Kayla: First Day
In the 28th century, the technology of rejuvenation allows for immortality. This device is also used for sentencing as well. A penitatas; a criminal that is sent back to childhood to live a highly strict and disciplined life to start anew. (Story Six)
Concept by Lurking Dragon
Kayla and story by Professor Bob

After Kayla's first summer since her rejuvenation, it was finally time for her to go to school. She wasn't excited about this at all, having to be this little kid again, but she was happy at least she'd be given the jump to third grade. Emily had already registered her in advance, so there were no last minute things that needed to be taken care of. She dressed Kayla in a nice pair of denim pants, since she really didn't want to wear a frilly dress on her first day. A dress didn't tell of her personality correctly, and Emily actually agreed, finishing off her outfit with a plain, light pink t-shirt. Kayla was making it look like she was happy about going to school for really the first time ever, as she hadn't been educated in a public school, though she was nervous and sad about leaving. Her class was one filled with rejuves...which meant it was practicly a penitatas class, and she was at the teacher's and administrator's diciplinary mercy. No one had ever punished her but Emily and Ki'rene, and she allowed it because she loved them, but she didn't like the idea of strangers having the right to do it too...

"Thanks for breakfast ma'", Kayla said happily leaping from her seat at their table.

"You're welcome. Let's head outside now", Emily replied, trailing behind the energetic kit. Kayla had been keeping herself out of trouble for the most part, and fixed her slipping of bad words, thanks to a few times she had used soap. She hadn't had to spank her harshly for the whole week since Ki'rene and she both punished her, other then her normal spankings and one usage of the switch. She tried hard to be good, but she just goofed sometimes. Alex hadn't been around much at all, and Emily had really grown close to her furry girl, enjoying her company as someone to take care of. Though Kayla's spankings got in the way of her love sometimes, she always cuddled with her and comforted her. She closed the front door behind her, already finding Kayla talking to Ninne and Ki'rene by the sidewalk, who were already out to greet the bus. Ninne was dressed in dark blue slacks, that could easily be mistaken for black, and a red shirt that had a yellow stripe going around the center part. For a Drakonian, she was quite nicely dressed, especially since their race didn't wear clothes. Ki'rene had quite the trouble having clothes made for bodies like theirs, especially with their shape and size.

"School'll be alright Kayla. Who knows, maybe you'll get even smarter", Ninne assured her friend with a smile, making a crack about Kayla's advanced abilities.

"Just be careful you two. You won't have either of us to look out for you if you get into trouble", Emily reminded them solumnly, knowing they wouldn't get the love or sympathy they did from their caring parents. Kayla hadn't seen how horrid being a penitatas could really be, and she was worried her frail girl might not be able to handle it.

"I'll be okay", Kayla smiled to reassure her mother's obvious worry. She wasn't going to let her fear mess with her mom's head.

The bus hovered down and stopped infront of their two houses, while the two girls got a quick kiss before they hopped on their bus for school. Kayla followed Ninne's lead and sat down next to her, still curious about this whole thing.

"So Ninne, how does things work in school?", Kayla asked while their bus sped along, not yet having many passengers.

"Well we'll all get to meet eachother, tell of our crimes and stuff, and then uhhh....we get a 'welcome' spanking from the teacher", Ninne explained for her, not liking what she had to admit.

Kayla winced in a shock. "Great...I'm so used to my mom, I don't know what to expect of these people when they haul me off for this..", she sighed submissively, knowing the impending.

"You're not hauled off anywhere. All the hard timers are spanked right infront of the class, always", Ninne had to let her know.

Kayla really didn't feel comfortable now. "That's horrible...they aren't going to be harsh are they?", she cringed, asking about her rear's future well being.

"Nah, you'll be ok. It's just a short paddling, only fifteen swats", Ninne tried to make seem like nothing, though any paddling was painful, even the Drakonian equivalent. The bus ride was short and they all got off, heading to their class. Ninne kindly showed the way for Kayla, pointing a few things out, like the cafateria and recess grounds. The school was a complex of long buildings and differently shaped ones, being the office, library, and other places. They passed through a busy courtyard and Ninne beckoned Kayla through the entryway to one of the bulidings, leading her down the third grade corridor to their class. It appeared they were a little early, as there were only four others at that time, but the whole class was full in five minutes. Kayla found her seat towards the left center of the room, being that all the consoles displayed their owner's name. Ninne was two rows over and one seat back, easily within distance incase she was needed. They were both surprised to see they weren't the only aliens in this class, as a Jalaxian girl was sitting in the right back. A Jalaxian is a feline, and this girl was completely blue with her fur, and had a long tail. She seemed shy too, but Kayla and Ninne were interrupted by the call to their seats before they could introduce themselves.

"Alright class, take your seats", a middle aged woman said before the class, while everyone went to their seats, knowing what would happen if they slacked off. Kayla was a little slower, being that she couldn't sprint around like they could, and took her seat, taking a good look at her desk and the computer console. Except for writing, their work would be done on a computer, which was a huge plus for Kayla. Her desk was black with a grey boarder, having the computer directly to her right, so the desk wasn't too small. The place even smelled professional to her sensitive nose, so she sat up straight and hoped for the best. "Welcome to another year at Newstat Elementary, Callet's prime rejuve Elementary school. We will start with allowing you all to introduce yourselves. When called upon, please say your name, previous age, and sentence. Let's see...", she welcomed, giving a quick explaination before she looked at the palmpad in her hand to look at her roster. "Oh! I almost forgot, I'm Mrs. Rembrant, and this is only my third year teaching. Now, let's start with...Michael?", she introcuded with a chuckle, getting a cute responce from the class before she began.

A boy stood up just to Kayla's right. "Michael McAdams, fifty-one, serving four times seven to eleven for money laundering", he announced in a formal manner, very unlike an eight year old. Mrs. Rembrant continued through her list randomly, as the children filled her in.

"Ashley Ellin", another hard timer.

"Brian Caparco", announced another hard timer.

Next came a more unusual one. "Eliza Armal, once twenty-one. I'm a voulentarus", the girl announced plainly. She had a 'V' on her hand, and looked the be the only one in this class that wasn't a penitatas. The 'V' meant she rejuved at her own request, genrally for educational purposes, so she wouldn't be enduring anything the hard timers would be. "I wanted to go back and learn Chanderlain Star Drive physics", she said in a more proud way. Kayla thought she'd get kinda lonely, being the only Voulentarus and there being no Medicalos. A medicalos is someone rejuved for medical reasons, usualy without prior concent, and they're treated even better then a voulentarus.

"Samantha Martin", said a black girl, a soft timer.

"Mary Singleton", yet another soft timer.

"Paula Medir", hard timer, and the furry Jalaxian girl.

Kayla had stopped paying attention to their storys, only bothering to hear the names, until one special one came out. "Erica Dipennetto, thirty-four, rape and murder", she announced, getting a gasp from the class. A rapist and a murderer all in one! This was highly rare indeed, with his filled in black 'P'.

"Rachael Ingle", then went another hard timer girl.

"Ninne?", the teacher then said, catching Kayla's attention quickly, watching her friend stand up with very little nervousness, being used to this.

"Ninne Sak'kral, thirty-seven, and I am serving two times six to twelve for theft", Ninne said in an open way, though she still got a few looks from the class, since not only was she a Drakonian, but she wore clothes and actually spoke panglish. That was near impossible for their vocal cords, and Ninne spoke it as well as any other child!

"You can speak panglish dear?", Mrs. Rembrant said in a confused way, being that such Drakonians were rare.

"Yes Ma'am", Ninne replied with a smile and a nod.

"Martin Jostin", came the next boy, as Kayla started drifting in her thoughts again. Another hard timer.

"Anthony Ray", another hard timer for a computer crime. That made him a person of intrest in Kayla's book.

Then came the moment she had butterflies for. "Kayla?", said her teacher, knowing who it was for she was the last one to be called. She stood up slowly, feeling some of her shyness taking over as she cleared her windpipe and shifted her feet a tad. She was smaller then everyone else, so she was pretty intimidated. "Go ahead Kayla", Mrs. Rembrant said in a more reassuring way, noticing her advance placement child was feeling out of place.

"Kayla Ackart. I was thirty-nine, and am serving two times six to twelve for hacking.. everything.. as Packet-Storm", Kayla said aloud, feeling a little funny trying to say her crime. To her surprise, everyone gave her a look and there was obvious mumbling and hushed gasps, and it seemed like she made as much of an impact as the rapist and murder. That did not make her feel good on the inside at all. Did she really earn such villany?

"That is correct everyone, she's who she says. Her skills and intelect are advanced, even after being rejuvenated, so that is why she is here. It is unsure how Kayla kept her motor-skills and some more advanced processes, but she is currently at a third grade level in some of her abilities, and higher in others, so welcome her warmly but keep in mind she is two years younger", Mrs. Rembrant explained on her behalf. "Well now everyone, it's time for the 'welcome' spanking, right from me", she then announced, wrecking the hard timer's smiles. The two soft timers and the voulentarus wouldn't be getting anything at all, so Kayla envied them with a passion as she shifted her feet under her desk. "And I also have something I should warn my two furred girls about", she sort of smirked, whipping a small rod like device from her desk drawer. "This is a dicipilator if you're really bad. That fur on your rear will come right off!", she announced for Kayla and Paula, who both winced and shrunk into their seats. Kayla liked her fur! "Ok, first person is.. Brian", she said, taking out her paddle with a number three on it for third grade strength. Kayla nearly gasped. She was only six, a third grade paddle was too harsh! The Corrections Council also allowed blistering a child at the age of eight, which these kids were. She could keep up with the work, but Kayla didn't think she'd survive the punishments if Mrs. Rembrant spanked her like a third grader! She hadn't seen a paddle this thick yet, and wondered just how much more severe these punishments could go.

"Yes ma'am.. ", the boy sighed, leaving his seat to go to the front of the class. Mrs. Rembrant sat down on the front of her desk with the paddle in hand, pulling Brian over her lap. The class sort of watched in worry, using this boy as a test subject to see how hard their teacher swats, and bit their lips in worry when she pulled his underwear to his knees. Kayla almost felt ill in fright, knowing how humiliating this was. Emily shielded her from this sort of thing, and even though her own nudity didn't bother her, it bothered her that these...staring humans didn't see it that way. The whole class, and especially Brian himself, winced when that paddle made it's first *SMACK!*. Kayla's ears drooped to half, listening to this poor boy's painful whines and shouts, as she delivered five more moderate swats that easily brought tears to him.

"Psst, Kayla, he wriggles like you", Ninne said in a hushed way from her seat, nearly making Kayla giggle, but she was too worried to take her eyes off this boy. *SWAT!* *SWAT!*, came eleven and twelve, which seemed fast to the class, but horribly slow to Brian who was finally howling with a red rear. A penitatas' hell...

"Well miss Ninne, since you think you can talk, you can come up here next with a little addition to what you would have gotten", Mrs. Rembrant said a little sternly, sending Brian to the wall with his pants at his ankles now, once she gave his fifteen swats. Ninne took a shock to her chest, not quite knowing how she blew it like that, but got up as asked in a sulky manner. Kayla's ears drooped further, afraid to see her best friend's tail get smacked. "Along with the fifteen swats on you hips with this dragon-paddle I was issued, just for you, I will be giving your tail a reminder about behavior with the bristled side of my hairbrush", she informed Ninne, once she had stopped infront of her, wringing her claws. She sniffled, knowing this wasn't good, and felt very uncomfortable once she undid the button above her tail and the velcro of her Drakonian panties. Kayla took note that the class was watching this very attentively, curious on Drakonian discipline, since most of them probabbly hadn't seen this much or at all, and Ninne herself looked obviously embarassed being put on the spot. Mrs. Rembrant had gotten off her desk to pull down her pants and panties, and raised her tail once they were at her ankles, sending her snout to the cool floor. *SWAT!*, came the first strike of the heavy studded paddle, onto her right hip, being that was the equivalent of what the other children were getting. Ninne howled and made little kicks with her feet as she usualy did, feeling so helpless. Kayla hated this, as she knew how much this hurt her friend, and it wouldn't be all she was getting. Back and forth Mrs. Rembrant swatted forcefully, reaching near the double digits as Ninne cried, making a teary whine when another strike landed upon her sensitive hip. Unlike Kayla, she really didn't like to be unclothed infront of people, and the embarassment was adding to hear tears, knowing everyone was trying to get a curious look at the base of her tail, wondering what a Drakonian female's slit looked like. Kayla rung her own paws, feeling pain already, once Ninne's paddling ceased.

"I'mm, s-s-sorry Mrs. Rembrant", Ninne appologized tearily, though she knew she still had more coming no matter what. Still keeping her tail raised, Mrs. Rembrant started fishing through her purse on her desk.

"Now you're going to get that hairbrushing you earned..... uh- oh", she scolded, before she took a more shocked look, stopping her search. "I forgot my hairbrush", she sighed, turning to the class. "The first person to pull out a hairbrush I could use will have five swats deducted from their 'welcome' spanking", she announced, starting a sudden scramble from the girls into their purses. Ninne looked her eyes up, seeing Kayla didn't even move. She kept the brush for her fur stuffed in her pocket, and she could get it out in a second and it would have been approved.. but she didn't even try. Ninne would have smiled if it wasn't for the sting on her hips, and the sudden cheer of a fellow classmate who got their brush out first. Ashley made it first, and it looked no different then the usual wood brush, most likely used on her herself. "Thank you Ashley", the teacher said once she came up and handed her the brush. It wasn't steel bristled, but Mrs. Rembrant wouldn't wear out her normal bristles with just one spanking. Ninne just wimpered, while Ashley started back for hear seat and the class looked on. The bristles made a sudden awkward sound against the base of her tail, right where she would sit, and Ninne grit her teeth with a few painful wimpers and whines. Kayla's muzzle cringed, and she knew she made a few small sounds, trying to repress her sobs, feeling so bad for her friend standing up there being spanked by this... this stranger... and with all these people watching...

"AAOOOOWWW!!", Ninne howled after the bristles started making a very painful mark, bending her knees ever so slightly as her tail burned like it was on fire. Ninne really didn't like hairbrushes, and this one was so fine, with so many bristles, it hurt to the point that she couldn't wait to nurse her tail, but her arms couldn't reach while she cried hard, whining in her frustration to ease the burning sting. Mrs. Rembrant eventually stopped once Ninne was taken to the point of bawling, shifting her feet under the hurt, and sent her to the wall beside Brian with her pants and panties at her ankles as well. Mrs. Rembrant continued calling names, and Kayla just tried not to watch any of the punishments, and kept her eye on her poor crying friend, who could really use her about now. She had called up a few children, who's rears she swatted while they bounced, before Kayla's attention was taking back by the calling up of the Jalaxian girl. Kayla admitted to herself she was curious about this girl, so she took the time to observe. Paula got over her lap and had her pants and panties removed from above her tail, and she revealed the fuzzy blue bottom. It was more like a human's then Kayla's own, and it was certainly furrier then her own thin fur. What surprised her more, was that her cries and howls really did sould like a cat, once their teacher started swatting her with that paddle. She sounded like a cat that had been steped on, as the paddle reached the double digits and she was crying good, actually clutching to Mrs. Rembrant's leg with her paws. Once she pulled her off her lap and sent her to the wall, Kayla realized there were only two people left that had not been called, and with any luck the next one would be...

"Kayla, your turn", Mrs. Rembrant said from her desk, patting her lap a bit. Kayla unexpectedly made a small wimper, and just padded down the aisle of desks to her teacher's lap, accepting this instead of fighting it. She lifted Kayla onto her lap, and to Kayla's supreme relief, she placed the paddle onto her desk. "I realise you're a little young to recieve a welcoming paddling, so you're going to get what the first graders do", she explained, undoing the button above her bushy tail and easily unstraping the velcro of her soft white panties. Kayla would be rather happy right about now, but...* SMACK!*, came her hand hard against her furry rear end.

"Owww! *SMACK!* A-Aooowww!", Kayla cried out, already feeling tears. She didn't like this at all, and she hit with her hand pretty hard. Her speed was moderate, focusing on making it a touch longer and using stinging swats upon the little fox's rear end, making her cry by the seventh *SMACK!* upon her furry cheeks. Kayla howled her 'Ow's over her tears, kicking her feet slightly and wriggling her rear and the tip of her bushy and restrained tail. Though there were much fewer people to watch her get spanked, she felt so humiliated, crying with her panties at her ankles while the few students were most likely trying to see if she had fur between her legs, examining the fox's nude rear. Mrs. Rembrant reached fifteen, and a sudden surge of relief came over Kayla that this was over, even with the pain, but that didn't last long once another swat smacked her fuzzy bottom hard. "AAAOOWW!! S-S-STOOOPP!", Kayla howled, kicking her two feet a little more then she did before. *SMACK!* *SMACK!* *SMACK!* *SMACK!* , came another four while Kayla cried in a panic, before they stopped. Apparently a welcome hand spanking was twenty swats and not fifteen.

"Head over to the wall Kayla", Mrs. Rembrant said in a softer way, giving her a slight nudge. Kayla cried her way to the wall slowly with the backs of her paws to her cheeks, rubbing the wet fur. She knew she would be fine in a matter of minutes, but to a six year old fox's mind it still hurt and it still wanted to cry. She listened to the last girl, who happened to be Ashley with her ten swats because of her 'generosity' that got Ninne's tail swatted with those bristles, while she herself sniffled and watched the wall, occationally looking down the row of slightly sniffling kids. It was like a chorus of sad sounds and sniffs, and Kayla wondered exactly how embarassed these humans were to be standing here with nothing on below their waist, especially the males who couldn't hide anything. She was also curious about Paula, who was sniffling quietly at her side, ringing her blue furred paws. Kayla knew of what happened to those who spoke out of turn, but took the risk of whispering very quiety.

"Hi Paula. Nice to meet you", she whispered as low as her voice could go, which was very quiet. Being that she herself had sensitive ears, she guessed the feline would have similar senses. With a comforting gesture, Kayla opened her paw on her side and extended it only slightly, inviting the cat girl's paw. Paula looked over slightly and made a small smile, looking quite timid and shy. Kayla was worried when she made no reply, but after a moment she felt a soft grip upon her paw and Kayla squeezed back, sympethetic for the class, as they got worse then she did. Mrs. Rembrant called for her students to return to their seats to start their day, and they relivedly pulled their undergarments and pants back up. Ninne wasn't the happiest about sitting at her desk after that hairbrushing, but she knew better then to complain. The sniffles had subsided, except for Ashley's since her's was fresher, and Mrs. Rembrant went to her introductory lesson.

"Though that took some time, go ahead and start the OS of your console and take a few minutes to check your programs", she said, taking a seat at her own desk. Kayla was waiting for this part, curious to see what kind of programs the school used, letting her right paw zip across the keys with a childish excitement. Naturally, those who sat around her gave her an odd look watching her examine all the programs in twenty seconds with one paw, watching her monitor with little effort.

The day progressed nicely, as Mrs. Rembrant went over the bases of all the courses. Math, writing, reading, ethics and morals (For the penitatas. Eliza could go play outside if she so choosed), science, history, and their elective. Kayla chose a 'wheel' type course, where every term the class would change. That meant she would be taking art, computer skills (She wondered if they'd have to invent something higher then an 'A'), electronics, and business. This would be much for an actual child to handle, but a rejuve could start these things early when their learning capabilities were still at max, which allowed for learning of complex things. That was the reason Eliza rejuvenated to learn Chanderlain Star Drive physics. Kayla found this all and good, except for one thing. Earth children were required to learn Drakonian language, just as Drakonians are taught to understand panglish, and Kayla didn't know any. She was in third grade reading and writing, which incorporated the two languages, and she didn't even know the basics. If she got less then an 'A' she would really get it from her mom, getting harsher and harsher the lower it was, and she had to catch up on Drakonian fast! She at least had Ninne and Ki'rene to tutor her, so she eased up her worries. Lunch was quite alright, as she finally got to sit and talk with Ninne again, as well as get to know a few other students from her class. Lunch went by grade level, so the place was full of third graders, and to Ninne's overjoyment, another drake! Ninne talked to the girl most of lunch trying to get to know her, with her name being Anne, and a fourth of a foot shorter then Ninne. She could only speak Drakonian and didn't wear clothes, which made Ninne stand out a little more. Kayla herself though, took the time to get to know someone she wanted to meet, as well as he wanted to meet her.

"I can't believe I'm sitting across and talking with Packet-Storm!", Anthony had laughed, taking a bite of his lunch. Kayla just giggled modestly, as they both told their tales. Mrs. Rembrant's class had recess right after lunch, so they all went down to the recess grounds. Now the whole class had time to goof off and get to know the people they'll be seeing over Mrs. Rembrant's knee. Kayla and Ninne wandered around, stopping to talk with their comrade-in-fur Paula in a more clear spot she secuded herself in. All she gave was a little smile and she bounded off timidly, making the two girls wonder if she'd ever talk to them, or if she even could. Before they went anywhere, Brian, Erica, and Rachael came over to the two.

"So you're Packet-Storm. It's pretty cool to meet ya'", Rachael said first, examining the six year old fox.

Erica took Kayla's paw suddenly, feeling the fur of her paw. "A fox? I just don't know what I'll meet next now", she said, sorta petting the fur of the back of her paw while Kayla looked at her a little weird.

"Leave her fur be ERIC", Brian teased, and Kayla just didn't get it.

"That aint funny!", Erica griped, crossing her arms in a huff.

"Erica here was rejuved with Y repression to make him a girl", Rachael giggled in reponse to Kayla's confused look, while Ninne was already giggling, having already known what they did to rapists. Male black 'P' penitatas were rejuvenated female, to make them easier to deal with. "Did you guys hear about this school's principal, Mister Yami? I heard he made a Drakonain girl bawl with a normal paddle!", she then gossiped about their strict and powerful principal, making Kayla wince.

"I really didn't need to know that!", Ninne said in a nervous manner, shrinking slightly.

"Oh sorry about that", Rachael laughed. "They're trying to get a new assistant principal, so at least we only have one person to worry about with the heavy artillary", she then added. Martin and Ashley joined the group, looking at Ninne rather strangely.

"I've never seen a Drakonian that wore clothes and could speak our language", Martin just sort of said, looking Ninne over from her T-rex snout to her broad tail, looking up a bit to do this of course.

"I hold myself to different standards then the rest of my race", Ninne answered to his statement.

"Are you trying to impersonate a human?", Ashley teased rather childishly, not meaning for it to be a joke.

"Hey, your race isn't the only one that wears clothes", Kayla said, rolling her eyes and making a gesture to herself with her paws.

"I can dress and speak as I want", Ninne hrmphed in a 'matter of fact' way.

"Keep with your own kind snake!", Ashley snapped in an insultive way.

"SNAKE??!!", Ninne exclaimed, baring her teeth in rage, ready to tear the girl to shreds. Calling a drake a snake is the racial equivalent as a certain 'N' word, and it was the most insulting thing to a Drakonian. Kayla placed the back of her closed right paw upon her friend's chest with a calm, but focused look.

"Calm down Ninne. Your tail isn't getting anything for this for this if I have a say", she said, keeping an eye upon Ashley. She wasn't about to let Ninne make a mistake that her tail would regret.

"If a little fox can hold you back, you must be as weak as I've been told you snakes are!", Ashley cruely teased, laughing at her fun. Apparently she didn't like alien races that much.

"Knock it off, all of you!", Brian snapped himself, not liking where this was going, and neither was Rachael or even the murderer Erica.

"Shut up you prude girl! I have as much of a right to do as I want as you do, so don't you ever call me a snake again!", Ninne growled, only keeping her cool in check by Kayla's friendly reminders. Upon her judgement, she turned and walked away with Kayla at her side.

"You have no rights SNAKE!", the human girl continued insulting, getting into a more angry state then a tauntive one. With a rush, she ran behind Ninne, grasping her tail and raising it with both hands, making Ninne gasp before her snout burried itself in the dirt. Ashley laughed, holding up the reptilian tail. "Snake snake snake! Still feel like a modest dinosaur?!", she teased cruely, letting the drake growl and roar in the dirt. Kayla gave her a mild shove to get her to releace her friends tail, giving an angry growl of her own. Before Kayla could yell at her, Ninne corrected her balance and whacked her tail into Ashley's upper leg, sending the girl flat on her back. As soon as she got to her feet, she lunged with a shout, throwing her fist that was intended for Ninne, but Kayla jumped infront of the shot and got punched right in the side of her muzzle, sending her to the ground hard, since Ashley was bigger then she was. The pain was numbing, so she managed to hold back the tears. By now, Mrs. Rembrant had already ran to them, commanding them to stop.

"Enough! Ninne and Ashley, you come with me! Kayla, you come too. Are you alright?", she yelled at the two girls, switching her attention to helping her younger student up.

"I'm okay.. ", Kayla said a little quietly, rubbing her muzzle.

"I guess you won't need to see the nurse. The three of you are going to Mr. Yami, he'll want to question you Kayla, since this was not your fight", Mrs. Rembrant said, briskly walking them towards the school bulidings. Leaving her class alone for a moment, she took them quickly down to the office building and told the pricipal's secretary of what happened, and she allowed Kayla into his office while the two accused girls sat apart in the waiting room. Kayla saw that Mr. Yami was a somewhat burly Japanese man, without very much hair, though he didn't look too old. His office was somewhat Japanese-like, being as simple as could be, though he had paddles and canes hanging on his walls, making it obvious what his job was.

"Have a seat", he gestured nicely to a chair beside his desk, and oddly not infront of it. He must have had someone over the front of his desk already this morning...

"Hello sir", Kayla said in a timid manner, though the man didn't look as scarey as he originally sounded, as she took her seat as directed.

"I was told there was an altercation between some students. Could you tell me what happened?", he asked.

Kayla explained the whole situation, word for word and exactly as it happened. Once she finished, he called for his secretary to let Ninne and Ashley in, who stood infront of his desk, with a look of slight worry and anger.

"Ashley, your behavior is completely unexcuseable. Using the language you were and starting a fight with someone who wanted no part of it, as well as punching a younger girl! You're really going to get it from me in a minute", Mr. Yami said sternly. Ashley's heart sunk and she bit her lip, not quite ready to cry yet under the influence of her anger. That would change shortly. "As for you Ninne, you did everything you should have done in that situation by trying to walk away and holding yourself back while being called what she used. The only mistake you made was when you intentionally hit her with your tail, so you will be punished too for that", he said then, in a much less stern way. Ninne sulked, making a long, soft wimper, feeling just short of crying and already felt her eyes to be wet. "To go with it Ashley, you will watch Ninne's punishment and she will watch yours. You'll learn there is no difference between races when you get to see that you both cry the same! Ninne will get to watch your's good, and you'll watch her's from the side, as Ninne hadn't earned anything to have her own privacy comprimised. Kayla can sit up here and watch too", he added, further shrinking both girls, though Ashley more then Ninne. Mr. Yami turned around, facing Kayla. "As for you Kayla, thank you for keeping Ninne's temper down as well as you did and staying calm yourself. You did exactly what you were supposed to, but with one exeption", he told her, dropping his tone of voice slightly at the end. Kayla winced, not expecting this at all. "You admitted to shoving Ashley, didn't you?", he asked with a lower voice.

"Y-yes, but I only-", Kayla said in a panicy way, till Mr. Yami gently placed his hand up for her to stop.

"I understand you had to help your friend, but you also could have ran for help then too. I do realise you were small and your teacher was a distance from there and you were worried, only pushing her lightly to get her off, but you still made an agressive act, though I do agree you did the right thing. You will be punished too, but just a little", Mr. Yami told her while her ears drooped to half and she slunk into the chair.

"I understand sir..", Kayla said very lightly, sulking in the chair a bit.

"Ninne, you are first. I want Ashley to be able to watch this attentively, since when I'm done with her, she'll be bawling too hard to do anything. Ashley, come on this side of the desk, and Ninne, stand right in the middle infront of my desk", he then instructed. Ashley stood on the side of the desk opposite of Kayla, and Ninne stood a ways up front so she could have he tail raised and have her snout not hit the desk. Mr. Yami looked over one of his walls, having three dragon-paddles on it. A normal one, a harsher one, and.. a type Kayla had not yet seen. It was large and rectangular, even more so then the others, with studs like the harsh dragon-paddle, except it had several much larger studs that came to a sharp point. This was apparently the equivalent of a paddle that had holes in it, and it looked quite heavy. Ninne could have choked to death in anticipation, but lucky for her, he only picked the harsh dragon-paddle. "I think this one will do for this. Twenty for your tail and fifteen for each hip. That will be enough to make you mind your hostilities", he said, walking around to Ninne's tail with it. He lifted her tail, sending her snout down with a sad series of wimpers, letting a pair of tears slowly drip down her snout. She couldn't stand to have her hips swatted with this type of paddle, and fifteen for each hip to go with the twenty on her tail. She wanted to cry just thinking about it. Ashley was watching as demanded, standing at that spot beside the desk where she could see Ninne but not her rear, just so she could hear her wail and watch the tears that were going to be her own. Ninne's head flooded with worry about what Rachael said earlier, and she braced herself for the first swat that came as soon as she did with a *WHAP!!!*, loud and hard that made her legs lurch foreward while she screamed. He knew how to use a dragon-paddle, and hard! He proved he had no trouble and was very experienced in them, landing two more flawless swats right where she would sit down, sending her into hard tears with just three. Kayla couldn't stand to watch, it was too painful, but she kept her eyes on her friend anyway.

"Aaaaoooowww!", Ninne roared, feeling another *SLAM!!!* against her poor tail base. After that hairbrushing earlier, her tail had already been a little sore, and now it was all back and hurting a whole lot more. Kayla cried silently, having seen and heard enough of this for one day, once Mr. Yami reached her tenth swat.

*SLAM!!!* "Ooowwwwww!", Ninne suddenly cried out, bawling hard. She just kept bawling with another *SLAM!!!* *SMACK!!!* *SLAM!!!* *SLAM!!!*. He hurt so bad and there was nothing she could do, not even having enough air to scream, the only responce was a continuous crying wail. Mr. Yami pounded the last five into her tail good, reducing Ninne to insane bawling. "This w-won't hapen again! I'm sssoorrrryyy s-s-sssiirrr!", Ninne bawled out in a desperate screech.

"I won't swat your hips as hard as I did with your tail, but you're going to be very sorry for what you did when I'm done, I can moew then assure", her punisher told her, giving her a brief moment to just bawl before he hit her again. He positioned his paddle behind her right hip and reeled back, making Kayla cringe at what she knew was impending on her friend. *SWAT!!!* came the dragon-paddle onto the drake's sensitive hip with it's thin scales, causing the poor girl to roar, eyes clenched with the tears trickling from them like a stream. Having your panties at your ankles twice in one day was too much, and Ninne told everyone that with her roar that went on for five hard swats, before she started bawling heavily and loudly. Even Ashley looked like she was in pain now, dripping tears knowing her own punishment was worse.

"AAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!", Ninne exploded after ten on each hip, bawling incredibly hard. She had been kicking her feet and shifting her weight at the horrid pain, bending her knees, trying to grip at the desk with her claws. *SLAM!!!*, came the eleventh back onto her right hip, and she cried at a high pitch, being her knees far and kicking her legs to the point it looked like she'd tople over. He landed the last four right where they were intended while she bent her knees and kicked, crying in a scream. When he let go of her tail, Ninne dropped it slowly, howling at the sting and hurt. The base of her tail was bruised and raw, and her hips looked very painful, covered in dark circles from where the studs made hard impact on her less defended scales.

"Stand right here infront of Kayla", Mr. Yami instructed the drake that could barely stand as it was. He helped her walk the short distance and he hopped on top of his desk. Ninne had her claw on the edge of the desk to make sure she had her balance, while she bawled and trembled her legs, so Kayla placed her paw on top of her claw, wishing for her comfort. "Ashley, take that paddle off the wall please", Mr. Yami told her, pointing to a specific one. A thick paddle with several little holes in it. Ashley started crying once she turned around and saw which one he was pointing at, and slowly removed it from the wall, stepping over to Mr. Yami. He placed her on his lap and took the severe paddle into his hand. That paddle was meant for blistering...and Ashley was eight. She was beyond screwed.

"Please Mr. Yami, don't... please!", Ashley pleaded while she lightly cried, having her shorts and pink panties pulled down her legs.

"Fighting and racism have no place in my school, and you chose to learn it the hard way!", he scolded, placing a hand firmly on her back to keep her down, while he raised the paddle in his other hand.

"Nooooo!", Ashley screeched, right before *WHAP!!!* over her white bottom. "Aaaaaahhhhh!!", her small female vocal cords screamed at a high pitch until she choked into bawling on the second *WHAP!!!*. She was already crying her eyes out and trying to kick her legs while Mr. Yami slapped the paddle hard against her rear. Dead center, left cheek, right, lower. He used his skill to be thourough, making a loud crack against her bouncing rump, that was already turning a painful shade of red after just six swats. "I-I'MM *WHAP!!!* OOWWWW-OWW-OWWWW-HOO *WHAP!!!* AAAAHHHH-OOOWW *WHAP!!!* AAAAAHH-III'M S- *WHAP!!!* SSORREEEE-HE-HE!!!!", Ashley bawled out while the paddle continued making work of her rear. After that, her larynx were too strained to scream so she just howled and bawled hard. Ninne's hard bawling had subsided for the most part, and she was just crying now, getting a bit of pleasure from watching the human rear right infront of her turn a nasty shade of red with little white spots that were blisters, and everything else one could see at that angle up close. Ashley was too busy crying and somehow trying to stop the pain to be humiliated, taking five more swats that were replied with loud howls and a stream of tears to go with her bawling. He delivered fifteen with that paddle, leaving quite a few blisters on that dark red rear.

"Might one of you ladies have a hairbrush? I have a little more work to do on this girl", Mr. Yami asked Ninne and Kayla, while Ashley kicked her feet and begged incomprehendably on the other end.

Kayla lit up right about there, remembering who lent a hairbrush to spank someone earlier. "Here you go", Kayla said happily, giving him her fur brush from her pocket.

"Thank you", he smiled back, before thwaping it onto her left thigh.

"AAOOOWW!!! PLEEASEEE *SMACK!!* AWW-OW No't Ther'e.. *WHAP!!*", Ashley cried out, just bawling her eyes out now without howling, sputtering out her feeble pleas. He used the smaller brush to work around her rear, where the paddle missed, and the crease of her rump and her thighs, where her weight went when she sat, turning it all a rosy red within just seconds. Once he was satisfied with the work on her legs, he handed Kayla her brush back and put the girl on the floor, pulling her panties and pants back up. Having her clothes ride across her blistered bottom made her screech, and that was really his reason for doing that. "Ninne, you can pull your clothes back up too", Mr. Yami looked over his shoulder and told her. Ninne sniffled and do so, making sure to be slow about it, and Kayla helped her with the velcro and button above her tail. She also wiped her tear stained snout with the furry back of her paw, while Ninne just smiled appreciatively. Kayla had been taking care of her all day, whether it was not offering a brush to save her own rear, stopping her from assaulting that girl and getting into ten times worse trouble, and now this. "Head on out and my secretary will walk you both back to your class. Ashley, I don't ever want to hear that you said that word ever again, and I hope you learned something for being so naughty and mean. Take care Ninne", Mr. Yami said, scolding Ashley one last time while he gave the sniffly drake a simple goodbye. Ashley was still crying good, feeling a nasty pain when she walked, and concidering she was a panitatas, those blisters would be opening from another paddling when she got home. The two girls left and Mr. Yami took his attention to the fox, who was standing with her head and ears down, rubbing her paws infront of her chair. "Bend over the front of my desk Kayla, I'll make this brief", he said lightly, making it obvious he wasn't at all mad at her, and maybe sympethetic.

"D-.. Do you want my pants and underwear off too?", Kayla thought she should ask once she got infront of his desk.

Mr. Yami turned from searching his walls, surprised she would ask that willingly. "If you may", he replied, not believing how willing this girl was to accept dicipline. He really did think she was in the right, but she still made a hostile move and that constituted for a sound punishment of some kind, but what, was what was confusing him right now. Kayla reached behind herself and popped the button above her tail and undid the velcro tab, pulling both garments all the way down and bending over his desk, watching him to see what he picked. After a little deliberation, he picked a light nursery cane from his side wall. It wasn't a harsh one, but Kayla still made a tiny wimper, having to dislike canes and switches.

"It will be ten swats for your little mistake, though I will compliment you on handling it as well as you did against someone two years older and keeping your two times bigger friend in check. You're a polite girl and I'll be light on you", he told her from behind, positioning himself with his cane. "Now, I want you to count to ten with the swats, out loud, and don't lose count", he then informed her, raising the cane.

*WHAP!*. Kayla made a yelp and another wimper that was a bit louder and longer. "..One", she said aloud, as asked.

*WHAP!* "Yeeoww!!....ah, two..", Kayla howled out, bringing tears to her eyes.

*SMACK!* "OOWW!!..ow, *sob* three..", she began crying. From what she felt, he was starting on her rear below her tail and was slowly making his way down.

*WHAP!* Kayla wimpered in a series, making a sob at the end. "..F-four..", she wimpered out tearily, shifting a leg.

*WHAP!* "YYEE-OW-OW-OWWW...", she wimpered out, sending herself into a series of more sobs and tears. "..Fiiivee..", she said through her tears.

*THWAP!* Kayla made a long whine, wailing with sobs. "..sii- six..", she sniffled out with her crying, while her jaw shook.

*WHAP!* "AAHH-HAA-HAA-HAAAaaaahh!!", Kayla cried out, shifting her feet at the sting, being that the cane has reached her lower rear. After a few sobs and siffs, she announced "..ss-eeee-ven..".

*WHAP!* She yowled, crying hard into her paws on the desk. "..eii-h..eight!..", she studdered out with her hard tears.

*SMACK!* Started the bawling, padding her feet against the ground lightly, crying harshly upon the desk. "....n-nine..", she wimpered out, turning it into another cry.

"WHAP!* "YEE-eeoooowww!", she howled, having the cane land on her lowermost part of her rump, making her right foot scuff the carpet below. She just bawled into her paws trying to speak. "..Te-..t-t-ten..", she said while just crying, letting it all out now that it was over. Mr. Yami went to his wall and hung up his cane, returning to the crying fox who had lifted her body off his desk and was rubbing beneath her tail.

"Go stand in the corner there, I'll give those lines time to cool before I walk you back to class", he said, pointing to one of the corners of his office. She walked there without any objection, rubbing her eyes now, just sniffling and crying lightly into the corner. Mr. Yami gave her several minutes to calm before telling her she could pull up her clothes and he would walk her back to class. Kayla was sore for the rest of the day, and really didn't like sitting at her desk on those line-shaped welts, but noted how much trouble Ninne had, and how Ashley couldn't even keep the tears in her eyes at some parts. Hopefully she would be a little more open minded about Drakonians from now on.

The rest of the day went without a hitch, except for a handspanking Mrs. Rembrant gave Erica for not following directions. They all headed home on the bus, and Kayla and Ninne were worried about their rears. Emily and Ki'rene would know of their day by now, and Ninne was in bad shape with her record for the day. Without surprise, they were both waiting for them once their bus arrived at their houses.

"Ninne, you're going straight home. I'm disappointed in you young lady! Talking out in class and hitting another girl..." , Ki'rene scolded a bit, making Ninne sulk even more then she already was.

"Ninne really didn't mean to do anything bad at all today Ki'rene, don't be mad at her..", Kayla said a little sadly on her friend's behalf, not quite worrying what Emily was going to say to her.

Ki'rene sighed. "I'm not Kayla, don't worry. I heard what that girl said and did, and I'm surprised Ninne kept her cool as long as she did.. thanks Kayla for putting your rear on the line to help her", she said a little low, knowing they both had a bad day.

"I'm not mad at you either Kayla, there won't be any extra punishments to go with what you got. You did the right thing in my eyes", Emily told her with a smile, wanting to make up for such a lousy day.

"W-what about me ma'..", Ninne asked outright, looking down and shifting her feet in worry, still feeling the effects of Mr. Yami.

"No tail chewing, but I am going to give you a bath and put you in for a nap as soon as we go inside. I'll give you nano- lotion before bed if it's still bothersome", Ki'rene answered.

Ninne looked up and smiled a tiny bit. "Thanks", she said in an appreciative way. The two groups split for the time being and said goodbye, heading towards their warm houses. Sure they got punished there too, but it was a lot better. Emily made sure to be careful washing Kayla that night, and Ki'rene actually did the same, though she allowed Ninne to wash such areas on her own, as they were more modest Drakonians. Though Ninne had to take a nap, both girls were happy to be home, under a more loving roof where their moms made their day bright again. Kayla had a spanking scheduled for that night, but Emily decided it could be done tomorrow, and she had tucked her in for sleep. Ninne's night went likewise, having more fun with her mom then she thought she would. She and Ki'rene growled about how narrow minded some people still were, and actually had fun with her early bath that was somewhat meant as a punishment for her still very sore tail. Ki'rene washed her head, back, arms, chest, legs, and the upper side of her tail while they talked and laughed about her day. She sat down on the toilet-lid and read the news on a palmpad, looking somewhat the other way while Ninne washed the bottom of her tail and scrubbed between her legs, still trying to not touch anything she recieved earlier. The two had a splash fight before she got out giggling, and Ki'rene tossed one of their big towels over her arched dinosaur back, rubbing her dry while a puddle of water formed beneath her feet. Ninne just smiled and enjoyed having a mother, no matter how many times her tail had gotten chewed. She willingly went to bed that night after having a day of fun with her mom, and appologized for making a few mistakes her first day. Ki'rene replyed to that with a kiss and flicked off her daughter's light, taking one last look at her sleepy girl before she closed the door. Emily did the same once she flicked off Kayla's light, knowing she had a great girl herself. Mr. Yami had told her of how good her daughter was, and it made her happy, but things still confused her about Kayla. She never spoke of her past. She said she never had parents, never went to school.. who raised her.. did anyone? Kayla was so smart and the universe's most talented hacker.. how did she get that way? She's so nice.. it made no sense. School would be hell for both those girls, but their backsides would be alright if they kept out of trouble, as if Ninne could do that.