Kayla: In Another's Shoes
In the 28th century, the technology of rejuvenation allows for immortality. This device is also used for sentencing as well. A penitatas; a criminal that is sent back to childhood to live a highly strict and disciplined life to start anew. (Story Eight)
Concept by Lurking Dragon
Kayla and story by Professor Bob

A few days had passed since Kayla arrived home from her horrible ordeal. Emily kept her very close those days, cuddling her furry blessing and wishing for her happiness. Being a penitatas was rough and horrible, and Emily didn't understand how kids survived, especially if they didn't have loving parents like she and Ki'rene were. Other girls would be used as sex tools, having their punishments filmed so the couple could watch them and get off. Emily knew the system worked, but she knew it wasn't right to use the kids that way. Emily had always secretly rebelled against the system by not liking her job, and she found out Ki'rene was the same. It was early Tuesday morning and she had gotten up early for something she and Ki'rene planned for the day before. Kayla didn't mind getting up an hour earlier, and Emily told her she could have as much time infront of the holo or computer as she wanted today. Kayla was a strong girl and was coming through this nicely, but Emily knew her heart and spirit was crushed...ulcerating and destroying itself. Being raped is the worst thing that could happen, especially to her six year old self. She never spoke of her past, and didn't want to speak of what happened in that office either. It was recommended that they don't try and erase that memory, but Kayla seemed to be trying to do that on her own. She repressed everything that hurt...and concidering her life as a penitatas was a hurt, Emily wondered how long her poor little fox could hold on. She was always polite and happy, but Emily knew deep down that Kayla was in pain, knowing her better then anyone in the world. They always laughed and played...but it felt like the orange and white furred kit was just slipping away. After a talk with Ki'rene, she too admitted that Ninne was secluded a lot of the time, and she let up on her to try and fix it. It helped a little, but it all just came back anyways. Emily realized she couldn't change the past, but she would get closure once she got her rapist's house and offered to babysit. She knew that would help her, but there was the problem of her feelings about being spanked and punished all the time, when she was a good girl really. That's why she and Ki'rene decided they needed to experience what they were...

"Ok Kayla, Ashley will watch you while Ki'rene and I are out. Take care honey", Emily told her girl at her computer console affectionately, giving her a kiss on the muzzle.

"Alright mom. See ya' later", Kayla smiled back, letting her small paws get back to their work. Emily asked Ashley to sit for Kayla while she was out, and requested it was at her own house, wanting Kayla to be comfortable while she wasn't at her side. Ashley knew not to punish her as well, though she knew she wouldn't have to. She would have Paul to worry about more then anything, as the little drake was already padding around, getting his snout into things he shouldn't be. With a wave, Ki'rene and she left, getting into Emily's hovercar. They were somewhat quiet, and that was Ki'rene for the most part, seemingly nervous about what they were going to do. Now they knew how thier girls felt on their way home for the first time too, knowing what was in store for them once they got there.

"I'm glad we're going to do this together. I know I wouldn't have been able to do this alone", Ki'rene broke the silence with.

"It needs to be done, so that we know what it's like too", Emily said a little lower then normal, letting the hovercar drive on auto. They were going to a center where they have a Tolutimar psychic and imitron technology, to experience first hand what being a penitatas was like. They needed to know how their daughters felt, and they loved them too much to not put themselves through this. Being that cars were really fast at this time, they arrived at the center in no time, though longer then most trips. They got out of the hovercar slowly, and Ki'rene swore her left leg trembled. Their hearts were heavy, and they went in knowing this is what they had to do. "Emily and Ki'rene, eight-thirty appointment", Emily told the desk clerk upon their arrival.

"Yes, alright. Head down that hall to the end", the woman told them, pointing to a hallway with double doors on the end. Emily and Ki'rene could have sworn they were walking to their own execution, because that's how they felt, walking down this hallway. The door opened automaticly once they were close, revealing a big room with a circle of big chairs in the middle, surrounding a cube shaped machine with a sphere on top.

"Hello there", greeted the jolly psychic, coming from his small side area. "So what are you two looking for?", he asked, though he already knew what they wanted for the most part by sensing their thoughts.

"We need to experience penitatas life first hand", Emily said outright.

"The two of us have penitatas daughters of our own, and we want to see how they see life", Ki'rene added.

"Then I can create it as they see it, based on your thoughts and the information you hold about them. Come, take a seat and put the cortical-transponder on your temple", he replied, gesturing for the circle of seats. Emily and Ki'rene sat down beside one another, determined and resolved, placing once of these disc shaped devices on the side of their head. They lit up instantly and they settled themselves in while the old psychic man took his own seat at the cube-looking machine. He sat in a chair, placing his hands in the machine and securing himself, while large devices came from the sides of his chair to the sides of his head. The sphere on top of the machine lit up and glowed, while the man gathered his thoughts. "The world I and this device will make won't be real, yet it will be. You will physicly be in existance, feeling emotions, pain, and everything. All of it will be real, within a world I create between our minds and this device. When you're ready, close your eyes and you will be connected", the man explained softly, keeping his mind at an ease. Emily and Ki'rene both took a deep breath, then shut their eyes.

With a flash, Emily felt a rattle and opened her eyes, finding herself in her own house but... did it get bigger? She looked at herself and realized she was nothing more then a six year old girl, wearing clothes like Kayla had.

"I'm six again!", Emily exclaimed, busting out laughing, holding her hands to her tummy, finding this to be amusing. She was Kayla's age and she even looked and sounded like herself when she was six... this world was all too real, nothing felt or looked odd. It was all real..

"Then I guess I'm eight", Ki'rene chuckled from beside her, wearing something Ninne would be. Ki'rene was plenty shorter then she used to be, by more then three feet. Her voice and everything was exact to when she was really Ninne's age. The two little girls giggled at eachother for a bit, noticing they even acted like children. They had forgotten how fun being a kid was. Footsteps and the sound of it ceasing across the livingroom caused Emily and Ki'rene to stop laughing and look, nearly dropping their jaws. To make this equal to how Ninne and Kayla feel, their parents must be someone they loved... and how ironicly the two girl's parents were chosen.

"You two are in a heap of trouble!", a much older Kayla growled, apparently disappointed in whatever it was the two girls did. Emily couldn't believe this.. it could even show her as what she may look like, just from her own memory! Kayla was her age, though she dressed in clothes that looked like Kayla's own.

"If you break something while playing, at least tell the truth and not hide it!", Ninne scolded while holding a bag of broken glass shards that she had to clean up once she found it. Ki'rene couldn't have been more intimidated. She chewed Ninne's tail so many times but.. now Ninne was the bigger drake, and the mommy. She was exactly her own age as well, and it really was like getting to see how Ninne and Kayla really felt, while they themselves were on the recieving end.

"I.. I'm sorry. I'm sure we didn't mean to - it must have only been an accident", Emily tried to calm the angry look her mother was giving her. She then noticed.. a tear? She was crying.. now Emily was a little more fearful. This was very real, and she really was a six year old little penitatas.

Kayla walked up to her daughter, still with that angry look. "Hand me your pants and panties, and go upstairs and get your nursery cane and paddle", she told the teary Emily, holding a paw out, waiting for her compliance.

Emily knew where she had heard this before and.. she had punished Kayla harshly that day. "B-but I don't wanna undress here!", she complained, knowing Ki'rene was right beside her. Kayla made a small growl and bent over, unlatching her pants and pulling both garments down before she could stop the furry mother. Emily bit her lip and stepped out of her clothes, handing them to what used to be her daughter..

"Now, go upstairs and get what I asked you for", Kayla told her, watching Emily sniffle and comply, heading upstairs. Ki'rene had been watching this, quite scared. She had only gotten a few light tail chewings from her mother, nothing like she herself administered, but from the look on Ninne's face, she was going to get one.

"Well Ki'rene, I already have what I'm going to punish you with, so come here", Ninne said, settling herself back onto her tail. Ki'rene slowly walked to her lap, wringing her claws and she made an obvious sniffle. Upon her beckoning, she turned around and felt the button of her tail unlatch, along with her panties, that went straight to her ankles and off. Ki'rene looked up with a sad, appologetic look, hoping for some sympathy, but she was quickly greeted by having herself put into place, pinned between Ninne's legs.

"Ninne no! Please don't do this!.. It's.. only a vase?", Ki'rene cried in panic, now deathly afraid to experience this. The whole vase thing was constructed by her own memory - something Ninne paid for. Ninne put a claw on her neck, keeping her down, while the other stretched out her bare tail.

"You've earned this. I know you're sorry, but you did a wrong thing and now to have to pay the price", Ninne scolded much more lightly, like Ki'rene herself would when she didn't want to chew her girl's tail. She realized Ninne acted like she did, but her thoughts were suddenly cut short when she trembled, feeling Ninne bend her head down. Ki'rene tensed her whole reptilian body, making a sudden teary whine, knowing... *CHOMP!*.

"Aaaaaaaooooowwwww!!--", Ki'rene howled sharply, not enjoying what this felt like at all, as Ninne started chewing the base of her tail. Ki'rene was quickly reduced to hard tears, trying her damnedest to squirm and escape, but keeping her neck down and fully trapping her legs made any movement impossible! BITE, CHOMP, CHEW, CHEW, CHEW, BITE, GRIND. "P-pleas'e sttoooppp!!", the little Ki'rene sobbed out, feeling ever so helpless and punished. Being on the recieving end was harder then she thought.

Ninne stopped chewing for a moment. [Don't be difficult Ki'rene, I'm only giving you what you deserve], she scolded slightly in Drakonian, moving her head and making a hard *BITE!*, right upon that base of her tail. Ki'rene sobbed, before she howled again, whimpering and whining franticly, as Ninne was being more harsh with her teeth now, grinding her scales raw and chomping hard. Having your tail chewed hurt a lot, and it was no wonder Ninne was so repentant after getting a good treatment. Ki'rene did what Ninne seemingly taught her to do, which was just cry and howl, hoping for the hurt to end, while the big mommy bit the base of her tail. Ninne was being thourough, being very harsh on the less leathery underside of her tail, making sure every scale would hurt, and bad. Ki'rene couldn't stand this embarassing hurt, having such a place chewed till it HURT, leaving her tailhole and everything covered in bruises.

"YYYEEEOOWWW-OW-OWW-OWWWW", she suddenly howled in a wimpering whine, bawling. Her cheeks and snout were covered in tears, and she hadn't been in pain like this nearly ever. [II'mmm Sorrrrryyyy!!], she spit out, bawling and crying her heart out, pleading for herself to be released. Crying out such things came naturally.. technically she did nothing to be sorry for, but something made her say it anyway. Ninne started a sharp set of chomps that made her scream, before she bent her head back up, unclamping Ki'rene's legs. The little drake shot out of her mommy's lap with a hard cry, rubbing her poor tail, though she quickly noticed this hurt. From the corner of her cloudy eye, she noticed Emily had come back down from upstairs, carrying a paddle and cane, standing tearily.

"Emily, over here", Kayla said from the couch, patting her lap. Emily sobbed and started walking to her. She saw Ki'rene standing in the middle of the livingroom, crying her eyes out, while she watched Ninne go to the drawer she kept the dragon dicipline things in. This was so twisted and scary, bit Emily knew she had to obay, and had to feel what she was about to. She and Ki'rene delt punishments, but they themselves didn't know what they felt like. The two believed they needed to experience this for their peace of mind, and maybe to figure out a new way to understand their daughters. It wasn't right to deal what hadn't been delt to you. Emily reached Kayla and was gently placed onto the fox's lap, having her bare white rear sticking up. "What you did today was bad, and I hope you understand why I'm going to do this now", Kayla said in an almost soft way, that made Emily want to start crying harder, knowing she was cared about.

"I understand Kayla..", Emily sniffled, putting her head down a little, waiting for what she already knew was going to be horrible to begin. Kayla didn't make her wait long, as she delivered the first swat of the paddle on her innocent rear with a *SMACK!!*.

"Aaaaooww!", Emily suddenly howled, causing a big sob and a drip of tears, feeling a horrible burning sting on her bare flesh. *SMACK!* *WHAP!* *SMACK!*, Kayla kept going at a rhythum, turning that fleshy rump red in seconds and causing howls and crying from the other end. Emily knew this was going to be rough, but she had to endure it for herself...

With a quick grasp of the tail and a lift, Ki'rene's snout went to the floor, enciting a few extra wimpers. "Niiinneee..no morree..", the young drake cried to Ninne, who had a hairbrush in claw. Using a hairbrush after that chewing would light her tail on fire! With a sudden crackle of the bristles smacking the 'sit down' spot of her tail, Ki'rene was forced to howl yet again. The sharp bristles were stabbing her scales with every swat of it, and since they were already punished, it STUNG. The drake was quicky brought to bawling, shifting the weight on her legs, unable to keep still while what used to be HER daughter spanked her. Emily's cries didn't help her any, as she felt scared and totaly helpless, feeling the more fiery pain upon the base of her tail that she couldn't reach. She whined loud and franticly, sending tears streaming, unable to take this anymore...

*SMACK!* "OOWWWWWW, KAYL- *WHAP!* OW-Owww, please! *WHAP!* Yeee-ah!", Emily continued crying, knowing she had gotten over thirty whaps with that paddle already and her poor cheeks HURT. She was afraid to look and see what shade of red it looked, and couldn't think about much anyway, as the pain was all that filled her mind. Then came a more horrid swat, as Kayla started spanking her thighs with the paddle. "KAYLA! *SMACK!* Aaaaa-ow-ow-oooww!", Emily cried desperately, finding her poor sensitive thighs to hurt BAD as they're spanked. *SWAT!* *SMACK!* *SMACK!*, brought hard bawling to the six year old girl, trying to kick her legs in pain, though Kayla just aimed better and swatted harder when she did. Emily pleaded silently for her to stop, but knew she had more coming... that cane...

With one final howl, Ki'rene felt the hairbrush cease, but the horrid stinging fire it caused didn't subside at all. She wanted to desperately to nurse her tail with her bawling and frantic pawing at the ground, as Ninne wasn't going to let go of her tail so she could rub it. "P-pl..Please Ninne..*sobs* lemme' rub iittt", she pleaded tearily, braking down into hard tears, squeezing her eyelids as the wet tears flowed down her snout.

"There will be no nursing of your tail. I'm going to swat your hips now to finish this. Ten each, with the harsh dragon-paddle", Ninne told her, raising the paddle. Ki'rene's eyes widened. This was going to be very educational, but.. a bit too.

"Please not that!", Ki'rene panicly screamed through her bawling, just to have it land with a *SMACK!!!* on her right hip, near the base of her tail. The drake YOWLED, making a little jump and a kick, just like she had seen her girl do so many times. *SMACK!!!* landing on the left, causing the girl's body to shudder while she bawled loudly. Ninne landed the paddle again and again as she promised, reducing Ki'rene to the most subdued and tearful of drakes, bending her knees at the pain and tears. She had never cried so much before, and she just roared at the PAIN before it finally stopped, leaving her nearly hopping. The tears dripped off her snout while she just kept crying, unable to do anything else. Ninne let go of her tail and quickly grasped her claws when they tried to reach for the base of her tail.

"No nursing Ki'rene! You're going straight into the corner to sit on the stool", Ninne quickly scolded when she tried to rub her tail, pulling her along by her claws to the corner with the little stool she'd have to focus her weight on.

[N-no! Niiinneee, stop this PLEASE!!], Ki'rene screamed over her crying, franticly trying to stop or at least slow her down, just to get her to consider, anything but sit! As she should have guessed, Ninne grasped her tail and bent her over, smacking the underside of her tail four times with the normal dragon-paddle she kept hilted on her pants. Ki'rene yelped back into her bawling, having that paddle pounded somewhere that was already hurting, and bad. Ninne didn't have much trouble putting her onto the stool after that, and held her down till she trapped her feet behind the legs of the stool. Ki'rene howled as loud as she heard Ninne sometimes, and maybe even louder, after recieving something she wished she hadn't...

Kayla finally stopped her paddling, once Emily was writhing and trying to escape her grasp, being paddled dark red and very hot. Her face was drenched and she felt sweaty and exhausted, having every ounce of herself spanked out of her body. She lied there on her mommy's lap for a few moments, while Kayla allowed her to settle down a tiny bit. "Alright Emily, take the chair from the computer and set it in the corner, facing this way", Kayla instructed her, lifting Emily off her lap. Emily sobbed and wiped her eyes, before she started walking and realized how much that hurt. She heard what happened to Ki'rene when she tried to evade her punishment, so she knew better then to stop walking. She did as asked, never stopping her tears. She got onto the chair on her knees, knowing her fate, as Kayla approached with that nursery cane.

"Hold onto the chair tight Emily. I'm giving you five licks, and that will be it", the older fox told her girl, who gripped the chair with all her might. Emily clenched all the muscles of her body, waiting for the first mind shattering crack. *WHAP!!*. She absolutely screamed, feeling like she was going to shoot off the chair, having the cane crack straight across the center of her rear. *WHAP!!*, came with a teary, sobbing yowl, as she shot up from her position and grasped her burning rump.

"Back down Emily!", Kayla scolded with a nudge to her back. "That's five spanks for when I'm done", she then said, knowing the rules for coming out of the position. Emily just kept bawling, adding a few extra wimpers, till *CRACK!!*.

"Aaaaa-ha-hhaaa-haaaaa!", Emily cried out in pain as loud as she could, having that lash land on the base of her bottom. *WHAP!!*, came the fourth, leaving the little girl just bawling as hard as she could, nearly shooting up again. *THWAP!!*, came the final, landing with a firey line across the already well punished rear, that turned her bawling into screams and howls, kicking her feet. Kayla helped her off, turning the chair around so she could sit on it, but before she would..

"*SMACK!* Moommyyy! *SMACK!* Nnoooo!", Emily cried at having her tush smacked with Kayla's paw as she stood there hopping and kicking her legs, getting what she earned for jumping up. Kayla picked the poor little girl up and placed her onto the chair, which made Emily scream once her weight made contact. Kayla held her there till she calmed a bit, so she wouldn't jump away, then she kissed her forehead and sat down next to Ninne on the couch. A crying drake on a stool in one corner, and a little human girl on a chair in the other. Neither of them knew when this would end, and it felt like they sat in those corners for fourty minutes before they were allowed up. Ninne and Kayla brought a glass of juice for the each of them, which they welcomely accepted, still standing next to eachother without any panties on.

"You're both going upstairs for a nap, but first, I think the two of you could use a bath after all of that", Kayla said, giving her tail a small wag.

"Yeah, I don't wanna just put them to bed after that, still all teary", Ninne agreed, looking over her tear stained Ki'rene.

"Together?..", Emily and Ki'rene asked, feeling just a little shy. Afterall, they had already seen eachother get punished, there wasn't much modesty left in the two.

"Sure", Kayla said like her usual happy self, leading them upstairs. She and Ninne ran a cool bath, not too warm, not too cold. Ninne and Kayla took off their daughter's shirts and let the two climb into the bath, finding it to be quite alright. Ki'rene took most of their tub, but the six year old human could easily fit. Kayla and Ninne played with the two, splashing eachother a bit, and washed them with care so they wouldn't hurt them further. The two girl's tears subsided and turned to laughter, having fun with the big fox and drake. Eventually they got out, with Ki'rene first. Ninne dried her the same way she would dry Ninne, placing the towel over her arched dinosaur back and rubbing warmly. Kayla pulled Emily out next, drying her gently and giving her a kiss on the nose. Dressed in a t-shirt and their panties, Kayla and Ninne took them to what Emily guessed was her own room now, tucking them in for a good nap. They smiled and closed the door, having the two girls in bed.

"It's good to see we're really nice too. The day could have been worse in a different home", Ki'rene said with a smile once they left, looking at the little human girl beside her.

"This idea was bittersweet... but I'm glad we did it and pulled through. For us, and for Kayla and Ninne", Emily said with a sigh, still feeling a hurting rear. She felt tired and closed her eyes for a moment, feeling another shake and seeing a flash. With an instant, she was sitting in her chair, with Ki'rene coming to next to her. She looked over herself, and found her much older body in order, with no pain at all.

"Good to see you two got the experience you desired", the jolly psychic said, getting out of the machine. Emily and Ki'rene took the discs on the sides of their heads off and stood up, still surprised from their ordeal.

"Well... now we know", Ki'rene sighed.

"Though being punished so severely is horrid, your girls love you more then anything, and accept the consequenses of their crimes - even if it may be in their own ways sometimes. You may feel that you have been harsh, but that was your job at that time, and you did a good job too. Even though you want to only cuddle with them at times, you have a duty to do, and deep down inside you do understand that", the man explained, looking over their minds and thoughts, seeing their girls and what they have experienced.

"Yes, I know. Thank you very much sir", Emily smiled, appreciating this.

"My thanks as well", Ki'rene also smiled. The two headed for home, having this whole thing to ponder about. Their duty sucked, for them and their girls, but everyone accepts the reality that this is what is to come. Kayla hopped up from her console when she and Ki'rene walked in, giving her mommy a hug, as she had missed her. Not to her surprise, Ki'rene noticed Paul sniffling in the corner on a stool, and Ashley just sorta smiled upon seeing her notice that.

"So what did you do while we were out Kayla?", Emily asked the furry girl, holding her up in her arms.

"I made a replica of my own central operating system for your computer. Programed and invented myself, it's plenty faster and more versitile", Kayla smiled and explained happily, enjoying the chance to speak in a complicated manner. Emily just giggled.

"Thank you Kayla. You'll have to teach me later how to use it", she replied joyfully, hugging her daughter. She placed Kayla back on the ground, who turned her attention to Ki'rene.

"Ki'rene, could Ninne come over and play when she gets home?" , she asked her in a happy and playful way.

Ki'rene made a small sigh. "Fraid' not. She's getting her tail chewed when she gets home, before I put her in for a nap", she answered, knowing Ninne had something coming for her behavior earlier that morning. "Buuuttt, I think she could come over after her nap for a while, until she needs to come have her bath", she then smiled, knowing she should be a little more relentful.

"Thanks, I'm sure Ninne will appreciate that too", the little fox smiled back.