Kayla: Unhappy Holidays
In the 28th century, the technology of rejuvenation allows for immortality. This device is also used for sentencing as well. A penitatas; a criminal that is sent back to childhood to live a highly strict and disciplined life to start anew. (Story Thirty-Two)

Concept by Lurking Dragon
Kayla and story by Professor Bob

The seasons were busy at work, as fall changed slowly to winter. The passage of time was an inevitable fate for all, meaning spankings landed mercilessly upon Earth's penitatas day after day, as their shining day of parole inched closer at a snail's pace. Enduring the hardships for their crime, while waiting for the chance to be free, was the reality for all of them. Good penitatas or bad, that fate was still the same. Kayla was left thinking to herself this conundrum. Christmas was just under two weeks away, and no matter what, it was coming, even if the days of her sentence were ticking by. The passage of time left her no comfort, even if it slowed down or sped up. The young fox and her mother had gone out late morning Saturday, a little over a week since they had paid Dianne a visit. Life had indeed been rough, with her parents seeming less happy with her behavior. Her rear had been made sore several times since then, mostly one swatting on top of another. It had left her frustrated and contemplating many things, and trying to watch her mouth and actions even more closely.

"I wonder if I should get her this?", Emily said to herself, holding a smooth, green, woman's shirt, still hanging from the rack upon the clothing store wall. She had decided to go to the mall, so that is where Kayla ended up as well, standing bored at her mother's side. Kayla had been keeping her mind purposely clouded and busy with those time related thoughts, just so she didn't have to hear anything more about what Emily wanted to get her mother for Christmas. She herself had little to cheer about when it came to this holiday anyway.

"Bright green is sort of ugly..", Kayla had to be honest and just let out, looking up from the red store carpeting and eyeing the odd looking shirt. A scold was shot her way before she could barely finish her short sentence, sending a slight shiver down her spine.

"I still have to look for a gift. Several of them actually. It's not time to be picky. I'm sure you'd want a nice present yourself to go with all the bad ones, so let mommy shop like she wants", she was replied for her comment, letting go of the shirt however. Even if the comment was unappreciated, it still made her lean away from the tacky shirt. The fox resisted a bored sigh, knowing the slightest thing could set off Emily's parental instincts to swat, and went along with following her mother on this venture. Though dressed nicely, in one of her best pairs of jeans, thick white long sleeved shirt, and with even her head-fur brushed cutely, she did not look that happy. She was bored and growing irritated of having to watch herself so closely. Normally she would be home if she didn't want to go out, but this was Emily's order.

"Glad at least one of us enjoys the holidays", Kayla mumbled softly to herself in a bit of a grumble, as she looked around at all the shoppers and followed her mother.

"Say something Kayla?", she heard above her, as her mother stopped without even turning around. Kayla could not help but make a nervous and startled look across her face.

"No ma'am!", the young girl was quick to reply, though her sudden reply and guilty tone did little to help her. Emily placed a hand to her face, just sighing and waiting a few moments before saying anything. Kayla gulped, just looking up at her mother's back and wringing her paws to see what her mother would respond with. The anticipation and wait in a situation like this was not something a penitatas was familiar with, as punishments were delt quickly. Not to mention, she didn't think her mother's hearing was that acute!

"Alright..", Emily let out with a bit of a quieted grumble of her own, as she turned around to look at her small daughter, between the two short clothing displays they stopped between. With the hand removed from her face, Kayla could see an expression that was odd to her, even with her knack for understanding human body language. It was like she was angry, but concearned? "Tell me what is bothering you. Your attitude has been less then what I would expect from you", she explained outright, wanting answers for why her daughter was behaving the way she was. Kayla's frightened look eased up, and her muzzle untensed into looking more somber, while the bustle of the mall and festive music resonated in her sensitive ears. With a moment of thought, Kayla let out a scoff and looked down, swinging her tail back and forth aprehensively as her paws went in her pockets.

"Like any of you 'paddle swingers' would understand. You're not in my place!", Kayla said with a sad sort of anger, even if she kept her voice low, and was not nasty. She wanted to be left alone to what she was thinking about, and being bothered by. It was a penitatas problem, and not something she thought an 'outsider' was not going to at all understand. Lifting her head slightly, to raise her eyes and look up at her mother, she had enough time to see the upset notion in her mother's eyes, before a swift hand grabbed her tightly by the ear and started pulling her towards the storefront. Kayla yelped, keeping it quiet with all the people around, stumbling a moment as she was pulled, before picking up her pace to her mother's side to make the pain on her foxy ear lighter. She tried hard to look up at her mother to try and see just how she was feeling, but it was much too hard, as much as her ear was being pulled on. It felt like it would rip off, her ear was so sensitive. "Mom come on, you know I didn't mean it like that!", the fox whimpered in her defense, with a guilty lump in her chest. It usualy grew as she knew her hide was in trouble, and a spanking was on the way. A penitatas' fear of what they knew was coming, where time played it's tricks on them. "Please, I'm sorry! Let go..", she felt compelled to appologize, feeling wrong in what she said, and quite pained by being pulled around by her ear, out the store to the main part of the mall, where her mother suddenly stopped and started looking around.

"That will be a good spot for your well needed spanking..", Emily said, beginning to pull her girl towards the brick side of an elevated indoor gaden that decorated the mall, perfect for sitting at. That news made Kayla's chest grow tighter, and her fear more overwhelming.

"Not in front of all these people! Mommy, why not the bathroom? I'll take my spanking like I should, I promise!", came out of Kayla's muzzle even more desperately, pleaing to not be embarassed. Her eyes watered fast at the idea, looking around as she was pulled along, seeing all the many holiday shoppers that crowded the mall. The poor fox's tail crept between her legs as she stumbled to her mother's side as Emily took her seat on the brick, and her ear was released at long last. Expecting to be tugged over her mother's lap, Kayla drooped her ears and shrunk, looking like she'd cry at the first swat. Instead, Emily leaned foreward and looked Kayla right in her sulking eyes, just trying to read into her daughter.

"I do believe you didn't mean what you said, as an insult. However, it doesn't mean it didn't hurt my feelings, and it was still very rude. This is a penitatas approved public area, and I'm allowed to spank you here, and I will. Hard", was all Emily had to say, before she corrected her posture and made a gesture for her lap.

"But mom..", Kayla whined with a shaky lip, as her situation seemed more against her favor. Knowing disobedience was not going to be acceptable, she quickly dumped her sentence and climbed onto Emily's lap, scooting across it till she was situated properly. It felt unfair she couldn't freely disagree with her mother.

"They're more then welcome to watch", Emily reminded Kayla, knowing just what she was going to protest about. The fox had nothing against her personal nudity, but being spanked in the middle of a busy mall was plenty enough to make her embarassed and uneasy. At least in school she was surrounded by fellow penitatas, and they all understood one another. This place wasn't familiar, or comfortable. While a pair of adolescent furry paws gripped her pant-leg, Emily reached down and unclasped the belt around her waist, pulling it from around her pants to spank her girl harshly with. The sound of the belt snapping as it was bent in half and pulled ready was enough for Kayla to let out a preliminary sob, letting a pair of tears go even before she was swatted. It figured her mother had to go for the belt, and not something in her purse. The seven year old fox focused her eyes squarely on the ground, just so she would not know if anyone had already stopped to watch what was about to happen, with her paws tightening more and more.

"Be quick about this", came the whispered plea of an already saddened fox, who was ready to blush along the sides of her muzzle, and cry. This time she was sure to make her voice unheard, as the belt's intense sting loomed above, and passers-by eyed or watched this scene she was unwillingly starring in. The effort to dress nicely that morning had become pointless, feeling the familiar grasp upon her jeans' button above her tail. The denim garment loostened, and with two thumbs slipping in between her hips and her pink elastic panty waist, both garments slid down her fur, all the way to her calves and ankles, bare orange fox rear and crotch for everyone to see. Emily ran her free hand across her girl's backside, just to make sure the fur was good and flat for a belting, to provide no cushion. Catching Kayla's twitching and defiant tail, after the brush across her rear-end, she grabs it along it's midsection and presses it firm to Kayla's back. The fox's watery eyes and sharp teeth clenched hard, knowing what was coming.. with swift precision, and little warning to her ears, a sudden crack sounded below her tail and a sudden and harsh sting bolted through her skin and down into her flesh. A squeel of pain escaped her muzzle as she flinched, kicking and squirming her legs at the knee and the hip, lightly writhing from the first lash of the belt across her matted down fur. Her eyes never left the mall floor, determined not to look those who may be watching in the eye, as shame filled her body as quickly as the belt's inflicted pain did, with Emily planting lashes harshly up and down her rear at a mild pace. Everyone who walked by did look, and there was a small crowd of six at this point that did decide to stay and watch, adults and rejuves alike. Finding Kayla Ackart, the famous criminal in a crowd was very easy, and made even easier when her pants were at her ankles and even more conspicuous. Seeing an Aspatrian fox belted a very rare sight as well, as eyes watched Emily do her duty and discipline her penitatas, while she wiggled and howled out in pain towards the floor. Reaching over a dozen and a half harsh belt swats, each snapping with a blood curdling sound, Kayla was already bawling and kicking her footpaws hard, bucking in her mother's lap with each lash. The fox's tender, child thighs had not yet been touched by the belt, and Emily used this to her advantage. Crying down at the floor, unaware, Kayla got the most sudden and unexpected crack across her lower thighs, just above her knee-hollows that made her lift her head a bit and scream, pulling on her mother's pant-leg even harder.

"Keep your feet down! And don't rip my pants with your claws!", Emily scolded all of Kayla's squirming, after her harsh swat to end all the kicking, while taking a brief pause to rest her arm. She had been swinging with force. The once matted rear fur of Kayla was now ruffled and messed up from all the lashes, and her rear itself looked ten times worse underneath. Using the pause herself, Kayla cried hard and loudly, even if she tried not to, as she caught her breath. She raised her head slightly, and looked up through tear filled and half closed eyes to see if anyone was watching.. and did not like the answer. Several curious parents looked on from the side she could see, and two voluntarus rejuves looked on with a smug look on their faces, looking like they were enjoying watching a criminal's earned misfortune. Kayla's head drooped down a bit more at the sight, crying freely, till she looked out the left corner of her eyes at the face of a rejuve that looked sympethetic; obvious to her, another penitatas. If she hadn't been in such burning pain, the fox would have smiled at the thought of being less "alone", but the feeling of her mother's hand running down each of her thighs brought her attention back to the belt that was not yet done. Lowering her head back to where it was, Kayla cried slightly harder, as her mother finished petting and matting down the fur of her thighs. So much for leaving her legs untouched.

"I've learned my lesson..", Kayla tried to quickly assure, through a teary and crackly voice, quiet enough so that others would not hear her child-like attempts to sway her mother away from belting her legs.

"Sorry or not, you have this coming Kayla. It's for your own good, trust me. You need this one", Emily assured right back, keeping her voice a bit quiet as well. Kayla didn't know what to make of her mother keeping her voice more private, but had no time to think before the belt was splitting the air and smacking across both her soft thighs at the same time. One, two, three, four.. the ebony belt cracked across fur and skin, heating it up with it's unbearable sting and bolts of pain. The swings were just as strong and paced as before, which was terribly harsh on the backs of her thighs. With each lash, the small amount of baby fat in her thighs would jump and jolt, adding to the poor fox's sting. It took a lot of tensing and restraint to keep her legs still and not kick while her thighs were lashed upon, shaking and bawling hard as the swats came. Deep red stripes developed below her fur from each lash, going from the base of her rear all the way down to her knee-hollows. It became apparent that her rear was just a warm-up for this, as the lash count reached over two dozen and was just continuing. Each time the belt landed, it was in a different spot, and it left the fox to bawl her eyes out, unable to anticipate where to expect the pain.

"Aaaarrrrroooooooo!", howled Kayla with her raspy fox voice, barely getting it out before she rain out of air and begun choking and coughing out her cries while she tried to breathe and cry hard at the same time. It hurt her even worse when she heard some other rejuve giggle at the sound of her fox yeowl. With one final smack across the sensitive upper part of her thighs, that she would sit on, hurting very much, that the swats finally came to a halt above her. Kayla laid limp and defeated across her mother's lap, drooping and bawling hard, though her tail still had a bit of fight left in it, trying hard to get it out of her mother's grasp and cover her rear end everyone was looking at. Her tailhole was a lot more easy to spot, compared to the humans that were watching, and damn did it seathe and swell bright red when swatted with something such as the belt. It stood out from the rest of her scruffy furred rear, like a beacon the fox had recieved one of her harsher swattings. Placing the belt down on the brick wall beside her where she sat, Emily released her girl's tail, which shot down to cover herself back up. Keeping her tail between her legs, even as Emily begun to lift her and sit her up in her lap, Kayla latched her arms around Emily and cried into her shirt. Her mother's knees hurt her horribly sore rear and thighs, and even while she cried, the temptation to rub her rear was too great, with her right paw shooting under her tail as she lifted her rear up a bit to ease the pain. Emily calmly 'shushed' her daughter's crying, trying to be soothing, even as she took the offending paw by the wrist, and pulled it away from the glowing hot rear it was trying to caress.

"Be a good girl and sit tight. Just let it all out, and let the spanking's fire do it's thing", Emily quietly told her, though it was still a penitatas mother's order. Let the rear burn as intended, and park your weight on it. Not at all wanting to be anything but obedient, Kayla did as told, enduring the sting as she sat. A pair of arms wrapped around her and cuddled her the warm chest she was crying and sputtering into, even while her garments dangled around her ankles off the side of her mom's lap. Slowly but surely, the crowd that had stopped their shopping to watch, had dyspersed. It had taken Kayla some time to calm down, and still wanted her pants and panties back around her waist so she would stop drawing so much negative attention. Emily's hands had been rubbing up and down her daughter's back to let her feel better, and calm down enough to speak. "Let's get you on your feet", her mother had said, taking her under the arms and setting her down from her lap so she could lean over and pull Kayla's pants and panties back up. The denim and elastic going across her scruffy, swatted fur hurt her enough to cause another yelp and squirm, as well as more sniffles, but the clothing ended up returned to where they belonged.

"I'm so sorry mom! B-but.. can we go now? Please?", Kayla appologized, once her mother was finished buttoning her jeans and she could turn around. She did not want to be at the mall anymore, tired and hurting from being whapped so hard. Her eyes were very watery and bloodshot, still letting go the occational tear, and her voice sounded hoarse and droopy, like her ears and tail were. Emily leaned down, placing her right elbow on her knee, as she held her head with it to look into her girl's sad eyes with a little smile.

"Kayla, tell me what was wrong. I still care. Don't worry about anyone in this mall, you're still their hero afterall. I was just worried about you, and that spanking was something you needed for your behavior, and what ever you had inside that was bothering you. I'm not mad, so just let it out, okay?", Emily tried her best to keep positive with, just to ease Kayla's heart and mind. That attitude and frown across her girl's muzzle was just out-of-place. Kayla kept her eyes up at her mother, whimpering a little to herself. She felt guilty as sin for what she had said before, and even she was starting to agree that she needed that belting, badly.

"It's just that I.. I mean, you know how it is for..", Kayla attempted to explain as soon as the question was asked, before sighing deeply and sniffling as a tear rolled down the moist fur of her right cheek. She looked down a few seconds, raising her head once she could explain what she wanted to say. "It's Christmas mom. Seeing all this festivity made me real pi-.. er, mad, and upset. How can people love the holidays when there are so many penitatas in Calleet that are in so much pain? I understand this is payment for what we did as adults, but.. does anyone think about us? Have sympathy, or care? No one understands a penitatas like another penitatas. That's what I meant by what I said. I'm sorry. All the talk about Christmas just made me think about it, and how I don't want it to come. It's sad, it'll hurt, and it's still unfair..", she got out as clearly as she thought she could. It all had gotten to her. Watching and hearing all the festivities, and having everyone speak positively about Christmas, brought on the impression of being forgotten. Only penitatas felt the same way about the holidays, and it seemed like it was being rubbed in Kayla's face that she was a rotten criminal and was going to be beaten while everyone else did not care.

"At least you were honest with me this time. You're right, penitatas do understand other penitatas best. But so do your parents, we're not just 'paddle swingers', like you called us.. How about last Christmas? Who stayed with you, and slept with you, till we woke the next morning and nano lotioned your tush because you were such a good girl for your father and I? I have tanned your backside more then anyone, and I know you a lot more too. Your parents care, and that matters. Yes, other rejuves and adults most likely do not give penitatas much of a second thought.. But they are only going about their lives, just as you do with your's. I can't blame you for being scared and angry, so would I if I was in your place", Emily went on to reply, placing her hand on top of Kayla's head towards the end, to fix her now messy head-fur. "It's something you and I both have to deal with though. Your Christmas is coming for the both of us. You have to be thrashed far beyond any normal limit, shy of drawing blood, and I'm the one who has to bring my own hand to do it. It's hard on me too, but if we work together, it can be easier on us both. You're a good girl Kayla, even if you do get rather mouthy and passionate about things you feel strongly about", she added with a smirk and snicker at the end, wiping the fur under her daughter's eyes while she was busy tending to her. Kayla could not help but raise her ears, even the sore one, and crack a smile. Her heart felt a little less heavy, and her mind a little less alone.

"I needed that pep talk, and.. well, spanking too. Thanks for caring about me so much, and still thinking I'm good even after what I said. I'm feeling so stupid and selfish for not thinking about how you felt.. was too busy thinking about all those switches, and my own butt. Do still wish other people remembered us though, and what we go through", Kayla said with a more relaxed tone, even if her voice was still not back to normal. At least she looked happier.

"Ignorance is bliss", Emily said plainly with a shrug, as she stood up and begun putting her belt back onto her pants. "But this is about us. They can go think about whatever they desire I suppose. Can't make Christmas sad for everyone, I know you wouldn't like that either", she added with more of a smile, as her belt buckle was secured.

"I'd like that less even, I like seeing smiles", the young fox had admit, as much as she had been bothered by all of it before. Her self pity made her really lapse in thought, and it upset her inside enough that she was glad her mother belted her good. Her mother started walking, and Kayla stayed in close tow, remembering how much it hurt to walk after a fresh belting like that.

"And that's something that puts you a step ahead of the rest", Emily complimented, like a proud mother. She really did love her little foxy girl. Kayla hummed to herself, walking behind her mother as all the bustling shoppers walked by.

"Does that mean I can get some nano lotion perhaps?", the sly little Kayla asked with her cutest seeming voice, to be playful, even if the question was very serious. Her rear and thighs would be hurting badly for at least two days, minimum.

"Let's not push it now", came the slightly less enthusiastic reply, while the pair continued to walk. "But.. I'll think about it. After you have plenty of time to walk around like that, and sit at dinner bare, anyhow. Only if you're good though, or the only thing you'll be getting is a lengthy time on your punishment stool", Emily begun to smile again, relenting, though adding her parental warnings and duties as usual. Kayla liked that she at least had a good chance to get nano lotion, and 'darned' the rest.

"Thanks mom", Kayla was at least sure to add, smiling plenty more, and feeling more at peace.. as well as rubbing her rear and thighs thouroughly through her jeans, while she had the opportunity. That was something other penitatas could not do: teach her and guide her, and care for her with love and discipline. Wagging her tail lightly, she knew she was in good hands, whether they swung paddles or not.