Kayla: A Penitatas Life
In the 28th century, the technology of rejuvenation allows for immortality. This device is also used for sentencing as well. A penitatas; a criminal that is sent back to childhood to live a highly strict and disciplined life to start anew. (Story Thirty-One)

I'm back, after a year and a half! Recent events have allowed me to write again, and I certainly will be. It's about time for the major Kayla stories I had planned long ago.
Concept by Lurking Dragon
Kayla and story by Professor Bob

Kayla and Ninne sat in the clear space between the young fox's bed and closet, playing with Kayla's toys and talking as they normally did. The pair had some building blocks and some toy hovercars out, occupying their paws and claws while they giggled and had fun as one would expect a seven and nine year old girl would do. Rejuves or not, they were still kids, even if they were expected to have good judgement and to act appropriately. They relaxed and stayed all smiles as they played, enjoying the time they had to do so together. It had only been two days since the girls had gone back to school after their long weekend, with Ninne helping her weak mother and Kayla being severely swatted by her own, that they had gotten out once again for their fall vacation for Thanksgiving.

"It's fortunate Miss Chester didn't find out about that, huh?", Kayla grinned to her best friend, driving her favorite toy hovercar up a makeshift parking ramp they made in the midst of their talk about school. Her headfur looked scruffy from her day, wearing a pair of black cotton shorts instead of her nice blue jeans she wore to school.

"If she had caught me dozing off I would have been standing in the corner for a nice long while", the Drakonian girl smirked, shaking her head a bit as she played along with Kayla. She had gotten her first tail chewing since the Dianne incident that very morning, as Ki'rene was much better and about fully healed thanks to their nano-technology. For the sake of her smooth, brown scaled tailbase, she wasn't sure if that was a good thing, but in her heart she was delighted her mother was herself again, even if it made the first part of her day a little sore.

"You're forgetting she would have woken you up too, using her own brand of sunshine", the furred girl chuckled. Ninne rolled her eyes and topped her building off, giving Kayla a light nudge for her comment.

"As if she doesn't do it enough. It's not like you don't find your pants at your own ankles in front of the class sometimes either lil' miss perfect. I could describe several occations, and even in detail..like how you howl and squirm, and especially the time in the lunchroom whe-", Ninne went on to say with a large grin, messing with her pal, Kayla finally stopped her out of embarrassment, cutting her off mid-sentence.

"Okay okay, I get the point, let's not get into the lunchroom spanking", she acknowledged, playfully sticking her tongue out at Ninne. The two had a knack for making jokes about being penitatas, knowing they were in it together. Kayla hated the 'lunchroom' incident though, when she was caught teasingly flicking peas at Anne's snout to watch them bounce. Her friend did not mind, and found it amusing, but the second pea was seen by an administrator, whom promptly took Kayla from her seat, sat down in her place, dropped her jeans and panties, and spanked her right in the middle of the cafeteria with so many people in there to watch and hear the one and only fox being spanked soundly by the hand of one of their vice principals. Kayla had clenched her teeth and felt completely embarrassed, though it lasted several minutes and she could not help but drip tears down her muzzle and sob in front of her peers. "Could you at least tell me why you were so tired this morning now that you made me remember all that?", Kayla asked, scratching her own ear to try and make the thoughts of the lunchroom disappear. Ninne looked a bit sheepish herself then.

"Just a bit of a rude awakening, that's all", she replied with a look on her snout, trying to act innocent. She had given Ki'rene a hard time about getting out of bed for her last day of school before vacation, leaving her mother with little recourse but to chew her tail to discipline some cooperation out of her penitatas daughter. Kayla pretty much got the hint, but she had no time to reply before Emily stepped through her doorway, placing a hand on the doorframe as she looked down at the two girls with a parental smile.

"Come down to the table, dinner is ready. We all need to have a talk too", Emily informed them, taking her hand from the doorframe. The two girls started to get up, and were stopped right in their tracks by an 'Eett Eett!' sound from Emily, pointing down at Kayla's toys and wagging her finger. "We don't leave toys out girls, clean them up first and then come down. Please be quick though", she reminded Kayla and Ninne, whom sat back down and begun quickly putting all the blocks and toy hovercars back into Kayla's toy chest. In roughly a minute the chest's lid was pulled closed by Kayla's paw, and they both bounded downstairs to join their parents in the diningroom, taking their respective seats before they made their parents wait.

"We all have some news for you two I think you might like", Ki'rene announced once she sat back in her chair from preparing the girl's plates.

"Ki'rene and I..", Emily begun to explain, with a smirk, "have done some talking with Dianne's new parents, and they invited us over to spend the day tomorrow. It was originally going to be today, but you girls were in school when we came up with this plan. Now that she's been broken into her new environment sort-of-speak, her parents decided it would be a very nice idea to have you help take care of her Ninne, and you too Kayla". It's practically tradition for penitatas parents to teach their fresh little criminals a lesson like that, when they have hurt someone else such as Dianne did.

"I started talking with them early yesterday in fact", Ki'rene continued what Emily had been explaining when she took a bite of her dinner. "Dianne has been difficult for them, but she's ready for this now. Should be fun to have her under your teeth for a change Ninne, and for the whole day even while the rest of us adults spend the day together. I am expecting you to behave perfectly though", she added with a smile, till she reminded Ninne what was expected of her.

"I promise ma'ma, I will!", Ninne said enthusiastically, so immersed in the news and her thoughts she hadn't touched a thing on her plate yet. "It'll be great to see her getting what she deserves, and her parents inviting us over like that must mean they're harsh. Score!", she snickered, till getting a small claw gesture from her mother to eat, which she started to do as soon as she was told. Kayla processed the next day through her head as the group had their dinner and talked, staying mostly quiet, worried about interrupting someone on accident. If anything, the fox thought, tomorrow would be an amusing day to watch unfold. The slightest thought of anything working against what Ninne and Kayla imagined would be a perfect day never entered their adolescent minds, thinking giddily and optimistic as a child would. The girls knew there was an evil little Drakonian getting her just deserts, and that was all that mattered. Dinner soon ended with the pair of families helping one another clean up, even their youngest members, as the evening drew to a close. With waves and goodbyes, the drakes returned home, and the young penitatas were put into their beds for a night's sleep, still excited about the day to come.

A gentle glow of sun slowly crept in through Ninne's window, taking it's time to grow in intensity as time ticked by. The morning dew shimmered almost like the clean and tended to scales on the back of the reptile's head and neck, whom only lightly slept while the sun attempted to rouse her. The rays of warmth stole away the night as quickly as the sphere could rise up to tickle those scales, soon shining just brightly enough to make the girl's heavy tail shift and one of her Drakonian legs do the same. Her sky blue shirt covered down to the topside of her tailbase, leaving her tail exposed to the morning sun, and her purple silk panties for her underside tailbase as well, one of her very few non-cotton pairs. The automatic door to her room opened with a quiet sound of air from the hydrolics, as her mother stood in the doorway with a smile at the sight of only her daughter's right footclaw under her sheet, having shoved it all off in her slumber. Ki'rene slowly walked her own much larger footlcaws across the soft carpet to her girl's beside, wearing only as much as Ninne was, just out of bed herself. "Honey, time to get up..", she said softly, petting Ninne's shoulder gently to wake her without a startle. The motion on her shoulder made Ninne's raptor body stretch, toes curling and garments shifting, till she mumbled and perked her eyes open with a smile.

"Morning ma'ma", Ninne greeted the day and her mother with a smile, coming right awake after her restful night's sleep. Ki'rene leaned down and kissed her daughter's snout, fixing her own shirt slightly with a claw.

"Good morning Ninne. Hop out of bed and undress, and then you can pick out your clothes for today. Just let me see what you picked when you come down for breakfast", she was promptly greeted in return after the kiss, turning back towards Ninne's door to start breakfast. Ninne slid on her big right hip off of her bed and stretched her arms.

"Okay!", she acknowledged, trotting herself towards her dresser, already pulling her shirt off. "And umm..I'm sorry about yesterday morning too", Ninne added on a softly apologetic note, stepping out of her panties with the help of one claw and opening her dresser with the other, facing away from her mother. Ki'rene stopped in the doorway and turned her hip and neck to look behind herself.

"It's alright sweetie, your tail just needed a little nipping to move", she chuckled even before walking out of her girl's room to make a quick breakfast before she too would get dressed, even if the shirt she wore did nothing to conceal her pantied tailbase in back. The two were as mother and daughter as they possibly could be.

"'Nipping' might be a bad choice of word there..", Ninne smiled sheepishly to herself, giving her bare undertail a brief rub to see if anything still hurt. It wasn't a bad tail chewing, but it had at least been a short while since she had recieved one. The task of finding some clothes she would like to wear, a privilege her age gave her on most occasion, wasn't hard at all, and in no time she was fully dressed and stepping her footclaws carefully down the stairs. Through the livingroom and around the corner to her left, she found her mother in the kitchen, putting some already chopped bananas into a bowl of cereal for her.

"Let's see what you got on Ninne, stay still a moment", Ki'rene asked of her, sticking a spoon into the waiting bowl of cereal before turning and looking over what Ninne picked to wear. A simple grey shirt with a blue stripe going all the way around her, and black slacks, looking just as her mother would have wanted her to meet Dianne's parents. "Very nice! One last thing though..", she complimented, walking to her daughter's side and placing her claws on the button to Ninne's pants. Even before she could pop the button above her tail, Ninne noticeably tensed up and looked at her worriedly. "I'm only seeing what underwear you have on; calm you!", Ki'rene couldn't help but giggle as the button came free and she lowered the back of her pants just enough to see the design on her hip. "As a penitatas, what you wear under your pants is just as important as the pants themselves", she joked, as truthful as she was however. Seeing her girl was wearing her white cotton pair with the different little flowers all over it, and deeming it alright, she fixed her pants and re-buttoned them for Ninne.

"Thanks ma'", Ninne said appreciatively as she was handed her bowl of cereal.

"Welcome hun. Eat up while I go get dressed and ready, I'll be down soon. Be sure to wash up when you're done and brush your teeth", Ki'rene gave as a quick instruction before heading back upstairs, still with a smile. Ninne took her bowl of corn flakes and bananas to their diningroom table and had a seat, picking up her spoon and digging right in. She could tell her mother was in good spirits today. This trip must have been something she had wanted from the start, and you certainly could not blame her, being almost killed by the same small drake she will again meet today. In an era where immortality is possible, having your life nearly brought to an end is astonishingly shocking and painful. Still immersed in quiet thought, Ninne finished her breakfast and set her empty bowl in the kitchen, trotting herself upstairs to see if her mother was almost done getting ready and to brush her teeth as asked. The pair were finished and were out of their house in minutes, headed across the street to see if Kayla, Emily, and Alex were ready to go yet. Not quite, but it was only a brief wait till the family left their home to join the two drakes. Kayla was the first to quickly pad out of the door, wearing a light blue dress with the pleated skirt section going to her knees, looking to join up with her friend by the car while the adults talked in her doorway.

"Heya!", the fox greeted as she joined Ninne beside the car's backseat doors, though there was a noticible discrepancy in her voice and the way she looked. Without greeting back, Ninne leaned foreward and looked closer at Kayla's eyes, getting her to bite her lip and chuckle sheepishly like she had been caught, letting out a quick sniffle she had been holding in. Her blue eyes had a slight bloodshot tint, and the bottom of her eyes showed signs of being watery.

"Okay missy, what did you do?", Ninne smirked, knowing the normally behaved girl had gotten into trouble.

"I protested wearing this stupid dress", Kayla answered, giving the skirt portion of her dress a few tugs. "Mom didn't want to hear me disobeying and wanted me dressed, so I got spanked. She only used her hand, but she used it for a while..I'll be okay though", she went on with a frown on her muzzle, rubbing under her tail through her dress for emphisis, till suddenly giggling, "It's why we were a lil' late!".

"Bad girl", Ninne lightly snickered, though she did feel sympathetic for her sore friend. "Dresses can't be all that bad. It must feel like wearing nothing at all", she then commented. Considering her dinosaur shape and physique, there were no such things as a dress for a Drakonian.

"I still hate the things", she got in reply, along with a humorous roll of her eyes. Kayla would normally flick her tail for emphisis after that, but her sore tail-end did not feel like moving. Seeing her parents and Ki'rene walking towards the hover car also reminded her backside that it didn't want to sit either as well. "Still wish I didn't complain though, I am going to be stinging for an hour or two and my mom even shoved my paddle in her purse", Kayla ended with a sigh and shiver. "'Just in case', she said", the fox went on with a note of distaste as she quoted her mother. How she even fit the big thing in her purse was a mystery to her. Kayla hushed her muzzle once their parents reached the hovercar, and they all piled in for their day. Ki'rene got herself into the back seat and let Ninne sit in her lap, so they didn't have to take two vehicles. Dianne and her penitatas parents lived farther from them then they would consider normal, even though the trip in all was only six minutes before they landed. The house was on the edge of Calleet Rejuve Elementary's district boundaries, with the exterior walls colored blue, and a flower garden along the front of the home to contrast it's many colors. The bright exterior itself even contrasted the happenings of the interior, where a strict pair of parents disciplined the evil out of a small Drakonian criminal.

"Now Kayla,", Emily had begun once everyone had slipped out of their hovercar and started for the front door, "I expect you to stay with your father and I and meet Dianne's parents first, no going off without being directed, and to be polite. I have added insurance in my purse too for your behavior", she spoke while looking out the corner of her eye to her little daughter, with her voice in a scold's tone. After having to spank Kayla only shortly ago, it was easy to realize the fox was already on thin ice.

"Ditto goes for you", Ki'rene added in tow, turning her neck to Ninne as they reached the door, just in a nicer tone. Both girls nodded in reply, figuring a quiet mouth was less likely to get in trouble. Being startled the sound of door hydrolics, Kayla's attention quickly snapped to the middle-aged human woman who had opened the front door. It had shocked her, since no one had pressed any buttons.. but seeing as there were none to press, she could only assume this house was equipped with a proximity door notifier.

"Good morning all of you!", the woman in her mid fourties quickly greeted, stepping out of the doorway as quickly as she could. "Come right on in. My husband is in the livingroom", she said welcomingly, making a gesture for the doorway ahead. Kayla followed her mother inside, staying close so Emily wouldn't have any reason to get angry with her, even as her eyes and ears curiously scanned the room. Even Ninne was doing the same, since the layout was not as familiar. The front door lead into a small family room, red carpeting and wood-style walls, with a doorway to the dinningroom to the left and not stairs as most of the houses in Kayla's neighborhood are designed as having. Walking through the open wooden-style doorframe to the livingroom brought a bigger surprise to Kayla, whom had never seen anything of this particular sort, even while Ninne just went about admiring the wooden style shelves and paintings all around the room.

[Hello! You must me the folks Dianne troubled. I hope you are all doing alright after all that's happened to you], a male Drakonian greeted from his seat on the sofa, setting down his datapad with today's news on the screen. He was average sized for a male drake, though still much smaller then Ki'rene, naturally. His scales were bare and unclothed, just like most Drakonians from Drakon, as per their customs.

"Ninne?", Kayla got her attention with using a sharp whisper, speaking as close to her friend's ear as possible, so no one else would hear. "What is with this? Is this that lady's husband? A drake and a human? Do they do that?", the curious and confused fox asked without delay, still surprised a Drakonian and a human would be married. Ninne gave Kayla a stern sort of look, only for a brief moment, before giving Kayla's left ear a harsh thwap. Took a good bit of restraint and teeth gritting to stop from yelping out loud, gripping her sensitive ear with both paws. Ninne knew how much that hurt.

"Don't be racist. Of course", Ninne whispered back sharply herself, once Kayla looked to her with that 'what was that for?!' look on her face. Kayla huffed to herself and carefully let go of her ear, while their parents introduced themselves and were preoccupied.

"Ugh, I didn't know, sorry", she grumbled, slightly annoyed, and trying to keep well composed. Her rear was already aching, she did not need her ear stinging as well to help her eyes whell up. 'Sometimes people forget this is all new to me..', she thought dispairingly to herself.

[And you must be Ninne], the man said, addressing the young drake after their parents had spoken while the two penitatas scuffled. [Dianne doesn't know you're all here, but she does know we have company. I'll go and see what she is up to, just follow me up in a few minutes. My name is Ra'herth, by the way], he said with a smile on his snout, being polite to even Ninne before heading off to a doorway in the back left of the room, where the stairs must be. Kayla was very surprised how kind and welcoming this oddly matched pair were, knowing how harsh of parents they must be.

"Kayla, pay attention. Come sit", suddenly gave her a startle, having come to notice her mother was already seated on the sofa with the lady she had just met, and waiting for her to sit as well. She had been too busy watching Ninne and mister Ra'herth to notice. So much for staying at her mother's side and out of her paddle's radar.

"Sorry mom", she briefly appologized, slipping herself onto the sofa before her mother had to wait a second more. The quick motion did make her have to fix her skirt though.

"I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Raine Dupree, Dianne's mother. Nice to meet you", the woman said, speaking to Kayla and Ninne both, as the drake sat down beside Kayla from speaking with her mother a moment. Ki'rene and Alex had been busy admiring some decorations and design, talking about some of the articles on the old-looking shelves. "Dianne has been quite the problem since she's gotten here. She has to change her tune quickly, or she is going to drive us mad", Raine chuckled, though she sighed, very much meaning what she had said.

"My mom is just used to being in control. Keep her out of it and you'll break her", Ninne assured, knowing just how her evil biological mother worked.

"That, and a bit of time, and we'll get her a bit more repentant. At least I hope", Raine replied with a shrug. She hadn't been that successful so far, but some penitatas take a very long time before they start to snap out of it. As long as Dianne's sentence is, she has plenty of time. It just pleased Ninne that her mother had a human to give the human-style Drakonian disciplines, as well as a father with a set of teeth to chew her tail. Best of both worlds. "You could follow my husband upstairs now, you seem like you're ready for this. Ki'rene must be proud of you for being so strong, so give Dianne what she has coming to her", she offered, adding a compliment, before making an awkward grin. "Ra'herth and I have been seeing to that since she got here", the penitatas mother couldn't help but say, having had felt much pity for Ninne and Ki'rene.

"Thanks!", Ninne blurted out enthusiasticly, leaping from her seat and heading quickly for the doorway.

"Hey, wait for me!", Kayla insisted, trying to slide from the sofa a bit more carefully then her friend so her skirt wouldn't fly up. Instead of finding herself leaving the couch, a firm hand grasped her upper left arm and pulled her up and onto her mother's lap before her footpaws could reach the floor. Before the fox could even say a word, her quick and skillfull mother was already smacking her under the tail, over the bare panties a tug of her tail and skirt and revealed. "Ah, ow! Come on mom!..", she had closed her eyes tight and whimpered out, trying to sound as mature as possible to alliviate the embarassment of being spanked in front of Raine. Raine's leg was right next to her muzzle afterall, it was easy to assume she was putting on quite the show, clenching paws and pantied rear getting a once-over by Emily. Emily had stopped and set her fox to her footpaws once eleven hard swats were reached, giving Kayla a moment to rub her rear and her eyes, which stayed towards the ground. Kayla didn't look that happy, and wasn't, not even knowing why her already badly swatted rear got another sudden dose without warning, in front of Dianne's mother of all people.

"Young lady, I told you to be polite, and to stay with me till you were told otherwise, didn't I?", Emily very sternly reminded her daughter. Kayla sniffled, shifting her paw from her eyes to her nose, nodding her head quietly. "Answer me", she demanded much more harshly. The fox didn't have to look at her mother's face to know she was angry, making sure she set her eyes on her this time though.

"Yes mom..", Kayla affirmed, placing both her paws at her sides, hoping the lack of rubbing her rear would help her situation.

"Then appologize to miss Dupree, and ask her if you can go with Ninne. You can't run around someone else's house, with their daughter, without at least asking if you can be excused to do so. Understand? I should not have to be telling you this, and you're close to getting a hard paddling today Kayla", Emily told her charge, up front and bluntly about her behavior and the trouble she was in. Kayla held back a sigh, and swallowed down her embarassment and teariness a moment. She did not want to be getting this deep in trouble just cause she wasn't watching her actions carefully enough, and the thought of her parents having a 'discussion' about her behavior later seemed all too evident.

"I'm sorry miss Dupree", Kayla said with a sincere and forlorn look on her face, and her muzzle droopy, looking towards Raine. She did mean it, and especially did not wish to make a scene. "Could I join my friend though, and give her a paw?..", she then asked, with a light sniffle at the end to clear her nose. Raine smiled once again and gestured to the doorway near her side approvingly.

"Yes Kayla, thank you for asking", she granted, speaking as if this was all the norm. It was really, such displays are expected when you're a penitatas parent and have other penitatas in your home. Her 'thank you', however, was her way of re-inforcing Emily's actions, so she did agree with her being swatted for her infraction. With Emily's own nod, Kayla walked carefully to the doorway and up the stairs to her left, obviously trying to tread lightly on the thin ice she found herself walking on when it came to her mother.

"Will everyone get off my back?..Literally", Kayla sighed and mumbled to herself as she climbed the stairs, rear still stinging from the stepping movement. Last thing she needed was a refresher on her backside, she'd be in pain longer now. Peering her head around the top of the stairs, trying to see where to go, she found Ninne waiting beside a doorway on the right half of the hall. As she took the last step up the stairs, Ninne turned her neck and put a scaled finger to her snout, signaling to her friend to keep quiet. Wondering what all the sneakyness was about, she crept to Ninne's side and begun moving and angling her ears to listen in on Dianne and Ra'hearth.

[I'm not asking you anything Dianne, I'm telling you. We have company, and you're going to be on your top behavior or you're going to be one sorry baby drake when they leave. You'll learn quickly that acting the way you do hurts nothing but your own undertail], Ra'hearth spat and snarreled in Drakonian, though even through the reptilian sounds a distinctly stern and angry tone was present in them.

"Whatever!", a very small female Drakonian voice snapped, "I'm sure it wouldn't hurt anything either if you found something else to do. Learn to speak panglish and wear some damn clothes while you're at it!, the voice continued on in a callous and snide manner, insulting the traditional practices of Drakon, and her father. Kayla's ears picked up what sounded like a faint growl, before a set of footsteps reached the door and Ra'hearth stepped to their sides out of his daughter's view. The look on his face and snout was one of deep frustration and anger, but still so quiet and solumn.. it cut right through the two girls, even when it wasn't directed at them.

[Ninne, excuse my language, and please don't repeat it, but give that girl a lot of hell. I'll ignore what she said, and just leave it to your capable teeth. She's all your's], the irritated drake quietly spat, restraining himself from puncturing Dianne's tailbase scales on his own. He placed all his faith in Ninne and her assistant, and walked off to re-join his wife and guests, and calm his nerves. Kayla watched him walk towards the stairs and head down, feeling sympathy for him and his wife, having to deal with such a problem penitatas. At the corner of her eye she noticed Ninne step into Dianne's room, and turned quickly around to join her, getting a tightness in her chest for what she felt was a tense situation.. certainly not comfortable, and the fox was admitably nervous and feeling out-of-place.

"I don't have such a good feeling about today anymore..", Kayla quickly whispered to her friend as they entered Dianne's room, almost stumbling over herself to keep up. Dianne lifted her head from her bed again to see who the new intruder was in her room, eyes widening for only a split second before the shock hit her when her eyes set on a rather serious looking Ninne.

"Aaahhhh!!", the small Dianne screamed, jumping backwards from her comfortable position to where her back was pinned against her headboard. The look in her eyes and all over her face spoke fear and surprise as she gripped her bedsheets and trembled at the sight of her daughter. She still wore small Drakonian clothing, as per her personal custom, and was slightly smaller then Paul was when he was first rejuved. Even though she was younger then him, females were still larger even at that age. The tiny drake in front of them looked so lost and helpless, even if she tried constantly to remain her old self. "W-what are you doing here?! Did I say you could come in my room Ninne? I thought I taught you to knock!", Dianne sputtered out, looking both angry and frightened at the same time, trying to make herself feel better with the feeling of control, as she always did.

"Yeah, by swatting my claws till it would be too much of a hastle to try and open a door. I remember that all too well. Keep giving me more ideas on what to do to you, why don't you", Ninne said in a monotone and agitated manner, with her eyes fixed on her finally helpless mother. She cannot hurt her in this state, and felt safe around her for the very first time. "Look at you, trying to be all bossy and controling, even when you're only four damned years old. It's pathetic. You have a long ways to go before you start learning your lessons, but a whole lot of tail chewing will certainly make ME feel better. I'll be taking care of you today, so it's time for you to do what I say, and take punishment from me, instead of the other way around", Ninne spoke in utmost anger, letting her past pain come out and her old fears drain from her body, as her footclaws slowly made their way around to the side of Dianne's bed, where the small drake tried to scoot away.

"Don't think trying to slide away from Ninne'll help you. I'm going to make sure you don't go anywhere", Kayla warned, already on the other side of Dianne's bed. Dianne turned her neck behind herself, whimpering slightly to herself at the sight of her escape being cut off. She turned her neck back to the waiting Ninne, who was still piercing her with a glare. The small drake had never felt fear like this.. as if her current penitatas parents weren't extremely strict and severe, Ninne just seemed that much worse. She knew what she had done to Ninne, and her daughter had much more of a reason to cause her pain. Dianne was a child now; a very small one at that. These new feelings of strong pain and fright were overwhelming, and all she wanted to do was deny she was no longer in control, and would not cry from a simple swatting.

"Get out Ninne! I'm your mother, you can't take care of me like a baby, or..or..", Dianne tried to command, glaring back at Ninne, even if her glare seemed much more uncertain of herself.

"Or punish you like one? Is that what you were going to say? I can, and I will. Right now", Ninne strongly assured her small biological mother, before reaching across the bed to grab her. Dianne squeeled, trying to get away, but Ninne grasped her arm and the scruff on the back of her neck, pulling her from the bed and restraining her from escaping as she popped the button above her tail and yanked the panties and pants down to Dianne's ankles. Right beside her bed, she settled back on her own young tail and forced Dianne's between her own, pinning them perfectly as her claw kept a hold on her neck to keep it down.

"Let go of me! You can't do this! Don't!", the young Dianne whined pitifully, sounding like a small child. She was one now, and she couldn't hold back her whines and tears forever. The fear of punishment was enough to quell even the strongest sense of control in a child. Dianne had to try and not cry as her tail was lifted, squirming as strongly as she could to try and stop the most humiliating tail chewing possible. One from Ninne! "Bitch! Let me go dammit, I won't let you do this!", she growled loudly, bringing out one last sputter of commands in her panic.

"Man, I hope your parents have some soap", Ninne stopped to say as she held Dianne tighter to halt the squirms.

"That mouth sounds like it needs it, huh?", Kayla said with a grin, standing and watching this whole scene. She still had that knot in her chest, but her friend seemed to be doing alright, even if Kayla herself was still nervous. Ninne just scoffed and grinned as well, shaking her head.

"Not for her mouth, for mine. Mine is going to be chewing on this nasty little drake's butt afterall", Ninne joked till her maw opened wide, showing all her teeth as she took aim. She dove her jaws right at the best spot to start, where it would hurt the most across her whole tailbase, with the strongest bite she could use without ripping her scales off. The Drakonian screech it incited from Dianne was enough for Kayla to wince and lower her ears, turning her look away for the moment. Crying from the initial bite, Dianne howled and tried her best to squirm to no avail as a rapid torrent of strong chews and bites littered her tailbase. At her age, her undertail was baby tender, or at least as tender as a Drakonian undertail gets, and Ninne was using the strongest bites she was allowed to use, and as quickly. Instead of a long chewing, Ninne was letting out her past pain in the fastest and most painful way possible. Her teeth chomped and knawed at the small and armor-lacking scales, scraping her sharp teeth across the most sensitive parts of the tailbase along the very base of it and the sides of the base where the nerves were most active. Blistering at Dianne's age was prohibited, but Ninne was trying her best to bring her discipline to just under that level. Large welts and painful marks grew at each grind of Ninne's teeth, leaving Dianne screaming and bawling at all this pain that was still so new to her, especially a tail chewing of this type. Across each mark, Ninne chewed her teeth into them, sending burning jolts of searing pain through the base of Dianne's tail as it begun soaking with her daughter's stinging saliva with all the rapid bites and chews, not giving her jaw a chance to rest. The sharp teeth coming so close to Dianne's tailhole, even scraping painfully by was still embarassing and un-nerving, feeling as if her undertail was being violated from the privacy she once had. The tears flowed freely across the smooth, soft scales of Dianne's snout, falling from her with each howl and scream of pain. As quickly as it begun, in only two minutes flat of chomping and chewing harshly on such a small and tender tail, Ninne left it a stinging and marked mess, and was not letting go of Dianne so she could rub it. Kayla opened her eyes all the way and turned back to the pair, to give an assessment on Dianne's tail, since she had a hard time watching most of it.

"You made quick work of her tail Ninne. Remind me to never let you punish me for anything", Kayla said with a quick shake of her head, not liking the thought. It was hard to watch someone use their teeth as a disciplinary tool, but it did the job as good as any paddle, if not better if the drake is skilled. Ninne's skill clearly showed, as Dianne's undertail showed. All of the scales were clearly marked and puffy from swelling, red and covered in other marks from being scraped and chewed on by sharp teeth, as well as little tooth-tip shaped bruises and deep red marks. Her tailhole, a normally invisible pucker of scales, was made visible by a deal of welting around it, ruining Dianne's precious privacy. Just barely below blistering, her tailbase scales looked slightly damaged, but not enough to cause a scale-puncture blister. It was all scrapes and punctures on the outside of the scale, causing plenty of pain but keeping within parameters.

"With all the things she's done to me, this was nothing. I wanted to go a lot further, but I am sure I would have ended up with tail blisters myself", Ninne sighed, seeming slightly more calmed though, even as she continued to restrain a sobbing little drake girl. Her tailbase was tender enough to allow the absorbtion of some of Ninne's saliva through the welts and damaged scales, making the sting even worse.

"N-..Niiinneee! Please!.. Let go!", Dianne choked and sputtered, through her strong sobbing, wanting nothing more then to be released so she could tend to her tail. At least wipe off the saliva!

"Be quiet!", Ninne promptly demanded, like a strict and harsh parent. "Speak when spoken to! Ugh.. Kayla, could you start a bath for her? We need to give her one, and now is a good time. I'll hold her here for a bit more till she starts getting it through her head she is no longer in control of anyone", she asked of the fox, whom still had her ears lowered from all the negativity in the room.

"I will go find it", Kayla replied right away, almost wanting to get away from this scene. She turned tail and walked out the door of Dianne's room, sighing relievedly as she begun peeking through doorways to find the bathroom. She had never seen Ninne act this way, or have two drakes in one room that were full of so much anger and hatred. The fox's innocence was proving to be a downfall, as it usualy did, becoming frightened by anger released in Ninne's punishment and her harsh tone and words. It had gotten to her a bit. Upon finding the bathroom, on the other end of the hallway, she took a moment to wash her face and muzzle, to relax herself so Ninne and Dianne would not work her nerves up so easily again. "Hostility really sucks..", Kayla said to herself as she activated the bathtub and set a proper temperature, watching it fill. "I was so excited about today and now I can't wait for it to end, so everyone will be happy and back to normal..", she said, speaking to the running water, if only to calm herself.

"I don't blame you for feeling that way Kayla. Dianne is a penitatas, and nanites might have stopped me from dying, but justice and medical treatment doesn't heal every wound", came a calm and quiet voice of Ki'rene behind Kayla, from the doorway. The young fox was startled at first, but upon seeing Ki'rene's kind eyes and hearing her calm voice, it brought a soothing feeling through her body.

"I understand that, trust me", Kayla turned around and nodded where the kneld on the floor, waiting for the water. "I had it rough as a kindern too. All the anger though just seems to out of place for Ninne.. scares me. Plus I have already gotten swatted twice today from my mom.. seems like everyone is not that happy, and I know Emily isn't that happy with me. I just keep sinking deeper into trouble, after that long weekend of punishments for me and all.. maybe I'm just thinking about it too much. It's getting harder to be a penitatas, I'll tell you that", she tried to explain to Ki'rene, who was always like an older friend and parent to her. Someone to turn to when other penitatas or her parents didn't seem like the right people to talk to.

"Ninne only has some things to sort out. I'm just leaving her alone so she can do them. Her mother really traumatized her, and whatever happens is just part of Ninne's healing process. I promise. Mother's intuition!", Ki'rene attempted to explain as best she could, with a chuckle at the end. She was always surprised at the amount of heart Kayla had when it came to caring about others. "As for your hide though, I'm afraid all I can tell you is to behave, or spank you now to prevent you from being spanked later. You're a strong little girl who learns her lessons well, you'll do fine if you go with the flow of things and take what comes", she went on with a motherly sort of smile, kneeling down slightly and ruffling Kayla's headfur with a claw to get a smile out of her.

"I'll relax, no worries! I'll try to see that Ninne can too", Kayla assured with even a bit of a giggle, happy to see at least one person who was calm and collected.

"Glad to hear. I'm going to head back downstairs before Ninne comes in, I want to leave this effort here to her. I have my faith in you girls. See you in a little while Kayla", Ki'rene said with a chipper sound in her voice, though the extra bit of chipperness was noticibly forced. She had a lot on her mind too afterall. Kayla made a lil' wave as Ki'rene quietly slipped out for the stairs, and she continued to watch the water a few more moments till it was just right. Then she decided to sit on the toilet unit, which was a bad idea for her rear end. Needed to sit and had no other choice, so she grit her teeth and took it while she waited for Ninne and Dianne. Took almost six more minutes, but Ninne arrived with her little charge in tow, pants and panties completely gone, keeping a hold on Dianne's upper arm. The scales on Dianne's snout were tear soaked, and as uncomfortable as she looked, Ninne obviously never let her touch her tail. She most likely couldn't wait to get into the water and rince the saliva from her tail, a sting she wasn't used to, unlike Ninne.

"Sorry for taking so long, she wouldn't stop complaining and trying to rub her tail. She wised up and decided to take the offer of a bath instead of staying pinned and waiting for the sting to stop", Ninne walked in saying, with a look similar to Ra'hearth's earlier.

"Does all this make you feel like a tough drake?", came out of Dianne's snout with a teary, sniffly sound. Ninne only 'hrmphed' her, at least as much as a Drakonian can make that sort of sound.

"I don't know, you tell me. You're the one who's used to treating me this sort of way", Ninne said with a very snide tone in her voice. That 'shut up or I'll make you shut up' sort of tone. Kayla lowered her ears slightly again, looking at the eyes of her best friend. So cold, and full of hate.

"Well.. The bath is ready. Let's just help Dianne on in then, and we can all take a breather", Kayla attempted to encourage, taking the bottom of Dianne's pink t-shirt in her paws from her seat on the toilet unit. Without any resistance, besides a dirty look, the small drake lifted her arms and allowed it to be pulled from her back and off her head and neck.

"Get your tail in", Ninne ordered with a flick of her claw. It sounded all too familiar.

"You really are just as stupid as you used to be. A little help?", Dianne unwisely taunted, while reminding her daughter how small and weak she was at the moment. A taller sided bathtub was a bit too much of a climb. With a sharp and far too agitated sort of growl, Ninne raised her claw and backclawed her small mother across the snout, nearly knocking the tiny drake over. Kayla gasped and tensed up right away, nearly leaping from her seat to do something.. but she bit one of her fingers and decided to keep quiet, as hurt and uncertain as she was getting about all this. Ninne couldn't be doing things like that.

"Shut up, mother! How does it feel to be on the recieving end for once?", Ninne sneered through her teeth, speaking with more anger then Kayla had ever yet seen. Dianne held onto the side of the bathtub to keep upright, while she sobbed lightly and held her snout where she had been smacked. "Get over it!", was the only reply she got, no sympathy, being lifted into the bathtub and dropped into the water that reached up to her upper chest and neck. Dianne swallowed her pain and tears once she was in the water, trying to enjoy it's soothe on her tail. Ninne looked around for the scrub brush used for Drakonian scales, and found it on the toilet unit behind Kayla, dipping it in the water and starting to scrub roughly on Dianne's back.

"You're such a wretch Ninne, and you are a terrible daughter. Doing all this doesn't change that, so why don't you just 'get over it'?", Dianne said quietly, looking down at the water with a defeated sniffle. Ninne just pressed the bristles harder into the small drake's back, making her clench her eyes and whimper.

"And you're a terrible mother, and an insane bitch. So shut your mouth. 'Little drakes should not be heard, cause it's bad enough they have to be seen'. Remember? You ruined my kindernhood and I will be damned if you ruin my second childhood for me too. You're just lucky I haven't beaten you like you did me", Ninne growled out painfully, full of pent up rage as she scraped back and forth her mother's back with the bristled brush. She was perfectly clean, Ninne was just trying to be painful now. Dianne growled softly, showing a bit of her teeth, but she closed her snout and decided to keep quiet for now. It relieved Kayla, at least. Ninne went on with her washing.. arms, chest, legs, footclaws. Dianne managed to stay quiet even with the sting in her back, but once the brush went under her tail and scrubbed across a few welted scales, she yelped in pain and jumped away from the brush. Ninne growled deeply and gave the water a splash into Dianne's face, making the small drake cough and wipe water from her eyes. "Hold still!", Ninne snapped.

"Oh go fuck yourself snake!", Dianne snapped right back, nearly spitting in Drakonian instead of panglish she said it so strongly. With a flip of the brush in her claw, and a quick reel back, Ninne took aim for her mother's head with the back of the brush and swung. Kayla jumped from her seat with a sound of shock that sounded something like a teary squeel, but she was still too slow. Dianne winced and shrunk, clenching her eyes and bracing herself for a hard impact, whimpering patheticly to herself.. but Ninne had stopped her swing just before the brush cracked her mother in the head, just as she had done to Ninne. Ninne just looked at her mother and the brush, looking frightened and upset.

"Ninne that's enough, please! Stop it, you're really scaring me, and hurting her!", Kayla pleaded, putting her right paw on Ninne's left shoulder, and her left paw around Ninne's wrist so she could not strike Dianne in such a manner. Her voice was shaky and teary, and tears fell from her eyes. She could not watch any more of this!

"I.. I'm..", Ninne whimpered out of her snout before dropping the brush into the water and running out of the bathroom as fast as she could. Kayla quickly turned back to Dianne to make sure she was okay.. she was, just stunned and confused. With that, Kayla ran after her friend, finding her outside the door, crying into her claws rather freely.

"It's alright Ninne, don't cry! It's just being a rough day, everyone has their faith in you!..", the fox tried to assure the obviously pained drake, stepping in front of her to try and get a glimpse of her face and talk with her.

"It isn't that Kayla! I'm just like her! Full of hatred and the lust for abuse!.. She spoke to me just like that, and struck me with the back of her claw, and over the head with a scrub brush. All just the last time she visited! I can't believe I have let this go this far. It's not like it's okay to go around striking even a penitatas like that. All of this has gone to my head, and it's making me actually BE her..", Ninne managed to whimper out almost franticly, very disturbed by her behavior and actions.

"Your name is not Dianne, it's Ninne. You're a good person, you.. just have a lot going through your mind. She get's under your skin. Very deep under your skin! It happens to all of us. I'm sorry I didn't stop you earlier, but I.. my judgement failed me again. I'll take care of Dianne though, why don't you see Ki'rene? Talk it over with your mom?", the worried fox offered and suggested. Kayla felt like her nerves were a wreck, and only could imagine how Ninne must have felt.

"Thanks Kayla. I need to get away from her for now", she sniffled as she composed herself, wiping her eyes after calming. "I just can't believe I did that stuff..", Ninne sighed before trotting off for the stairs, head hung a bit low. Kayla made a frown of sorts as she stepped back into the bathroom, to the side of the bathtub to continue Dianne's bath.

"Don't act so surprised, fox", Dianne said with a shake of her head, after seeing the look on Kayla's muzzle before returning to looking at the water. Kayla set her arms on the edge of the tub and looked in at her.

"She's not a bad girl Dianne. Not perfect, no, but that is why she is a penitatas. Same goes for me, and you too. 'Do not judge, lest you be judged'", Kayla spoke in calm honesty. She knew how evil this small drake was, but she wasn't going to change if only subjected to anger and pain. Penitatas' also required compassion, and parental warmth. Dianne remained quiet, watching the water. "There is still the issue of your tail and girl-parts Dianne. I'll go lather up a soft cloth and I'll take care of it, really carefully", Kayla promised as she got up from the side of the tub and went to the sink, picking up a soft and smooth cloth from the side of it and soaping it up with some liquid soap on the sink that was obviously meant for Dianne's mouth. It still has other uses, the fox figured. All wet and soaped up, Kayla returned to the side of the bathtub to a small drake that looked away with a look of disobidience when she saw the cloth.

"Get away from me with that", Dianne attempted to command, but it only sounded like a childish whine.

"I am sure you have been washed before. Come here, stand up and you can lean against me while I do this. I'll be careful, and you just hold me if it hurts, and ask me to stop if it becomes uncomfortable to have someone touching you down there. I've done this before, really it's alright. I'll let you take care of your tail after, and you can come on out of the bath. Sound like a plan?", Kayla tried to reason, showing kindness and compassion, but most of all, a calmness and a sincere wish to help. Dianne sat there for several moments, looking a few times like she was going to open her snout and say something nasty, but in a moment of quiet defeat, she got to her footpaws. Kayla helped her up onto the side of the tub a bit, to hold onto her and keep her rear out of the water so it could be washed the old fasioned way. Being careful, Kayla kept Dianne's head over her shoulder and reached under her tail with the soapy cloth, starting to wash as gently as she could. Dianne let out a small pained growl, and squirmed lightly, but Kayla just eased back and let her settle down.

"I don't know why you're trying to be so nice, dog girl..", the small drake said through a pained growl, while her chewed area was scrubbed lightly.

"Because it's not all about punishments. It's also about your parent giving you a helping hand.. or, in my case, paw. You're really worked up is all, take a breather, like I suggested your daughter", Kayla said in calm honesty once again, ignoring the insult. Someone has to ignore them and not get so angry afterall. Dianne made quite the unhappy sound when the cloth moved in between her legs, and her Drakonian crotch begun getting scrubbed.

"Alright..", she just relented, letting Kayla finish washing her so she could just get the heck out of the tub. The motherly fox got in between Dianne's slit-lips and washed everything as they needed before letting the drake dip back into the water to rince off. With a tap of a key on the tub's console, the water started to empty, and Kayla lifted out the wet reptile as best she could. Dianne did need to help her, concidering her size. Kayla took her time to carefully dry off Dianne and pat dry her undertail, as to not irritate the scales.

"Thanks for cooperating with me Dianne. It's good for everyone when you do, but mostly yourself", Kayla joked with a chuckle. That's just how it was when you were a penitatas.

"Whatever.. thanks for not going off on me at least", Dianne sighed, shaking her head again. it was obvious she wasn't taking this well. She deserved all of it, but the punishments don't work unless the young one is repentant and sorry.

"It get's easier Dianne. Promise", Kayla said, trying to make her feel more relaxed. All the yelling and anger was too much for such a small body and mind, Dianne was really tiring herself out fast. Turning around after drying off Dianne's snout, she pressed the button for the bathroom door, closing it, leaving the drake to wonder why. "..I know you won't be happy with me for this, but since I'm your mommy for the moment, I have to make the decision. I can ignore a lot of things you said, and I will, and not even tell your parents about any of this. You said a lot of bad words a drake of four certainly should not be saying, especially so frequently. Your parents have soap here for your mouth, and I am going to use it. You can't go around cussing at people. I have a dirty muzzle myself, and get soaped frequently, but at least I don't go telling people to 'F' themselves. Okay? You're a mother, you understand my call. I know you do", Kayla went on saying and explaining, even as she took another soft cloth from the side of the sink, wetting it and adding a very liberal amount of liquid soap, lathering it only partially. Dianne let Kayla speak, but just growled sadly when she was done.

"I will not let that in my mouth, I'll fight. You know that too. I've never been soaped before, ever, and I'm not about to start", Dianne insisted, not taking her eyes off the soapy green cloth, that was now ready to go to work. Kayla looked at her drake a moment and 'hrrrmmm'ed.

"Might be hard to admit, but you really are a penitatas now. You don't get to make such decisions anymore, and the only authority you get is when you are permitted to care for a younger penitatas, like I am now. I think I'm fair, and not overbearing. Could tell your parents about this and let them deal with it, but this is my responcibility. You're better off cooperating with me, then no one will know of any of this. You just need to learn to take your punishments", Kayla tried one more time to explain, even smiling and giving Dianne's snout a pet. The little drake's head just hung.

"..Promise? You won't tell my parents and get me into worse trouble?", Dianne wanted to be assured.

"I promise. A good parent doesn't lie. If you're ready, open up your mouth", Kayla said with a warm smile and nod. She was trying hard to get through to Dianne, and she barely could.. but it was just enough. With slight hesitation, and a shaky lower jaw, the saddened Dianne opened her mouth to accept her soaping. "Thank you. Just keep it open for me, and it'll be all done and forgiven before you know it", Kayla said out of appreciation for Dianne's good choice, trying to keep her calm as she raised the soapy cloth. Trying to be Dianne's guardian made her feel better on the inside, and she knew she was helping the little drake change her attitude before she got very badly punished, only because she was in denial of her situation. 'If pain really must be inflicted, make it mean something!', she thought. It's why all the anger hurt her so much. Dianne kept her maw wide open, tiny sharp teeth and tongue all bared to be scrubbed for what she had said, watching the cloth in Kayla's paw. The paw-guided cloth slipped into her mouth, making her gag right away as the soap ended up all over her tongue and mouth. Kayla begun to scrub the inside of the little drake's mouth with the soapy cloth, as promised, lathering up everything she could reach. Dianne would cough on occation, fidgeting on her footclaws to keep her mouth open and deal with the burningly foul soap that was everywhere inside her mouth. Kayla made note to scrub her tongue the soapiest part of the cloth, and keep at it for as long as possible.. minute.. two minutes. The drake was already feeling ill from the soap that was designed specificly to taste very bad, and all the tongue scrubbing was making it much worse, slushing the suds and soap-tainted saliva all over her taste buds. It was enough to make her start to cry again, eyes whelling up and starting to trickle small tears down her scales. Switching it up a bit, Kayla started to carefully scrub at Dianne's teeth. Unlike how Emily scrubbed her teeth with soap, she had to do it from the sides where it was safer, and then still be careful not to damage the cloth or her fingers. It felt like forever to the small drake, but Kayla finally finished once she scrubbed both the upper and lower etth with the cloth. As if there wasn't enough lather in her mouth, Kayla rang out the cloth into her snout, leaving more soapy water and suds in there. "I want you to stand there a few with the soap in your mouth. I'll tell you when you're done", Kayla then instructed, causing Dianne to make a miffed sort of look before she relented to holding it. The soap burned horribly at her tongue and mouth, and her throat couldn't decide to whether it wanted to swallow or cough it all up. The fox didn't not make her wait long, thankfully for her. "You can swallow now Dianne", she let her know.

"Swallow?!", Dianne said out of shock, making a few suds leak from the sides of her snout. Kayla just nodded.

"Yes. It's something my mother has made me start to do, and I think it's an appropreate time for me to tell you to. Do that, and the punishment is over", was all Kayla had to say before the drake made a sad look, and clenched her claws. Dianne swallowed down all the soap, soapy water, and lather that was in her mouth with several discomforting gulps. Kayla just smiled proudly. "You're learning. Slowly, you are. Just cooperate with your parents like this and you'll all have an easier time", she reassured, stepping up onto Dianne's step stool to get to the sink again, filling a cup beside the sink. "Unlike my mom, I'll let you rince. It's a reward for good cooperation", she said as she handed Dianne the cup and got out of her way. The drake's little footclaws hurried onto the stepping stool, and she dumped the water in her mouth as soon as she could. With a few swishes, the spat the soapy-ish water out and looked down at the sink with a disgusted look on her scrunched up snout, holding a claw at her tummy. Kayla knew that look. "It doesn't feel that great, I know..", Kayla spoke in a tone that said she was sorry for her, petting Dianne's bare back with her paw.

"I hope you're not waiting for me to say 'thank you'..", Dianne turned her neck around to say, with a scowl. It was a different sort of scowl though, not as angry.

"I'm not. You should learn to say 'I'm sorry' though.. it does help with your parents. Come on, we'll go back to your room", the fox replied plainly, not letting Dianne's taunts get to her at all. Pressing the button for the door again, it opened and she stepped out, offering a paw to Dianne, whom took it without even thinking. When you're that young, some things just came naturally, with some help of course. She dropped the little drake off in her room, leaving to go and find Ninne and let Dianne deal with her tummy and soreness. As soon as she reached the stairs though, she nearly bumped into the person who was on their way up.

"Oh! Hi Kayla, I was just on my way up to see you. Thanks for taking care of Dianne while Ninne came to see me", thanked Ki'rene, smiling quite a bit for the fox's help. It just made Kayla look bashful, scratching behind her right ear. "Oh it was nothing.. how is she?", she said, sounding tired.

"She'll be okay, just scared herself silly. This was all a lot for her, it wore her out quick. You don't seem so perky yourself. I feel bad for Ninne though, poor thing..", Ki'rene let her daughter's friend know, drooping at the end. It had hurt her to see Ninne so distraught.

"I am tired I guess.. taking care of Dianne on my own took a lot of brainpower. A bit too much after being tense all day", Kayla sighed deeply, drooping herself.

"Head down stairs to the family room and take a nap beside the sofa. Ninne's already sleeping on it, I made her take a nap to calm her nerves. I also chewed her tail a little, since she admitted to losing her temper with Dianne. It's not bad at all though, she's fine, don't worry. You can both cheer one another up when you wake", the Drakonian mother said as she pat Kayla's head and mimiced the scratches behind her ears. Kayla loved the gentle scratches from such large claws. The young fox fixed up her skirt and nodded in tired agreement, smiling up at her, just glad that she cared so much.

"I will. Can't get in trouble when I'm asleep", Kayla joked, starting down the stairs to go nap with her friend. At least they were both a little sore now, and the fox had more time to ponder how Raine and Ra'hearth's interspecies relationship worked. Ki'rene watched the small fox head down the stairs, lightly swishing her bushy tail under her skirt. She always admired Kayla in some way or another. Everyone found something in Kayla they wished they were, be it her abilities, innocence, love, honesty. Ki'rene sighed, thinking how hard today must have been on both the girls. Everyone put their faith in Ninne.. and not that the faith wasn't deserved, Ninne just wasn't able to handle all of it at once. With a reptilian sounding hum, she turned her head and neck towards Dianne's room, giving it a bit of look as she pondered something.

Back in her room, Dianne whimpered softly and tiredly into her pillow, with her smooth young scales on top of her soft sheets. After Kayla had returned her to her room, the drake took the 'breather' she was suggested, climbing into her bed to rest herself and release some frustration. The hatred for her daughter was still so strong, she just stayed there on top of her bed grumbling about her and the strong pain under her tail. Her body was so weak and small now, being only four years old.. it was hard to deal with, as Kayla pointed out to her. The fox left a good few things in her mind to think about, but thoughts of Ninne continued to interrupt her. Her daughter instilled anger in her heart ever since she was little, not even remembering why. "Why did I have to fly off the handle like that anyway?.. And why does Ninne have to exist and continue to ruin my life", Dianne spoke quietly to herself, lifting up her baby-small claw to look at the silver filled in 'P'.

"You know, that could have easily been a black 'P' if you weren't lucky enough to get caught in time. Think about that a moment", Ki'rene spoke softly, watching Dianne look at her claw from the end of her bed. She had walked in quietly while Dianne was sulking against her pillow, settling herself down onto her tail to have a seat. The voice had caused all of the small drake's muscles to tense up again, and her head to raise from her pillow with a look of fear. Fear of uncertainty.

"Please, I have had enough for one day..", Dianne admitted, speaking tiredly, not wanting any more discipline or arguing. Ki'rene placed a claw on her snout, keeping her eyes on the drakeling.

"I can imagine. From the looks of it, Ninne worked you over good, and you're due for a nap", she continued to speak softly, using a calm, soothing voice similar to Kayla's.. but different in demeanor. Dianne whined out of embarassment, curling her tail to cover her tailbase a bit better so the marks would not show. She also didn't need to be reminded she was four years old, and naps were almost a requirement to get through the day.

"What do you want? If you want me to lick your feet and appologize, I am in no position to disobey", the small drake spoke with both agitatedness and sadness in her voice. It was unusual for her to be beaten, but, she was. Just wanted rest, her body could not fight the war she wanted to wage any longer.

"There are plenty of things I would enjoy having you lick, but no, that's not what I want. I want you to come here for a tail chewing. You have my word that I will not hurt you badly, or use any unorthadox treatment. I swear it on Ninne", the Drakonian mother spoke a bit deeper and more serious then before, though still quietly. The thought of another tail chewing made Dianne want to cry again, but she slid from her bed, wringing her claws and watching Ki'rene closely as her footclaws made their way around the bed very slowly. "Come here", she commanded a bit more harshly, even with her tone low. Dianne winced.. speeding herself up with her lower jaw trembling till she was right in front of the much larger Drakonian. Grasping the scruff of the tiny drake's neck, and her body, she lifted her safely off her feet and pinned her legs in between her own. Dianne seemed so small in this tail chewing position, with a larger woman holding her.

"I.. don't have anything left for you to bite.. it's all already marked and welted..", Dianne tried to say, jittery as she attempted to reason with the large teeth looming above her bare tailbase.

"I know. I'm going to chew on all of it. Chewing on tail scales after such a rough punishment hurts very badly, it's something I used with Ninne. I am sure she'd be giving you a once over if she was awake, so it was inevitable. You didn't think you could nearly rip me throat out and kill me, and I wouldn't punish you hard for it?", Ki'rene warned, with a bit more of an angered look on her face, even if she still managed to keep her voice at that one same tone.

"I'm sorry Ki'rene, okay?! I said it! I'm sorry! I know I went off the handle like an idiot, it was my fault and all I wanted to do was hurt Ninne! I hate her so much! I-..", Dianne clenched her eyes and just let out, till she was interrupted.

"'I', 'I', 'I'! It's not all about you, and saving your tail. You need to really learn what it means to affect the lives of others, and how deeply even one negative word can pierce a positive heart. Those girls downstairs are full of love, and your hate is enough to quell even Kayla's spirit! How can you be pinned there and say those things and expect so many years of wrong doing and even attempted murder to just disappear? I'm going to teach you one of those painful lessons Dianne. Pay close attention!", the pained drake spoke to the little one between her legs, before leaning her neck down and carefully placing her large teeth against such a small tailbase. The contact made Dianne wince and flinch, but a cry went out as soon as all those teeth started to chew on her young, tender undertail scales.

"Stop, stop, sstttoooppp!", Dianne asked, hoping for that small chance she would get sympathy and the pain would end. It was only beginning, and she had no choice but to endure. Ki'rene kept true to her word, slowly and carefully chewing the base of the little raptor's tail with her overly large in comparion teeth. It was like watching a dinosaur chew on something for recreation, just quiet little chews of scale and the tender flesh and muscle beneath it all. The teeth pressed and grinded against all the swollen red welts and partial punctures, which stung and hurt the little drake to no end. The feeling of something large and sharp stabbing at the outsides of her tiny tailhole hurt just as much as the welts being chewed on, as was going to ruin her privacy even further as it was welted all around. Having a tailbase so small, getting every tiny bit of it was so easy, and it was so tender at her age that Ki'rene did not have to work at all to gnaw on Ninne's work. The fire crept all the way down Dianne's tail, and up her spine and down her legs, hurting and searing everything the nerve impulses could jolt to. Dianne cried as loud and hard as she could, with every muscle in her legs tensing up. This hurt, badly! She had never experienced anything like this before, having such a punished tail chewed on like it was a wad of tough gum. Ki'rene spared nothing, taking plenty of time to just hold the little drake there and chew on her well punished tailbase. Time ticked away with the severity and pain never subsiding, leaving Dianne to scream and bawl for it to end, as her undertail swelled and swelled, turning darker shades of red. As exhausting for her jaw as it was, Ki'rene punished the deserving attempted murderer for a half hour, just chewing and gnawing the whole time. There was no way for Dianne to calm down her tears and crying even when Ki'rene had stopped, the sting and burn was just too great, and the potent saliva was no help.

"There there.. alright, just let it out now. I'm done", Ki'rene spoke softly and tenderly, lifting the small drakeling from her pinned position to hold her against her chest. Dianne immidiately burried her snout and face against Ki'rene's shirt to howl and sob forcefully into, while a pair of claws held her and stroked up and down her back and tail. "I know it hurts, it's supposed to. It will happen a lot, you realise. The thought of swatting your vaginal opening with a steel bristled Drakonian spanking brush was originally something I always planned, but I don't approve of it, and neither does Ninne. Can't make exceptions out of hate. Tail chewings made Ninne turn around, it will work for you too", she said with a motherly voice, caressing Dianne's scales to soothe her crying. In as much pain as the small drake was, she still.. as much as she didn't want to believe it, she was appreciating at the care. Ki'rene kept her gaze on the tiny drake holding herself to her, petting her scales as she pondered what this same Drakonian girl tried to do to her. "I bet you were expecting a lot more from me. Maybe at one point I would have spanked and chewed whatever I could have. You can thank Kayla for this, lil' drakeling", she said with a smile across her snout, calmly tending to the penitatas she punished. That statement really confused Dianne, but she was still in too much pain to stop crying and raise her head from the warm chest that was comforting her. She had to ask though, and force the words from her mouth.

"Why are.. you doing this?..", Dianne sputtered out between sobs and tears, muffled by Ki'rene's shirt and chest. It shocked her too much to be taken care of by the one she almost killed, and wanted to know why her claws were trying to soothe her instead of hurt her.

"We've all learned something or another from Kayla. Your own daughter for example, decided to shape up her behavior by learning Kayla's sense honesty and acceptance of discipline. I've seen that little fox walk up to the very black 'P' penitatas that raped her and nearly killed her, forgive the child and even be nice to her even when no one else would! And she came closer to death then me perhaps! She had every reason in the world to hate this man's guts, and punishing the penitatas just once to show them the pain they endured was all she needed to set everything aside", Ki'rene explained, taking her shirt to wipe at Dianne's eyes as she cried lighter then before, looking up to listen to the larger drake's story. "Kayla has this philosophy that being a penitatas is a second chance, and you can be a good person and try to improve no matter what you did. I have never seen someone so forgiving and full of trust. On her rapist's birthday, she even gave up her cake to the child and wished her happiness. I'm going to do the same Dianne. You're a penitatas, and a small child.. you have a long road ahead, just like Kayla. You have the chance to grow and learn like everyone else, and I'm not going to stew in my own hate and cause you harm out of anger. I'd rather give you a good, hard lesson like I would my own daughter, and hold you to me like I am now, then be a bitter, hate filled woman like you once were. I still think you're a rotten drake, but I won't slow you down with hate. Ninne needed love, and you do too. You'll grow up and thank everyone that punished you someday, whether you believe that now or not. There are things you could learn from people like Kayla, too", tried to say as best she could, holding Dianne well against her, just so she'd feel better and the pain would subside. Dianne left her head against Ki'rene, looking into the fabric of her shirt while she sniffled and dripped some loose tears.

"Forgive me if I don't seem too enthusiastic about being a penitatas for so long, and enduring all this pain. I don't want to deal with any of this, good stuff or not", the small drake spoke ever so quietly, at least telling the truth about how she felt. Ki'rene nodded and stroked softly along the back of Dianne's neck, trying to soothe as best she could.

"It's alright Dianne.. your parents and others will force you to walk down the road even if you don't wish it. There will be forks in the road, and only you will be able to choose where to go. It's your second chance, like Kayla says.. don't waste it", Ki'rene said with the motherly care still deep in her voice. Dianne couldn't believe her ears, the person she wanted to die was treating her with such care, and she was being sincere! She didn't know whether to get angry, or cry harder out of guilt. One thing she wanted to do was damn her age, feeling confused from the child-like emotions and her lack of energy.

"I don't know what to say..", Dianne sighed, taking her head from Ki'rene's chest. She looked so lost and unsure of everything right now. What to hate, what to love, what to do. It made the older drake wonder how her own daughter handled things sometimes. As much as it was hard for Ki'rene to say, she needed to say it..

"Dianne..", she said, softly and quietly, leaning her head down and nuzzling the top of the drakeling's head a moment, "..I wish you the best", Ki'rene got out, before she let the young reptile down onto her footclaws, whom continued to look up at her with a surprised look, from the wish Ki'rene bestowed her with. The way Ki'rene treated her made her feel stupid for the way she had acted.. her head drooped low, as if she was shrinking out of guilt.

"I am very sorry Ki'rene.. I submit. As hard as my anger tries to boil, I can't think of anything to say against that. Any of it. I'm just sorry for trying to.. you know.. kill you. My sanity left me, and I thank you for forgiving me", Dianne spoke in a much warm hearted manner, eyes still teary and body still weak. Strong willed or not, she knew when she was beat, and when she was being treated with more kindness then she deserved. Lifting her head, she only had one last thing to ask. "Ki'... Miss Ki'rene.. may I please get some rest?", the drakeling tried to ask as politely as she could. She still had much to learn, but this was a start, and it made Ki'rene happy.

"Yes, you may. Hop on into bed and sleep all you need, it's been a rough afternoon", Ki'rene affirmed, starting her steps towards the door. "Goodnight", she wished, turning off Dianne's lights from the control pad beside the door, while watching the small drake climb into bed. Took some effort with a swollen tailbase, but she made it, crawling in under her covers.

"Thanks for being nice Ki'rene.. Kayla was too..", Dianne said aloud, closing her eyes to finally sleep, thankful her day was not a lot worse. In the end, a sting was placed deep into her tailbase, and a weight was taken off her chest. She never felt guilty before, till everyone stopped trying to fight her and calmed down. Ki'rene stepped out and pressed the door operative button on the console outside her door, closing it so the drakeling could sleep. Starting down the stairs, she was overcome with the feeling that she had just done something right. Ki'rene knew she could have chewed Dianne to pieces, but what good would that have done? She let the drake have the second chance she was entitled to, and it was a gift that even Dianne could not ignore. The mother took the route through the kitchen and dinningroom to end up back in the family room to check up on the girls. Kayla was fast asleep at the foot of the sofa, tail draped over her legs, and skirt hiked up in her sleep, and Ninne was curled up on the sofa where she left her after chewing her tail.

"Trickster fox, in the end, you are wise beyond your years", Ki'rene whispered to herself and the sleeping Kayla, appreciative for the lessons on life she gives everyone, just by living through every day.

Kayla's tail begun to flick and her muzzle twitch, groaning slightly and rubbing her muzzle with a paw before opening her eyes. As the blur disappeared, the fox perked her eyes open and looked around, finding herself in the hover car, being held by her mother on the way home. Emily noticed her daughter had roused, holding her a little more comfortably since she no longer had to worry about waking her. "Look who woke up. You were out like a light Kayla. All of you kids exhausted yourselves so we called it a day and said goodbye for you", Emily let her daughter know, since the fox looked confused from waking up someplace else.

"Oh, okay", Kayla smiled, just to show she understood, while the hovercar landed. The families got out of the hovercar, with Ninne and Kayla getting together just out of earshot, as usual. "How are you feeling now Ninne?", the fox felt compelled to ask, as they walked the long way around the vehicle.

"Could be better, but it will be harder for me to deal with my mother then I thought. Need more time I presume, and for her to shape up. I would not be surprised if my mom follows up on her tail chewing later though, for me striking Dianne like I did. I felt it best to tell the truth, I deserved that tail chewing bigtime. Last thing I want to do is act like my biological mother afterall", Ninne said with a chill as she walked alongside her friend, stopping just before they reached the adults. It looked like the two familes were getting ready to part for the day.

"If you get lucky, maybe your mom'll cook you something nice for dinner. I pissed off my mom earlier, so I'll be lucky if I don't get swatted later before my bath..", Kayla was able to get out, before being called.

"Kayla, come on inside! You have a couple of paddle licks to answer to before your bath!", Emily called from the doorway to their home. Kayla just lower her ears and grumbled.

"Dammit, give me a break.. Oh well. See you later Ninne, hope you fair better then I do!", Kayla said with an awkward giggle, not that chipper seeming, but trying to be.

"Sorry Kayla. Good luck!", Ninne wished. Ki'rene went back across the street with Ninne, while Kayla went up the walkway to her waiting mother. It was like 'stepping towards the light'. You knew something would happen when you got there, and it might not be a good thing. She felt relieved to walk past her mother and get through the door though, and not have one of her ears grabbed and pulled on.

"Kayla,", Emily begun, just as she closed the door, "you need to behave a bit better in other people's houses. I heard about Ninne too, and how you didn't stop her from acting the way she was till it was pretty much too late", she scolded, slipping Kayla's paddle from her purse as she walked towards the sofa. Kayla then added a sad look to go with her drooping fox ears.

"I'm sorry mom. I didn't mean anything malicious", the seven year old fox was sure to make certain, taking off her shoes and leaving them by the door to pad herself barepawed towards her mother, whom had taken her seat on the sofa. Apparently this was not something Emily wanted to wait on. Kayla wished her mother would not be so stern.

"A wrong doing is still a wrong doing. I expect more of you. Panties down, dress off", Emily said harshly as her daughter arrived in front of her, reaching under her skirt herself, pulling her panties down her legs and to her footpaws. Slipping off her dress and stepping out of her underwear, she was left barefurred and ready for her spanking. With a pat of her lap, Kayla climbed across it obediently, trying to situate herself right. Settled in, and tail held firmly against her back, the fox flattned her ears all the way and pressed her canine teeth together, just waiting for the first paddle swat.

"How many mom?", Kayla suddenly and quickly asked, hoping it would delay the first spank. Catching Kayla off guard, Emily swung her paddle sharply, ending with a loud smack into her girl's tender furred rear. It incited a loud yelp and jolt foreward upon impact from Kayla, making her lip quiver and her eyes water. As if her backend hadn't delt with enough the past days.

"A dozen I figure, so that is eleven left to go. So don't try to distract me like that again", Emily both answered, and warned. She had been a penitatas mother long enough to catch all the tricks. Kayla took hold of the sofe and braced herself quickly enough to recieve swat number two, a low one, which knicked the base of her rear and the tops of her thighs, making her legs squirm lightly.

"Sorry!", Kayla meant to say calmly, but it came out as a pained gasp just before she begun whimpering from the growing sting. The tears whelled in her eyes more quickly, with the paddle leaving it's mark with each spank of the face of it into her pained rear end. The poor fox was crying rather freely by swat number four, wincing and squirming a bit with each spank. The *POP* sound was harsh on her sensitive ears, as each impact drove it's familiar sting and pain deep into her muscles, while slapping at the portions of baby fat remaining in her young rear. Swat six made her howl slightly, though she was able to stop herself and grip the sofa tighter. No matter how hard you try, the jolt and effects of a paddling are always severe, even after so many. Kayla's sore rear certainly did not wish to handle it, as all the fox's squirming told, trying to struggle her tail free by paddle swat nine.

"Hold still Kayla, or I'll give you extra swats!", Emily snapped at her, while Kayla cried heavily and tried to stop squirming and hold onto the sofa tighter.

"I'm trying!.. You're swatting hard!", Kayla sobbed out just before number ten came and made her yelp loudly, starting to cry harder. She trembled for swats eleven and twelve, trying to stay still and let them come, even though her rear's fire burned strongly, and the pain was so heavy she wanted to leap from her mothers lap and rub like there was no tomorrow.

"Up Kayla, head on upstairs for your bath. I had better not see any rubbing when you get up", Emily ordered as a penitatas parent would. Still crying plenty, Kayla slid from her mother's lap and wiped at both her eyes with her arm, before slowly padding towards the stairs. it really hurt to walk right after a hard paddling. Her footpaws carefully went up the stairs, taking each step at a time so the pain woudln't be too heavy, keeping a paw on the railing, just in case.

"So I was right afterall..", Kayla sniffled, cheekfur saturated with tears, "..I had good reason to have a bad feeling about today", she sighed to herself, just dealing with the hurt for now as she climbed the stairs to the bathroom. "Though, you know.. I could go for a bath right about now anyway", she smiled lightly to herself, crying or not. She could use the relaxation after such a rough day, and her tail agreed, wagging slightly at the thought of doing something idle. The fox would just have to remember to keep behaved this time, and not miff the parental figures. Each painful step up the long flight of stairs called 'life', brought her closer to her goal.. so why not smile as you climb?