Kayla: To Hell
In the 28th century, the technology of rejuvenation allows for immortality. This device is also used for sentencing as well. A penitatas; a criminal that is sent back to childhood to live a highly strict and disciplined life to start anew. (Story Seven)
Concept by Lurking Dragon
Kayla and story by Professor Bob
Inspired by Fur Ball

Yet another day of school for the children of Calleet, rejuve or not. It has been nearly two weeks since Kayla's first day of school, and more importantly, it was a Friday. The day that spelled liberation, and the day penitatas do their best to keep out of trouble, so that they might enjoy their weekend. The two weeks had went smoothly enough, as Kayla kept herself out of trouble, except for once, and Ninne got something every few days. Fortunately, none of those were from Mr. Yami, but Mrs. Rembrant still hurt anyway. It was still early in the morning for the most part, and Kayla was working on her reading assignment on her console. The short story was appropreate for a third grader, but had extra things and a more adult directed subtext, as by now they have figured out how to make a class fun and interesting. She was having no trouble at all working ahead of what her body was supposed to be capable of, excluding the fact she needed two years worth of Drakonian tutoring, but she was doing alright there too. Most of the students got used to her unnatural speed with her console as well, though they envied that kind of skill, especially at her body's current age with those small fingers. It had been a quiet morning, warm and covered with the sun's morning glow, and all the students were working attentively, giving Mrs. Rembrant a little time to jurt sit and not have to do anything. The silence was eventually broken, when Mrs. Rembrant recieved a message on her own console, that she had to inform a student of.

"Kayla?", she said from her desk, getting the fox's attention.

"Yes Mrs. Rembrant?", Kayla replied in a curious and polite way, hoping deep down inside she wasn't doing anything she wasn't supposed to be right now.

"I have a message for you to go to the office. Mr. Galmar wants to see you", she told her, nearly making the fox wince. Mr. Galmar was the new assistant principal who arrived yesterday, and no one had seen him as of yet. Also, being called to see the assistant principal, usualy meant one thing. Kayla choked down her butterflies and nodded in reply, saving her work and putting her console into standby, while the other students sort of watched her, most likely out of sympathy. She took a hall pass from Mrs. Rembrant and left the class, walking slower then her agile fox legs would usualy move. She felt like sulking, and it seemed like she already was, but she tried her best to stay completely focused, telling herself she had been good and nothing real harsh would be delt. It racked her mind trying to figure out why she had been summoned, and she knew she had been a good girl, she knew it! She arrived at the office, stopping her nervous thoughts for the moment. She displayed the hall pass to one of the front secretaries and she pointed her down the area opposite of Mr. Yami, finding an identical waiting area and office, with the name 'Galmar' on the cloudy window that only showed there was light in the room, nothing else. His secretary hit his call button once she arrived at her desk and told him 'miss Ackart' was here. He replied in a somewhat deep voice over the intercom to allow her in, and sent her off to do some copying and paperwork. She motioned for his door as she went briskly down the hall to go do as he asked, and Kayla took a few steps from her desk to the door. She swallowed hard, getting an unwelcoming sense from placing her paw on the door knob, and just opened it with a slight trembling in her hand. She could have gasped when she went inside, but instead just got a shocked expression. Mr. Galmar was.. an Aspatrian fox? That was nearly impossible! There were only a thousand or less of her kind on all of Earth; the odds were staggering!

"Kayla Ackart, I've been expecting you", the fox in his late twenties said, getting up from his desk. Kayla just kept quiet, walking towards his desk a bit as he motioned with his paw. He whipped out a set of keys from his pocket and locked the door, trapping the knob from both sides. She didn't understand what that was about, but she didn't like it. He had impliments upon his wall too, though he didn't have as much furniture as Mr. Yami did.

"H-have I done something wrong... Mr. Galmar?", Kayla managed to say in a highly nervous way, watching him while she fidgeted her right foot.

"You tell me", the furred man replied in his deep, intimidating voice that made Kayla's fur crawl. Kayla didn't know how to reply at all.. she'd been prefectly good. "It's been so long since I've been with someone my own species, and I haven't been with a female in more then twelve years! I called you up the second I found out I wasn't alone", he said differently, approaching her slowly and grasping her upper arms. Kayla just looked into his eyes, trying to figure out what was going on and what this guy wanted. "You must be so tight, being so young..", he purred out, using his right paw to stroke the fur on her head and neck, pulling her close to his body. Now Kayla got the picture.

"No! Get off meeeee!!", she screamed, trying to pull away from him, squirming with all her fright. He pulled her away quickly, giving her body a jerk, and the back of his right paw slammed across her muzzle, sending her sprawling to the ground with tears. She tossed her paws to the point of impact, feeling a pain that certainly wasn't numbing, as this man was very strong. She felt those manhandling paws grab her again and launch her to her feet, and sending her back straight into the wall with a slam, while he held his muzzle close to her face. Kayla made a hard sob upon hitting the wall, but retained herself, not wanting to bawl right now. His breath was rustling her fur, and the look on his face was so sadistic, baring his teeth in lust.

"You can scream all you want, but they're only going to think I'm doing my job", he growled with a smile into her ear, sending a horrid chill straight down to the tip of her tail. The little fox trembled and wimpered slightly, wanting to cry and escape this fear.

"Please! Don't!", she wimpered out loudly, feeling his hot, rough tongue licking her muzzle and rubbing her body with his paws. Being held up against the wall, off the ground, she felt something poking her leg from inside the man's pants as he felt her body. She trembled and whined franticly, trying to squirm from his clutches. It felt like she was on Aspatria all over again.. it was all the same.

"Tell me you want me to fuck you...", Mr. Galmar whispered sexually to her face. With a quick, sharp growl of her own, she spit in his face, sneering with a little six year old growl and little fox teeth. The man took an angry look, grabbing her hard and forcefully, pulling her towards the side of his desk with a lurch that sent her off her feet. He moved his grip to the back of her body, pushing her against him as he quickly undid the button above her franticly swishing tail, while she made frightful noises on the other end. He pulled her jeans and panties all the way down, picking her up and giving her a shake till they fell completely off, leaving her completely bare below the waist. With a tug as he brought her down, he took her shirt forcefully off, hurting her ears. He tossed the shirt in a hurry and grabbed something off his wall while he bent her over and completely restrained her with his left arm. He put his arm around her torso, trapping her in that position while keeping her up in the air, no matter how much she kicked her feet in panic to get away while she cried in fear. Kayla managed to get a good look over her shoulder where the big fox wasn't in the way, and saw what he took off the wall. A Junior school cane. That was NOT intended for a six year old at all!

"NNOOOOOOOOO!!", Kayla screeched, kicking her feet and legs in a panic, as the rest of her body wasn't going anywhere. *WHAP!!!*, came the bigger cane suddenly, sending the most stinging and burning sensation through her entire body that sent her into a bawling panic. Over and over he struck her rear and thighs, using his strength and lashing her repeatedly at a very rapid pace. A caning was not meant to be that intense, and Kayla couldn't stop her larynx from screaming and her eyes felt like they were going to start shooting her tears like a water gun. She writhed and kicked her legs in horrific pain, feeling like she was going to suffocate if she couldn't get air into her lungs. She scratched and pawed franticly at the carpet, wishing his leg was just a little closer so she could do it to him and not the carpet. After nearly fourty rapid lashes with that cane, it suddenly stopped, with a force sending her quickly to her feet and holding her there while she writhed and bawled insanely.

"Suck me now, or else I can do worse!", he threatened with his deep intimidative voice, quickly slapping her when she didn't quickly comply. He pushed her head down a bit and he unbuttoned his pants and underwear from behind himself with the other paw, pulling them both to his knees, making his fully erect pink cock bob out, throbbing just infront of the little girl's face. "Now!", he demanded, giving a thrust into the fur of her neck. With tears streaming, she opened her mouth and clamed him pleasurefully inside her muzzle, sucking on him as commanded, believing she felt the warmth of blood on her rear from that insane caning. She squeezed her eyelids, unable to bare the hurt and humiliation. He placed his paws on the back of her head and began thrusting to her rhythum, nearly making the small girl choke on the much older man's swollen rod. Mr. Galmar started moaning and softly growling, rubbing his dick inside his prisoner's mouth, letting her tiny teeth massage his sensitive skin. His dick was wet with saliva and precum that Kayla was forced to take in while her tears came and her legs trembled. With a sudden grab he pulled the hair on her head and thrust rapidly, making Kayla gag as he came into her small mouth, dripping his hot cream off the sides of her muzzle and forcing it down her esophogus. Kayla pulled herself away from the sticky and shiny member with a yelp and more gagging, just to be slapped again while he held her to keep her from falling.

"P-pllleeeaassee...", Kayla cried, having her muzzle covered in the man's semen and welts from being slapped. She gave a scream as he threw her to his desk and placed his body hard on top of hers while he still stood on the ground, making low, lustful noises. His muzzle was at her neck and he bit pleasurefully, letting a paw rub between her legs as they squirmed. Kayla cried and whined, having this large male feeling her too young vagina. He put his other paw behind her and pushed her up, closer to him, biting deeper and braking some skin which made her howl, as his fox nails pressed painfully against her back as well. Mr. Galmar examined her with that one paw, teasing his victim, while she swished her tail in panic, brusing against his balls with it, making him wag his own tail behind himself. Using the paw he had behind her back, he dug in his claws and scratched, pulling her on her side slightly while she kept howling and crying, wanting to plea. Moving his body off, he positioned himself and forced himself into her feminine hole, as small as it was, without any concern of how he'd hurt her in his lust, pulling on her back to push his way inside the tight hole. Kayla screamed, feeling her skin tear and rip ever so painfully as he entered where he shouldn't have, thrusting against open wounds and the lubrication of blood. She was reduced to screaming at the pain and bawling her heart out, being taken by this horrible fox.

"Ohhhh yeah, you're a tight bitch..", the sadistic man growled, pulling her to thrust back as he sped up his own humps, pounding her insides. Blood seeped around his cock, dripping slowly from Kayla's stretched and torn, once virgin hole. Her poor pink flesh was being torn and tortured even before it matured in the least, and Kayla was reduced to the most tearful, scared, and humiliated of kits. Keeping her legs spread, he leaned over her body and bit down on the other side of her neck, pumping her hard against the desk with the occational thump against it. His teeth dug into her skin fast with the teeth tearing at the hard thrusts that his cock was making inside her too small body, bleeding onto his desk. Kayla just prayed for it all to end, never feeling so much pain before. With a snap of his teeth, the twelve years horny man cummed into her, pulling out his wet dick with sticky strings of cum. Kayla was bleeding from several places now and her whole body was limp, with her furry cheeks soaked with tears. Wimpers and whines was all she replied with, being pulled to her feet, though she could not stand on her own. "Lick it all off now, and drink all of it", he commanded, pulling her to him while his messy cock poked her muzzle. Kayla slowly began licking the big fox's cock, drinking his cum and her own blood while she shivered. He made her lick all of it off.

"Stooop...", she quietly whined, looking up with her tear drenched face, while he moaned and rubbed his cock against her body. Her poor fur was slightly moist from his body and his cum was drying on her muzzle...she was bleeding from her back, both sides of her neck, rear, and her forceably taken cunny. Her fur was getting bloody and ruined, and the pain was incredible...she couldn't stop crying, feeling her whole body limp. This couldn't go on any more. Using her small nails she just started flinging and flailing around her body with a scream, which was only replied with a slap.

"Haven't learned to behave yourself yet? You're mine and you need to be taught how to be a good slave...", he growled with anger, pulling her over to the wall again. He grabbed a paddle...a bumblebee paddle with lots of holes, intended for someone with an age in the double digits. He slammed her gut on the side of his desk, bending her energyless body over without trouble while she cried. *SMACK!!!!*, came the device loud onto the center of her too small rear that was already baddily punished to the point of wounds. Kayla screamed franticly, using any energy she had to claw at his desk, though she could barely move anymore, being so battered. After ten swats, the poor furry girl couldn't move at all under the hurt, and vommited on his desk, feeling like she was going to die. In a fit of anger, he picked her up and swung her around, punching her and sending her clear across his desk with a roll and a bounce landing on the ground of the other side with a thud. Her fur had some of her vommit on her now, and she looked like a bloody mess...she couldn't move anymore...not with her ripped apart cunny and baddly bloody rear. He stopped over to her and began beating her with his closed paw while she trembled and writhed, coughing and wheezing as the blows impacted all over her body. Grasping the bloody fur of her neck, he picked her dangling body up, grabbing a birch switch off the wall next to him, looking to get his pleasure from whipping his little fox. Shoving her bent over on that side of the desk, he raised the switch and just started lashing randomly, though much slower then her caning, looking to make this sexual for himself. Kayla's vocal cords were messed up from all of this, and she couldn't scream. She just made a horse fox howl, trembling whatever part of her body still worked. Several on her rear, drawing more blood from the open wounds and blisters, some on her back, legs. He whipped her for a few moments, making sure his naughty slave was compliant, in the fact that she couldn't fight back at all. He tossed the switch aside and gave his now completely hard again cock a stroke, before moving Kayla's tail and poking her tailhole. Kayla gasped, right before she tore her larynx with a piercing scream, crackling her voice, as the large fox cock slowly pressed itself into her tiny tailhole. After Kayla licked him clean, and he wiped himself on her fur, there was no lubrication. The male just used his strength and trust his way inside, absolutely tearing her pink little circle apart, dripping blood. Kayla puked again once he made one giant thrust, sending himself into her intestines with a beyond painful rip, and she couldn't breathe too well anymore. She gasped and gagged for air, lying limp on the desk as the lustful fox took her tailhole, not lubricating it just to cause himself more pleasure in torturing the girl. He made it obvious why he liked his job, whipping young girls and staring at their rears and little slits. He started thrusting his body and pumping his dick hard into the now torn open ass, letting the blood lubricate his dick so he could get his third orgasm. Without a care for her safety, too indulgent in his fucking, he thrust hard and fast, ripping apart her tailhole even more and her insides as well, making the drip of blood increace. Kayla could barely breathe and everything as fuzzy now, while her body no longer responded and was going numb with this ringing in her foxy ears. What brought a signal to her mind was a very loud bang of the door being kicked in, and the shouts of a Starfleet strike team. The man quickly pulled himself out, making another surge of pain for the little fox, and she fell to the ground, not moving at all. The last she heard was Mr. Galmar's angry shouts as he was aprehended with his dick flopping about embarassedly, and the words of a medical officer...'Emergency....she....ter-......-ot breathi- ..'...then everything went dark, as the battered and bloody girl passed out.

..How did they find me?....W-..what happened?..Ugh, it hurts, my god it hurts. Kayla's thoughts suddenly came to her, feeling weird and in horrid pain, still feeling her fur sticky and bloody. She was moving...she was on an ambulance but...she couldn't open her eyes...the sound was muffled and she felt so sick...then, she passed out again.

Next she woke up, she opened her eyes slowly, feeling pain from the light. The window was allowing the bright afternoon sun to shine in, and she moved her barely open eyes around, examining her surroundings.

"K-Kayla?!", she heard, coming from her side. It was her mom, Emily. "Nurse! Doctor!", she called out, while Kayla rested her head, falling asleep. It was better then passing out.

Next she awoke, she felt much more of her body, noticing she was clean and partially recovered. Her rear still hurt like absolute hell, but it was itchy, so that suggested they were using nanites to fix it. She tried to move her paw to check her neck, but she found it to be heavy and hard to move, as well as it having a tube in it. She felt something else on her wrist, placing it back down.

"Don't move Kayla, you're alright", Emily said sadly from her side. Kayla moved her head over a bit, to find the source of the voice. Emily looked like she had been crying for hours, and she guessed she had, the amount of times she slipped out of herself.

"Mom.. ", Kayla managed to get her tired larynx to say, very horse and crackly.

"Shh. You'll hurt yourself talking. Ki'rene was here too, but she went to get Ninne.. I can't believe this happened.. ", she said, obviously trying not to cry. Seeing Kayla in this state and knowing what happened to her was heart wrenching.

Within the next bit, the doctors came to check on her. Several of them. From what she heard, she nearly died, having stopped breathing. The stress her body was placed under didn't agree with her young body's functions. She was a bloody mess, well thrashed from the man's beating. The bed and the nanites were slowly repairing the more worse damage done to her rear, and it was going to take a little medical work to repair what he did to her sex and tailhole. They put her under with a hypospray and wheeled their little tools into the room to fix her up.

To her surprise, she woke up much later, around dinner time. Her body felt like absolute crap, but the pain had subsided and her small foxy self was operating a little more normaly. She smiled when she opened her eyes and found her mom, Ninne and Ki'rene at her side.

"Miss me?", Kayla asked, with her voice only somewhat horse, having a bit of it repaired. Ninne broke from crying on her mother's chest and bolted around.

"Kayla!", she exclaimed with relief and a smile, though her snout was covered in tears. "I heard what happened in school, I'm so sorry! I can't believe this!", she said tearily, wanting to hug her friend but refrained from doing so.

Kayla sighed and took a sad look. That.. man.. raped her and beat her. It hurt in more ways then one.

"Now that Kayla is awake fully, I'd like to question her now", said a Starfleet officer who walked in. It was a female commander. Ninne and Ki'rene nodded and left, but Emily had a few objections.

"I don't want to leave my girl's side. I have just as much right to know what happened to her", Emily told the woman in a slightly stern tone, trying to hold ground.

"I can tell you later ma'.. lemme have some privacy for this first time.. ", Kayla said in a horse manner.

Emily looked to her and just sort of smiled after a moment, even if she looked reluctant. "Okay Kayla. I'll be back shortly", she relented, heading out with Ninne and Ki'rene. The officer sat down in her mother's chair with a datapad, ready to get down what Kayla had to say. Her explaination came with tears and trembling, telling this woman of how this fox beat her and took her in more then one hole. The hot blood and cum. She told the whole story, to it's exact, though it hurt so much.

"This will be read in court as your testimony. I can assure you he'll be convicted and suffer greatly", she told her to comfort the poor girl, adding a smirk at the end. He would be a penitatas, and a girl too!

Within the hour, she was releaced from the hospital and was given two school days from her body to mend itself and regain it's energy. Medicine can only so so much, as her body still had to come through. Ninne stayed at her side and held her furry friend close, though Kayla was only wrapped in a small blanket. Kayla had done much for her, now she wanted to help Kayla. She'd be having a four day weekend, spending a bit of it in her bed, certainly afraid of sitting after someone tore apart her tailhole and whipped her rear bloody. Emily thoughtfully carried her inside while Ki'rene took Ninne home, saying she still needed dinner and a bath, though she didn't want to leave Kayla. She put her furry girl into bed, bringing her dinner there as they ate together and Kayla told what happened. Emily hadn't ever been so angry or sad.

"This is a penitatas neighborhood, so I'm going to track that.. wretch of a person down and you and I are going to babysit for that creep! Ki'rene did it for Ninne, I'll do it for you in a second", Emily shot out in her anger, trying very hard to not start using the swear words she spanked Kayla for.

Kayla giggled at the idea. "Take it easy ma', we'll get him, or should I say, her", she smiled. This was easily the worst day of her life, but right now, she focused on healing her body and mind. She was raped to the point of near death, and her happy little mind had some inner strugling to do. The reality of this situation had yet to settle in, still shocked and empty on the inside. Emily wasn't going to spanking her at all for a little while, even if she did do something bad, somehow. After Kayla finally got to eat something today, she tucked her in for bed, wishing her a good night's sleep. She flicked off the light, knowing her daughter was going to make the news again, and for a lot worse reasons then the other two times.. Emily couldn't have been more sad for her, being raped by someone of her own kind. Why was it that such good people were trampled on? That poor, poor girl.. she'd make her next few days the happiest she could, and she'd look into that creep's trial and find out where he would be living. She would he happy, and he.. oops, SHE, won't be. Kayla would have the problem of recovering after this mentally, but she always had her mommy to help her, and her two reptilian friends, who she could turn to no matter what it was. Kayla's body was sound for the most part. She just had to let her vocal cords go back to normal after being repaired and her skin to soften and mend, though the wounds were fixed. They had to go further then just a tricorder to fix her tailhole, adolesent slit, and insides, kindly fixing her hymen while they were at it. Everything was fixed to their previous states. She just needed time now, and her parents, to make life better again. A chest to cry upon, ears to tell her mind to, and someone to show that she was loved, and everything was going to be alright.