Kayla: Road of Life
In the 28th century, the technology of rejuvenation allows for immortality. This device is also used for sentencing as well. A penitatas; a criminal that is sent back to childhood to live a highly strict and disciplined life to start anew. (Story Fourty-One)
Concept by Lurking Dragon
Kayla and story by Professor Bob
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Sitting in the one and only place where Kayla could use a computer without fear of repercussion, her paws were busy working on the day's mathmatics assignment. Algebraic formula was used in creating many of her hacking attack programs, making this a cakewalk to the extent that each student whom got their hands slapped disciplinarily for wrong answers appeared to be getting just what they needed. Typically she wouldn't think too much about what the others were doing in class, but when it came down to something she knew through and through, her views tended to be slightly more merciless, since she knew her own right paw was not in danger. Neither was Jacob's, whom was tapping away at his console built into his desk, though more slowly.

His appearance in class made miss Chester fairly bewildered. There had been an exchange as to whether he was in the correct class, to the extent the young medicalos had to show her his documentation papers that stated that he was supposed to be her student. To have a medicalos in an all penitatas classroom was strange indeed, but when it was said and done, the decision to remain was Jacob's, and his decision was clear and required no thought. Thanks to being a medicalos, he got to watch everyone else be disciplined, as well as recieve special treatment for being a hero. Kayla wished people would remember the days when she was thought to be a heroine, instead of a dirty hacker. The events at the beginning of their winter break had changed the behavior of many towards her, though Ninne's rallying did seem to end, and many seemed to have calmed down significantly.

Even Ninne was present in class, even if she was quiet and with a new group of friends. Mostly just the two human boys she used to gang up on Kayla with. All the fox knew was that Ki'rene punished her for a month straight, leaving Ninne very unhappy. It served her right, the fox felt. If the drake would have bothered to speak to her though, after so much time had passed, she likely would have been friendly or even forgiven her. By now, it had been almost a month since Kayla had gotten close to Jacob and went on with her life. It was still cold outside with the occasional snow, with the calendar open on the top right of Kayla's console screen reading February third. The most Ninne had come to interacting with Kayla was look at her rather somberly. The fox had a feeling that Ninne was looking for Kayla to speak up first and take the initiative, but that was something Kayla expected from the drake if she was going to change her ways. By now, she no longer felt very bad for what happened to Deltastar Bank. She knew in her heart that wasn't something she would have just off and done, and did it because she had been kidnapped and it was what she was ordered to do. It was survival.

At home Kayla had also been trying to work on other more recreational and family issues. Trying to repair Jacob's Starfleet com-badge was growing to be very difficult, but as each day passed with the item in her posession, she grew closer to getting it fixed. Having tools wasn't very allowed, so she snuck them in past her mother when Jacob provided her the badge for her to study and work on at home. He trusted the Aspatrian deeply in order to provide her such an important trinket that he held onto. Was yet another small act that brought the two closer together. In the background, behind everyone's parental observation, the Aspatrian and Karrian were growing to be something of a young couple; boyfriend and girlfriend. They both needed someone special during the rough patch of their lives when they first met, and once they solidified their friendship and helped fix eachother's problems, they never strayed from eachother. Kayla had gotten to spend time with Jacob, either at his home, or him at her own, whenever the pair was able. Only time they were not was when their parents wished to have a rest or had other plans, or Kayla had gotten into trouble. One of the most painful things Jacob had to witness was Kayla, bare, being forced to cut her own switch from his mother's tree in the backyard. He pleaded with Lory as the two watched her in the backyard trying to break a stick off of the tree to be used on her own hide. Jacob was able to get his mother to relent that day by playing the medicalos card, but Kayla still endured a good dose of sting. First time he stroked her beneath her tail and held the fox to himself, and despite the bare fur his claw was running through, it was not an intimate moment. The Karrian felt horrible feeling each welt as he massaged her backside to get the blood moving, wishing there was more he could do. For that, Kayla had to appologize, and be the one to reassure that she was okay.

The two as a pair had been dealing with life together as they had sworn. As others looked at them differently for either positive or negative reasons, they themselves provided their own normality by focusing on the other's opinions, rather then those of the world around them. Kayla knew she was a good person, and loved, and Jacob was able to handle the loss of his previous life and adapt into his new one, so that he may grow up and return to being a doctor without making so many of the same errors. Affection and mischief; playing with potentially misusable electronic devices and medical supplies with innocent smiles and comfort. They were a team, ready to protect eachother. If you discounted their parental figures, they were all they had. In terms of their physical 'play', neither had gone further then briefly massaging the other, more or less to tease and just have fun intimately when they were feeling up to it. Slowly it was easing them from being so shy, and to trust eachother more. Kayla never again felt obligated to please her 'dominant male' as it had been drilled into her head, and Jacob gave her more space in that area. In terms of understanding and grasping consentual sexual relations, the Aspatrian sadly had some things to learn even after all her years of life, thanks to always being treated like someone's property.

As the classroom completed their math work, Kayla had time to look around, giving Jacob a smile and nod to say 'hello' without getting herself into trouble. There was some less hidden banter between penitatas aside from Kayla, whom recieved a harsh hushing from their teacher, whom was ready to move onto a new subject matter. Instead of breaking out into disciplinary mode, their behavior seemed to make miss Chester grin, as it fit into her lesson.

"Class, before recess, we're going to delve into history. Concidering a couple of you wished to speak out of turn, and we also have a medicalos in the class who would be unfamiliar with the subject, I want to touch upon an event that has affected each of you in this room", the older human woman spoke aloud, hands held in front of herself as she stood in front of her desk. Her head panned from person to person, speaking to her classroom as a whole to begin the lesson and lecture. Kayla placed the fingers of her right paw beneath her chin, listening curiously, while the other penitatas, and Jacob, wisely kept quiet and waited to see where this was going.

"You should all be familiar with the name Richard McDaft, correct?", she asked aloud as an open question. Jacob wasn't, and looked around to see if anyone else might have known. The expressions of some had faded, and some heads had drooped. Miss Chester had nodded her head at that time, noticing the same thing Jacob had. "Richard was the pioneer in the reform of the penitatas justice system in 2788. That is our subject for this history lesson, the 'Reform of 2788'. Miss Sak'kral, we will start with you. Explain to us the dilemmas surrounding criminals in the penitatas justice system prior to the reformation", was her first advisement and instruction, choosing Ninne to first begin speaking. The drake cleared her throat quickly, speaking aloud as instructed, just to keep her tail out of trouble. It was a tough subject for penitatas to discuss.

"Back then, penitatas had only minimal rights. Parents were encouraged to enjoy their duties sexually to further the punishment of those under their guidance. Penitatas were used as.. objects, during that time. Allogations of abuse and sexual misconduct were rampant, and people were beginning to speak out", were the Drakonian's own words, unsure of how to keep it concise and professional when the topic was touchy to the group she was in. Jacob's interest in the strange silence in the room made his ears alert, knowing now exactly what they were talking about. He could remember back then, to those years. Was in Starfleet Medical back then, just a bit over one hundred years ago. It sure made the Karrian feel old. However, as miss Chester's voice called again, the school's communication system made a beep, signifying the beginning of second lunch period. This also meant their class' recess time. Raising her right hand, the teacher ensured she still had everyone's cooperation, before having them rise from their seats to head out of the classroom. As a penitatas class would, they walked two by two, hands behind their backs; polite and quiet. It was an instruction Jacob also followed, even if he was not to be held to such strict standards. Side by side with Kayla, at his own choice, the two only exchanged smiles as a greeting until they were outside and on the play-yard where everyone could speak again, did the two get to talk to one another as they were more accustomed to.

"Miss Chester seemed to have picked a hard subject matter for you guys. I was alive back then, I remember the papers. Penitatas revolting against their parents, rallied by Richard McDaft. Called the system cruel, and the parents sexual deviants. But, then he died at his parent's hands, proving to the world he was right. Raped and abused, he fought for everyone's rights till the end. Shut up a lot of the world, it seemed like. Myself included, sadly. No one really knew what you guys went through. It was.. conveniently forgotten until thrown back in our faces", Jacob spoke somberly, admitting he was one of the blind that did not truely understand the dangers going on right in front of everyone. His claws remained behind his back and he continued walking as he was, just as Kayla and he would normally do. Just simply go for a walk during their free time. Flicking both of her ears as they were touched by the warmth of the sun, Kayla's paws were at her sides, thumbs in her pockets every so often.

"I'll have to let you read my report on the uprising that I wrote for class last year. Got a perfect score on it. Does hit fairly hard when you're a member of the justice system, that would have once treated you that way. Was like our lives were saved, you know?", Kayla said with her typical happy tone, before her ears seemed to stiffen as she remembered something she wanted to tell Jacob rather badly. 'Oh!', she exclaimed from her muzzle, clenching her paws and stopping with an excited look.

"What's up?", Jacob asked with a slight laugh, stopping and crossing his arms since Kayla appeared so enthused. Playfully, she placed out her right arm and gave a thumbs up and a toothy, fox smile.

"I fixed it!", was all she said, but just as cheerfully; sounding full of pride. Took Jacob a few moments to think of what she meant, but then his own smile shot across his green muzzle, giving a slight leap off the ground with his footclaws with a quiet, restrained cheer.

"The com-badge, it works?", he asked right away, excitedly, fists up at his chest.

"You bet! I tried to get a response from that test station you called a while back. Some Starfleet computer gave me an acknowledgement, and I shut the thing right off, just in case. So it's working, and safely tucked in my desk at home, behind my memory chips. I'll give it back to you the next we see eachother outside of school", the fox was happy to inform, beginning to walk again half way through so they could continue their walk. 'Score!', the Karrian had thought. Was good to hear the old thing still worked. When he began walking again with Kayla, he had to look off to his side.. seeing that orange fur made him so relaxed. She did something awesome, and may not have even known it. Making his com-badge work again when it was supposed to be as dead and in the past, like his old life on the Apollo, was strong encouragement to keep up the good fight and get through this. He was not dead, and neither was his old com-badge that he wore every day and performed his duties with.

"After losing so much of my past life, it's refreshing to be able to salvage even a piece of it. You're awesome Kayla", Jacob complimented, tilting his head and smiling towards his friend. There was a wag in his tail, shifting it side to side, and he couldn't have really cared either how it looked.

"Don't I know it. Was a frustrating project, but it made it that much more fun when I resolved the issue the thing had. It's like programming, but on a physical scale. Kept me occupied on nights when I could work on it without my mother noticing. Plus it made me think of you", Kayla spoke softly as she continued on their path, with the sounds of others talking and playing in the background, with everyone off doing their own thing. Their walks were rarely interrupted, which provided them time for kind words and insightful banter.

"If we were alone, you already know I'd be kissing you. Quit tempting me, save it for later", the green scaled reptile had to snicker, keeping his tone down and covering most of his muzzle with his right claw. Had gotten to the point that neither of them knew what they'd do without the other. Both of them needed this.

"Oh I will. Right now we have more class to finish, then we can get the hell out of here. Didn't really want to be here much today, and another re-hash of the reformation of the penitatas justice system may get somewhat lengthy. Expect to write an essay once the class discussion is over. You remember some of what happened, so it should be easy", the fox advised afterwards with a smirk, before rolling it back into their casual chatter. It was then Kayla swiveled her ears to her right, hearing heavy footsteps towards them. Jacob noticed her sudden change in appearance and silence, stopping his walking as soon as she did, turning to the direction she had her ears pointed.

"Hey.. ", came the voice Jacob was familiar with hearing now, but the sight just made him think of all the things she had done. Kayla turned her head, paws inside of her pockets with a serious, almost scowling look across her muzzle and face. Ninne took the last few steps towards the two, holding her claws and looking docile and worried. After all, she was looking at two different people whom weren't looking back at her too kindly. Kayla wouldn't even turn to face her, basically only looking over her shoulder.

"Yes?", Kayla asked after several moments of silence, and Jacob only crossing his arms to observe and find out what the Drakonian was seeking. Ninne sighed after the harsh sounding question, lowering her head and neck. Again, the drake was quiet for some moments. She seemed as if she was having trouble speaking.

"Just wanted to say I was sorry. I miss you Kayla, and I was wrong. Sorry I hurt you, and I'm sorry I ruined your mom's gathering Jacob", the drake said guiltfully, and quickly. Concidering Kayla told him what sorts of punishments Ninne had endured for a month, Jacob nodded his head. He had no reason to hate, and in the end, Kayla hummed to herself and came to a similar conclusion. Enough was enough. Turning her body slightly, Kayla's expression lightened and she looked up at her old friend, trying to remember the good times.

"Ninne, you look like hell. You couldn't wait anymore to say that, could you?", Kayla asked with a somber sigh of sorts, crossing her arms and relenting her tone. Ninne simply shook her head quietly. She had been without her friends for so long, and those two boys weren't exactly the best of company. Got her into trouble twice already as it was, though in all fairness, she had also gotten them into trouble herself. This one Jacob decided to sit out, and let Kayla handle. This was something that had been important to her since he arrived.

"Just come sit with us at lunch again. I'll forgive you. Relax and come back, alright?", Kayla then added as her suggestion, lifting her right paw as a gesture to the sulking Drakonian. As sudden as this was, Ninne couldn't take it anymore, she figured. Pulling some of that strength that Jacob provided her, she wasn't in the mood to hold a grudge. The desperate drake was sorry, even if that same drake also didn't have much to say for herself. The fox figured she'd at least allow her the chance to join them and try and reintegrate. Ninne's reaction had more pep to it, with the dinosaur nodding her head acceptantly.

"Thanks Kayla. Sorry to bother guys", she said to Jacob and Kayla both as she took one step back on her right footclaw, before turning her body around and lunging off with a slow Drakonian sprint. Jacob looked over to Kayla, as the fox watched her old friend go for the time being, and allow their walk to resume.

"They say time heals all wounds Kayla. Her misery outweighed her pride. She learn her lesson you think?", Jacob offered as his opinion, while asking for his companion's own. Kayla didn't respond right off, but did once their legs were moving once more, and their walking had resumed.

"Hope so. If she'll get over her nonsense, that will be the last piece of the puzzle. At home I've been spanked pretty harshly at times, but my parents are spending a lot of time with me, and caring for me well. That part is taken care of. The world has yet to lynch me, and I also gained you. Things are looking closer to being recovered, even if it will take a while to get things right", Kayla provided as the answer Jacob had been seeking, keeping her arms crossed as she walked. It was still fairly cold, even at noon, and she wished to keep warmer then just her fur could provide. Was only neccessary since she was wearing a t-shirt, while Jacob himself was wearing long sleeves and pants to combat the cold. From his own first experience and delightful exploration of his close friend with his claws, that fur of her's really was reliably warm.

"And though I've lost what was my life, I've come to enjoy my current one. I think I can say I'm through my own rough waters, thanks to you. You were what I needed", Jacob announced quietly, but as kindly as he possibly could, to display his affection. Just as he hoped, it brought that light, shining smile back to the Aspatrian's muzzle. She could continue her battle as a penitatas, knowing she was Jacob's little ray of light. The Karrian was happy, and made sure to let his good friend know that. Now that he was beginning to feel better in his new world of sorts, it was time to set things straight for the girl that had endured so many long hardships.

By the time their walk was finished, so was recess, so their legs rejoined the crowd without having to stop. Once back in class, Kayla's prediction of an essay became reality, which the group of penitatas and one medicalos spent their time preparing and typing up on their computer consoles. Concidering the topic they were provided, the essay's length requirement was high, and it took most of the class a good two hours to write that much in detail. Proved to be tough for some of them, whom appeared less then happy when that internal intercom played it's short beep sound for third lunch; the signal that their work had best be in, or else. The few that appeared to have had trouble were random human students in the class, since Kayla was sharp, Ninne knew how to draw the subject out with using fancy word play, and Jacob was actually there. As they walked to lunch, those whom had trouble were quiet, knowing the fates they had sealed with an assignment they thought they failed. Though, once able, the groups formed and the social interaction began inside the lunchroom, as each of them fetched their lunch from the line and took a seat at the long lunchroom tables. One by one, the group that Kayla sat with formed as it normally did, with one member returning from their hostile hiatus. Once seated, Ninne was more or less quiet, being sheepish and silent about the things she had said, done, and caused. Still didn't know the drake she sat beside, good ol' Anne, was the reason she had to change her tune in the first place. With them was Anthony, as he typically was, and Paula the blue furred feline, as well as Kayla and Jacob. Sitting and eatting, conversing as they would, the clothed Drakonian was a mostly welcome addition, even if she wasn't too much a part of their talk.

"So, who rocked that essay? Come on, I can't be the only one of us that was alive during that era", Jacob laughed, poking fun at his own age in a way, and trying to milk an age estimate from the other penitatas he had grown to know and be friendly with. Concidering he had followed Kayla around closely, her friends and groups became his own, getting to know the other alien species, as well as Anthony, whom seemed to idolize Kayla for her abilities that were so far greater then his own. Not uttering a word, Paula made an uneasy groan of sorts, while the others seemed to shrug - perhaps not wanting to jinx their high hopes to score well on the assignment. It counted as part of their writing class and history class both, making it more important then even a test.

"Unfortunately, I think you may be. We were all arrested on our 'first time around', sort of speak", Anthony was the first to respond, while chewing a bit of mac and cheese and getting started on his lunch right off. The boy always did seem to be excitable, but wasn't too bad with his words. In a way, he did seem like his total age was fairly low compared to Jacob himself.

[Which is why we were dumb enough to do the things we did], came Anne's voice, sounding quiet and soft, despite the Drakonian language often being concidered harsh and spit-like. Her Drakonian wasn't as hoarse sounding as Ninne's was, likely since the Earth-based drake had re-tuned her vocal cords to have panglish speaking ability. Anne's was crisp and pristine, and what she said did make sense to the greener scaled reptile.

"I feel old now", he had said while shaking his head, leaning on the elbow of his left arm while twiddling his plastic fork with his right claw's fingers.

"You look like a young punk to me", Kayla retorted, snickering and sticking out her tongue before resuming her eating. The lunchroom wasn't too loud since the penitatas present couldn't make any sort of ruckus, but the other rejuves did make noise, which required the fox to pivot and reposition her ears to hear everyone well. One faced forward towards Ninne, Anne, and Anthony, with her right ear pointing off to the side, to hear Jacob. The Karrian found that hearing trait to be fascinating, which had been bolstered after re-reading and absorbing Doctor Wyatt's symposium after meeting Kayla.

"Don't see you towering over anyone either there Kayla", Jacob fired back in their loose, social play. The old him wouldn't have been this outspoken. Like Ninne, he figured he'd be sitting and listening, too afraid to talk. Though, of course, as soon as he thought of a comparison such as that, was when Ninne decided to speak. At first it seemed as if she was re-thinking the idea of talking, making an odd sound, but then she looked up from her tray upon the table, eyes towards Kayla and Jacob.

"My ma'ma might be older then you are. I forget the exact number, but she's a bit over two hundred years old I think. Two of you would get along I bet", she said, not really smiling since she was still feeling stand-off-ish, but sounding like she was giving being social a genuine shot. Never having spoken to Ninne because of events that occured just before his sudden rejuvenation, he wasn't too sure how to respond, besides giving her an acknowledging him while he ate. Lunch was decent as normal, Ninne slowly loostening up some now that she was with her old friends again, and not a group of bully-like deviants. There hadn't been any fanfare, but working on being herself was slowly sweeping her transgressions under the carpet. Jacob didn't entirely think Ninne was his type, but she fit into the group in her own way that made him accept her. Wasn't sure if his hesitation was because of Kayla though. The claw marks he found upon the fox's back when he met her came from the white, trimmed nails, across the table to his left. The boy's eyes thought of them harming the person he had grown to care for, and it just made it hard. Kayla on the other hand was just going with the flow as she would in life, not talking to the drake so much, but not ignoring her either to the point of being a snob. It was going to be a reintegration process for Ninne; one that would take time and allow her to attone for her mistakes.

Bellies full, with rested bodies and minds, they were faced with the last portion of their day. The time passed slowly, mostly due to the fact there were so few hitches. Only once did the class get to stop a moment to witness the immediate discipline of penitatas, and so close to school's dismissal as well. If they had held out just a bit longer, school would have let out and no consequence would have been introduced. Though, as Jacob's heart sank into the seat of his chair, his claws began to hold the wooden surface of his desk just in front of his console, looking past his monitor to the front of the room. Being a medicalos, he was not going to be in any trouble, but his actions influenced the reaction of miss Chester towards another, more spankable student. Unlike the others, he was a bit more able to look around freely without so much as a scold. Though, when he looked over to Anne, the Drakonian he had known since he began school here with Kayla, Anne happened to look back and give a smile of sorts from her snout as a quiet way to say 'hello' at the wrong time. The teacher happened to see her Drakonian penitatas straying off from her work, which needed prompt correction, even if it wasn't severe. Either way, it was something the Karrian felt guilty for.

The now maturing Anne had been called to the front of the class, to stand in front of miss Chester's desk. In front of her peers, she was reprimanded and scolded for taking her eyes off her work, and looking around the room, as if daydreaming while she was supposed to be working on an assignment. The poor girl was quiet, seeming to droop, concidering she had a streak of good behavior going and even her parents had been a bit lighter on her tail. If anything, she was proud of the effort - a feeling that disappeared once the time came to pay up for her mistake. Not being a heavy mistake, her punishment was standard for a penitatas classroom, but not one Jacob had ever bared witness to before. Tail held by the older human, the bare drake's brown, smooth base of her tail was directed towards the class and spanked with the dragon-paddle on hand. It was the same as if miss Chester called one of her other students up for a spanking from her hand, even if the black paddle and it's silver studs appeared brutal. To the boy whom felt responcible, the drake's cries and shifts of her footclaws made it feel worse for him. The spanking was short, with twenty four swats administered from the less harsh Drakonian spanking tool. Her scales were reddened just like the bottom of any of the class' humans. Once allowed back to her desk, Jacob shot her an appologetic look when he could, and she wasn't yet seated to get in trouble. Still wiping her cool brown scales with the backs of her claws to clear her reptilian cheeks of any loose tears, the girl smiled lightly before she took her seat to continue her work. Jacob went back to his own, trying to keep note to follow some more of the rules his penitatas fellows had to adhear to. That way, he wouldn't cause a nice person like that a session of pain, even if it was minor.

Soon enough, the intercom beeped one final time, elongated to pronounce the end of their day. Gathering their things and recieving their final words from miss Chester as to what their homework was, the penitatas began leaving the room freely to head out to the school busses ready to take them all home. As they typically would, Kayla waited for Jacob in order to head out with him at her side. Walking through the hallway outside their class, on their way to the doors on the south end, Kayla was full of pep and her brand of happiness, with her paws in her pockets and her tail swishing to and fro. Jacob's own expression was still dull. He knew Kayla must have known it was, eyes meeting eachother's as they walked, but she didn't seem to change her attitude as a result. The fox knew the reason he was feeling the way he was, he was sure.

"Sorry, I'll get over it. Didn't seem like Anne blamed me, but I hate seeing you guys in trouble. Was sort of my fault", Jacob opened his muzzle to say, sounding less playful, but still himself while he added that more serious note. Kayla slipped her right paw from her pocket to shove the black door out of the way as it began to close in front of the pair, speaking again as she placed her orange, delicate fingers against the side of her muzzle to scratch the middle right portion with the claw on her thumb.

"If we held everything like that against eachother, we wouldn't have any friends left. Penitatas are in the same boat. We all pay the same price for our past, and the mistakes we make in our adolescent present. You're well liked anyway, and she'll be fine. Anne's come a long way, and concidering she's going to be twelve in just over a year, I think she might make soft time. Our trial does have an end", Kayla went into breaking things down, always sounding positive and thoughtful even when speaking casually. Jacob found that to be one of the fox's truely endearing qualities. Walking along with his bare footclaws upon the outside walkway, claws occationally making a tap against them, he looked down and chuckled to himself, placing his claws behind his back before lifting his head and opening his eyes.

"Quit being right all the time. There would be no business for psycologists and therepists if you make all medicalos' transition as smooth as you have mine", he felt the need to say, smiling as he normally would, as he tried to get over what happened with the fox's words and support. Kayla only turned her head slightly, flicking her right ear towards him. It seemed as if she was saying 'you're welcome'. Making their way through the rush of other rejuves, the two boarded their bus as it's hover engines began to spool up, a minute or so before it would leave. Taking their seat together towards the back, surrounded by the other penitatas they knew in their area, the two were able to continue their chatter for the ride. Concidering the speed of hover technology, as soon as they had left school, penitatas were already being let off the bus. Kayla and Ninne's were one of the very last, meaning Jacob got off before they did.

"Happened to get a few more things working well on my datapad. Since all anyone else gets to see is the interface that came with the unit, no one is the wiser of the fun I'm having when they're not looking. I can program things again, though really weak and rudimentary. Just sorry I got you in trouble to get this far", Kayla spoke up again, shifting her tail as it was curled beside her, between her and Jacob. On the bus she usually leaned forward a bit, elbows on her thighs with her head turned, in order to keep her voice down for privacy's sake. At least the swatting Jacob had to accept was not in vain. Against the 'figure' of his mother Lory, the transfer completed while she was taking care of the base of his green tail. Left his story of 'heroism' as Kayla often teased, having two different positive sides.

"Show me what you've got the next we can see eachother. Don't forget my Starfleet badge though, I'm anxious to see it. Wouldn't mind another grand evening with you as well", he said enthusiastically, sitting the same way the fox was, but with his tail beneath her's. The warmth was welcome, concidering the bus was still cool and wintery.

"Let's shoot for this weekend. Your mom pops in on us a lot less then mine, so your place would be best", Kayla thought of, knowing well that if they were going to get in another cozy, intimate sort of night, it would have to be done at Jacob's home. That, the Karrian readily agreed with. The times he was at Kayla's house, things did seem a lot more stringent. Was to be expected, being an active penitatas household. Looking over towards the fox, Jacob could see it was about his time to get off, and his part of the neighboorhood was coming up as he saw houses whirr by.

"Now we've got something to look forward to. Don't let me know if I'll get lucky, let it be a surprise", Jacob snickered, almost giggling due to his young voice, claw covering his muzzle while Kayla lightly elbowed him in the ribs as she normally would after getting one of the draconic boy's innuendo jokes. Always good to have someone to play with, and make you laugh, when you didn't know if you'd get to play or be spanked for a transgression once you stepped off the bus. Kayla's blue eyes stayed on Jacob, while her elbow gave a quick rub to his side and she smiled softly. While the bus came to a halt in front of Jacob's home, her muzzle mouthed something that made the Karrian's insides delighted. Kayla mouthed, "Love ya'". It made him take a deep breath, concidering having a crush at his body's age made his response slower from the natural shyness.

"Love you too", Jacob whispered almost silently, being keenly familiar with the Aspatrian's level of hearing. Silent to everyone but her own ears, knowing she heard as he stood up to leave the bus from the calm, happy smile he got from her in return. He stepped off the bus, walking up to the door of his home, uncaring that the ground was biting cold and freezing his footclaws. Kayla had a way to make him feel wonderful. The companionship pulled him from his rut and gave him someone to care for, while Kayla gained the same. Heck, it seemed like this was the first time the fox had someone like that period. Love sure wasn't something she had, aside from what her penitatas parents gave. This was something different though.. her first relationship. Made Jacob proud as he stepped in his front door, closing it behind him while looking down the livingroom towards the doorway to the kitchen, to see if he could see his mother.

"Miss Lory! Home from school!", he announced, letting her know the status of things as the young doctor would. His voice was cheery and carried, hearing his mother call back from the kitchen, as he had correctly assumed.

"Welcome home! Relax and tell me about your day when you're ready!", his mother had replied, while his ears also heard the rustle of utencils and plates. It had become tradition for the boy to slip into clothing that was more comfortable and take a short breather by himself as a part of his loner nature before coming down to have a snack with his mom. It was one she respected too, knowing to give her medicalos time to get comfortable.

Jacob's footclaws bounded up the stairs in energetic steps up to the top, where and made a quick exhale and continued his mellow smile and joy. Already he was working on an appology for Anne, and some things to say once the weekend rolled around and he could spend some closer time with Kayla. Getting to know the Aspatrian was a treat, and those times cuddled with the fox were very gentle occurances. To think they were growing that close, that Kayla would say that she loved him.. made the reptile snicker with a simper across his muzzle as he stepped into his room to first check on an experiement he had fermenting in his medical lab upon his work table. The tube of red substance was thicker and larger then it was that morning, which he picked up from it's holder to look at more closely. The reflection of his right eye was in the glass as he wiggled the tube in circular motions to test it's viscosity. He was looking for ways to make homebrew medicines on the fly using his new parent's plants and common household agents, to see what would thicken into something usable while he didn't have access to the real deal like he had before.

Tube steady in his green scaled fingertips, nothing seemed out of place. Normal, and well. Hearing his doorknob didn't seem like much, but the crash of his door hitting his wall and juttering back was far more then enough to startle. Jacob barely had enough time to swing around on his right footclaw and swing his tail to his side, tube still in his claw, before a body impacted his body. The young reptile screamed out, dropping his tube instantly the weight and force pushed him in a tackle, with it hitting his carpet and spilling out innocently into it's fibers. Something felt like it was pressing against the side of his muzzle for a moment that smelled of clean fabric, before a pair of hands clearly gripped his upper arms and swung his body around, throwing him to the wall to attempt to restrain him. Not a word was uttered, not even from Jacob, whom only got a bolt of panic and hurt from being pushed up against the wall and clearly manhandled while hearing all this racket of movement in his room, and more then one person now behind him. Fighting back, trying to break away, was the Karrian's sole instinct, pulling and trying to swing his arms and kick his legs to slip his arms from the hands holding them and trying to push him to the wall. It all happened so fast, within meer seconds that this occured, getting the boy's heart to race in terror and panic.

"Get away from me!", he cried out, thrashing his short Karrian tail to smack at the leg of his assailant. Barely came through in his mind as an attack there was so little time, due to the execution of what occured. All he knew was that something was smothering him to the wall, and moving quickly to restrain his arms. A well placed smack of his reptilian tail to the person's knee, which the boy wasn't even tying to do, and a desperate pull of strength from his arms, he was able to slip his scale out from beneath the larger person's skin to free his arms from their grasp. His body pushed away against the wall, towards the corner of his room, turning quickly only to see what was about to happen just before it occured.

The butt of a phase rifle slammed the young draconic boy right into his muzzle, at the end of it, straight inward with a heavy punch. His frightened eyes closed quickly from the blast of pain, right before his muzzle opened in a shriek of pain. Falling to his knees, his claws gripped the end of his snout, gripping it tightly and madly. Screaming in almost a growl, blood began to seep from between his fingers as it leaked from his reptilian nostrils. It was like getting punched clear in the snout by someone three times his size, and hell did it hurt. Eyes filled with watery tears as the result of the pain, he could only hear the words above him. The words were unreal, and coming from unreal people. A deep, commanding and violent voice. It made him sick to the point his stomach turned, and he wanted to wretch. Before he was subdued, he saw the black and grey patterned unitforms, with colored shoulders. The glimmer of Starfleet badges - three of them. Two at his sides, and one at his front with a phase rifle. The adult humans didn't have a single look of sympathy before that weapon struck his small snout. Warm blood slowly covering his claws, the glass in his mind shattered.

"Commander Jacob Vasse, you are under arrest for sabotage and conspiracy to commit the murder of Starfleet crew!"