Kayla: To New Frontiers
In the 28th century, the technology of rejuvenation allows for immortality. While this device is used for sentencing criminals to start a highly strict and disciplined life anew, being paroled; a Completatas; was like starting anew again.
(Story Fifty-Nine)
Concept by Lurking Dragon
Kayla and story by Professor Bob

Kayla’s newfound lease on life and freedom began with a simple pleasure she had never indulged in all her forty one years of existence – having a meal at a restaurant, no longer a criminal or destitute pariah. Always left at Ki`rene’s house due to her Penitatas status to play with Ninne when Alex and Emily would go to their favorite place, a local upscale steakhouse, Jacob was able to treat her to any of the nicest meats her Aspatrian fangs felt like sinking into, able to independently make her own choices for the first time since obtaining her brand new silver letters. Bygone were the days of rigid rules and restrictions meant to punish, like those that forbade her from doing most anything fun, or tanned the hide beneath the flow of her fur even when she had been good. Her parents told her the access code for the home replicator over that meal, gradually coming to realize how much of her life was changing in leaving the title of Penitatas behind. While being out in full public like that was so new to her, she was too calm and contented to give her parents any worry about her behavior, feeling like a mature, victorious woman in her dress clothes. Her special someone – her partner – was with her like a member of the family, and her parents were speaking to her in ways that made her feel like an equal, rather than a submissive Penitatas that had best mind her tail. No longer incarcerated; shackles broken; Kayla was starting anew once more – vibrant, optimistic, and with purpose in her life.

That same night Jacob returned to Ki`rene’s house to call it his new home, not at all caring that his belongings were elsewhere, while Kayla went inside with her parents to not see any follow-up punishment for what she did the prior night on the preserve. Now a Completatas on parole, the matter was forgiven without even needing further discussion, especially considering the price the fox had already paid. She was a normal rejuvenated individual now, if just with a shorter leash than most, and she’d be facing only common household rules of Alex and Emily’s own discretion. No longer bound to judicial duty, they were simply a family; poised in a position to guide their daughter how they believed she should be raised – rules fit and fair for an Aspatrian that still needed a helping hand. Before their furry ball of vulpine cheer could scurry up to her old punitive prison of a bedroom to imagine what color she would paint it, the two human parents that helped her to this turning point decided to sit her down for their first family talk. Now a member of the process and responsible for her own actions with all this newfound freedom, Emily wanted to talk about some of those rules, now that the Penitatas ones were gone from their lives.

Their expectations for Kayla remained the same, wanting to see their daughter well behaved and entirely out of trouble. If she wasn’t entirely certain if something was okay to do, more unfamiliar with the world than most, she needed to come and ask. She wasn’t to ever run off on her own, and needed to make sure they knew where she was at all times. And, just as Jacob had to observe in his similar situation, the disciplinary lifestyles of her Penitatas friends were not to be interfered with – she knew the harsh rules and consequences they followed, and what would be considered a trespass, heaven forbid she thought being the Santa Fox of nano-lotion would ever be a good idea.

And, giving their parental guidance teeth, there were still consequences for her actions, just as all rejuvenated children faced – and her seeing them faster and sooner than they would. She would absolutely still be spanked if her actions so needed it, and having so many new privileges meant there was so much to be taken away if she was to be grounded, or placed on restriction. She’d never be punished without reason again, or badly spanked over a minor mistake as Penitatas so often were in their correction and punishment during hard time. She’d pay penalties for her true misdeeds and behavioral failures, with Emily and even Alex swearing to keep her on the right path, right up to seeing her paddles as she knew them, should she screw up badly. Corporal punishment was something not even Jacob was exempt from; solid parenting being Earth’s cultural norm, where discipline followed when words alone were not enough.

It was their promise to be there for her, and provide her the structure she needed. If she earned it, she would receive it. In return, Kayla hoped to make them proud – their daughter, rather than their Penitatas.

While she and Jacob got to spend the next day together making leisure plans and working on some of the changes happening in their lives, the emergence of a sudden project and Kayla’s first personal duty came to voluntarily separate the pair as their summer vacation drew toward it’s end. Having been paroled while in such a public spotlight, known as the heroine Penitatas that saved uncountable lives, an entity that wanted to enlist her support became promptly aware of her availability, presenting Kayla with her first job opportunity as a counter-hacker without so much as having to reach out and ask. The board of trustees for DeltaStar Bank directly contacted the young fox in wake of the relationship they inadvertently formed with her through her efforts to investigate the Velius incident with Starfleet, wanting to retain her abilities as a trusted expert in the field. In doing so, they offered Kayla an immediate contract for her assistance in shoring up all of the security vulnerabilities she could find – most notably the ones she had successfully disabled the station with herself, along with being able to discover and repair whatever exploits Richter Saccard utilized. After what had happened on board their station; bits of the U.S.S Capitol still bouncing off their armored hull plating; they felt it was direly imperative to have the issues patched for good, as quickly as possible, if they were to ever hope to regain public trust and ensure that lives were protected.

Though she was caught off guard and wholly unprepared, Kayla felt she owed DeltaStar and wanted to put her best foot forward on making things right. Unlike before, when Blaine tried to enlist a weary Penitatas who thought she was of no use beyond that of being a weapon, the newly born fox accepted their offer with pert ears, despite being intimidated. She needed Alex’s help with the formality and business of handling a contract, and was forced to call in a favor to Commander Santorae in San Francisco sooner than she would have liked, but she reserved herself to her work, following that hope for the future she had been holding. It was hard for Kayla to do so soon after her parole court day, Jacob knew, wanting to be together, but she kindly asked for forgiveness and an opportunity to focus on her efforts at home before school resumed – coming to keep in touch just via data-pad for a short while, now that she could. It was a golden opportunity to get her name out there, starting what she was to call Ackart Enterprises, and Jacob was more than happy to give her all the space to chase her dreams as she needed, especially when this was all so foreboding and new. The bonds of their relationship were too deeply rooted in their maturity, to take umbrage at the idea of getting to do something so grand for herself.

Even in all her heroism; having known her bravery before cataclysm and the fall of a paddle; Jacob was never more proud of his favorite, beautiful fox, for taking her first steps into the world with such resolve.

Over the coming handfuls of days, overcast skies and waves of rain crossed Calleet as August was born and aged. Jacob’s free time at home away from his busy fox was spent getting to know his new mother, and enjoying Ninne’s company as his friend and technically step-sister. The elder doctor found exactly what he sorely lacked from Lory in Ki`rene, given his own independence and plenty of encouraging, kind words. All of that thoughtfulness and motherly affection he got to see and hear beside the wilderness lake became his own, with someone he could easily talk to and trust. His happiness and comfort at the top of her priorities, even while juggling all of Ninne’s stricter needs, Jacob finally got to feel safe and welcome under a roof he was pleased to call home. He reciprocated it by keeping his room as spotless as he could, and helping Ninne as the ten year old drake began working toward a new goal of her own.

Discouraged as she was by what she saw displayed across the podium on Kayla’s big day, being that of her own file with the Penitatas Justice Department, Ninne made a forward-thinking decision that she had better improve her record if she too was to find a lightening of her sentence; that big day of her own being less than a year and a half away. Making sure her behavior was exemplary and doing well once school began was one thing, but Jacob in his time spent hanging out with her did come up with a crafty plan of his own to help – one that delighted Ninne with it’s sentiment, and impressed his warm and protective new guardian.

It left the older drake and smaller Karrian sitting on the cream mocha color of his new bedroom carpet that particularly gray afternoon, spending time that was quieter and more solemn than others. Ninne took up a fair bit of space on the floor compared to him when her raptor physique settled onto her haunches with her legs stretched out, and today her stuffed Drakonian plush, Aiko the Completatas, had joined her between those legs for some moral support as a twiddling, chirping drone added some noise to the otherwise silent room. The cylindrical scanner of Jacob’s medical tricorder was clutched in Ninne’s one claw, tricorder itself in the other, running the hazy red light of it’s emitter down Jacob’s right arm, trying to follow what she was reading on it’s display screen; today’s lesson being about recognizing biological anomaly, since you have to find something out of place if you were to know what needed fixing. In his wisdom as a teaching doctor, Jacob decided to teach again – giving Ninne nursing skills as a means of not only showing her willingness to acquire new abilities, but as a brilliant means of making the wayward drake appear far more repentant and acceptant of her discipline to the Penitatas Justice Department. Jacob was giving her the knowledge of how to repair her own spankings; welts, marks and bruises; and she was going to never use them on herself, despite gaining the ability. It would only work if she demonstrated the willful choice of never trying to cheat her way out of her discipline, but Ninne loved the idea too much to ruin it, and it gave Ki`rene something wonderful to write about as a shining example on her ‘blue column’.

Enjoying teaching, and Ninne having fun learning, the pair usually bantered and at least talked about current events and social affairs, not being the sort for intellectual back-and-forth like Jacob’s Kayla was, but looming matters of discipline dampened their cloudy day and made the drake sullen and anxious while she still tried to enjoy what time she had left. The punishments for a Drakonian tending to take longer, and this one having corner time attached, Ki`rene gave her prior heads up that a scheduled, mandated tail-chewing was this afternoon from the justice department so she could plan her lesson time accordingly.

Two dragon-like claw-tips coming to the green of Jacob’s arm, he gave his own soft scales a solid pinch from the claws of his thumb and forefinger, hard enough to squint and curl his muzzle. Already feeling a bit down, Ninne flinched, not having expected Jacob to outright hurt himself for his lesson; the spot turning red, and his scales looking as if they wanted to bleed from two faint pricks. Letting off a sigh to comfort himself and chuckle it off, Jacob made sure he smiled just fine after doing that, reassuring that a pinch was nothing – wearing a more casual black t-shirt and khaki shorts, versus the polo and slacks he was known for in public.

Alright, so now that you’ve gotten a good look at what the dermal layer was supposed to look like for a Karrian of my age, sweep the emitter over this injury to try and identify the differences you can find on the tricorder.”, he literally played doctor, keeping his instructions simple and slow as he lead her through a deeper concept of the subject matter beyond just knowing how to operate the medical device. She was technically doing better than Kayla ever had already, having had trouble wrapping her head around medicine the same way he had issues thinking of technology and programming on the same level as she could grasp. Ninne at least had an interest in the nursing side of affairs, and she showed it off by going right to the spot he pinched with her eyes focused on the tricorder, looking curious. She didn’t even speak right away, too focused on trying to locate the wound’s borders as he had shown her on a lesson prior. That day she scanned her own dragon-paddle scale-weals and bruises drilled into her hips… insightful, she felt at the time, with a rough sigh.

Well you broke most of the way through your scale, mister sharp-claws, I can tell you that much. Actually snapped a few capillaries I think, they don’t look neat and intact near the surface beneath. Swelling extends in about a circle, two – umm, millimeters deep in the center.”, Ninne first began speaking with her rougher, more direct means before it calmed down into simply being analytical. One of the things Ki`rene rather liked about Jacob was how well he got along with Ninne, having enough of his old self’s sarcasm to understand her daughter wasn’t trying to be mean with her tones and playful jabs.

You’re getting the feel for identifying wound depth and size, and being just a pinch there isn’t too much else to see, unless I was to start gouging my arm on purpose. We’d call this a superficial injury – not medically relevant, but they can still be uncomfortable. Lets try healing this one, as easy as it is.”, Jacob figured they might as well try doing, being there to supervise his own arm and ensure she’d not disrupt the cohesion of his connective tissues; making the scale fall off to bleed instead of fixing it. He could see a bit of Ninne’s neck pop out as her jaw stiffened, crooking the ends of her maw at the idea of just so suddenly applying all of her lessons together.

Oh crap, switch it to dermal regenerator right?”, Ninne spouted quietly and with a note of anxious worry, thumb working the controls of the tricorder as best as she could remember having been taught. It’s colorful display of tissue information and representation was replaced by a similar one, but including the settings for the regenerator itself; depth, bias, function. Jacob kept his maw closed this time, seeing she was only asking out of getting cold feet, and she was doing everything correctly. It actually made him smile a little bigger, watching her being able to reproduce her lessons so far with all the days they had gotten to sit down like this. Using the data she gathered from her initial scan, Ninne plugged values into the regenerator and gave it just a quick pulse to make sure nothing bad happened; a red light and a sharp whine coming and going with a timid squeezing of her face.

But, Jacob just chuckled softly like a patient professor, and no scale of his was harmed. In fact, the swelling dropped significantly beneath the spot under the emitter, her eyes could pick up from having gained the ability to grasp the display. Feeling more confident and relieved by the lack of a yelp, warmed by her accomplishment, Ninne’s teeth appeared with a lighthearted smile – feeling silly as the emitter spooled up to a brilliant red beam, making a steady sweep in a circular motion to close the two claw-marks and clear that hint of blood under the surface she found to be out of place. Emitter ceasing in her brown scale’s cradle, she was given the gift of seeing perfectly green, untouched scale.

Ninne squealed in delight, bringing her claws and Jacob’s medical tricorder closer to her chest.

I did it!”, she cheered for herself, making that whole effort just so worth it for Jacob. Starfleet cadets were never this easily tickled, at least if they were training to be doctors. There was something to be said about the heart of a nurse – a thing Jacob was starting to think she had. For what was essentially just a plan to give a Ninne an edge during her parole hearing, it was starting to feel like she had found something much bigger than that, as surprisingly enjoyable as these sessions were. A tap-tap of a larger claw to the bedroom’s door-frame came as a ginger, soft means of greeting, bringing Jacob to raise his head and Ninne to turn hers.

I’m glad I didn’t interrupt. That’s a great milestone – congratulations dear!”, Ki`rene spoke with a restrained sort of cheer from the corner of Jacob’s open bedroom door, sticking only enough of her snout out from around it’s edge to be able to see with a single eye. It took Ninne and Jacob by surprise that she had been standing there and watching, and that overly gentle tone she carried meant only one thing, even as she tried to lend a kind word.

Could you come downstairs with me Ninne?”, she stepped forward more into the doorway to ask, her quiet, calming demeanor coming to contrast the playful nature she held when all was well; preferring to not use orders and commands when it came down to Ninne’s “unearned spankings” as they were typically referred to during a Penitatas’ hard time sentence. Ninne had done no wrong and had broken no rules, so rather than making these events feel worse, she allowed her daughter to face the punishments for her past by her own will.

No mistaking what the request meant, Ninne turned her head back to Jacob with the look of her joy all but gone from her face, hanging it with a dreading sort of frown. Her claws set his medical tricorder and emitter back upon the carpet between them, reaching for Aiko with the hug of her Drakonian forearms.

Thanks for caring Commander, to keep doing all this with me. Penitatas’ best friend.”, Ninne glumly and softly spoke to Jacob, using her nickname for him as she reached out with her neck and gave the good doctor a ‘boop’ at the end of his snout with her own, same as her mother did as a reptilian nuzzle of affection – glad to have been able to spend her time that way, and learn something so nice. She even added the title Anne endeared him with, for all the things he would do to help and support them. Knowing what was about to happen to her, that token of kindness cut Jacob deeply enough to stiffen his throat as the drake’s orange-yellow eyes closed a little, getting up from her seat upon the base of her tail. It made Jacob unable to say anything, but as quickly as Ninne got up to her hind-claws and turned tail, it seemed like she didn’t want to burden him with what was going to be happening to her anyway, and surely sought no sympathy.

Ninne took to a brisk, slinking step as she made her way around her mother, looking up at her on the way by until her head hung in the hallway, Aiko clutched for protective comfort; the sound of her saurian footfalls softening as she went for the stairs ahead of Ki`rene. The drake mother mouthed a silent apology to Jacob, knowing that he understood these matters as Kayla’s sweetheart, and “honorary Penitatas” of sorts among his friends. Lifting her expression to be simply light and kind, the eyes she gave him tried to say that things would be fine soon enough as she turned and lead the long, thick length of her tail away from his doorway to follow Ninne closely behind.

Ki`rene would make good on that motherly expression, he was coming to learn from experience under her wing, but that little nuzzle Ninne gave him still made what was happening feel unfair in the face of how good the usually prickly cactus had been. It was supposed to feel that way in a sense, and he understood these scheduled ones were supposed to be punishment for their crime, but… staring at his tricorder on the floor, open with the last readings from his arm, made him think of what a lovely job Ninne just did learning something new. It was simply the reality of befriending such good-natured Penitatas as they learned such strict, hard lessons, and made him feel absolutely blessed that Kayla would submit to these no further. Even now, with her quiet march, Ninne was simply trying to emulate the fox’s old repentant ways as she had attempted in times past, so that she too could be called “accepting of her discipline” on her twelfth birthday. She always said she was no good at it, but perhaps practice would make perfect when the ‘C’s Aiko encouraged her with were on the line.

Not wanting to be rude while Ninne and Ki`rene did their preordained deed of penance, Jacob picked up his medical equipment and returned them to his top desk drawer, exchanging them for his personal data-pad to occupy his attention with rather than any cries from downstairs. The smoky charcoal of the thin tablet device lit its screen at the touch of his scale, and like a ritual at this point his eyes went for the device’s status icons, hoping to see he had a message from Kayla waiting for him, now that she had a real one of these and not just the pink Kindern one that caused them both to get in trouble at least once. Finding nothing as his footclaws paced across the carpet to his laboratory set, atop a table by his window, Jacob sighed quietly, closing his eyes with an elongating face.

Pip! - ‘Jacob! Get over here, quick!’, came across the screen with a quick, lively sound of notification; it’s window colored orange, as the Karrian had selected for it’s sender. His eyes jumped back open, lifting with his spirits.

Pip! - ‘I want you to be here for this! I’LL TURN MY CAPS-LOCK ON, I SWEAR!’, came nary a second later at the speed Kayla typed, textually teasing him in the new way that she could. Jacob chuckled, imagining it in her voice as his fingers hastily tapped a reply.

Fop! - ‘On my way!’, he kept simple so he could drop the data-pad beside his glass tubes and bottles, turning tail with the speed of his young age.

Into the upstairs hallway and out of the earthen brown and coffee hues of his bedroom, Jacob made a careful scamper past Ki`rene’s room and Ninne’s own white-walled domain that ended up looking a lot like Kayla’s did – all of them visually the same at the end of the day, by nature. As his claws took to the carpeting of the stairs he listened for any sounds of lament or discipline from below, hearing nothing but silence. Not wanting to interrupt once his guardian and step-sister began their act, he tried to make it quick so he could excuse himself from the house beforehand.

Ki`rene, I-… ”, Jacob began as his scales were still airborne from his last push off the final step, turning his head to his left to look out over the living room; stopping short quickly from the embarrassed, guilty blow of a mistake.

Only a few feet from him upon the sofa was the hang of Ninne’s head in her tail chewing position, maw clamped down on her forearm with wet trails running down the ridges and formed shape of her Drakonian snout, crying without much of a sound aside from a deeply restrained whimper and trembling, squinted eyes. Pinned in Ki`rene’s lap in the way their kind performed such discipline to tough, armored scale, Ninne’s thick dinosaur tail stretched into the air with a large adult maw clamped to the underside base of her tail with a dutiful crane of her neck. Unless Ninne sobbed or cried out, tail chewings were an awfully quiet punishment; winces matching the movements of Ki`rene’s jaw, be it snapping down for a bite or steadily chewing on the bits of tail to gnash sensitive scale between the sharp pinch of teeth. Considering Jacob’s sudden outburst was met by Ninne’s eyes in his direction as soon as he appeared, dripping and pained, the old doctor elicited a faint whimper to himself – just a sound from his throat, closing his eyes and turning away toward the front door in a snap.

Oh – Ninne, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean… ”, Jacob hastily apologized with disappointment at what he had done, interloping and spectating a punishment that should have been private in her own home. At least it was her head pointed his way and not her tail, he had to imagine she figured. He didn’t get too far in his attempt to save face before trailing off awkwardly, and in the moment of silence that followed, Jacob came to hear something that sounded partly like a scoff – just teary, and reptilian.

Stop that you dork.”, a small, shakily wet voice chided him, bringing Jacob to turn on his hip back to face it’s source. Ninne had released her forearm from her maw, jaw quivering only slightly at their point of the tail chewing; Ki`rene having lifted her head away from the base of her tail, looking across the chicken-thigh of Ninne’s left haunch to give Jacob audience, considering he said her name. Ninne though, seemed to squint and hold this gentle note of annoyance in her sob-less cry.

I don’t care if you see. I say things about that just to bust your… you know.”, Ninne added, words airy and wobbling as she breathed a bit, taking a moment to wipe the scales beneath her eyes and down her snout if her mother was going to take a break for now. Her claws did stiffen though, afraid she’d get a punitive nip for her choice of words, even if she caught it before saying it.

You’re part of the family. Ninne knows that.”, Ki`rene spoke against Ninne’s hip, following up her daughter with words more intricate, as if to translate and clarify her Ninne-speak.

Jacob felt a lump tap him in the middle of his chest. Ninne was known for being a yelper, if not the occasional roarer. Biting her forearm like that… was she trying to be quiet for his sake, so he wouldn’t have to hear her cries?

I… I finally got a message from Kayla. She wants me to come over. Is that alright?”, the Karrian stumbled over speaking from the notion of realization he was absorbing, now with a much clearer picture as to why he heard nothing while coming down the stairs – that painfully sweet cactus that he could just kick, putting herself through that.

I hope that means she’s done working! Hop to her, dear.”, Ki`rene added with her own note of pleasant surprise, knowing what Kayla had been up to since her parole. Welcome to make the haste he was requested, Jacob reserved himself to it so the pair could at least get back to doing what they were; Ninne’s tail likely dully throbbing, not able to rub it and actually make her brief reprieve comfortable.

With a quick goodbye, Jacob’s naturally bare claws were soon out the front door and onto the front walkway with a shallow leap; a snout returning to the base of a tail as the door closed, with a set of younger fingers waving from their spot upon the sofa. Even if Ninne really didn’t care, he still wished he didn’t disrupt things like that, but that was just another reality of the place he chose to live. From one hover-car driveway to the other, across the single-lane landing strip they shared, Jacob gave the Targate’s door control a tap, knowing they left it unlocked during the day and he was permitted to just come on in at this point, granted a place at their table as Kayla’s finally-permitted boyfriend. While the surprise of learning of sexual follies jarred Alex the day of Kayla’s parole, the man still seemed rather okay with him, thankfully – the benefit of being a good man, despite the things you might sully a fox’s fur with. They were rejuves, not Kindern, after all.

Hey, it’s just me!”, Jacob announced with one of his older sounding tones as he called out through the house, letting his voice carry back through the empty space toward the dining room. Dark aside from the natural light of the living room windows, he was greeted with no reply while he closed the front door behind himself. Alex must have been at work and Emily busy with something, able to be leisurely or do more around the house without needing to watch Kayla so closely. He lifted a curious brow, but continued his hastened trek unabated that way at least, straight up the family’s stairs and to the closed door of Kayla’s bedroom up top. And, with just a tap of a pearly white Karrian claw… a whole different world appeared.

Having apparently missed much in Kayla’s life while her paws weren’t furiously working, as he knew those short vulpine fingers of hers’ could, a warmed, wordless smile crept across the reptilian boy’s snout beneath a pair of brown eyes that reflected a brilliant blue from the light of the room. No longer looking at all like the punitive prison cell of a Penitatas as Kayla so often griped, the walls of the room had been painted a shade that looked almost exactly like the color of the fox’s trademark translucent blue memory chips. You knew it was hers’ if it was clear and a happy blue, and seeing her choose that for her walls went to show how much she identified with it. Able to hang things and decorate, the award presented to her after the incident in the Calleet Mall saw light for the first time, now above her desk with her Starfleet com-badge and honorary ensign’s pin on display below, side by side. Her bedding looked entirely new, chosen to match her walls, and it seemed some of the people who tried to present her with gifts in San Francisco had the mind to try again now that her mother would likely not turn them away; a small holo-vision on the side edge of her desk, along with a new gaming console with it’s controller propped up against it.

But, the sight most notable, was straight across from the door itself. That normally empty corner of the room beside her desk that the fox’s punishment stool used to reside was filled with a large, scrap-made stand-alone computer console, sporting its three screens as he last remembered seeing it under darker circumstance, and a pair of pert Aspatrian ears seated at it’s controls in a new arm-less computer chair. Returned to her as she told him through a textual message shortly after her parole, being the favor she called to Commander Santorae in light of her contract with DeltaStar, being reunited with her old baby she pieced together with her own paws was the highlight of her room; Kayla’s blistering-capable ‘big girl’ paddle of her own creation now hung as an ornament, horizontally above her central display screen. Along it’s slanted work space that wrapped part way around her, she seemed to have the new data-pad she had been keeping in touch with him beside her wide, flat touch key-panel, and what looked like a strangely shaped dome eliciting background noise of people talking and doing things; computer consoles chirping and ringing aloud somewhere in the universe.

Hearing her door slide open, Kayla turned her chair part way around with a pivot of her ears, greeting Jacob with an excited, toothy little Aspatrian grin and the beckoning of her paws – seeming to be trying not to speak, at least while she reached over and tried to mute her end of that line Jacob was hearing as he stepped inside. Right away he took an odd look to his right, finding that pointy-seated wooden punishment stool to be beside the door’s corner now when he wasn’t thinking he’d find it at all, with Melissa of all people – or plushes – seated upon it’s pyramids beneath the hang of another paddle; this one painted a different shade of blue, with gold lettering that said ‘Kayla’ with a decorative, artistically swirled fox tail he had seen before.

It’s the big day! DeltaStar’s team is patching in all of my code for deployment, and I wanted you to be here for the testing. I think this should be it, I’ve gone over my work so many times now that it should be as close to perfect as I could ever design.”, Kayla greeted with her delight to finally be done with all that programming, as exhausting and intensive as the task became away from her partner and best friend, needing to learn how all of DeltaStar’s systems spoke to one another on a source code level to make sure her fixes wouldn’t break half of everything else. Her bushy tail hung from a hole in the back of the chair, swaying in a young wag as if she had chosen it just for that purpose. It was so good to see that smiling bundle of spiky-banged orange fur again, Jacob closing the door behind himself to join her in the last of her contractual tasks.

I’m glad, I couldn’t stand that much longer. Ninne is busy copping it from Ki`rene; scheduled business; so no more teaching today.”, Jacob spoke as he made soft steps across her carpet, updating his companion on his own affairs, making clear note that he would have been alone for a chunk of today if it wasn’t for her efforts culminating. As he came up upon Kayla’s new plush black swivel-chair, he made notice she even had some new clothing that a Penitatas would have never been allowed to wear, much less choose, in the form of a designer print t-shirt and a fairly nice looking pair of jean shorts. The shirt made him chuckle under his breath, being black with a blue gradient toward the bottom, with subtle ones and zeros wrapping around the torso; painfully Kayla Ackart looking, if such a thing was to ever exist.

Though, just as Kayla’s muzzle opened to apologize for the wait, it seemed she’d have to place the thought on hold as the dome shaped device began speaking aloud; that of a conference call, linking different people together without the need for video services. It certainly explained the bustle and chitters of technology, Jacob hummed, slipping his hands into his pockets to look over Kayla’s shoulder and listen in.

Data center is ready. I’m showing all the new code in the memory arrays – Ackart-One through Ackart-Six-Twenty-Eight is… stable, across all processing cores.”, came the voice of a younger sort of adult man with a pitch that surely wasn’t deep, and while some would wonder if he might have been another rejuve on the project along with Kayla, it was what he said that caught Jacob’s attention enough to squint and stare at the fox before him. Six hundred and twenty eight separate blocks of code, bearing Kayla’s name? Thinking about how quickly she could type and visually parse information, literally a computational machine herself… as long as this contract took her, with Kayla taking it so seriously, what did she do – rewrite their entire system structure?

That toothy smirk of hers’ only got bigger, looking so proud and anxious with anticipation; paws jumping across the elongated back-lit panel of her controls. A man hummed analytically over the call as Kayla’s screens all changed their windows and the information they displayed, preparing for something with a bit of that focus Jacob had seen from her before, but with a happy look across her face this time. Jacob imagined if she worked that hard to try and make the best first impression she could for the Alpha Quadrant in getting Ackart Enterprises on the map, that entire central computer room that nearly blew her paw to pieces was now as much her ‘baby’ as her personal computer console was – those glowing banks along the wall filled with memory addresses etched with her instructions, awaiting input from that giant battery of antennas beneath the station.

I’m already seeing normal traffic passing through the array; I don’t think we had more than a few moments of downtime. No complaints from Sentinel either.”, an older man seemed to speak, sounding vaguely familiar. Tipping his head, Jacob could have sworn he was the man in the Anti-Computer-Terrorism uniform that was beside Chairman Peretti on that terrible day they set foot on the crippled station. Kayla’s left index finger came to hover over the mute button of her conference call, looking back over her shoulder.

The defensive part of the mainframe is named Sentinel. It’s not listed anywhere, so I never knew that until I took their contract and started working with all these guys.”, she spoke up with a flick of her tail out the back of her chair, making it apparent that these conference calls and people on it were familiar to her at this point. That finger of Kayla’s came to tap the mute button, changing it’s color.

Carrier signal looks nice too, coming off the primary galactic-net transmitter-receiver. Its responses are prompt, and I almost want to laugh at how bluntly it’s dropping packets it’s deeming to be garbage.”, Kayla’s muzzle curled into a smirk above the conference-call’s puck, eyeing up at her left-most window at a green graph going across it, speckled like a noisy signal. Of course she could read a naked signal like that, Jacob held his chuckle in again, always so impressed at how smart and talented Kayla was at the things she did best. A whole life of crime and torment, never making a credit or working a job, and she could still turn life around like this, working closely with others and getting along with them like it was some sort of second nature. He was sure it helped that they were computer people too, but still.

A more eccentric sounding man actually made a ‘Hah!’.

I’ll laugh at it. But, I think we should give it more to drop.”, he said in a playful, yet tired sounding manner; one of those lighthearted guys that just worked too hard.

At the notion he suggested, Kayla reached for the colorful squares and custom button shapes of her key-panel, giving the glass a solitary tap. Her primary display’s casually rotating representation of Earth quickly began zipping yellow lines away from it’s surface, going from satellite to satellite; dozens a second, beeping and chirping a sound with each bounce. The screen zoomed out as that line squiggled messily further and further away, snaking across the galaxy in bounds, all the way out to DeltaStar Station in three seconds time. The program was designed to create an elaborate connection-routing trail automatically, delaying back-tracing; clearly a tool made long ago, used by the Packet-Storm of old. It made Jacob think of the capabilities she regained in having her console back, curiosity bringing his fingers to curl in his pockets.

Central Computer Room is standing by. Operations gave us the green light upstairs, so we’re ready for the simulation when you are Packet-Storm.”, the uniformed man from a month and a half ago spoke again, giving his report on status and the plans they seemed to have. Simulation? Jacob eyeballed the connection bounce trail, opening his muzzle slightly…

Miss Ackart, if you would.”, Kayla kindly requested, glancing over at the puck as her paws tapped a few more keys on the console.

Miss Ackart – sorry about that.”, the other specialist and potentially the head of the project on DeltaStar Station apologized, granting his partner that of her real name. A part of her dream was to be called it, after all; Packet-Storm just a remnant of her old ways, when she hadn’t found life’s path.

As those paws of hers’ came to stop their taps upon the key-panel, the various programs she had opened looked very much like what she used that night far below Starfleet Headquarters. What was about to happen became greatly more apparent, and with it, that knowing, chipper face of Kayla’s lightened and her eyes closed, lifting her paws open into the air. She took a deep breath through her nose, seeming both excited, and somehow nervous, deep inside. This was a monumental moment for her, for sure, lifting her muzzle and opening her eyes to look at the glossy sheen of her hole-drilled paddle above. She put it there with her own two paws, and Alex’s help.

May she always remember where she came from, and to mind the actions of her paws, on this second chance.

Now… considering I was only just granted my parole, I’m going to take a moment to be responsible. Everyone consents to what I am about to do, correct?”, Kayla decided it would be best to raise her paws and ask for unquestionable confirmation, holding quite the special sort of look across her face. The fox was beaming, but she was about to act as a hostile attacker, not a defender, and it made her feel so strange at this stage of her life. She was about to test her second baby; DeltaStar Station itself. Jacob swallowed, knowing what those paws would do the moment they dropped from their innocent, surrender-like reach for the sky.

Light us up!”, the friendly, tired-sounding man called over the line, granting his permission with the sort of delight only a technician could have.

Don’t shut the coolant system down this time.”, the security specialist requested, half as a joke… only half.

We’ll treat it like it’s real down here, and act only as we are alarmed and notified by Sentinel.”, came from the young man in the Central Computer Room of DeltaStar.

That attempt at a calm smile of Kayla’s slowly grew toothier, until her fangs were happily showing. Okay Sentinel, show mommy what you can do!

Going red!”, Kayla called out with enthusiasm and a strong voice from a chest she filled with air before starting, swinging those paws down to slam her fingers into their chaotic flurry of aggression, going into this as a woman from the past would have when engaging a system she once knew so well. Her mission in testing her changes was to try and assault the armored beast of a platform like the days of old, or even as recent as her kidnapping, in a very real attack – Jacob nearly flinching at the speed of her paws’ experienced dance, hoping she wouldn’t bruise her fingers the way she did during the Velius incident. It seemed she was not about to spare her new child the rod, as it were.

Matching the words she provided, the connection bounce trail went red on her display with a long, shrill sound from the initiation of hostile activity on the line; the window minimizing out of the way to be replaced by a terminal window and a few smaller ones, like a carrier wave spectrometer, to keep a close eye on exactly what DeltaStar was responding to her with as the primary component of this test. Those eyes of hers’ affixed on the center screen of her console; each display a flurry of information and color, responding as her agility and skills allowed her.

Sniffing around – looking to see if I can bypass… ”, Kayla spoke amid the chatter of beeps and chirps coming from her console from her blaze of keystrokes like so many times before, wanting to say that she was going to attempt to bypass their intrusion countermeasures and fool the system into letting her traffic through like she did last Christmas, but words were not as fast as her paws – or even DeltaStar. A loud alarm sounded over the conference call from the station’s Central Computer Room; Kayla’s ears shooting back like she had flinched, paws actually looking by Jacob’s eyes to trip up.

Holy!-”, she exclaimed from her muzzle, suddenly shifting gears from attack to recover; her connection turned against by DeltaStar like a table had been forcefully flipped in her direction.

Sentinel is identifying suspect activity. It’s focusing on your traffic – staff has been notified.”, the computer room spoke aloud for the call, with Kayla needing to keep her muzzle silent for a good few moments anyway to just defend her connection from getting outright dumped. It was taking a lot of tricks to make that happen, to boot, and the system wasn’t even technically attacking back yet; just trying to close the gate in her face, for lack of a better phrase. Her expression went from chipper and focused to looking like she’d tense up and sweat bullets with her ears back the way they were, having been so abruptly jarred by a reaction she didn’t expect to be so efficient and fast, and she was the one who coded it to recognize those attempts and react this way. The route she used to rob the station under Maxwell and Tyson’s name was closed and no more, with absolute certainty.

I’m… going to have to resort to brute-forcing at this rate. Switching to Richter’s methodology.”, Kayla tried to speak as clearly and calmly as she could while she put her frontal cortex and body through immense stress; moving from her own attack methods to ensuring the ones Velius took advantage of would be moot as well, after researching their logs and system architecture to figure out exactly how he came about his murderous opportunity.

Her old adversary preyed upon their communications array itself, becoming something of a leech upon it rather than maintaining a connection to the primary parts of their servers – a backwoods sort of backdoor, that worked far better than it should have, whatever fool wrote the security protocols for the thing. This time she had given it some far deeper encryption and enlisted the help of a hardware cipher to keep only authenticated traffic passing through that nodal point, and sure enough, trying to nudge her way in wasn’t resulting in any luck, even at the speed that she could push more and more different attempts and variations, and her machine was already a work of art in itself at smashing the math behind encryption protocols. Already having proprietary encryption algorithms of her own helped in that regard, able to share one of her own for use in her contract. She’d never use a type of encryption she was able to crack, on something she herself made.

Maybe his other trick of making parts of Sentinel look malicious would work still, she wondered, after re-writing as much as she did. Kayla sighed roughly, trying to hold back a tremble in her forearms as she worked harder, not getting so much across the sea of lines flying across her eyes that she could even call a sparkle of hope. Switching over to attempting to manipulate the carrier wave between their connections, akin to how Velius made puppetry with her console, she took his concept and refined it to Packet-Storm, the true king’s level. Her tail wrapped around her chair, holding it in the tension of her body, trying to skew the carrier wave to stealth more of what she was trying to do and fool the machine she learned to be called Sentinel into believing bits and pieces of it’s own ICE network, talking on that line, were that of other additional hostile actors. Jacob would have enjoyed the autoimmune disease similarity, should he have actually been able to see and understand what she was doing.

An alarm called over the open conference line again, this time going to a consistent klaxon; her further attempt to get coy with Sentinel and veil her actions only making it seem more incorrect to it, bringing the station to full alert. Kayla swallowed, letting a puff of air through her nose as Jacob’s shoulders stiffened, engrossed as he was in what he was watching and listening to.

Staff has been made fully aware of a confirmed attack – joining Sentinel in defense. The new trace protocols are functional; we are as far as Mars already.”, the Central Computer Room’s man on the call added once again, adding the room’s own flurry of beeps and taps to the ones already drowning out the line. As Kayla had programmed, lightweight and fast as it was, their system now automatically traced all suspect connections in real-time, putting their efforts to locate her more then two thirds of the way closer by the time her attempts failed hard enough to put her in such a bad place. In reality she would have already been required to dump this connection for her own safety, but this was a test, and Sentinel wasn’t going to get away from Kayla without at least a paw-shaped welt.

Trying anything at this point!”, the fox snapped, sounding far less like she was conducting a test any longer, squinting and focusing to the point it hurt. Now Jacob knew she’d hurt her fingers for sure, but… that look on her face showed how hard she was trying, and the absolute nowhere it was getting her. Had she experienced this on any other day, but the day she was arrested? It made him wonder, but as the Karrian shifted to being thoughtful, he winced at the sudden skew of her displays; multiple programs seeming to fault all at once, stirring memories of San Francisco.

Kayla’s child seemed to have fangs.

Unable to disconnect their vulpine assailant, knowing too well how to hold on to a transmitter-receiver to ever be shaken off by anything automated; even if she made it herself; the computer team with their new anti-intrusion countermeasures defended their system by attacking back at this point, flooding her line with as much garbage data to bog it down and drop it as it could, while also rotating through an array of various actual exploits and attacks of Kayla’s even further design. Sentinel knew how to fight back, with the knowledge of how to automatically crash a wide assortment of the programs a hacker would need in order to keep up their fight or even hope to maintain what little grasp they had. Kayla’s flurry of fur intensified like she was writing the code for the Planetary Defense Network emulator to slay Velius once more, sinking forward with a vulpine snarl – glaring like she wanted blood, drawing upon any bit of her old self she could on purpose in her aggression.

In all honesty though, she wasn’t trying anything anymore. All she could do was defend. If she stopped for even half a second, countering the self-defensive attacks as persistently as she needed to, the connection would die from DeltaStar’s onslaught. She coded out every vulnerability she ever knew, and made countermeasures to every theoretical concept she could think of, leaving no holes left in the system for her to take advantage of. But, paws tire, and so does a heart beating over a hundred and sixty times a minute. All it took was for a paw to tremble, and a pad of a finger to slip across the glass of her key-panel.

A terrible, low square wave of a sound bled into the console’s speakers with an initial bang of electricity, making Kayla recoil as her three displays erupted into an array of colors and garbled, rolling bits of corrupted data before simply freezing as they were. A hostile memory injection bypassed her safeguards, and her processor cycles scrambled to a full stop. The movement of her fingers made no further beeps, and as they tapped wearily at the panel, Kayla’s once almost enraged, threatening expression broke; the remnants of her ears folding flatter and harder, puffing fur at their bases. She looked from side to side at her displays, slow and with an expression of silent, weak astonishment, like she didn’t know what hit her; that look across the face of a child that walked into a room to find the stuffing of their favorite plush strewn everywhere. Scalded disbelief.

But then her ears began a faint creep upward, and that look of heart pounding shock melted into a warming hint of a smile, like a candle flame that had just been lit. She lost, and such failure had never felt so good.

“… I’m dead in the water.”, the once infallible hacker panted, catching her breath with a tiny, amazed little voice as she turned toward the puck of the conference call. Her paw, open, patted the panel that acted as her keypad, getting no sign of life. The klaxon still ringing in the background of the call, the voice of the eccentric tired technician gave a laugh, just as he said he would. That carrier wave was quite the ride.

I can see that! Sentinel has a death-grip on your transmitter-receiver. Trace is… ”, he spoke up with his own amazement, working at his console as DeltaStar Station refused to let go of Kayla’s own, having disabled Packet-Storm’s old baby to cease her assault but keep her communications online. That forced connection meant their trace could finish unabated.

Forty-four sixty-six Lochgelly Street, Calleet – Earth.”, Kayla’s home address was read aloud, confirming the completed trace, and her defeat. Her ears snapped back up and she slumped in her seat to breathe, letting off an overjoyed laugh.

Manually disconnecting. That was really something Miss Ackart. Sentinel’s behavior was like having another you up here. I never thought I’d actually be sitting at a computer station on the day you of all people… ”, the technician from the Central Computer Room began on a professional level until the surrealism of what he just did caught up with him; the klaxon terminating with the willful release of Kayla’s galactic-net transmitter-receiver. He just played a role in what would have been Packet-Storm’s capture, should this have not been the final test of a major project, and it was real. These were men that likely got into their jobs with the hope of stopping her someday, and in a sense she allowed them to live that dream.

So, it was as if DeltaStar was given a piece of her, huh. That was a compliment if she ever heard one, and an interesting place for Kayla to leave herself. DeltaStar, her old prized accomplishment, would never fall to her again, and given that power by her own two paws. No one knew how to foil Packet-Storm, better than Kayla Ackart.

Not even Starfleet Central Information gave me that much trouble. I made no progress, and never made it into any part of the system. Your computer system now matches the station’s exterior, guys.”, slightly out of breath Kayla spoke, taking a moment to rub her fingers. Jacob had to chuckle with her, he was feeling too good for her to not join in, as supportive as he was. She did such a good job on her first contract, it seemed like she did even worse in trying to re-hack DeltaStar then she ever thought was possible, his poor arrogant little fox. Talk about finding your calling, sheesh.

I think we’ll be calling this project a wraps, I’m more than satisfied. The board’s jaws will hit the table at the result of this test.”, the uniformed DeltaStar man came back to speak, sounding more like he was the project’s lead as the conversation went on; now holding a treasure trove of detailed logs to show Sentinel’s capabilities off with. Finally feeling able to move her tail, Kayla gave it a swish and reached for one of the mechanical controls toward the back left of her console; a momentary toggle switch killing all of her displays, for them to begin recycling and booting back to life with it’s release from her fingers.

Then my work here is done. Revoke my access to your repositories at your leisure, I’m going to need a few moments to cycle my rig and bring her back online.”, Kayla bounced in her seat to sit all the way back up on her denim-clothed bottom, putting her paws into her lap with a swivel of her chair toward the puck; pleased and proud of a job well done. She was always sort of admiring of currency and those who got it, and wanted to ensure she earned it well.

You got it Kayla. Thanks for being you!”, the tired man pepped his voice up, sounding quite friendly. Though he wasn’t there to see it, the fox’s smile grew shyer at that. They had been a good crew to spend time with, but he had been the best of them all.

Bye guys!”, she spoke up to all of them, but especially the kindest among them. The way she said it made it sound like her young self was sad to see them go, despite being so happy to be done working, finally. With a tiny jingle, the dome shaped puck announced the closing of the conference call; Kayla’s three console displays still running through lines of recovery code.

With a deep breath, the quiet ended as Kayla leaped from her new chair with an elated squeal of a laugh, loud and full of cheer from her sunny little muzzle. Right away her arms clasped around Jacob, whom grabbed her with open arms from his pride, carrying her inertia to spin the slightly older fox around him once; the scales of his foot sliding through her carpet in the pair’s pirouette, with a fox tail streaming beautifully behind. It ended with the settling of Kayla’s footpaws upon the ground, hugged against her partner in life, muzzles over one another’s shoulders.

You made something that could stop even you!”, Jacob cheered her on with, ever so happy for her first flap of her wings into the world to have gone so well. Not having gotten to finish what she wanted to say earlier, Kayla took the opportunity.

It was really hard work, but I still wanted to thank you for letting me run off and do it. I’m sorry I left you like that.”, the happy fox gave her apologies and appreciation, knowing not everyone in the world would have been quite so encouraging of her becoming a recluse for the sake of work. It was going to drive her nuts eventually too, even if she liked doing it normally.

Don’t sweat it sunshine. I don’t have to miss you anymore, I’m not going to complain. You did incredible, and you were really responsible to focus on it like that.”, the pair’s muzzles left their shoulders to come eye to eye, Jacob giving that token of his respect and love, even calling Kayla by something sweet, just to show her how okay with it all he was. Not lost on Kayla, she made a sly little smile as her arms slipped across his sides, stepping back with a smooth motion to grab her data-pad from beside her console controls.

Which is all the better, since those guys and my parents helped me get a bank account with DeltaStar. More security for me and what they gave me for that contract!”, she spoke aloud as she tapped at the pad, working to bring up her new account with DeltaStar Interplanetary Bank – a fine choice for a budding enterprise, Kayla had to imagine. As quick as she operated everything she touched, she slid closer to Jacob’s side to share it’s screen with him, plugging in her details and pass-code; which, of course, had to be over thirty characters long, knowing who chose it.

Okay – is this much good?”, Kayla questioned of what she was paid to do all that, showing Jacob her new account balance. The number crossing Jacob’s vision, his claws came up and curled at the height of his snout, eyes widening. Kayla’s ears flicked backward, reacting quickly with the amount of energy she was carrying in her young excitement.

Oh man, come on, I worked day and night for almost two weeks. Please tell me I was paid enough.”, she immediately got worried, really having hoped that her dad would have put his foot down if the amount they offered on that contract was too low. She was Packet-Storm, or used to be, for Pete’s sake. The startled and speechless Karrian shook his head, not lowering those claws from the level of his maw.

You… you’re a millionaire.”, the good doctor had to find it in him to say, not having quite imagined how valuable the direct programming assistance of Kayla Ackart would be to a financial institution, much less any other major entity. She was the pinnacle of experts, it only made sense, if she was going to write code from scratch to invalidate every trick and hostile program she knew of as Ackart Enterprises. Across the display, there was an unmistakable number of zeros behind a one, and considering the work she did for them, she’d be able to ask for more from future top-end clients for sure.

Oh thank goodness.”, Kayla let off a single laugh of a sigh, still seeming bouncy with her chipper tail.

That’s a lot, right?”, she tipped her head in honest question, making one of Jacob’s eyes squint while the other lifted wider. Poor thing didn’t even grasp the fact she was filthy rich, reparations or not, and had no staff to pay as a one-girl workhorse.

Kayla, I have seventy thousand Federation credits in my savings, and I worked in Starfleet my entire life – and I’m a hundred and eighty two. Is that a decent frame of reference?”, Jacob humored her ignorance, knowing well that she would never feign not knowing something. That did seem like a good reference for her, seeing as it made her look down at all those extra zeros. But, alas, with money not being much of a thing to her yet, all she could do was smile at them, feeling proud of herself. It told her she did good and had funds to buy things with, and that was all that mattered.

I hope I can buy gifts for some certain people. I want to say ‘thank you’ to them, as much as I used to have to say ‘I’m sorry’ to them.”, Kayla added on a softer note toward the screen at the end result of her first contract; now knowing for sure that money was hers, with the contract fulfilled. As sentimental as that thought sounded, Jacob couldn’t help but make his outward expression toothier along with her, understanding well that she meant at least Alex and Emily.

Jacob’s arm went across Kayla’s back to her other shoulder, snugging her fur and clothing to his side. She wouldn’t stop giving him things to be proud of her for; attaining such wealth and thinking nothing of it, heart holding no concept of monetary greed. Surely most Penitatas parents were never given things by the charges they were once so unimaginably strict with, but Kayla did seem to love them; ups and downs or not. It was easy to see what was important to her, in the little things she did.

How’s life been as a Completatas, on that note? No more little ‘Penitatas moments’.”, he asked with casual wonderment, wanting to hear how lofty life felt to just be an every day rejuvenated child in wake of all the discipline and never-ending punitive squeeze she was always under. Kayla seemed quite happy to have been asked, lowering the data-pad to simply look jubilant from the way her vulpine teeth showed, looking at her partner from the side-by-side place they stood.

Not a one – it’s been so awesome! I can do so many things now that I never would have been allowed, like playing my new video games and just getting to have my old girl back. I can tease and joke with my parents and not get my tail beat; it’s like my whole life changed overnight. I’m not expected to be proper and perfect every second, and it’s… incredible, to just be myself.”, Kayla brightly described days with so much less worry, having so much freedom to exercise when she used to have none; able to go so far as to make humorous quips and ribs that would have surely earned her soap or time over a lap for being insubordinate as a Penitatas. Emily didn’t need to enforce such unquestionable regulations any longer, given a freedom of speech she didn’t expect – even if swearing was still against the rules for her, at least. It wasn’t such an issue for Kayla though, having legitimately learned her lessons on how to talk to others during her sentence. All that parenting certainly shaped who she became.

I can wear what I want, and not have to strip it all off to my fur at somebody’s first whim. Actual privacy! I sometimes couldn’t even go to the bathroom by myself as a Penitatas! If I want a snack, I can just visit the replicator on my own now, when I would have been lucky to be handed an apple if I wanted something sweet before.”, her voice quickly darted through in an eight year old’s amazed sort of elation, having found a whole new world even her adult self didn’t know existed, having grown up the first time with nothing. Kayla’s eyes lit up as a thought jumped toward her tongue, turning her muzzle further toward Jacob with a hushed gasp and widely curled grin; fox-looking as could be, with an expressive turn and fold of her ears.

I discovered strawberry rhubarb pie.”, she said more slowly, and full of such an honest happiness that couldn’t make Jacob smile for her more – voice sounding so delighted, in ways he never heard from her as a Penitatas. A dessert she never would have been allowed to try as an incarcerated criminal within the Penitatas Justice System’s rules, she had quite apparently found a new favorite food in her exploration of the home replicator.

No birthday cakes – just pie!”, her data-pad went to her left paw in order to lift her right, playfully stressing her desire for plenty more fruit pies where that come from. Jacob let off a faint snicker, keeping it held in so she could speak without interruption from him.

And now I don’t get punished for every little thing either, and it’s made my relationship with my parents feel a lot different. The whole house, really. I do get scolded, yeah, but… ”, that painting of her new outlook went on until it shyly tripped, trailing off with her eyes.

What are you getting scolded for?”, Jacob asked right away in a ‘what did you do you naughty fox?’ sort of tone, part way curiously teasing and the other half wanting to be a protective figure to her, as old as he was in total age. Kayla’s muzzle tightened into a bemusedly timid smirk over that.

Ah… Well, I’m still me, you know.”, Kayla slipped herself from Jacob’s side with a gentle step and flow of her tail across Jacob’s hip, setting her data-pad back upon the edge of her console to lift her paws and use her fingers to count the ones she could think of off the top of her head.

If I have to tell you to get off that thing and go to bed one more time, you’ll be crying yourself to sleep young lady.”, Kayla noted with a lift of one finger, counting it with another; that one sounding like an impression of Emily, even if she would have left out the ‘young lady’ that gave away who told her that. Apparently she was hard to tear from her work on some nights, but at least she was given chances and such now before getting herself into actual trouble.

Trying to ask the replicator for synthahol isn’t a funny joke, don’t ever do that again.”, a second finger came to be counted, blue eyes looking up as she pondered further; that one making Jacob lift a brow in a sudden pang of more abrupt worry. That would have gotten even himself spanked in some households he imagined, but perhaps her parents gave her some extra slack for that particular display. She was a grown woman in an eight year old’s physical brain and she had an awful lot of new boundaries to test – and boy was she, by the sound of it.

Stop throwing away all of my ‘penny punishment soap, I still need those when I babysit Ninne. I’d never use something from the P.J.D on a non-Penitatas, I swear.”, that third finger came to be counted with more of a comical ring to how she said it, full of tones, crooking the end of her maw in a knowing sort of way. It didn’t surprise Jacob that she’d be discarding those terrible squeeze bottles and travel vials of ‘disciplinary type-two’ now that she could do so without getting absolutely thrashed, but that was still quite the act of Aspatrian bravery.

Seriously, I have found no fewer than two of the damn things in every drawer of the house. I can’t believe I don’t self-lather when I get in the shower.”, her head tipped back down to gripe with that awkward smile, stressing her frustrated sort of amusement over what must have been a hunt around their home for the black-capped tokens of her hard time stint as a Penitatas; known to be her bane to the point it was like another major food group to the poor girl. As lightheartedly as she was telling the story, and how well her folks must have responded, Jacob imagined all three of them laughing about it like a family now that they could, making real memories together.

You have a mouth on you, but not always in a bad way – or at least as I see it. I actually appreciate you being a… oh, I don’t know. A kind-hearted firecracker, is what I’d call you.”, her loyal companion thought to assess and compliment, having had such an endearment for everything that came out of her muzzle. There was much charm to be found in her kind and submissive tones, as well as her most steadfast and assertive. That spark of “bad girl” would always tickle Jacob, knowing it was one of the things that made her so unique and independent.

So you did at least stay out of trouble then?”, Jacob thought to ask more directly once her fingers got distracted from tabulating their list of scolds, wanting to slip it in there for his own personal relief and assurance; Kayla’s console chirping behind her, returning it’s screens to their default states post-recovery.

Kayla’s paws dropped to hold one another at the level of her denim short’s lap, with her eyes taking a lighter stance above a far more awkward, toothy contortion of her cheeks and muzzle – all too telling, in a silly sort of way. Jacob sighed out of his nostrils like Ki`rene might have done in the same situation, tipping his muzzle with a look from his brown eyes.

“… What did you do?”, he lifted his arms to cross them after their moment of silence, using a lower tone that wasn’t irritated or mad, but still unhappy to hear that. He’d still be gentle and supportive of her in any case, but the cheeky expression warranted explanation; something Kayla seemed to be timid about giving, having made more of a misbehavior than what would be called a mistake, normally. But, for the sake of being forthcoming, Kayla of course turned her head toward her new holo-vision and the black curves of her new gaming console, using a light toss of her muzzle as gesture toward them.

I – ah… kept dying on my new favorite game. Got really pissed off and threw my controller against the wall. Said a few things, too. My dad of all people came right in here and, umm… ”, Kayla went on before trailing off again, tail in a guilty sway, facing back toward Jacob to look over his shoulders toward the room behind him.

He calmed me down, with my old paddle.”, she came clean with, as Jacob turned and looked at the old blue paddle bearing her name and it’s cute little fox tail her eyes had went to; a gift from her first Christmas as a Penitatas. Perhaps it’s place beside her door was not of her own choosing, unlike the paddle she made, Jacob wondered as he turned back to her with a face.

Two dozen, I think, at least not as hard as I’ve always gotten. I guess it’s what everyone else gets when they do something… correctable. He had me take a seat on my stool for a talking-to, and said I could be grounded from my games for a few days or write him a short essay on my temper, and what I could do to help it.”, Kayla still maintained her smile, though being a bit sorry sounding from telling the whole thing; body language especially giving that off, the way her paws moved. It seemed her old pyramid-laden punishment stool still had it’s purposes, and at least stood to note how things would be when discipline was required. It struck Jacob as being at least thoughtful to offer Kayla an essay, making her reflect on what she did like that.

I wanted to play when I took breaks, so I wrote him the essay. I felt bad for what I did anyway.”, the fox had it in her to admit very plainly to a person she was close with and trusted, understanding quite well what she did was wrong, and why her dad punished her. At least it just felt like being parented, and not like she had a mountain of penance to pay for. Heck, she could even rub her own butt now. Though, despite being able to speak of it without hiding a detail, Kayla still folded her ears back and tipped her eyes away, letting off a single, airy chuckle with a stilling of her Aspatrian tail.

“… I can tell you were really excited to hear that I had a nice two weeks of not getting smacked by anything. I didn’t mean to disappoint you, I’m sorry I slipped like that.”, she became more apologetic and quiet with, knowing well that was why Jacob asked her that question to begin with, just so he could hear her happily say ‘yup!’. That face and her trademark sort of docile repentance got Jacob’s muzzle to part with a sympathetic and soft sound, lifting his right hand to put it on her shoulder.

There’s no need to apologize to me, I just care about you is all.”, he gave her as a kind word and supporting gesture as close as he was to her, surely not wanting to chide her as if he was a fatherly figure. Jacob had his own place in her life, and what she got from Alex seemed rather fair anyhow in terms of just helping her think twice. Kayla’s eyes returned to his own, pleased but unsurprised to hear that as her ears relented to their erect, perky places.

I can at least say that my mom replaced the justice department soap with an actual bar of soap from the store. Got me a caddy to keep it covered in too. Couldn’t tell you what it tastes like, because your ex-Penitatas has been a good girl.”, Kayla thought to speak on a brighter note for the sake of her own behavior, wanting to proudly say that her muzzle had been in the right place to avoid any need for disciplinary action, paw going to her chest. Jacob figured it was a good thing Alex punished her for her temper then and not Emily, if she really did come to say a few things during that outburst. Though her tail went back to swaying, Jacob still had to make a lighthearted sort of smirk.

Except for chucking your controller.”, the Karrian reminded freely to her notion of having been perfectly good, not forgetting she was reddened by the wood of her paddle so easily. Kayla lifted her paws and shrugged her shoulders, knowing the truth on that matter.

My temper has been well established.”, she wasn’t shy to admit, knowing just as well as Emily how her fangs could bare themselves. She chuckled a little though, seeming to have another thought worth admitting on top of it.

“… It was also half a lie, ‘cause I licked it to see how it tasted. Unpleasant; perfume like a women’s locker room; but not like the prescription strength toilet disinfectant I was punished with before.”, the fox was truthful about her curiosity getting the better of her the morning she placed the fresh, dry pink bar into it’s lidded caddy. Jacob couldn’t really fault her there, considering he had to resist the temptation to lick the rim of the glass vial left in his tent doorway back during their vacation, if only to just see what Kayla had just gone to such nauseating lengths to swallow. Melissa’s companionship made him imagine Kayla’s voice yelling at him to ‘don’t you dare!’, and left that sympathetic question unanswered at her imaginary command.

Of course you’d lick it.”, he decided to tease, raising her humorous snicker to almost that of a giggle in how good she was feeling as she jumped forward off her vulpine toes to grab her green scaled mate by the arms. In the quick tussle of the moment, she got her muzzle in close enough to Jacob’s to give it a lick, bringing Jacob to stumble out a good laugh of his own – able to play with their relationship and their young ages without holding everything back any longer.

I need to know these things!”, Kayla comically shot back in their exchange, claws and paws dancing about the carpet as Jacob instinctively leaned away from the wet slap of her tongue, still catching a few along his snout as his hip bumped against the end of Kayla’s bed; tail sliding upon it; to be pinned as a victim of Kayla’s lapping.

As soon as she ceased, the pair were nose to nose, just staring happily into one another’s eyes; the fox pleased with her licking, with there being a few evident smears against the sheen of Jacob’s scale in the milky light of their August day. Kayla was clearly on cloud nine from being freed and given the opportunity to show the world what she could do, but there was something in the way her whiskers puffed in her elated smile that told Jacob she was most happy to see him above all else, with her first contracted work behind her now. At her longing, happy stare, Jacob grinned and more calmly responded to her play with a tiny lick of his own, right below her nose and over her vulpine lip, just to properly retaliate against his lovely fox; whom dipped her ears and stifled a sniggering giggle.

I got to chase my dream and finally do some real work in life. It’s like I did my good deed, and earned you back.”, the sunny fox followed her giddiness to let loose with a thoughtful, affectionate allure; her paws coming to cradle the sides of Jacob’s upper arms in her position over him against the end of her bed. It was an awfully ex-Penitatas thing to say, when only shortly ago the rewards in her life had to be scraped from the best of her behaviors.

It was just you and me against the world, for a while there. You never saw me as Packet-Storm the ‘penny, and I don’t think I could ever tell you what that meant to me. No matter what I did or who I was, I was just another rejuve going through a difficult period of her life, same as you. My mother laying down her goddamn… “judicial paddling” after San Francisco was honestly the hardest spanking of my entire sentence by far, and the worst pain I can imagine, but I’d always choose it over losing my best friend.”, Kayla granted as a sprinkling of what she held in her heart, and the thoughts she had mulled over coding by herself in the dark these past many days. Jacob’s kindness and humility gave Kayla her first taste of what freedom was, when not even her adult self understood what it truly meant to be able to do anything in this life. From the freshly rejuvenated boy’s crush, she found out what it meant to want someone at your side so badly that you’d fall in love with them, and what getting to share consensual intimate touch was like. While Emily guided her in one way, it was Jacob that held her other paw, and showed her everything else she was missing to make her complete. The sweet man even wrote a huge letter to the justice department on her behalf without saying a word; a modest secret, doing all he could without seeking anything in return.

Though it was saddening to hear Kayla finally admit just how painful the blistering she described to him when they reunited was, having had such a deep sense of guilt for what the paddle that hung feet from them did to her and how horribly long it had to have taken to heal, that showering of her love dulled the blow Jacob took, taking a deep breath in his backward slump over Kayla’s dark blue comforter. His fox holding no regret for the agony she faced in punishment for the actions they both shared, to call him her best friend… meant more than being called her boyfriend, to him. Like the flowing swish of Kayla’s long strands of orange and white tail fur, Jacob’s happy expression was enhanced by the comforted flick of the tip of his draconic tail – to and fro.

Together.”, Jacob’s gentle boyish tones were warmed to remind of the vow Kayla shared with him when he was unjustly made a Penitatas, assuring him he was not alone in his painful fight. It stood to be a single word at the cornerstone of their union, and was given meaning anew now that the perils they faced had come to pass. He had come a long way himself, from being the staunch and private old Commander to being someone more relaxed and able to enjoy life; Starfleet abandoned for good, with his desire to settle down with his someone special, growing up to be a bigger person than the same stuffy old physician he had been.

Kayla’s elation calmed, evolving into the more subtle and mature ways a rejuvenated child could express their excitement as her beaming smile was met by the contented, expressive fold of her ears. Lowering her body, the fox came to lay partly on top of Jacob, hugging herself to him with a paw going to a hand to hold, and her muzzle dipping into the space between his left shoulder and neck; whiskers tickling scale, to be nuzzled along them.

Together.”, she affirmed at a quieter pitch, always delighted to be reminded of that word; her blue eyes looking thankful before they disappeared against the faint shimmer of green scale. They hadn’t been this close since the morning of Richter’s arrest, claws and fingers tucked into the embrace of Kayla’s underwear waistband to tell her she was special, and to help her rest her weary mind. Relaxing his back, Jacob slid his free hand up into the fur behind Kayla’s ears, cradling her in a hug in the position they shared; trying to nuzzle her cheek when he could, in her own nuzzling motions against his neck, warm and sweet.

I appreciate you.”, Kayla nearly whispered that time, so close to Jacob’s ear-slit – a single word that wrapped up everything in her heart and mind into a neat package. It was one thing to say that you loved someone, but to acknowledge their actions and words felt more important to Kayla in that moment, in wake of all they had been through together. It made Jacob chuckle airily under his breath, relaxing quite a fair bit from the affectionate, caring pet of her muzzle that told him louder than words that he was truly loved.

I appreciate you too, for a lot of things. You’d never believe how awesome of a person I think you are, so I’m going to spend many a year telling you. Thanks for being my firecracker.”, he shared from the tickling butterflies in his own heart, mixing the notions of endearment with the words he shared earlier; glad they met in their chance encounter, and simply fortunate he was able to be at her side. Suddenly rolling a snicker out of his snout, Jacob’s muzzle parted to a slight laugh, even as Kayla continued her blithe, mushy stroke of her fur against him.

I even got spanked by your fur-brush for being a stupid show-off. Good grief does Emily know how to make you feel like a sorry seven year old.”, the boy slipped in as they mused the events that intermingled their lives, making light of what an absolute adventure it had been to be the best friend of a Penitatas, and that of Kayla Ackart, out of all of them. That was an easy way to rekindle the snicker Kayla carried when she first playfully pinned him in that position, but it was promptly accented with the light, tender nip of Aspatrian teeth against the base of his neck.

A bit surprising at first, as sharp and canine as her teeth felt against his scale, but the fox’s jaw barely squeezed, turning it into the same sort of exciting, teasing love-bite she taught Jacob that she liked the night of his innocence being declared those months ago. Getting a good message from it about how sensually affectionate she was feeling, Jacob huffed his happy chuckles away through his nose and closed his eyes, baring the most scale for the gentle catch of her front teeth; his hand squeezing the paw that came to hold it. They had shared in such romance before, and Kayla wasn’t timid about showing her feelings in this charged sort of way. It was just a calming moment, until his eyes blinked from a more obvious intrusion of fur – her other paw making itself apparent against his waist, flicking the hem of his shirt out of the way to slip into the waistband of his khaki shorts without any sort of hesitation. Having been such a long while since he had done anything of the suggested sort with her, Jacob’s smile curled a little shyer out of her sight, wanting to blush a tad along the length of his snout as he stared up at the ceiling. The feeling of soft, pink Aspatrian paw and finger pads came against thinner scale, and with a wedge of her wrist, wormed between his clothing to slide down his groin; a deeply warming and comforting feeling with all that fur, enveloping of the small, boyish parts that made him male.

Well that escalated quickly.

“… You really don’t have to do things like that for me.”, the old Commander felt ethically bound to assure at the feeling of fingers cupping organs more private in their soft, shapely states. He didn’t have an innate biological need in his physical immaturity, while it was still romantic and ever so nice for a rejuvenated person of any age. Didn’t want his loyal mate to feel obligated, or-…

Pfft, it’s for me, actually.”, came a sly, feminine little voice beside his ear, sounding quite amused with herself; cutting off Jacob’s worry that it was an act merely meant to service him, when in reality her paws were wandering just as his own could. Hearing that made him want to blush a little harder, curling that maw of his into a toothier smirk – the pads of Kayla’s fingertips stroking over the rounded shape of his body’s young scrotum, imagining from the way she was being careful with her claws that she was purposely trying to roll his testicles around to examine them by touch alone, with the bulk of his dormant sheath tucked into the pad of her palm. Apparently feeling like a successful young woman was an uplifting and exciting experience – who would have guessed.

Changing the way she laid atop of Jacob from what had been one sort of play, Kayla propped herself up slightly on the elbow she was using to reach up and hold Jacob’s hand, in her shift to a different sort of ‘play’. Her orange muzzle stroked it’s length up along Jacob’s cheek and snout, nuzzling firmly, bringing her head up just enough so she could look into his eyes and let him see the chipper, yet gratified sort of look across her face.

I’m ah… not feeling very eight, right now. Is it okay?”, Kayla at least wanted to make sure she wasn’t being too assertive in what she decided to do, and that her partner was feeling up to her silly little advances; tail high enough in the air for Jacob to see waving behind her from the seat of her shorts, feeling more than just appreciation skittering along it’s length. She tended to treat sexuality as such a casually playful thing in having found her sexual identity with her partner, holding such an incredible lack of pretense over the sharing of touch and pleasure. It was a mix of fiery and innocent, seeing such a sweet face while her right paw very intentionally groped her mate; her palm seeming to stroke along the squishy nature of Jacob’s Karrian sheath while it laid in it’s state of natural rest, while her fingers grabbed and petted any delicate scale between his legs she could, all within the bulge of his white cotton briefs.

Can’t say no when you’re flattering me like that. Not that I would – it’s really nice to pick up where life made us leave off.”, Jacob didn’t hesitate in joining in despite being a more reserved person, loving and trusting his fox as much as he did. The idea that she was continuing to explore her sexuality was wonderful, wanting to grab at him just because she felt up to it. Felt oddly fitting, considering his last act with her was the same thing, with their roles reversed at that time.

Kayla’s paw-pads were so plush and soft, and her fur so well kept, that the sensation of her paw was unlike anything he could have felt on his own; his sheath not to remain flaccidly pliable for long, in the way his small sheath’s scales wrinkled and folded into themselves like a loose, scaly skin. A spin of a finger along the soft of its rim, so delicate and minding of those claws, made the young man swallow and huff a breath through his maw while Kayla watched for his reactions. Feeling a firming feeling beneath her grip, she granted his sheath a kind, stroking sort of squeeze to help it along; the soft of his sac leaving her fingertips as her agile, dexterous fingers suddenly made tickling, stroking movements all individually of one another. Jacob’s cheeks firmed, making his eyes squint. That was a particularly strong sensation, especially as he felt the tip of himself slip free of his scale’s hug to meet pad and fur… it was like her fingers were performing their trained act as Packet-Storm, all with a touch and mind of their own. Of course her paws would be incredible tools, Jacob had to sheepishly, yet quite happily realize. To the face he made for her, letting Kayla know her paw knew what it was doing, the fox grinned and licked the side of Jacob’s muzzle before giving it a faint love-nip with her front-most vulpine teeth.

I love how soft your scales down here are… ”, that muzzle of Kayla’s released Jacob’s own from her teeth to speak, before letting off a faint laugh; ears dipping for just a second.

And the obviously not scaled bit I’ve got here.”, she trailed off in both observation and young tease; the end of Jacob’s genitalia exposed from it’s sheath, thickening and hardening against the stroking zips of fur and gripping tugs of massaging fingers. It left the boy breathing awkwardly through his nose as quickly and efficiently she could make even his younger sort of masculine parts wake up to arousal, sharing an act with him that even she found enjoyment.

It wasn’t fair that you always saw my thinner fur, and I rarely ever saw your own tinier scales. I do think you’re cute too, you know.”, those black ear-tips of Kayla’s dipped softly backwards in the slightly more bashful way she expressed herself; the things she said seeming to be more personal to her heart than the dance of her fingers in their task, in saying Jacob was attractive in the same way he used to compliment her, having seen her bare so much as a Penitatas. It was a desire Jacob could act upon if given a free claw; willing to disrobe; but that playful expression above his snout didn’t seem to be done saying things it found shy to blurt as the last of his childish length swelled in his shorts, giving something for her fingers to paw at more directly.

I don’t mean to be so presumptuous, but – ah… I have an itch to scratch, that involves you.”, the fox’s voice traipsed about awkwardly in how shy she was in regard to suddenly raising the subject, seeming to suggest she was seeking for a far more intimate act than the sorts of stroking fur and scale they had performed on one another before. Knowing Kayla’s history with sexual acts being forced upon her, and that sounding like a big leap for the both of them, Jacob raised a brow even as his swollen length was rather blatantly masturbated; the front of his shorts flapping up and down with the motions of Kayla’s wrist.

Are you meaning what I think?”, Jacob was going to ask if she was ‘sure about that’, but retracted the question for a different verbiage, rather than going as far as to muddy Kayla’s cheerful, confident exploration with self-doubt. The strokes of her paw were diligent, seeming to use her thumb especially in examining his shape and firmness along his excited genitalia; the lip of his head, and how the bottom side seemed a bit spongier to the touch. Once stiff like that his sheath retracted to his groin in the natural roll of his softest scale against pink, almost faintly moistened skin. At seven there wasn’t a whole lot of it, but it was still a pleasure to have treated to such a delightful touch – all that orange fur especially, and the squeezing stroke of paw-pad sinking against him in it’s rolls by his flesh.

You’ve been on my mind if you can’t tell, and I’ve been thinking… I’m ready to see what my pretty dragon feels like in the place he makes me feel, ah, ‘special’ in.”, Kayla looked slightly away with her blue eyes, blushing in a happy way beneath the fur of her muzzle as she painted a much more elaborate picture – one that made Jacob’s immature length give a pump of anticipation against the movement of her fingertips. There was surely no mistaking something that bluntly put, referred to as ‘her dragon’… she did say, long ago, that he had the green light to have actual sex with her once it was safe to do so, post-parole. Here she was, playful and feeling mature in ways a rejuve could – making today that day, should he accept.

If you’re ready, I’m ready.”, Jacob’s muzzle parted with a faint pant, letting a breath over his tongue to give his loving approval for what she seemed so timid to outright ask; supposing she didn’t want to seem crude, considering this sort of play was still just a fun, casual affair normally. This was a better time than any he figured, able to treat her to a light experience after all the bad ones she had gone through. Turning his head a little, likely looking a little tranquilized beneath the attention of her paw, the Karrian tried to pull his thoughts together amid a reassuring smile.

Maybe my place would be better, since my door locks. I also sort of made a conveniently slippery substance with my laboratory set for… reasons.”, he spoke with the same sort of candid allures Kayla had been holding as he too fell into the mood, drawn into it so directly by a paw most nimble and a partner that made it all feel so comfortable. The pair squeezed each other’s fingers above their heads upon the bed, smirking in their flirtatiously mischievous ways.

D’aww, you thought of my comfort!”, Kayla sounded tickled to hear, grasping exactly what it was his knowledgeable mind formulated upon his stand of glass tubes and vials. It told her Jacob had some foresight, and perhaps a desire of his own, even if he didn’t initiate or expect these things himself – the humble softie. It at least made her feel a lot less awkward over admitting she’d like to indulge herself, unused to simply sharing that verbally out of the blue.

With one last whole-pawed grasp of the modest Karrian rod, squeezing it for a few hearty jerks for Jacob’s enjoyment, Kayla took just a moment to let Jacob’s eyes close a little. It was hard to pull herself away from making him let off such expressions of relaxed pleasure; ears so adept at catching every variation in his breathing, and rather turned on by all her senses absorbed; but with several seconds of her fleshy polishing the sound of rustling clothing slowed to just the quiet sound of fur against cotton. Looking forward to something so grand and new for herself, taking her relationship to the next step in her journey, Kayla’s ears perked to being as erect as her partner’s equipment, giving Jacob a kiss to the end of his snout.

I think that’s a great idea, I can see your new room that way too. Let’s do it!”, the cheerfully randy fox affirmed with her personal brand of glee, ready to show just how in the mood she was to spend some quality time with her best friend, stretching those silver ‘C’s boundaries.

“… Figuratively and literally, I guess!”, that joking tone she carried staying with her as she withdrew her paw from Jacob’s clothing and bounced back up to standing properly on her own two feet.

Jacob sat up with a comfortable sort of sigh in wake of the attentions he received, joining Kayla in getting his claws to the floor as she went around to her closet. Looking down at the pointed tent of the front of his shorts, while not prolific due to being seven, still made the boy want to laugh, hoping he wouldn’t need to play off that he got one of the random erections boys of his physical age did get from time to time. It had been a pleasant surprise, being called ‘cute’ amid some rather unexpected attention, beneath the girl’s confident and curious expressions staring down at him.

I’ll go tell Emily what I’m up to. She’ll probably just be happy to hear I’m not going to be glued to my console all the time now that I’m done with DeltaStar.”, Kayla came to speak as she slipped a new pair of sandals on made for her digitigrade paws, apparently having done quite a bit of shopping with her mother one afternoon with as many non-’penny items she had acquired into her Completatas life. It must have been nice for Emily to have a more participating daughter to have fun with, considering Kayla used to just be along for the ride when it came to visiting the Calleet Mall.

And I’m going to hope this goes down a bit.”, Jacob gestured down his front in his own humorous way, taking a few steps to stretch and look more around the brand new sort of bedroom. Kayla certainly helped put him in a happy mood.

Sorry about that, but not really.”, Kayla flicked her ears back in her amusement, sandals clapping as she went for the door to visit her mother in her own bedroom.

As the bouncy eight year old left the room with a flag-like wave of her bushy tail and a unique glide to her step, casual and bubbly in ways that would have been hard to reach as a Penitatas in light of her personal accomplishments, the smiling Karrian in her wake decided to step about the lovely memory-chip-blue space; pacing in excitement, even if the dignified part of his mind didn’t notice what the seven year old half was making him feel. He was going to get to romance his special someone, he couldn’t help but just be cheery, especially looking around a space that used to punish her in so many ways and seeing how she came to turn it into her own. Coming upon a glossy black mug on Kayla’s nightstand, a remnant ring of pink along it’s bottom rim brought Jacob to bend over and take an inquisitive sniff. Strawberry milk – a treat of a drink for a Kindern or rejuvenated child alike. He was starting to notice a theme with the sorts of things Kayla liked, and duly noted her preference for plump red berries. It was all the better, he didn’t like overly sweet candies anyhow; a cucumber-infused water sort of Karrian, as much as everyone else in his life seemed to despise the stuff. In his wander back toward the door to pet Melissa’s muzzle with his thumb, reassuring the stuffed Aspatrian as she sat in surely undeserved punishment upon the stool she was placed, a brighter and much more lively one returned to him without much of a wait.

Good to go – c’mon!”, that happily playful fox encouraged with a quieted restraint to her voice, so close to Emily’s open bedroom door.

Straight down the stairs, making the return trip to Ki`rene’s house across the way, she did seem to be awfully excited in more ways than one. Jacob noticed quite a few movements in her tail that weren’t a part of her typical wag and sway, and there was this sunny, shining aura about her in being so outwardly sanguine. Back outside it had begun to drizzle from the gray of their day, making the pair have to make a run to not get wet, going from one front door to the other; laughing a little and making fun of it, far more like kids than tiny adults. Jacob did love a rainy day, and Kayla’s cheer was ever so infectious. The slide of Ki`rene’s front door brought the clatter of sandal and the more silent step of bare scaled claw, welcoming themselves right back into Jacob’s new home.

Hi Ki`rene, hi Ninne!”, Kayla greeted in her distracted bolt for the stairs, making hasty greeting with her big ol’ smile and streaming fox-tail. In the far corner of the living room, seated upon her short punishment stool that kept her raptor frame at ground level, Ninne lifted a claw above her head to wave back in greeting toward the corner while Ki`rene followed the blur of orange and white with a curious curl of her neck, hardly seeing the wiry Aspatrian before she was flying up her stairs; unable to utter so much as one of her warm, motherly ‘hello dear’s.

Jacob?… ”, Ki`rene mumbled low with a lift of a saurian eye-ridge from her sofa as the boy followed the hyper fox more calmly, just looking to get his attention before he ran off as well.

The look across her face seemed a tad more inquisitive and awkward than Jacob was used to seeing, stopping at the bottom of the stairs where he only just shortly ago interrupted Ninne’s tail chewing. While the smaller reptile held to his relaxed smile, coaxed into such tranquility, that expression Ki`rene held across her snout had a hard time breaking in the moment’s pause that followed.

Maybe you should, umm… ”, the mother drake sounded fairly off in how she traipsed so strangely around what she seemed to want to say, rolling it into a look of concern. Knowing her voice didn’t sound right, Ki`rene glanced over to Ninne’s bare scaled back, seated in her corner. That sentence she held on her tongue would have to stay there for now, turning her gaze back to Jacob after a moment of thought; a reassuring smile meeting with a raspy, reptilian clearing of her throat.

Well, Ninne was very good for me today, so I wanted to let you know that I’d be putting music on down here for us. I won’t be able to hear anything up there, so be sure to send me a message on your pad if you need me, okay?”, she decided to say instead; motherly and positive; using a tone someone as wise and old as Jacob would understand, while simply giving Ninne off in the corner something to perk her tail up with.

Poor Jacob went wide-eyed and silent, taking the same sort of odd look Ki`rene carried. That faint hint of an erection he still hid in his shorts got an awful shyer in that moment, tail sinking a little lower in the way he carried it. Yeah, she absolutely knew. It made him wonder if Kayla’s demeanor screamed “I’m about to get some!” as loudly as it seemed, with that poor Aspatrian girl not having enough social knowledge to know the wiser in these unexplored territories of her life.

I – ah… That sounds great. Thanks!”, the good doctor stumbled, feeling a rock in his stomach to go with his toothy, profoundly dumbstruck and stupid-feeling expression. There wasn’t anything subtle about it, but his voice sure tried to hide it for the sake of playing along with Ki`rene’s obvious cover and acknowledgment of what she correctly perceived was going on. To it, the wise raptor-esque woman held back a tiny hissing chortle in her throat, lowering her head with the kind sort of smile she was known for; seated stance as un-threatening as she could make herself.

Her yellow eyes simply said ‘go have fun’, in the motherly, protective ways he had seen from her before.

Jacob would have never in a million years expected it, but maybe he should have, he wondered, as much as she looked out for him and knew what the situation they were in was like, from likely her own experiences. It’s not like they were hurting anyone, and what they kept private wouldn’t hurt her either; being realistic and forgiving for things she knew rejuvenated individuals would do, in their search for a safe place to do it. It was an incredible relief, despite being ridiculously embarrassing. All Jacob could muster was a thankful smile to give his respect, before heading up the stairs to rejoin Kayla. Back down the hall to his room where he came from earlier, he tried to shake the fetters of having been so abruptly found out, figuring he would keep that to himself for now as to not ruin Kayla’s plans. Stepping back into the earthy tones of his cleanly abode, Jacob closed his bedroom door and giving it’s lock button a tap, which chirped in reply.

Sure enough his firecracker of a fox had already ditched her shirt on the back of his desk’s chair, stepping about his bedroom in shorts alone to see how he had set it up and redecorated in his move from Lory Rich’s house to Ki`rene’s. That old spare bedroom she had likely known for years must have looked like not much had changed, especially in comparison to her own bedroom’s transformation, seeing as he didn’t have anything to place on his walls. Jacob’s Starfleet Medal of Sacrifice was tucked against the clock of his nightstand of all places, and still had his lab set on a table and his compact Gemini-4 computer upon his desk, but he didn’t exactly own anything else that wasn’t better suited for a drawer or a box; ever so organized with his old adult hobbies, and the few toys he allowed himself to have as a child – like the die-cast vehicles Kayla occasionally enjoyed playing pretend with, especially when she was a Penitatas and didn’t have much of her own to stretch those imaginative parts of her brain. It looked like a frugal college kid’s dorm room, but Jacob didn’t really know what else to do with it. In her examination, Kayla had come to stop at his laboratory set under his window, tapping one of the swirls of glass with one of her preened ebony claws, always so interested to see what colors would be going through them on any particular day. His dignified little hobbies were his idea of play, after all.

My mom is the best, by the way.”, Jacob decided to spurt as he tossed one of his spare towels from the closet toward the side of his bed in getting ready. Kayla’s ears pivoting with a turn of her head, that grinning, sunny face of hers’ made a little ‘aww’, going back about taking her clothing off now that the door was secured.

You called Ki`rene mom.”, she was quick to point out, keeping it soft as she unbuttoned her jean shorts. Everyone was always ‘Miss’ something with him.

I think I will continue doing so.”, the old boy was happy to relent for the extreme act of kindness and understanding he was just shared, stepping forward from his door to begin his own disrobement – seizing the moment with no reason to hold back any longer.

In their magical mixture of being both young and old as rejuves, articles of clothing began hitting the carpet as if it was nothing in their experience with one another, flopping and crumpling where ever they happened to land in that same playful mood Kayla brought over – unabated by the near miss her giddy behavior caused, having no clue. Kayla was able to see all that scale she so rarely saw with Jacob’s Medicalos status and exemplary behavior; his pink tip still protruding from within the rolling curl of his sheath’s scale above a rounded, bulbous pouch of a sac, lacking the skin wrinkles of a young mammal. From Jacob’s standpoint, he got to exhibit in his own bemused surprise at finding Kayla to be wearing new printed underwear, covered in an assortment of red foxes in states of sleeping, running, and playing upon white cotton. Adorable beyond words with it’s lavender colored waistband and trim, and Kayla seemingly knowing that with the look she gave him over her shoulder, expecting to find him staring. There was a reason she begged Emily for a set of them modded with her tail measurements, considering no one else but she and Jacob would really be able to see the things.

So cute!’, the Karrian mouthed in compliment as he shook his shorts and briefs off his draconic feet, freeing them from their strong scale ridges and bigger, sharper claws; making certain parts jiggle immodestly, but he wasn’t exactly paying attention to that. In keeping to being entertaining, Kayla did the things she normally knew not to do as a Penitatas in public, raising her tail up high as she bent over in taking her shorts and panties off in one big messy lump. She knew by now that her backside was deeply appreciated by Jacob from the things he had shared with her prior, making showing off those curves of her Aspatrian anatomy and the tuck of her tail that much more exciting to her. Usually feeling a waft of cool air through the wrinkles of her tailhole or back of her vulva was a bad thing, but it was enthralling to show it all off on purpose for once. There were an awful lot of different ways to play, and that did raise a question in the mind between those pointed foxy ears of hers’.

So… ”, Kayla began to muse with her quick, lively sort of low tone; tail flowing back down as she stood back up, running her claws through the fur atop her head to make sure she still looked okay after taking her shirt off.

What gets you hot under the collar of those polo shirts you always wear? That ‘thing’ you wish you could do, or have done?”, she decided to ask with quite the amateurishly salacious look across her muzzle, unused to being so purposely sexual and not fully sure as to how to be it, taking a couple of easy steps on her vulpine paws toward the side of Jacob’s bed – wondering if her partner had any little dreams of his own that she was the star of, like how she long ago wanted to feel his teeth along her neck and ears like a sultry, steamy companion. Knowing that her partner was a huge fan of her tail-side was something, but surely her dignified doctor had a kink or two in there that equated to something they could do in bed, even if her mind had trouble thinking of “fetishes” in their usually perceived context; imagining such sexual desires to simply be normal wants and needs in the way her discovered sexuality was wired. It let her ask it bluntly, and having that cross Jacob’s ears made him smile more shyly than he had been, even in standing there naked as he was.

I can’t hide much from you when you give me those looks.”, Jacob let off a tiny laugh, wanting to shed his humble nature to join her in that level of being open and honest she always was with him. Considering the question, the boy’s brown eyes followed her tail as she walked, taking a couple of steps of his own toward his lab set to finish getting himself ready.

Would you think badly of me to say I’d like to do the deed beneath your tail sometime? I… do feel weird saying it out loud, that’s for sure, but it’s my little wish, if you’d call it that.”, the stiff old officer inside of him danced around the word ‘anal’, finding that Kayla wasn’t the only one venturing into new territories in deciding to take their sexuality a step further. He had never been that forthcoming in all his years, much less actually act upon his imagination – and his mind usually mused that pink Aspatrian gnarl of a hole she kept tucked away, as his own personal preference. Keeping to that special smile of hers’, Kayla crossed her arms and shook her head, thinking she should have figured as much, leaning slightly against the side of the bed to prop herself; tail dangling in a light sway, looking very much not her age with the slope of her pelvis rather accented by the stance.

I’m the one over here asking for a romantic time between her legs to get off to, I think you’re okay to want something too.”, Kayla continued the humor that highlighted her mood, making Jacob imagine how lighthearted this sort of thing would be between them. Clearly she liked it that way, and Jacob could get behind that.

Would I get anything out of that though? You know, like, fun-wise?”, she did catch Jacob’s drift enough to ask, wondering what that particular hole would do for her pleasure as a female, not having much of a clue; the Karrian slipping a capped glass tube out of the back of his metal holding rack, filled with a clear liquid reminiscent of the P.J.D’s portable soap vials.

I mean, some girls do?”, the question made Jacob have to snicker a little again, being seven and all underneath his older-seeming exterior.

I’m sure it feels much nicer than my mom whipping the base of my tail with a stick.”, Kayla had to candidly figure as the cap to that tube went tumbling through the air with the flick of Jacob’s thumb claw, pouring a small bit of it into the fingers of his left hand; looking watery, yet coating in the way the window in front of him shined a dull light upon the shiny substance. That statement caught a more befuddled raise of a brow, not knowing what the final act of punishment she got as a Penitatas was like, but Jacob reached down regardless to apply a rubbing of his homemade lubricant to the head of his immature masculinity, in front of the furls of tiny scale that made up his sheath and its rim that hugged his shaft. Green fingertips sliding with nary any resistance, gliding about with a brisk massage, he planned to use the application of his crafted, water-based solution to get himself right back to full-mast as Kayla had him before.

Considering what you asked back in your room, we can go the route you can more directly enjoy. Three inches of Karrian should be enough to scratch an itch, it’s not like you’re any bigger at your age. A good, comfortable fit. Don’t worry about my silly whims, I’ll be slow and gentle and make this exactly what you want it to be.”, Jacob happily followed Kayla’s more comfortable stance, even if he couldn’t be as verbally colorful over the subject of sex as she was with him; that left claw keeping to it’s slick work, imagining her feminine ‘glove’ would be a perfect match for his size, considering they were so close in age.

In taking the leap together, he wanted to be a guiding partner, even if it wasn’t hard for the doctor to tell the fox was experiencing the innate arousal her eight year old body could provide. Kayla’s blue eyes looked down as his own did, watching the grip of his fingers against his head and shaft in their firm, quick jerks, sending tiny showers of lubricant droplets flying in his purposeful masturbation. Her thighs hugged together as if she was holding back from rubbing her own nethers with a paw, enjoying the show he was making as the person she was attracted to; his own male bits and parts likely adorable, just as he thought of her own. While his claw felt excellent, giving him such a smooth, satisfying enjoyment a boy could mellow out to, getting back to being entirely erect while next to such a pretty, brilliant woman took effortless seconds before he was stiff as a board and pumping randomly against his fingers; a fresh drip of lube falling over his pink skin to ensure everything was at wet as possible. As Kayla learned while getting undressed, putting on a show for your mate was quite the nice feeling.

Are you ready?”, Jacob shifted to a light, yet anxious tone as a few raindrops struck the window in front of his lab set, ceasing his sloppy stroking to set the tube of his lubricant back in it’s rack, experiencing anticipation in his own way.

That look of excitement Kayla carried about herself from her bedroom to his own eased into a softer smile, sort of matching Jacob’s shift to an anxious demeanor with a flick of her Aspatrian ears as the moment came upon them. Turning around against the side of Jacob’s bed, one vulpine paw going over the other, her fingers slid against the boy’s sheets and her right knee lifted up onto the bed, opening up everything she carried behind and beneath her. Lifting her tail off to her left side, she felt like getting that leg up made her feminine niche as exposed as she could make it; that space between her legs presenting her vulva prominently, being a thinner furred pair of lips than the rest of her nearby figure, accented by a soft, plush shade of pink between them as the young, small girlish shape just barely parted at her leg’s splay. Her arousal being more than just in her mind at this point, the exterior of her genitalia puffed warmly with a faintly exposed petal and normally hidden nub, half in her frame’s own shadow. With the gentle feeling of the room’s cool air touching moistened labia, Kayla settled into her spot with a nuzzle against Jacob’s bed, getting comfortable as her ears pivoted, listening to his footfalls and the pitter-patter of soft rain to soothe her mind. Jacob wiping his lube-soaked hand and claws with the towel he tossed to the side of his bed; the sort to pre-plan being cleanly during a messy act; it wasn’t but a few seconds before the waiting, smiling fox was greeted by a kind touch.

“… I love you by the way.”, Jacob’s more romantic butterflies made him want to say as his throat tickled, erection just barely hovering against Kayla’s fur as he got behind her and placed his left hand on her bottom, tucking it toward her hip and under her tail.

Love you too.”, Kayla rested her head even as she spoke, still smiling contentedly – though her voice shook ever so slightly, feeling a distinct warmth radiating from another body against the skin that made her female.

Sticking a hint of tongue out from between his front teeth, Jacob used his right hand to guide his tip with a faint scoot of his claws against the carpet to get closer and be able to lean his weight into it; soft of his head meeting the kiss of plush outer vulva. Fur like silky satin along it’s rim where naked, lovely mucosa began, it treated Jacob to the tiniest of tickles, sending a shock up his spine and straight down his tail. With a wiggle to part that natural split of fur and flesh, getting to see more pink as the tip of his head came into both lips’ hug, he shared some of the extra lubricant he added with a light petting of himself, up and down along the back of her slit’s interior; small and immature as his own male equivalent. Warmer and warmer it felt, and able to tell where he needed to go by feel, Jacob looked over Kayla’s shoulders and gave a gentle push…

To which Kayla replied with a deep, quick intake of air, slamming her ears down with a gritting baring of her teeth, tightening her muzzle to wrinkle at it’s base as if she was anticipating great pain. She held that expression for a few moments though the parting of her passage’s entrance stopped, easing some of her teeth back under the orange cover of her muzzle as her eyes opened. In the telling silence, muffled rain filling the coffee hues of the room, Kayla looked over the colors of Jacob’s checkered sheet where her muzzle laid, looking to have lost her smile; her chest heaving in quick breaths that slowed down, as if she was given a fright she was coming down from.

“… I… flinched, didn’t-… ”, she began to shakily speak.

Grimaced.”, Jacob cut in rather quickly to explain why he stopped, withdrawing what little leverage his Karrian toes had given him to leave just the end of his penis touching the intimate parting of her folds from the outside. In that moment both of their voices were quiet, low, and holding an understanding disappointment that made them feel for their fellow companion. It was a hard thing to swallow, so suddenly – a haunting reminder that the past could leave marks you couldn’t see, mixing emotions into the loving time they had set off to share. Kayla never expected to instinctively react that way to the feeling of pressure against her vaginal passage, having wanted to do this with her dear Jacob for so long now. She looked forward to it even, and…

Not wanting to frown as she got over the tension that so abruptly startled her, acknowledging the reality of what she did rather than getting gloomy about it, Kayla gradually lifted her ears from her head and sighed a long sigh, if only to comfort the stiffness in her chest. Turning her head toward her lifted knee upon the bed, she propped herself up to look back over her leg; a more timid, soft look being allowed back onto her muzzle as she met eyes with Jacob. She didn’t want her issues to end the cheer she still held in her heart, wanting to spend this time with him, and knew that display must have looked and felt rather bad to her partner.

Maybe I’m less ready for that than I thought?”, the poor fox mumbled sheepishly, ending it with a half-hearted chuckle before trying to let more of an actual smile back onto her face; a shiny spot against the back-end of her slit, shining off the tips of her orange fur strands in the light of Jacob’s room from the lubricant he left behind.

But I want to do this still. Come on, lets just do it your way.”, Kayla quickly followed up with a rekindling of her excitement, hoping she could keep Jacob on board if she showed she was still fine, regardless of the hiccup. He did look awfully worried, but it was such a sympathetic face – she hoped he’d understand that there was still an itch, and he did her no harm.

Using the agility of her age and her race, and the resiliency of her own personality, Kayla hopped the rest of the way up onto the bed made a quick crawl across the Drakonian-sized mattress he acquired from adopting Ki`rene’s guest room; Jacob’s hand petting her tail on it’s way by, leaving her hip. The fox came to lay down on her side, ear-tips touching the bottom of Jacob’s pillow, with her back facing toward the side of the bed and Karrian she left. Trying to speak over her shoulder, she lifted her tail up to drape over her leg, baring the cleft of her bottom and the shape of her Aspatrian anatomy.

You could cuddle me from behind like this, and we could just do it while getting to lay here and relax with it. I even have plenty of room down my front for my paw.”, she lifted her right paw up to demonstrate, assuring that she could find her own pleasure even if she wasn’t as much a tail-girl as Jacob was a tail-boy, going right back to her toothy, playful ways. She never was one to be knocked down over such things, having reclaimed her sexuality as it was. What came over her, she didn’t know, but there was more than one way to take a phallus, and the two of them would be getting lucky this day if she had anything to say about it.

Jacob tipped his head, easing that sympathetic look into one that was a little more relieved and glad to see she was alright. Kayla was such a strong thing, and boy did he love that about her. He wasn’t going to say no if that was what she wanted; getting to enjoy that tail he admired was like an ultimate honor, and she teased him with a tempting flash of its tender base just moments ago in her undressing. Kayla rolled back a little to try and see over her shoulder, giving a glimpse of a sweet blue eye.

Don’t give me those cute looks – just come give me a hug.”, Kayla managed to laugh a little again at the warmed sort of face he was making, waving him over with that free paw and a light patting of her own tail down her leg.

Wanting to be promptly accommodating of that hug after the tense, apprehensive feelings he played a role in causing, Jacob leaped right into his bed and threw an arm over his fox, joining her on his side with his chest to her back. This felt better to him than topping Kayla from behind anyway, being a snugly sort of gentlemen; letting the rain fall outside while the two of them simply got comfortable together, bodies forming to one another. Jacob’s hand tucked under Kayla’s free arm, cradling her chest in his hugging sort of cuddle, placing his muzzle against her neck and shoulder in being faintly smaller than his female companion at his age. Fur to scale, it was warming and soothing with it’s dash of eroticism added to the mix – an obvious, rounded shape of male tucked between the shallow cheeks of Kayla’s bottom, tip pointed upward toward the base of her tail. Fur alone enough to tickle and keep the well-lubricated organ hard as a rock, Jacob got to be slow about what he was doing, ensuring this would be nothing but soft and comforting.

Feel better?”, Jacob wondered with a sweet, boyish tone, keeping his voice down while being so close to Kayla’s sensitive ears. His body cupping her own from behind, firm and affectionate, he couldn’t quite see just how happy the look across the fox’s face was, eyes half open.

Perfect.”, she nearly chuckled, lifting her tail off her figure to drape back over Jacob’s own legs, groin wedged against her bottom. This was Jacob’s style, and she could feel it in the way she was held so lovingly, treasured as anything but an object to him. She’d have to work on that little vaginal penetration issue if he was to properly scratch feminine arousal, but that was her problem to overcome, not his, and this was more than lovely in terms of getting to feel her dear Karrian against her fur.

To her admission of contentment, sounding rather relaxed, Jacob gave her a little something from his smiling snout to ensure she wouldn’t be too placid, knowing what all she wanted out of today. Caring of her needs and knowing where her buttons were in his cuddly foreplay, so preferring such soft touches, the old Commander gave Kayla a kiss behind her jaw, trailing the tip of his snout through her fur until treating her to a faint bite against the side of her neck. Kayla huffed a breath through her nose, stretching her legs and shifting her tail, closing her eyes to squeal blissfully inside her own head. Jacob’s teeth wider and more pointed than her vulpine ones, he was ever so careful with their sharp tips and used them to his advantage, giving her such voluptuous feelings in their tender grasps of her skin. The moist heat of his breath through her young fur made her right paw go for the girlish slope of her groin to pin her fingers between the vice of her thighs, not wanting to ignore the distant, teasing throb her own folds hid from the open air. Breathing a little more roughly with the introduction of her own pleasing touch to her outer parts, massaging the pads of her fingertips into the zenith of her slit and the fur just above it for starters, her muzzle curled into a toothier grin while her eyes remained closed, soaking in the sound of the rain outside.

A claw stroking through the white tuft of fur in the center of her chest, thumb scale cresting a nipple in the way Jacob clutched her supportively, Kayla did come to feel a firmer jab from the rod stuck between she and Jacob’s hips. A wet spot of lubricant came against thinner bottom fur just below the tuck of her tail, and that sensation of fluid and warmth of skin gave the fox a skitter of emotions through her belly. She was feeling up to this, and was excited for Jacob to get to do something he really wanted – the kind of lover she was.

Little higher… ”, Kayla’s ears tipped back slightly in invitation, hoping to guide him a bit. In reply, Jacob’s teeth stopped their nipping, coming to nuzzle his snout higher toward her right ear, nipping it’s bottom; Kayla’s other erogenous zone, as a fox. That ear folded back with a strong, brief snicker, squinting with an awkward smile over Jacob’s colorful sheets.

I meant your dick, you innocent dork.”, she by no means minded to get crass with in her bed-humor, teasingly calling her sweet guy a dork for the second time today for that thoughtful, caring way he behaved himself. Jacob’s teeth losing her bit of ear in it’s fold, as light as his play-nips were, he grinned at her choice of wording and followed her intended meaning.

Readjusting his hips and scooting faintly against his bed-sheets, the Karrian didn’t stop until the tip of his young erection found that all-encompassing tuck of her tail, feeling something fleshy, curled, and so warm he’d call it hot, the way it was always half folded into the base of her flowing vulpine appendage. On Kayla’s end, considering all the homemade lubricant her partner whipped up, she was treated to a cool, wet lap of a sensation before it melded into the feeling of something warm and round against the bowl of her tailhole’s natural shape. That pink rod she had jerked and toyed with earlier felt so soft and smooth, being actual intimate skin the entire length down in Jacob’s own anatomy; thickly nerve-laden without a single scale; and having all that slick fluid all over it just made it feel absolutely lustrous atop it’s hardened interior. Showing the hints of her two front fangs, Kayla actually felt a little eager herself, finally able to take Jacob in at least one way.

May I?”, she was asked behind her right ear, from a muzzle that never took anything for granted.

It’s as much yours as it is mine.”, Kayla granted in her open and welcoming way, holding no reservations amid her growing enthusiasm. Jacob took a deep breath through his maw, tucking his snout firmly into the base of Kayla’s neck and shoulder in a nuzzling embrace, closing his eyes…

His denim-totting tom-boy of an amazing woman was treated to a ginger, gradual press of his hips, giving the lubricant he made plenty of time to ease through the wrinkles and shape of her tail’s entryway. The furl of her anus spread to experience his immature head, and he it’s tight grasp, gliding skin against skin until it’s entire young length was within Kayla’s back-passage; withdrawn sheath hugging the heat of her tail-base, fur and naked skin alike. Getting a firm pressure from Jacob’s hips against her bottom, as deep under her tail his cock could reach, the fox made a sighing sort of sound from her nose, letting Jacob know that it was far from uncomfortable. Gave her a funny feeling in the lowest parts of her tummy, but also a twinge in the feminine parts it was so close to inside of her; that harmless rod of pleasure setting two separate muzzles ablaze with a cherry blush.

Like?”, Kayla was actually the person to happily speak up in her perky curiosity, hoping that personal little spot of her tail’s tuck met her cherished person’s expectations. Her fingertips slid idly through the fur of her groin while Jacob’s grip upon her seemed distracted by the sensations the mild stretch she felt provided him, stroked by the heated clench of her tailhole from tip to base.

Very much. I don’t have to imagine this anymore.”, the Karrian half chuckled, half sighed against the fur of her neck and shoulder, sounding as if what he experienced in that single, sinking thrust was beyond what he had been expecting in terms of how grand it was. Her tail was a beautiful thing in itself, so getting to take it’s underside and feel that sleeve of her bottom’s interior was incredible – a warming, shape forming feeling all around him, feeling every twitch of nearby muscle.

And, getting to hold her like this while he did it? The old boy could just melt.

Go to town babe.”, Kayla green-lit for both their enjoyment, draping her tail further over Jacob to curl it’s tip behind him in it’s own fluffy hug; the boy’s own rustling against his sheet as it arched into a curve to do his boyish deed. A small bend of the fox’s right knee took some pressure off her thighs, giving her paw better access to her sex and hopefully making things easier for Jacob behind her as Kayla learned as she went, taking that first opportunity to cup the entirety of her vulva in the embrace of her palm’s pink pad.

The usual shape of her tail’s hole was pulled around her partner’s shaft to remove much of it’s wrinkle, but as Jacob took that permissive phrase and turned it into movement in his hips and thighs, what he created in his lab set went to work for both of them, making it as slick and cozy as could be. Jacob held onto Kayla tight, nuzzling his snout as close as he could, withdrawing himself up to the base of his head before slowly easing himself back inside; choosing to remain ginger for the first while, holding back on his own aroused instincts to simply indulge, as was the Jacob Vasse way of being polite in everything he did – even taking a tail. Kayla’s earlier curiosity to if she’d find any feminine enjoyment in anal sex made him want to make it as fun for her as it was for him, figuring sticking to romantic sensations would be ideal in helping to tickle her fancies. That welling, filling sensation under her tail came and went with each pass of tender male skin, indeed able to at least find pleasure in the stroking, comforting sensation of her own mate. The bump of his groin to her backside, ruffling fur with each press of his body in making firm, grinding pushes into the base her tail, Kayla got to close her eyes and just sink into what he was giving her; relaxing, as well as distinctly tantalizing to every erogenous nerve her tail typically shielded from the light. Short vulpine fingers stroking the valley the lips of her genitalia formed, she paid some masturbatory respect to the part of herself that ticked in rhythm with her heartbeat; that tiny nub of clitoris her folds and thin bits of silken skin shrouded, being the lovely bit of femininity that always told her how sexy Jacob could be on a given day, awaking to girlish erection at a kind touch or loving word.

Enveloped in the clutch of his whole body, Kayla had no trouble getting into things at the surprisingly satisfying caress beneath her tail, cradled into the bed as if she was blanketed by the man she had fought so hard to keep in her life. In those first quiet moments as a rhythm was found, the Aspatrian dipped the black tips of her ears back in the expression she made against the sheets, giving the cool cotton a solitary nuzzle amidst her paw’s own tending; easy to enjoy herself with such company and intimate touch, even if it was to an alternative hole that did more for her partner than it did her. As she began to space out to her own massage, a claw disappearing between the lips of her slit while she focused on the love she was being shown through her tail-end, another thoughtful grip of teeth treated her fantasies, coming to be the first to whine out a tiny sound from a closed muzzle, despite Jacob’s own sexual gears grinding with even the faintest movement of their bodies. All it took was a drag of Jacob’s snout up her neck to take the folded curl of her ear that reached toward him; that mental sort of eroticism making vulpine teeth appear from her smile, breathing huffs from her nose as her index finger made a brisker, firmer petting of it’s pad from exposed clit-tip to the top of her hood and back, following that frisky, happy young randiness that brought her to want to share in this sort of play. Those sharp teeth tips against tender cartilage held onto her, letting her feel the way getting to hump against and within her changed Jacob’s breathing; deep, rough moist breaths against her skin, loud in her ear, sounding as if he was more than merely aroused at the great degree of pleasure he was soaking in, even at a gentle pace. While the entirety of Kayla’s sex began glowing with a need for her finger’s milking; the rubbing coming to be more purposeful; Jacob was in his own world, stiffened hips urging his love making forward.

Being kept a part of Jacob’s focus even while her backside was his to take, ensuring she was treated to the hints of foreplay she would like, made Kayla feel so fortunate. That care and respect never stopped when it came to Jacob, even as he dabbled in a steamy, carnal act. A stark reminder of why she befriended the dear Medicalos, giving her mind all the affectionate thoughts it endeared when she was aroused; cherishing kindness and mature intellect above all else; the eight year old felt the master of her universe for the first time in years – no dread in her heart, and that road to the future unimpeded, with someone to walk down it with. The long, sharpened breaths rolling over and into the folded shape of her right ear from maw and reptilian nostril, Kayla’s kept her eyes closed as her face beamed. That ear listened intently as she rubbed herself, and he rubbed her further back, bumping her bottom; that keen sense letting her imagine what he felt, and how it was making him feel all through his young Karrian frame; the rocking of his body petting her own up and down his increasingly tender length, spilling and splashing droplets of clear fluid. It was a sweet, loving music to hear Jacob enjoy himself, and as the time passed, Kayla began to find that the rougher, sharper intakes of air and forceful huffs excited her; that drape of her Aspatrian tail tightening against her mate, wanting to embrace him in return, the same as he did her.

But, with a shakier thrust of Jacob’s hips, the rod within her coming to it’s deepest depth to be met by a harder press against the tuck of her tail and the cheeks of her bottom, jolting it further that extra tiny bit, a sound made the fox’s closed maw part it’s vulpine lips – heart and lust stirred unexpectedly, in ways that made her, too, melt.

The young doctor whimpered – a tiny sound of sheer pleasure from his maw.

Kayla reflexively clutched herself with all of her fingers as her nethers tightened, giving a quivering sort of clench at the sharper sensations the nerves of her pinkened bits of girlish skin suddenly gave. Moisture having come to the pad of her index finger, gliding her own clear juices back over her most intimate skin, the fox had to take an open mawed breath at what came over her. She didn’t think she’d ever heard her reserved bed-mate ever make a sound like that before, but now that they were doing more than just idly fooling around in young romance, that adorable, gratified note from his throat was an enthralling thing Kayla knew she’d want to hear more of. Deeply sexual and coupled with what her taut ring suggested might have been a jumping sort of pump from his endowment, a need to take her firmer and faster growing, the fox wondered if she couldn’t entice him further to let himself go and satisfy that shrill desire his own nethers were craving – leaking loose fluids of his own to mix with the lubricant within her, getting lost in the shallow valleys her tugged and stretched anal wrinkles formed in his cock’s ebb and flow.

Knowing she squeezed her backside a bit when she heard that cute, erotic sound roll in a huff over her ear, Kayla slowed down her right paw’s attention to her slit to focus more intently on the rolling, thin skin of her tailhole and the boyish melody wafting over her ear. Sly, curious hints of vulpine teeth being bared from her maw ahead of closed eyes, she tried to see if she could add her own flair to what Jacob felt around the length he was showing her tail, catching the Karrian’s penis on his withdraw strokes with a clench of her muscle. With some variation adding randomness to when that clench came and how firm it held, and for how long, she became a more active participant in driving her good doctor to whimper like that for her again; those sloughing grinds of her tail tuck’s ring shrinking down around the boy’s pink shaft, giving him so much more to feel as her bottom milked at him purposely.

As if he couldn’t keep his jaw holding her delicate ear gently any further, Jacob pulled it away after the love-nip had grown sharper in the coming moments; snout sliding firm against Kayla’s neck, for the fox to feel him swallow hard enough for her to detect against her body. Out of her sight, she couldn’t see how tightened his face had become, feeling far more going through his immature male parts than he could hold back. As his hips did quicken, hastening his thrusts through Kayla’s tailhole as his mind commanded needily, what she could tell very clearly was just how into it and passionate Jacob was becoming; that graceful, slow approach being lost as his mind drifted into pleasure, soaking in such sexual feelings amid the tense clench of muscle. Breathing harder and more erratic, Kayla followed his lead, getting her tailhole to match his rhythm in stride while her paw went about a heartier fingering within her pretty, shallow cleft; shiny in the light from deepening arousal, fueled by all she could hear and feel.

Scaled snout hugging into her shoulder and neck to match the clutch of the rest of his body against her; sliding of personal skin becoming constant; the arm Kayla laid upon pulled itself free, bending against the bed to hold the hand that cradled the tuft of fur on her chest in that upswing of her ride. A grunt turned to another boyish whimper, then a longer, quieter drawn out one against the tuck of her neck and shoulder – Jacob beside himself, so deep into his deed and the love of the backside he was reaming. Kayla’s heart skipped about, finding the pleasured moans of her mate to be even more exciting than his act; the sounds making the walls of her vaginal passage contract, as if squeezing a non-existent love-maker in the rubbing passes of her fingers outside of it. Having her own lovely thing to melt into, basking in Jacob’s young notes of lust and joy, that passion and happiness of her mate became her own. Finding something so new and exciting to her sexuality, turned on so strongly by the whimpers as she was, the fox’s muzzle curled into a toothy grin as those teeth gritted; the shape of her sex jutting ever so faintly with a clamping of muscle from her groin to her thighs, curling her vulpine toes from the sweet, rewarding jolt of a small girl’s abrupt orgasm. A drop of clear fluid spilled with a light push beneath her fingers out the back end of her feminine part, adding it’s sticky allure to her thinnest fur and a touch more lubrication for brushing, flicking vulpine digits.

While the entirety of her tightened feminine tunnel between her legs screamed elation down her tail and up her spine, so tender as it’s squeeze lessened in the passing glow of the first clamping roll of her intimate folds, Jacob was in the middle of working to earn his own – and with it, came music to the fox’s ears; her right one lifting half-way to point somewhat toward her shoulder. Through its hard press into her fur she felt Jacob’s maw part enough to feel lip and teeth, with his groin humping hard enough to jostle them in the bed and bump the base of her tail upward with every little thrust. Taking in every bit of Jacob’s lustful endearment she could, still trying to tug at his rod with tightly dragging clenches of her heated tissues as she could, there was a distinct huffing and puffing of air from reptilian nostrils, followed by a growling, clit-melting whine of a sweet gentlemen on the verge of finishing, at the peak of his pleasure; length immature or not, basking in the steamy, humid jerking of his most sensitive, tender flesh in a heated glove he cherished. Kayla’s tailhole wrenching down hard enough to fold the skin of his shaft partly over the rim of his head when he tried to pull away, making her intentions obvious with every snatch of him, the old man in that little frame began to tremble, so close to the edge.

Subtle, dignified ways going to the wayside in his passion, Jacob became a mess of whimpers, moans and whines, seeming to stiffen and strain to such a degree in how tightly Kayla came to be pinned by his arm to his chest. The sound of slapping, wet motions filled the room to go with the colorful tones of sex; labored heaves and sultry allure. As she simply laid there and enjoyed every moment of it, pulled into Jacob’s wondrous act as his special person, Kayla lounged in the casual sexuality of it all and her mindful paw, as the Karrian behind her felt that all so familiar building, welling feeling of masculine climax go awash over his erection from tip to deep inside himself. The tuck of Kayla’s tail getting to be his personal living sleeve, the young boy made a tired, gulping sort of airy whimper of sexual tension and it’s inevitable relief – seemingly un-shy cock swelling subtly as his hips and thighs came solid as a rock, even as he continued to thrust. With a vice-like gnash of muscle and mind-blowing sensation at the base of his length, Jacob hit the sole climax a boy generally got to have with the force one could expect from indulging in his greatest whim. Pumping, leaping sorts of jolts came over his length, slowing down his humping to just rock a little in and out, about half-way within the ring of anal muscle that treated him this whole time. While Kayla couldn’t tell by feel if anything of further wetness was placed that short way inside of her, keeping curious, playful attention on the base of her tail did allow her to feel those tiny pumps; a ticking, twitching sensation against her naked pink fold of skin.

With a slow, stiff slide, Jacob’s groin came back to her bottom with a careful sinking of his length back into the depths of her tuck, and the boy let off a deepened, heaving sort of pant over Kayla’s neck. Stopping, breathing as if he was exhausted and satisfied, head spinning in the afterglow, the fox’s eyes opened and her right paw eased itself to a stop, sliding her fingers along the furred outside of her puffy vulva to pet the needy nerves that craved further touch. Again she simply listened, feeling and hearing such sultry breathing as the sound of the rain outside came back to Kayla’s ears in coming down from their first act of intercourse. Erection wedged under the base of her tail coming to seem a little softer, it sitting there without moving was an oddly tranquilizing sensation, while Jacob himself felt such a sensitive, loud skitter of impulses he’d rather just leave the rod where it was; sloppily wet and hot. That clench he used to have eased faintly into that of a hug as the Karrian seemed to get his bearings and breathe, dealing with a dull ache in his thighs from having no stamina for such activities at his age.

Was… ”, Jacob began to ask with a tiny voice, stopping as he caught his breath and panted out another sigh.

Was that okay?”, he asked with a note of concern through his exhaustion, opening his eyes to look over the fur of Kayla’s cheek and over her muzzle. She made no protests or sounds while he did his tail-taking, but the caring man knew he was less then ginger at the end; surely humping his dear fox about, and treating her bottom a bit roughly in ways he wasn’t sure was fully alright.

To it, Kayla made a single, pleased sounding laugh. Lifting her muzzle off the bed slightly in an attempt to speak over her shoulder and not into the mattress, the girl lifted her right paw toward her head to show it to the muzzle that rested upon her neck in loving embrace.

You tell me.”, the fox quipped, spreading her fingers to make a strand of slimy girlish nectar extend off the tip of her index finger to it’s adjoining partner; a shiny wet sheen all over the pads of her fingertips. Kayla did tend to be a leakier, messier sort of girl, and figured that would be proof enough to Jacob that she did indeed have fun as he had hoped.

I fell totally in love when you got really into it. All those sounds you can make… kind of get me going. The tail thing isn’t bad either, but I’d sandpaper my thighs raw with my own fur if I couldn’t rub myself off at the same time.”, Kayla provided as her playful assessment and review of anal sex and what buttons Jacob managed to press on her, lifting her tail off of her mate to pet it slowly up and down along his bare scaled hip as they both came down together.

Jacob was relieved in more ways than one with that, nuzzling the fur he ruffled in his act affectionately. Pointing out the cute and horny sounds he could elicit from his maw didn’t even seem to phase him, as generally timid and bashful as he could be over being perceived in certain ways. Kayla couldn’t figure if it was because she liked it so much, obviously, or if her partner was starting to feel more open and comfortable in private with his sexuality, same as she was. The occasional urge was just nature – why be shy?

Speaking of which, are you still shooting blanks at your age, or… ?”, Kayla lifted her right brow, blue eye looking up toward Ki`rene’s ceiling as she tried to look at that hint of green snout in her periphery. The night the pair rubbed themselves off on one another, taking things slow, the fox was quite aware that most of the bodily fluids that made them faintly wet and sticky were her own; Jacob being a tad too young to “produce” as she was familiar with.

Oh – oh no – I am quite sure I creamed your tail. Feels damp as we speak. I had the time of my life… thank you for letting me do that, cute-stuff.”, came another title of affection from a muzzle that used to have a hard time saying many personal things to his heart; Jacob taking a thankful, lighthearted expression to joke and share in his fox’s cheer. There was no way he could do such a thing to Kayla’s under-tail and not shower her in appreciation, always in such wonderment for what an open minded, open book that lovely girl was. In the grip of her bottom’s natural shape, muscles relaxed in their rest, Jacob could feel quite a fair bit of slimy fluid all around the softened remnant of his shaft’s shape; the first furling wrinkle of his sheath scale coming forward from his groin as blood left it’s length. Warm and far more viscous than his lubricant, the analytical old man within Jacob wondered if he managed to make an entire tablespoon of milky Karrian spunk – a fair bit for seven years of age, lacking in the more clear, looser fluidic bits of other race’s masculine jelly, being a more consistent white all the way through it’s snotty, boyish texture.

He even got to put it somewhere, at that.

Anytime my guy.”, the tom-boy Aspatrian’s muzzle grinned toothily, reaching further up and back with that right paw of hers’ to playfully scratch the tip of Jacob’s snout between his nostrils with her partly sullied paw. That wet gloss her ebony claws had was transferred to the Karrian’s scale, Jacob quickly snickering against her neck and shoulder without recoiling from the sudden feeling of moisture. In that brief moment he didn’t catch any scents that were inherently musky, but rather with a very light, pleasant feminine allure – just enough for it to smell personal, and from a place most private to the young hacking expert.

If you ever want to do that again, just ask. I don’t have to do much other than lay here, and we all know that I’m good at staying still and taking things.”, Kayla came to invite of him with more of that humor, wanting Jacob to feel like he didn’t have to be awkward with making requests if his growing body ever felt the need to blow off some steam, among other things; those scritching claws leaving his snout to leave a faint spot of girlish moisture, forming a two thin strands that quickly broke upon her paw’s fall. It was good to be young and silly, as well as an accommodating partner.

Their interlude coming to an end with a few remaining glowing breaths, Jacob excused himself from the space he occupied beneath Kayla’s tail, boyhood coming free as it eased back to hiding within the scale of his sheath, leaving behind a splotch of white fluid to get caught up within all of that used hole’s wrinkles and the fur surrounding that skin’s tuck. Rolling over and sliding with pushes from his hands, making sure not to taint his sheets with anything staining; mindful of the importance of cleanliness, especially after the particular deed he did, being a responsible sort of physician; Jacob’s claws hit the floor to grab the towel he left behind to clean his nether scales up while Kayla rolled over onto her back to get cozy after that stint on her side. Pulling carefully upon his own tip, brushing the towel along the folds of his sheath to get every last bit of residual lubricant and mixed-in Karrian cum, Jacob looked over his bed with such a satisfied, fatigued sort of smile.

Kayla had flopped the fur on the back of her head upon his pillow, giving her Aspatrian ears a forward jut from sinking into it a little, looking down her chest and thin belly to that of her own lap. Right paw still feeling a bit frisky, the happy bundle of Aspatrian fur tapped two of her fingers in quick succession of one another, back and forth against the top-end of her feminine slit. His room being well lit, her physical arousal was loudly apparent as Jacob wondered if he had ever seen that much fold of reddened pink peek from between the cute mounds of thinly furred lips; Kayla seemingly playing with herself like a child of her physical age, amused by the strands of girlish fluid she was rapidly making and pulling with the slapping dance of her paw-pads against the glistening pool of fox-spunk that ran between that strip of pink and her own outer sex. For such a randy thing as Kayla sometimes was when feeling affectionate with him, embracing her sexuality candidly to reclaim it as her own without shame, Jacob had to wonder her own question from earlier in his mind. Sure she liked the whole concept of erotic foreplay with licks and nips upon sensitive areas, and apparently she loved hearing him vocalize his own pleasures to her, but were there any little requests or desires of her own – like Jacob’s affinity for her tail? That special, kinky thing? Heck, was she even capable of holding such colorful interests after all she’d been through?

You know, I just got to have all that fun, and here you are not having had your own yet. What about you Kayla, don’t you have something dear to yourself you’d like to have done? Some little bed-wish I could try for you?”, Jacob wanted to carefully pry, at least to affirm that he didn’t have to leave her side just because his own needs had been satisfied to a male’s completion – something well shown by how much his sheath had shrunk and withdrawn, looking tidy and dry as he dropped the towel back into it’s waiting place. The wet, drumming slaps of orange fingers being goofy upon her privates came to a stop with a lift of Kayla’s pupils away from her immature pubic fur.

I was a nervous dumbass for my idea, so that’s sort of my own fault there. Getting to do your tail thing with you was treat enough anyway, it’s fun for me to get you all, ah… lacking in composure.”, she kept her voice chipper and strong with a pert shift of her ears upon her partner’s pillow as Jacob bent over the side of the bed to get closer to her, elbows propping his body leisurely.

I mean, I have as vivid an imagination as anybody – or at least I hope that I’m normal.”, Kayla’s eyes went back over her own fur as her smile crooked awkwardly in a mixture of bashful uncertainty, even if that muzzle of hers’ could keep speaking so freely to her mate as she always did in the trust they shared. Tail making a lift off the bed in a single upward wag, the bushy Aspatrian appendage flowed back to adjust itself between her lightly splayed legs; an unseen, inaudible squish of cooling personal fluid spreading and stranding between the skin and fur of her tail’s base.

Having gotten her to admit at least that much, seeing that there was something in her mind she hadn’t come to say aloud, Jacob eased the prop of his arms to settle his chest onto his own bed, playfully loafing with an outstretch of his arms while he got to talk; expression across his snout speaking his inner curiosity.

I would have figured, since you can sit on the floor and play with things like a healthy kid, unlike somebody I know.”, Jacob added his own sort of doctor-like reassurance that she was certainly normal, despite what the uncertainty she held in the back of her head might have been like; getting to use a shot at his own needlessly reserved behaviors as a comparison, as bad as they were after his rejuvenation.

I’d really like to hear what you think about Kayla.”, he encouraged her to let out what she was keeping bottled from him with a tip of his head against his sheet, rubbing his chin against it as his tail shifted about behind him from his bare hips and bottom; a taste of a more open Commander Vasse, slumped happily over the side of his bed in the barest of scale, if the bedroom was to be their safest of bastions for them to be themselves without judgment. Besides, the sharing of fantasy was pretty exciting in it’s own way – knowing what made his fox tick, even in ways that didn’t potentially involve him, sounded great to hear. The question’s honest eagerness and comforting maturity brought Kayla’s attention back to him, relenting that awkward smile as her paw cupped herself between the thighs again, keeping those needy nerves down the more female-looking part of her exterior from growing uncomfortable.

Well… this would be the stuff I think about when I’m hiding my paw under my covers, right?”, she asked as if she wasn’t entirely sure, lacking in the knowledge of intimacy’s more social side. The stuff in her head was just imaginary, and she hadn’t ever tried turning them into words in reality these forty one years of her life. Kayla knew a few acts, and while she might have known some better than others, the fox was still trying to grasp sexuality in general – flavors and nuances of things couples could do being foreign, especially within the realm of one’s own identity.

I just don’t know if it’s weird, or if it would be too much. It’s sort of like… we’d be playing pretend?”, Kayla tried to explain, coming to lift her free paw in questioning gesture as she had some trouble describing exactly what it was she tended to muse within the privacy of her own brain, and how it would translate to something they could do. That was puzzling, but was a start, piquing Jacob’s interest; the fox’s muzzle showing the tips of her teeth with a subtle return of that awkward smile.

I imagine being called ma’am – just spoken to nicely and with respect. I do whatever comes to mind and just sort of direct things; all friendly stuff.”, the fox instead tried to paint a picture of what she pondered when alone with the assistance of a wandering paw that remembered adulthood fondly, Jacob’s brows lifting in surprise and a bit of realization of what she meant. It sounded an awful lot like roleplay; Kayla playing about in the safety of her mind, where she took the lead. Appearing to find those words she was looking for, the fox’s expression and the way she looked over the dangle of Jacob’s black hair brightened.

Oh, like what I did in my room earlier – that sort of thing. In fact, I’d really like to do that for you again sometime soon if we could, so I can see the faces you make when you whimper for me. But, in my head, I tend to imagine stuff like… you know – you being old enough to squirt at the end, and me catching it on my other paw to – ‘eeh-rm… have you take back?”, that spirited description grew far more timid as each word seemed to roll over the young girl’s tongue, stepping deeper into those territories she didn’t quite get or knew where the boundaries to them laid as they took positions that directly impacted someone beside herself, or potentially what the other person would want to do.

Like, lick it clean, just for me to watch and feel? I actually imagine that one a lot. ‘Return to sender’, regardless of where it ends up, cause I like that whole sort of thing. Helps me make a mess, thinking of others lapping theirs’.”, Kayla managed to share to its entirety, getting far more colorful than Jacob would have expected as she didn’t even seem to understand that last bit was a kinky little fetish, and to call it that.

It’s context being fairly authoritative underneath its lighthearted utterance, being paired with what Jacob thought to be a form of roleplay, that curious lifting of his brows turned into widened eyes. An entire world his fox held within her kind nature and strong temperament revealed itself to the wise old doctor, and suddenly he understood so much more about just how she viewed sexual pleasure in her mind after the cruel things done to her, muddying those waters she never came to share willingly with another soul. As the talented, once wayward fox tended to be, it had a soft touch, but was still confident at it’s core…

“… See, I was worried it was odd and wouldn’t be okay – I don’t really know what is.”, the expression and silence Jacob took as the boy thought to himself made Kayla avert her eyes and weaken her expression, thinking he did find issue in her potentially inappropriate whims and the way she tried to pass them off, knowing quite well that she had no clue what she was talking about. Ears folding into a smush against the pillow, not really going anywhere despite their wrinkling at the base, Kayla rolled her irises and their ocean blue surrounds toward the ceiling amid a fresh clatter of rain brushing against the window from a breeze. The things she hadn’t yet discovered and understood of her sexuality didn’t tend to see the light of day, and here the ignorant shut-in was, running her muzzle again like she always-…

It’s very normal, and very okay, ma’am.”, she was treated to Jacob’s softest, kindest of tones his small seven year old voice could ring; slow, accommodating, and calming in the maturity Jacob held so deep within his personality.

The note of his voice and the words striking her with familiarity to how things typically went inside her imagination, understood so correctly, Kayla’s eyes darted back to Jacob with a look of tender surprise to find him climbing back up onto the bed with his claws and knees. Her heart went a little weightless inside her chest at the notion of being called ma’am by her actual partner in life, brought into the sort of play that went on in her head by the caring will of a good, loyal gentlemen. With a short crawl, casual and calm as he knew Kayla herself to be in her view of comfortable sexuality, Jacob’s knees sank into the mattress, sheets wrinkling as he got up on them and sat just enough to settle his tail upon his own footclaws and bend over with a submissive bow, to not be too tall out of respect. Granting Kayla a bed with a mate that held a courteous, soft smile and nary a demand, just as the thoughtful Karrian tried to give her a loving dance partner beside a shimmering lake, he was going to offer to take her paw once more, to gift her something she truly needed.

In Kayla’s mind as well as her heart, sex was just supposed to be fun – but it hadn’t always been. When Jacob first began to form a relationship with her, the girl’s wounds appeared in ways that made her seem like she felt a need to be subservient and to service her partner out of obligation, seemingly so submissive. But, knowing Kayla to be anything but submissive to anyone, willful and headstrong with so much courage and leadership, of course Kayla’s imagination would be wholly different. Her inner play was kind, but she made it safe and fun through the one thing no one before ever let her have.


Jacob Vasse removed his proverbial command pin, and tacked it to Kayla’s collar. It wasn’t his way to relinquish his own authority to take orders, but it wasn’t like his sweet fox was that kind of dominant, walking such a perfect tight-rope between both ends of the spectrum as a switch. Her inner playmates were just nice entities that let her do as she wished, enjoying it with her in ways that made her bigger; never the receptacle for their bodily fluids unless she wanted them, acting only as she wished of them. And, for the fox that laid beneath him, looking at him with this warmed, shocked little face, Jacob would assume the role he deciphered her imaginary playmates took in making smutty thoughts casual and playful – a game taking shape.

I’m sorry I made a mess of your tail ma’am, it was rude of me to not clean up after myself. Could I still, and make up for it?”, Jacob kept up his softer tone, requesting permission; giving all of the choice and direction to Kayla, becoming the partner that would grant her the carte blanche to assume whatever role in turn she desired. It actually felt nice to just play in that way, seeking to please and excite, making his happy little smile look that much more convincing that he meant every word.

The white tip of Kayla’s tail began tapping the bed in a faint wag, eyes still looking so astonished as her maw curled into the doofiest of heart-fluttering, sheepish smiles.

“… That’s my tail you finished in though. You don’t mind?”, Kayla wondered with an odd pitch to her voice, lifting her left paw to her muzzle to cover it as it scorched a fiery blush out of sight. That was an easy question for Jacob to answer, and didn’t even require roleplay to be positive and accommodating for.

Not at all, ma’am.”, that soothing, gracious boy assured with that sprinkling of his own submissive notes, as deeply endearing of the base of her tail as he was. Both of his claws were taken off the wheel in the way he spoke, giving the entire lead to Kayla. Looking as if she’d squirm in her own delight, Kayla’s bushy Aspatrian tail wagged its entire flowing length against the bed like a puppy.

Can I stay on my back like this, so I can watch?”, Kayla tried one more time in making sure this was truly okay, and it was met by Jacob stifling an airy chuckle at how elated she looked for him to be playing with her in this way, nodding his head.

I’ll put on a good show while I tidy you up!”, came out of Jacob’s snout with a willing sort of humor to it, delving into such verbal play, letting Kayla indulge in her own little fetishes for a spell. Lighthearted as Kayla liked, there would be nothing for her to worry about.

Becoming the carefree and respected “ma’am” in reality for the first time in her life, Kayla boosted herself up in the bed with a quick scamper of her footpaws against the sheets, propping some of her back up against Jacob’s pillow with a deeper spread of her legs, pulling them back a bit to position herself the way she wanted. Getting licked beneath her tail wasn’t the sort of thing she would normally imagine, but with Jacob so willing to collect the boyish milk he left behind, she sure wasn’t going to object if that sort of act really wasn’t as strange as she thought it might be. Knowing only the comfort of her own paw in private when it came down to sating sexual desire and her body’s innate needs, the prospect of being able to indulge made the inexperienced old hermit so happy, but so oddly shy, even when she had the reins; the way she smiled suggesting how red her muzzle was from her nose to her cheeks. A flowing, excited skitter of impulses made her tightest of personal walls clench without so much as a touch to her intimate skin, settling into her propped, limber splay against the pillow to watch Jacob; the boy moving promptly on his knees to lay down in front of her, enveloping her tail with his body in laying upon it.

Claws sliding through the fur of Kayla’s hips, scaled snout so close to the young girl’s slit he could nuzzle it, the cuddly sort of softie he was in bed with his newfound partner in life brought the kindhearted man in a boy’s body to kiss the bottom of Kayla’s sex where her vulva just began. Firm, ensuring she’d feel it well, his lips stole some of the thick girlish moisture she had leaked into the faint, bowl-like niche at the bottom of her valley, licking it clear of his scale for a taste as his face eyed up over Kayla’s paw cradling the thinly furred region, ensuring she could see what he was up to. The pair exchanged loving eye contact; the girl assuming her confident position to absorb her own pleasures as her right paw began to move against herself again, making a tiny, scratching ruffle of fur reverberate in Jacob’s ears as close as he was. The movement of feminine folds making bits of glossy smooth pink appear and disappear brought the Karrian to sniff the air, getting a mixture of fur-soaps and well-awakened girlish scents that matched the sweet, salty hint of flavor his tongue picked up from his smooch to her nethers. But, with a job to do, the old boy grinned and dipped his head down toward the orange extension of tail-fur brushing against his chest to make snout-contact with it’s exposed base.

Being the tail-boy Kayla imagined him to be, he never minded getting these close-up looks of the bright pink, adorable shape of her tail’s hidden hole – more-so now that he could examine it after getting to take it, looking well-stroked with a lightly rosy hue along it’s folded gnarls that held onto the distinct white of Karrian ejaculate. It was an image he happily burned into his mind before moving his lips in, muzzle surrounded by the fur of her legs and bottom, to tuck himself right in and draw out his tongue. It’s tip cresting thin, sullied fur upon her tail, Jacob dragged his oral appendage upward with a firm, fluid-collecting lap over the heated bowl shape of the fox’s tailhole, feeling every wrinkle and slimy bits of himself he left behind. That pucker clenched at his touch, Kayla’s toes curling. Saliva pushed through the tightened folds of anal skin as the snotty white was whisked away, all gathered upon Jacob’s tongue as his snout lifted through the lap to leave the fox’s body and return to her view. Like a thoughtful boy from her imagination, Jacob licked his chops, opening his mouth enough with each slap of his tongue to purposely make his tail-warmed cum strand within his maw; thick strings of white from it’s roof in swallowing the boyish goo. It’s flavor with a light musk for his age, still quite male and with a hint of a metallic taste of his race, it wasn’t something Jacob would normally put in his mouth, but Kayla was quite the special exception as the lad took a gulp without grimace or hesitation to show a moist, but empty draconic maw.

That toothy grin of Kayla’s strengthened with an ecstatic, entertained sound squeaked from a closed muzzle, watching Jacob do one of her favorite acts. As her words suggested, the fox’s paw began rubbing herself off much faster, whipping the pads of her index and middle fingers over her sex’s zenith once more to stroke all of her most cherished of feminine skins; her free paw reaching down to pull at the side of her puffed vulva to spread that lip away for easier masturbatory beating of her silken bits of clitoral surround. It reminded Jacob of a boy jerking off, the way the strong little fox was treating her own feminine parts so firmly – clearly not the delicate sort with her own solo deeds… but he couldn’t help but notice when he went down to lick further, that even when she gave the entire length of her parted lips a stroke, those fingers of hers didn’t apply pressure to her vaginal passage below either. She might not have even realized that little habit, all these years.

But, to finish his duty and put on that show, Jacob’s snout partly disappeared under Kayla’s paw and crotch once more with another kiss – one that made Kayla giggle and squirm a bit from how sharp and personal it felt in a place she sure as all heck wasn’t used to. In proving just how much of a tail sort of guy he was, the smiling boy kissed his girl’s tailhole firmly, giving it a hearty smack that could be heard easily in Kayla’s tall sensitive ears before the silken, worming feeling of tongue struck her intimately. Scaled lips of his snout locking onto the base of Kayla’s tail, taking it’s entire tuck into his maw with a turn of his head, Jacob closed his eyes slightly and pushed with his tongue for a deeper kind of kiss, getting to feel that ring of thin tender skin and taut muscle part for him in a different way. Kayla swallowed, finding that to be a unique feeling compared to a hard rod, so ticklish and stimulating in the way a tongue could wriggle – a huff from her maw being followed by a fold of her ears and a delighted little whimper of her own, staring down her body as she got herself off like watching a live pornography. Her bottom treated to such care; a nimble reptilian tongue leaping within her to take it’s boyish fluids back, stroking and screwing such a tight place; Kayla couldn’t help but get into it to the point she wanted to just plain slather her nethers with another orgasm. Unable to stay perfectly still under the harsh whipping of her fingers, grinding young lubricating liquids over the softest of skin with purpose, that chipper look curled and wrinkled to being more fang bearing; muzzle curling at it’s base. Jacob knew not to stop, feeling so much clenching and jumping, and just decided to enjoy that hot tail for a moment for her…

Like a feminine sort of pump, a blissful roll of muscle treated Kayla to another satisfying zip of lustful feelings, ejaculating as the messier girl did tend to do; clear, thick fluids seeping quickly through folds to overflow her lips, with a larger spurt leaving the bottom-side of her slit to spill down her fur and leave a splash upon Jacob’s diligent snout. The good man certainly having felt that, Jacob muffled a snicker right into the tuck of Kayla’s tail, finding being this candid about sex to be so enthralling. It was surely something the fox was doing right as fun and pretense-less as it was. With a wet ‘sch’lick!’ his tongue pulled from the grasp of her tailhole to feel its curled skin hug him on its way by, and with a lift of his snout while Kayla glowed and pawed her way through her orgasm, he treated her to being able to watch him eat the rest of what he produced for her in having gotten to take her tail, snatched away from within her. He left most of what he made there, giving him far more to taste as deeply as his special kiss became in trying to excite that orgasm to hit her harder.

Hoo’… ”, Kayla let off from her maw once her paw began to slow down, Jacob’s tongue slapping with the last swallows of his subservient deed; whipped, sticky hints of cum given a more complex taste before coating down his throat, leaving the fox with a wet, yet clean base of her tail.

I should… likely ask… ”, her ears came back up a little, swallowing and catching her breath, as quick and hard as her arm worked for a moment there.

It’s not rude of me to use my paw while you’re doing stuff for me, right?”, that paw she mentioned came to lift from the tuck of her crotch with a questioning turn, looking even more like a boy in how she could just start and stop like that; Kayla’s face looking a little more fatigued, but still so bright in having gotten to better enjoy herself. It was a curious and cautious sort of question, lifting a brow to make sure she wasn’t being stupid with her self-tending when she had someone to do things with. She didn’t have a clue how this stuff worked in reality, away from things one could watch from the galactic-net.

And, of course, Jacob shook his head with a tightened smile from being asked such a thing.

That’s normal too, ma’am.”, the old boy suggested with a shift of his tail against the ruffle of his sheets, holding himself up a bit with his hands to look over Kayla’s pelvis and belly. Though, maintaining some automaticity of his own, the cheerful lover he became in their play as two rejuvenated kids did bring him to make another lap at the bottom of the fox girl’s outer vulva, cleaning away some of the feminine juices she did very well to spill in such quantity; tongue making the skin and fur roll in it’s pressing pull, making a thin, wide strand of sexual spunk that didn’t break until Jacob intentionally lapped his chops clear. A wonderful thing to feel, and perhaps even more to see, as Kayla’s toes curled fairly hard out of his sight as she gathered her wits from the orgasmic pleasure she caught her breath from.

That’s good… I’m so used to my paw, I think I’d have trouble hitting those peaks without it.”, Kayla admitted with her pleasured smile, still managing to hold a playful timidness to it in suggesting that she had grown so accustomed to pawing herself off that she wasn’t sure she could climax without the press of pad and tickle of fur. It was a lifetime alone she lived, and this was still all so incredibly new, even if she wanted to explore it so bravely.

It’s a good paw.”, Jacob’s maw curled in a deeper, sillier smirk, knowing exactly how grand that dexterous paw could feel. He’d whimper and whine to her heart’s content if tugged upon by it again.

Don’t be surprised if when I do something for you, I just ask to cuddle with you when we’re done so I can do myself off. A good snuggle and a sloppy paw – yes please.”, Kayla came to roll a snicker out of her maw with her lightened breaths, using her right paw to spread her lips instead of rub them, just so she could stare down her naked girlish length at all the messy, clear girl-cum she made, hanging onto every wall of pink and folding of skin. From lip to lip, tucked into some of her flower’s shape, syrupy strings formed. The fox did like how she looked, so simple and cute down there at this age – remembering how tickled she was to see her own cleft in the mirror the day she was rejuvenated, though her mind didn’t seem to pay much attention to the in-furled hole of her vagina, partly hidden by her own tightened flesh. Pinned as her tail was beneath Jacob, trying to wag its tip made her feel something she thought might have been a chub of erection upon his groin, still managing to keep itself awake from being in such a sexual situation despite having “sneezed” its single spurt.

In fact, that just sounds fun in general. Play with you, then snuggle up so I can finish with some galactic-net filth I can find on my data-pad. Seems way better with a friend. Maybe I can find a cute Karrian lady to put on that you’d be okay with?”, Kayla’s particularly open maw mused aloud, taking a more confident and cozy tone now that she had gotten a little more used to the idea of sharing her internalized sexuality and acting upon some of it in reality, as they were with Jacob’s respectful utterances of ‘ma’am’. While the splay of pink folds under the pin of vulpine fingers was for her own visual pleasure, Jacob assumed it to be more of a wordless command to continue his cleaning duty and tucked his feminine-spunk slathered snout into the heated touch of her sex, making small, light laps at their outer furls where fur met pink, tidying the moisture away – rather okay with it’s flavor, and that not-so-musky girlish allure.

You don’t have to put girls on for me.”, the doctor’s grin wanted to become a little shyer at the thought of Kayla giving him such things to watch, but he was too into their open nature to care so much any longer.

Ma’am.”, Jacob sputtered out a quick snicker afterward, ensuring their playful banter still had the respectful notes Kayla liked from her own admission in this sort of roleplay; a stretching of feminine cum linking the tip of his snout to her left, puffy wall of pink.

Though, in his personal deed, he didn’t get to see the more puzzled lift of her brow amidst the August rain.

“… Why wouldn’t I like to see how some cute Karrian lady makes herself drip?”, came from the muzzle above him as a more serious sounding question, coupled with a stiffened smile that just seemed a tad confused.

Jacob could have spit his sensual “milk” out, lips against her sex at that moment. Lifting his head to see that face she was making, the lad stumbled hastily in his brain to formulate a reassuring response; muzzle and lips glistening shinily with a girl’s self-made lubricant, filling his reptilian nostrils with quite a few personal scents.

“… Don’t mind me, just being silly.”, far more of Jacob’s teeth showed than usual as he spoke with an awkward grin, sweeping that particular statement and worry of his under the rug. Just like earlier in the fox’s bedroom, that wasn’t something merely meant for his own service, but Kayla’s as well – her imagination and internal sexuality obviously not as heterosexual as her exterior. Jacob would have never guessed, considering she’d never made any suggestions she’d find another woman to be attractive. Perhaps not in terms of a relationship, but coming to think of it, perhaps Kayla could have hit it off with anyone that would have struck all the right chords with her. He couldn’t be sure, but seemingly the things she enjoyed as an adult included watching other ladies…

Actually, being a victim of violence and rape, her forming sexuality long ago might not have liked watching men, as rough as galactic-net smut could be at times. Perhaps there was a clit-hardening solace in watching a fellow girl please herself, while she too did the same deed. Comforting camaraderie that in turn taught her self-pleasure. In any case, Kayla didn’t seem to hold any distinction over such terms and feelings when it came to sexual orientation, and he very much didn’t want to concern her with having to define them in any way. As far as he could tell she was straight on the outside and everything else involving sex was just the gratification of her urges and genitalia, and all of those common barriers of preference didn’t matter as long as what was going on was friendly and hot. Ignorance became clueless bliss.

In fact, when she was explaining what she mused in her head about making messes pondering others’ lapping at their own, none of those words had a gender context to them, did they?

Heh, and she called him innocent, the dork.

I’d watch whatever you want. I should be as open minded as you are, considering that’s one of the best things about you.”, the amiable, green scaled boy turned his thoughts into words of comfort and compliment as his breath rolled over Kayla’s most sensitive of nerves, sweetening what he said that much more. Releasing the lips of her messy genitalia from the grip of her fingertips and ebony claws, the Aspatrian lass took a more… authoritative grin, staring down over her groin.

I’ve got an idea, if I can be ma’am a little longer. Care to swap places?”, Kayla decided to use those reins she was handed, suggesting she’d like to explore something on her own. That look she took reminded him of her preparation for the DeltaStar incursion test, filled with prideful emotions and curiosity, and boy did he like it.

Yes ma’am.”, Jacob affirmed without question, prompting a louder shuffling of fur and body against the smooth cotton they shared.

Bouncing on their hips with slides of their feet, respective claws accidentally catching and pulling bits of sheet with them in their young clumsiness, the pair of overly stimulated rejuves circled around the other to exchange positions – tails swung and expressions radiant in their playful, humor-laced sexuality. As the rain tapped the window in their seclusion, Jacob’s head soon came to lay upon his own pillow, shifting about to make himself comfortable while Kayla laid down upon her belly, unable to keep her tail perfectly still in the mood she continued to carry about her with the thought that came to her mind. Arm over the thick of Jacob’s Karrian tail, snuggled to it in a way as she propped her figure to have the same muzzle proximity to the boy’s parts as he did her own, the curious and learning old recluse took a moment to examine her special someone more closely.

Managing to be half erect still, with some of his sheath scale pulled back naturally with the swell of his young, pink length, Kayla marveled at Jacob’s anatomy in the decent light they shared, having so few times ever been so close. The way his scales became so tiny in some places, looking thin and delicate, always made her want to toy about with that rounded coin-pouch that made him male, as shapely as it was on the outside versus the orbs and squishy feeling nature it had on the inside. Male bits and parts were actually rather soft things when not firm, textured in complex ways to the senses. Not much of a scent to be had either, especially considering Jacob’s age. While he simply relaxed and let her paws wander, coming to touch his thighs to make them spread similar to how her own did before, Kayla decided to give that half-mast chub a firm stroke with her thumb beneath it, drawing out a bead of off-white bodily fluid from the tiny slit at his cock’s tip. Remnant Karrian spunk mixed with the more clear, watery nature of their pre-cum, Kayla eyeballed the shiny glob and wrapped her vulpine lips around his tip, treating the boy to a sharp jolt across his meatus before the wet sensation came to pass – the hint of boyish seepage milked from his tubes no more, shared within a maw that wanted a taste… even though it seemed to slap in a way that made it look like she wasn’t too sure about it’s flavor.

“… Stronger than mine, but tastes odd?”, she wondered aloud as another review, flicking a single ear as her paws went back to his thighs.

Metal. I’m full of it.”, her knowledged physician educated on his species’ biochemistry, being fairly sure he knew what that “odd” in his ejaculate was, taking an amused stance in hoping the contents of his testicles weren’t that bad in taste. Chances were he’d be lapping it up for her enjoyment anyway, willing to tickle her fancies like that. Kayla hummed, cocking her head slightly in looking over the shape of his upward, leaning tower of boyish phallus.

Can I get this thing hard all the way again, you think?”, Kayla figured she was better off asking, though she didn’t exactly wait for a response before giving it a try. From where she was, the fox gave a firm, drawing lick up and across the bottom-side of its base, lapping over a little sheath to grant Jacob a sharp, tickling and wet stroke.

Boys my age can start pointing the thing without any reason. It’ll react to you, I can’t help it.”, Jacob laughed softly under his breath, knowing that to be the truth – orgasm so recent or not. Even as he spoke Kayla had enough time to lap him like a pup twice across the shape of his sac, as much as she seemed to like the thing, jutting one ball then the other. Her way of licking, in line with her anatomy as an Aspatrian, felt broad and firm, and particularly nice.

But, right after, he got a lick that made his body jerk slightly, eyes coming wider out of surprise and toes curling to stay curled. Unexpected, that one was further south.

Seemingly exploring the concept he just showed her with his own maw, Kayla’s paws left his thighs to go to the base of his tail where it formed to his bottom, giving a press to splay his scale and bare it’s reptilian base a little for her; taking a look, and another inquisitive taste. The boy’s own hole being a soft wrinkling of scale that turned pink and fleshy the deeper within, sensitive and rather delicate, Kayla gave the hole she partly bared to the air three adventurous licks of wet, foxy tongue; warm and smooth, and not seeming to at all mind.

That’s awesome – your scales feel so neat back here!”, Kayla exclaimed with her own perky sort of amazement, sounding excited and surprised herself as her words were muffled just a bit by the Karrian’s backside.

Particularly stimulating and kinky in ways Kayla didn’t appear to grasp, that blush that Kayla held before was passed back to him, lifting his claws to his snout to watch with what felt like an awfully dumb smile. Getting to feel his tailhole pulled on in ways similar to how the fox would experience upon her own anatomy when she used to be grabbed by the base of her tail for a session of discipline, tugged and played with by the girl’s thumbs, the old boy got to sink into the pillow for several more sloppy little laps, stroking those tightened pink scales he never thought for a second she’d play with; her tongue treated to a fairly unique silken sensation from the texture of his softest private scales. Hot, humid breaths rolled over wet scale.

Relaxation turned a tad more exciting however, once he felt the faint tickle of muzzle fur, and a press – obviously taking what she picked up from him and repeating it as her Aspatrian tongue stretched the way his own anatomy wrinkled and furled from scale to flesh. Parting and passing the rim with it’s firm dip against saliva-slickened flesh, Kayla’s tongue stroked inside just enough to treat the boyish gnarl like a bowl, pulled upon as it was. Liking it and surely wanting to encourage, knowing Kayla’s affinity for the things she could hear, he gave her a delighted little moaning exhale, quiet from his grinning snout. The penetration was purposeful and intentional, making a faint squishing splatter of wet appendage against soft scale under the shadow of Jacob’s own frame; a strand of spit joining the pair together from lip to anal rim.

So cleanly too. I was wondering if this would be weird, but after you did it so happily on me I figured it couldn’t be bad. I should do this for you sometime when you’re stressed – just toss you down on your stomach, as calming as this felt.”, Kayla licked her chops to clear her own saliva from her lips, lifting her head though she still looked down at the bit of tail-spot she examined, showing off just how much of an open minded sort she was. If it was good enough for her Jacob and felt nice, she could do it too, picking up those soft tastes that were rather alright. He was a tail-boy, he’d like it right? Though, with an odd shift of her ears, Kayla’s muzzle lifted with an incidental nuzzle across the backside of Jacob’s childish reptilian sac, to look over his figure questioningly.

I should have asked, is your tail off limits? I forgot – not all guys like that, no?”, Kayla’s social ignorance prompted her to probe, wanting to make sure again that she wasn’t making a rude faux pas. In Jacob’s case, the fellow that was once a particularly reserved Starfleet officer and hid such things in the back of his mind, just let a comfortable sigh off his tongue.

If yours is mine, mine is yours.”, he could welcome in private, more than willing to do things in Kayla’s open minded, open book sort of way, as casual and normal it made the bedroom feel. Sex could be so awkward, but apparently it didn’t have to be, with the right attitude and degree of loving trust. His reply got the girl to smirk, thinking of that permission.

That’s great to know, if I get bossy feeling one of these days.”, the tom-boy commented as a quick quip, lifting her still-wet looking right paw with a wiggling of her fingers. That one made Jacob blink a little, finding that to be a more… dominant sounding thing than he would have anticipated. Well alright then. She really did dance the entire spectrum. Her head must have been an incredibly fun playground.

I think I have you where I need you though. Seems hard to me, so I guess I know how to lick. Just ‘gotta treat your butt like a lolly-pop.”, came out of Kayla’s muzzle too happily and easily for Jacob to not outright snicker, pinching the bridge of his muzzle as his penis was wiggled and poked at experimentally, as stimulating and ridiculous as this got to be all at the same time. His dear fox had this way of reminding him that they were single digit ages doing what they were doing, adding this flavor of innocence to the dirtier things their elder minds and memories could form, while her social ignorance didn’t even let her feel as if any of it was dirty in any way.

Kayla got back up onto her paws and knees, stroking and checking the rod she stiffened through the use of the rimming tricks Jacob taught her, as if making sure that throbbing, faintly twitching bit of masculinity was exactly where she wanted it. Face a little analytical in it’s goofy, confident sort of way, the excited fox hummed with a few tickling pets of her fingertips across the soft tip of her partner, seeming to think for a moment before she reached back with that right paw, under her own body. Gripping back between her own thighs, tail coming above her in an arch; an eye closing, tensing a tad; a few jerking motions of her arm allowed her paw to come back looking a heck of a lot sloppier, having collected all of her feminine drippings her sex hid from the open air. Right away that paw and it’s padded fingers grasped Jacob’s erection, causing it to go taut within from a deep, strong pump at the sensation of squeezing, messily wet fingers stroking the thickened girlish water all over him.

Sharing is caring.”, that tail of hers’ wagged in a sway, joking with the toothy smirk that defined her day. Freedom, love of life, success of work. A powerful woman, villain and heroine all inside of her, making her that lovely fox in this moment. There was just… one more thing…

With a slide of fur and the clamber of her paws and legs, Kayla threw herself atop her cherished person, placing her paws upon his chest to give him a few more scales he’d have to wipe off when this was all said and done. And, with it, the boy felt something particularly hot and humid pressed against the shape of his cock’s head, making his chipper look lighten to widen his eyes a little – the pair staring, face to face, with his fox holding such a strong, almost defiant sort of look. She knew exactly where that rod needed to go, bending her knees and settling more of her legs down until that tip of Jacob’s lubricated rod kissed her in the same pucker of girlish lip it did earlier, parting it for the boy to feel naked, private skin without fur once more.

Did she really mean to try again? As badly as that went?

Staying right in that spot, Kayla took a deep breath, holding still enough to feel Jacob’s heartbeat against her vulva. She wanted to make love, and she would… this time, by her own actions; on top, as the leader. Paws sliding upon Jacob’s scale, wanting to hug her beloved person, Kayla closed her eyes and embraced the heartbeat against her nether’s closed passage, letting her heart know exactly who that pressure was – to never be scared, of such a good man. Swallowing and letting out that breath, Kayla’s muzzle curled a little with a downward push of her hips and relaxation of her supportive thighs. Rather juicy within her own walls and virgin from lack of use, an incredibly tight feeling came around Jacob’s head at the parting of her opening, dipping within her by her own act; lubricated entirely naturally, with copious Aspatrian spunk to spare. A faint squish, and an incredibly tantalizing slide washed over Jacob in one brave, purposeful stroke, until that incredibly heated, soaked feeling went right to his base and Kayla was nearly sitting in his lap, knees spread to his sides. Far larger than a finger and incredibly more sexual, filling the entirety of her short, small hole without bumping it’s end, Kayla’s internal feminine organs all squealed, clamping her walls in quivers as if stuck half-way within an orgasm; maw opening to pant loose, wafting whimpers that didn’t at all sound distressed.

And, as those walls calmed, striking her senses with erotic lightning bolts that pleasured her to the deepest depths of her imagination – that part of her so ignored to the point of feeling new – a tiny rocking of her crouched figure from the press and release of her thighs stroked her Jacob up and down ever so faintly, but still enough to make her clench in delight all the way up her belly. It was the most feminine thing she had ever felt, and as the reality of finally feeling her loved one up her where he belonged made the fox’s eyes water, it also made her do something else.

Muzzle tightening with a puff of her vulpine whiskers, opening her orange eyelids to cracked hints of her blue eyes, a zip of a sound turned right into an open mawed laugh.

The entirety of her vagina around her mate, external lips and curls of pink all widened around his shape; his head deep enough to be steamed by her aroused insides, and his crotch warmed by the heat she was letting off; her final act of reclaiming her own sex brought on a tip of her head and such heartfelt laughter in this moment spent with Jacob – the boy below, feeling such a sopping wet embrace of pink, too having to just smile and snicker as happy as the lively fox seemed, pulled in by all that amusement. She laughed in victory, and also at how silly she had been, as if those old scars could have ever held her back. Why didn’t she think to just sit down on the damn thing? There were no scraping rips, or painful stabs… just sweet, kind Commander Vasse, the man she loved. The green claw that helped lead her here, too deserved credit for making her feel strong and free enough to overcome and take back the last of what had been stolen from her. Kayla’s laugh slowing, paws going to Jacob’s upper arms as she pinned him earlier upon her own bed in play, that elated, strong face her hers’ eased into being softer and more thankful.

Don’t dismiss what I’m about to say, and say no-no – and all that.”, Kayla’s ears dipped behind her spiked, furry bangs in an expressive, submissive looking fold as she gave such a calming smile, eyes faintly watery from sentimentality, coming down from her laugh. Her left paw went to her muzzle, and with a kiss to her vulpine digits, she pressed it to the tip of Jacob’s snout, still stained with a faint, dried hint of her own sexual moisture.

I’m very sorry for what I did, when you tried to do this earlier. Thank you for letting me keep going.”, she wanted to express from the bottom of her heart, afraid of how much more sexually repressed she could have become if Jacob didn’t understand her well enough to grasp what she needed. The natural drape of her tail over his legs, and her figure above him, Jacob just smiled.

When you’re an open book, I can read you. That’s what makes you my firecracker, ma’am.”, his young voice continued to treat her so this could feel as comfortable as she would want it to be from her imagination; his way of allowing her to indulge, same as she did clamping her tail around his shaft. Those ears of Kayla’s didn’t right away lift back up, even though that light, upbeat look across her face was met with the first bits of motion in her legs, leaning forward a little to rock herself comfortably up and down.

You remember me mentioning wanting to start a family, in court?”, Kayla asked with a rolling, airy voice as she settled into taking Jacob on her own accord, frame coming up to sink back down, stroking smooth pink skin against silken, girlish walls of her inner slit. Both of them got to feel a similar sexual tension and glee within their nethers, not mattering so much be it male or female in getting stroked in such a way, nerves against nerves, with it being deeply filling for one and deeply penetrating for the other. Strong, satisfying, and rather distracting even in it’s beginning, Jacob had to take a breath before replying.

Yeah?”, the boy responded in turn, huffing out a sound as the fox got right to work, not exactly being the most ginger when taking an assertive role. Pinned firmly and constantly ground upon; shaft and head extremely sensitive and tender from having already done this deed once; Kayla worked her body to scratch those passionate itches she had been holding, letting herself have all the quick, deep brushes of Karrian member against her girlish sleeve as she felt up to from her position on top.

Expression tightening above him, getting some of those fangs to show in her mood and what she was feeling through her thighs and into her tummy, Kayla’s cheer still came through – arousal and personal lust be dammed.

“… You know I meant you, right?”, the Aspatrian, eyes on the future, felt happy to say in private, looking down over Jacob’s face in her playful bounce for their pleasures. That still got Jacob to chuckle faintly, too deep into what he was feeling around him, covered by his furred mate, to actually snicker the way he could before.

I did figure.”, Jacob let off with a contented sigh, already a stone’s throw from making the kinds of sounds Kayla would cream his crotch with if he let them out of his maw.

Not getting any sort of downplay or disappointment from her guy, Kayla’s ears came back up with a flick, lowering her muzzle to settle further into what she was doing – that word she didn’t say so much any longer. She was already just as tender and sensitive as Jacob was, aroused for so long and having already beaten her folds and bits off with her fingers as best she knew how. Keeping to a good speed and hard push was as easy as letting her sex and the bits of her anatomy within her abdomen simply do the decision making, caught up in desire and getting to those most gratifying and satisfying of feelings; generally the goal for someone masturbating, that sole act she pretty much did growing up alone. Knowing what she wanted, and with a passion of her own as a strong sort of girl, that smiling muzzle bared her teeth as she got into what she was doing, learning with the falling thrusts of her body exactly how she needed to move to make her nethers feel the best. Paws gripping Jacob’s upper arms, her eyes closed, parting her maw to breathe with it exclusively, getting up there in terms of how far along she was…

And boy was it a sight, beneath her, to see her huffing and wanting to pant, aroused as could be – nothing quite so girlish about the expressions that face could make.

Swallowing, Jacob decided he’d close his eyes and do the same, so he could soak into the act as Kayla too was; intercourse becoming merely tactile feeling and sound, bringing focus to what they were doing. The stroke of vaginal muscle against shaft, and the pulsing, swelling, natural feeling of his rod within them brought on such rough breaths along with the fleeting moans and whimpers of young throats. All four legs in that bed wanted to thrash and squirm, seconds turning into a minute… two minutes… all that sexual pressure building toward tighter muscle, and heightened pleasure. The quiet contact gradually began to squish with the addition of more girlish cum, getting louder with the warm rolls of drips over the base of Jacob’s shaft, mingling with sheath scale and the crest of his young pouch. Sharp white claws and vulpine toes all shifted about with awkward curls of tails, faces tightening to show more teeth and tension. Kayla had been feeling as if she was having tiny orgasms since they began, making it easy to push more spunk out over Jacob’s crotch; even her clitoris managing to get pet by warm, wet skin with each glide, up and down. Her body would wrench down, and shakily let go, repeating to a glowing, explosive ecstasy within the lowest part of her belly; it actually going taut enough to see, quivering above and around her groin.

Not even needing her male companion to make a sound to send her mind over the hump, ears folding in her own sexual jitters, that maw of Kayla’s soon came to close with a deep, toothy clench and curl of muzzle, looking angry if not for the awkward stiffness of her furred cheeks and the obviously erotic sounds pushed through her fangs. Leaning forward a little further, streamlining her vulpine figure in its harsh smacks against her partner, riding against him as she was, a puffed breath turned to a growling whimper; low, and far into the moment. Cracking her eyes open, bangs bouncing, she used her sight to get down further – hot, sultry breath crossing the scale of Jacob’s left neck and shoulder.

A nip came to Jacob, bringing his happy face to moan; a shift of his tail reminding him of its wet spot; but that expression tightened fairly quickly, opening his eyes as the feeling of teeth became that of a distinct bite. Gripped in a strong hold, Kayla’s vulpine teeth clamped down like an alpha upon their bottom mate in the wild, and while it wasn’t incredibly painful – his fox knowing her limits – realizing she was essentially dominating on top of him made his smile curl into the biggest, most tickled of blushes down his snout, feeling as if he could orgasm again from her authoritative stance and how much of an itch he was actually managing to help her scratch by just being there for her. She whimpered and whined against his shoulder, gripping just at the base of his neck to indent all of his scale hard, making sounds he had never heard before. Same as she held back on howling in a canine sort of way when crying her hardest in severe discipline, she had the capacity to growl in a high pitched, very lustful manner; highlighting her pleasure, physical strain, and what felt in that bloodless bite to be extreme affection. Her legs and hips moved so quickly, slamming skins together so roughly, he got to see what it was like on the receiving end of “being taken”. There was no underestimating her confidence, and her will to be nothing but herself.

It was a wonderful person to be taken by. That proverbial command pin was well earned.

While his own experience hit a solid wall, striking a constant sharpness down his entire feminine-ejaculate soaked length in his personal difficulty in forcing his fairly young body to orgasm twice, claws clenched, that whimpering, growling Aspatrian’s barrage of partial, zipping orgasms culminated into a deep welling inside of her, similar to what Jacob would feel before he came to his climax as a male. Her belly warmed, tightening down with a squeeze of her thighs, bearing down on her partner with a sinking of her fangs that brought Jacob to whimper similarly. That reply to her own intimate, carnal music brought her vaginal walls to harden around Jacob from how harshly they clamped down, clawing at her third, most forceful of orgasms yet.

A long, almost howling sort of whine left her maw as it tightened more desperately against her mate’s shoulder, forcing her legs to keep going in order to milk the flowing, powerful clenches of her muscles straight up into her reproductive organs. A tumbling, outward sort of sensation went down the rod her nethers hugged, squeezing down to push a copious amount of her personal fluids from between her legs, adding to the sticky slop of her own fur and leaving her reptilian mate feeling a shower of warm, thickened fluids – a clear signal of a hell of an orgasm, outright shuddering above and against him, nearly out of breath; fluffy fox tail curled into an arch out of his sight.

Those intense, outright explosive feelings of gratification more than she had ever experienced on her own, satisfying in the most feminine of ways as deeply as she was able to tend to those needy nerves, the gradual release of her muscles made her sex awash with warm, overly sensitive feelings like a boy that had just came; her passage quivering out several additional pumps out of instinct, far out of her control. Sated and spent, unable to push any further forward, Kayla’s muzzle let go of Jacob’s shoulder with a quick intake of breath.

Ah… fuck… ”, her shaky, broken voice uttered softly, letting off a swear like that for the first time since Velius nearly blew her paw to bits.

Permitting her body to fall over to Jacob’s right side, Kayla flopped over out of her exhaustion, tail following her weakened slump; genitalia leaving one another smoothly with all the girlish cum she added, shaft jolting free of a tight hole to bounce and speckle scale and sheet with personal fluids. Heaving, with her Karrian fellow left to do the same, it was only a few moments before that muzzle of hers’ snickered, eyes squinting.

Ow… ”, came from her maw in an amused, surprised way; that snicker only getting stronger as the fox began to squirm against Jacob’s side.

Oh my thighs, fucking hell – that burns! Ow!”, Kayla’s muzzle opened to another hearty, full laugh. As that awkward, playful bundle of fur laughed her ass off at being surprised that sex could be exercise, Jacob let a ‘pfft’ out of his scaled lips, reaching up with his left claw to rub his shoulder now that he wasn’t pinned, comforting the red bite-marks she left behind.

You basically just did a massive ton of squats, what did you expect?”, he had to remind as the girl’s personal doctor, unable to help himself as he laughed right along with her, boyhood sticking up into the air. His thighs hurt a bit too, but he didn’t go neck-biting full-bore like she did.

With the amount of fun they got to have, learning about sexuality and that of their partner’s in such a lighthearted and open way, it was fitting for them to end simply laughing – that flavor of “play” becoming the cornerstone of their bedroom, if “together” was the motto of their union. There were comforting snuggles, brushing nuzzle of fur and scale, and, of course, a few firm massaging rubs of a female fox’s battered thigh muscles. While Jacob was inevitably unable to keep his bed as cleanly as he planned when a rowdy Aspatrian was called ‘ma’am’, the old officer wouldn’t have had it any other way in this new life of his, as well as hers. Catching their breaths and letting their bits and parts soften and calm, huffing and breathing together, a few wondrous musings came to Jacob’s mind as the rain showered outside to wash their arousal away.

He had sex with Packet-Storm, the legendary hacker turned heroine of Earth – CEO of Ackart Enterprises, wealthy as all get-out.

Take that, universe.

“… I think I’m going to need your towel.”, that tired, worn fox breathed long breaths, still making humorous comments as she laid there like a crumpled, furry lump. Her eyes stayed with Jacob’s though, happy and contented from her play.

Are you good, or do I need to finish you off again?”, Kayla wondered of Jacob’s erection that didn’t seem to want to fully go down, as if it got stuck in its chubby state amid their loafing.

Mind is willing – body says one is all you get.”, Jacob quipped back, having enjoyed her ride even if he couldn’t force a second orgasm so soon, smiling all the same as she was. He figured she’d have to get used to his limitations if she truly watched mostly other women when she did her messy business as an adult.

That was a ton of fun though. You humored the crap out of my nonsense.”, that thankful girl had to grin a little more bashfully for, understanding her ignorance didn’t make all of what they did easy; willingness despite. As she said before, she simply appreciated him. With a deep breath, the young fox slipped her tail between her legs to make sure she wouldn’t drip or get any more of her juices on Jacob’s bed, trying to be responsible like her mate was.

“… Family.”, Kayla spoke as a single cheerful word, just laying there with such a look across her worn face.

We’d need a ton of gene-therapy to have a kid.”, the pragmatist Jacob was had to chuckle, wondering how hard it would be to make his reptilian genetics compatible to Kayla’s. The girl merely stuck her tongue out.

Meh, I’m going to adopt a Penitatas at this rate anyway.”, she mused outright, even if that struck Jacob with a pained note in the back of his head. He didn’t want a Penitatas Parenting License after all the pair had been through, goodness no. He’d end up a soft handed dad like Alex, but at least it was a solid route to obtain a true parenting license; allowing them to undo Kayla’s Kensington sterilization to have a child. But, without so much as a blink of her sweet, tuckered blue eyes, Kayla snickered and asked a question.

Could I be Kayla Vasse, you think? Got a ring to it?”, she wondered aloud as she relaxed with him on her side, thighs crossed with the white tip of her tail pointed forward between them.

Jacob wasn’t going to even try to hold back the laugh that went straight to his maw. Same as Kayla did when the pain of real intercourse hit her muscles, the old man he was couldn’t help but just let that long series out of his snout; Kayla making a face, smiling awkwardly with her ears back.

What? Not quite?”, Kayla stumbled over trying to think of a tease to combat that laughter with, unable to come up with anything in how fatigued she made her body and mind. His expression so tickled, a claw had to come to his snout.

The things that can come out of your mouth so easily!”, the normally quiet and dignified Karrian spouted in a humor of his own, trying to stop from laughing so he could explain.

We’re kids, and you… you kind of just proposed to me! Don’t you want to grow up and date?”, that claw came off his snout expressively, questioning in his amusement as if he was berating – yet still entirely unsurprised the innocent thing Kayla was in terms of life’s commitments could do that.

We will, but I still want to stay with you.”, Kayla chuckled back, crooking her maw as if to stress that she really did know what she was doing. Growing up together was what she wanted, but there were things she imagined on that path to forming a family under a loving roof. An awesome mom needed an awesome dad! And she had hers’ picked!

It left a shy note of enchantment inside of the boy’s chest, seeing her give it such playful thought as she seemed to give so many things. All he could do was smile at the face that stared at him so hopefully, full of that optimism and sunshine. Thank the stars, for those silver ‘C’s she finally earned.

Why not Jacob Ackart? You had to fight to be called your name. I like yours’.”, Jacob decided to say as a cheerful flip of the idea, humoring it in a way his own optimism would like to see. The fox’s folded ears were matched with big, puppy dog eyes. It was a long time away, but growing up again was going to be the best.

With a playfully elated squeal, paws going to the white tuft of fur on her chest in loose fists, Kayla wagged the tip of her tail from its place between her legs.

I’m feeling eight again after all that! All I want to do is drag you back across the street to play one of my new video games with me. My favorite is this genre called a ‘rogue-lite’, and we can co-op the dungeon together!”, the fox spouted from her muzzle quickly and with a child’s gleeful energy, showing how quickly she had gotten over her prior mature itch and the soreness of her legs. It was almost typical for a rejuve to want to play for real after the other sort of play, and she was experiencing it fairly strongly as much as she wanted to have fun with her special someone, sharing her new leisure hobby and the game that sent a controller to her wall.

After all that though, Jacob had another idea that had been floating around the back of his mind since they ran back to his house. The tip of his Karrian tail shifting in its own hopeful wag against his sheets, he tipped his muzzle to intentionally look cute in hopes of swaying Kayla from her newfound gamer hobby – something she of course would find quickly, he had to admit inside of his head.

“… Could I make a play request?”, Jacob asked softly, unused to even suggesting a desire for such things. Coupled with that anxious smile of his, Kayla’s bright face went wide eyed with a full-back flick of her ears.

You never ask to play with me.”, she said with such warm surprise, sounding happily shocked to hear such a thing. Over Kayla’s head, the old boy’s eyes looked over the fur of her orange cheeks to his window; a rise of glass tubes behind her on the other edge of the bed, with a gray rain beyond.

Could we play in the rain, while it lasts? Maybe go out back, grab a ball – one of the nice bouncy ones? Good excuse to run around without a shirt!”, he came to ask with his own brand of hushed excitement, restrained to be kind even as he tried to sell the idea. He really did like the rain, and he was feeling seven, the same as Kayla was feeling on her own end. To delve into physical games and the simple joy of getting his claws muddy with a friend sounded excellent after expending all that energy, perhaps roughhousing with that tom-boy of his in a more childish way.

Please?”, Jacob was even tempted to end with ‘ma’am’, just to be silly, but there was only so much silly Jacob Vasse could be on a particular day. To it, the dried hint of Kayla’s spunk between Jacob’s nostrils was licked off of the boy’s snout with a quick zip of an Aspatrian tongue in reply.

I’d never say no to that face. Just need that towel!”, Kayla promptly accepted to grant her good guy the chance to play – hoping that he would ask someday! The dungeon could wait.

Bounding out of Jacob’s new bed, those mature urges out of their systems to leave just a younger sort of play behind in their cheerful energy, the pair went about wiping down fur and scale, cleaning off as best they could. Those successes in life and personal growth were just passing notes to short attention spans, eager to escape into the distraction of playing with each other like little kids. Sex, monetary gain – all wonderful, but not the only things they cared about in this stage of their life. Their bond became a lot stronger, and the sort of new life they were going into was taking shape; Medicalos and Completatas alike.

Back upon the spot they once shared, tiny hints of evidence were left behind in scattered drops, stained into the colorful sheets to later be ignored with a roll of Ki`rene’s eyes when doing the laundry. In Kayla and Jacob’s hustle, the duo quickly dressed and left that room empty; tainted white towel shoved to the bottom of the hamper to ensure it wouldn’t tip Ninne off. Affections confessed and love consummated, a pair of tails streamed in unison down the stairs, passing a bare scaled drake as she finally left her corner – tail throbbing, imprinted by the spiky wooden pyramids of her stool.

In joining his new parent in the kitchen to ask if it would be alright if he partook in the old Karrian habit of playing in the rain and making a sopping mess of himself, he had the charitable thought of also asking if Ninne could join them. Cool rain would be a nice thing for his nurse’s under-tail if she’d just not bother to dress, and having someone else to run and play catch with sounded rather nice. And, perhaps, a round of strawberry shortcake for everyone – maybe even Ninne?

Why strawberries? No reason.

His cheer being so similar to Kayla’s was all too telling how their time together went, and considering it was a special request and the boy didn’t exactly play the Medicalos card on her or anyone else regularly, Ki`rene figured she could make an exception for Ninne today to eat something like that and have a fun afternoon with her friends. She’d mark it as a family celebratory affair.

Though as Jacob went about grabbing a few towels to place in front of the back sliding glass door to keep from getting the carpet muddy when they were done, surely not wanting anyone in trouble, he noticed Ki`rene discreetly take Kayla’s t-shirt collar between two Drakonian claws, pulling her aside into the kitchen; the fox’s eyes befuddled and tail moving awkwardly in her steps.

Girl talk” - his ears heard.

Resisting the urge to snicker out of his sympathy, Jacob stopped his trek to watch from afar. Surely about to be told how obvious her intentions were earlier, seen through like she was made of glass, Jacob crossed his arms and waited for the betraying, embarrassed backward flail of Kayla’s black tipped ears…

Wait for it…

Yep – there they go.