Kayla: Ninne's Revenge
In the 28th century, the technology of rejuvenation allows for immortality. This device is also used for sentencing as well. A penitatas; a criminal that is sent back to childhood to live a highly strict and disciplined life to start anew. (Story Four)
Concept by Lurking Dragon
Kayla and story by Professor Bob

One month since the incident, Ninne found herself in trouble with Ki'rene for being too rambunctious. Her normal punishments had been suspended for a week, before her mom went back to her duty. Summer was nearly over, and Kayla was not too far from her first day of school. She and Kayla had been playing in the backyard and the big reptile got a little careless and knocked Kayla down hard with her tail. Kayla kept herself from crying as strong as she was, and wasn't about to be all that mad at her best friend, but Ki'rene wasn't going to stand for letting Ninne get away with being too rambunctious, especially when someone got hurt! She had went brisky outside and grasped Ninne by the neck, settling herself down onto her tail to make a lap. Ninne appologized perfusedly in a panic, only to be scolded for what she did before she was put into position.

"Do you know you could have really hurt your friend by playing that rough?!", Ki'rene scolded, still having the little drake picked up by her neck.

"I didn't mean to get carried away!", Ninne wimpered, just as her mother put her over lap and pinned her legs between her own. Ninne felt helpless, being stuck there by the firm claw of her mom, and the other stretching out her tail so she could do her duty.

"Now Ninne, be careful to note HOW I chew your tail", she told the drake, making her a little confused. That confusion was broke when Ki'rene bent her head over and *CHOMP!*, right onto the base of her tail.

"OOOOWWWWW-YEEEEEOWW!!", Ninne howled out in her Drakonic way, having her mother bite into her tail. Chomp, bite, bite, chew, grind. "Mommmmm! Stooooppp!", the little drake cried.

[This is what happens when you hurt other people because you're careless!], Ki'rene scolded in Drakonian, though that meant she had to stop her chomps, chews, and grinds to do so.

[I'm sorrryyy!!], Ninne hissed and spat through her tears, feeling the nasty pain of having her tail base chewed. Only a few seconds after that, her mommy's firm bites stopped and she picked her up off her. Ninne wimpered from the punishment, though she knew that was pretty light, as she rubbed the bites and raw scales upon the base of her tail. Ki'rene pulled her undergarment and pants back up, being sure to fasten them above her tail.

"I hope you learned something from that, because I have a special surprise for you", Ki'rene then told her. Ninne winced, giving a pathetic whine, thinking of what that horrible thing might be. "I've arranged for you to babysit today!", she said with a smile, taking a big load off her worried daughter.

"But.. aren't I too young?", Ninne asked. Penitatas didn't usually get to babysit either, so this was sort of confusing, even to Kayla.

Ki'rene smirked. "I found out a certain boy who shot a certain girl with a phaser is living down the street", she snickered. "And as a bonus, he's a Drakonian!", she then added, smirking big enough to show her long sharp teeth.

Ninne quickly wiped her eyes and chuckled, baring her own teeth. "I get why you wanted me to learn how to do that", she smiled.

"You're eight, and this boy is pretty young, so you'll have no trouble. Plus, Kayla can go with you and give you a hand. Eight years old plus six is plenty enough! I'll stop by your house on the way home Kayla to tell your mom where you are okay?", Ki'rene explained for the two.

"Sure!", Kayla said happily.

"Alright, let's head down there then", the older Drakonian said, leading the two out front and onto the sidewalk. "The boy was obviously rejuvenated to a young age, so he's only 1.7 meters tall. You won't have a problem with him. Oh, and Kayla, if he gives you trouble, just lift his tail and his balance will go completely off, so he's pretty much within your capability too", she then explained while they walked. A Drakonian male was plenty smaller then a female, and genrally subservient. An adult male would be about Ninne's size! Kayla smiled upon taking a good look at her friend's smirk. She was really liking this idea. They walked up to the door of this drake's house and Ki'rene rang the door, which was promptly answered.

[Hello Ki'rene and Ninne. Who might this be?], greeted an 8.1 foot tall Drakonian woman. She didn't wear clothes like Ki'rene did, and probbably couldn't speak Panglish either.

[This is Kayla, Ninne's friend. She came to give a hand], Ki'rene replied. Kayla had no clue what they were saying, but they were lead into the house. Ninne told her the drake woman's name was Ashley. Ashley showed Ninne and Kayla where she kept extra implements incase a human, or in this case, Kayla, were to sit for him. He had two paddles, just like Ninne did, and she also kept a hairbrush too. Though she didn't understand a spit, Kayla could figure out that she was pointing the devices out for her and apparently giving her permission to use them. Kayla politely nodded when she finished. By then, a little drake padded himself into the livingroom, staring attentively at his oddly young babysitters. Ashley spoke to him harshly in Drakonian, apparently warning him to behave and obay his sitters, and at that, she and Ki'rene left, with the clothed Drakonain giving the two a smile before she did. Now that little jerk of a drake was at their mercy.

[Alright you, get over here and sit down!], Ninne commanded the young male. Though even at his age, he was a good size to Kayla, but not as strong. He complied silently, apparently worried about the demeanor of his Drakonian babysitter. "Kayla, I'll translate anything important to you, okay?", Ninne then told her furry comrade, who nodded and stepped beside her. "Oh, and I'm sorry for hitting you with my tail", she added a little sadly. She figured she had to mention that now that they were alone.

"No prob. You have more things to worry about", Kayla replied with a smirk of her own, giving a gaze to the small drake sitting upon the couch. He couldn't speak panglish, but he understood it it looked like. A more standard Drakonian.

[I'm happy to meet you. Do you realize you shot me with a phaser during your little raid?], Ninne informed the little boy, who quickly got panicy upon hearing that. [I'm going to make your life hell till your mom gets home!], she then smirked, making the small boy wince.

[Nooo!], the child then whined, quickly being grabbed by his neck by Ninne. She leaned back onto her tail as she saw her mother do and quickly locked him in her lap, pinned between her legs. She held him down and stretched out his tail while he whined, [No please no!]. Ninne just smiled at this and bared her teeth.

[My teeth are just perfect for your tail!], she then said, quickly leaning her head over and snapping down hard against the base of his tail. *CHOMP!* [YYYEEOOOOWOWWWWWOOW!!], cried the drake very tearily, feeling the perfect sized teeth chomping and chewing away, getting it's revenge. His large mom's teeth could do a fine job at being thourough, but Ninne could be even more precise! CHOMP, CHEW, CHEW, GRIND, BITE, BITE, CHEW [NOOOO!!!]. The little boy cried and howled, making Drakonic sounds like a foghorn or a roar. Kayla didn't think Ninne could be happier, snapping her teeth angrily against this child's tail. She was being quite harsh, and quite thourough! She learned a lot from having her own tail chewed it so seems. The small child could only wail and cry, having his tail chewed so thouroughly, to the point where his growls were like screeches.

[You're going to be punished really good for shooting a weapon at a group of girls!], Ninne scolded, quickly chomping repeatedly back down onto the base of his tail, putting the harshest punishment upon it's less leathery underside.

[Pll--Nooo!!! YEEEEEEOOOWWWW--ssssstooo-AAAAOOWWW!!!!], the boy cried at this horrible tail chewing, as she chomped, grinded, and chewed her teeth as harshly and painfully as she knew how. Having your own tail chewed, told you exactly what motions or teeth hurt the most, and she was using all those memories to fuel this chewing. The boy wouldn't forget what he had done to Ninne! Ninne finished with a deep breath and a series of hard bites across the base of his tail, making sure they were hard and brisk, before she clamped down firmly and grinded her teeth off the tail as she raised her head. Kayla didn't know a child could cry this hard! His howls could be heard from outside at his intense pain. Ninne releaced the child and stood up. The child cried and howled hard, finding out he couldn't rub his tail, but instead he just stroked the hurting scales. As much as even the smallest contact hurt, the small boy couldn't bare the horrible pain and had to do something! Ninne grabbed his wrist and pulled his claw from the task of nursing his tail and starting pulling him towards his stool in the corner of the livingroom. As soon as he noticed this, he roared in a panic, squirming and crying. Ninne instictively grabbed and lifted his tail, bending over herself, and chomping down on the young boy's rump, exactly on the base of his tail. She kept her teeth clamped for a few seconds, making sure her teeth left a good mark for the boy's uncooperation, and continued leading the child who was actually hopping or skipping in terrible pain. No blood of course, but his tail was really bruised, absolutely covered with the dark, round circles her teeth made. His scales were a darker shade from being so raw, and his snout couldn't be covered in more tears. Practicly picking up the boy by his neck, like a Drakonian mom would do, she placed he and his tail onto that hard stool for some good cornertime. Ninne strapped his legs to the stool, and took one of his velcro restraints and strapped his claws together, placing them upon his lap.

[You keep that tail down! Don't, and expect worse!], Ninne scolded the dragon, who just continued his hard howls in responce. Ninne walked over to the snickering Kayla and smiled.

"My jaws just got a good workout", the vengeful reptile joked to her furry friend. This was all brand new to the small drake, whom could not be any older then four.. and he protested about being disciplined even more then Ninne herself did.

"I think this babysitting thing might be fun. Well, for us at least. Who knew we would be able to punish the guy who shot you! Ha! The justice system did well!", Kayla said with a smile, actually giving a compliment to the penitatas system. Kayla would never usualy condone such harsh behavior, but this guy shot her best friend! They could.. make an exception. Kayla and Ninne sat on the couch talking and joking with eachother, while the amusing music of a crying and howling drake played from the corner. Ninne made sure all his weight went on his tail, so the little guy was really suffering. The boy's name was Paul, in panglish of course. Ninne ended up explaing to Kayla a few things about the Drakonian language to her, such as the fact that her drake name is Seri'kl, along with a few cuss words just incase they were used on her. Drakonian was very difficult to reproduce, so there was no chance of her using them anyway. After a good thirty-three minutes on that stool, Ninne let him off, as it was time for dinner. She might hate him, but she was going to do her job of babysitting too. Ashley (Or Fas'grl in drake), had left the trio a pizza and some juice. Paul ate to his content, though he did most of it standing, as Ninne allowed it, as long as he still ate his pizza over the table. Otherwise, the two girls just served the pizza, and it was Kayla who wiped the little drake's snout of tears. After dinner, Ninne went upstairs to run a bath for Paul, leaving Kayla to do the last bit of tidying.

"Paul, could you bring that over here please?", Kayla asked nicely for his empty glass.

The boy grabbed his glass and complied. "Taj-ik..", he grumbled.

Kayla gave him a dirty look. "I think we need a little language correction", she growled. The drake froze in shock. From what he heard from Ninne, the girl couldn't understand Drakonian! "Ohhh boy. You're lucky Ninne taught me a bit of your language while you were bawling in the corner.. well actually, you're not lucky. You're gonna get it!", she snickered, bringing the shocked drake to a wimper, shrinking at knowing he had screwed himself.

[Time for your bath], Ninne came in and said.

"Not yet. We had a little problem with foul language while you were away!", Kayla told her, whispering what he said in her ear.

Ninne's look turned stern very fast. "I'm going back upstairs to get something special for this little boy. Since he cussed at you Kayla, I'll let you administer another punishment till then. Take the harsh dragon-paddle and rework what my teeth did, then take the normal one and swat his hips good. Bring the normal paddle upstairs with you when you're done. He is going to be one sorry drake!", she told her, assuring that this was going to be very harsh. Kayla felt sympathy for such a little dragon but.. nah. This one earned his punishment well.

"Come on you", Kayla said sternly, escourting the frightened Drakonian, who was lightly wimpering, too scared to outright cry now. He swallowed hard, just trembling, silently complying with the fox. She stopped him in the middle of the livingroom where there was room and she walked over to where his paddles were kept, taking the both. The room was now dimmer then before, as the sun had begun to set.

"I think you already are a sorry little drake, but we'll just see how sorry after today", Kayla said, thrusting his tail into the air, while his snout burried itself in the carpet. The boy pleaded in Drakonian, even though he knew she didn't understand, just before the first horrid swat came down on the base of his tail. *SWAT!!* . The dragon trembled his legs, bawling with a howl after the first strike. *SLAM!!* "This is *SWAT!!* for cussing *SMACK!!* at me!" *SWAT!!*, Kayla spanked with all her six year old force, finding it hard to wield this paddle. It made no difference, as the little drake screamed like he was being killed, exploding into a frenzy of tears, having such a harsh impliment used on his already well punished rear. After the first five, Kayla took a deep breath, looking to aim the dragon-paddle at a slightly different angle, looking to get some of his legs into it. Paul was reduced to a baby, crying himself short of breath with each swat, howling till his larynx were too horse. Kayla dropped the large paddle and took the normal dragon-paddle into paw, aiming it not on the tail, but just beside it. The tender hip, just beside the base of the tail, where a dragon mother knew hurt really bad, but her teeth couldn't do it. Kayla and her paddle sure could, and this one was just the perfect weight! Paul was now screeching and screaming pleas, that Kayla was pretty sure was just bawling jibberish, even to another Drakonian! With a raise of the paddle, she swung it as hard as she could, looking for a responce. *POP!* She got one. The boy's right leg twitched and kicked upon the powerful sting, while he sounded like a foghorn on the other end. Kayla decided she would alternate between hips, so that's what she did. *POP!* *SWAT!* *POP!* *SMACK!* she just started relentlessly, while the subdued drake howled, and boy did he HOWL! His little legs would jump and make little kicks, while his poor hips got pounded, feeling a dose of mommy's teeth where he wasn't used to! "These are for shooting my friend!", Kayla growled angrily, getting a vent off of this herself. With that said, she raised the paddle once again, landing it soundly and hard all across his hips and tail, just swatting him relentlessly, before she dropped his tail. She had delivered twenty, till it looked like the drake's legs would collapse and he'd fall over. Kayla quickly graped his claws. There would be no nursing his tail after that. "Hold this paddle, and if you try nursing your tail and hips, expect it to land on them again!", Kayla scowled, putting the paddle into his claws, so they wouldn't reach anywhere else. She took him by the arm and started walking him upstairs to the bathroom, where a bath and Ninne's 'special' surprise waited. The young boy dared not cuss or wail, and he opted to just cry, and that he did, hard. By the time Kayla got the poor boy to the bathroom, his hard crying was panicy, very teary, exhausted wimpers. Kayla was tired from pounding those paddles, though it was only obvious he was even more. Those paddles were murder on her arms to swing, as heavy as they were.

"He behave?", Ninne asked once she brought him into the bathroom.

"Didn't have much choice with his snout to the ground. I did a number on him too", Kayla told her, letting the child be the proof. He stood there trying to wipe his eyes, giving shaky and horse wimpers, with some panting as well.

"Well alright, I don't think we'll need the paddle during this then, but he'll still have to go through with what I set up", she said with a smirk, just ready to unveil what that was.

The little drake sniffled and wimpered out a few Drakonian words. [P-please let me peeee], he whined, still dripping a few tears.

Ninne sighed. "Fine, [Go ahead]", she answered in both languages, just because she had gotten so used to panglish, and stepped around the drake, giving him the spot infront of the toilet. Kayla got the idea of what he asked and turned herself around. Ninne however, stood there with her arms crossed, just waiting. The little boy turned his head to her and looked sadly, practicly begging her silently to give him privacy. He wasn't about to slip himself out and go infront of a girl! One that looked that mad? Talk about embarassing!

Paul made a sniff and a wimper, trembling his legs at the pressure of his bladder. [I-I...I'll hold it], he said tearily.

[You're not going to like that decision, but hey, you just made my little punishment a little better!], Ninne told the suffering boy, closing the lid of the toilet. "Kayla, have a look at what I found in here earlier", she then smiled, pulling back the end of the bath curtain, revealing an enema bag. Kayla just made a funny face at it, hanging there full. Paul knew what that was and squeeled embarassedly, knowing who it was for, but to his surprise, Ninne didn't do anything with it. Instead, she took a small cloth and went to the sink. She put a tiny bit of water on it, and a few globs of soap. She turned and took a step to Paul, opening his mouth and spreading the soap around while he whined. [Didn't think I'd let your mouth get away with calling Kayla that?], she scolded, rubbing the cloth around the insides of his mouth, getting soap on every surface. The poor dragon coughed and gagged on the foul tasting lather, feeling creamy as it burned his tongue and throat.

[Leemme reence eet nooow], Paul mumbled with the soap in his mouth, as Ninne tossed the rag into the sink.

[When I'm done hooking up the tube and nozzle and putting lube on it], Ninne replied in reguards to his enema, working particularly slowly. The drake made sure to keep his mouth closed, and his snout would cringe every few seconds. Once Ninne had the tube hooked up, she rubbed the nozzle with a lube and she was ready. "Kayla, give him water to rince his mouth, but only a little at a time", she asked of her. Kayla filled the bathroom cup with a bit of water, letting him spit some of it out, while the soap reacted with what remained in his mouth in a very foul and burning way. It took three more spits with the little water to clean his mouth out, and then Kayla gave him a good amount to make sure it was all gone. Ninne had sat down on her tail beside the toilet, with her back not far from the tub. [Over my lap Paul], Ninne said in an emotionless way, letting him know her complete intention. The little drake started crying lightly, as he walked to Ninne and placed himself over her lap with no assistance. Ninne didn't lock his legs between hers either. She just pulled him up a little bit so she could work with his tail. Ninne grabbed his tail and raised it, taking the hose and nozzle in the other, inserting it into his tailhole once she found it though the bruises. The young drake howled at having that thing put in him, and just as much at having it put somewhere that had been hurting so much! With the releace of a clamp, the warm soapy fluid started flowing into him, making him whine and moan, shifting his legs. His bowels turned into a cramping and churning frenzy, and there was still plenty to go.

[I gotta go! Lemmeeee go potttyyyy!!], he wimpered into a cry, dripping some tears of embarassment and suffering. Hearing the word 'potty' from a once adult terrorist made the two girls happy on the inside. The pressure of his tummy on Ninne's legs and the weight of his own tail adding to it was very uncomfortable on his expanding insides. Kayla just watched, knowing this kid was really regretting things now, with that tube in his tailhole! [Pleaseeee, I-got-to-goooo!], he complained, as the pressure and cramping grew, making holding his bladder even more difficult. He held his legs together while they trembled, feeling a horrid ache from the pressure on organs he wish didn't have that pressure on. [I gotta peeeeee!! Please please, potty!], he tried patheticly pleading, with his tummy feeling ever so full. His claws needed to grip something, but there was nothing for him to do so, since his diciplinarian wasn't using an actual chair. He pawed franticly at the floor, whining and wimpering, as the enema reached it's end, and his tummy could hold no more. The soapy water slowed to nothing, and the young boy's legs tensed and shook, having so much in his small bowels, putting it's pressure on his bladder and everything else. [POTTY!!], he spit in desperation, sounding like a baby.. he was one, but still. Ninne removed the nozzle, to quickly insert a plug, which frightened the boy over her lap.

[You're going to hold all of it for three minutes], Ninne told the panicy reptile, keeping a hand upon his back so he wouldn't squirm too much. "Kayla, hit 'start' on the timer beside you, it's preset", she then asked of her "assistant". Kayla looked beside her on the counter and smacked the device's button, making it pop up a display, ticking down from three minutes.

[No! No! I can't take it!], he pleaded painfully, feeling horrible cramps and pressure, as he began panting with his sobs and wimpers, craning his neck up to look at Kayla with the most pleading eyes. [Let me go to the bathroom!], he cried out, dripping more tears onto his panting snout. Ninne was punishing his insides good, having his bloated tummy pressing against her lap.

[Put down your tail now], Ninne told him, letting go of his tail.

Paul howled. [Not that! Please, it'll hurt, I have to potty too bad!], he cried, knowing why she told him that.

[Now!], Ninne hissed.

Giving a whine of dispair, he slowly lowered his tail, feeling great discomfort on his tailhole. His tummy started to hurt worse from the extra pressure, and he couldn't squeeze his insides as well, making the feeling that he hed to go to the bathroom worse. He wimpered and panted tearily, squeezing his legs desprately, although doing that hurt his poor punished base of his tail. A sudden few sobs and shakes and he was begging Ninne. [No more! Noooo.. Pleeeeaaasseeee!], the little drake wailed. All he could do is hold his bladder painfully, as his bowels churned. Paul just trembled and cried from there, squeezing the muscles of his legs at the piercing pain on his insides. Eventually, after howls, tears, and frantic fidgeting, the timer beeped.

Ninne removed the plug and Paul shot off her lap, throwing the toilet lid up and leaping on it, not caring there was a girl around for him to empty his bowels. He cringed and wimpered, having such a great quantity of fluid leave that very well punished tailhole, covered in bruises. Ninne got up and started disconnecting the used bag, while Kayla just watched, having nothing to do but ponder the situation of this young penitatas. All this time, crying and begging for his own tail, he never said he was sorry for what he did to Ninne. Kayla would have never watched something so harsh if it wasn't for that fact. The little boy leand over and closed his legs a little more, relieving himself with a bit more privacy then he would have before. He sighed and wimpered a few remaining embarassments, feeling his sticking-out tummy shrinking back to normal. It took quite a few moments, but he had relieved himself fully, panting tiredly from all of it.

[Alright, into the bath], Ninne said lightly, taking a clean washcloth. Paul flushed the toilet-unit and closed the lid (Gotta do that for the girls!), climbing over the side of the tub into the now cold water, that had sat there for some time. A drake, being a reptile and all, did not like anything cold, but he welcomed the soothing water anyway. It was better then hot! Ninne dipped the washcloth in the water and got the boy on his knees, making sure she wiped that tear stained snout first. From there, she washed him well, putting a little emphisis on his bruised tail and the sheath slit between his legs, just to embarass him a little more. She scrubbed his whole body well before she lifted him out, drying his scales with a towel so he wouldn't get anything wet.

[You can go watch the holo in the livingroom for a half hour till your bedtime], Ninne told him lightly.

Paul sniffed, rubbing his claws, after such a rough time. [T-t-thank you], he said, slowly trotting downstairs. Ninne just smiled to Kayla.

"I'm tired now", she chuckled lightly.

"Those paddles are heavy...", Kayla replied, tired herself.

Ninne gave the poor punished dragon his thirty minutes of holo time, just because she wasn't a jerk, and got him upstairs for bed without resistance. Kayla tucked him in under his covers as her own mother would do, and Ninne just stood beside him with a little smile.

[I hope you learned a good lesson today, for storming into that mall full of people, firing your weapons for some stupid diamonds. I was hit because of you, and I hope you come to understanding the meaning of being a penitatas, because you're going to have quite a few cycles!], Ninne scolded, though much lighter. She was done being the bad guy for the day.

[I'm sorry...], the young reptile spit quietly, apparently meaning it. He clutched the top of his covers with his claws, still feeling the horrible punishments delt upon his bruised tail.

[Then you're learning. Your mom will decide when you get nano-lotion, but I can assure you it won't be tonight. Probabbly in the morning, so you'll have to sleep with that tail of your's as a reminder], Ninne replied to the drake boy's sentiment. Kayla figured Ninne knew how to scold from being with Ki'rene the past two years.

[I wasn't going to ask.. I deserve it], the young drake sighed.

Ninne smiled. That was good to hear. [Good night. Get some rest], she wished the child, hitting the lights before she left the room with Kayla.

"What was all that hushed hissing and spitting about?", Kayla asked, sort of poking fun at the Drakonian language.

"He appologized and I felt good for doing a good job. He has a long way to go from here", she explained to her confused friend, who was probabbly tired of hearing the Drakonian tongue. Not long from then, Ashley returned home, greeting Ninne and Kayla, though Kayla couldn't have known what that happy spitting was about.

[So how harsh were you?], Ashley asked Ninne.

[He's a sorry drake right now. I would give him nano in the morning, I think he's learned his lesson for now], Ninne replied. She wanted to give her opinion, hoping Ashley wouldn't scold her for saying something out of line. Ninne was still a penitatas herself afterall.

[That good of a job? Not bad!], the tall woman chuckled, heading upstairs with the two girls behind to check in on the little boy. Ashley found him fast asleap, but did check under the covers for a glimpse of her teeth work. [You can sit for Paul anytime. You two did a fine job! He's quite clean and you served dinner without a mess, not to mention you know how to chew a tail well Ninne], Ashley complimented once they started back for downstairs. [I'll give Ki'rene a call and tell her you're both ready to be picked up], she ended, heading off to her vid-phone.

Within only a little bit, Ki'rene came for the two tired girls. Ashley told Ki'rene of her approval, and the Drakonian mother couldn't have been prouder of her daughter to have her do so well with responcibility. Other words of Drakonian were exhanged that Kayla got irritated from not understanding, and the girls parted the house, leaving for their own. Ki'rene thanked the two for being well behaved, and for keeping that naughty little drake in line! Ninne and Kayla too would be sitting for him in the future, so it was all good for them. Kayla's mother got to hear of her outstanding behavior naturally, and then the two drake girls went across the street. Upon Kayla's request, she got a short bath, and had her mom tuck her in for sleep. She was tired from such a day, and so was Ninne, so she pretty much guessed she decided to do likewise. With a kiss upon her forehead, Emily let her tired girl go to sleep, proud that she had such a good child.. she really wondered how such a good person could do so much hacking to land herself here.. but she was glad Kayla was in the best of homes. She deserved it.