Kayla: A Bad Day
In the 28th century, the technology of rejuvenation allows for immortality. This device is also used for sentencing as well. A penitatas; a criminal that is sent back to childhood to live a highly strict and disciplined life to start anew. (Story Five)
Concept by Lurking Dragon
Kayla and story by Professor Bob

Only one week till the first day of school now, and Kayla and Ninne are doing their best to enjoy it. Emily had the pleasure of informing her furry girl that she had been promoted to the third grade, so she would be with Ninne! This didn't happen often, but Kayla kept most of her skills at the peak level for those first two grades, not to mention she was already pretty smart! Normally rejuvenation requires a rejuve to have to relearn things like how to write and swim, and they'd continue their education. Kayla's skill degregation was rather minimal, very rarely so. The two girls were helping to babysit for Paul, but Ki'rene was doing most of it so they could play. Ashley left him at her Drakonian friend's house so she could do some shopping, since he didn't behave too well during outings. She wouldn't get anything done if she had to chomp on his tail all day!

Except, the two girl's fun didn't last. While they were playing outside, they darted around front during their game, when Ki'rene told them to stay in the back so she could watch them. When the irritated Drakonian woman went outside, her calls for them to come back weren't heard or responded to until her third, more angry call. Then of course, the two girls winced and darted back from the side of the house, to find the 'not-so-happy at having her words ignored' Ki'rene.

"Didn't I tell you both to stay in back?! And you didn't come when I called either!", Ki'rene scolded angrily at the two sulking girls, standing side by side.

"We didn't hear.. ", Ninne said sadly, shifting a foot.

"I'm sorry Ki'rene, Ninne chased me out front, it's my fault...", Kayla admitted, not being much of a liar.

"It's good that you accept responcibility, but the fact is you both disobeyed me, and didn't respond to my calls. Come inside you two", she continued scolding, turning for the back door. Ninne and Kayla slunk behind, certain of what was going to happen. Though they opted not to whimper, their eyes glistened a bit, knowing of their soon-to-be fate. Kayla was always afraid to be punished by Ki'rene, just because of how much larger she was then her. Ninne was a good bit larger herself at 4.5 feet! 8.3 is just.. well, huge. "Paul, head upstairs to Ninne's room and lie down for a bit. I have some things to take care of with these two", she told the boy. The little drake nodded and trotted upstairs with almost a smug look, knowing THEY were going to be getting it! Ki'rene went and shut off the holo he was watching, and confronted the two wet-eyed girls in the center of the room, who still weren't wimpering or making any sounds.

"Ma'ma please.. ", Ninne said quietly, just short of the water in her eyes from making a drip down her cheeks.

"No Ninne. You're not getting out of this. I'm going to punish you both good for this one", she scolded her daughter, sealing both of their fates. Kayla was the first to wimper quietly, shrinking a bit, cringing her muzzle to try and keep herself from crying. "Ninne, take your stool and put it in the corner. Take your clothes off, all of them, and have a seat. Since Kayla admitted to be the primary fault, she'll come first", she then told the teary reptile, making her give her first, small, high-pitched sob, along with a little sniff once she grabbed her stool and put it where it was asked of her. She then stripped bare and placed her clothes a short ways from the corner, giving her mother a sad, sorry look before she sat in the corner, just sulking with her moist eyes. After watching her girl comply, Ki'rene sat herself down on her tail and made a lap for Kayla, who she turned her attention to quickly. "Here Kayla", she then said, giving her knee a pat with her claw. Kayla sobbed lightly and rubbed her paws, taking a few steps to the big Drakonian. Ki'rene lifted her up onto her lap, considering it's size, and she undid the button above her tail and pulled her jeans down to her knees, giving a sudden *SWAT!* over her panties.

"Ow! *SMACK!* OW! *SMACK!* Ki're- *SWAT!* OWWW!! *SMACK!* Stttooop! *SWAT!* *SWAT!* *SWAT!* OOWWWWWEE!! *SMACK!* SWAT!* ", Kayla recieved with the drake's claw, bringing the tears, as her speed increased. Ki'rene had trimmed her claws earlier that morning; fortunately for her, unfortunately for Kayla.

"That was only a warm-up. You're getting a licking this time!", Ki'rene told her sternly, pulling down her panties and taking both her garments off her legs. Kayla wimpered sadly, afraid of what she was going to do. Ki'rene made sure she had a good, firm hold on the furry girl's back, while still pressing her tail up against it to be out of her way, and she bent her head down. Kayla squeeled, almost certain she was going to bite. *SLAP!*, went Ki'rene's muscular tongue, right across Kayla's rear like a strap.

"YYEEOOWW!! NNNOOOO!!", Kayla cried, feeling horrid pain. A Drakonian's long, forked, prehensile tongue was very muscular and tough, designed for removing marrow from bones. As a diciplinary tool against humans, and in this case, Aspatrians, it was very effective. Ki'rene got a good reply to the stinging tongue, and started her assault, sweeping out the tongue and striking her furry rear repeatedly. Her thick strap of muscular flesh landed with a wet *SPLAT!*, making Kayla howl and cry. Her tongue really hurt! Worst of all, a spanking hurts more on a wet rear, and her tongue was sure making it that way! *SPLAT!* *SMACK!* *SLAP!* *SPLAT!* "Pllleeeaaasseeee!", Kayla bawled, very much not liking this new form of spanking. She kicked her small foxy feet, though she was firmly trapped by Ki'rene's claw. She wailed and bawled, as her tongue landed with a wet crack over and over. She was making this harsh! Kayla could only scream and howl, as the fur of her cheeks soaked. *SPLAT!* *CRACK!* *SPLAT!* *SMACK!* , came the last few. Kayla bawled and bawled, quickly making a plea when the tongue's lashing subsided. "Pleeease Ki'rene, noo moreee.. ", she cried out hard, with her body limp and tired from being lashed. Her furred rump was soaked, and she had recieved three dozen of those terrible lashes. Even though the thin, short fur of her rump, you could see a very well punished rear. Ki'rene lifted the crying child off her lap.

"Lie down on your stomach on the couch and don't touch your rear. I mean it!", she told the girl. Kayla did as told, lying herself down, burrying her teary muzzle in her paws and the couch to cry. That HURT! It's no wonder Ki'rene opted to use her claws when possible! Kayla just cried without a word, too hurt to appologize, especially over these tears. "Ninne, get your tail over here, it's your turn", she told her own daughter. Ninne made a few small wimpers and went to her, with Ki'rene sweeping her into position, getting her legs pinned. Ninne made a tiny whine when she held her down firmly, and took her tail, stretching it out so she could.... *CHOMP!*.

"Momma!", Ninne howled, bringing herself to good tears as her mother started biting and chewing the base of her tail. *Chomp Chomp Bite Chew Grrrrinnddd CHOMP Bite Bite ChewChewChew*, her teeth went, biting her hard and fast, not giving her tail any time to rest at all. Ninne sounded like a foghorn, getting herself chewed-out so fiercely. Ki'rene really didn't appreciate being ignored by her daughter, and she expressed it in her chomps! "I'mmm sorrrieeeeee- OWWWWW!!!", Ninne cried out through her mother's torrent of teeth. Ki'rene wanted to scold her good, but she wasn't going to stop biting her, even for a second. Instead, she started a series of hard chomps to really leave a mark. The poor girl howled and cried, having nothing more to plea, as she recieved the harsh bites of her mother. Ki'rene clamped down hard and started grinding and chewing her teeth all over the young girl's tail, which made her screech and scream, trying panicly to escape this nasty hurt, though she was pinned well. At last, the leathery sound across the base of her tail stopped. Ninne was crying very hard, desprate to nurse her tail, which was covered in dark round bruises, all across her undertail at the base, along with more around the sides and top. The sting and ache was unbearable! Suddenly, Ninne fell to the floor and Ki'rene shot to her feet, noticing something when she moved her head up from chewing Ninne.

"Paul!", she shouted, quite mad. Hiding around the corner to the stairs, was a peeper. He quickly tried to escape without being seen, but that didn't quite happen. [You get over here right now!], the large dragon demanded. The little boy slunk back around the corner to the person who caught him, already ready to cry. "Ninne, get to the corner, but look this way. You too Kayla. You both get to watch this little spy!", she scowled. Ninne stopped her tail nursing and trotted to her stool, which she reluctantly sat on, giving a half wimper, half howl when she did. Kayla lifted her head only slightly, still wimpering and crying, having shortly ago found out why Ki'rene wouldn't let her rub her rear. Drakonian saliva was a mild irritant...and boy did it STING! It was near unbearable! And with all the saliva her fur absorbed, it would be painfully drying for a while, and it got worse the closer it gets to being dry! Ki'rene grabbed Paul by the neck forcefully, pulling him along as she went to the wall and grabbed Ninne's harsh dragon-paddle.

"This is for your hips after I'm done chewing your tail to pulp young man!", she said sternly, taking him back to the middle of the room and settling herself back on her tail.

[No please! Not my hips with that! Don't!], the little boy pleaded franticly, quickly finding himself being swept into the angry Drakonian's lap with his legs locked good. It was unusual for Ki'rene to be angry like this, but she really got tired of having her orders ignored, especially by a four year old peeping tom. She held him down by his neck hard, practicly squeezing the scruff of his neck, while she pulled his tail straight with a yank. Paul was already crying now, as he quickly realized how severe she was going to make this, and how angry this large Drakonian woman was! With no warning, shuffle, or anything, her head flung down with a *SNAP!!*, chomping and biting the base of his tail fiercely. Paul screamed and bawled like the was being mauled, which he was in a sense. Ki'rene wasn't about to let Kayla and her daughter's dicipline be used for a four year old terrorist's entertainment! She snapped her head around like a tiger would while he ate a zebra, grinding and chewing his bare scales with no mercy. The little drake's screaming howls became constant, as he thought he'd never be able to sit again after this severe treatment.

[STOP!!], he screeched out, hurting his own larynx, while Ki'rene finished off her intense chewing. Like she did with Ninne, she clamped down hard and chewed for a few moments, making sure there would be some nasty bruises, and released the boy. The little Paul wailed and cried hystericly, bending his knees and tail at the pain. Ki'rene opted for a short but intense chewing for such a naughty drake, and she knew how baddly that had to have hurt, because she was getting pretty tired herself! Paul didn't even dare to try and rub his tail, with fear of how much that might hurt, so he rung his claws while he shifted his feet, tears dripping down his cheeks and snout. Ninne just sort of smirked over her own tears, and Kayla could almost do that much, but the drying saliva was at it's peak right now, and she was doing everything she could to keep from howling. Ki'rene picked up the harsh paddle from her side and lifted the bawling drake's tail, sending his snout into the carpet.

[I'll teach you to not disobey me and spy on people's punishments!], Ki'rene scolded. Her anger was being fueled more by the fact that he had spied on her daughter's chewing, and she wasn't about to allow this little guy to invade her daughter's privacy, when a public punsihment was not warrented. Reeling the paddle back far, taking a moment to aim, she let it fly...

*SLAM!!!* [AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!]. Ki'rene was using incredible power against this very naughty penitatas, never having struck someone so hard. He was jumping his legs around, bending his knees slightly, as the harsh dragon-paddle landed it's mark, back and fourth on his slender hips. Again and again it would make it's mark on his rear, just not on his tail. He was screaming and crying uncontrolably to the point where he was short of breath and practicly no longer able to stand. Ki'rene decided to stop, grabbing his neck before she let go of his tail.

"Kayla, stand up. Ninne, go over to her. This little boy is getting your stool now", she said, sounding like a very stern parent would in this situation. Kayla did as asked, wiping her wet furred cheeks with the back of her paw, as Ninne stood, rather happy to do so, and walked past her mother, wiping her snout. The last thing Paul wanted to do was sit, but he no longer had anything left to resist with. He was completely subdued, feeling like he was going to drown in his own tears. Ki'rene placed him on top of the stool and made sure he didn't hop off. Paul just make a loud and long Drakonian growl, having nothing more to respond with. "Ninne, Kayla, you can go stand in that corner there for a little while", Ki'rene said exhaustedly, looking to go sit in the diningroom for a while. Being the diciplinarian sucked, but she was the parent, and that's how it was. Kayla and Ninne complied with only small wimpers, still recovering from what they had recieved. They were fortunate enough that Ki'rene allowed them to stand and not sit. They stood side by side, huddled in the corner with their little tears.

"I'm sorry Ninne.. ", Kayla tearily whispered to her scaly friend. She still felt responcible for this.

"It's both our faults *sniff*, don't worry", she replied just as sadly. Kayla's stinging rear was just begining to subside, and Ninne's tail just pain ached. They got it good today, and they knew neither of their parents were giving them nano-lotion this time. They would have to live with this for the rest of the day, till it subsided. Ki'rene left all three in the corner for a half hour, till Paul bawled himself till everything hurt, and the two girl's legs had tired.

"Alright you two, you can come out of the corner now and put your clothes back on. Kayla, I've already called your mother, I'll be taking you home in a minute. I'm sorry but I can't hide this one", she told the two. Kayla wimpered upon hearing that. She was going to get it when she goes home, she knew it! "You're not free either Ninne. You're going straight upstairs for a nap, so don't even bother with your pants. I'll decide later if your hips need to be swatted", she didn't exactly scold, but her tone of voice sounded like it. Ninne made a little sound and grabbed her clothes, just slipping her big shirt and panties back on for her nap. "As for you Paul, I can't leave you alone for a second, so you're going to walk across the street with me and Kayla", she did scold, motioning for him to follow. "Get up to bed Ninne, you better be there when I get back!", she told her daughter, making sure she knew what would happen if she disobeyed again. On the way out, and on the way upstairs, Kayla and Ninne waved goodbye to eachother and went their ways for now. Kayla slowly walked across the street sulking at Ki'rene's side. "I hope you're learning a good lesson Kayla. You knew better", Ki'rene told her lightly, knowing she was most likely about to get it from her mom. Emily appologized to Ki'rene for her behavior, and she said it was alright, and left. As soon as the door closed though, her mother's left arm promptly gripped her, while her right swung.

*SMACK!* *SMACK!* *SMACK!* "That was very bad of you Kayla!", Emily scolded, keeping a firm hold of her girl's upper arm while her right hand swatted her rear. Kayla started crying again, feeling her hand against her already hurting rump, while she wimpered tearfully, moving her legs around in a dance.

*SMACK!* "Moommmm stt-*SMACK!*-oooppp!", Kayla cried. Her mother delivered a dozen before she let go. Kayla rubbed her rear through her jeans with her paws, crying sadly.

"I'm very disappointed in you. I can assure you that you'll be crying yourself to sleep tonight", Emily scolded. Kayla rubbed her eyes and sniffled, still looking away.

"I'mmm sorrryyyy!...", she whined before she started sobbing.

"I know you are, but you're going to deal with this one. Before bed tonight, you're getting one from me. For someone so smart and polite, you did a very foolish thing", she scolded a little lighter. She felt sympathy, she always does, but she wasn't going to ease off of her. Not this time.

Emily put Kayla upstairs for her nap, woke her up for dinner, gave her a bath, and then took her too her room to spank her before bed. Kayla took off her clothes as asked, not wanting to get into more trouble by resisting any. She earned this, and being the person she was, accepted it.

"Okay Kayla, over my lap", Emily told her, sitting on the side of her bed. Kayla crawled onto her lap with a whimper. "You're getting a hairbrushing from me, then you'll just have to cry yourself to sleep. No nano-lotion this time. You'll wake up completely fine, but you'll just have to deal with it till then", she told Kayla, taking her brush into hand. Kayla gripped her paws to the bed, hoping this would be quick.

*SWAT!* *SWAT!* "OOWWWWWW!!!", Kayla howled. Emily would alternate between sides, hitting dead center too. "Pleass! *SMACK!* I'm sor- *WHACK!* YEEEOOWW!! *WHAP!* OO-WW-OOW..". she yelped and howled, before she started crying. Her mother delivered two dozen swats, just enough to sting her bottom, but not bruise it.. at least visibly. Kayla lied there crying over her lap, obviously feeling very sorry for disobeying Ki'rene now. She was also disappointed in herself.

"Into bed now, I'll tuck you in", Emily told her lightly, lifting her off her lap. Kayla continued her light sobbing and got into bed, rubbing her eyes. Emily tucked her in as promised and put Kayla's brush back on her dresser, hitting the lights. "Get some rest now, you can go back to playing with Ninne tomorrow, after breakfast of course", she said with a smile. She learned her lesson, so why be a hard-ass about it.

Kayla sniffled. "Thanks. Good night and...I'm sorry", she said tearily. Getting spanked like a penitatas was horrid, but you did feel sorry after you got a harsh one for doing something bad. The door closed and the fox nuzzled her head into the pillow, wiping some tears. Though she hated some parts of this, she liked living here, with a mom. Living as a criminal in sentencing, a penitatas, was better then having no family at all. Emily's love and good parenting couldn't be overshadowed by her duties, Kayla wouldn't let it. She vowed to make her proud, and with school shortly from now, she would do her best, and her best was a lot. Never would she hold Emily and Ki'rene in hate....she got herself here for being Packet-Storm, and she would leave something better.