Kayla: Into the Night
In the 28th century, the technology of rejuvenation allows for immortality. This device is also used for sentencing as well. A penitatas; a criminal that is sent back to childhood to live a highly strict and disciplined life to start anew. (Story Fourty-Six)
Concept by Lurking Dragon
Kayla and story by Professor Bob
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Dusk fell into night, bringing darkness to a sky that always glowed. Stars twinkled above Calleet, obscured by the light of the city and the swarming dots of their hover-cars as life went on. It was cold, but the air was fresh; clouds and fog having moved on. While many enjoyed the gentle winter evening huddled together in their warm, lit homes, Jacob sat in his bedroom alone. It glowed like the sky above, lit by the glow of his computer console and nothing more. The diffused white light made lit his green scales up dully; the young reptile sitting in his chair, staring on in thought at the screen. Wearing a black t-shirt and a simple pair of white boy's cotton briefs, he reclined against the back of the pseudo-wood chair in comfortable silence. Having a full belly for the first time in days, and the ache removed from his body, the physical remains of being a penitatas were all but gone. All that was left were his thoughts, and memories.

"Log entry. Date, February seventh, twenty-eight ninety-one; Ex-Commander Jacob Vasse.", his voice broke the silence, being recorded by his computer console.

"It's been a while since I've made a log. The night before the accident, was my last one in Apollo's computer system. Making them is something I miss. Always dreaded making them, but in the end, they allowed me to gather my thoughts.", Jacob spoke lightly, and casually. Memories filled his mind, from times longer ago. The Karrian shook his head to himself, coming out of his reclined position to sit up and lean forward in his seat.

"So much has happened since I left Starfleet, against my own free will. I've found comfort, as well as pain. Been called a hero, as well as a murderer.", his words went on, still casual, but with an underlying woe. His eyes shifted over to the desk space beside his console, looking at the glimmer of the screen against his Starfleet Medal of Sacrifice. It resided with him once more, having been returned to it's deserving owner. It made him pause a second, as he spoke unscripted, open thoughts for his audible journal.

"I've lived two lives in Starfleet. There was a lot of dedication behind working my way to the rank of commander. After one rejuvenation, I learned more and came right back. Chances are, if I was more outgoing socially, I would have been a captain very soon. But I was happy where I was, taking care of my crew on a closer basis. Just because I disliked desk work and kept to myself, didn't mean I loathed my job.", the Karrian explained to his computer console, taking his arms from his lap to use his claws in gesture towards the glowing device. His voice had a longing note to it.

"My crew, ship, and Cameron - I miss them. A man is defined by his work, and how he lives.", he followed up with, after a sigh, sounding more forceful before stopping again. Slumping backwards in his chair, his right claw slid up onto his muzzle, sort of cupping it. An awkwardly amused grin appeared.

"A man. See what I said there?", he chuckled quietly, emptying his mind of thoughts.

"Inside our minds, we all have memories. The thoughts of things we did, and more matured ideas. But, as rejuvenated individuals, we're running matured minds through immature brains. Each thought makes new nerve pathways, and our new brains don't have them yet. It's why we aren't as dexterous after a rejuvenation. I couldn't use my combat training, or even swim anymore I bet, just like most. Re-learning concepts restores those pathways, but it's still yet even more complicated than that.", Jacob rambled on, speaking more quickly as he recalled those years of Starfleet Medical. Of being a cadet, and learning the ins and outs of rejuvenator technology and theory. He looked down, pausing, staring at the lump of the front of his underwear as his claws toyed with the strip of fabric between his legs.

"You see, children have instincts. When hurt, sad, or hungry, they cry. Heavy concepts cause them to panic, bringing on the flight portion of a fight-or-flight response. They require guidance, because those young brains can make mistakes, or behave with a lacking inhibition.", the Karrian explained more slowly, voice hinting to a thought behind the explanation.

"But, I don't like that. I'm still the same person I always have been. One hundred and eighty two years old, and I can't call myself a man. Being some... little boy, with the thoughts and memories of adulthood doesn't make life easy at times. I still want to hold on to dignity and independence, when all the sudden I can't even take care of myself alone any more. We even call our previous rejuvenations 'lives'.", Jacob slipped his thoughts into, looking back up from his lap while his claws held close to each other. His expression rang of inner desperation, and frustration. The inner workings of a medicalos yearning for the life they lost.

"My last lives. In my last life, I...", he changed the tone of his voice for, mimicking other conversations others have as an example of what he was discussing to his log.

"We say it as if we go somewhere. In reality, it's all one life. I step into a rejuvenation booth, and a technician reduces my age back to pre-pubescence. Just like I came in, I step out; still me. Nothing is different except my age, so I want to keep calling myself an adult and thinking of myself in the same light. At least it was easier being a voluntarus. I had care arranged, and a goal of continuing my education after growing old and retiring from my career. It was a good run, and it was time to start fresh, staying with the ages of my family, and Cameron.", the green scaled boy slowed down again, opening a piece of his heart to this journal of sorts, as he comforted his mind and came to terms with the horrors he had just finished experiencing.

"I hated being a voluntarus, though. Not everyone is kind to alien races, when their maturity is drastically diminished due to age. I worked so hard to stay exactly who I was. The good doctor, and strong man, despite my size. After my first rejuvenation, not even a week later, neighborhood bullies had teased me, and roughed me up a bit. Once they were gone, I slumped under a tree, and...", he ended with a sudden pause, biting his lump and growling in a sort of sad, defeated way.

"I cried.", Jacob then sighed in a quiet, airy sort of way.

"From an old, wise Karrian, I was reduced to some childish lizard. Dripping tears? That wasn't me. It wasn't how I wanted to be seen. It brought on insecurity, and a note of privacy that I've carried with me to this day. I even chose a penitatas neighborhood this time to avoid it, but I can't. I'm a child. A seven year old. My total age doesn't change that, no matter how smart and tough you become. I need to accept that I can't go it alone, more so that I'm a medicalos. Everyone I knew is going to go on without me. I'll never be the same age as Cameron again. I'm out of sync with my family, so I can't care for them when it's time, and they cannot care for me. All that I knew is gone, and here I am wanting to act like a distinguished man through it all.", he spoke, as if to himself. His eyes were half closed in the dim light of the room, claws tucked between his legs. As he thought of the bleak, another more positive entity filled his mind. His fingers squeezed, and he formed a loose smile.

"I just need to be me, and worry less. Everyone is allowed to have a rough time, or enjoy themselves and their age. Kayla has shown that very well.", Jacob went on, slowly gaining a more positive tone in his quiet voice. Taking his claws from his lap and underwear, he took a moment to stretch; enjoying the silence of the room.

"She's a penitatas and someone known for her brilliance, as well as crime. Even with so many eyes on her, and a mind filled with maturity - like my own situation - Kayla lives happily. She can work and speak seriously like a small adult, then break out her toy chest like a kid. Playing and absorbing the benefits of her age, while being the very same person. If I can stop trying to be a forty year old in a child's body, maybe I can do the same.", he ended the thought with a perky tone, before making another of those awkward chuckles. There wasn't a painful pause this time though. It was a fond thought.

"Kayla. With the hell I just went through, she was the only one to stick with me the whole time. It's been funny, laying in bed, thinking about the crush I have on her. Haven't talk about it with much anybody else, but based on our friends at school's words, it's kind of obvious she and I have a thing going on. Is she my girlfriend? I guess, she sure meets the description. It's been nice to have a less serious relationship with someone. When I'm this age, as a rejuve, I used to be so... I don't know, but I sure wouldn't have been fraternizing. She just walked into my room one day, me here at this desk, and I got to spend time with someone without having to feel like a young boy.", Jacob thought aloud, fondly, remembering what Kayla had done for him and how they met. Those were good times, that eventually became normal. It was too bad this incident with Starfleet had to come between that.

"She should be here soon. My guardian called Kayla's, to set up for her to spend the night. After Miss Lory's behavior, Miss Emily will be reluctant. I'm hoping she'll think of Kayla and I; we haven't gotten to see each other much. I'm still hoping I made the right decision with Miss Lory. It's so awkward being here now, but she's being quiet. Fed me, healed me up with nano-lotion, and left me to my own will. I just didn't want to be left alone in that court house and lose another life. If an older me listens to this someday, I hope you remember why you made that decision.", came with another light shake of his head, as he hoped his judgment was in the right place. In the end, he was a child, and children like their constants. He was not eager to move again.

"Then there is Ninne, too. I don't know what happened to her when she got home that day. I'm glad Kayla is making things up with her, as I owe that Drakonian a note of respect. I have always had that one friend, be it Cameron or Kayla, but I'm willing to open up to a larger group. Maybe I'll learn something this time around, not focusing so direly on returning to Starfleet Medical. After this incident of being arrested and used as a scape-goat, to cover up a vulnerability in the fleet, I am not sure what I wish to do. It will require a lot of thought as I grow up, if I will ever again be called Commander Vasse.", he stroked his muzzle, nodding along in thought at all the things he would have to think about and wrap up. Using so much body language while giving a log entry was normal for him, often speaking so impromptu, even for his official logs throughout his duty with Starfleet. Jacob hummed, shifting his short Karrian tail as it dangled from the chair's seat.

"I'll live with just being Jacob, and see where I want to go from here.", he chuckled more lightly, closing his eyes for a moment.

"End log.", Jacob said as he relaxed in his seat, bringing on an affirmative chirp from the computer console. It was refreshing to get to make something like that. It seemed easy to hold on to some portions of his adulthood. A ship log entry can become an audible journal in his childhood. Perhaps it would be the little things that would leave him feeling like the good doctor he always was. It made his memories, good and bad, seem at least a little warmer on such a cold night that he could speak his mind in a free, personal forum.

Jacob got up from his chair, landing on his foot claws stiffly while his shirt fell loosely to cover most of his underwear. He was by himself, and it was only Kayla coming, so the bits that did hang out, though small, did not bother him. Understandably, he wanted to be as comfortable as he could be after such a harrowing ordeal of crime and punishment. Now, if only his entire class didn't see him half naked. Anthony's embarrassing comments about his crotch kind of stuck with him, at least in the back of his mind.

Stepping over to his window, Jacob leaned on the frame and looked out into the dark of night. Out there in the starry sky, one of those dots could have been the Apollo. His crew would be happy to hear the truth, and Jacob hoped to hold their respect. They were all so important to him. As he told his log, a man is defined by his work. Jacob left them prematurely in an event that left them all shaken, but thankful for their good fortunes. The quiet, yet cheerful and relaxed commander - gone from their lives, after nearly sacrificing his own. Out that window, there were so many good memories to go with the burnt flesh and blood he left behind.

Behind him was a similar story. As he looked out into the expanse of Calleet and space, by the tip of his tail was his bed. Not long ago, he was left upon it a tired, pained, sobbing mess. He also spent time with Kayla upon it, the first day the pair cuddled close and enjoyed a more intimate company with each other. It was a mixed up period of his long life, hopefully drawing to a close. He was just waiting for Kayla to arrive, so he could spend his victory evening with someone he cared for. From his vantage point on the second floor, overlooking the front of the house, Jacob twitched the tip of his reptilian tail when he saw Emily's hover-car begin to land.

Leaving his window, the young Karrian was filled with excitement. For once he didn't mind showing it, being alone and all; taking a small leap to sit on the end of his bed and wait for Kayla to come upstairs.

Long moments came to pass in the dim, lonely silence of the room. Jacob's fingers and toes shifted anxiously, leaping from his bed only once his door began to open. The moment came so suddenly, but both were ready. Light from the upstairs hallway flooded into the dark room, shining against Kayla and Jacob's side as they embraced just across from the doorway. Kayla's orange fur lit up brightly, contrasting with the shadows. Muzzle over the other's shoulder, the pair held one another where they stood, in pure silence. Comforted, but gritting their teeth, at the terrors they avoided, and those that sadly came to pass. Their paws held firmly at each other's back; the combined heat of their bodies, furred and scaled, warming their chests.

Kayla was the first to break it, reaching over with her left paw to press the button beside the door. With a smirk, as soon as the pressed the button and the room slid back into it's dim glow, she placed her paws upon Jacob's shoulders and leaned in. Dim, glowing light dancing across their silhouettes, highlighting even the most insignificant strand of the fox's fur, the pair shared a firm kiss. Kayla locked her muzzle to her companion's, turning it to his left slightly, to get a good hold of his reptilian muzzle. It was a surprise for the boy, but welcome; his paws hanging loosely at Kayla's lower back, as if to stroke her tail. For such a thing, holding his breath did not feel like such a chore. Slick, and moist, it was certainly an intimate, personal moment. The two having been around the block at least once, certainly knew what they were doing as their lips gently smacked against one another; eyes barely open.

In their young excitement, once their muzzles parted, Kayla snickered to herself in playful amusement, while Jacob smiled bashfully. There was enough light in the room for the fox to notice Jacob's eyes being shinier than normal, as he looked at her with such appreciation. It was a respect none had shown her before. He seemed so thankful he could just stand there, a free man, and share it with her. The penitatas placed her orange paws against the black of Jacob's shirt, holding his chest while keeping up her delighted smile.

"You miss me?", Kayla asked in an amused, light sort of way. Jacob thought he would have been the one to interrupt the quiet of his room, but it was hard to cheer with an Aspatrian's muzzle locked to your own.

"More than you think! I couldn't wait to see you once I won my case in tribunal. There was no one else I would spend this night with, after what I've been though.", Jacob opened with a happy chuckle, pulling Kayla close again with his claws upon her lower back. It was so casual, it was easy for him to be so close. The feeling of fur against his toes was a nice thing, to boot.

"You should have seen it Kayla. The prosecutors were up in arms, and Admiral Palmer walked out. Evidence arrived that shut them all up, once I figured out what it was trying to tell us. Open and shut once I walked in, really.", the Karrian grinned proudly, the glow from his computer console accenting the line of his muzzle. Kayla's own, after hearing that, was extra sly and toothy.

"Oh really?", she snickered again, hinting she knew something. It sure wiped the look off Jacob's muzzle. He cocked his head slightly, giving the girl a look. Looking into her expression, eyes, and that sneaky allure of her's Jacob lowered his head with a groaning sort of sound. Keeping Kayla held, he moved his claws up and hugged her a bit more lightly that time. So, that was where the evidence came from. Damn it, Kayla.

"That was too dangerous. I don't deserve that much.", Jacob spoke at nearly a whisper, feeling guilty. First it was Ninne, and now Kayla. His companion stood before him still, but no mater how she did it, she risked herself to a great degree. The Karrian was tired of others being harmed trying to help him. If anything would have happened to Kayla, he would have blamed himself. Kayla, though, shook her head against Jacob's shoulder. His neck blocked most of the light from the computer screen across the room, leaving the fox looking into darkness; her senses focusing on nuzzling against the smooth texture of the Karrian's scale, and the soft fabric of his shirt.

"You deserved to be innocent. Only people who are guilty should walk my path, you know? I get what I get, but... that's not for you. You made too many people happy to disappear into obscurity.", Kayla replied to his sentiment, following his own tone. Kayla knew Jacob would not have been ecstatic when he discovered what she had done. It wasn't like him to let others risk themselves. The fox herself was reassured by his touch, that she had done the right thing. Right from wrong - her powers could be used for good. Jacob held her quietly, while Kayla listened to his nervous breathing as he took in her words.

"I managed to use your communications badge and get information from your old friend, Cameron. Not without being caught by my mother though.", she wanted to explain to him, without Jacob getting too worried. The last bit though, made the boy tense.

"Please, you didn't get hurt, right?", Jacob asked very quickly; almost pleadingly. His eyelids clenched, as he held Kayla. Such worry for her made Kayla swallow a bit, thankful she was not hurt. In a way, it reminded her of the dangerous dance she began by playing sly fox. The last time she returned to hacking, she inadvertently lost her best friend. She did not want it to happen again, to be followed by the "curse of Packet-Storm".

"No. Not a single swat, I promise. I thought I was going to be arrested for tampering with Starfleet equipment, but when my mother came up to my room, she told me I should do it. Said it was the right thing to do. I broke into your prosecutor's office, made copies of all the evidence, and did my thing. Just like the old days. No trace possible; they didn't even know an intruder stole their files. Don't worry, it's over now.", Kayla worked to assure, taking a mild tone as she spoke over Jacob's shoulder. The young medicalos, part innocentatas, hummed in relief. Kayla could feel his muscles loosen, as his paws moved and held her at the hips. She wasn't sure if her male companion meant to have his claws on her hips, so close to getting much more intimate, or if he wasn't paying attention. Either way she smiled bashfully, just as Jacob did moments ago. Working his worries from his mind, the Karrian took his time replying in the cozy atmosphere of the room. Dark and private, and the smell of Kayla's clean fur, placed him at ease.

"I very well owe you my life.", he said softly, gleaming with gratitude, and optimism. As if urged to by her inner instincts, Kayla turned her head against Jacob's shoulder to kiss his bare scale. Her fur tickled, but it felt so... sort of romantic. Filled with so many emotions, it made his frame shudder with a young boy's pleasure. It was at that point that he realized where his own claws were. Smiling, he gripped her hips, getting another one of Kayla's feminine, shy-like giggles.

"Thank you. Your abilities are amazing. Just try to avoid using them for my sake; you need to stay safe.", Jacob added, releasing the young Aspatrian from his embrace. Standing in front of him, it was nice to see Kayla's tender eyes between those fox-like ears of her's, and that comforting smile. To think such a girl was a feared and respected criminal, with the hacking skills of a deity. Kayla always seemed so well-natured, despite the sly fox within. He wasn't sure, but maybe he could see that good in her, and what she would grow up from her sentence to be.

"Hey, I'm no hero. Not like you.", Kayla lowered her enthusiasm to say, though she did not remove her cheerful expression. As a typical gesture, even in such low light, she lifted her right paw to show her 'P'.

"I've done my share of evil. Too much of it.", the fox added, with a shake of her head, and a swish of her tail. Jacob waved his own right claw, dismissively.

"And you try to overcome it. Like you say yourself, you accept your punishment. That doesn't sound evil to me.", he tacked on to her thoughts himself, starting to grin towards the end. Leaning forward, his thin, soft fingertips touched her cheeks and muzzle, getting the young fox to close her eyes as she was kissed upon her forehead. It felt so sweet.

"You, are my hero.", Jacob whispered to Kayla, making her two ears flick happily. Beneath her fur, obscured by the lack of light, her blush went unseen. Jacob wouldn't let Kayla put herself down after the selfless act she had done for him. Packet-Storm did not have to be hated and feared by every person in the galaxy. Not when she was capable of such good. The Karrian could see it, and feel it, and was too old to damn a repentant, reforming penitatas and rob her of pride. They came out on top, together.

"I want to be a hero as much as you do. We're just right for each other.", Kayla chuckled with her lower, more adult sounding tone as she highlighted Jacob's own views on being called a hero. She just did what she wished, and felt was right. In the end, the Aspatrian, and Karrian, were what the other was looking for. One, a wise, caring companion that embraced the other for what they were; looking past the letter on their paw. The other, a mature, yet playfully open minded and outgoing spirit that embraced life; a friend and partner.

Kayla reached up and placed her paws on Jacob's own claws, shifting his green scaled fingers in the fur of her fox-like cheeks. Her eyes peered into his, as a timid, burning rush of reddening embarrassment overwhelmed her. As such, she chuckled sheepishly, looking down before picking her head back up; the strands of fur above her forehead giving a soft bounce.

"I've never been in a position where I would have spoken about such a thing before, or made such an insinuation...", Kayla began to say, trailing off her thought in her bashful thought. As the fox's eyes tried to look away, Jacob leaned his head over, smiling at the look Kayla had as he tried to meet his eyes to her's again.

"Oh?", Jacob chuckled, unsure of Kayla's reasons for turning shy. He could perhaps feel the blush of her cheeks, as his fingertips and claws warmed. Down below their affectionate touches of paws, Kayla tucked her tail to her legs, and stroked the padded, warm bottom of her left footpaw's toes and pad against Jacob's strong, three toed footclaw. His white claws felt so smooth - Kayla had to bite her lip before looking entirely back up, to say what she wanted to say.

"Jacob, I had a dream the other morning. A special dream, with you. I want to make it come true.", Kayla managed to say with a sort of purr to her voice, keeping it soft, and gentle; her paws moving from Jacob's claws, down his arms with a slow, tender stroke of her furred fingers as her body got closer to his own again. Jacob felt slightly bewildered, taken back by such an advance. Could Kayla mean what it sounded like?

The Karrian hummed a pleasant sound as Kayla placed her muzzle to the base of his neck and shoulder, on his left side, and lightly nipped at his thin scale. Jacob's eyes closed comfortably, exhaling in a slow, idle huff through his nostrils. Kayla's canine teeth and moist tongue made quick, wondrous work of the side of his neck; bringing on sensations that were clearly sexual. Romantic, and tempting. Jacob cupped Kayla's bottom through the seat of her jeans, holding her tight against the base of her tail. It was a place the old doctor was fond of, coming to find Kayla meant as her words had sounded. Now it was if they spoke without words, but even then, Jacob felt the need to interject.

"Are you ready for this?", the boy asked with a note of worry; the bulge of his briefs tucked firmly against the front of Kayla's jeans. Kayla had been so sexually scarred, he wasn't sure what she would truly want, even if it was the fox taking the initiative. Instead of answering right away, Kayla opened her maw, and licked gently across the base of Jacob's neck, making the young reptile shiver from the ticklish, erotic kind of sensation. Once finished, she withdrew her head back enough to be nearly nose to nose with her partner. Overcoming her hesitation with forthright action, her once nervous expression felt a bit more casual after making her intentions clear. Jacob could see it in the low light's glow upon her soft, charming face.

"As sure as I ever will be. Come on, I can't be chaste forever because of what I remember of Aspatria, and Stephanie.", Kayla spoke with a certain apprehensive tone, despite her air of comfort. Maybe as such, it made her laugh a bit, turning her head to the side. It was then that she reached up and rubbed behind her right ear, folding it as she scratched with her claws timidly. That awkward smirk of her's; it was more then enough to invoke a sense of peace to Jacob's worry.

"Besides, that was one hell of a vivid dream I had. You've been rejuvenated before, you've got to know what I'm talking about.", she chuckled out of amusement and a personal nature, keeping the blush hidden beneath her fur burning strong. Kayla's paws now off Jacob's own, he slid them down to her shoulders and off, leaving thin lines through her fur where his claws parted the orange strands. Making a light laugh of his own, he tilted his head back, placing the backs of his claws upon his partially bare hips. For someone who typically felt so closed and easily shamed, it seemed like only Kayla could make such a closely sexual subject so light hearted and cozy. Life was her playground of learning and experience. If only everyone could learn from their tangles with adversity the way she could, Earth would be the utopia it should be.

"A bit!", Jacob replied after the gentle humor rolled through his mind. He lowered his head back down, raising his right claw to follow Kayla's lead. With his fingertip, the Karrian trailed around the cloth covered chest of his companion; trying to add to the loose causality Kayla seemed to be relying on. This would be such a step for her. It must be taking such courage to step out and say what she wished to him, Jacob thought, after a childhood of rape. Never knowing love, or spending an intimate moment with her own consent, the poor Aspatrian, standing in front of him, had no sexual identity. Nothing she had was ever allowed to be her own.

"Our bodies may be lacking in development, but it's not all simply hormones. Our memories as adults, and those fun little things we do, stick with us. The mind is a crucial part to lustful, romantic cravings. That may sound deep, but it's really just the doctor talking again.", Jacob went on with a mellow voice, gleaming with his own cheer in the solitude of his room as Kayla tilted her head down and relaxed at the touch of his finger. The boy already thought she was attractive; this was just icing on that cake, seeing her excited deep down inside, while being soft as a pillow on the outside.

"You'd be surprised how many young guys got worried when they made a mess of their sheets not long after being rejuvenated. It's not like you forget how fun it was to stick it to your wife.", the good doctor began to snicker, falling into the same memory lane as Kayla. He had seen so many patients and answered such curious questions during his life. Absorbing himself in his memories of his different adulthoods, Jacob adopted a confident smile before slipping his claws around to hold the sides of Kayla's chest, as if to cup the breasts that weren't there. It was in actuality fairly ticklish, as her shirt slowly shifted Kayla's fur. The fox let out a quick giggle, scuffing her right footpaw across her companion's carpet; body tensing as she nearly fell right into his grasp with utter willingness.

"There's nothing there, no need to try!", Kayla then laughed with a sway of her tail, turning her head with a degree of quickness to kiss the side of Jacob's muzzle. This was nothing like the streets of Aspatria. The room did not smell like the assistant principal's office at Calleet Elementary. There were no prying eyes with eager paddles. The fox didn't have to feel like a victim of fate here, nor a penitatas. Jacob was such a gentle, admirable man. The Karrian was what she desired in a friend, and companion. She only had to meet his gentle eyes once more, and stare into that confident smile, before letting go. She knew what she wanted, and no evils of the past would take it away from her. At forty-one years of age, it was her right!

"I love you. Welcome back to your life.", Kayla whispered into Jacob's ear as she leaned over his shoulder once more, reaching around him with her arms. Paws taking the sides of Jacob's tail-base, the meat beneath his scale flexed to her touch. To Jacob, it was good to be back to his life indeed. Out of the book of Kayla's dream, the intimate touch was met with one of his own. Like a lightning bolt of delight, the fox flung her tail between her legs and closed her eyes entirely once she felt a strong warmth against her neck. Her paws and body went limp as she stood against her scaled friend; light dancing around their bodies as the cold air rustled the trees outside Jacob's window. Kayla fixated herself entirely on the silent, romantic treatment - Jacob thanking her for those kind words, and the support she provided to make him a free man.

The touch of teeth against her neck made Kayla shiver gently, holding on more tightly to the sensitive end of Jacob's dragon-like tail. Through her fur, and moist against her skin, it was so careful. Intricate like woven silk, they gripped her skin enough to be felt. The sharp tips of Jacob's Karrian teeth were a turn on, not causing the least bit of harm with each passing nip, and subsequent stroke of his tongue. Sensations pulsing down her spine and tail, Kayla's mind processed thoughts and memories of arousal, and in turn, melding that arousal into a physical manifestation. As such, the fox's thighs stiffened together, pinning her bushy tail between her legs.

"Damn, Jacob...", the young girl shuddered as she exhaled through her words. Jacob quietly chuckled a distracted hum, further muffled by the fur of Kayla's neck and base of her shoulder - his snout pushing the collar of her shirt aside. Hot air from his reptilian nostrils coupled with a slow, deep nip to the base of her neck made Kayla whine under her breath, toes curling into the carpet. Her thumbs stroked firmly into the side's of Jacob's tail, hoping to return even a small bit of the favor. Emotionally, the sensations were finally her's to own. This was a tender care she had never had, no matter how much experience she had.

"I could tell it was on your mind. You used it on me first.", Jacob stopped long enough to say, turning his muzzle up to whisper into Kayla's partially folded fox ear. Reaching up with his mouth, he took the black tip between his lips to give it a sensual bite, to yet again make Kayla shiver. As he pulled at her ear, the doctor felt something else be pulled, as the tab of his underwear came loose above his tail. He held the tip of Kayla's ear between his front teeth, grinning as he halted; fur against his scale, as his briefs fell to his calves. Working his mojo quietly, it had been a surprise.

"Guess you really are ready, huh?", the wise Karrian said with a casual grin, releasing Kayla's ear, which flopped right back into place. That was an easy way to voice her wants. Kayla's paws left her partner, taking a step back on a single footpaw to reach behind herself to do the button of her jeans. Jacob felt proud of how happy Kayla looked. That was likely to be something she would remember, as two young rejuves exploring the adult urges from times past.

"I remember a few times where after I terrorized a critical piece of galactic-net infrastructure, I would lay down on the old sofa by my hacking console and celebrate like any poor girl with nothing else to do.", Kayla eluded to with a sly tone and smirk, shedding the shy urges deep down as her mind willed her body forward. Thumbs in the waist of her jeans and underwear, she pulled the two garments down her legs as she spoke; tail moving side to side in slow, long motions. Jeans falling off her feet, her panties just needed a small tug to get off her ankles before the two, medicalos and penitatas, were bare below the waist. In the night's glow, Kayla's subtle curves and pelvis lit up in a way that made Jacob sigh, just as the fox began speaking again - nose close to his own.

"Get in bed, on your back. We need to celebrate now, too.", the fox went on with her lightly erotic, sly feminine voice. It seemed that slick fox within Kayla's good nature had urges like any other, as paws appeared on the shoulders of Jacob's shirt once more. At the moment of truth, met with a certain, loving request, Jacob shifted his tail and nodded his head a single time before giving Kayla a quick peck to her lips in acknowledgement. In nothing more than t-shirts, the boy, and girl, shared romance no kindern their age possibly could. After their vows long ago that they would never again be alone, they would consummate them as a young rejuve couple to close a chapter that had saddened their lives, yet brought them closer through trust and adversity. With a cheerful, almost playful smile, Jacob followed Kayla's request, turning after a step backwards to leap onto his bed - crawling up to his pillow to rest his head as Kayla followed suit right behind; escaping all the bad that had happened.

Settled and comfortable after some degree of rustling, head propped up, Jacob watched as Kayla dipped her head down as she approached. Drawing her tongue slowly from her muzzle, she stroked it up Jacob's right inner thigh as one endless lick, continuing on, scale by scale. It was sensitive enough to make the Karrian's muscles clench in a sort of wince, humming and pleased, as Kayla's tongue slid over his male bits he generally kept quite to himself. Like the slope of a hill, Kayla's red, slick fox tongue slid over the firm pouch of Jacob's immature sac, and over the fleshy, thin scaled sheath Anthony took such time to find humorous outside of normal human expectations. At the press of his bed-mate's tongue, it shifted, not staying fleshy soft for long under the stiffening urge of his young length within. By the time her tongue had trailed around, supple and romantic towards his belly, his masculine length had already slid from his green scaled sheath in silence. Just like Kayla, Jacob's body was under the control and whim of his knowledge and memory as an adult.

"You're good at this, you know.", Jacob grinned lightly, relaxed with his arms beneath his head. Eyes peering down his dimly lit body, to enjoy the sight of Kayla's handiwork and swaying bare tail. Oranges of so many shades in the varying light, and sway of the breeze outside. Tactile sensations so intricate and sharp - warm and smooth. Saliva shimmered dully in the light of the moon, pooling around the base of his shaft, and along the sides of his boy-pouch. It had been so long. If anything would place his heart at ease, maybe this was it. Kayla's kind strokes of her tongue and small nips to his most sexual of flesh, working to stimulate and excite efficiently, she made it feel casual. Friendly. Loving. Kayla was making her sexual identity as she did as she pleased, explaining very clearly why she was taking such charge. She had never been in control before. Being on top like this, letting Jacob enjoy himself, was her comfort zone.

"Well, a street urchin on Aspatria wouldn't live long if they couldn't earn coin.", the fox thought of to say after some moments of her tender efforts. It sounded casual as it had been, but with something underlying. Jacob had to analyze it, since it sounded as if more painful memories were invading. In truth, Kayla was having fun and enjoying the texture of her partner's male skin, and the smoothness of his sheath scale - paws holding on to his thighs with tiny massages from her thumbs. Still yet, Jacob wanted to be careful, not able to see the sort of smile she had across her muzzle when her tongue receded back into her maw to taste the salty, mild flavor his groin was providing. Jacob was the first clean male she had ever tasted, finding her taste and scent not to be overwhelmed by musk. Even as Jacob tried to speak again, Kayla's muzzle worked deeper, worming beneath his small sac to nibble and lap at the patch of skin beneath his groin, and above the pink-hued spot upon the base of his reptilian tail. She wanted quite strongly for Jacob to have fun - it was almost in her programming, as a side effect of her childhood.

"Ah.. Hmm... Kayla, come on up. Join me.", Jacob spoke with an airy, distracted voice as he pulled his arms out from behind his head, to gesture his partner forward with his paws. As if to part with her task, Kayla looked up at him, keeping her eyes on Jacob's own as she licked straight up his cock, from base to tip. It was more than enough to make Jacob's reptilian toes curl, and his lower belly clench in an awkward convulsion from the sudden nature of the impulses his nerves made. Kayla slipped her paws from Jacob's thighs and back on to the bed, crawling up along his body till they were nose to nose as before, staring at one another like young love birds. Shirt to shirt, one on top of the other, their bare pelvises pressed against each other; fur tingling and teasing Jacob's most sensitive of scale. His member ended up between Kayla's strong, cared-for legs, comfortably straight up against a combination of flesh, thin downy fur, and heat. The top of his shaft rested straight up along the line of Kayla's slit, with his tip against the back end of her vagina. Quiet, calm, and almost so innocent in their bliss. Kayla's weight on top of Jacob felt like nothing, as the girl straddled his sides and supported her lower end, tail draped across Jacob's own, with her spread legs.

They both wanted to speak. To say something playful as they had been, or to bring the mood to another level. In the dark of night, time passing in silence, they could not find words in their lover's embrace. Fur to scale, urges calling, Jacob pressed against Kayla's own genitalia; throbbing and twitching at the feel of tempting labia against the tip of himself. Young and virgin as his own rejuvenated body, but both locked in mature thoughts. It took time, the fox on top of her male companion, before she could bring words to her muzzle at the feel of something so un-aggressive and kind warming her nethers.

"You can stick me with that, if you want to get the two of us in deep crap at my next check-up.", Kayla decided to tease at the seemingly endless, longing tapping of male appendage between her legs. Even in his situation, Jacob laughed a little as the two held one another. She didn't want to risk the pair getting caught. No need to leap out of the fire, right into another one. Kayla leaned her muzzle in, kissing Jacob on his left cheek to whisper to him again.

"Though, you have the green light to do that when I'm paroled.", came that sheepish, yet sly look of Kayla's - ears back, and teeth bared in her amusing grin. Jacob replied with a nip to her ebony nose, which got another muffled giggle from her. On top of him, Jacob had one of the galaxy's tyrants. A real digital bad girl. It was different from his norm, but somehow, Kayla just made things feel right. She was open like a book.

Reaching up over her bare bottom, Kayla shifted her tail to one side and pressed the end of Jacob's member flat to her vagina. It smushed to her body, lips lacking in firm maturity, as they spread lightly to accommodate the shaft along it's length. Jacob bit his lip, as the pair settled in for their night of fun. Instead of diving right in, he would be able to do his business along the length of Kayla's slit as an alternative. Labia and folds melding against his length, Kayla massaged it against her, between those lips. The two would thrust and enjoy the other's romantic company.

They did it as adults in small bodies; longing for the days where they would be free to explore such a relationship.

Through the evening, the two thrusted their energy and vigor away. The twitch of a tail, small sound of pleasure, and general happy giggle told the tale of how giving up their adolescence for one night felt. Locked in the emotions of Jacob's innocence and their own young adorations, their minds clouded into simply seeking joy on a personal level. Eventually, tired, Kayla rolled off to Jacob's side, with the two rejuves still cuddled close to one another. Bodies having had small, yet dry feeling orgasms due to their lack of maturity, they fell asleep relatively clean and cozy. Relatively, was the key word there, as their bits were left with a thin, watery residue from immature fluids. In the end, Kayla slept soundly, having found her comfort zone and how to trust a loved one between her legs. Jacob, simply felt lucky - the same as a man of any age.

The night grew darker and colder as they slept, until morning came with a dull, orange light. Outside of the window that illuminated their scantily clad forms, a light snow was starting to fall. No heat pounding down on his back, Jacob woke up more slowly, but still first. Opening his eyes that winter morning, t-shirt bunched up in his sleep, he smiled at the peaceful face at his side. Lory, having been keeping her distance, had not even come to check on them. He figured that, but the shock of forgetting to lock his bedroom door last night made his chest heavy, and coaxed him from bed. Footclaws finding the ground, the Karrian stretched all his limbs, including his tail. Legs ached a bit, from his friskiness against his sheets. The doctor decided to call it exercise, and chuckled on the inside as he stepped towards his door to lock it.

Once done, his mildly groggy gaze fell upon Kayla's jeans and panties as they laid in a lump against his floor. He stopped while walking by them, namely at the underwear - pure cotton white. They sat in her pants, and made more of those "happy" ponderings flow through his male mind. Jacob sighed contently.

Kneeling down, Jacob rubbed the white fabric with his thumb while he thought. Kayla had such fun last night, and so did he. That was an interesting throw of inhibition to the wind, that made him feel stronger, and more confident. It was like playing the big hand at the casino, and actually walking out a winner. His fingers slid from the white cotton, bringing them to his muzzle for a light sniff. The scent of their play still filled his senses, leaving him glad for what they had done. Opening his eyes and looking up over the end of his bed, Kayla's tail was only loosely covering her backside. Legs partially covering each other, there was just a hint of pink for him to see. Kayla looked even more attractive than before. He owed her gratitude, not only for saving his life from the unjust torment of being a penitatas. There was also a debt, for her successfully helping him to loosen up.

Helping himself back to his feet, Jacob bumped Kayla's jeans with his toe-claws as he stood - the nails scraping against the thick fabric to make a small sound. Looking down to make sure he wasn't stuck, the doctor noticed a hint of gold peer from her pocket. A familiar shade of burnt gold. A smile creeping across his recently awoken face once more, he reached down and fetched his communications badge from her pocket. It wouldn't have been like Kayla to forget it, as badly as she wished to return it. Jacob held it loosely in his right paw, feeling the charred bits of metal on the back by moving it around. Maybe it was the after-glow of last night, but his memories of adulthood were so vivid. Suddenly, even the most insignificant of memories involving his com-badge flooded back into the front of his consciousness. They all had to do with speaking with his crew; not so much even the day he got his first one. Those he cared for were really his only priority. Maybe... that's why he was the doctor he was.

"Thank you Kayla. I hope I can figure out how to give you the credit you deserve.", Jacob whispered towards his good friend, half under his breath. He did not wish to wake her, laying there so sweetly.

Packet-Storm. She was supposed to be someone so horrible. Never, did Jacob need to feel that way. She did so much for him, and her friends. As much as he hated anyone punishing or disciplining her, the wise old Karrian had to admit that Kayla was so much better off with this life. She was coming so far, and learning so much, but it hurt to see tears in her eyes after facing the bane of a penitatas. He was well aware of the things she hated most, and getting to walk a mile in her shoes, he could see why she hated them so much. Getting soap in her muzzle was likely her number one most hated thing, and getting lashed with a switch followed directly behind. There was also having her paws spanked, which may or may not be the real number one. All he knew, was that she hated it. The paws that caressed him, treated to such pain... Jacob growled a little, air escaping through his nostrils.

"Some day, she'll be free too.", Jacob felt the need to re-assure himself, holding his Starfleet badge in his paw as it reached down to rub the palm of his other. Please, he asked in his mind, no one make her cry without it being necessary. He had to accept she was a penitatas as much as Kayla herself did, but she did such a good job of it. Brave, and strong, for everyone around her. Soft and tender, yet tough as nails. Good, yet apparently evil. Looking back up from his green paw, claws rubbing against each other, the fox looked like such an enigma there, half bare upon his bed.

But, she was his enigma. Loyalty would push him to defend her, just as she did him.

Closing his paw around his old badge, his tail shifted to his other side as he turned and looked towards his desk with an idea. Such time had passed, and Kayla mentioned Cameron and the ship was worried about him. It would be a fine time to get in contact with her before the start of her duty shift. It would have been the start to his, and he figured she had adopted it after the accident when she took temporary command of deck twelve's operations. Before he could try to contact her, he would need to use the assistance of another device Kayla did not have access to on the day she used it.

Sliding his desk drawer open as quietly as he could, Jacob pulled his medical tricorder out - flipping it open and placing his com-badge against it. Tapping a few keys, it was little work to turn a standard issue Starfleet medical tricorder into a power amplifier. That way, it would be able to stand in for the lack of signal capacity the damaged device had. With it, Jacob stepped to the far corner of his room, across from the door, and sat down to have a chat with the hopes of not waking the sleeping fox.

Lights of his tricorder moving as they normally did, he tapped a key with the tip of his right index finger's claw, and his badge itself second. It chirped as expected. Being used to using his own badge, there was no hesitation in speaking. Just a lack of volume, for Kayla's sake.

"Jacob Vasse to Cameron Ritchardson.", the Karrian spoke to the device in his paws while he sat with one knee in the air and his tail curled around to his side. His lower bits bare, the carpet was slightly itchy against his scale, but not too badly so - sitting there with a confident smile.

"Now that's a much more appropriate voice than the one I heard the other day.", the voice of Cameron immediately responded, laughing right after. It assured Jacob that his old colleague and friend had heard the news, and likely spread it already.

"You sound good Jacob.", the older human said more lightly, approaching the subject of his escape from penitatas status discreetly. As the young reptile did with his journal last night, Jacob was full of gestures and body language, even though Cameron wasn't there to see them. It was just the way he spoke, nodding at down at his badge and tricorder.

"I'm trying to feel good. Thanks for giving Kayla a hand.", the old commander Vasse felt was prudent to say first, after Kayla had contacted her with positive results.

"Wasn't surprised to hear about the sudden delivery of evidence. Little Packet-Storm was bound to do her thing.", Cameron spoke nonchalantly, trailing off with a sigh. It would have been better if Kayla did not have to do what she did. Jacob shifted the way he sat, to keep his bare tail comfortable against the carpet.

"Kayla really cared. I'm thankful she did not get caught. You didn't say anything either, right?", the boy went on to agree, before changing his facial expression to ensure Kayla's safety. Cameron chuckled, feeling as if she had to put the younger form of her old friend at ease. Jacob knew she'd never do something like that, but figured he needed to hear it.

"Of course not. The real crime was what happened to you, and the fact defective power relays were hidden from all of us.", was her answer, as she walked through her quarters working to get ready for another day of service. Besides, if she told anyone about Kayla, the little fox would not have been able to take care of Jacob as she wished. That girl, she thought, was Jacob's saint. Jacob hummed aloud, shifting his gaze over to Kayla. She stirred a moment, swinging her tail to her other side - draping it over her legs like a blanket. He stayed quiet a moment, just to make sure he didn't wake her.

"What about that, anyway? The relays? What is being done?", Jacob asked in a more serious tone, with his voice lowering. It was his old command voice, and one Cameron was familiar with when Commander Vasse was on duty. Refreshing to hear, but also suggested her old friend could never fully change. Rejuvenated some time ago now, but still the solid man he was.

"The Apollo is in dry dock right now. Our other power relays of the same type are being replaced, as well as the repaired faulty unit that is still installed on deck twelve. I'm glad we didn't have another failure. No one would have ran into the room like you did, and saved us a second time. Other ships are slowly arriving as well.", Cameron explained as asked, taking a moment to look out the clear, reinforced aluminum window of her quarters. The silver metals of the various docks and shipyards shined in the light of the sun. Down on Earth below, Jacob eyed up at Kayla again, before shaking his head and continuing.

"They had us operating bombs with warp drive.", Jacob snarled sarcastically, curling his muzzle a little. To put his point across, he lifted the badge and tricorder so he could still speak quietly. Cameron sighed a bit more deeply at that.

"I don't know what to think about it. Seems like it's getting fixed, now that the problem is out there. Hoping it was only the cause of a select few, and Admiral Palmer will have to answer to someone. Anyone.", the human miles above Jacob's head went into with a more somber, underlying frustrated demeanor. Jacob considered that she felt similar to how he did. He didn't know what to think of Starfleet, or how deep the corruption ran. It was difficult, and a shame. They saved lives, and protected the Federation. Throughout history they had been fair, and a guiding light in the sea of stars that were filled with brutal military forces.

"Neither of us know what to think, do we?", he wondered with an awkward tone, giving his Starfleet com-badge a look of disbelief. All Cameron had to do was think of her uniform stained with Jacob's blood again, and his gruesome cling to life after being burned and irradiated. The pain of stripping him of his career, as his attending doctor and rejuvenator. A brutal, heart breaking memory that would stay with the entire crew of the U.S.S Apollo, just because of a faulty power relay.

"No. I'm not sure anymore. The best I can do is work to keep things as straight and level as I can. As long as I'm working to advance causes that will save lives, I'm still doing something worthwhile.", Cameron found herself speaking quietly and softly as well, placing her hand on the bulkhead beside her window. The outer hull felt cool, looking out at the activity in Earth's orbit. There was so much out there, and Earth itself. Just too much to leave behind. Jacob's smile turned so light hearted, and proud, just like the Karrian would as Cameron's mentor. Even in his young age and small stature, he felt like it was his duty to show Cameron the finer details of being a physician and leader.

"Saying things like that, I think you're ready to command. My old crew is definitely in good hands. Those kids need role models like that.", he voiced fondly, with comfort, referring to the cadets that filled the labs. All of them busily learning to be doctors and medical officers, to take with them back to Starfleet Medical. Teaching them would save lives, and so will the cures the laboratories and experts of deck twelve will create during their voyage and research. It would be for naught without decent command and direction. Such words made Cameron clam up, staring out her window with what felt like burning eyes. Seeing all those stars, Earth, and people. She missed Jacob's wisdom. His friendship. That old Karrian taught her so much, and drove her so far into succeeding.

"Like you were for me. I understand.", Cameron said even lower, almost whispering to herself the way she had said it. It was a quiet moment, where the pair had time to absorb how far they were from each other. By this time of morning, Cameron would be sticking her head in his office, likely to remind him to do his desk work before heading out on deck to work with the crew and cadets from Starfleet Medical. But now, Cameron had a sad ring to her voice. It made the young commander hang his head with guilt, laying his right leg to rest along side his left, sitting flat on the floor. The accident robbed her of an important mentor and friend. He left her alone, to fend for herself.

"I'm sorry Cammie'.", Jacob apologized with a lump of sorrow in his chest, as it grew from his regret. The badge stayed quiet, as Cameron changed what leg she had her weight on, looking down at her badge curiously. She had not been called that since the day of the accident.

"... That I'm not there.", the boy sighed, sinking his tricorder into his lap as he stared down into it.

"The past month or two couldn't have been easy. I still had more I wanted to teach you.", he said, medical tricorder going limp against his sheath; resting without intervention from his paws. There was a pain in his voice that Cameron noticed right off. A weight, if you would. She heard him sigh more gruffly, leaning by the side of her window as she listened.

"That same day Radiology One decided to fault, I was going to give the cadets in Micro-Biology Two a lecture on rapid protein synthesis for identifying antigen suppressant levels. The kind of crap they love.", he seemed to loosely explain, trailing off till his voice began to break. Cameron bit her lip in silence, while Jacob lifted his right paw and gestured widely with a swing of his arm. He didn't even speak like that normally.

"Those kids haven't lived long without their kindern status. It's their inner dream to thwart plagues, like a Starfleet super-hero.", Jacob got quieter, till sniffling became audible on the transmission, and the Karrian went quiet. Tears welled in his eyes, thinking of all he missed out on. So many things he didn't get to teach. He wasn't even a teacher, but keeping the cadets interested was what kept them doctors. You couldn't imagine fighting plagues if you didn't know how. Cameron looked back down towards her badge to speak; a trait she picked up from Jacob himself.

"I didn't mean to have upset you.", the human said in a gentle way. Almost parental. She was good for that. Jacob just shook his head, pinching his snout between his eyes to quell his feelings.

"You're missed is all.", she added, with more energy.

"I'm fine. It's just this damn brain.", he answered gruffly, clearing his voice as it tried to recover. Having the mind of a seven year old tends to get in the way. Jacob did not like such emotional things disrupting matters.

"You're also over-stressing that brain, don't resist your age on a constant basis. At least tell me you'll take it easy?", Cameron had to ask, out of worry for her old friend. She missed him dearly, and his mentoring words meant a lot, but not at the price of his comfort. Jacob had taken it easy alright, still sitting half naked, but that wasn't the easy Cameron meant. She meant something more along the lines of playing, and enjoying his age.

"I'm trying. Kayla has taken very good care of me.", Jacob chuckled weakly, quickly wiping at his eyes to make sure that voice did not sneak back into his conversation. At least when it came to Cameron, he didn't like appearing weak.

"You two sound cute.", Cameron was quick to tease, to break Jacob's grip on staying serious. She was the playful of the pair, after all. Jacob placed his right paw upon his muzzle, humming embarrassedly.

"Oh come on.", the Karrian laughed awkwardly. Kayla began to shift again, which caught his eye's attention while he kept his head down to talk.

"Hey, I mean it. She really cared about you.", Cameron tacked on right away, before Jacob could do any further protesting.

"I've got to get out on deck though. Please, stay safe, and let me know if you need any help.", she then rolled right into, walking from her window to get out the door to her quarters. Understanding, Jacob nodded his head and smiled once more, eyes only looking tired after his mind's urge to get emotional. In the end, it was wonderful to hear how his old ship and friend was doing. It really was hard to let go.

"I'll be in touch, Lieutenant.", the Karrian joked by using Cameron's rank. The human rolled her eyes as she walked. Yeah, Jacob hadn't changed a lot in those regards.

"Acknowledged Commander. Cameron out.", she followed suit, stepping out into the lightly busy corridor to head to deck twelve. With her words, the transmission ended, and Jacob was alone with the morning snow. With a paw on the wall, he climbed back to his feet and returned his tricorder to it's drawer, and his badge ended up beside his Starfleet Medal of Sacrifice. It had the sort of sentimental value that required it to be right next to it. Having been up long enough, as he quietly moved his articles, the cold of the room started to nip at him harder. Kayla and he had been close all night long, and the Aspatrian's fur was extremely comfortable. Without it, his legs and bits started to feel the bite of chill - his footclaws rubbing themselves together for warmth as he stood at his desk, finishing what he was doing.

Before turning his body, the boy turned only his head, leaving his green scaled paws atop his desk, beside his computer console. Kayla had moved, but not much. Her tail remained over her legs for warmth, with her head tucked more deeply into Jacob's pillow. Jacob figured he could get away with waking Kayla without incurring any sort of wrath, but the fox was certainly good looking even while asleep. Her t-shirt didn't bunch up like his did, and her clean, smooth fur allowed her to sleep soundly through her own self created warmth. Now hidden, the only dirty bit on her was a few strands of immature fur along the puffy lips between her young thighs that had absorbed moisture and fluid. Turning on a footclaw, Jacob crossed his arms, taking a moment to watch Kayla sleep. It would not be often she would be sleeping in his bed.

Pondering up a nice way to rouse her, the young Karrian stepped lightly against the floor, keeping his tail still as he leaned over the side of his bed - left paw against his cool bed sheet. Looking down over her, Jacob reached out for Kayla's cheek, stroking it with the back of his fingers. Through her fur, he did that for a few moments, till the fox started to gently smile, changing her breathing.

"Kayla? Time to get up. I'm sure you don't want miss Lory to find you like that.", Jacob said in an innocently humorous way; quiet, and without worry. Kayla's ear shifted and moved, while it's partner remained pinned against the pillow. She barely opened an eye, giving Jacob a toothy look.

"Or do I?", the furry girl joked, still half asleep. It was easy to rest on such a cold winter morning. With Jacob in a lighter mood, confident and happy from a night of horseplay, he had a reply for the fox's wit. Not even saying a thing, the reptilian boy leaned further over - paws diving for the exposed bit of lower belly Kayla's shirt wasn't entirely covering. Species with fur were just as ticklish. A furry of wiggling, teasing fingers above the slope of her pelvis brought about a sharp yelp of a squeal, followed by the sounds of a typical tickle victim; her body tensing, trying to curl up and defend her underbelly. Trying to stick with her, Kayla laughed and giggled, rolling onto her back and scuffing her footpaws against Jacob's bed in her squirming, finally managing to shove his paws away after a playful struggle. It could have been easily construed as sexual to an onlooker, considering Kayla's bare below the waist status and the sort of squirming she was doing with open legs, but in this moment they were just kids. Happy, and full of play - eager to tease their fellow.

"Tickling?", Kayla panted with a sharp twinge to her voice as she caught her breath, paws pulling her shirt down over her front as far as it would go, to protect her orange furred tummy from any further harassment. The fox chuckled, paws falling from her shirt to her sides from being roused in such a manner, still smiling a surprised sort of grin at Jacob.

"That doesn't ring as 'quiet and dignified', now does it?", the fox retaliated in a tease that referenced Jacob's personality, laying flat with her tail resting between her legs. Jacob smirked, shaking his head with his arms crossed once again. It seemed to Kayla, from his slow, comfortable body language, that the old boy liked what he heard.

"I sure hope not.", Jacob said, letting the words fall out lazily as he turned his head back down to Kayla. It was a joy to not have to be so ridged around someone. He liked to joke with those close to him, but it was still hard to some degree to let go like that. Kayla rolled her head to one side, folding her left ear over against the pillow to look more towards her companion.

"Rubbing off on you?", Kayla asked in insinuation, curious if she was the cause of his playful, confident attitude. Jacob snickered on the inside, finding another humorous quip the fox had walked right into.

"We did that already, remember?", he cocked his head with a larger grin, looking more animated. Kayla smacked a paw to her forehead, before slipping Jacob's pillow out from under herself, to swing at Jacob. The doctor just laughed, taking a clumsy series of steps backwards before having the pillow lightly chucked at himself. Kayla slowly sat up in bed, stretching her tail as she slid over to the edge to sit.

"With that out of the way... Yeah, you seem to be doing well.", Kayla went back to saying with a light tone, before turning it back into her half-tired, calm tone. Jacob collected his pillow, tossing it back on his bed as he sat down at Kayla's side; the two's bare bottoms against the Karrian's bed. Unlike the carpet, the cool sheets were exceptionally comfortable for their tails. Fur or scale, it was all the same.

"Found my badge sticking out of your pants pocket. Contacted Cameron to see what was going on. The fleet is starting repairs, for the defective power relays.", Jacob said as he leaned forward, arms propping himself up on his thighs. The two turned to meet the other's face, Kayla nodding in casual conversation.

"Can't be long till the galaxy hears about the vulnerability. Still, it wasn't worth your hide.", the fox added, as Jacob sighed. He wasn't sure if he could say this around Cameron, but with Kayla's position in the world, he could say anything to her. The fox wasn't evil, but had her share of evil deeds. It made "Little Packet-Storm", as Cameron called her, so unusually neutral seeming.

"I don't know if I fully trust Starfleet anymore. I wonder if they are losing their way. Not sure if it's because we've been at peace for so long, and our explorers are so far away now, but...", he ended up tailing off with a thoughtful hum at the end, raising his left paw with a wag to gesture his confusion. Kayla noticed Jacob's eyes looking away. Almost right through her. His mind was distracted by this, apparently.

"Things like that are usually the result of just a few, I think. You aren't a penitatas any longer, so somebody cared. It comes down to how deep the corruption runs and how much there is. Or even how overzealous people can act, when trying to climb ranks. Ideals can turn selfish, I guess.", Kayla thought out loud for Jacob's benefit, but to her surprise, it only made his head hang a bit more. His right paw covered his muzzle, pinching himself between the eyes again - a sign of inner frustration.

"Words like corruption and selfish shouldn't define the right arm of the Federation. So many give their lives for Starfleet and what they protect. I almost did.", Jacob sighed, with weight. Kayla turned her muzzle to a look of careful concern, wishing she hadn't added more to Jacob's tired mind. He was learning to relax, but just as Cameron had told him, he needed to let go. Let go, and be his age, to let his mind rest.

"You have a long time to make those decisions. You're not sitting in your office right now, you're not obligated to report back to your command with a conclusive outlook on everything. No one will expect you to have all the answers.", Kayla approached from a different angle, turning her fox ears to feel her partner out. She could see that he was relaxed still, but stress kept boiling up. It invaded his cheer, and tainted it with worries from his past life. Jacob sat quietly, seeming to still think, which gave Kayla another opening to speak - placing her right paw on the Karrian's bare leg, leaning to her side to get a better look at him as he stared down.

"The people you cared about, appreciate the sacrifice of others. They had you as an example too. Trust them that they can go on in your absence, even if you miss them.", she tried again, speaking with her low, quiet cheer. That tone of voice brought an idle smile back to Jacob's draconic muzzle. He lifted his head after a moment, letting out a contented sigh.

"It's hard not to worry. Forget about me though, what about you? How did you hack into my prosecution's system like you did?", Jacob waved off with his paw, lowering it to pat Kayla's own upon his leg. The fox took her paw back, rubbing it as she brought forth one of her sly looks. Getting to talk about her primary hobby was always an enthralling thing, at least when it was in front of someone that would not hurt or judge her. Kayla did not have luck with that lately.

"Doing it was cake. A law office was something I could knock over when I was a kid - my stealth ability is pretty far past that now, even with limited equipment.", Kayla said with an air of pride, which did boggle Jacob's mind. A law office computer system, being cake? He didn't even understand enough of that subject to know how she found their data stores on the galactic-net. Such ability was to be respected indeed, being a surgical master of the non-living.

"What wasn't easy, was trying to figure out if I was doing something right, or just being a criminal.", Kayla shrugged. The battle of right and wrong. Of course the fox would be thick within it, Jacob had to think.

"It was a rush. It always is. But I was also scared, and I felt remorse. I did the right thing, but still.", she added to her thought, shaking her head a little to emphasize her words. After walking as a penitatas, Jacob could see how confusing messages could get. He told the truth of his innocence, but Lory wanted to hear him declare his guilt. The boy would have had to lie, to save his tail. Discipline wasn't the most straight and forward of all things, and left room for discrepancy.

"If you did not want to break the law, and did it for non-evil purposes, you certainly did the right thing. That's what makes you my hero.", Jacob directly encouraged, beside his savior of a hacker. Kayla smiled bashfully, making an amused sort of sound.

"I've come to terms with it. Seeing you happy like this helped. Did you enjoy what we did last night?", Kayla changed the subject into, in line with what they were discussing. With the elephant in the room brought out into the open, her tone of voice varied slightly at mentioning their night-time romance. The experience was unique in itself, and was a hard thing for Jacob to openly discuss. As such, his idle chuckle trailed off, and the Karrian spent a few quiet moments to prepare his words. The confidence that males got after a good romp certainly assisted in him weaseling past his tight-lipped nature.

"Actually, it was the first time I had any sort of sex at this age. Hard for a man to say, but since I didn't open up to people, I didn't have a lot of opportunity as an adult either. Can you imagine me asking anyone out on a date?", he went into first, working that lump down his chest to answer was he would like. After a nervous chuckle, he turned his head and looked right into Kayla's eyes. Her blue, gentle eyes.

"What we did was more than I could have hoped for, with a girl as sweet and attractive as you. I got to feel older for a while. Meant a lot.", the Karrian managed to admit, placing the kind of feelings he would have hidden forever right out in the open. How he felt was typically a secret, hidden behind his kindness, and closed sort of dignity. Emotions were weak, so he pretended not to have any. It made him a commander, and a doctor; brave to the end. What he faulted at, was making himself happy. As his long life progressed, his focus on work faltered. By his reasoning, a man is defined by his work, but he eventually began to feel lonely. That perhaps his work was not the only thing in his life that was important. Jacob nearly died in the arms of the person he wished to tell that to.

"And, I'm honored to be your first. Your real first.", Jacob said with a lower, slower emphasis. It was more labored, but it was a big thing to say. Kayla deserved to hear it though. After a night of love, it wasn't his own emotions at stake. The doctor wasn't about to be selfish with his own reservations.

Instead of her usual light giggle and bashful appearance, Kayla smiled. Almost tiredly, the fox wrapped her furred arms around Jacob as he sat at her side, and laid her head on his shoulder. To her, despite the hell that had gone on, what she did was well worth it. Jacob was thankful as well, on his own level deep inside. Jacob slid his tail along the smooth surface of his bed, shifting his weight to turn his muzzle Kayla's direction - placing his muzzle against the fox's own. Tiny short whiskers tickling, the reptile let out a contented sigh.

"I won't let you down. We can grow up together.", the wise doctor spoke with his soft, young male's voice. As an Aspatrian would, even if she did not always enjoy showing her species, Kayla nuzzled her muzzle against Jacob's own.

"I've never felt anything like this before. This kind of support isn't something a parent can give, and getting to 'share' myself with you makes me feel close. Actually got to have fun. It's like I have someone fighting in my corner, that no matter where I go, I'm not just some penitatas.", Kayla began to speak as her muzzle found Jacob's shoulder again, sounding so casual, yet with a pleasant surprise in her tone. So many new emotions and feelings.

"You feel safe.", Jacob assisted in the fox finding her words. It made Kayla giggle on the inside, giving her bushy tail a soft sway against the bed.

"Yeah. You're right.", she agreed, finding it interesting Jacob understood her. Is this what a couple was? What real love and emotion was supposed to convey? Young love no longer seemed like such a mystery. Rollercoasters are no fun alone. Riding one with a partner was much better. A constant in your life. Even the mysteries of sex broke down, as she figured out why couples did such things together aside from procreation. In the end, poor Kayla had been so left in the dark. On her second life, yet there were things she never lived.

In another sense, though, it brought her pain. Kayla's lack of sexual identity made coping with her childhood and rape much easier, not feeling as harmed or damaged by their actions. She just discovered her identity, through giving her body willingly to someone she loved, and finding her own pleasures in it. Thrusting and rubbing her groin against Jacob's shaft; a length of male, though short due to age, she yearned for after her wet dream. Most of the fluids that made the crease of her vagina sticky were her own. Now it felt like they had taken something away, and kept it from her for decades.

"You okay? You're staring off.", Jacob asked with a puzzled, chipper voice. He could see her facing right forward, lost in some sort of thought. Kayla hummed, taking a deep breath.

"I think so. Was thinking of those that stole from me. Been coping with rape since my birth on Aspatria. Many of the memories are faded and fuzzy, aside from the recent. I've learned to cope and forgive, but I don't think my healing was done until I... did something at my own free will.", Kayla tripped over her words to loosely explain. Rape was not an easy subject, even for a girl that could call herself a veteran and expert on the subject, along with self prostitution as a little kit. The thoughts were trapped away, ignored but unclean. It hurt a little, but maybe exploring a real relationship would further separate the rape and pain from her existence.

"Taking the lead seems to be your strong point. Feeling safe and happy is the point, you'll even learn the things you like best over time. At least from a medical standpoint, it's a healthy adventure.", Jacob tried to keep light, so Kayla's mind would not further slip into memories. The last thing he needed to do was dredge up something horrible by agreeing to her advances. Aspatria sounded like an unforgiving place, and the horrors she had seen were heavy. She was as lucky to be alive as he was. Fortunately, Kayla closed her eyes and seemed to spill out a giggle that rose up from her belly. Her muzzle slid from Jacob's shoulder, kissing his green scaled cheek before sitting back up. Jacob would have to get used to Kayla's resilience, as he continued to underestimate how positive she could feel, even when faced with matters most grim. It was one of the things that attracted him to her, aside from Kayla's maturity, outgoing nature, and rich personality. The Aspatrian physique was definitely a solid bonus. Was fair, since Kayla could have said the same about Jacob.

"Sounds like an adventure alright. We don't get undisturbed moments like this often though. In fact, I had better get dressed and wash up to hide the evidence.", Kayla laughed at the end, as she slid her fur from the bed and landed on her footpaws. Jacob's head followed her past him in the morning light, idly watching the fox collect her clothing from the middle of his floor. Since this would be the last time he would see Kayla's bare bottom before her next spanking, which he wouldn't enjoy anyway, the old doctor took a happy, carefree look as Kayla started pulling her underwear up her legs. The causality of it even made him laugh, which made Kayla halt - panties at her thighs, to turn around and look over her shoulder.

"What's so funny? I didn't hike my tail up or do something stupid when I bent over did I?", Kayla had to ask curiously, starting her clothing again once she finished talking. With a few pulls, her undergarment hugged around her hips and form without pulling any strands of fur.

"Nothing like that. I just like your...", Jacob started to speak through as Kayla strapped up the tab above her tail, but he began feeling foolish and chuckled his way back into being bashful. The fox turned over her shoulder again, giving him a look as her tail began to wag; showing she was much more awake now. It did, however, make Jacob stare more at the white cotton underwear that continually appeared and disappeared under the sway of her bushy orange and white-tipped fox tail. Kayla was a smart girl, and great with body language. Jacob's eyes and blushing sort of appearance beneath that tough, dignified shell he put on spoke many words.

"As long as you don't spank it, we'll be alright.", Kayla said nonchalantly, tilting her head back and rolling her eyes with a smile. Of course Kayla had to play with him like that. Jacob couldn't keep his muzzle shut around her, could he?

"And don't ask me to wear a short skirt either. Skirts and dresses are a big no.", the fox lowered her head back down, laying the law in a humorous, joking sort of way. Even if she meant it, of course, but everyone knew already that she hated feminine clothing. It wouldn't look right, Jacob thought, for Kayla to dress like that anyway. That playful, almost tomboy kind of personality suited her t-shirt and jeans to the letter. That part Jacob was surprised to like, considering it was the polar opposite of himself.

"I won't be, don't worry.", Jacob replied with a light wave of his right paw, which he needed to reach out a moment later to catch his briefs after Kayla tossed them to him. Pulling his right leg up from his seat at the side of his bed, Jacob worked to put his underwear back on while Kayla did her jeans, with the pair finishing at roughly the same time.

"I'll go wash up. Be right back once I'm done.", Kayla called as Jacob rose back to his feet, giving the door locking button a quick tap. Jacob gave a friendly nod, as his door slid open, then closed once more. The silence of his room didn't seem so bad after finally getting to see her again.

Jacob placed his paws behind his back, beginning to walk about his room idly. His eyes looked over things that were his, and familiar. Speaking with Cameron and having a fairly "adult" night, Jacob was left with the reality of where he was. A plain, no frills child's bedroom. His body was that of a seven year old Karrian.

As much of a man as he would force himself to be, it would not change those facts. Jacob's body and mind would have to mature naturally, no matter how old he wanted to act, or how old he wanted to feel. Pleasureful or not, when Kayla's tongue slid over his thinly scaled, almost soft male sac, it barely moved. A firm, very young pouch. To someone who prided themselves on their maturity, dignity, and age, finding yourself emasculated was horrible. Jacob had not been seven years old since he was a kindern, always settling for ten years of age to re-start school on a double digit number. At least by then, he was close to the body he wanted, and would not have to live like a child for long. Now he had three years before his Karrian anatomy would begin to mature, and his mind would better cooperate with his non-hatchling personality.

Walking with a slow step, Jacob turned his gaze back to his bed, as he walked around it. If anything, the accident caused one blessing. What he could not say in his last life, he learned to say in this one. There was no way he would never tell Kayla his feelings, and started them both on a course towards a relationship. It would be difficult, due to it needing to be hidden from Kayla's guardians. Perhaps even his own scale wouldn't be safe if he was found to be dating a penitatas; whom are forbidden to have boyfriends, or girlfriends. They're simply rejuvenated children, meant for the punishment and correction of their crimes. A basic childhood existence. Taking his paws from behind his back, Jacob stopped at the side of his bed and crossed his arms. It was easy to smile though, thinking of the time he has been able to spend with Kayla, the young Packet-Storm.

Kayla had been such a friend since he arrived here in Calleet. So soon after the accident, Jacob was feeling the pain of loss. His personality made him want that one true friend, and not a slew of minor friends, which made Lory's idea of a get-together an embarrassing, cumbersome burden. He wanted to be left alone. As if sent to rescue him from his silence, Kayla appeared. The fox had such wisdom, even at what he called a young age of forty-one. Jacob wasn't aware, but Ki'rene always felt the same way. Kayla was a kind, special person. All she needed was guidance. The lives she touched, or saved, made the Karrian hum warmly to himself.

There was so much ahead. Kayla was being rehabilitated as a penitatas, and now Jacob was a medicalos with innocentatas elsewhere in his records to boot. At least when he rejuvenated voluntarily he had his life planned out, but as a boy distrustful of Starfleet brass, it seemed unlikely he would be able to find a new calling so quickly.

No, this would be a journey. One for them both. This was how it was meant to be.

"I hope I can keep you out of trouble Kayla.", Jacob spoke out loud into the empty room, as he looked down at the spot of the bed Kayla once laid. He had been fortunate that he had not seen many of Kayla's punishments. There would only be so much he could watch, but on the other hand, Kayla would have been in some prison or labor camp if the Federation did not adopt the rejuvenation based justice system. That seemed even worse than the occasional paddling by far. There was no way to escape that reality, and more so if he wished to believe that Kayla needed to atone. Jacob could not hurt others, and he didn't like seeming them hurt either. "Kayla's own good" would have to be up to someone else. It was just hard being a spectator.

Damn, there was school too. His classmates that hated the penitatas in medicalos clothing, and even his own teacher that treated him to the most humiliating thing of his brief time as a criminal under punishment. Now innocent, it wasn't like they could un-do what they did, and his classmates would un-see the body Jacob preferred to keep entirely modest. There were some things his victory would not fix, since it could not go into the past to stop many things from occurring. His own guardian, miss Lory, was keeping to herself. That was not so bad though, he preferred it until he was ready.

"I need to relax...", Jacob grumbled to himself, holding his head. Kayla comforted him so much, and there was so much to be overjoyed about, but the worries and insecurities of a seven year old's mind was hard to sedate. Turning away from the bed, Jacob found himself facing his closet. Clothing, toys, and his belongings.

This was a good time. Damn it, he needed to accept that it wasn't so bad. As much as he hated it, he was seven, and ought to enjoy it. Cameron was his pupil, it's not like she'd be wrong in her suggestion. Looking down at a pile of toy cars peering from an untouched container, Jacob ran his right paw through his dark brown hair. Staring, he slowly sat down, tossing his reptilian tail out of the way.

For now, he would just be Jacob Vasse, a boy trying to live his life. At his side, Kayla Ackart, a girl trying to do the same. Jacob let go. He had to. There was no reason he would let his new childhood slip through his fingers due to fear. Fear of being someone different from what he was. He would be the same man he was, with his same personality, but perhaps he needed to give himself more credit for his accomplishments and the talents he managed to keep post-rejuvenation. There was no shame in being a child if you were not a shameful adult. Mixing complex proteins in his lab set one moment, throwing a ball in the back yard in the next.

With confidence, he lifted a toy hover-car into his paw; certain it would make him no less of a man, after the example of the life he lived. A seven year old's mind was a sea of wonders and imagination, ready to learn and grow on a whim. It wanted to play, and feel safe.

So he did.