Kayla: Guinea Pig
In the 28th century, the technology of rejuvenation allows for immortality. This device is also used for sentencing as well. A penitatas; a criminal that is sent back to childhood to live a highly strict and disciplined life to start anew. (Story Fourty-Seven)
Concept by Lurking Dragon
Kayla and story by Professor Bob
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"This isn't fair at all.", Kayla griped and grumbled, stroking her fur brush between her ears as she got ready to go out. The bristles scratched at her skin from her hasty carelessness, as she stood in her living room, eyes down towards the floor with a familiar anxiety. Sitting by the front door at the family computer console, Emily was busily finishing the buttons of her shirt, looking more well dressed than her furry daughter. There was not much reason for Kayla to worry about nice clothing on such a day, and it wasn't like she was thrilled about it either.

"Enough Kayla. I don't have a say in the matter. This is a requirement for a penitatas and one of their parents, if that penitatas is selected. You just happened to be selected for duty.", Emily responded in a more parental tone, adding her own displeasure with the fox's complaining.

Only yesterday evening did they receive a call from the Calleet Courthouse. Akin to jury duty in modern times, Kayla had been selected as a last minute stand in for a penitatas parenting class. Being that penitatas parents must be licensed as such caregivers, demonstrating their knowledge of safety and discipline, they require a penitatas to use if they're going to get their license. To boot, since Kayla was picked randomly from the list of all penitatas in Calleet, that meant one of her parents would have to accompany her and provide information and observation for the soon-to-be paddle-wielders. It was random to be fair to all penitatas regionally, but it was still a heavy episode of spanking from an inexperienced person.

As she released the final button of her shirt from her fingers, Emily lightened her expression naturally from her stern look, watching her daughter. Kayla looked down, facing the holo, slowly brushing her fur. Her arm was stiff, and her tail still, tucked close to the seat of her darker blue pair of jeans. This was a stance she was familiar with, typically when walking into the young penitatas' room after sending her there. Kayla was anxious, and dreading what she knew for a fact was coming. She hadn't done a single thing to deserve it, behaviorally anyway. By law, the two were required to participate; fueling the future of the penitatas justice system, and bringing new parents in for the penitatas to come. It was what guaranteed the young criminals facing years of strict discipline a safe childhood, set in place after the abuse related death of Richard McDaft during the reform of the justice system.

"It won't be as bad as you think. You won't like the formality, but they won't know how to apply force like I can, and it's my job to teach them how to do it right. If they do something wrong, I'm there to tell them about it. You're almost like a teacher too, okay?", the older mother spoke, trying to adopt a softer, more reassuring tone to counteract Kayla's jitters. She was behaved, so it felt like the least she could do was make a required task at least appear less frightening. Kayla's fox-like ears lifted a little, closer to their perky, erect position as she set the brush down.

"I hope you're right.", Kayla said very quietly, still towards the ground before her paw left the fur brush and she began walking - her covered footpaws thumping against the carpet as she neared the other side of the desk.

"Just know it's coming.", she added in a tense, nervous sort of voice. Even then, the words ended in an airy sigh, as the Aspatrian gathered confidence and worked to accept what was going on. At least if she had been a little miscreant, she'd have something to be sorry for. This time, she would have to reach back to her adulthood and her past deeds, to find the reason behind her falling victim to this punishment by demonstration. While standing there, Kayla fidgeted her feet, looking uncomfortable.

"Understandable honey. Tell you what, when we get home, I'll take you across the street to play with Ninne so you can have some rest. That sound any more fair?", Emily injected a positive tone into her voice, reaching her hand out across the desk to touch Kayla's own. Kind words, and promising some fun time, it was enough to get a small smile to creep across Kayla's orange furred muzzle. The fox placed her small right paw in her mother's hand, where it received a gentle, affectionate sort of squeeze before being released. The mother had gotten good at using her hand for matters aside from pain. A portion of the brick in Kayla's chest sank back into her belly, leaving her with just fluttering butterflies.

"It does. Thanks mom.", Kayla responded with a light, more optimistic voice. That sounded closer to her daughter, even if her ears stayed folded slightly. This worry would at least go away once their duty was said, swatted, and done. The penitatas she was replacing had better be happy!

"Let's get down to the courthouse and get this done and over with. There is a classroom on the first floor; very small. They've got us doing license tests in there. Try to be quiet unless I direct you to talk.", Emily said as she stood from her seat, and began leading the way out to the family hover car. If only Alex was a stricter, more knowledged disciplinarian, she would have gladly stepped out of this one. But, as she strapped in her girl and climbed in herself, this was something the human parent was doomed to endure. It was many years ago now that she and Alex obtained their own penitatas parenting licenses; a stiff and professional process. The boy they brought in class was a very shy penitatas, on their second or third cycle, if she remembered correctly. A fine test subject, considering he only made any loud cries if you landed a lash incorrectly.

Beside her mother, Kayla sat with her tail still, and her arms crossed. Despite being buckled, the fox felt bitter deep down, and it left her slouching in her seat. In moments, the view out the front windshield began to change, as the hover-car hummed his warbling tune and gained steady altitude. As the scenery began to scroll, left to her own thoughts, Kayla's mind began to wander; late morning sun illuminating the blue of her eyes, and making her orange fur shine.

It was such a clear day, that early April. It was only days shy of being two months since Jacob was declared innocent of the charges brought against him by an illicit Starfleet court-martial. The night she opened up her heart, and her body, remained an important day. Kayla had found comfort in her memories as an adult, just as her partner did. Secure in the support they lent each other, and filled with confidence. Since then, Jacob had been the happiest as he had been. Now, the old Starfleet doctor could at least pick up a toy without thinking poorly of himself. Kayla had even gotten to play with him on occasion, be it outside, or in one of their rooms while visiting. Jacob still would not do it in front of others, but as long as he could relax and enjoy his age in his own private company, it was all the better. It was a large step closer to making his newfound childhood a vacation, rather than watching the years tick away. Things between him and Lory were still rough, at least the fox thought, as she watched the lines of hover-cars filling the skyways above Calleet.

The middle-aged, long ebony haired human did not seem the way she did before Jacob's arrest. She still tried to be the parent she could, but it felt like an act. Almost like she was too ashamed, or frightened of what Jacob thought of her, to give a grieving boy the things he needed. Jacob saw it as another opportunity to be left to himself. Kayla worried about him, and always hoped Jacob's "Miss Lory" would turn around and return to being the parent she knew how to be, if she wanted matters to be brushed under the rug and return to the status quo.

At least, Kayla ran through her mind with a light grin reflecting against her door's window, Jacob was doing well and the matters that hurt him deeply were gone. During school as soon as he returned, Miss Chester issued a formal apology for his punishment in front of the class, and made every person in the class say they were sorry in unison. Markus and Davis said their's more quietly, having suffered a weekend of punishment in their homes for apparently nothing. For what little use it all was, their foolishness prompted their silence, not attempting to bother the good doctor again. To boot, Jacob was given an automatic perfect score for all the day's work, and sent to the library for a day of relaxation. Her green scaled partner would never turn down a quiet day to himself.

What turned out to be the only painful drawback, Kayla remembered in tense silence over the city, was Jacob's discovery of Ninne's fate with Ki'rene. The poor thing. Guilt crushed his heart that day, sitting and slowly eating his meal as if he blamed his own inability to deal with the penitatas bullies for what befell the tall, brown scaled raptor heroine. If he wasn't a penitatas at that time, and had such freedom, he would have called Ki'rene on his own to ask for mercy. The heavy paddling carried out by Mister Yami's strong, endlessly skilled arms, was only added to later that evening. Her Drakonian mother only gave so much leniency for her daughter's explanation, concerned with Ninne's ongoing miscreant behavior. With a new leaf, and better understanding of responsibility, Ninne had accepted what she earned. Obediently, as a penitatas, she was punished accordingly. A lengthy, strict tail chewing after already being worked over by her principal, left Ninne sobbing herself to sleep, and aching for days. Aside from earning a quiet punishment from Ki'rene, the once fallen Ninne earned Kayla and Jacob's respect. It seemed Jacob was happy to call Ninne a friend after what happened, and it made returning to Ninne's side that much easier for the fox.

As Kayla's worried, racing mind began to sink deeper into thoughts, and her feelings over matters, a light inertial jerk from the hover-car meant it was coming to a halt. Lifting her head back up, Kayla pressed her paw into the soft seat to sit up straight as the view in front of their vehicle scrolled the opposite direction. Perhaps transportation had gotten too fast. Being late isn't that bad, is it? Kayla wished it so. Soon she would be in the limelight, in the most vulnerable, precarious of ways.

"I'm going to spare you the usual lecture. You've been at the courthouse quite a few times already. I will not hesitate to spank you in the car, even after the license examinations, and send you to your room instead of out to play. You're going to be in front of the justice department today. Best behavior.", Emily found it prudent to go into as the hover-car worked it's automatic landing procedures, turning her head over to her daughter. It had a ring to it that made Kayla turn her head right away in acknowledgement, ever so slightly drooping her ears as she listened. It was a stern threat, but at least warranted. Within the walls of the Calleet Courthouse, the place of the fox's sentencing and rejuvenation those nearly two years ago, the penitatas justice system as a whole would reign supreme; no act by the mother going un-analyzed.

"I promise momma. I know what's at stake; I'll be good for it.", poor Kayla had to assure as the hover-car's engine whirred back down to a halt, giving an honest nod. She had to resist gulping at the threat due to the nervousness it instilled, but the fox was well aware that wasn't Emily's objective. Still, promising to be good for something embarrassing and painful was hard, but Kayla was becoming the master of it as the days, months, and years ticked by. Only a week or so ago, Ninne had turned ten. A double digit number in their group. They had all grown, in more ways than size. If there was something to be learned from this experience, the repentant furry penitatas would find it.

"Come on then. I'll find us the classroom.", Emily then spoke in a lighter, more normal manner. Her daughter had a strong resolve, and a type of bravery that made her words hold water. A promise from Kayla was not a lie; best behavior would be what she'd get. Climbing out of the hover-car, Kayla was at the age she could operate the seatbelt and door well enough on her own to land on the soles of her shoes and join her parent. Emily closed Kayla's door for her, turning for the main entrance to the large, brown brick building with her penitatas responsibility in tow, loyally at her side. Kayla's paws held one another behind her back, for comfort, and a subconscious urge, due to the nature of the structure she was entering. A curious hum of thought from her mother caught her attention, making her muzzle turn up towards her mother's.

"You know, I don't know if you will have to be passed through security to get to where we need to be.", the human woman asked with the tone of a question, much more light hearted than before. Hearing less worry and fret made Kayla's ears stand at a state of aware attention; their black tips pointed towards the clear blue sky and sprawling, moving life above. The butterflies, though, still tormented her belly.

"I can't remember the layout of the first floor that well. Ninne and I were screened upstairs, so...", Kayla conversed out loud, as the pair stepped side by side through the mildly busy sliding entrance to the courthouse. Sounds and smells familiar to the Aspatrian's heightened, keen senses, it felt awkward to be here without her best dress. The last time she was here in a t-shirt and jeans, they were much more tattered. It was a white holding cell, with Starfleet officers outside the door. A sudden, surging memory like that made her imagine how Jacob felt all day of each day. Kayla shook the thoughts from her head, in the mild lighting and tan, intricate faux-wood that surrounded her. This place was always too fancy for her comfort; men in black suits and ties walking by, and woman so casual in their rigid, busy nature that they walked through it all without removing attention from their tasks.

"Who would want to come work here every day?", Kayla commented openly, with her voice lowered towards her mother. Emily eyed down at her side with a look, stretching her mouth. The fox couldn't contain her thoughts, apparently.

"This must not be everyone's thing, but they are probably happy.", the little Aspatrian received as a reply of sorts, as her eyes scanned the halls of justice for further mindless people walking about - too busy with themselves to care about their surroundings. Stepping upon lush, yet traveled carpet, Kayla felt like she was the only one with jitters in regards to her surroundings.

Thankfully enough, there were no security checkpoints or officers stopping her for the silver letter on the backs of her paws. Staying close to Emily, she was clearly under escort, as the men stood patiently as they walked by. Kayla kept her bushy, white tipped tail as close to her body as she could without hugging it to her legs. It was out of anxiety, even if she ignored it, and the fact she did not want to bump it or brush it against anyone. Best behavior, she promised. Leaving the large open areas and passing dark, synthetic-wood desks, Emily seemed to follow small plaques on the wall, reading their numbers. In following her parent, Kayla's ears began to hear less of the bustle behind herself, walking deeper into an unoccupied short hallway. The hall was a bit more well lit than the main room, with bright sconces between each door; not having to fill such a sprawling, dark space with light. If anything, the area seemed less judicial, and more auxiliary, just as Emily was searching for.

The door was different, having the examinations held in a different room than she remembered, but it was all the same in the end. The mother and daughter halted at a simple, light colored faux-wood door with a window in the upper center. Almost eight years old, Kayla could not have seen through it at her height even if she stood on the tips of her foxy toes. Standing ready, the girl swished her tail from one side to the other in one quick motion, as if she was loosening it up while taking a deep breath. Looking back up at Emily, she found the older human was already looking down at her with this light, almost sympathetic smile. Knowing her mother's body language like a book, just as Emily knew her daughter, Kayla could see that she had been given a moment to breathe.

"Ready sweetie? Formal mode from here out.", Emily asked, as well as announced. Understanding, and as prepared as she ever would be, Kayla flicked an ear and nodded her head affirmingly with little hesitation. This was the part where her mother would have already stepped into her room, paddle in hand, and the ache was about to come in mere moments. Acceptance took over, flowing from Kayla's personality and inner repentance. Like any penitatas, or child facing punishment for that matter, she wanted it to come quickly and end quickly.

"Yes ma'am.", Kayla managed to kid with a half smirk, as she demonstrated 'formal mode' early. Such things brought Emily comfort, and it allowed a brief few seconds of warmth between the two before the human woman placed her right hand upon the old-fashioned door knob before her.

"You're in good hands.", Emily spoke with a greater optimism, just for the sake of saying it as she opened the door. Stepping inside, Kayla swung her tail around to keep it from smacking the door, following closely behind her guardian's legs. The smell of the room was different from the rest of the building. Sterile, in a sense, due to lack of use. Typical beige walls and collapsible tables, the medium sized room seemed to have multiple purposes. In this instance, the desks were pushed back, and rows of empty space was created, leaving a table off to the side, and a chair in front of a synthetic-wood, permanent desk at the head of the room to their right. Peering around Emily with curious, weary eyes, Kayla looked at the people standing in wait, and counted them. Six, all paired, aside from one that sat at the table straight across from them.

"Welcome Miss Targate. We're ready to begin, everyone.", the older looking woman sitting at the table spoke in a slower, deeper voice then Kayla's ears were expecting. Dressed in blacks and grays, the human's dress came off as very conservative and well-to-do. A woman whom had likely been around the block as many times as Jacob, or longer, as her body went on in age.

As the woman rose from her seat, stepping around the table to join the group, Emily took her position and Kayla resumed her own. Standing with a straight back, her paws clasped above her tail again, remaining quiet and polite. They stood in front of the six people, lined up together only some feet away. The fox presumed these were three different families, preparing to become penitatas parents.

However, the two on the right confused her a bit, catching her eyes and attention first. They were two male Drakonians, seemingly paired together as a couple. It wasn't something Kayla had seen before, in her shut-in of a first life. Intriguing, she thought with a flick of an ear. They were even Earth based Drakonians, wearing clothing like Ninne and Ki'rene; sporting confident, raptor-like postures. The other two families were your typical humans, husband and wife. In the middle, the pair stood a little older, and more well to do based on their clothing. That man had thick hands, and a dominant sort of air to him, coming off as the primary disciplinarian to be. Being an experienced penitatas, Kayla imagined he would have a frightening swing. The last couple at the left of the group looked younger, perhaps even soft looking. It could have been nervousness, Kayla thought, but each of them looked as serious as the other - both here to fulfill a goal.

The adults followed their instructor and proctor from the Penitatas Justice Department, listening as the firm sort of woman spoke aloud once standing straight at Emily's right side.

"Now, this is going to be an examination of the studies you have concluded so far. In order to proceed with the licensing process, you must be able to demonstrate the basic fundamentals of spanking, and the application of discipline on the controlled level of a penitatas guardian. Safety is critical to your relationship with your penitatas on a negative-reinforcement level.", her voice continued as if reciting something she had said many times before, written by the justice department. So proper and professional, the all-business approach made Kayla's butterflies flutter a bit faster around her belly. The woman raised her left hand, turning her head in gesture towards Emily.

"This is Emily Targate, an experienced penitatas guardian. She will be providing you with information and general instruction to assist you, under the reform laws. For this demonstration, each of you will need to use the following items proficiently. Your hand, a paddle, and a cane; the base implements which will govern your ability with the others. The implements have been pre-selected in accordance with the age of the penitatas, whom will be introduced to you.", she then gestured further than Emily, downwards towards Kayla. Watching and listening, the fox's worry began to resurface, causing her expression to dull, and her muzzle to stay pointed away from any of the adults in the room. Hand, paddle, and cane, needed to be demonstrated by six different people. That could easily equate to almost twenty lashes per implement!

"Not so bad my ass...", Kayla griped inside her head, while keeping her polite, calm exterior.

"You may begin Miss Targate.", the woman ended with, giving the younger penitatas mother a light nod before stepping off back to her seat to observe. Kayla turned her head up to her mother, now that they were in charge. Well, Emily was. The fox was going to take her orders just like the other adults would. Trying to find her words, Emily nodded to the six standing before her, which received a quiet look of acknowledgement in return.

"Alright then, let's get down to business. You can introduce yourself.", Emily spoke with a slightly louder voice from nervousness, which she quickly corrected and returned to normal in the smaller size of the room. She looked down and placed her head on Kayla's head, smiling down to encourage her daughter to speak. Kayla's blue eyes shifted from her parent, out to the other soon-to-be parents.

"I'm Kayla. Kayla Ackart. You would otherwise know me as Packet-Storm, the hacker.", Kayla tried to speak in a welcoming manner, polite and cheerful to not be as shy as those that came prior to her. She even included some body language from her paws, and a loose movement of her tail to keep her mother's audience undistracted from their task. Though, her smile turned nervous as the three different pairs turned to one another; the well off pair in the center sharing a whisper that Kayla barely caught with her acute hearing. It made her chuckle very timidly, almost inaudible, toying with her paws in front of herself - fingertip against fingertip.

"Yes, you know me.", the fox mumbled to herself, resisting the inner urge to fold her ears back. And damn did they know her. She was not exactly your average penitatas in the crowd. All six of them had seen her name in the news chips once again as recently as four months ago, and it was hard to forget the random terrors of Packet-Storm to begin with. DeltaStar Bank was not making her any fans, aside from Anthony, her hacking admirer. Kayla looked away from them all, but turned back up to her mother once she began talking again.

"As you can identify from the backs of Kayla's paws, she is a standard hard time penitatas. Sentence of two cycles, ages six to twelve, for the mischievous criminal hacking of alpha quadrant infrastructure. Her race is Aspatrian, and has a special condition on file that she is to not utilize computation technology above the level of educational.", Emily worked through explaining, sounding surprisingly as professional as the older woman that was observing from her seat, hands laced together upon the table. Being spoken about in such a manner, and being stared at as a learning tool, Kayla felt terribly uneasy. Despite not wanting to feel awkward, Kayla tucked her bushy orange tail up against her denim covered right leg.

"Disciplinarily, Kayla is a rarity when it comes to the areas of acceptance and cooperation. I would describe her as being well behaved, and steadily reforming, aside from bouts of mischief and disobedience. She also has issues with swearing. On the pain tolerance scale, Kayla varies from six, to seven; standard sensitivities, with possible increased sensitivity in the paws. I would also consider her to be strong willed.", Emily worked into offering as an opening synopsis. Kayla was taken aback by such a detailed, formal description. The group were nodding their heads, as if she was incorporating information that coincided with a textbook. Pain tolerance scale? She had a numerical value? Kayla gulped, ears folding back a little as she caught herself taking a step back. This did not feel like a place she wanted to be in, and it took a lot of trust to remain planted firm at her mother's side. Through her anxiety, Kayla held her paws a bit tighter, rubbing them together as one of the male Drakonians raised his left claw.

"What affect does Kayla's fur have?", the drake asked inquisitively, taking curious interest in how Kayla's fur affected her discipline. Inside her head, Kayla scoffed. She'd be damned if her fur ever helped relieve the sting of a swat or lash. It was about as useless as her underwear for such a thing, if not less. While her mother went about answering and doing her duty, the young fox crossed her arms to keep from getting jitters, still seeking to stand still and be herself.

"Roughly nothing. It can be removed if a high severity punishment was required, but it has always come to be unnecessary for such occasions.", the mother nodded as she responded, pointing to another hand that was raised. It was the woman of the younger couple, whom began speaking with a nervous twinge to her voice Kayla picked up on immediately.

"Is there any one punishment, or maybe, punishments, that are more effective at behavioral control than others?", she asked awkwardly, even if she still got her question across clearly. Again, it sounded to the fox like a text-book based question. These people really were new at this. It wasn't rocket science, even Kayla knew how to pick up a cane, as she so ungracefully demonstrated on Stephanie. Huh, yeah, it was fairly ungraceful. These folks would have to be better then that, she figured then with an idle tap of her right shoe.

"Kayla strongly dislikes switches and canes. In terms of spanking alternatives, soap and corner stools are best. But, remember, this will vary strongly from each penitatas. My first penitatas was entirely un-phased by soap, for example.", Emily answered, stressing the last part of her reply with both her hands. For someone who didn't want to be here, she still did a good job.

"What kind of soap?", the woman's partner asked in conjunction with her own question. The man did not sound any better off then she did. Kayla could have sworn the two hadn't even babysat a kindern before.

"Disciplinary, type two.", Emily cited as the soap she used, which elicited a confused cock of Kayla's head up towards her mother. The liquid soap she used had a name? Being made specifically for her displeasure made sense since people washed their hands with water and sonic cleansers, but why did everything need some kind of numerical value? Either way, all six seemed to understand what Emily was saying.

"Lucky girl.", the gentlemen in the middle of the group chuckled, voice as dignified in accent as Kayla figured it would end up being. Still, it was a cocky, attitude ridden thing to say. Being that the man would be practicing what he had learned in his prior training on her backside, the fox wisely decided not to throw him a scowl. Strangers didn't need to find amusement in the liquid soap Emily poured or scrubbed into her muzzle.

"Are there any other questions?", Emily asked with light cheer, having gotten accustomed to speaking in public like this. It was all things she knew by heart, and about her daughter, which made it easier than she imagined it would. Out of her line of sight, Kayla was nervously trying to keep her paws at her sides now, not smiling as she was before. Didn't look distressed, but she did not have the muster to keep up her false happiness even if she was being brave. Time to be a penitatas and take what was coming. After looking along the line of six, Emily gave another affirming nod of her head before looking back down at her daughter. Kayla's discomfort became glaringly apparent as the fox's little eyes turned up to her, sullen. Don't worry honey, her mother thought, no more wait.

"Kayla, please undress. You and I will start off.", she provided as instruction to her charge. Reaching behind her back, Kayla grasped the button of her jeans above her tail. At least this part didn't bother her.

"Yes ma'am.", Kayla replied obediently, with a much more serious tone than the joking one she took in the hallway. Her jeans and underwear coming free, both garments went down her legs with a long steady pull. Sliding her footpaws from her shoes with help from the other, her feet were then free to shake the stiff clean denim from her legs. As the fox worked on pulling her white t-shirt from her torso, up and over her head and ears, an unfamiliar female voice spoke out. The only one she had not yet heard was the well-to-do woman.

"She doesn't seem hesitant at all?", she asked, insinuating that Kayla should have been a lot more embarrassed by the lack of modesty she was already showing. Her shirt covering her head for that moment, Kayla happily made a face that time.

"Cultural difference. Her home-world does not clothe children. This being a benign benefit to Kayla, no special actions are required to accommodate the behavior.", Emily answered casually as Kayla's shirt popped free of her Aspatrian ears, which flicked as a result of being disturbed.

Not to mention talked about. With her standing right there too.

All it took for the fox to complete her task was to lift each footpaw, one at a time, and yank her socks off without catching the cotton on her claws. Crouching down, tail draping against the floor, Kayla felt it prudent to ignore the commentary and fold her clothing neatly - keeping her balance with an arm on her knee.

"Does that leave you with less to work with?", the other male drake asked beside his partner, while Kayla kept her eyes on gathering her clothes into a neat pile so she didn't lose her socks. Those ended up shoved in her shoes, which went on top of her shirt and jeans.

"Yes, and no. Like anyone else, Kayla does not like being made a spectacle of in public. Otherwise, I cannot use her lack of clothing as means to embarrass. Like her fur, it also lends itself as being unnecessary to counteract, being that my girl feels bad for things she does without extra incentive.", Emily replied to the Drakonian's curious tone. If anything, the group's inter-gender pair was the calmest of the three couples. Kayla could hear it too, standing back up to a more modest stance while brushing the fur of her chest and belly to keep it down. Taking her shirt off had less than flattering effects at times, when her fur got messy. With a brief rake from her claws like a comb, the white bit of fur in the center of her upper chest perked right back up.

Preening aside, Kayla turned her head back to her mother, standing up straight as her parent sat down in the chair behind them. All she could do was hope, when it came to Emily adding extra sting to what would already hurt. Settled into her seat, Emily pat her lap, reaching around the side of the dark wood desk to grasp the cane that had been selected specifically for Kayla. In effort to continue the polite, prompt nature she was trying to portray, the fox nodded her head and walked around to her mom's right side, climbing up onto her lap after being beckoned to do so. Mother and daughter having done this so many times, Kayla pulled herself over Emily's legs like a champ, assisted by a human hand on her side. Once the front of her pelvis firmly settled into the side of Emily's lap and her bare footpaws hung, the young penitatas held the edge of the chair's seat with her paws, and raised her tail up out of the way without being told. A task accomplished promptly, and in total silence.

"You'll see Kayla knows this procedure. This is the compliance you want to achieve with your penitatas, as well as the degree of trust and bond. If my girl thought I would injure her, she would not have been as willing to lay across my lap. Also, she knows I am right handed and laid down the right way; you'll want to make sure your penitatas knows that too. Relevant to Kayla's species, she also has a tail to keep out of the way - which can be difficult.", Emily spoke in light lecture, motioning with her free hand along the length of Kayla's body. At the end, she also took the mid-section of Kayla's tail to show how hard it could be to hold it, before sliding her hand down to the fox's thinner base of her canid tail where it was more manageable.

With such grabbing at the lower end of her tail, Kayla gulped, to swallow an uncomfortable sort of grunt and keep it from surfacing. Such things tended to pull at the skin of her tailhole, bringing that "displeasure over being made a spectacle of in public" Emily mentioned into play. Such nerve impulses were not appreciated right before something painful was about to happen. Kayla reached up and brushed her claws through her strands of head-fur, turning to look over her should as best she could to eye the six 'students' and perhaps what her mother was doing.

"The cane is one of the hardest tools to do right, and even harder to do safe. This is not something you can swing haphazardly.", her ears began to listen to, catching Emily wiggling the cane in her hand to emphisize what she was saying. The cane was close to the width she was spanked with in school, but seemed as if it was made with a different kind of synthetic wood. Lowering hear fox-like ears, Kayla sighed quietly through her nostrils, finding the cane to likely be a touch harsh, as well as brand new. At least she looked the part of a repentant penitatas, moments before being punished.

Suddenly, Kayla clenched her eyes shut and winced, making a small bit of her back fur stand on end. A tense nerve impulse from her backside had shot up her back, and harshly clenched the muscles in her arms, but it was a false alarm. Emily had only tapped the cane against the fox's backside, from beneath the very base of her furry tail, right down to the tops of her thighs. After such, the hand that held the base of her tail slid from where it was to it's typical location upon her back. Settling her head in, Kayla felt more vulnerable as this went on. She was a presentation piece. If anything, as a penitatas, Kayla hoped the would-be parents were learning about care and the importance of her individuality. It was too hard to tell, by the way they all watched.

"This region, from here to down here, would be normal for a cane like this. Any lower, and you risk possibly striking behind the knee. Any higher, and you risk striking your penitatas' back. In Kayla's case, you will be at risk of striking her tail, which could very likely break. In this case, unlike her fur, and modesty, you will be required to make an adaptation, and not lash as high on her bottom as you would normally.", Emily stressed, using the cane's tip like a pointer as she directed them around the base of Kayla's tail and beyond. As the lesson had progressed to the area of use, Emily turned her head slowly, looking down at her daughter's meek expression upon her face. With her thumb, the mother scratched above Kayla's lower tail, in the recess of the fox's lower back.

"Kayla.", she warned with mild authority, even if it was casual in many ways - tapping the cane dead center against Kayla's backside. At least she was given good warning, and even a chance to acknowledge, as the fox shook her head and placed it down; holding the chair and bracing her body. Emily had a good girl.

With a soft motion, the mother pulled the cane back. Like a mechanical spring in her wrist, it swung with crisp force to make it's classic 'whap' of a whip and leave a messy line through Kayla's Aspatrian fur. Graceful in way it was applied, leaving a strategically placed searing welt across the fox's bottom. The lash made Kayla lurch forward in a much stronger wince, muffling a cry through her closed muzzle. Such intensity from a new cane shot her ears down flat, until their black tips hugged her orange fur; muscles throughout her body acting similarly, from her face to her toes. In coping with the sudden agonizing sting, Kayla began to pant with her eyes shut, arms trembling in the wake of the lash. After a moment, Kayla made a melancholy sound and opened her eyes to reveal a glassier blue, and a shining line of moisture pooled against her eyelids. Emily did not speak again until the six had gotten to witness the actual effect of the swat.

"This is how the cane needs to be used. As you can tell, and hear, that hurt very badly even though I did not raise my arm very far. Control is key, and it's in the wrist, as you have all studied. Notice also, that Kayla held on to the chair, following her directive not to rub during or after a session of discipline. Thank you for helping me too Kayla, by the way.", Emily spoke to the nodding, approving six, as they admired the precise implement control they had only so far read about and practiced on air. Thanking her daughter was also important, and hopefully served as an educational note as well. Kayla grit her canid teeth; ears loosening even though they hung still.

"You're welcome ma'am.", the fox replied with pained difficulty, giving her eyes a quick rub as she was helped from her mother's lap after only the one lash. There was still much more to come, but it would not be from her caring parent. Feet back on the carpet, Kayla placed her paws in front of herself to resist the urge to grab that nagging sting beneath her tightly lowered tail. Able to see the six once again, she stood ready for more instruction - chest heavy. Don't adult humans enjoy coffee breaks? Kayla would have preferred a moment alone with Emily for more reassurance and comforting, but standing bare in front of those curious paddle-wielding eyes, there would be no reprieve.

"The paddle and your hand are tools you should know how to use from your own dexterity and study. Using a cane safely is the only thing I need to demonstrate, but I also, again, urge caution that you do not accidentally go too high with the paddle on Kayla. We will start with the cane though, since it requires mastery, and merciful on my penitatas to get it out of the way first.", the experienced parent taught, hands upon the tip of the cane as it rested upright against the ground. Kayla nodded almost approvingly of the idea as she stood beside her mother, facing the same six. On the inside, of course, she was worried, and already aching now. The wandering sting pricked at her skin, highlighting what was a skilled lash. It was the kind Emily made her cry with so many times since she was rejuvenated. Acceptance of the inevitable was the only thing keeping her standing without a nervous tremble of her paws.

"Okay Kayla, same drill as at home. Grip the chair for a caning, tail out towards the proctor for their examination.", Emily tried to speak in a more motherly parental sense, while motioning for the chair with her left hand. This was it then, Kayla sighed to herself, feeling one of those twitches strike her fingers. Balling up her paws to quell the tremble, she began to comply with what she had been ordered without issuing a verbal acknowledgement. About to be lashed by complete strangers, Kayla found a feeling of bravery in her silence, approaching and bending over the right side of the chair. Not moving it an inch, the fox laid belly-down across the hard surface of the faux-wooden seat of the chair; very hard and uncomfortable, with her paws taking hold of the legs. Her own legs took their own stance, footpaws only a foot apart, and her tail up. The tip curling towards her back, the young Aspatrian was prepared for the lashes to come.

Watching her prepare those few brief moments it took, the young couple whispered to one another. Lifting her right ear discreetly, it panned to the pair while she eyed them in her peripheral vision. Watery eye focusing on them despite facing forward, she caught what they were discussing. The most nervous and inexperienced appearing couple was also the most ambitious. Lowering her ear again, Kayla hung her head, biting her lip to keep it from quivering as her fingers did against the legs of the chair. Please, don't be too eager. Understand that with your first lash, you deliver your first hurt, and you have a duty beyond only causing that pain. Kayla wanted them to truly grasp the sting she just experienced, to know it was out of being sorry for her crimes that she could take such a punishment, and the bond that she shared with her guardians that assured her there would be good times, and learning, to go with the bad.

"The two of us would like to volunteer to go first.", the man of the pair spoke up first, speaking with a sense of optimism to go with that bit of nervousness he shared with his wife.

"If it's okay.", she then chimed in right after, as if to add to her husband's timid inquiry. Maybe they wanted to get this over with, like Kayla did. As a teacher and observer would, Emily responded to such a thing with a smile. Placing the cane meant for her daughter into both hands, she held it out for the young couple.

"Volunteers are a good thing. Whomever is up first.", she responded with, ending with the offer of the cane to which of the two would take the first lash of this examination. The two looked at one another, and with a nod of agreement, the husband stepped forth, taking the long, synthetic-wood cane into his right hand. Where they stood, the older couple and Drakonians had the opportunity to further watch and learn. At the table, the woman from the Penitatas Justice Department sat with a data pad, ready to work. And Kayla, she stood bared as a test subject, listening to the footsteps of the man against the carpet beneath her, waiting for the moment they would cease.

Then, they stopped. In the silence, Kayla whimpered pathetically to herself, closing her eyes and tensing her body in anticipation of the man's very first swing of the cane. Ears folded down to her head, the young fox felt pathetic outside the comforts of her home and usual disciplinarians. Her fingers shifted against the chair, as the man repositioned his fingers around the cane - both out of anticipation.

His stance was awkward to a degree, with his back bent as if he needed to be close to what he was going to whap with the cane readied in his hand. But, reeling the implement back, he attempted to apply what he had witnessed as well as read in his studies to be a penitatas parent. He needed this license. One day, his wife and he would have a normal parenting license, permitting them to have a child, as their reward for outstanding care and service. With that goal in mind, he let swing.

The cane cut the air as it would, but from a novice, not quite the same as Emily. There was much less wrist, and more arm. It's impact landed beneath Emily's demonstration lash, sliding upwards from the spank's force across her fur. Kayla jumped to a degree, making a smaller sort of yelp; curling her toes into the carpet. Opening her eyes to dull slits, the spank did hurt, but not Emily hurt, whom shook her head at her daughter's reaction.

"Give it another try. You need to flick the cane, else it's a blow, and not a lash. The cane doesn't hit, then keep going. You need to bring it back.", Emily suggested, standing only feet from Kayla to make sure all went well. Her furry blessing was a tough little thing, she could handle this. It was still a lesson learned, to be punished specifically for your crimes. Those wet beads forming in Kayla's sullen eyes would eventually turn to lamenting tears, and in the end, it was something she earned just for being a penitatas. The young husband nodded his head, making a hum as he reeled the cane back again, and better aimed, seeking to strike lower than his last again.

Again, that swoosh that made Kayla flinch pierced the air, all before the telltale crack sound the fresh cane made against tender, adolescent flesh. It landed lower than he intended, and fairly off center, nailing Kayla's right lower bottom much harder than the left. Leaving another blazing cane welt, Kayla whined more desperately, tensing and shifting more of her body while making a sharper, tearier sound from her closed maw. Her fingers trembled without the counteractive control now; right footpaw's toes digging deeper into the carper than her left. Still, it was a much more appropriate swat.

"That's taking your time. Good work, it paid off.", Emily accessed, finding that to be a positive first try. Upon hearing of his success at least with Emily, the young man gave a celebratory, closed fisted gesture to his wife, whom smiled cheerfully in response. Meeting each other half way, they exchanged the cane as well as places, with the woman taking to the position she would need to give Kayla her own lashing. Being able to watch her husband made her more confident, even if her outward appearance still did not show it in the least. At it remained, Kayla was unable to speak, holding on to the chair as if she was enduring a very slow spanking.

The next sound Kayla heard was fairly dull, not sounding like the cane. She would be wrong, but would not pay for it severely. The woman swung the synthetic-wooden rod at a wide angle, catching the side of Kayla's backside in a small area with it's tip. It stung like the dickens and forced her right footpaw to scrape against the carpet, but she managed to keep her cry to a harsh growl between her teeth. As her body came down from the spank, the first pair of tears left her eyes that day. This was slow and torturous, as inexperienced as this couple was, waiting for these timid lashes! Kayla opened her teary eyes, baring her teeth in frustration as she stared down at the floor.

"Like with your husband, take another moment to aim. The cane is not a bat. If you swing it like that, you are aiming for only Kayla's right side. Straight and level.", Emily advised once more, taking a note of sympathy for Kayla as she noticed the pained, frustrated expression her daughter was carrying. It was forced to change once again, this time making both her footpaws tense firmly into the ground, and a yelp escape her muzzle. A fine cane lash, across the tender spot at the base of her rear. Really just a lucky swat, but either way, it made Kayla sputter, starting to sob openly. That one, Emily approved with a nod of her head.

"Ow...", Kayla whined tearfully, drooping as she laid bent over. That was only one couple done.

"I believe I'll take the next go.", came that pompous sort of feminine voice Kayla already distrusted. The well-to-do woman in all her conservative glory stepped forward, accepting the cane from the other woman before walking only a few more steps. Not looking up from her position, the fox noticed the steps stopped early. Before her ears could even move in surprise, the cane cut the air with speed, leaving a sharp sound in the wake of the air before the fox was aware. This one was left handed, apparently, and very assertive. More than enough to shatter Kayla's pain tolerance, as well as the peace in the room, the poor fox trembled and shuddered, rearing her head back in a canid howl that rolled into a child-like cry of pain. Cracking against fur and skin, the swat was place neatly between Emily's and the younger woman's welts. Kayla's backside was turning into a sea of pain; claws scratching against the faux-wood chair as she broke down into a steadier sob. Spanks coming far apart, there was lacking fuel to keep her tears going. Felt like her chest had a boulder in it, as a result, from the constantly quelling surges in her body.

Finding Kayla's reaction to be slightly excessive, Emily took a couple of steps around to see what the line of messy fur looked like. A straight line, lashed directly across. With Kayla not expecting a lash at the time, the cane dug deep into her skin, not deflected by stiff muscle. Beneath that cane lash, she would surely bruise. A thought that left Kayla sniffling and crying lightly; forlorn in her situation. Opening her muzzle, she began taking quick, shallow breaths as the fox attempted to cope with the pain, looking out at the couples as the light above caught the moisture of her tears in her fur. Witnessing the hand-off of the cane from wife to husband through the burning haze of her eyes, Kayla slowly closed her eyes again and allowed her head to hang limply. The well-to-do man looked like a disciplinarian most frightening. His wife seemed experienced, if not well knowledged in the realm of caning. However, she did not have such large, masculine hands and arms.

Making certain to follow footsteps more diligently, Kayla listened to the slightly dulled sounds in her folded ears. Once again, her efforts to be prepared and comfort herself failed in the wake of random chance. Just as every penitatas was different, so was every parent. There was no sudden surprise with the man, as she felt the cane's smooth, long touch tingle the nerve fibers connected to her fur. The man was taking precise aim to place the lash beneath his wife's, and impress with teamwork. Making her again flinch, the cane began stroking left and right - slow, and meticulous, readying his arm for a good lash.

On the back of her neck, Kayla's fur wanted to stand on end. Clenching her teeth enough to show the sharp pearly whites, she wanted to scream for him to go already. There was no way she could predict each person's ability and style. No comfort in familiarity. The only sense of trust she felt, came from the fact her mother was there. That cane pressed to her backside, teasing her, forced her lower jaw to quiver, bringing about a series of stronger, sadder sobs. During such lonely times, memories would flicker though Kayla's head as she sought to place blame upon herself for even being in such a place. Her arrest, rejuvenation, and stumbling out of that rejuvenation booth for the first time. She could not have been far from those rejuvenator labs. Fate needed to stop bringing her back here. The curse of Packet-Storm lived on in that concept, along with the fact not one of these couples felt remorse for spanking her it seemed.

The cane left her backside, shifting her fur with a column of wind as it moved away with force. In an instant, Kayla's quivering fingers gripped the chair with ferocity, clenching her eyes and every part of her body she could. The man was strong indeed, and she had right to be scared. But, not about merely his arms. Lacking proper knowledge of control, or at least not heeding warnings, the crack that sounded through the room nearly reverberated; sharp, crisp, and possibly shrill in it's tenacity. The cane blasted against Kayla's backside with massive force, and a lot more than was necessary. It was like Christmas morning, but with something more extreme than her switches. To distress the fox further, the excessive lash broke the man's careful trajectory due to the flex and movement of the cane, turning the lash diagonal as the actual impact spanked from the base of her right thigh, up the upper-center of her left cheek.

Too painful to fire a howl from her muzzle, it came out as a growling shriek; thrashing her head, and scraping both sets of her toes mercilessly against the carpet. Breaking the rules, the poor fox could not help it. As soon as her tense paws could release her finger's grip on the legs of the chair, they bolted for her backside to clutch the point of impact. Emily taking a rapid jump to her knees at Kayla's side, she nabbed the fox's wrists, pulling them away to examine the man's lash and make sure her daughter was okay, feeling the same sort of shocked apprehension as Kayla was.

"That was much too forceful! Maximum force is used on Christmas only!", Emily turned up and snapped, letting some of her emotion bleed into her words. There was no need to be professional, with such an unprofessional lash. At least, that's what she thought, trying to place her right hand on Kayla's back to keep her thrashing girl down. The well-to-do man scoffed, tapping the cane against the carpet.

"Maximum force? That was no way near it.", he griped in his plain, similarly pompous voice. Overconfidence, and arrogance. It was normally Kayla making such judgments, but the fox was too preoccupied. In fact, so was Emily.

Kayla's sobbing and cries sounded so desperate, and it was not like her to thrash and squirm to such a strong degree. Something told the more experienced mother not to scold her daughter, as her muzzle kept all her teeth bared in sheer pain, panting and growling with tears streaming. It sounded like someone was holding a needle to her skin - twisting, and torturing. A terrible, trembling, quivering expression from her face and tightly clenched eyes, scuffing and stamping her footpaws against the bare carpet. Emily had to release Kayla's wrists, brushing them aside if Kayla would be able to control herself. It was only to some degree, that the fox could place her paws open on her hips, crying with such anxiety. With her now free hand, the human parent brushed her fingers through Kayla's fur to feel the welt. Deeply hot, and...

Not getting far into the examination of the lash, Emily withdrew her hand. Bringing it back to herself, she held it in front of her face to see blood across the tips of her fingers, now smeared by the movement of her fingers against her daughter's skin. The man's lash, being diagonal and with such power, cut into the other welts. You cannot cross welts. Not with that much force. And by all, per the laws that control severity, you cannot draw blood. Snapping her head back up at the man, Emily scowled protectively for Kayla's sake.

"Controlled use of the cane would not cause damage like this!", she expressed to the older man, holding out her fingers to show the blood she found; which coated the base of Kayla's fur strands, and explained why she was in such agony. It could not do much, but Emily was sure to continue using her right hand to stroke Kayla's back. Trying to rub a cane welt that turned into a wound would not have been helpful to relieve the pain. Her girl would have to hold out a few more moments. At her seat behind the table, the proctor shook her head with great disapproval. Even when faced with such a scene, the woman remained all business as she stood up from her seat.

"Mister Colmbs, drawing blood is in direct violation of established justice department protocols. You need to learn restraint in the force of your swing. Causing bleeding during your examination merits automatic failure, and a safety violation added to your file, barring you from the license test for one year. Please review your fundamentals, and you may be able to start at the beginning of the licensing process again at that time.", the woman spoke at her normal volume, despite Kayla's protests, while were dulling into a tired, whimpering frustration of sobs and cries. Her head returned to hanging, with her fur made a mess of after her squirming against the chair. Legs clenched tightly together, even her footpaws seemed to try and hold one another. Fueled by terrible anger, Kayla raised her muzzle from it's pitch towards the floor just high enough to growl over her shoulder - pain or not.

The well-to-do man wore a displeased scowl of his own, looking down at the young Aspatrian as if it was her fault and not his. All the while, his wife was staring at him, eager to tell him how much it was his own fault, and pass blame by those means. He stood with the cane for a few moments in angry disbelief, until he set the cane against the side of the proctor's table and walked for the door. Pouring tears, Kayla's eyes followed him, ears plastered to the sides of her head with that terribly upset growl. As an immediate response, his wife followed behind him, to leave right away and save themselves from such indignity. The Drakonian couple, and young couple, stared at them as they left. Kayla was too preoccupied to see it, but for a moment, the others felt something she had wanted them to feel. The penitatas parents to be, listening and seeing her agony at the mistake of another, taught them she had feelings, and her tears meant that she was in pain, or sad. It was okay to do your duty, but be aware of the hurt you cause. Kayla Ackart, criminal, was still an individual.

The proctor from the justice department knelt down at Emily's side with a clean, smooth cloth, a medical tricorder, and dermal emitter. She shared a glance with Emily, then turning to pat Kayla's cane wound. The touch of the cloth against it made Kayla flinch, taking a sharp intake of air through her sniffling nose as her growls intensified into a means of expressing pain. How her jaw and lip quivered hurt her mother a bit. The lash that caused such an intense reaction was not deserved. If it fell out of the guidelines and rules she had to follow, it was not a punishment anymore. That was abuse.

"In accordance with the law, in the event blood is drawn during a punishment accidentally, you are required to stop, apply nano-lotion to all affected areas, and report the incident to the justice department. Due to the circumstances of needing to continue, I am instead using a dermal regenerator, to heal the cut. One moment, if you would.", the woman from the justice department spoke in a strangely lighter tone, telling the four remaining adults what their own responsibilities would be. Maybe it was for Kayla's benefit she was speaking lighter; who knew. Emily sat back at Kayla's side, more towards her front, so she could engage her daughter and soothe her a bit. Reaching out with her right hand again, human skin met soft, moist fur, as she wiped her furry girl's eyes and cheeks; using her touch to reassure as those familiar, tear filled blue eyes looked up into her face.

"I... want to go h-... home.", Kayla choked out, impeded by her stiff lower jaw. It was a small voice. Quiet, and tear-ridden. A seven year old's plea. All Emily could do was lean forward, to share a semi-private moment with her girl's sensitive ears.

"I'll keep my promise. You have earned at least a day of play. Keep being good, and we'll be out of here soon. There will not be any more mistakes like that, just calm down honey.", Emily whispered into Kayla's folded right year, making it twitch with the sound of her voice. On queue, her sputtering cries quieted as the fox swallowed, trying to calm down as asked. The throb and agonizing sting left behind from the man's lash was disappearing, replaced by a tingling, itchy sensation from the dermal regenerator being waved over her skin. Once the high pitched sound of the tiny handheld device stopped, Kayla sighed disappointedly. The rest of her backside was being left to sting.

"You may continue Miss Targate.", the older of the human women acknowledged, standing back up as she closed the medical tricorder and returned to her seat. Emily rose as well, giving Kayla a pat on the back. She would have to tough this out, no matter how many spanks it took.

"That was hopefully a lesson to the rest of you, about why there is this licensing process.", Emily began again on a more somber, sheepish level, after having lost her groove. The remaining four nodded their heads slower than they had been. Left to herself, at least for a brief moment, Kayla collected her thoughts and opted to quietly sniffle. Having the wound healed allowed her tears to subside, having that agony removed. As it remained though, she looked down at the ground rather than the remaining would-be parents, which left for the remnants of her salty, gentle tears to flow down her fox muzzle.

"You're up next then, before we move on to the last set of fundamentals. I'll be conducting those differently.", Emily instructed specifically in the direction of the Drakonian couple, whom turned their heads to one another. Both were curious as to which would go first. The drake on the left, sporting darker clothing than his partner, turned his head back first to step out and retrieve the cane from where it was left against the proctor's table. Once in his brown scaled claw, he gave a light test swing through the air; wiggling the instrument to gauge it. Right clawed, the sound of his steps went the distance Kayla figured they would. Kayla readied her body, as the reptile readied his cane. After such a mistake, he aimed carefully, and did not wish to do anything fancy. Straight, and level.

The man may not have been the large, strong size of a Drakonian woman, but a good disciplinarian did not need strength. Just technique. For him, the flick of his wrist came as first nature and common sense, giving Kayla a moderate whap of the cane at the lowest point yet. The rod dug into her fur at the very top of her thighs, displacing the bit of baby-ish fat a child has beneath the surface of the skin - putting that crisp sound of punishment into the air. It was strong enough to make Kayla wince, and her legs wobble a brief second before her stance was solidified again. Gritting her teeth, she wanted to bend her knees from the sting as she sobbed. Not told to stop, the drake swung the cane again, following up his last swat like in a real caning, this time, much higher. It lashed Kayla across the bottom, above Emily's welt, just the same as his first, bringing on a yelp from the Aspatrian. Her left footpaw ended up on top of her right, stroking it with her legs stiffening. There was nothing to stop her crying at this point, after quite a few lashes of the cane. Even so, it was subdued to a child's cry, holding back her canine howls in public.

"Very consistent! No flaws to note, great job.", Emily actually spoke very happily, glad to see someone conducting themselves accordingly after the error that made her daughter shriek. The Drakonian's partner stepped up to the plate, sort of speak, taking the cane and exchanging a quick playful thumbs up - silently saying good luck. The second drake did not test the cane the way his partner did, instead simply analyzing the amount of weight the cane had. Paying attention, and wishing to do Kayla no unnecessary harm, the spanking he employed landed with the same accuracy and care for detail. There was an accident in his first lash, going high enough to cross Kayla's tailhole to a degree; something that made her body clench in unison, bending her knees and lifting her footpaws from the ground. Thankfully he did not touch Kayla's tail, and aimed much lower to compensate for his second lash. Loud and forceful, it landed with strict authority across her backside, showing the pair to be dominant, despite being the submissive gender of their species. Finally, the very last stroke of the cane. After that many, Kayla howled slightly after it, cutting it short with a cough and sputtering sob that got longer as she cried out her ache.

"Watch your aim a bit, and penitatas will dread getting the cane from you.", Emily chuckled a bit, proud of the couple's strong effort. It was something they shared as penitatas parents. The words in Kayla's own ears, the young penitatas had to tune out. Looking down through her tears, the carpet on the floor was looking exceptionally more drab the longer she stared. Her paws let go of the legs of the chair, standing up since the caning was done. Emily shot her a stern look right away, since she did not say to stand yet. She would have, but not yet. Kayla needed to quell that urge to flee, or at least the urge to rub her bottom. Seeing her mother's face, Kayla looked away feeling guilty. That chair just hurt her belly, and her paws could not seem to stay far from her backside as her mind still remembered the lash that cut into her skin.

"Sorry.", she apologized very quietly, with her tail to her legs. It hugged her backside so defensively, not wishing to move and disturb the welt across the pink-hued ring of muscle near her tail's base. An embarrassing kind of pain indeed. Turning back to the remaining couples, Emily loosened her parental look and began speaking once again.

"At times, it's easy to catch when your penitatas violates a rule. Even when he, or she, means best, it's our job to correct that action.", she began to decree, before turning her head back to Kayla. The young fox picked her head up, noticing through her mother's words she was about to be punished for an actual misbehavior. Eyes already watery, she simply stood with her paws held in front of her; shrunken and repentant. Coming out of position without being told was a blatant error, and she was not surprised or pleading over it. It wasn't her "best behavior" as she wanted to give, and was willing to pay for it.

"Kayla is being stripped of any chance of receiving nano-lotion today. The welts you leave behind during this examination, will stay with my daughter while she plays with her friend.", the stern parent said as she looked straight down at little Kayla. The fox sighed, catching another quiver of her lower lip as she hung her head sadly. She would ache all day, but in a sense, it saved her from taking an additional spanking right here on the spot. Paws and tail still, she stood in silent remorse. While Emily spoke for the benefit of the whole room, the words themselves were for Kayla, and warranted reply.

"I understand. Didn't mean to disobey.", she had to answer to her parent's mild scold, keeping her head down and speaking respectfully. What a dumb mistake, the fox kicked herself for in the recesses of her mind. Emily would have punished her for such a thing on any day, for any reason. In the end, it provided yet another lesson to those seeking their penitatas parenting licenses. How a guardian should act, and how a penitatas should behave when punished. Kayla's consequences were verbal, but would have aching ramifications later.

As Kayla sniffed and gave her cheeks a wipe with the backs of her paws, Emily returned to her task at hand, while the woman from the justice department nodded approvingly of Kayla's acceptance and demeanor. Her guardian's assessment of her base behaviors was very accurate. That could end up a positive note on Kayla Ackart's record with the Penitatas Justice Department, as the older human tapped away at her data pad.

"What we are going to do next stretches past simply swinging a cane properly. Spanking with your hand, as well as a paddle, is often a close and personal sort of discipline and will be the most common in your homes. For this phase, I'm going to let you work with Kayla as couples. Kayla should be disciplined over your laps, and teamwork, as well as parenting, is encouraged. You'll engage her like your own.", Emily moved to explaining, shifting from her parental duty to her justice department duty. This would be the first time they would have to enforce discipline on their own, which left the two couples giving each other small glances in the wake of the news. At least this would be calmer, Kayla imagined. With any luck, less tense on her part as well.

"We'll use the same order as before. You may begin for us. One will be sitting with Kayla over their lap, and the other will be acting as support from their own vantage point. This is the real deal, so handle it as you would.", Emily turned specifically to the younger couple to say, while stepping over to the proctor's table to fetch the paddle they would be using. Slightly larger and thicker then Kayla's paddle at home, the fox thought as she watched the plain synthetic-wood instrument pass by her. Her paddle was getting old now, since it was made well over a year ago. This would be her mother's next upgrade, along with a second paddle for when she turned eight. That thought made her gulp, nervously brushing her paw against her partially folded left ear. Kayla's eighth birthday was just around the corner, and the last of her normal severity limitations would be lifted. Blistering-able paddles would be green lighted.

While the fox worried of a future with hole-laden paddles that could swing with drastically higher speeds, the present was at work, as the man of the young couple sat down in the seat with his timid wife at his side. Being that Emily was giving her to them for their examination, Kayla turned her head gently to them, looking on almost shyly for their first order. It was silent for a couple of moments, until the pair, husband and wife, glanced at one another a few times. Like they didn't know whom was taking command. The husband soon waved his hand in idle gesture, tapping his lap while handing off the paddle to his wife. Proctor waiting to grade their final effort, this was the moment of truth for them.

"Okay. Come on up then, Kayla.", he provided the young Aspatrian as his initial directive. His parental tone was unrefined, still having a mild lack of confidence. The man felt as on the spot as Kayla did. Close enough to be able to see that in his face now, Kayla nodded acceptingly of his request. She could look past his jitters and face his adult authority if he was willing to utilize it.

"Yes sir.", Kayla was certain to respond accordingly, having already been punished for a mistake. The man lifted his arms and hands out of the way as the furry rejuve climbed across his lap; bare fur against his slacks. Talk about timid indeed, it took her an few extra moments to situate herself without support.

"Don't be afraid to touch her, Kayla does not bite. The teeth are for show.", Emily encouraged with humor intermingling in her words between the other would-be parents. Kayla flicked both her ears once when she heard the Drakonians chuckle to one another, turning her eyes to give her mother a bit of a look. But, the young woman knelt down in her way, reaching out and fairly gently taking her wrists. The way she held them with all her fingers, it was oddly reassuring. It made the young penitatas hum, figuring the woman would end up being the house's comforting figure. When she rubbed her wrists with her thumbs, it even got a bashful smile out of Kayla, and she let the woman know that, while her husband copied Emily's stance with his left hand on Kayla's lower back.

"Sit tight.", she spoke with her soft, alluring voice; paddle leaning against her side. Starting with a pat, Kayla took it as a warning from her husband and tensed her body up to a ready state, locking her tail in place.

The human man began the duty he was being observed for, smacking his hand firmly beneath Kayla's tail. Kayla winced, flinching with each swat, but it wasn't all too bad. Through her fur, the swats sounded and felt dull, hurting only through the mild, penitatas-level force of his smacks as they danced around her backside. Again, it was almost like he was afraid to touch her. That could not be good, but for eyes that were still watery, she didn't exactly want him to strike against searing, tender cane welts very much.

"Stop for a moment.", Emily requested, which caught the looks of both the man and woman, as well as Kayla whom raised her head; some fur going over her forehead in her position.

"Kayla, you're a part of this too. Why don't you give him some feedback about what you're feeling?", she offered with a wave of her right hand, casually. Kayla scoffed a bit, more or less to herself, tilting her head and giving her mother an expression of discontent - complete with a sniff.

"You want me to help him hurt me more?", she sort of complained, though lacking any true hesitation in her voice. Kayla just wanted to protest that fact. That only earned her another silent scowl, causing the young Aspatrian to close her eyes and lower her head again, growling at herself. Sure, this was awkward, but damn it, she didn't want to start talking back. Emily could have her tail.

"It's better than laying there like a test-dummy. I already know what's wrong, I can say it just as well.", her mother scolded those few feet she stood away, though much more lightly then it could have been. At least she did not promise further punishment promptly. Opening her eyes again, Kayla sighed, lifting her head a little to turn it and speak over her shoulder at the man looking to swat his first true spanking.

"You're using your hand like a paddle, sir. It's too firm. Loosen your hand, and cup it a little more so you can slap harder. It hurts a bit as is, but lacks the severity you're looking for. As long as you punish like you mean it, you're going to be paying attention, and you're not going to injure a penitatas.", Kayla provided as her own advice, finding it strange to be doing so. It felt like overstepping her boundaries, but really, the man was not a penitatas parent. Not yet. Turning her head back down, her eyes caught a smile from his wife, seemingly thankful for her cooperation. Even the proctor hummed to herself. A penitatas did not usually provide advice, even when asked. And it was truthful advice too. Perhaps Miss Ackart would make a good penitatas parent, the elder woman considered.

Patting his hand more loosely against Kayla's backside, feeling her fur against his hand, he looked it over for a few moments. It's curve, and size. As suddenly as he began, the husband let loose with his right hand once more; the slaps ringing out in the room much louder. This time, each slap brought a flinch, rolling into a gentle squirm after only a dozen firm spanks of his hand. Being so new to this, the feelings of tense, squirming muscle against his lap was strange, but not too different then what he expected from the text books. His wife was busily holding Kayla's wrists, not letting go as they tugged occasionally from not having anything to hold on to. Soon the slaps against her caned rear and thighs had her tears back in full swing, bringing about tearful whimpers and whines as she sobbed as subdued as she could. Thumbs brushed as her wrists, encouraging her arms to stay still; keeping Kayla in place and calm enough to try and not kick her legs, even as her husband got his groove and let loose on her legs.

Stopping once enough was swatted in to analyze, the man placed his right hand down over the backs of Kayla's knees. This is where more of that teamwork would come in, pinning the fox's tail down to her back as he became the restrainer. Releasing Kayla's paws, the young human woman stood up, paddle in hand.

"My turn. Don't hesitate to tell me how I'm doing Kayla.", she spoke as a warning to the penitatas under her temporary command, as well as a kind word. They were growing accustomed to her open nature. Now left lightly crying, sniffling and trying to compose herself, Kayla simply nodded to acknowledge what her "parent" was ordering. Stepping around to her partner's side, she positioned the paddle to aim, before drawing it back. From comforter to disciplinarian, the flat of the synthetic-wood paddle made it's mark.

Slapping with it's weight and strength, the paddle impacted her rear, crushing cane welts against her skin. A fairly hard whap of the paddle, it brought a trembling wince from Kayla, kicking her right leg into the air with a hard sob down towards the ground. Her leg did not get far, trapped at the knee by the husband's hand. Confident she did it right, the woman reduced the power of her paddling just slightly, opting for a calm, steady rhythm of swats. Repeatedly beneath her tail, and as low as the tops of her thighs, the paddle spanked her like a miscreant child - so calmly, so casually. They... did not seem nervous when presented with duty. If they were timid because of worrying how she felt, well, that was comforting to Kayla to find would-be parents that cared like her own did. Maybe Emily and Alex were the same, one day long ago? But for the moment, the paddle's steady drive was making her cry a bit too much to really think about it. Against cane lashes, the paddle was driving searing waves of heat and pain up her spine and tail, making it shake beneath it's pinning grasp. Red from tailhole to thigh, with dark red lines coating her, the woman stopped once it seemed Kayla's pain tolerance had been well exceeded and the young penitatas was starting to bawl. She had been under too much stress the entire time to give the young woman the feedback she asked for.

She understood it hurt. She also understood Kayla was a penitatas. Her husband did too, simply holding the little Aspatrian steady. They were ready.

"My wife is done now. It's alright.", the young man tried to comfort, releasing Kayla's tail. Like always, it flung straight over her backside and quivered from the intensity of the sting she was forced to endure, by the rules. Weak and limp over the man's lap, that was more than simply a demonstration. It was the real deal, just as her mother told them. Wiping her paw across her muzzle, her fingertips lightly soaked with salty fluid; sputtering and getting air as the pain ever so very slowly came down.

Placing the paddle down on the proctor's table, the woman returned to her young charge, offering a hand to help Kayla from her husband's lap. Once standing, the man found a few strands of orange fur against his black slacks. Smiling awkwardly, he brushed them clean of his clothing. It had to be unusual to have a penitatas with fur. With a bit of effort, Kayla stood back on her footpaws, keeping her paws near her muzzle to tend to her eyes and nose. She ached so badly, and there was still one more round! Drakonians made excellent disciplinarians, if Ki'rene served as any example. When she turned her head to look at the male pair, she found them watching her, likely thinking the same "next round is here" thought. Kayla sniffed deeply, deciding to not bother composing herself too much. She'd be bawling again in a moment anyway, since her spanking wasn't technically over.

"Mister and Misses Dugan, I am pleased to say you have passed examination, and are ready to move on with getting your penitatas parenting license. Please report to the clerk of the Penitatas Justice Office.", the proctor and justice official announced as happily as Kayla figured a proctor and justice official could. With an idle sigh, Kayla's sobs were subsiding, even if she was still crying to a degree. Now she could at least stand quietly, while loudly fighting inside her head to not rub her backside. After having her cane welts paddled and spanked, they felt like swollen burns. Even in her time of sorrow, the young couple carried their cheer.

"Thanks for helping us out. Good luck.", the young woman thanked as she and her husband stepped by Kayla. This was the start of her path towards being a mother, and chances were she'd be a good one for her child once permitted to have one.

"You did well ma'am.", the tearful Kayla managed to say just above a whisper, fighting against her crying and stiff jaw. She wanted to tell her how she did, because the now penitatas parent had asked and she hadn't the opportunity to answer under the veil of scorn her spanking left streaming down her cheeks.

As they were leaving the room, saying goodbye to Emily, Kayla caught the Drakonians starting to speak with one another. Sly as she could be, she turned her right ear to listen to them discreetly, all the while still staring off towards her mother and the door to the room. It's not like she had anything better then to eavesdrop, waiting for further instructions between her sniffles and small sputtering sounds.

"Are you ready? It's the big moment.", she heard one of them say with high hopes, and likely a lump in their chest. Drakonians had to get that too. It sounded like the second male, with the lighter clothing.

"Look at her though, the poor thing. She's already been though a lot, I can't say she needs us adding anything else to her plate.", came a sympathetic whisper, with a deeper tone. That was definitely the first one that lashed her during the cane safety examination; the dark clothed drake. He impressed her, now that she reflected back on the two welts he left. Each hurting as badly as the last, he sure did have the consistency her mother complimented him for. It meant something to Kayla though, to hear such a thing be said.

"Yeah, but we don't have a choice in that if you want to get licensed. Kayla is tough as nails, she'll pull through one more just fine. You have to imagine she's been through worse, considering who she is.", his partner added as food for thought, using a little body language with his claws that Kayla could not see.

"Shame, though. She doesn't seem that bad at all.", the drake with the deeper voice seemed to sigh. For what seemed like the primary disciplinarian, Kayla figured through his skill, he seemed kind of gentle. She heard a small chuckle, not certain at first which of them made it.

"If you thought all penitatas were bad, you wouldn't be here hun.", the lighter clothed of the Drakonians reminded his partner. It was true. Kayla decided right off she liked them, as respectful as they were. No hint of arrogance - they just wanted to help someone pay their debt to society under a good roof. That was something a well-minded penitatas could appreciate.

"Gentlemen?", the justice department woman spoke with her hands together on her side of the table. The pair of parent applicants ceased their chatter, turning their Drakonian necks towards the woman. With her spying over, Kayla decided to turn around to face both the drakes, and the older human woman.

"Due to reasons of species, you are exempt from the hand spanking portion of the exam. However, I do encourage you employ the Drakonian tongue technique in replacement to show your versatility.", she decided to inform them upon seeing the first pair of parents leaving the room, and Emily's approach. As the mother returned, she placed a hand on Kayla's shoulder. Due to circumstances involved, it made the fox jump, needing to take a breath after the shock knocked the air out of her lungs. Damned jitters.

"Last one.", Emily whispered down to Kayla's sensitive ears.

"I'll make it.", Kayla replied right away, turning her head up with a similar whisper. Her words were followed by another of her idle sniffles. There was no way out of this anyway - the least she could do was make a good impression on Emily after getting in trouble. The two Drakonians having empathy was also a big help.

"She's all your's guys.", Emily offered the final couple while Kayla was still feeling confident. Already having received a harsh punishment's worth of caning and paddling, this was a lot on the young Aspatrian.

"You've been practicing.", the lighter clothed of the drakes told the other, lifting a claw as he referred to their ability to give tongue lashings. It was a Drakonian classic, but pretty difficult to learn practicing on air. The darker clothed reptile had used his own claw, being that it did not hurt against scale.

"Paddle is your's then. I'll let you start us out, so you're not paddling saturated fur.", he suggested on a leadership level, thinking ahead about his saliva and the effects it caused. Surely Kayla did not need that as well. Just like Ki'rene and the Drakonians Kayla knew, the darker clothed, brown scaled raptor settled in on his tail to use it as a chair. Since Drakonian males were smaller than females, his lap did not seem as huge and foreboding as Kayla remembered Ki'rene's to be though. Around the height of a tall human, the couple did not have to tower over her any more than they had to.

"If it's all the same to you Kayla, I'll be the chair for the moment. I'll help you up.", he spoke in a light hearted form of parental authority, taking charge from the get go. Reaching out his claw, Kayla padded her footpaws against the carpet and took it, being given an extra boost to climb over his lap with his height. Easy and quick, Kayla's bare fur was against his legs, properly situated for a Drakonian lap. Being that this was his opportunity to parent his way, and Kayla was not actually in trouble for something, he placed his claw against the fur of the fox's head and playfully ruffled it for a second.

"You alright? Been a rough day.", the older drake asked in concern, while Kayla lifted her head and looked over her shoulder. There was a slight hint of a smile upon her muzzle, as the kindness reflected through the pain that caused her reddened eyes to remain watery.

"I'll live. Thanks for caring, it's nice of you.", Kayla replied with a quieter, raspier voice than the small girl typically had. Her vocal cords were tired, and her body battered feeling. Beneath her tail was just a sea of throbbing, burning ache. Running his right claw across Kayla's backside, he got in a quick moment of rubbing for the fox. Against cool brown scale, the heat radiating up though Kayla's fur was easily felt. Stung for Kayla for a moment, but it subsided, easing some of the urges her paws were happing to grab her welts.

Having fetched the paddle from the desk, the kind Drakonian's partner stood in position, ready to do his share of the duty. Giving a nod to him, the darker clothed drake took Kayla's tail into one claw, and placed the other against Kayla's upper back, near her neck. It was similar to one of Emily's common restraints, essentially using two of them at once since he did not need a free claw.

"My husband is going to get started. Cry as you need - no judgment here. Just hold still.", he readied his penitatas charge, craning his neck down to speak right to her. Enforcing the discipline of an already well disciplined girl, his kindness stretched right to his final directive. Kayla stiffened up her legs to keep from kicking, to at least try and do as she had been asked.

"I won't be long.", the lighter clothed of the pair let her know, patting one of the flat faces of the plain paddle against the palm of his free claw.

"Yes sirs.", Kayla politely acknowledged as best she could muster, lowering her head and holding on to the other drake's pant leg with her paws. Without a sniffle, thinking of being swatted once more, Kayla choked a feeling down into her chest that milked a fresh pair of silky tears from her eyes. As assured, there was no wait to feel the pain that would be delivered. The fact that mercy hurt was an inner irony to being a penitatas.

At the very first slap of the paddle against her backside, the base of her tail shifted as if to yank her orange, bushy tail from her disciplinarian's claw. Kayla was not trying to make this any worse on herself, but by now, a swat to her backside that was allowed to come down from endorphins and swell as it may hurt past her pain tolerance from the get-go. A yelp. Then a whimpering yelp. After the third, loud yet dulled sound of the paddle against fur and flesh, the sound was delayed, but even sadder through Kayla's tears. Four, five six; Kayla broke down, resuming her steady bawl with a tense, occasionally forceful jerk of her legs or arms. The Drakonian that held her kept her tight, but without resorting to the racing heart and quick breathing the young fox had. Desperate in her agony, the sitting Drakonian man felt Kayla pawing at his pant leg, begging with her body for it to end. Coming near one dozen strikes of the formidable paddle against their exam subject, he turned to face his partner, giving him a slow nod of his head to cease.

The other drake had already lifted the paddle for another spank at his current rhythm, but let the paddle fall to his side at his mate's request. That should have been good enough, as loudly as Kayla had begun growling and crying. Hanging limp, only her toes curled and quivered. Kayla's muzzle stayed open, teeth slightly bared, as she cried like a child. She couldn't help it any longer; her backside was pure crimson. Bruised beneath the skin, and her fur a swirling mess from the repeated strikes, her ears were as firm to her head as they could possibly be. Society demanded penitatas paid their debt through punishment, to find their rehabilitation as they worked through life, and became soft timers. The fox, though not one of the worst, had to howl like the rest. Those silver letters on the backs of her paws, dulled by her fur, kept her across the laps of those whom would make her pay that debt.

Changing the configuration of how he held Kayla, the darker clothed drake took the sobbing girl's tail into his left claw, needing to move his right arm out of the way to perform his tail lashing comfortably. But, seeing as his right claw was free, he brushed the back of it down Kayla's left thigh.

"Breathe, honey. Not done yet.", he took the time to remind the Aspatrian trying to rest and release her aches vocally. The words were responded with a sharp, pathetic whine. Kayla was tough as nails, but even nails could bend if struck enough. That sound rolled into a defeated, low growl, as tears trickled easily down her muzzle to fall from her ebony nose. Within her chest, her young, alien heart jogged in a panic, bringing a sense of exhaustion across her pain stricken form. Still yet, no plea of words, despite the burn in her throat from sobbing.

Craning his neck down, the assertive yet pleasantly cheerful Drakonian did not smile. Placing his brown scaled maw close to Kayla's backside, he performed his duty with humility. He ran memories of the news through the front of his mind, all to give himself a reason to do what he was doing. It made him happy to see a penitatas learning from their experience, bringing more pride to the duty he wanted to perform. The drake could do it safely, and he knew he could do it right. His fellow husband would be there at his side, as an equal, to show their young rejuvenated criminal the discipline they earned, and the guardianship they required to reform into something better in their newfound, forced childhood.

To punish the one and only Packet-Storm for her misdeeds as an adult. Who knew that would fall on his shoulders one day.

With a tongue evolved to tear marrow from bone, it was a strong strap when used on a humanoid. This was his first attempt on something with skin, and his final obstacle. After a deep breath through his nostrils, Emily and the proctor watching on, he snapped his jaw open - flinging his tongue harshly across the upper portion of Kayla's backside. Boy did it make Kayla jerk, paws clenching tight. The howl the fox made almost broke the rhythm he was looking to establish, but with a hasty withdrawal of his tongue, he was able to lash it back out like a snake. A bit lower, it snapped against her bottom with the sound of a soggy belt, leaving irritant-laden Drakonian saliva to soak into the girl's soft fur.

So, he was better than he thought he was, steadily spanking with his tongue. Little lower, then a little lower, working his way straight down as to not focus on any one area and make this harder on the little fox that cooperated with as she did. Her back had curled, lifting from his lap, but her pelvis remained firmly settled. What sort of will kept her from fighting to leave his lap, howling like a fox straight up to the white ceiling? The sound of his tongue slapping her rang in his ears. Kayla's backside even heated his tongue with each spank of it. Crime certainly did not pay. At least until crime was caught, that was.

Enduring lash after lash, not slowly either, Kayla was reduced to the howling she hated, looking like the fox her anatomy and fur so closely resembled. Maw wide, tears streaming. The force of the sting was agonizing, and hurt clear up her spine. Briefly after her disciplinarian began, with her body so tense, when she finally kicked her legs, they kicked with a tantrum's tenacity. Kayla beat her footpaws through the air, sobbing like she truly meant it. A tongue licking on top of everything she had already endured, irritant beginning to burn at her already badly whipped skin, Kayla just could not take anymore. As such, the man lifted his neck and head, using his snout to motion for the cloth on the table, which the other male drake promptly fetched for him. Looking down at Kayla's face, instead of beneath her tail, he could see clenched tired eyes and flowing tears that could not have been more sorry even if he tried.

Changing his focus once more, his head turned to take the cloth he motioned for from his partner, placing it directly upon Kayla's backside. This time, no flinch. She appeared too tired, or perhaps her bottom throbbed too strongly to feel the placement of such a light cloth against her. Kayla squirmed at the pain and irritant, soothed only by the Drakonian's touch.

"You are still in my authority for the moment, Kayla, and I say the saliva doesn't stay. Consider it a reward from my husband and I, for being good after dealing with all of us.", he spoke aloud in the most authoritive manner he had yet, stroking the cloth with care down the grain of Kayla's orange fur. Some force was needed, and of course it hurt, but with some effort he began removing the moisture and saliva from her fur, and away from her skin, to rub it away and save her the torment.

"Confident! It's your right while taking care of a penitatas to decide how punishment is carried out, and how it ends.", Emily complimented, though she had to take a deep breath. Kayla's howls and cries did have an effect on her. Being a penitatas parent wasn't always easy, when you loved the little one you had to subject to things like this. White cloth stroking through her fur, rubbing the welts and ache, Kayla's maw closed tightly - only showing her teeth from her muzzle as she cried.

"Yes, a full follow-through. After demonstrating solid safety ability in accordance with Penitatas Justice Department guidelines as well as willingness and refined parenting ability, I am happy to award you both your licenses. You pass.", the woman proctor said from her desk with the similar toned down happy feel to it as when the young couple completed their assessment successfully. Many of the would-be penitatas parents didn't even have the common sense to speak with the penitatas provided to them, focusing only on the spanking they were being graded for. However, that was not all she looked at. This was about the whole job, not just negative reinforcement.

Kayla was left as the only sullen entity in the room, as the two Drakonians laughed a little out of cheerful pride, sharing a quick, affectionate rub of their snouts against one another. Once he had opened his eyes again, the dark clothed drake looked back down and lifted the white cloth, stained with a few blood splotches from the prior couple's accident. Over his lap, the bare female Aspatrian cried much quieter, left to an ache he at least got to rub for her to put out the fire. Her tail hung like her head, limp, and drooping.

"You know. I hope my penitatas is like your's, Miss Targate. Kayla is... patient. I think patient may not be the most perfect of words, but she can put up with a lot I wouldn't expect.", he said warmly, head down towards Kayla's, so the fox could hear him clearly through her sobbing. It was a compliment for her too. Kayla's quiet sobs changed for a moment, sputtering as if she would speak, but she didn't.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to throw you out of my lap. My tail can do this a while longer.", the now penitatas licensed parent chuckled, rubbing between Kayla's shoulder blades to help calm her. Not being a larger female Drakonian, the men could not sit on their tails and use them as chairs in such a way for the same length of time. This was something he practiced at least.

Kayla breathed and relaxed for a few minutes, coming down from the bawl she had during that entire punishment. Her eyes were even redder, and her muzzle soaked. Eventually, her muzzle opened, panting between small, quiet sobs. Kayla's whole body hurt from the tensing of muscle groups in harsh manners, and by the time she was able to stand, she did so slowly with the help of her other Drakonian disciplinarian, whom helped her down from his husband's lap. It took quite a few brisk rubs of her paws, but Kayla managed to dry her eyes... even if they watered again some seconds later. She felt too poorly physically, even if bits of her focus and thoughts returned to her mind in the wake of an event she could finally call over. They got their license! After being gentle with her as best they could, and her primary disciplinarian's help calming her, she was overjoyed to have a qualified pair of "paddle-wielders" be given what they deserved. While the adults spoke with one another in their parting moments, Kayla was permitted to go and dress.

Doing so took care, as it did after such a heavy series of swattings. Underwear, jeans, shirt, then the part she needed to sit down for. Not fun. Able to do it on her own accord, Kayla settled her bruised, massively well-spanked rear upon the carpet with a strong cringe of her facial muscles. Feeling as if she was crushing bruises, she hastily got her socks and custom made shoes back onto her canid footpaws to get back up. Once standing, she brushed her clothing and sighed. Clothed, she was free, without having to fear another swat. Not today anyway! Exhausted or not, Kayla was a young rejuve, and getting to visit her friend was a treat. Walking past her towards the door, both Drakonians ruffled the fur atop her head as they stepped by. It made her ears stand erect and brought a happy giggle, even if she had to sniffle a bit afterwards.

"Take care of yourself Kayla. Have fun with your friend.", that darker dressed drake wished as he walked forward with his head turned over his raptor shoulder, thanks to his neck. He remembered the penitatas was going to get to enjoy herself, based on Emily's words earlier. It was a nice reminder for Kayla too, sighing in idle thought.

"Catch you around.", Kayla said as her goodbye, toned down and tired. But, there was enough cheer, and enough of a smile, to get across to the man that she appreciated his kinder nature. Watching the Drakonians leave the room, another voice caught her attention.

"That was an exceptional job Miss Targate. Thank you for assisting our applicants. Your services to the justice department are much appreciated.", came a familiar proper and professional voice, which had Kayla's ears turn. She watched the last brown scaled tail leave the door before turning, already beside her mother and the proctor. Keeping to being quiet in her weepy-eyed state, Kayla would have stared off if she didn't notice the older human turn her head to her. Being a justice department official, Kayla stood up a bit more straight, meeting the woman's eyes with a new nervous flutter in her abdomen.

"As for you Kayla...", she began, automatically looking intimidating in her black dress attire. Kayla shrank slightly, drooping her ears as she expected to hear something she did not want to.

"Your good behavior and attitude has been noted, as well as the positive service you provided cooperatively with your guardian. It will be reflected in your file with the court. I am impressed.", she went into instead, with that tone Kayla's ears were beginning to grow accustomed to, after the two couples passed their licensing examinations. Her head lowered more, as did her ears, but it wasn't due to pain or shame. Beneath her muzzle's fur, the exhausted penitatas felt like blushing. Everyone had something to say about her today. It was nice to hear every once in a while that you weren't a total burden to society. And a positive note on her record? Such a thing could make next Christmas a might lighter occasion. With any luck, she'd drop down to two switches, and it would help come her court date on her twelfth birthday. Backside stinging and aching as it would, the fox was skilled and naturally optimistic enough to smile through it. That was awesome news.

Exchanging thanks, the three parted their ways out in the courthouse hallway. Emily stopped her daughter once they had left the room and the official left for her office upstairs, wiping the fox's cheeks with her shirt. Kayla generally wanted to look her best, and with her jeans and underwear concealing the hurt, she left looking no worse for wear. That is, as long as you ignored her tired, red tinted eyes. The pair did not exchange words as they walked, enjoying the peace. Young Kayla did eye up at her parent a few times, curious about things said during the license examinations. The fact her soap had a name was still intriguing, and she was also timid about opening her muzzle after being handed down the punishment of no nano-lotion. It was harsh, but violating a base principle was not wise in front of a justice department official. Emily was not about to have that, and Kayla didn't expect her to.

"You mad mom?", Kayla decided to ask with more hesitation than usual, keeping her tone down to remind her mother she was already feeling a great deal of ache as they parted for the separate sides of their hover-car. Emily's initial expression was that of confusion, but it turned lighter as she realized what her daughter was asking for. Made her chuckle just a bit, as they both climbed into the car - Kayla using her paws to crawl in, as a child would. The moment brought on a few fresh winces.

"Not at all. Your behavior was terrific, aside from your one mistake.", Emily responded with a positive voice, settling in to reach over and buckle Kayla into her seat. Hovering close over her girl, she pulled on the strap to bring it over Kayla, continuing to speak as a bit of her hair tickled the tip of the fox's left ear in their sun-warmed car.

"It was just a disappointing mistake.", the experienced mother added for clarity, forcing Kayla's eyes to look away as a look filled Kayla's face again. To go with the intense sting and throb of sitting, she still felt foolish.

"I know, I'm real sorry. Don't know what made me get up like that.", Kayla got to say as an experienced penitatas, sighing deeply. Those beneath the paddle's scorn, did not take pleasure in being punished for stupid things that were easily avoidable. Kayla also felt guilty for making a fool of herself, when she did. Seatbelt clicking into place, the pair were ready to head home.

"Don't fret honey. I think I may give you nano-lotion when you come home for your bath. You did good today, I can cut you a break and balance your offense with your accomplishment.", Emily explained and reassured in her complicated parental sense, hitting a few buttons on the hover-car's control display to start the engine and set it's coordinates for home. That familiar resonating hum filled Kayla's ears, along with a couple of higher pitches from the inductors that her mother more than likely could not hear with human anatomy. Despite sitting on terrible welts and bruises, Kayla could loosen the muscles that have clenched within her chest all morning, knowing exactly when that pain would get to go away.

"Balance? That's the most fair thing I've heard all day. Thanks mom. I can't say I did much but try to hold still and cry, though.", Kayla began with her chipper young female voice, before turning her head to one side and placing her right paw on her muzzle. What an ordeal. Emily shook her head very briefly, raising a hand in gesture towards her daughter as the hover-car began it's assent into the busy sky above.

"Who are you kidding? You did a great deed, forging through like you did. You lived Richard McDaft's memory.", the elder offered as insight for her wayward young. Kayla took her muzzle from her paw, looking over with a puzzled expression across her face.

"His memory?", Kayla sought clarification for, not sure what her mother could have meant. It was cryptic, at least to some degree.

"You do a report on him almost every year, being in a penitatas classroom at school, so you know about him very well. It was his wish that penitatas acted in unison with one another for change, and that penitatas could be individuals despite their incarceration and punishment. He also wanted to guarantee every rejuvenated child in the justice system's safety and well-being.", Emily explained, going on as the hover-car redirected it's output for forward momentum at cruising altitude. Curious, Kayla listened intently, setting her paws together in her lap.

"It was in his memory that the reform occurred, making the system you just participated in. He believed in community, and by sacrificing your time, and yourself, you served to educate future parents and provide means for them to be tested outside of psychological exams. Your duty weeded out a pair of parents that did not have their hearts and minds in the right place, saving someone else from bleeding due to carelessness. And, face it, you leave impressions on people. Those two families will remember you.", the guardian went deeper into, making her grin as she did. Such long compliments made Kayla bashful, and as usual, the fox was left chuckling.

"Okay okay, so some good came out of today. I'm glad. Just make sure no one cuts me like that again.", Kayla waved off with her right paw, just prior to shivering in memory. In her mind, a loud crack echoed through the halls of her nerve fibers. That sting was so unique, and so powerful, she could only describe it as a tearing, or ripping sensation. A knife to her skin. It's memory dulled her smile, even in the wake of her playful sounding words. That man and his wife. It hurt, thinking that they did not care about their own accident. Kayla's heaving, desperate body brought on no emotion. Selfish as they were, there was no way they could lead by example. Every spanking they would have given, would have had no meaning, and no lesson. In the driver's seat of the hover-car, Emily shook her head in her daughter's favor. Honestly, Emily wanted to slap the old coot stupid. Kayla was a furry blessing, and her blood was not to be spilled by anyone. Not even a cut.

"Can do. It scared me when you squirmed like that. They were not normal movements or sounds for you. I knew something was wrong, but I didn't expect to find blood as soon as I touched you.", Emily touched upon more slowly, keeping her voice lighter. A lot of bad things had happened in their lives, and much of her daughter's blood was spilled when she was kidnapped. Bad memories coincided with Kayla being hurt.

Sharing the same events and coping with similar hardships together, Kayla allowed a light smile onto her muzzle as jovial emotions tickled her thoughts. She had heard many kind words today, and her mother protected her as best she could. Brought back to her roots and origins, the courthouse was where this all began, and also where her punishment would one day end. From a silent, grief stricken and selfish woman, holding her head in her paws in disbelief of her failure, rejuvenated into an outgoing six year old with faults that needed a lot of attention. Emily may have had a harsh period with her, but when it was said and done, she was the parent she never got to have. Put up with a lot, and brought her this far, with the gentle spirited Alex, her dad, in the other corner. Calleet passing by below, Kayla turned her head, placing her paws open on her knees to say an important sentiment.

"Thank you.", Kayla said with her prior tears pushed aside, from her tired maw. The pair had been silent for some moments now, leaving Emily to ponder what her daughter was thanking her for.

"What'd I do? Was it what I said?", Emily laughed fairly quietly to herself as she curiously asked her questions. Kayla shook her head from side to side, only a little, with that gentle expression.

"Just, you know... Thank you.", the growing, more understanding penitatas again offered in her manner. Kayla's tone of voice conveyed more closely what she was meaning, and it gave her parent the same warm feeling the Drakonians got to leave the Calleet Courthouse with. An idea of accomplishment, and that they truly made an impact in doing what was right for those under their care. Almost two years later, Kayla had changed in some ways. Her maturity rang stronger, and the quiet, timid times were a thing of the past once Kayla learned how to interact with others. Living an entire life of solitude, and without education, her furry child had a lot to overcome. Even her "hacker lingo" swearing fits were roughly long gone, paving the way for a more polite nature aside from the random slips of her tongue. From giving her comfortable baths and playing together, right down to standing over her with a soapy rag and Kayla's blue, personalized paddle at her side, they had been through a lot together so far.

"You're welcome.", Emily needed a moment to reply, taking the same tone of voice as that tickle struck her as well.

With the high speeds hover-cars had, it was no time before they were decelerating and dropping altitude, lowering down to land. Beneath the green vehicle, it's landing struts whined as they extended, absorbing the shock of landing like hydraulic feet. Kayla clicked her seatbelt free, allowing it to slide back to it's resting position. Sitting on her backside was not getting any better and she could go for some standing, making quick work of getting out of the hover-car. Sliding the seat of her dark blue jeans from the smooth padded seat was like running a rolling pin with rocks strapped to it hard beneath her tail. Flexing her knees once on the ground was a natural reaction from the pain of her bruises, enhanced by her welted and whipped skin. Growling lightly in her private moment, Kayla rubbed her muzzle with one paw and shoved the door closed with the other. Damn, she hoped her bath would not be too far into the evening.

"I'll stay right here. You can cross over to Ninne's house.", Emily called from the other side of the hover-car in their driveway. Kayla was old enough to head over there on her own, but she watched simply because of further kidnapping fears. It wasn't like Maxwell and Tyson, the men who nearly killed the little Aspatrian, had been caught.

"Okay!", Kayla called back, a bit more loudly since her voice would be more muffled by the hover-car due to her height. Given time to rest and relax, she walked as offered, straight up to Ki'rene's door. She had missed the somber older Drakonian and all her wisdom. Having made up with Ninne, it was good to have a friend only a paw's reach away. And, with a reach of that paw, Kayla pressed the button aside the front, automatic door to announce there was a visitor.

Kayla had begun spend time with Ninne again in the wake of Jacob's declared innocence, rebuilding the long standing bond they held after that trying time. Their lives had slowly worked themselves back to a semblance of a penitatas' normality, where their largest worry was once again getting into serious trouble. In the end, the young, impressionable Ninne's downfall that Christmas was that she perhaps held Kayla in too great of a regard. She could not forgive even something that was not Kayla's fault. Then again, neither could the Corrections Council. The curse of Packet-Storm struck again, when people - generally judgmental or weak minded - needed someone to blame.

The fox tried to place that in the past as best she could, favoring all of the good memories over the emotion driven "You're not my friend!", Ninne spat at her that fateful Christmas day. It was a hard time for everyone. Kayla understood that much, at least. Before then, Kayla could remember the day they met, standing in the corner together.

Cutting her trip down memory lane short, the front door to Ki'rene's home opened with a small sound to slide out of the way. Towering over Kayla as usual, the fox had to look up to give her other disciplinarian of sorts of cheerful, toothy smile of greeting.

"Hey Ki'rene! Is Ninne available?", the fox greeted, asking in a way if Ninne was in any sort of trouble. As a penitatas, it wouldn't have been unusual for either the fox or drake to become suddenly grounded on a whim. As calm as the motherly Drakonian appeared, it didn't seem likely, thankfully.

"Sure is. Your friend Anne is here too; one more won't make a crowd. Good to have you by Kayla, I missed having you around. Ninne sort of needs your good influence too I think.", Ki'rene spoke in her usual mannerisms, sharing a wave across the way with Emily while welcoming the fox into her home. She remained as fond of Kayla as ever, now that the orange furred little girl was back in her life. The two had always admired each other for their particular traits and wisdoms, even as penitatas and surrogate guardian.

"Head on up to Ninne's room and join in. I'm just in the kitchen doing some cooking while you girls play.", she then offered with her strong feminine Drakonian voice, motioning for the stairs with a crane of her neck as she shut the door and turned around, minding her rigid tail not to smack the wall. The fact Ki'rene could be outgoing and light when not in her stricter of parental modes was another bonus that made the fox feel comfortable within her walls. Though, when those strict penitatas parent whims came along and her duty as a guardian was needed, she could really let loose on Ninne. Hell, Kayla too had felt some intense tongue lashings from her, more severe than the male couple from earlier could provide. Ki'rene was a teacher, and enforcer by nature.

"You got it!", Kayla responded with her young energy, trying to muster some after such a rough morning. She hurt, and ached all over, but there was no reason to act like she was in total pain. Wouldn't be possible to have fun if she was stuck in the throws of self pity. Ki'rene walked past the stairs with her large claws, as Kayla's much smaller shoes began climbing them at a steady rate. Feeling comfortable and casual after hearing so many nice things said about her, Kayla's smile was solid and steady. At the top of the stairs, she looked over to see Ninne's door open; sticking her fingers into the pockets of her jeans, leaving her thumbs against the outer denim as she stepped into her old, best friend's room. It had hardly changed during her absence.

"Hey!", Kayla loosely greeted her friends as they sat on the end of Ninne's bed - one clothed, and one not, as Ninne and Anne always were from their particular upbringings on or off-world.

"Hey Kayla. Now we've got a crew going.", Ninne said with an idle shift of her footclaws against the side of her bed. Anne however, leap from hear seat to land directly in front of Kayla as she stepped up to the bed. Finding a big brown reptilian snout in her face, Kayla stopped, leaning back awkwardly with quite the look on her face. Staring at Kayla for just a few moments, Anne showed her sharp Drakonian teeth in an amused smirk, lifting the pointer finger of her left claw.

"[I can see it in your eyes! What did you do?]", Anne spoke in her typical reptilian-sounding Drakonian, poking some fun as she turned and climbed back into her seat beside Ninne; bare, clean smooth scale against the bed's blanket. Kayla rolled her eyes, giving a shake of her head.

"Nothing this time. I got summoned for justice department duty.", Kayla said with a groan of sorts, to express how that particular event went. Both Ninne and Anne scrunched their snouts, making their own displeased sound. It brought a slight giggle from the fox, waving her paw as if to tell them to get over it.

"Pillow me Ninne, if you could.", the idly casual, tired penitatas asked of her fellow. Reaching behind herself, Ninne grabbed her pillow and tossed it for Kayla to catch, which thumped in the arms of the smaller, non-scaled girl. This was a language they shared, understanding the plights of another and working together. After a terrible punishment was one of the best days to pay your penitatas pals a visit. Dropping the pillow to land upon the ground, Kayla carefully lifted her tail out of the way and sat down with a more subdued wince. Thick and comfortable, it wasn't like rocks were being driven into her paddle and cane bruises. By hell did it hurt, but at least she could sit. After a moment, the pained look across her muzzle subsided, bringing out a sigh.

"I slipped up once during the new parent's examinations, and lost any chance of getting nano-lotion until later tonight. Some old jackass also cut me with a cane.", the fox opened in conversation, sitting in front of and below the two Drakonian girls. It was like sitting in a circle, without the circle. In mentioning the well-to-do man's fault, Kayla's expression drooped, going as limp as her tail as she rubbed her right arm. Anne opened her maw in surprise and disgust, while Ninne shook her head.

"What do people think? The stuff they pick up is going to do all the work for them?", Ninne went into with a bit of irritation, wondering how some folks could think you could pick up an instrument of discipline and know how to use it right off the bat.

"I don't know, but he wasn't happy when he auto-failed. Got the cut regenerated, but after so much other spanking, paddling, and caning all at once, I feel like hell.", Kayla said with an air of annoyance as well, removing her right paw from her arm with another backwards wave.

"[You look it too.]", Anne added in comment. It sounded strange in translation, since her tone did not match how happy her Drakonian snarls did. It got a raised eyebrow from Kayla, reaching up to quickly brush the fur atop her head with her canid claws.

"Come on, I can't be that bad.", Kayla got out while pawing at her fur. Her eyes were at least still a little bloodshot, even if the sniffles had gone away.

"No, you're pretty alright Kayla. Anne is being a spaz.", Ninne craned her head towards her fellow drake and teased. Anne shrugged what little shoulders she had as a raptor-like species, moving her claws open and outward in an "I don't know!" sort of body language. Kayla snickered, settling her paws upon her denim covered thighs.

"If Ninne doesn't have to speak Drakonian, you can do it too. Quit being lazy.", Kayla spoke up after her snicker ended, adopting a grin while following Ninne's playfully teasing lead. Anne gave her such a precious look, Kayla had to refrain from laughing right off. The drake moved her head to face down at the fox, opening her maw as if to actually try. Ninne spent a long time refining her vocal cords to speak panglish, the planetary language derived from english.

"Sh-...", left Anne's snout, before it curled as if it got dry. Right away, the Drakonian lowered her head further and began to cough from her failed attempt at a language she wasn't able to speak. She was going to tell Kayla to shut up, but the entry into that 'uh' sound wasn't something a creature that spoke a more primitive language could express.

"Nice try there spaz. Leave it to the professionals and people that wear clothes, okay?", Ninne laughed, giving her fellow drake's right shoulder an innocent shove. This was something Kayla missed. Just a little bundle of friends being themselves, not worried about getting in trouble for a brief moment. Anne rubbed at her long neck, making an awkward face to be humorous in the wake of her pathetically failed attempt at speaking an incompatible language.

"[At least you two are speaking again. That day we all met Jacob, you two were really fighting.]", Anne changed in subject, curiously going into the realm of Kayla and Ninne's rebuilding friendship. Both Kayla and Ninne glanced over at her, looking not as playful. It was a tense subject for them both, solved typically by not talking about it.

"I had to be paddled in front of Jacob right after I met him, because of it. I'm not going to be shoving people around soon if I can help it.", Kayla sighed a little, trying to follow-up the subject. Ninne nodded her head, not exactly wanting such tension in the air either. Ninne respected Kayla again, with neither of them looking to upset the other for the sake of patching things up. It was hard to pull up such intricate thoughts when it came to Ninne, but the drake tried, rubbing the silver 'P' on the back of her right claw with her left's thumb.

"And I was very stupid. My mom punished me for weeks after that fight I picked. Cold baths and everything; she made sure I lost more than just my friend. I paid for what I did, and tried to make it up as best I could when I... you know, let go of wanting to be right.", Ninne spoke more slowly and subdued, sounding calmer as some of her age came into her words. Anne and Kayla nodded in understanding. Wasn't a simple matter to say you were wrong.

Kayla tilted her head back, shifting her bushy tail against the pillow where it draped down onto the carpet. That night, Kayla was taken straight home for a discussion over a cold bath. Was the first and only time Emily had employed such punishment, forcing her to endure the cold water even as it ran down her head and back, and damn near froze her tail it felt like. Never before was she so desperate to dry off, only to find her fur wasn't doing a great job of warming her back up. During Emily's scolding, amidst the drips and swishes of water in the tub, she mentioned Ninne was likely across the street receiving the same kind of bath. Even as enemies of sort, their parents worked together to punish them the same way. Ninne had to endure exactly what she did, understanding what it felt like.

"So, you shivered with me that night.", Kayla said with her voice lowered a degree, taking a personal moment with it. Looking up at Ninne, her old friend's legs stilled themselves, curling her neck as her head drooped a bit - eyes still locked on to Kayla's own.

"I wonder which of our parents came up with it.", the girl chuckled sheepishly, shaking her head as she found the strange humor of sharing the same punishment in two different homes. Anne was left listening intently, having struck a chord with the two. It didn't seem like she made a mistake, so the drake let them talk it out.

"No idea really, my mom never mentioned. In an act of irony, I guess, she followed up the bath with hot sauce. I didn't get away with kicking you in the throat, even I was miserable that night.", Kayla continued, as the pair spoke almost reminiscently. Towards the end of what she spoke, the fox lowered her ears just a bit and frowned. She had to shake her head, and lift it back up.

"Sorry for doing it.", she felt compelled to apologize for. Back then, she was just trying to defend herself from getting hurt. Ninne was significantly larger. Now, all this time later and after Ninne returned to the group with grace, it was too much of a thing of the past for Kayla to remember her actions being that just. It was just the way hindsight worked, as time ticked by and life went on. Ninne simply sighed, going quiet for a moment.

"Don't be. You were the victim, and we both suffered the same way.", she shook her head again, finding guilt in the fact Kayla shared a portion of her consequences. A spoonful of hot sauce and nothing more? It singed the drake's powerful tongue just thinking about such a thing in Kayla's much smaller muzzle.

"Ma'ma set me straight after that, but... I just wish I knew who went and ratted us out, bringing on all that crap in the first place.", Ninne hummed, cocking her head to one side with her curious thought. Anne craned her neck straight around as far as it would go, placing it next to Ninne's as they sat side by side. She employed the same, big toothed doofy smile she greeted Kayla with. At first, Ninne just looked at her friend awkwardly, before scrunching her nostrils and glaring mildly. Kayla smacked her forehead with her right paw.

"[Bitch.]", Ninne grumped, holding on to her look while responding to her fellow drake in their own language. After holding it for a few moments, the three girls giggled at least a little with each other. Anne waved her right claw, keeping her own chipper energy she was slinging about everywhere with her today.

"[You would have hurt her! Was worried; don't be mad.]", Anne finally admitted out in the open, noting Ninne's size and strength advantage. She was one of the few penitatas rewarded for her assistance that day. It may have been out of the norm for a penitatas, but it was the right thing to do. Both Ninne and Kayla shrugged, letting it go. Anne did what she had to. Better her than some other fellow.

"But to answer you directly, Anne, yes, we're okay now.", Kayla perked up her voice as she spoke, looking to Ninne as she said it. The drake smiled back, getting the message loud and clear. Thank you Kayla. At least one of us is a good friend, the drake thought.

"Good ol' Commander Jacob was happy for it too.", Ninne joked around, lightening her smile up as she referred to saving the once penitatas' tail. Scale needed to help scale, right? The girl wanted to make it up to Kayla, and by damn did she. Kayla chuckled, placing her paws behind her head to slowly lay back against the floor; her lower half raised up a bit, due to the pillow against her backside. It was nice to get off it for a moment to let the blood flow back around her skin, where it was desperately flowing to into the welts to repair damage. Comfortable, and with a lighter heart, Kayla looked up towards the ceiling.

"What about the rest of your morning Kayla? The license exams?", Ninne asked casually, looking to chat with her friends. Not long ago, her room would have been a lonely place. Merely a staging area for Ki'rene's sessions of discipline.

"There was a nervous couple, two stiffs, and two non-heterosexual Drakonian guys. Pretty normal.", the fox laughed, closing her eyes as her body relaxed. Ninne shook her head, and Anne made a churring, reptilian sort of purr.

"Normal indeed.", Ninne snickered sarcastically.

"[Hot.]", Anne followed up immediately, before Ninne barely finished speaking. Apparently Anne liked that sort of thing. Kayla and Ninne would have humored it quite intently, but Anne was exceptionally blunt with her commentary. While Ninne smacked at her bare scaled companion, Kayla opened her right eye and grinned out of amusement.

"The thing inside your head Anne that tells you when to stop talking - you broke it, didn't you?", Kayla prodded, humorously from one friend to another, as the circle of penitatas enjoyed the other's company.

"[You know it's awesome!]", Anne laughed in her Drakonian way, hissing from her nostrils and between her teeth as she playfully wrestled with Ninne over her words.

"They were actually. Real nice couple. I wanted them to get their license badly.", Kayla chuckled, continuing Anne's thought from something pornographic in nature, back to reality.

"[Hot.]", Ninne spat this time, getting quite the snigger from Anne. Reality during fun time? Who wanted that? The joke lifted their spirit's a high degree, while the fox stared off at the ceiling, pondering the day - tension fading away.

Out in the stretches of the city, those she met were going on with their own times. Somewhere, an older couple sat brooding, reading their books as they tried to find something else to occupy their time with. In another place, husband and wife were sharing thoughts of what their baby would look like after they were awarded with a parenting license that allowed them to procreate here on Earth, in accordance with the law, after caring for a penitatas. Further elsewhere, a pair of male drakes tapped their wine glasses together in celebration above their heads, leaving enough room to place their snouts together for a good, solid kiss.

So many different people, with different outcomes to their trials. Not even their goals remained the same.

And, as she thought about everything that went on during the day, another something deeply tickled her humor as the two Drakonians played. Listening with her healthy, sensitive ears, despite the injuries they sustained in the past, she heard every sound of fun, or scale squirming and scraping against Ninne's bed.

"Disciplinary, type two.", Kayla laughed aloud, placing her paws upon her belly. It tickled her, getting to learn what she did. It was meaningless, but still, it told her something new about something to close to herself in a disciplinary sense. Ninne turned her head with the help of her flexible dinosaur-like neck, fingers intertwined in Anne's own as they wrestled for the fun of it.

"What are you going on about down there?", Ninne chuckled, finding that to be a random, sudden thing to just blurt out. Kayla tapped her tail against the floor as it rested between her legs, still staring up at the ceiling in their play and casual banter. At least here, in the company of her fellows, there was much less to worry about.

"My soap. It has a name.", Kayla said aloud with a humorous, whimsical air to her voice, taking simple pleasure in the surprise of it.

"Who would have thought?", the young Aspatrian penitatas snickered, resting among her friends in that sunny room.