Kayla: Consequence Today
In the 28th century, the technology of rejuvenation allows for immortality. This device is also used for sentencing as well. A penitatas; a criminal that is sent back to childhood to live a highly strict and disciplined life to start anew. (Story Thirty-Nine)
Concept by Lurking Dragon
Kayla and story by Professor Bob
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Looking downward and watching as her mother tied a familiar blue piece of cloth around her wrists, Ninne's expression was sullen and quiet for the moment. It was still early in the morning, having been roused out of bed promptly to stand and have her claws bound as the day's first agenda. She had wished her mother got over yesterday, being that Ki'rene never said she was going to do anything like this while she was being placed to bed last night after her first round of discipline. The mother looking scoldingly down at her charge, whom would not lift her head and look back up at her harsh stare, worked on making her daughter's wrists bound after performing a couple of knots with her own fingers. She could tell Ninne was sad and feeling the anticipation of punishment; that agony of waiting and not knowing. However, even in that, she could see it was because she was worried about her own scales, and not guilty for what she had done. In fact, it didn't appear that she was thinking of Kayla or yesterday at all, with her mind focused on the here and now, and herself. The notion was ripping at Ki'rene and only making her more disappointed, and frankly, angry.

"Aren't you going to even look up Ninne? Say something. You're in enough trouble as it is, it would be hard to say the wrong thing and get in more trouble at this point", Ki'rene spoke intentionally in one of her sterner, more parental tones that she felt like she had not used in a long time. Ever since Ninne arrived, she was a fairly strict type of penitatas parent, using her girl's own embarassment as a tool and punishment in itself at times. Seemed like once she began to know Kayla, Ninne's behavior improved, and her relationship with her penitatas charge grew to be more like mother and daughter. Had that been a mistake? Ki'rene had to look at the behavior and acts that had gone on behind her back, and honestly analyze the more rotton core of her daughter. While she stewed within her mind, behind her scowl, Ninne lifted her head to meet her mother's eyes. Her body in general appeared to be in a posture as if she'd slink away, shrunken and cowering under Ki'rene's stare.

"You made me sit in that cold water for almost an hour. Wasn't that it?", Ninne whined quietly, trying to get any pity or lenience she could find. Besides, she honestly thought that was her whole punishment, since she was sent to bed with little word right after. She had huddled under her blanket for some time before falling asleep, especially since it was early evening and not exactly a bed time for someone whom was almost ten years old. Her question she would pay for though; now was not the time for whining. All Ki'rene had to do was reach back towards her hip and get a hold of her claw swatter with her fingers, to flick it out and into position. Swinging as she did, her left claw jerked on the blue cloth to bring her girl's claws up, allowing the black, metal studded Drakonian spanking device to slap against the back of Ninne's left claw. Ninne's head shot back down with little sound, wincing four times - one for each swat against the silver 'P' on the back of her claw, till her legs shuddered and she looked back up with much damper eyes. Couldn't exactly rub the back of her claw when they were bound almost palm to palm, and her mother smacked those sensitive scales around her knuckles fairly hard.

"Of course not! How easy do you think I've gotten? Haven't you placed any thought into what you did to Kayla, and the bully-ish atmosphere you placed in that room? I know half the room denied you fighting with Kayla because of something you had said or done!", the older reptilian mother snapped in retort, gripping the claw swatter firmly in her right claw while she continued to hold onto that blue cloth for insurance. This little drake wasn't going anywhere. Ninne's jaw shook at the words, trying not to tremble.. she had no idea she was in this much trouble. Why wasn't her mom angry at Kayla, so they could... she didn't know; celebrate or something? Lifting her head again, her teary voice sounded more paniced and pleading.

"It wasn't like what you had heard, I swear! I never touched Kayla, she was the one who kicked me in the throat ma'ma! You shouldn't have trusted her, she's a thief! Just-..", the smaller girl went on to try and convince, barely aware of how much she was lying she was so intent on escaping her punishment. Though, Ki'rene was quick to speak over her and cut her off promptly.

"You Ninne are a thief! Do you forget why you yourself are here? How dare you make accusations of that nature!", the penitatas mother nearly growled in her heavy scold, shooting her daughter's dirtied words back at herself to make the smaller drake cringe and get a more defensive look upon her snout. Ki'rene wasn't going to let her even use that defensive energy she spawned, giving a hard yank on the blue cloth to pull the drake towards herself. Ninne made a sharp 'mff!' sound as her footclaws stumbled forward and her arms felt the tension, all before the claw swatter landed with a fury of loud, stinging smacks against a new location. Her back. Ninne squeeled aloud, getting the biting sensations from the pointed metal studs flowing through the more armored scales upon her back. This was so unorthodox upon those scales, but Ki'rene was spanking the claw swatter across her allosaurian-like back hard enough to make it hurt. The heat and sting grew even as she squirmed and jumped, kept only in place thanks to her claws being bound and her mother having a tight hold on them.

"Ma'ma, stop! I didn't mean... it's different!", Ninne tried to get out away, despite the pain and discomfort flowing around the nerves in her reptilian back. The words did nothing to halt the stinging slaps of those metal studs against her scales, which began to slow her squirming and make her bend her legs to use her mother for support as it grew more intense. Her eyes watered and it took strength to not blubber, but she had some fight in her.

"No it's not! Kayla was forced to do what she did, and what you did was intentional and malicious! She's trying hard to better herself, and even to protect you, but the only person you can think of is yourself! Lying to me, attacking the girl whom was your best friend and needed your support, fighting, bullying... I have had enough of your selfish nonsense!", was all Ninne got to hear over the loud spanking of the swatter across her thick brown scales. It was a harsh act coupled with harsh words, but once the words were through, the swats from the tool in Ki'rene's claw had halted. Standing with a burn skittering across her back like hot needles poking about, the older drake could see the smaller one's legs tremble, and her gaze still downward as she sputtered in tears. This was painful to the mother, only wishing to protect her daughter, and thinking she was a good and reformed girl after everything that had gone on. Even Kayla, whom shined a bright light on her own views and life, was being harmed by her little Ninne. The girl had gone and hurt everyone with brash and wreckless actions, and she didn't seem to care about it any more then she did any of her other wrongdoings. To tell her own mother she didn't do anything? Even the medicalos, Jacob, had told his mother Kayla had been clawed across her back. That girl was small, but she was quick. Ki'rene knew that Ninne must have persued Kayla with the intent to hurt. The shame and pain that flowed through her heaving chest as she looked down at her bare girl kept her silent for some time, till the smaller drake grew nervous while she sniffled and whimpered sharply and looked up to ensure the swatter still was not looming over her back. Seeing those teary eyes and her girl's disobedient and miscreant resolve over something, wasn't something she had seen in a while.

"Ninne, I'm going to punish you hard. I'm not talking the 'hard' you're used to either, I'm talking about my old 'hard'. You have committed so many horrible violations, right up to lying to my face. I know well what you had done yesterday, but you're always so selfishly worried about your own tail when it's in hotter water that you'll pin things on others or fabricate stories. Sadly, it sounds like you haven't learned a thing, and that is my own fault. I am disappointed, and ashamed. The hatred and grudges you create and harbor, as well as the foul intentions you tend to have, prove again why you are a penitatas. Trying to call Kayla a thief after your own crimes is unthinkable", Ki'rene spoke quieter and lower, with a calm sort of parental disdain. The way she looked down and said it made Ninne want to cry harder, wringing her claws together as they remained bound.

"Don't say that ma'ma.. I.. ", Ninne sputtered tearily, as the heavy words of her mother's personal disappointment, shame, and disgust pierced her heart. She loved her mother and had gotten so close, she couldn't hear words like that. The lump in her chest was weighting her down, and thinking of them in her mind made the young Drakonian sob once while trying to keep herself together. Ki'rene could only look down and gather her parental resolve. She loved her daughter, but this was way too far. The discipline she had to lay down had to be for Ninne's own good, as there were clearly not enough consequences to stop Ninne from doing these things. There were many lessons to learn, as well as the fact she simply needed punishment for her own wrong doings. Taking a deep breath, Ki'rene spoke her first orders down to her charge.

"Go downstairs and stand in your corner. Not another word", was that instruction, condemning her daughter to the punishments she was going to devise and apply upon her. There was no dread within the older drake in regards to what she had to do. Not only did she have to do it as a penitatas parent, she wanted to as well. This notion did not escape Ninne, whom shrank in worry and regret, not used to seeing her mother this firm. Only time recently it had been that way was when she brought home a report card filled with fake grades; an accuasion she was absolved from eventually. This was something she just kept digging herself deeper into, knowing she had hurt Ki'rene, and in turn, her tail and... damn, her back too. Knowing well to accept the 'not another word' part of the order, Ninne slinked out with her dinosaur back hunched from it's lingering sting, heading past her mother and those eyes that were scanning her every motion. Trotting her footclaws down the stairs carefully since her claws were tied together, she had time to notice her mom wasn't following. None the less, she worked her way to the living room's corner, adjacent to the dining room, and stood in it as ordered. Sighing aloud, she sniffled once and lowered her head, not paying much attention to her poor corner-time posture and positioning while there wasn't anyone in the room to scold her.

Being at a loss for words, Ninne paniced inside of her head, racing thoughts of what was to befall her through her imagination. Gritting her sharp Drakonian teeth, she quietly damned Kayla for what had happened. Perhaps if she had not been temporarily disabled during the fight, she could have really given the fox something to yelp about, and then everyone would have been too scared to tell on her. Ninne still wanted to know whom it was that did that. She had been showering for almost two years now by herself, then suddenly found herself being dipped into an ice cold bath and scrubbed meticulously and almost painfully thouroughly, since she wanted to get out of the tub so bad. Even then, her mother still made her stay in the tub and shiver for some time afterwards, ensuring the entire length of her tail was in the water as well. Didn't take a whole lot to just blame it all on her ex-friend, Kayla.

Kayla was always the center of attention, some way or another. Penitatas parents and the penitatas themselves had always made comments on how kind she was, and acceptant of discipline and responcibility. How she would step up to the front of the classroom for a spanking without so much as a pout at times, and cooperate to the height of her ability. Even after lash after lash of a switch or cane, the implements she dreaded the most, the fox would still have optimism and continue on with another lesson learned. While others moped, pouted, spent time crying out of frustration or sympathy-seeking, she would try to make herself comfortable somehow and go on about the day. When that wasn't possible, Kayla still delt with it, even if she howled from the pain, ache, and shame. Ninne always had to watch and hear her own mother have those same sentiments, under constant reminder to be more like Kayla. Well, who would want to be like her now? The 'perfect' fox, filled with massive amounts of skill and apparently positive personality traits, wasn't anything like what others thought she was. She was her best friend; she knew better! Hearing that Packet-Storm was gone and that her hacking and criminal days were over.. what a laugh! As soon as things turned rough, or when she had the opportunity, her skills were back at work causing harm. Hell, look at Deltastar, she had it offline for quite some time - no one could tell her that wasn't pure malice. Were those the qualities everyone was still looking at? Didn't they see just how much of a hypocrite she had been, and that there wasn't anything to be proud of when it came to a fox whom had been pretending to be good for the world? Ninne felt like she had been taken for a fool.

But look where that had landed her...

That negative intrusive thought made Ninne release another sigh, this time with a growling sort of overtone. Her mother could verb it all she wanted, but Kayla was a thief. There was a big difference between breaking into three wealthy individual's homes and stealing from them, and shutting down an intergalactic bank and cleaning out an entire vault. Perhaps trying to slash her claws across Kayla's back wasn't the brightest thing to do, but she had to admit, making something of an anti-Kayla crowd has placed her in control for some time. No longer someone's shadow, she could lay down her own brand of justice since she held such resentment towards the girl that had been her friend these nearly two years. But, to recieve such harsh words from her mother, and the day hadn't yet begun? This was going to be very unpleasant, and Ninne didn't want to feel sorry for what she did. Made things easier that way, even if things had been very quiet without Kayla around. Of course she had been a good friend, but.. after everything that has happened, the drake was simply torn.

Hearing heavy footfalls approaching her, the younger drake tensed up in fear of what the older may be planning. Her back wasn't exactly a normal place for a claw swatter to spank, throwing her off guard even before the actual series of punishments began.

"Stay - right - there", Ki'rene's voice spoke out from behind her, loud and authoritative, breaking each word into it's own order. The wince Ninne subsequently made sent a sting rippling down her back's swatted scales. Wasn't major painful on such armored scales, but it did serve to make her nervous and quick to respond, even if this response was silent.

"Ma'ma, this is all just a big mistake! Aren't I allowed to be mad at her? She betrayed us.. ", the smaller drake spoke with a quick pace and stammer into the darker confines of her corner, knowing her mother was looming above directly behind her based on the limited shadows she could see against the wall. She was treated then to an unexpected and fairly forceful blow to her right hip that made her legs lose strength, shaking as her body lowered against the corner and her maw let out a cry. As ordered, she did not get out of the corner, but spent a moment returning herself to being fully standing, without bending her legs. The sting and ache pulsing in her hip like a throbbing heartbeat let her know just what her mother had in her claw; the blistering grade dragon-paddle.

"No, you're not allowed to be mad at her. You're also not allowed to start fights, harm others, and lie. Only thing that was a big mistake, was you crossing the line young lady, then trying to rub my snout in it. Doing what you did to Kayla was.. unthinkable! She trusted you to be her friend, just like she had been for you. You're the only one that betrayed someone - I don't hold Deltastar against her. Why should I? I'm happy she's alive, and home", came the response she was waiting for after the hard swing of the paddle, absorbing each word like a sponge even if she didn't at all like the response. She.. wasn't that bad! Right? Her mother sounded so angry and disappointed, and saying that she was trying to rub her snout in what she did, made this even more difficult. Ki'rene sounded hurt - a notion that cut through her armor as easily as that dragon-paddle could.

"B-but!.. What about all the times you punished her? Kayla always promised she'd never do anything like hacking again, and she went and did it. Doesn't it feel like your faith and efforts were wasted? Please ma'ma, understand.. ", Ninne tried to get out the best she can in order to convince her mother of what she was thinking, and perhaps turn her ideas towards her side. There was a quiver in her voice that sounded muffled in her corner; scales around her eyes feeling damp from the first blow even if she was fighting tears. The battle grew more intense, as the severe and heavy paddle again slammed against her right hip, providing the drake another wince and blast of pain. The metal studs, sharp and numerous, drilled their furious, forceful blows deep into her scales, if not indenting them from the force of the spanks. Her leg again dipped and shook, only to have a second paddle swat be placed again across her right hip, which made a much more teary whimper and her young leg give out. Ninne had to lean against the corner with her snout and right side slightly, untwisting her body and pushing up with the toes and claws of her right footclaw to stand back up. Even once standing again, trying to keep her sobs silent so her mother wouldn't hear, her reddened hip made her knee quiver involuntarily as the pain flowed down her dinosaur-like leg.

"I understand what you're saying. Problem is, you're wrong", Ki'rene spoke only once her daughter was standing on her own two feet again, watching the uncomfortable shifts in the drake's muscles, showing she was deffinately hurting whether Ninne wanted to show it or not. Lifting again the blistering dragon-paddle, she turned it in her claw as it reached into the air, swinging to apply more of her brand of correction upon the young penitatas. The business end of the paddle impacted the girl's left hip this time, at an awkward angle, giving a couple of her higher up scales a strong, pinching sting from the studs. That one made her left footclaw audibly scuff against the carpet, and Ki'rene could hear a growling sort of cry eminating from the corner, where Ninne kept her head dipped low, likely near her bound and restrained claws in order to silence herself. The older Drakonian was too wise to know her daughter was attempting to be strong and posture.

"In fact, Ninne, I could say the same about you. I've chewed your tail since you were six; almost four whole years. Back when you were that young, and you cried more liberally, often needing a lot of support after being punished, I can recall you promising to do many things. 'I'll never lie again ma'ma!', was one you made, wailing lightly with your snout burried into the back of the sofa while I held you against me. You didn't betray me moments ago upstairs when you lied to me, as an example, you just did something foolish and cruel. Something you pay the price for, and always have, whether you learn your lesson the first time or not", the mother added as a shot at that particular chip on her daughter's shoulder, knowing she was using her own form of skewed reasoning to remain this steadfast. Turning Ninne's words and reasoning against her, while looking down, Ki'rene saw little reaction. Her girl was silent after being further condemned and a new, more complicated thought was placed in her mind. She was no different then Kayla? How could her mother say that! But, she was right, wasn't she? It was all so much to deal with.. young Ninne sputtered and let out a sharp, feminine and Drakonian sounding sob, with Ki'rene being able to see the subtle shift in her daughter's back to see the drake begin to droop and shrink further into her corner, just a little. Aside from Ninne's light crying and whimpering sounds, everything was silent, and the mother allowed it to remain that way, all so it could sink further into Ninne. What happened wasn't acceptable, she was wrong, and there were now consequences.

"I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to.. ", the cornered penitatas tried to speak, voice riddled with a shaky sort of sorrow. Now she sounded hurt, as well as trapped. Even then, Ki'rene shook her head. Lifting up the paddle's weight, her arm swung again for Ninne's right hip, impacting the sensitive scales atop the other swatted marks and welts the studs had caused from previous blows. Metal studs digging into painful, bruise looking circles, caused the painstricken girl to roar out into the corner, leaning off to her right with her left leg alone supporting her weight; tail shifted awkwardly and her bound claws bracing herself against the wall. Seeing Ninne not recover from the blow as she had been, right leg quivering, her ears heard a low, high pitched cry that rolled into a tear filled wail. That swat really hit it's mark, and collapsed the last of the smaller drake's stubborn defenses. Now perhaps she would listen instead of argue. Doing this to Ninne would normally make her heart ache, but looking down upon her charge, tucked into her corner for her offenses, this seemed more like something long since coming. That this was all a personal failure. Instead, she felt disappointed, and ready to punish.

"Alright, out of the corner. I'm taking care of the lying first, since you had the audacity to try pulling that on me. Just like the old days, the concequences will carry on further then just one punishment. I can assure you I'm taking away your toys for at least a month, and that won't be all, Ninne. I'll dive into those as I finish punishing you for each bad thing you've done", Ki'rene announced as a harsh parental order, highlighting what was to come, and that all of it was well earned. While scolding, Ninne had taken a step back from the corner on her sore right leg, curving her back and neck to look behind herself and listen. Her expression looked so sullen, tear trails down the brown scaled cheeks of her snout. Seeing her daughter's eyes and hearing her light sniffles.. that watery gaze and look of self-pity instead of repentance - the motherly reptile knew it was time to begin, and no lessons had yet been learned. Waving the heavy paddle to her left, Ki'rene gestured the black tool towards her dinning room.

"Sit at the dinner table", she spoke the same way as a blunt order, though adding a bit more sharpness to her voice and a glare as her adult form seemingly towered over the young penitatas. Nearly trembling, Ninne quickly turned her head away, walking off into the dinning room as she had been ordered, head held low and trailing her lamentingly sad sounds behind herself. Always keeping an eye on her daughter through the corner of her eye, Ki'rene followed suit, though into the kitchen as Ninne sat at the table with her bound claws sitting atop it; fingers shifting nervously as she watched for what her mother may be planning. Even through her watching she was never able to truely get a grasp of what her mother was preparing, seeing her pull a glass of some substance from one of the higher cabinets in the kitchen, as well as a spoon. The glass was not marked, not looking like anything she was familiar with. Either way it went, seeing her mother stepping towards her, claws of her feet tapping the kitchen tile, Ninne was bright enough to know she was being fed.. something. Anxiously waiting to be told what her fate was, body tense, the girl had to wait for Ki'rene to sit down at her side and prepare before she even uttered another word.

"This is a special plant oil from Drakon, Ninne. Do you know what it is?", Ki'rene asked, sounding harsh with her words even if it wasn't intentional. She was being strict to the letter, and being disappointed on top of it made her admitably more edgy. The stabbing nature of her parental words did not elude Ninne, making her gulp and almost freeze where she sat. Not able to find words quickly enough, Ninne shook her head. The clear glass bottle just showed her that there was something lime green colored confined within it, and she was not very familiar with a lot of things about her home planet, being an "Earth" Drakonian. Sliding the botter closer to Ninne with her left claw, and wagging the large spoon in her right, Ki'rene was pleased to answer and administer this punishment after everything Ninne had done to others, as well as her.

"It's made from the Ara'taxas plant. Grows near the bases of hills, commonly processed into an oil. As a defense against being eaten, it has a potently foul flavor; something that tends to stay with the oil when produced. Doesn't normally matter, since it was made to be a ecologically friendly machine lubricant, to protect the environment against chemical production polution on our planet several hundred years ago. However, due to it's thick, foul tasting properties, someone realised it would be a fine method of punishing young children with sharp tongues, before tail chewing became the preferred method again", she had explained like a history lesson, never breaking eye contact with Ninne and staying very clear to her duties. It had all made Ninne cringe, then wince during the explaination, leaning away from her mother slightly in her chair with her neck craned to one side with a worried look. Tucking her claws closer to her chest, almost defensively, the drake had to listen to all of it, and have her memory refreshed. She had indeed heard of the Ara'taxas plant before, from Dianne, her biological mother. It's something she always wanted to use on her, but never had any of. An 'old' form of discipline. Where did her mother get this from? No doubt inside an order of venalark steaks, ordered from their homeworld.. snuck in right under her snout.

"Ma'ma, you'd.. use s-something that severe?", Ninne was forced to ask tearily, as her scaly form noticibly trembled. She had always heard of how horrible Ara'taxas oil was from those past experiences, which made a maw full of soap and creamy lather sound a lot faster and less harsh then trying to gulp down something with this much negative stigma. Not even replying to that with words right off, Ki'rene held the glass bottle where it sat on the table with her left claw, and right, spoon up against the glass, while her right thumb popped off the glass cap to the bottle, which clattered for a brief second against the table before going silent again. Raising the bottle, the mother with her resolve, poured the lime green oil into the spoon. It was certainly oily in appearance, leaving a thin residue on the wall of the glass bottle and seeming thick as it sat on the spoon awaiting consumption.

"You have a lot to swallow. Open up", was the older drake's response, not in the mood to humor any sort of backtalk or inquiries that delayed her daughter's well earned punishment. It felt a lot different to her, to be this way. Ki'rene loved her daughter, and had a good life she felt. Surviving the attack from Dianne only solidified her wisdom and appreciation for what she had. Even so, that nagging thought of her being too lenient continued to appear in her mind. Perhaps her strict nature did not have to decrease so much. She had known Ninne was a good girl, but.. would a good person do all these things? The small drake before her, whom opened her maw reluctantly with her eyes squinted to see the moment the spoon came, did not seem to know right from wrong just yet. She had that problem, making fairly heavy mistakes from time to time, almost regularly. Moving her right claw forward, Ki'rene held her duties as dear to her as the love she provided, feeding Ninne the first spoonful of oil. Closing her reptilian maw around the cool metal spoon, her tongue and mouth was greeted a warm, oily sensation, just as the taste the Ara'taxas oil was known for assaulted her taste buds. As the spoon was withdrawn from her scaled lips, Ninne grimaced and shrank in her chair, finding it difficult to swallow the oil even as she desperately tried, to remove it from her maw. With a hard gulp, she was able to get the oil to flow down into her tummy, but a horribly bitter flavor remained in her maw, making her tongue curl back towards her throat instinctively. The taste was harsh enough to make her feel sick, and the oil's texture only added to the punishment, as her body fought against her mind's order to swallow something her belly felt did not belong. But, no matter how she moved her tongue, the flavor only became enhanced as the oil's remnants and residue became spread around her mouth. Still reeling from the first spoon, Ninne opened her tear blurred eyes to see another lime green spoonful waiting.

As Ninne recieved her just desserts - warm, bitter Drakonian lubrication oil forced into her snout for her to swallow, she was not alone in her plight.

Standing with her paws behind her back as she had been instructed, fingers interlaced and locked just above her bushy, small tail, Stephanie remained silent. Eyes peering downward as she hung her head, knowing well she had been foolish, she was more comfortable looking at her mother and father's feet, rather then up at their scolding faces as they delivered their lecture. Already having on nothing more then a short t-shirt that did not even come down to her pelvis, the penitatas child also had to accept the concequences and face the inevitable. Her mother, Jenny, was.. laying down the law, sort of speak. Ears half folded back, her mother still sounded loud, speaking of 'proper behavior' and 'expectations'. Their leak, the person whom had told on everyone, had also clearly given her away for what she had said to Kayla instigatively. While her parents did not blame her for Kayla's own actions of roughing her up, they also knew she was a part of what was going on and that she attempted to cover for Ninne. Stephanie didn't know why she did that, now standing as she normally would before a severe thrashing; paws always behind her back to keep her from blocking any potential swats and to keep her from fidgeting. From the corner of her right eye, she could see her father was holding a leather strap, and the corner of her left, her mother had her wooden fur brush. Didn't help she had nothing to say for herself, only that she was thankful no one knew Aspatrian to knew what she said to Kayla. After being convicted of rape and sentenced to black 'P' penitatas hard time, saying Kayla's place under their god, Hakra, was to serve "his" pleasure. Even being female, those male memories remained, as well as the ones of his days on Aspatria, abusing the street urchins desperate for food. Being cold hearted, it was hard to feel bad, but alas, Stephanie did. Kayla had been nice, as the fox did say.. why the hell did she let Ninne talk her into saying such things? Before she knew it, barely paying attention to the lecture, she heard her mother ask her the same question she just asked herself. 'Why?'

"I don't know. There were people talking about Kayla very badly.. it made me want to tease her too", was the response that came from the six year old fox, never raising her head and trying to remain perfectly still. As long as she was being lectured, even if it sometimes made her wince, it at least meant they weren't swatting at her just yet. Above her, her father shook his head and eye his wife, to get a feel for her reply to their charge's explaination.

"This would have been easier if you told us everything from the get-go. Following the crowd isn't very bright. Honestly, you know better. And to say such things to Kayla, your victim? You should be ashamed", Jenny scolded firmly, and on her last sentence, added a great deal of emphisis just to show her personal disgust of the matter. Now that made Stephanie's ears fold all the way back, looking like Kayla in some ways when she was backed into a corner and knowing it was her fault. Swallowing sheepishly, the girl had to take a deep breath and get her wits about her to respond. Wasn't a defense either.. not enough time to prepare one.

"I am. I know what happened was my fault and I was wrong to say what I did. Was just... fitting in. I'm very sorry", were the only quietly spoken words young Stephanie could come up with, knowing well that if she could not defend herself, to relent and come out with the truth. Her paws were already behind her back - she knew what was going to happen no matter her answer. That childish instinct to lie and cover up was outweighed by her more adult urge to repent and lighten things for herself. She did feel bad about Kayla.. that was so stupid, what she said and did. Once again she found herself being a jerk and blaming the black 'P's on the backs of her paws on Kayla wrongly. Never did bring her any good.

"If you're sorry, then you won't mind making amends for what you've done. Accept your punishment quietly, and you'll also be writing an appology letter to Kayla. A real one at that, or else I'll spank your paws and make you do it over. If we're clear on this, lay down over the side of the sofa; tail up", came the harsh and all-business string of orders from the seasoned black 'P' penitatas mother, forcing Stephanie to seal her own fate and assume the proper position. With little sound from her muzzle, the young, rejuvenated rapist complied, climbing up onto the arm of the sofa and placing it under her pelvis while the rest of her Aspatrian form laid on the sofa. Knowingly of what was to come, and the severity of discipline she had to endure on a daily basis due to her status, the girl burried her muzzle and face in her arms. Sensitive ears, just like Kayla's, she heard the movement of the strap behind her, and the heavier motions of her father. She didn't need to have her head up to 'see' what was about to befall the flesh beneath her tail.

Because of such mistakes and leader following, other penitatas were still just as unfortunate. One time terrorist, hailing the Earth name of Paul, had actually escaped getting punished for his own teasing, only to spend the morning playing with his belongings too roughly for Anne to allow him to get away with. His snout, along with the mouths of a few of the human guests caught lying about the fight to their penitatas parents, were spending this time howling or quietly standing in a corner with soap invading their sense of taste and smell. All of them had to face the consequences for their actions, and the actions stemming from Ninne's rumor-mill and hate mongering. In the end, with exception to a certain small male drake, their punishments all had a route of blame pointing towards Ninne.

While this went on, spanning households of the penitatas neighborhood and district, there was one girl that had been involved, and was not facing a rough day like the others. In fact, while her comrades and cohorts were crying and howling in lament, she was in her backyard stalking butterflies and enjoying the sun quite freely as a reward for good behavior. The sky being clear to allow the sun to shine down upon her bare, brown scales to warm them, was something a reptile such as herself could appreciate while playing. Anne, in her care and worry, broke free of the social anchor Ninne had developed yesterday and ceased to keep herself in tow with something she knew was wrong. Full of smiles, and little care - Anne was the leak. While Ninne attacked Kayla, seeing her two friends fight and fearful for the Aspatrian's safety, she had no problem slipping out of the room to inform Ki'rene, whom was the first parent she sought out. It's not that she felt malice or an urge to simply tell, it's that she didn't want to see her friends fight, and her sense of right from wrong did not elude her. The parents involved kept her name out of things as to not complicate matters, and her own parents Daria and Clark proudly let her play outside with little restriction in the backyard today for her good judgement and appropriate behavior. Rearing up and crouching, flicking her tail playfully, she leapt in chase of a bug flying around the yard, while Ninne down the road was forcing down another gulp of Ara'taxas oil into her steadily filling belly.

The glass bottle's inside was coated in a thin, oily, translucent light green film, with the thick fluid now down to the midsection of the bottle as Ki'rene kept it held in her left claw for faster spoon refilling. The stern look upon the brown scaled face of the penitatas mother had relented little, focused squarely on providing the discipline neccessary for the trouble her daughter had caused. Now, having been forced to sit still for what seemed like an eternity, and an entire half of the bottle slowly spoon fed to her, her bound claws shook and as did her jaw, as her reptilian lips smacked and her tongue curled back into her maw to hold back a wretch. The feeling of oil was now all throughout her maw, coating even her teeth, to the point the oil was making her mouth feel uncomfortably hot and disgusted. Stomach churning upon the volatile plant oil, her posture was hunched forward, facing half towards the table, and half towards her mother at her side, with her neck still craned towards the ever returning metal spoon. After some time, the wretched flavor and foul consistancy of the oil had gone as far as to make the drakeling cry. It was so hard to swallow something her body was fighting to cough back up, solidifying to Ninne just why this was an old, often referred to as harsh punishment on her homeworld. So slow, even a tail chewing could have finished already. Accepting yet another large spoon of the oil, with the offensive taste meant to ward away anything looking to eat the plant upon the first taste biting at her maw, Ninne sputtered out a cry that made a small amount of the oil dribble onto her snout and jaw while her reptilian tongue flicked inside of her mouth to assist her in swallowing, which she did more slowly this time around, coughing afterwards. The sound that came from her throat after the cough was a sharp, but quiet, tearily sound sound as she released a couple of hard sobs from her chest.

"Had enough?", Ki'rene asked with still yet another tone of parental firmness in her question, still holding the glass bottle and empty, oily spoon in her claws. Ninne responded with a light nod, looking meek, frowning and still crying softly from the quiet, dignified severity of the punishment she had endured. She wanted to tell her mother she felt sick, with her tummy turning on her after swallowing what looked like a tall glass' worth of oil, or even more, but words wouldn't come out. Instead, her expression and drooping appearance spoke of her internal ailment. Knowing that would be enough, Ki'rene softly set down both the bottle of Ara'taxas oil and the warm metal spoon, rising from her chair with a light sigh of sorts and a claw motion to signal Ninne to follow. The punished little penitatas had no room to argue, sliding from the chair with the help of her footclaws, since her own paws were still bound, making her wrists begin to tighten from the lack of motion. Getting off that chair however did remind Ninne that her hips were still throbbing, with the ache hitting her nerves sharply once she stood. Slinking along, she followed her mother back to her corner, where this had all began. Knowingly, looking up with only her eyes as her head stayed low, Ninne stepped cautiously into the corner and stood with her snout in it as before. Her whimpers were nearly silent, but as the discipline of the day went on, she found it difficult to stop crying. Hips hurt, her arms and wrists were starting to stiffen, and.. ugh, her maw. Ninne's tongue could do nothing to remove the oil residues from her mouth, making it feel greasy and warm. This horrid taste would linger for hours, and her stomach was churning uncomfortably to distract her even further.

"Stay here in the corner until I let you out later this evening. No exceptions; you need time to think honey, and to start feeling bad for being cruel", Ki'rene spoke firmly as she had been, but lighter, letting off a sound that showed her barrier of blocking out her emotional disappointment was failing as she looked down at her daughter suffering for the wrongdoings she had comitted. The words were like someone stepping on her chest it had tightened up so much. Not only did her mom's words continue to hurt when she wanted so badly to be her girl, and be loved, but she also said the word 'evening'. By the sunlight in the room, it could have only been about noon now. H-how long was she going to be standing in the corner?

"Evening ma'ma?.. N-no.. ", Ninne spoke so quietly and softly, despite the teary desperateness filling those small pleading words. Honestly, after delivering such a large dose of Ara'taxas oil to Ninne and pushing her forward still, made Ki'rene feel a lot less angry now that Ninne was paying for her mistakes and hopefully learning. The oil was not exactly a meal, and she wasn't letting her penitatas daughter out of that corner for quite some time. The mother had to assure herself that the punishment would end eventually and Ninne would be able to relieve all of her aches and discomforts as long as she repented. Letting a small huff out of her adult reptilian nostrils, Ki'rene laid down the law.

"Yes Ninne. Stand, and think. We don't need to repeat this process a second time", were the words she provided. Not very loud, not even that firm. Simply parental, and defined. Difficult as it may have been, as she had not punished Ninne so harshly in some time, she had to turn her back to Ninne and walk away, to continue her day and Ninne's punishment. Hearing Ki'rene's footclaws step across the carpet away from her, Ninne lowered her head and sobbed once, hard. The oil was worse then she had expected, and her mother hadn't even placed her teeth on her yet. Perhaps that was half the creativity her mother was employing, to throw her off guard. Ninne knew that wasn't what her mother was thinking when she told her to 'stand and think', but thinking about her own foolish mistakes was tough. It was always so hard for her to cope and handle getting in trouble, even if for a while she was doing alright with it. However.. she wasn't doing anything this foolish, to get in this much trouble. Caught fighting, hurting Kayla - someone her mother admired, inciting everything that occured in that room yesterday.. lying. Even to Ki'rene, she had lied. A mistake like that hurt her directly, since Ninne couldn't care much about anyone's opinions aside from her mother's. Her savior from a life of strife and Dianne. Ki'rene being this upset and stern was a punishment in itself.

Sadly for the drake, Ki'rene's resolve was strong. Ninne remained in that tight, dark corner long enough to notice the light in the room changing from the moving sun and the shadow her snout made against the wall. It felt like forever, and was stretching into it, hour after hour. Her mind touched many subjects and thoughts; the feeling of loss and reason filling her growingly pained form. By the time her mother returned for her, the poor girl was in tears, crying quietly and femininely in her Drakonian way into the corner. Looking down upon her charge, standing by the sofa only so many feet away, Ki'rene could see Ninne's legs shake from the sheer strain and ache. She imagined ever her wrists were screaming by now, having been tied up all day. Turning her head slightly towards the clock beneath her holo, it was five in the evening, and five hours had passed. Ki'rene's parental senses told her it was too quick just to drop everything.. but that was why Ninne would pay for her mistakes past only today. Though, the mother, solid on her disciplinary position or not, felt it was time to bestow some mercy upon her daughter and let her loving light shine back through, so she might be able to speak with Ninne. Seeing those dinosaur legs of her daughter's buckle, she needed to let Ninne sit down.

"Ninne? Come sit on the couch, let your legs rest", Ki'rene had invited, sounding warm after having those few hours to relax and calm her mind on her daily tasks and work. She sat down on the right side of the sofa, towards Ninne's corner, watching her daughter turn from the corner after taking a trot backwards, coming around to join her mother at her side, slipping in up against her. Ninne was quiet, not hiding the fact she was crying, sobbing softly and resting her head at her mother's side. Her legs were tense even while sitting now, and her body felt poor in general; exhausted. Ki'rene saw her daughter's tail shift uncomfortably several times while she was in the corner, signifying she likely needed to use the restroom after all that oil, and had plenty of reason to be tired. Hopefully, Ki'rene thought, maybe Ninne was ready to come clean. Placing an arm upon her daughter's shoulder and reptilian back, she nuzzled her snout protectively at Ninne's neck to help her rest, giving her a few minutes of peace before she spoke again of crime and punishment.

"Honey, this will be it for your punishment.. for the moment. For the things you have done, I cannot contain that much discipline in one day", Ki'rene began to explain softly, and motherly, despite the subject matter. Ninne lifted her head, peering at her mom with her reddened, watery eyes to accept what was to come. Was a more welcome sight to the parent. "Instead, for a month, a total of thirty days, you are under disciplinary restriction. Your toy chest will be locked, like I used to do when you were younger. However, now that you are older, you are also completely forbidden to use the holo, play outside, and your shower privledges are stripped. You'll be getting baths, and the water's temperature will be dependant on your behavior. And, right after each day's bath, I will chew your tail, and sit you in the corner for one hour. Since you won't have much to play with, I'll prepare some academics, and you are welcome to appologize to Kayla at any time despite your restriction. If you attone and make things right, I may let you outside to play. Do you understand what I've laid out for you?", she went on to describe, going into detail as to what she decided would be her daughter's fate. Fair and just - nothing more, nothing less, for the transgressions made. Ninne's eyes had to look away, but the drake sniffled and remained quiet some moments to soak it all in.

"I understand. Sorry ma'ma", Ninne acknowledged, with a tone that sounded half reluctant, and half.. well Ki'rene would be damned - ashamed. That was something she wanted to hear. It sounded as if her daughter's mind did think things over, as instructed. Ninne had done just that, putting herself in Kayla's position.

Alone, half alive, fearful for her life. Ninne did not like imagining what happened to Kayla. It seemed unfair that she was always the star, and center of attention, but.. it wasn't something Kayla seemed to like anyway. While she regretted what occured to Deltastar, and still felt Kayla likely enjoyed her work to some deep down degree, it became too hard to blame the fox for everything. Kayla was her friend.. fuck, what had she done? What if her claws weren't trimmed dull by her mother, what could she have done to Kayla? She must have been scared and cornered in that room, after what happened and her return to life. Was enough guilt laid upon her lightly spank-mark laiden back to accept the punishment she was perscribed, even though it sounded dreadful. She couldn't even shower alone, and the thought of another cold bath, much less the guarantee of at least one tail chewing a day, was a hard thing to lay on her.

"Still not sure about Kayla, but I don't like what I did. Things haven't been well for her, and I've been too harsh. Sorry for disappointing you", Ninne spoke aloud, softly, with her head down as Ki'rene kept her snout at her neck. The scaly touch was warm and comforting to not be so alone. Now that she had been punished for something, she also got to realise how important Kayla had been; her comrade in the penitatas' life. She had to admit.. she relied on others. A lot. Ninne needed Ki'rene. She needed her friends. Otherwise, she didn't have any strength of her own to get through the punishments she landed herself in. Ki'rene found her daughter's statement to be good enough for now, feeling that she was on the right track. The girl sounded so upset to have disappointed her, something that made the penitatas parent proud to at least an extent. Now she had the daunting task of getting Kayla back into her daughter's life after her mistakes.

"Live and learn sweetie. Why don't you get up and scoot upstairs. Time for your first bath; I want to be able to cook you dinner before bed. You must be starving", Ki'rene provided as encouragement, care, as well as parental instruction. Lightly spoken or not, it made Ninne's expression droop, and her claws shift against themselves and move the blue piece of cloth about. The older drake had to smile a bit, hoping to make this methodical and simple so she could provide Ninne the other more gentle duties, besides just her discipline.

"And I'll let you go to the bathroom. Come on let's go - your tail won't wash and chew itself", she added as she stood back up upon her footclaws, trying to be amusing despite the weight she knows she placed on Ninne's chest. The smaller drake stood up with an awkward sound, seeming sheepish as her mother untied her claws. She needed to rub her wrists once the blue cloth was off, very badly, which she did all the way up the stairs to see if her bath would be warm or cold. Ki'rene allowed her to clean her snout of the remaining oil residues and to brush her teeth, staying with her all the while - mother and daughter looking in the mirror together. The two knew the bad part wasn't yet over, but getting through it would be simple. Ninne had to endure, and Ki'rene had to provide, and the cycle would continue. Though, Ki'rene didn't bother mentioning there would be no corner time after the bath, since she had already been there most of the day. Loving or not, Ki'rene made her daughter repent, the hard, penitatas parent way. The way she would employ along with her wisdom and loving grace until her charge had silver 'C's on the backs of her claws.