! *WHAP!!* OOOOWWIIEEE!!!! *WHAP!!* SSTTOOPPP!!!! *WHAP!!*", Stephane howled, having the harsh brush back land on her thighs and the base of her rear without any warning at all. She knew she was helpless and nothing was going to save her...she put herself here by raping Kayla. The pain only got worse, and Stephane just made a deep and long anthro-fox HOWL, just letting the tears stream while Kayla whooped her good. She wouldn't be able to sit after this!

"I bet you're feeling sorry right now!", Kayla growled, pounding the back of that red maple brush into her thighs hard, going down as far as her knee hollows. This was going to pound bruises into her legs, and her mother wouldn't put nano-lotion on this! She'd spank her more!

"KKKAAAYYYLLALAAA-HAHA-HAAA!!!", Stephane cried out in a pathetic scream, losing her ability to howl, as she slipped into just crying. All the hope and rebellion was being spanked right out of her, and her thighs felt like BURNING watermellons, feeling them so numb from being pounded...though the numb feeling only made the ache worse. Kayla did eventually stop, after she brought her rapist to the most submissive of kits, and had spanked her thighs hard. She placed the brush on the bed while Stephane just kept her head down and cried, having nothing left, and Kayla picked up the final weapon. The switch.

"I'm going to make you feel some of the pain you made me feel..", Kayla said in a stern way, walking up directly behind the fox's raised rear. Taking two more straps, she pulled the fox's legs apart and off the surface of the chair, keeping her up with the struts and fastening her legs in place. Now, not only was her rear in the air, but her legs were open and she couldn't do a thing about it. Stephane had no clue what she was doing putting her in this position, but she was too busy crying anyway. Kayla took a step back, targeting carefully behind her while she kept her left paw on Stephane's hip, before she took a quick and stinging swat.

*WHAP!!*...right between the little girl's legs. That brought a whole new surge through Stephane, as she screamed and franticly tried to escape her bonds, feeling a fire upon her defenseless slit. *WHAP!!* *WHAP!!* WHAP!!*, Kayla started at a very rapid pace, lashing up and down the little fox's girlhood ever so painfully. Stephane BAWLED, making non- understandable wimpers, whines, and other frantic and panicy sounds. Her young pussy, covered in a short fuzz, hurt like absolute hell, being more sensitive and defenseless then anywhere else. Now she knew the horrible pain she put Kayla through! "OOOOOOO--OOWWW!!! I'mmmmm` SOORRRYYYYY!!!", the poor girl howled and cried for forgiveness...anything to stop the angry little fox from lashing her little slit she wasn't even used to having yet. Brief, yet intense, Kayla ceased her switching of the little girl's genitalia once her crotch was red and swollen, and Stephane was coughing from crying so much.

"Now you understand just a fraction of the hurt you did to me, and I hope you learned something", Kayla said almost emotionlessly, though she was still stern. She unlatched the girl and placed her feet upon the floor, where she cried and opted to stay still with her legs parted. Kayla got her a pair of panties and slipped it on the fox, pulling it up for her and not the most carefully, looking to make that rear and slit hurt. Stephane made a teary wimper once they were up, and Kayla put her into bed for a forced nap. With her work done, and her heart lighter, Kayla left the room and put away Gloria's punishment devices. She she came downstairs, her mother got up from the couch with a smile and picked her girl up into her arms.

"You teach her a good lesson Kayla?", Emily asked her furry girl, picking her up so her muzzle was at face height.

"Sure did. That is one sorry kit", Kayla actually smiled back, speaking in a happy tone that Emily knew to be her little girl. "Thank you mommy, I feel a lot better now....I love you", she then thanked, embracing her mother tight. Emily nuzzled her head against hers, feeling like she was going to cry out of happiness. Her little Kayla was going to be ok...

"I love you too Kayla..", Emily whispered lovingly into her daughter's furry fox ear, carrying her to the couch where she sat down. Kayla snuggled up against her side and closed her eyes, tired from whipping that rapist girl. Emily just kept her close as her girl drifted into a comphy sleep, knowing Kayla loved her very much, and that she was happy once again.