Kayla: Of Trials and Tribulations
In the 28th century, the technology of rejuvenation allows for immortality. This device is also used for sentencing as well. A penitatas; a criminal that is sent back to childhood to live a highly strict and disciplined life to start anew. (Story Thirty)

This is quite a long story for everyone to enjoy, and as a special treat from my wonderful mate, this Kayla story is illustrated! To get the full sized version of any art, just give it a click. Enjoy everyone, and I'd be happy to pass on your compliments to Twisted! Cheers to thirty episodes strong!
Concept by Lurking Dragon
Kayla and story by Professor Bob

Kayla awoke with a yawn and a groan, shifting herself under her covers. Her rear was still bothering her a little, but a night of rest helped it a good deal. She felt guilty now for the trouble she had caused her mother, and her tummy had butterflies now that her weekend had infact begun. Though she didn't wish to get out of bed and start the day, she did with a sigh, sliding out of bed on her hip to avoid irritating her sore backside. Not bothering to dress yet, she padded out of her room and down to the bathroom, needing to go rather badly since she had gone to bed so terribly early yesterday. Closing the door behind herself, she carefully sat down on the potty with an uncomfortable look, letting her bladder go while she held her head up with a paw. She couldn't get off her mind how badly she was going to be punished these next two days, and possibly on to the third..she usualy had it well for a penitatas, but after what had happened, the sulking fox knew she had it coming. The stern voice of her mother and her strictness yesterday had proved her worries. Kayla gave her furry crotch a quick pass with the sonic cleaner beside the toilet and flushed it, leaving the bathroom to quietly walk down the stairs, not wanting to wake Emily. Alex had already woken early and left for work, so Kayla took the liberty to swipe the news chip he had left on the livingroom table and run it in their datapad, just to see what had been placed in it reguarding Dianne. She was top of the news, headlined with attempted murder..though the chip didn't tell the curious fox anything she didn't already know. She grumbled and set it down, guessing she would have to wait for Dianne's trial this weekend.

"You're up bright and early, just as I thought", Emily said in a light, just woken up way as she tightened her robe while walking down the stairs. Kayla looked up at her and stayed quiet for a moment, knowing the day was well upon her now.

"Morning mommy", Kayla greeted somewhat timidly. Emily walked over to the table, taking the datapad for herself, holding it in her hand as she crossed her arms, giving Kayla the idea she was already looking to punish her.

"It's a good thing you hadn't dressed yet, I want you to be bare all weekend unless we're going out. Makes spanking you easier. Since I want to read the news, why don't you park your nose in the corner till I'm done", her mother directed, watching her daughter's every expression, looking for any sort of hesitation. Kayla stood up with drooping ears and padded towards the corner.

"Yes ma'am..", the fox promptly answered, trying to keep herself on the behavior expected of her as she placed herself properly in the corner of the livngroom where she could be easily watched. Emily sat down and ran the news chip, looking back up at her furry daughter.

"Kayla, this weekend you'll be spanked and punished for any little thing you do wrong, on top of the punishments you'll be getting for what you have already done. This won't be a fun weekend, I promise. No holo and no computer is already a given, and I make take your computer privledges away for a lot longer then this weekend. We'll see though..", Emily said as she watched Kayla's ears and tail react to her words, with a few quiet whimpers that she had heard. Emily set her eyes down onto today's news chip, and Kayla's gazed into the boring and tiny little corner. Being sent to the corner first thing and already grounded from everything she deemed most fun was a sure sign to the fox that she really wasn't going to have a fun weekend, or any fun at all. With that knack she had of reading human expressions and tones of voice, Kayla sensed Emily was still mad..and she was going to pay before she was going to lighten up on her. She was usualy the girl who was seen owning up to her mistakes and taking what she recieved for them, but she couldn't help but be the scared cub this time.

"Oh what am I going to do..", Kayla whispered quietly to herself, needing to occupy herself with something while her foxy nose was pressed into the corner, getting to be too worried with her thoughts about what was going to happen. "I wish Ninne were here..anyone to make me not feel so..punished?", she whispered softly to her own drooped ears, not liking the feeling of having so much unknown discipline hanging over her head for something she had done. She hadn't worried like this since her first month, when Emily had to spank her more then once a day, because she was a new penitatas and one with a few behavioral issues to boot. Since then, she hadn't ever gotten herself into as serious of trouble as a fight, or disobey a direct parental order in doing so even. Sure she had been grounded from things, had her muzzle washed out with soap, and spanked many times over, but Emily had not ever been this angry, and Kayla had never felt this guilty from all her mother's strictness. The poor fox sighed and resisted the urge to rest her head against the wall in a tired boredom.

"You had better not be mumbling over there", Emily said sternly, having caught Kayla's muzzle moving. As little as she could move her head, being so close to the wall, she shook a no, remembering not to speak. "Well, none the less, I think your first spanking of the day is in order", she then added after Kayla had shaken her head, setting the data pad down with a small clatter against the table. "Right over here Kayla, and wait for me to get back from the kitchen", she directed, getting up from the sofa and walking off as Kayla turned from the corner and slowly walked over to the sofa as told, head hung slightly at such a bad morning she wished she did not wake up to. Oh how nice would it have been to sleep through the weekend, and have Emily forget what had happened. Kayla stood right where she was told without a peep, ready to take what she had coming, though she really didn't wish to. Emily didn't make her wait, because she returned promptly with a large wooden spoon in her hand, making the fox's wishes that the weekend would suddenly end even more feeble then they already were. Kayla sad blue eyes followed that spoon's every movement till Emily took her by the arm and pulled her across her lap with a tug, getting her positioned in her lap almost methodicly and without a sound. The young fox's ears flattened and she expected some sort of scold, sound, or something to make her feelings change..but her mother was just as prompt as she had been, immidiately grabbing her tail and smacking the back of that wooden spoon into her backside so hard and sudden she yelped like a fox and jumped in her mother's lap.

"Oww!!", Kayla cried, gritting her teeth and having her tail and back pushed back down with the fast wooden spoon already spanking her back end a few times. Emily had the spoon landing hard at least twice every second, and the back of that spoon stung Kayla badly. So bad her teeth were clenched and showing, making a pained whine and squirming as Emily's relent wavered none. Each very audiable slap and crack of the spoon at a random location on her rear hurt badly as it was, but the sting was being built upon layer by layer with every rapid and harsh whap of the spoon thickening the blanket of pain and making it quickly unbarable at the pace her mother was going.

Only a half a minute in, Kayla was howling and crying in a frantic way, trying to kick her legs and make the stinging go away, and it sure wasn't. It stayed and lingered, getting worse and worse as more sting joined to sear the tender flesh under her thin orange fur. By the time one minute came around, Emily had to reel her arm way up and swing hard, giving Kayla one very hard swat to her tailhole that nearly broke the spoon, and certainly made Kayla yowl loudly and arch her back, before going limp across her mom's lap and hanging her head, crying hard while her backside fidgeted.

"Quit it and keep still young lady!", Emily scolded, devoid of any pitty. She was being quite hard, and wasn't giving her furry girl any slack this time...she was being one hundred percent a penitatas parent who had a bad peni on their hands, and one that had to pay for their wrong doing. Tears streamed from Kayla's eyes, clenched closed and dripping down her furred cheeks to the shag carpet below, and with shaking paws and legs from the pain. She was taking it as best she could, but she was getting quite the rough treatment. Making sure Kayla had stopped moving, Emily quickly and without any warning resumed the spanking of her penitatas daughter, holding her firmly and whapping her no less harder or faster then before, if not putting even more effort in for Kayla making her stop. The back of the spoon would crack side to side, upper and lower, and even her tailhole now, with her mother being very harsh and thourough. Any spot she thought hadn't been spanked enough, got as many as five consecutive smacks in the same exact spot..that really made Kayla bawl loudly and move when she did that, but once she moved from the spot she was pushed right back down for the spanking to continue, making her already crimson backside even darker come two whole minutes of this now. With two spanks per second, that's a lot of welts layered over one another. The rapid spanks that were making the little fox whimper, whine, and especially cry, were making a welted mess of her backside. It was taking all Kayla had to stay mostly still, though squirming and shaking while she bawled in hurt. After three and a half minutes, and a dark red rear and swollen tailhole, she could no longer contain her cries.

"MOM PLEASE!!", Kayla suddenly raised her head up in agony and cried out, lowering herself down and bawling heavily, choking and sputtering through her tears. "I'm sorry, p-please!", she blubbered out several seconds afterwards when she got the space between sobs and such. Emily applied the back of that spoon a few more times to Kayla's rear till she was satisfied at how harshly Kayla had been spanked. *WHAP!!* *WHAP!!* ..Came the last two swats, once again unexpected, this time to Kayla's thighs before lifting her from her lap, giving her no time to rest. Kayla wobbled on her legs but retained her balance, giving a loud whine and feverishly trying to rub her rear. Those paws were quickly smacked away by none other then the spoon, inciting a yelp and more crying from the defeated and repentant fox as she covered her eyes and cried where she stood, having nothing else she can do while her backside stung. As if the paddling from Mister Yami yesterday wasn't enough!

"There. That first hard spanking had oughta leave you pretty sore all day, and you'd best believe I'll be keeping it that way for the weekend", Emily said loud enough for Kayla to hear over her own sobbing, arms firmly crossed and spoon still well held, just in case. "You did a big wrong and these are the consequences Kayla. March yourself back upstairs, you're going to spend your corner time on your punishment stool. That will keep you tender and let you think about what you did yesterday", she then scolded further, giving an order that made Kayla whine patheticly and sadly, making her cry harder as well..she hated that stool, and knew it was going to be a nightmare after a spanking like that. The stool reserved for her worst offences. She stood there, head hung and sobbing, taking her paws from her eyes and shakily nodding.

"H-how long..mom?", Kayla asked, looking up through sullen teary eyes.

"Oh, I'd say an hour is fitting", Emily answered plainly and promptly. Her daughter whimpered and clasped her paws together in a plea to her.

"Can't it be less?", Kayla sniffed, jaw shaky, knowing very well that Emily knew how much she hated her punishment stool. What she got in return was a stern look.

"Make it an hour and a half..", her mother said in an authoritive tone, continuing with, "..I told you Kayla, I'm not putting up with anything this weekend, even the least bit of backtalk. Now get up stairs, I'll seat you myself", she added, walking towards the stairs. Kayla sluggishly followed suit, unable to stop her sobbing from the lasting sting in her backside over the paddling yesterday and knowing how long she'd be on that stool. The pair walked their way up the stairs and into Kayla's room, heading straight from the door to the corner that held her punishment stool. It was made of wood, and the seat was composed of little pyramids that was painful and uncomfortable to sit on..uncomfortable because it's not flat and stretches the skin, and painful because the little wood carved pyramids come to a dull point. Pocketing her wooden spoon and getting her hands under Kayla's arms, she lifts her up and carefully sits her right down on her stool, getting a small yelp that quickly turned into a series of whimpers and fidgets.

"Ow, ow, ooowwwww..", Kayla let out before her crying resumed, weight now going into the pyramids. It was already uncomfortable, but it also hurt her well spanked backside a good deal. Once seated properly, nose all the way in the corner since she was so close, Emily let go of her and let Kayla just sink her weight on down to her rear. The tears were refreshed sitting down on this stool, getting more sobs and cries from the punished fox.

"I'll be nearby, so don't move till I come and get you. Keep still, if I catch you fidgeting too much I'll just make it harder on you", Emily made sure to remind Kayla, walking out afterwards to leave Kayla to think about everything and inevitably feel sorry for herself..and that she did. Her teeth were clenched at the pain of her swollen, welted, and dark red rear, with the pyramids firmly poking at her skin and stretching it..as if sitting on any strange and uneven surface was bad, these stools really cut the cake when it came to a bad place to sit, especially for a spanked penitatas. Her paws wiped and rubbed at her red, tear filled eyes, still sobbing, unable to help it..this was terrible for her. A harsh spanking, and an hour and a half on this stool was a lot to start her weekend off with, and she was already loathing every second. That rear of her's was a stinging inferno, and this stool was going to make it a lot worse before it would get better.

"Why did I have to fight Ashley..", she whispered to herself before sobbing hard, trying to bring it back down with a few sniffles. "Why?..S-she's right, I didn't think..", the sad fox admitted to herself, keeping her ears folded back and her head down to cry it all out in her corner..

"Hmmm?", Emily hummed to herself when she heard the vidphone, about a half hour into Kayla's punishment stool time. She had been cleaning the dinning room, so she took a seat at the device and answered it, being right there beside the kitchen. The screen displayed an image of a tired, smiling Ki'rene, looking towards her from the stand beside her hospital bed, and Ninne on the other side with a smile on her snout, giving the vidphone a wave as soon as it flicked on. "Oh what a nice sight! Good morning Ki'rene, you look better, if not happy even!", Emily greeted and smiled right back at the two reptiles.

"Ninne has been quite the help in keeping my spirits high", Ki'rene replied, giving her girl a playful pat. "So I haven't been lonely or bored, and my healing is coming along. These d-..", she went on with a smile, still turning her head to look at Ninne..giving a small giggle since she almost let something slip in front of her. Ninne just grinned at her mother for it. "..Darn hospital bed nano operators are really itchy though. Hard to take your mind off of them, except for when the Calleet Court House called", she went on to say with even a smirk at the end.

"They called? What's the news?", Emily asked as soon as Ki'rene let loose that piece of information. She was looking for all the news she could get.

"Apparently they would have tried Dianne today, but since she and I are still being treated for wounds, it's being done first thing tomorrow morning. I'll be getting out of here this evening to go home and rest..this has all taken a toll on my body..I'm exhausted and achy", the drake woman explained, sighing tiredly at the end.

"Come on ma'ma, don't tire yourself out..", Ninne consolded, giving her a concerned look before turning to the vidphone herself from across the medical bed. "Sorry Miss Emily, my mom is really tuckered out after all this", she answered on her mother's behalf.

"I'm alright..almost dying will do that to you. I just need a long night's sleep tonight to recooperate and a nano patch they'll give me. Stupid woman did a number on me..", Ki'rene grumbled a little, getting slightly interrupted by Ninne.

"She'll get her's!", the young Drakonian growled, hating her mother dearly for what she had done to whom she concidered her 'true' mother. Ki'rene let out a weak chuckle and rubbed Ninne's paw.

"Don't make me put you down for a nap if you waste all your energy getting mad", she said lightly to her before turning her head back to the vidphone.

"Things seem well for you both. I'm just glad I was there to help when I could, else you would have been in worse shape", Emily said, getting a nod from the Drakonian mother.

"Hey Miss Emily, is Kayla up yet?", Ninne decided to ask, resting up against her mom's bedside. Emily hummed again, losing her smile a bit.

"Sorry Ninne, she is, but she's on her punishment stool right now. She has this coming for disobeying me and getting into a fight, she's being punished this weekend. You will see her tomorrow morning at the courthouse though", she replied to the young raptor-ish girl, whom drooped a bit at hearing that. Ki'rene spoke before Ninne could again though.

"Sorry to hear that myself Emily, but we gotta do what we gotta do. Even Ninne knows that well", she said back to her friend, with the two drakes looking at one another in the rememberance of many punishments. "I'm going to get myself some rest now..Ninne's games have been tiring enough as is. Take care Emily, I'll see you tonight if Ninne and I manage to tidy up everything the crime scene cleaners I called didn't. My poor house..See you later!", she tried to say cheerily at the end, but it just made the leftover injuries in her neck cause her to cough and catch her breath.

"Bye Miss Emily!", Ninne added politely as she could after seeing her mother was fine.

"Best of wishes Ki'rene, get well. Bye to you too Ninne!", Emily smiled and gave a little wave before the connection was closed and her vidscreen went back to standby mode, as well as Ki'rene's bedside vidphone. The two drakes turned their attentions back to one another almost at the same time, with Ki'rene ready to speak, and Ninne ready to aknowledge.

"I think I may take a nap now Ninne, I'm going to need it to last me through today. Will you be alright in here? There's always a nap, the window, and my datapad with your games on it for you to do", the tired and motherly Ki'rene asked, still laying on her back with her head laying weakly on the pillow supporting her head.

"Can I go downstairs ma'ma? Check the place out?", Ninne sought permission for, getting a prompt but somber shake of her mother's head. "Aww, why not?", she said with a slight whine.

"Because of this", Ki'rene replied, tapping the back of Ninne's claw that resided on her bed's lowered guard rail, where her silver filled in 'P' was. "A penitatas wandering a hospital without supervision is a no-no hun. I know it's not fun for you to be sitting in here all the time, but neither of us have a choice. I'm too tired to get out of this bed even if I wanted a break from these stupid itchy nano operators, which are making certain places itch that really shouldn't be..", she replied almost apologeticly, till somewhat grumbling at the end to her own lack of freedom. Ninne understood though, lightly nodding her head.

"Okay ma'ma, I'll be sure to stay in here while ya' nap. Kayla isn't any better off then us either..I feel bad for her. She oughta get more credit for helping you then this, Emily is being hard on her", the young scaled penitatas felt she needed to comment.

"Come now Ninne, don't be rude like that just because I'm too weak to even nip your tailbase..I could always ask a nurse afterall", Ki'rene frowned a little, getting an applogetic look from her daughter before going on. "It's not fair to judge like that. Emily does have good reason from what you told me yesterday night. She disobeyed her mother's direct order and got into a fight to solve a problem, and that in itself is a very bad thing to do. That's what a penitatas is Ninne, you know that well..you've gotten it very bad for things you do as well. There's not an excuse for everything, certainly not as a penitatas. You have to admit, Kayla has gotten away with much reguarding all this..Gotta pay consequences", the mother reminded her girl with a small smile. She looked down and placed a claw on her girl's silver 'P', getting Ninne to look down as well. "Right?", Ki'rene asked, looking back up at Ninne. The young drake made a short sigh, looking at her hard time penitatas symbol and knowing very well how it meant she too was 'paying consequences' for wrongs she had done.

"You're always good at proving your point one way or another..be it with words or teeth", Ninne chuckled lightly, looking back up and starting to smile a little. "I understand. Kayla'll be okay afterall, I presume she did have this coming", the young drake girl nodded..

When it closely neared an hour and a half of Kayla's punishment time, the amount promised, Emily begun making her way up the stairs, hearing her daughter's pained whimpers just after. Her feet slowly crept to Kayla's doorway, just to see how she was fairing, peering into Kayla's room. Kayla squirmed atop her punishment stool, rear extremely sore and stinging from sitting on that stool for so long, even to the extent of leaving purple-ish marks where all the pyramid points has been pressing at her skin under her fur. She growled and whimpered, trying to shift her weight about since it hurt so badly, to get the points and ridges to press into a different part of her rear instead of the same for so long. Emily quietly 'hrmphed' to herself, watching Kayla another moment just to see if she'd stop squirming and sit like she was supposed to. "Didn't I tell you to keep still the whole time you were to be on your stool Kayla?", the mother said in a half stern tone, with the other half looking for an answer as she walked in and aknowledged her presence. Kayla's paws gripped the stool seat to lift her rear from it and take some pain off of it, growling a bit.

"You try and stay still on this thing!", the fox girl grumbled and growled, carefully working on letting herself off the stool before it hit her...a paw flew to her muzzle she she turned around just quickly enough to see her mother's hand grab her right foxy ear and pull. Kayla yelped and grabbed her mother's hand with both her paws, being quickly led by her ear angrily out of the room, and that certainly hurt the lil fox's sensitve ear. "M-mommy!", she whimpered in a scared and paniced tone. "I didn't mean to snap at you, honest!", Kayla attempted to say while gritting her teeth and trying to keep her little legs moving as quick as her mother's, unable to take all the pressure off her ear.

"You talked back Kayla, and rudely too! What am I going to do with you young lady?!", Emily nearly yelled, tugging her girl along into the bathroom. The paniced fox nearly slipped as a paw pad slid a lil on the cool tile, being placed right beside her mother, and only then did Emily let go of Kayla's ear. Kayla grabbed her sore and reddened ear into her paw as soon as it was released, rubbing it firmly and watching her mother with again teary eyes..she was busy at work at the sink, wetting Kayla's toothbrush and globbing liquid soap onto it. If there was anything Kayla hated, it was getting her muzzle soaped, and this was no exeption.

"It was an accident, I don't need any soap!", the fox girl tried to convince her mother, who only turned around and made her wince with a sharp look.

"I don't know what is wrong with your behavior Kayla..", Emily growled, holding the soapy bristled brush in her hand. "Violence in school, directly disobeying me, and even talking back instead of taking your punishments like a good girl. I want you to explain to me why. Right now", she seriously asked, putting quite the spotlight on Kayla, who tensed up at being asked this when she had really no answer.

"I..", Kayla studdered and sniffled, trying to look up and not be nervous, but that was impossible at the moment, "..I don't know. I wasn't thinking when I attacked Ashley..I was angry, a-and..I just don't wanna be punished ma'ma, it really hurts!", came out the best she could make it. After a second of looking up with no answer, Kayla sobbed and lowered her head. "Momma I'm sorry..Please I didn't mean to be bad..", she cried with guilt upon her shoulders.

"But you were. We'll just have to teach that temper a lesson, and get your head to think before you hit someone or snap at me", Emily said in a parental sort of tone, with the soapy brush being placed at her girl's muzzle, ready to scrub. "Open up Kayla", came the dreaded order..Kayla opened her muzzle wide and kept her tongue down compliantly, ears drooped and eyes watery, ready to accept something she dreadded terribly for her actions. Her mother asking what she did, crushed the little resistance she had in her heart, giving up herself to what she realised she earned well. Emily leaned down just slightly and placed her left hand behind Kayla's head for leverage, orange fur between her fingers, going right to work. The brush went right into Kayla's mouth and begun scrubbing, the yellow soap stuck in the bristles lathering up as the young fox's sharp little teeth were brushed. Kayla's eyes closed tightly and she tried to keep still with the brisk and forceful brushing of her teeth, quickly filling her mouth with a white creamy lather and bubbles, running over her tongue as Emily scrubbed all over her bottom teeth to get all the liquid soap into a lather. She coughed and gagged as a bit of it went to the back of her mouth, still trying to stay good and still, even with a huge cringe on her muzzle and an obviously disgusted look. The soap her mother used on her was absolutely horrid, and had been picked as the best one to use during Kayla's first month when her muzzle was soaped repeatedly for all her cussing..so the flavor was well known to the fox, and especially disliked. The brushes soapy bristles begun work scrubbing her top row of teeth, further filling her mouth with more and more creamy white soap, and requiring her to lift her muzzle to stop some saliva and lather that was running down the side of her muzzle, getting the outside of her muzzle soapy too. Kayla whimpered and whined with all that soap in her mouth, and the brushing only making more and swishing it around to get her tastebuds to react further. Emily's hand kept nothing but her brisk pace, as she did while spanking, scrubbing her daughter's teeth as best she could with the goal of totaly coating Kayla's mouth and tongue in the soapy lather..she scrubbed at the roof of Kayla's mouth for a sudden moment, getting a squirm from the fox at the feeling, and quite the whine as Emily shifted the brush and started scrubbing her tongue. Kayla gagged and coughed a bit, sending more soap trickling down her fur and muzzle, with a large amount of soap remaining in her mouth. Emily kept up the scrubbing of her girl's tongue and mouth for a good fifteen minutes, as she usualy would while giving her girl a brush scrubbing, and Kayla too would do her usual thing, which was basicly fidget her footpaws and whine. In the end Kayla's mouth was just all soap and lather, as well as some of her muzzle and chest, and tear dampness in her cheeks. Taking the brush from Kayla's muzzle, she set it down and wrapped her hand around her girl's muzzle to firmly close it.

"Mrrummm...", Kayla whimpered, soapy in the muzzle and stinging in the backside from being spanked and put on her punishment stool before.

"Kayla..I have had to wash your mouth out so many times since you have gotten here, with that mouth of your's. If it wasn't talking back, it was your swearing, and I have had to do this too much. This time, you're going to swallow all that soap in your muzzle and any other time I see fit", the stern penitatas mother ordered, getting a shocked look from Kayla who squirmed and tried to speak, which only sounded like muffled whines with her mother's hand around her muzzle. "Now Kayla!", Emily ordered again more sternly, lifting Kayla's muzzle up a bit more so she wouldn't have a choice..the fox realized that well, and with drips of tears from her eyes cringed and grimaced terribly as she swallowed down all the suds and bubbles, gulp after gulp till they were all gone..her mouth burned and tasted terrible, and her teeth squeeked, and even her throat hurt now from the slimy soap going down to her tummy. The soap was non-toxic, but still made her stomach cramp a slight bit. Seeing her girl has done as told, her released Kayla's muzzle and she immidiately gagged before hanging her head. Emily gave Kayla an approving nod and held her hand to her, instead of just taking her by the ear this time.

"That's better..But for the rest of the day, you will spend it in your room. I will bring you lunch and dinner, and your toy chest will be locked", Emily looked down and told the sniffling fox in a 'just so you know' matter while she wiped her eyes and took her mother's hand as offered. The pair walked slowly out of the bathroom and Kayla made a light whimper, since she wasn't allowed to rince her mouth out either it seems, and the soap's lingering taste stabbed at her tongue. If the taste wasn't worse enough, her mouth just felt nasty..

"Yes mom..okay", Kayla said tiredly, sadly, and defeated. After all that punishment, the thought to even whimper didn't cross her mind. The two reached Kayla's room and she padded herself on in, with the door closing after her by a touch of a button by her mother. With that, the fox flopped on her bed, on her tummy mind you, to lightly sniffle and sob tiredly into her pillow. It had been quite the morning already for her, and one harsh enough to quickly make her sad and defeated feeling..though she herself could not disagree with her mother's words, and even Ashley's words rang through her mind. Kayla nuzzled her head into her pillow restfully, eyes still damp, hearing her mother come in and put that lock she promised on her toy chest. She was too forelorn at the moment to move, just immersing herself in her thoughts, as Emily would expect her to anyways, being grounded to her room with her toy chest locked. These were thoughts she found to be bothersome and irritating, much like her backside..Ashley accused her of still being the notorius hacker she was known to be, and such a thing made Kayla sigh painfully. She really didn't know if Ashley was right or wrong any longer, and her own doubt and insecurety was frightening. Deep down inside..was she still Packet-Storm? "No dammit, I'm not!", Kayla whimpered at her thoughts, putting her head under her pillow with a teary sort of sound. "I only wanted to help..not fight..but I planned the fight? I wasn't just angry. I thought about Ninne and Ki'rene with every action, but does that make my actions right?..", the poor fox questioned, peeking from the pillow towards her tail and welted rear end. "I deserved all of that I guess..", she quietly sniffed to herself, taking her head from under her pillow to rub her soaped tongue with her paw to maybe get some of the taste off to mostly no avail. There the fox resided and rested, forced to deal with her backside and mouth in boredom as hours very slowly ticked by, getting her lunch and even more boredom following. After a while she found herself with a pencil and paper, concidering she did not have a datapad, jotting down a first few words to herself..'Welcome to my well earned hell'. Kayla dug into her thoughts, tapping my muzzle with the pencil till she continued to write what was on her mind..

'I was made a penitatas for my wrongs; wrongs that are very obviously still there. I shall forever be the universe's computer expert, whether I like it or not, but being my alias, Packet-Storm, was of my decision. Is it really a decision though? Or is it something I became? It's difficult to say, and I would be a liar if I said I was disgusted when I did everything I did to hack my school's database. It was a rush, my old rush. I curse this child's mind of mine I now have, leaving my judgement so poor, though that's a poor excuse concidering it was lapse during my original adulthood as well. I was almost fourty years old when I screwed up, making me a hacker of over twenty years. Heh, makes me wonder how many people I hurt and inconvenienced. Boy I'm a bitch, and I bet there was a celebration I was finally caught for some people. As they say though, admitting the situation to one's self is the first step to recovery. I choose not to be a hacker, even though the road to bettering myself is paved with pain, tears, and every implement of spanking imaginable. That's my second chance, and I'm taking it. I am not a bad person, I never was..I want to help, always. I was just a lost Aspatrian fox in my own little lonely world, from that third world crap planet. All of you I ever harmed with my childish and selfishly destructive antics, I am very sorry'

Kayla sighed and growled at herself quietly, getting up from her bed to clear her mind since she let everything out to herself. She took the paper she had written and placed it with some other papers she kept at her desk and returned the pencil, leaning on the window cill of her room's round window, looking out to the house next door and trying to peek towards Ki'rene's house, which she couldn't see from the window. "It's getting late..I wonder if they're home yet", the lonely fox said aloud, wondering about Ninne and Ki'rene, but alas, she was trapped in her room and would not know how they were. She stood at her window for a short while till dinner came, being nothing more then a synthesized meat sandwitch (Think of it as a spam-witch) and some milk. The milk was most appreciated after the soaping earlier, able to wash away a good deal of the lasting taste, though the sandwitch wasn't great..she didn't expect it to be though, since she was grounded to her room and was just going to get something that wouldn't make a mess. Food and such gone, she was forced again to do nothing for hours at a time, sun ever too slowly creeping away. It wasn't till seven that her door opened, putting some light into Kayla's room, since she never bothered to turn on the light when the sun had set, leaving the room somewhat dim in here boredom. Kayla sat up in bed for the first time today, since she had been spanked earlier, finding it to be Alex.

"Hello Kayla", Alex greeted Kayla, wearing his usual house clothes instead of his suit and tie, concidering he had been home for an hour now.

"Hi dad", Kayla greeted in reply as Alex turned her lights on from beside the door, walking to the end of his daughter's bed.

"I heard about everything you did Kayla, and what you mother has to do because of it. I'm really surprised in you that you'd disappoint us like this..", he scolded slightly with a sigh at the end. The fox's ears drooped half way as she looked up at him, unable to really say anything to that. "I came up here to tuck you in early..and give you a good dose of the belt before I do", Alex told her, getting a shocked look from Kayla. It was a very rare thing to be punished by Alex, and he hurt!

"W-why you daddy?", Kayla asked in a startled and surprised manner.

"I'm your father, and though I'm not usualy the one here to punish you, I have my responcibility to spank you as much as your mother does when you cross the line..", Alex spoke very up-frontedly, removing his belt from around the waist of his shorts that Kayla recognized as one of the belts he wore for work, which he put on his shorts to use on her, "..Just because you're not used to me punishing you, that doesn't mean you're not going to be. Now grab your pillow and put it on the end of your bed here, and bend over it. I like being a nice penitatas father to you, but you have lots of hard licks coming to you from me when you need them, especially if I take a vacation from work and I'm home all day", he added while watching Kayla do as ordered, grabbing her pillow and setting it where directed while resisting the urge to whimper. She bent over the end of her bed with her footpaws just off the floor, and her rear raised with that pillow under her pelvis and tummy. She then did some re-positioning of herself so none of her fur would be tugged on in the way she was laying, raising her tail up towards her back, baring her rear end and all the orange fur that goes with it. The fox girl couldn't help but let her crotch show as well in this rear-elevated position, but she was too busy waiting to be whapped by the belt she heard being readied behind her to care, facing foreward as she was supposed to.

"Dad?..I'm sorry about this", Kayla hung her head from where she laid, speaking forelornly and obviously meaning it. Alex made a quiet sigh to himself and nodded his head, though his furry girl couldn't see it.

"I am too really..", the man said in a not-so-perky tone himself, rearing back his arm, belt in the classic loop in his hand. Kayla's ears made a sudden and startled flick, with the sensitive ears picking up the light jingle of his belt buckle, clenching her eye lids and the bed with her paws, getting ready for the first snap across her tenderized backside..there was no wait involved, for as soon as she gripped the bed tightly, the belt split the air and impacted the fur and flesh of her rear, with the leather making a loud crack of belt meeting tender skin. The stinging jolt made the fox's muscles spazem and her body almost jump from where she lay, with a loud and painful yelp. She grit her teeth, trying to supress it hurt, but the second lash across her rear end came just as hard and loud right across the center of her rear end.

"Aaaaarrrroooooo!!", came out of the pained Kayla's muzzle, heavily wincing and kicking her legs, making the mistake of lowering her tail defensively over her rear and rubbing it with her paws..she didn't mean to be disobedient, but Alex hurt badly. His belt lashes are strong and having a different style then Emily just makes it that much worse. Alex, kept his belt in the swing position, giving a disapproving look.

"Kayla, move your paws and tail! I'll give you a special lick for that one", he said with a clearly stern tone so his daughter would promptly obey, and that she did. Her tail curled back up and over her back, with her paws reaching foreward and gripping the bed once again. Taking careful aim, Alex reared the belt a little further back and swung with extra force, smacking the belt clear across the young fox's base of her rear end, even getting her very upper thigh and a small welt where it had slightly gotten upon her crotch, giving Kayla a small burning welt just behind her thin furred slit. It was not Alex's intent to do that last part, but his hard spank left the deep mark he wanted, with Kayla's toes curling tightly and her howling further sobs and cries at the pain of it. Her lil' nails dug into her blanket immidiately, and another belt crack lashed her upper rear as soon as she did as a rapid follow-up to the last lick, further punishing her long sore rear and tailhole..the sudden lick got another crying yelp of pain, which made her bite into her blanket and tremble from the sting. Tears trickled from her eyes and she did as best she could to just hold on and not move, crying loudly as you would expect a child whom had been spanked so much would, squirming her rear and legs, and kicking her little fox footpaws. Another lash would come and her body would jolt foreward, she'd make a yelp or other pained whine, upping her crying further..another lash, then yet another, now starting to cross welts and deepen the spanks down into muscle from the base of her tail down to her thighs with that big belt not relenting to any cries or jumps on it's small recipiant's part. Every spank was a horror for her already sore and lightly bruised backside, further paining skin and muscle and deepening the red color of the growing welts. Just by lash eight Kayla was clawing at her bed with her footpaws and squirming heavily, howling and bawling into her bed, especially when one of her father's lashes came across the base of her rear again, getting more of her thighs. She was all out of energy to resist, though her paws were ever so tightly holding onto her blanket while her face and muzzle was down against the bed to cry. The last spanks were the most painful, coming again across the base of her rear in succession after the last one applied there, digging into her lower rear and where it began to slope between her legs, and what would be the final spank went diagnaly from her upper right to her lower left, crossing every welt and a bit of her lil' tailhole, getting another howling and bawling tremble from the defeated penitatas. When no more lashes came to mark her backside, Kayla let go of her blanket and just cried it out good into her bed, lightly squirming her backside in pain. The ache spread and sunk deep in as it should from a belting, stung by the strap. Alex set the belt down at the end of the bed and lifted Kayla up from under her arms, lifting her up to his chest and turning her around, wrapping his arms around her to hold her while the fox cried into his shoulder. He walked around to the side of her bed and slowly lied her down on her side, taking Kayla's covers and tucking her in while she cried into her pillow that Alex returned to her, watching him slightly through crying eyes.

"T-thanks..daddy..", Kayla sobbed and sniffled, shifting a bit more onto her tummy and wincing slightly from the pain. She may have been whapped good, but she knew well enough to mind her manners especially. Alex gave her head a quick ruffle before walking to her door, picking up his belt along the way.

"Goodnight Kayla. Sleep well", Alex wished as he turned her light knob till they dimmed all the way off, stepping out and closing the door behind himself. Having the moment, Kayla reached down behind herself, rubbing under her tail at the welts to put out the fire sort-of-speak, lightly whimpering to herself.

"Yeah..I'll sleep well..yeah right..", Kayla lightly sobbed, concidering her rear end really hurt now more then it had earlier. She was hurting all the way through her muscles, being quite the well-whapped fox. Her paws were careful in their rubs, slipping slightly in between her legs to rub at that small spot behind her slit that stung like a bee-sting, and even looked like it under her fur, though she wasn't about to go through all the hurt moving about to try and see what any of her welts looked like. She tried to soothe her pains with her paws for a while, imagining she was rubbing nano-lotion into her fur and skin. It helped little, but it comforted her at least..or more so the paw between her legs helped some, since she rubbed her slit slightly while taking care of the welt down there, getting a nice feeling even for her body's age. She sniffled and sighed into her pillow, cracking a smile and something of a giggle while her finger trailed back and forth through her crotch fur down there, feeling a bit silly. Kayla covered her rear up with her bushy young fox tail and held her pillow with her paws now that she had calmed down and stopped thinking about the pain. Her eyes were still wet and so was her nose, but she expected that. Looking through the darkness of her room, she pondered about Ninne how things were over at her house..getting amusing images of her being able to do bad things and getting away with it since Ki'rene's jaw was most likely too weak to chew Ninne's tail. Kayla knew Ninne would be on her best behavior though, that was just her when it came down to Ki'rene. The weight of her blanket on her rear and thighs grew to be irritating, so she pushed the blanket off and layed in the cool air, thinking about good things and getting comfortable on her stomach. The little fox cared not how silly any thought was, just as long as it gave her something besides her backside to think about, and while thinking about good thoughts and her friends, Kayla eventually fell asleep exhausted from the stress put on her by the belt spanking she recieved, moonlight illuminating her fur, to sleep in her own discomfort.

..Kayla awoke to a muffled sound in her foxy ears, groaning from the ache in her rear that throbbed down her legs as she slowly began to wake. She had slept not so well, concidering her backside even bothered her while she slept, and was very well bruised and marked right down into muscle. "Kayla, wake up, we have to get going!", Emily said louder this time, being heard quite clearly by her rousing daughter. Kayla made another little muffled sound and slipped from bed on her side, stretching her arms, legs, and tail while watching her mother pull out her fancy clothes from her closet. "We have to be down at the courthouse soon, you really need to move your tail", Emily said as she turned around, taking the few steps to Kayla's bedside and setting the dark blue slightly pleated skirt with a blazer down, along with a grey shirt and white cotton panties for underneath.

"We're going to Dianne's trial? This early?", Kayla lightly yawned, slowly and softly massaging her tender rear with her right paw to assist in the ache.

"It's eight, you should be getting up anyways..", the mother replied, till she caught Kayla's rubbing paw and gave it a whap, inciting a little 'ow!' from the fox, who rubbed the back of her paw and drooped her ears, "..So you need to go brush your teeth and wash up, then come back and get dressed. First though, go ahead and raise your paws over your head and lift your tail too", she continued directing, giving a bit of a gesture with her hand at the end to show she wanted her paws and tail up. Kayla frowned as soon as she heard this, already understanding why..but none the less, she raised her arms up and her tail along with it. Emily wrapped her left hand around her girl's furry wrists, holding them up high, swinging her right hand hard into the center of Kayla's welted and whapped backside. Kayla winced and whimpered in pain, dancing around on her footpaws and squirming at her mother's swatting hand, whapping again and again at her rear at a quick pace that set all the soreness and hurt skin back ablaze. *Whap!* *Whap!*, landed the stern hand upon Kayla's furry rear end till a dozen spanks were laid in, and that was all that was needed to refresh the horrid sting of Alex's belting and the other after effects of the spoon spanking and Mr. Yami's bruising paddling. Kayla's bare footpaws scuffed on the carpet and she moved her legs a bit to help the throb of her most hurting spots and the burn of the rest, already sniffling with a solitary pair of tears rolling down her sad cheeks, slowly being absorbed into fur. Emily's hand stayed around her daughter's wrists and held them high to ensure she wouldn't rub the fire she re-lit, forcing Kayla to hang her head, stand, and just whimper. "You know very well what I said yesterday morning Kayla, that you'd be sore this weekend. Getting the sting back in your rear was well neccessary", Emily reminded with not much of a stern tone. The fox's flattened ears caught the change in tone and hoped that it meant she was being slowly but surely forgiven.

"I understand mom..", Kayla let up her tearyness to say, making a quiet sigh afterwards, standing still for a few more brief moments before pressing her thighs a bit more together, twitching her raised tail that she really needed to drop. "..momma, can I go now please? I really have to go to the bathroom, I didn't yesterday..", she had to ask with a somewhat desperate ring to it, since she certainly was. She had woken up, so everything she had to hold yesterday was weighing on her now and made her have to go quite badly, squirming her legs and the base of her tail although her wrists were held.

"Yes Kayla, go on", her mother answered without hesitation, able to see Kayla really had to go. She had no intention of keeping her any longer anyhow, not wanting to be late for Dianne's trial, being a little behind schedule. The two furry wrists were promptly released, and Emily gave her a light scoot to tell her girl she could scamper to the bathroom, which she gladly did, running out of the room with her legs still pressed as together as she could, making herself look awkward with her paws between her legs and her tail firmly down. "Finish up as quick as you can!", Emily called as her girl ran out into the hallway to go to the neighboring bathroom, quickly closing the door behind herself. She hopped up onto the toilet, flinging her tail out of the way...with quite the loud yelp, sharp and teary in nature. Her paws flung to the toilet seat and lifted herself up a bit, squirming her legs to keep the swatted areas from pressing at anything, sobbing a few times from how much hopping up on the toilet seat desperately had hurt. The squirming of her thighs and holding herself up made doing her business that more awkward, not to mention painful, and even stressful on her arms. She sniffled the whole several moments she needed, whimpering when she had to sit slightly on her hip on one side of the toilet seat to run the sonic cleaner through her bits. Needless to say, getting off the toilet came with a sigh of relief and a wiping of her eyes, remembering she needed to hurry. The fox grabbed her toothbrush and scrubbed her teeth, getting some of the remaining squeekyness off of them from the soaping yesterday, though she couldn't help but notice the lingering taste of soap in her brush. Rincing her mouth and washing her muzzle, cheeks, and paws as asked, she dried off her fur and padded herself back down to her room, feeling fresher and cleaner. Her rear end was still bothering her terribly, barely subsiding at all in pain, with every welt burning and every bruise aching.

"I'm all done. I'll get dressed now", the young fox announced to her mother, whom waited for her. Mother and daughter worked together, getting her furry self dressed with one garment at a time and being helped by her mother when it came down to her skirt and blazer. Once Emily had affirmed Kayla was properly dressed to go to a court trial, dress shoes and all, she picked up Kayla's fur brush from her nightstand..the well whapped fox couldn't help but fold her ears halfway and wring her paws, shrinking a bit, thinking she was about to be spanked yet again.

"Oh calm down, I'm just going to brush your fur..unless you think you need the swats before we go?", Emily said teasingly as she sat down upon the bed and began brushing Kayla's headfur.

"No no, certainly not..", Kayla replied sheepishly. Her mother may have spoke in a teasing manner, but as a penitatas, she knew that was still half a real question. She had no interest in being under her parent's hands with her rear already in the shape it was, hurting even when she wasn't sitting..not to mention that bee-sting size welt that got a little in between her legs still hurt like a lingering bee-sting as well, getting worse when she walked. The girl stood still and attempted to enjoy this moment however, closing her eyes and feeling the brush bristles running through her fur and making her extra presentable. All ready to go, the pair made their way downstairs and outside, getting into the hovercar nice and strapped in. While pulling up and out of the driveway, Kayla looked over at Ki'rene's home, seeing the two drakes had already left for the courthouse. The ride was as bad as Kayla thought it would be, leaning foreward on her less spanked thighs with a look of discomfort, though fortunately for her the courthouse was a short trip at their hovercar's speed, landing in the first parking spot the hovercar's sensors detected. A brief walk down a clean and clear sidewalk once out of their hovercar took them down to the courthouse building, passing a few small trees beside the parking lot, with Kayla's eyes, nose, and ears eagerly taking in everything after being punished to her room. To a seven year old penitatas, only one whole day's imprisonment made her very glad to get some fresh air. The fresh air was a short lived feeling however, as they headed up the courthouse's steps and the blue sky became replaced by the brown building. Kayla kept her paws held behind her back as they entered the automatic doors, hit with the cool airconditioned feeling and scent of the courthouse she had been to only days ago for Ashley's appearance in penitatas court. The bustle of the lobby floor was the same as ever, looking as splendid in architecture as all the very well dressed people within. Her eyes scanned the floor, walking at her mother's side and looking for her missed best friend, though it was her friend that found her first.

"Kayla!", Ninne called with a wave of her claw. A smile came across Kayla's muzzle, hurrying along a bit quicker then her mother to meet up with the two waiting Drakonians.

"Just in time you two, we're almost late", Ki'rene said in a welcoming way to Emily, though it was obvious there was a degree of tiredness in her voice. She wore what looked like a Drake version of a jacket, covering her arms, and slacks down her legs like her daughter wore, covering up any visable remains of injury besides a faint scarring on her snout and neck that would very shortly disappear with a second doctor visit.

"I was just a little busy with Kayla. We best get up to the second floor before we really are late though", Emily replied to her scaled friend, walking beside her as they started for the turbolifts with their girl's a few paces behind, happy to have a few moments to themselves to talk.

"Damn I missed you Ninne", Kayla turned her head to Ninne and sighed, certain to speak quietly enough so Emily ahead wouldn't have heard.

"Tell me about it, I've been worried about you", Ninne also spoke a bit lower then usual, concidering they were around a lot of people anyways and wanted her conversation to be with only her friend. She lowered her neck down slightly and turned her head to the fox to keep chatting, "The only good news is that my biological mom was caught and my real mom is alright. I heard about you being punished..", she said with a bit of a droopy expression, showing sympathy. "How have things been for you? Are you okay?", Ninne asked, keeping her sympethetic tone but also concern for her friend as well. The fox folded her ears back slightly and lowered her head just a tad, with a forlorn look on her muzzle while the pair continued walking through the courthouse's lobby level.

"Yeah, I'm okay..", she said with a deep sigh, lifting her head back up to speak to her taller friend, "..If you call being constantly punished okay. My mom and dad have been really hard on me, but I guess I can't blame them..", the droopy fox added with sarcasm at the beginning till her tone changed to a defeatedly sad one. "I'm really hurting..I got spanked over Principal Yami's paddling with a spoon, put on my punishment stool for a real long time, had my muzzle washed out with soap, got sent to my room for the whole day without any toys, and belted by my dad before bed..Oh, and hit a few times this morning too..I'm sore and bruised, and I have this misplaced welt on my crotch that stings like a bug-bite..", Kayla explained with that same tone.

"It's really bothersome, especially when walking and sitting..", the fox whined softly, placing a paw on the rear of her skirt to give her backside a light pet, as well as a quick tail flick and discomforted look. Ninne frowned and looked away a moment, till she turned her head back to her furry friend.

"I'm sorry about it all. Emily should give you more credit..but hey, it'll end soon and we get to see my biological mom get what's coming to her finally. I've waited for this since I was a kindern", Ninne spoke in her own low tone till she tried to smile and cheer Kayla up. Kayla was about to reply when Emily and Ki'rene turned their heads and called to them.

"Come on both of you, let's catch this turbolift. You two can keep talking later", Emily told the two penitatas, pointing to an opening turbolift a few paces ahead. The group picked up their pace for a moment, getting into the turbolift together and leaving the bustle of the first floor behind and going up to the second floor where the regular courtrooms were held along with the rejuvenation lab. A floor the two girls had seen before in trial, punishment, and a new beginning.

"Ninne, you know you need to behave yourself and watch the temper during this trial, right?", Ki'rene looked down and asked her daughter, getting a prompt but slow nod in responce.

"Yes ma'ma, I won't be a trouble for you right now", Ninne assured. She knew her mother wasn't in the best condition, and the two drakes understood that one could not chew tail and the other shouldn't give any reasons for any tailchewings either. Ninne loved her mother too much to intentionally or carelessly hurt her right now when she was busy caring for her well being. Ki'rene's question also made Emily's head look down as the turbolift doors opened and they began stepping out.

"And you know to watch the muzzle this time Kayla I hope. I'll spank you more harshly if I have to repeat what I did last time in the hovercar", the mother warned, looking for perfect behavior this time.

"I'll be good mom, promise", Kayla swore, knowing quite well she needed to keep that promise for her own hide. The group stepped up to the second floor's security station, where two guards were waiting to screen at their desk, getting up as they arrived. Their uniforms were blue, and both carried handheld scanners and phasers at their waist.

"Good day", the first guard greeted while activating his scanner in his hand, giving Emily the first screening. The second guard stepped up to Kayla first, since she was right beside Emily as it was, kneeling down a small amount to see her better.

"Could you move the fur on the back of your paw a little so I could see the letter miss?", the man asked in a deeper voice of the other, whom was already finished with Emily by the time he finished asking. Kayla gave him a light nod, placing her left paw on her right, moving enough fur out of the way on her right paw to show him that she was a hard time penitatas with her filled in silver 'P' he couldn't see through her orange fur. She watched his expression, and almost saw the light turn on in his head and suddenly realize who she was, and even noticed a look of embarassment for him not knowing before checking. "Oh, Packet-Storm!", he said with surprise, getting suddenly interrupted by Kayla, though she tried not to do it rudely.

"Kayla Ackart Sir", the young fox gently corrected, though she was annoyed to have been called by her old alias. Ki'rene then started getting screened while Ninne waited, as penitatas took longer for one reason..

"I'm going to have to pat you down miss, so put your paws on my desk here if you would please", the man directed, since that was standard procedure. Kayla and Ninne remembered it from last time, and they still did not appreciate it..the fox quietly did as told though, putting her paws up on the desk and positioned herself to be searched by hand. The guard knelt back down behind her slightly, patting his kands down her sides while the fox sighed a bit, looking down with a bit of a shamed look while his hands patted around and looked for anything she shouldn't have, being more thourough then a simple screening..the girl winced when her rear was checked, and the fur of her tail jumped and stood on end when she felt his hand suddenly get between her legs, hand under her skirt, checking her panties. She felt fortunate he didn't see her bare her teeth at the annoyance. She did turn her head though when Ninne stepped beside her and placed her claws on the guard's desk to also be searched, with both penitatas exchanging looks of irritation. "You're clear, you can go ahead with your mother now", the guard told Kayla after a few more pats around her skirt and blazer. She stood up straight, untensing her muscles from the search and padding around Ninne, seeing her being patted down quite extensively down the legs of her slacks as she passed, crossing the security line to join Emily and Ki'rene to wait for Ninne, who only took a few more moments. They were moving again once Ninne rejoined, with the two girls griping over the guards patting them down.

"That guy put his hand up my skirt! Does everyone think I'm that big of a threat?", Kayla crossed her arms and grumbled. Ninne had to roll her eyes at her treatment as well.

"I don't know. They pat everywhere though, even where a Drakonian would have difficulty keeping something", Ninne commented back with light irritation in her voice as well, though the two penitatas were only joking in their own annoyed way.

"Oh you two..", Ki'rene lightly giggled, walking towards the doors to the main courtroom, and the courthouse's biggest. A trial involving attempted murder certainly got first priority.

"Save the complaints for later girls, we have business to attend to and a criminal to have punished", Emily spoke, stopping at the double wooden doors to the courtroom. "Ki'rene, are you going to be okay? Ninne?", she spoke softer, sounding worried about the two drakes. She was, afterall.

"Ninne and I will be okay, we've talked a lot about this together..", Ki'rene smiled tiredly, happy at least to have gotten the moment to ready herself for this. This trial was going to be a drain on her injured body and mind. Ninne noticed a drop in her mother's energy and gave her mother's side a nuzzle, reguardless if Emily or Kayla were watching, which made the drake mother smile more. "Thanks sweetie", the mother replied with a kind look to her daughter, who smiled back to let her know she had lot's of extra support from her.

"Then let's do this", Emily nodded, turning and placing her hands on the doorknobs, turning them and pushing the doors open for the four. As soon as they walked in, with those in the courtroom's seats looking at them, Kayla immidiately recognized the large room...she herself was sentenced here. The judge with his scowls and angry tone, directly denoucing her..it made the fox shiver from eartip to tailtip in memory, following her mother down the aistle of the large courtroom. Her ears perked back up and began paying attention again when she heard a slight growl, turning her head slightly to Ninne, who had an angry look on her snout..Kayla looked to see why, and immidiately saw the cause. Dianne was sitting at her table, claws cuffed with a security officer standing at her side with his hands behind his back, as the balif was doing up front. The group turned at the end of the aistle to take their seats, being eyed and scowled at by Dianne, whom quietly bared her teeth slightly till she turned her head away. Everyone ignored Dianne but Ninne, who scowled right back, and needed a scoot from her mother to continue moving and take her seat. Kayla reluctantly took her seat on the wooden bench, wincing and cringing, squirming to find a good way to sit that didn't involve her growling in pain. Ninne went to sit beside her friend, but Emily gave her shoulder a pat to get the raptory girl's attention. "I need to sit beside Kayla Ninne", she whispered, getting a nod from Ninne, who scooted down and out of the way, swapping seats with Emily while Ki'rene sat down on the end. Kayla sighed softly and adjusted her skirt from her squirming, looking down.

"Ninne, look, it's Ashley!", Ninne whispered across Emily suddenly to Kayla to get her to look over, snickering a bit. Kayla looked over at the defendant's table, seeing Ashley and her parents taking their seats, all looking displeased, and Ashley very uncomfortable looking on her blistered backside from the judicial padding only a few days ago. The mean human girl also got it well from her parents for fighting, as one would expect. The fox snickered to herself, feeling a sudden burst of pride for successfully proving Ashley was a liar and it was her efforts that made this possible..then she reminded herself her efforts were still wrong for the most part, and kicked that pride aside for the moment. She couldn't help but still feel guilty when Ki'rene used violence to try and save her life, and she used it to fight Ashley as a first resort without proof.

"Ninne..", Ki'rene quietly whispered in her daughter's ear, "Remember not to do anything that could get Kayla in trouble", she reminded, while looking over at Kayla and Ninne with her eyes, seeing Emily obviously whispering a warning to not snicker at Ashley to the fox. Ki'rene appreciated Kayla, and didn't wish to see the foxy girl in anymore trouble then she already placed herself in trying to help. Ninne gave an affirming nod, looking back over at the defendant's table again..scanning her biological mother's cold look and the hate that poured out of every scale. In custody, Dianne did not have a Drakonian made clothing available to her, so she was forced to go out bare scaled, which at least made Ninne know she had some extra shame in being here like that. The Drakonian woman had faint marks and scars of her own, all over her body, showing where she was treated for wounds inflicted by Ki'rene defending herself..they made Ninne grin even, knowing her biological mother felt some pain of her own in her attempt to kill the one she concidered her real mother, and that she failed doing so as well. Ninne's kindern childhood was abusive and bleak, and had long filled her with fear and uncertainty, but with Dianne now looking to be punished for her wrongdoing, the repressed fear was boiling into anger and hatred, staring over at her with seemingly burning eyes. All four were nervous and uncomfortable in some way, with aches and worries, to one certain fox's bruised backside, and they all tried to ignore all the press and other people watching the trial in the large seating space in back. Instead of being put under a spotlight, they were stared at and put on the spot to look for answers and defend themselves, which could even be worse then being on a stage. Kayla after a few moments eventually found a position she could sit in, though it still hurt..Emily had told her to stop squirming, and she did as told quickly. The rear door to the judge's chambers opened slowly, and this room's man of law stepped slowly out with a file in hand, towards his high seat while everyone stood at the bailif's motion. Kayla was slightly miffed she would have to sit back down again after she had just gotten still..

"Case 791420 is now underway, honorable Calleet Judge Maeron Pierce presiding", the uniformed bailif announced, sounding very familiar to the fox's ears as the man announced just as the penitatas court bailif did. Ninne took one look at the judge and grumbled noticibly, catching her mother's attention..she watched Ninne look foreward at the man as he took his seat, allowing the rest of everyone else to sit as well, and Kayla did so with a small yelp to herself, getting somewhat comfortable again. Ki'rene sighed at her daughter's angry and displeased look, almost able to see all the unhappy thoughts she was processing. The mother knew this would be tough on Ninne, but all she could do was hope for her and lend her ear.

"Ninne, honey, you you alright?", she spoke quietly down to her daughter, feeling Ninne was more important then just being quiet. Ninne closed her eyes and bared a few teeth, just trying to calm herself down a little from her angry state.

"I'm fine ma'ma..", the young and memory filled drake replied, nodding her head up to her mother as the judge began to speak, turning her head back to him as soon as he did. The judges elbows were loosely propped on his stand, fingers interlacing as he spoke.

"We are brought here today because of the second-most worst crime of law, and the first-most crime of ethics. Attempted murder and lying under oath. I had to sit and review case 262331, recorded three days ago, and the background history of all of you involved..and my what a web of deception do we weave..", Judge Pierce, the older authoritive man by every aspect, spoke with strength and a hard word of law. His white mustache moved with every word, with even his tone of voice sounding damming and coldly stern. "Dianne Sak'kral, you are charged with attempted murder and first degree assault using deadly body-based weapontry, and you Ashley Ellin,", the man spoke in a high authoritive manner, shifting his look right to the sulking and frightened penitatas, "are charged with lying under oath, along with aiding a criminal. Both of you and your moral lacking deeds have solid evidence against you as is, and all the proof in the world, but we are going to get to the bottom of all this", he spoke in a slow and deep manner after reading the charges, sitting back in his chair with almost a scowl on his face. The man's was like a stone in Kayla's eyes, sinking in her seat at the man's voice..her rear's throbbing pain was busy telling her that angry authority figures were the last thing she needed. "Mister and Misses Balbanes, in the new police investigation following case 262331, you had told police you knew Dianne. Could you please explain to me in your own words how?", the old law man sat up straight and asked with a hint of more politeness now that he was not talking to his 'criminals' as he liked to put it. Kayla, Ninne, Ki'rene, and Emily brought their attentions to full, waiting to see just how this spiteful Drakonian woman interfered in their lives.

"Yes, that is true your honor", Ashley's father answered while Dianne flashed him a quick scowl, clenching her cuffed claws in her lap. "This woman passed herself off as a penitatas parent to us..", he said, looking at Ashley angrily, "..With Ashley's help of course", he grumbled, making Ashley sink further into the bench and sniffle.

"Is that so?", Judge Pierce said, looking at Ashley as well. "Well then miss Ellin, could you tell all of us how you tricked your parents and how all this organized all of this?", he asked sternly, meaning business that he wanted all of this properly explained. Dianne's teeth fully bared with a growl, turning her head to Ashley promptly.

"Don't you say a thing!", the woman snapped to the penitatas, whom winced and pressed herself against the side of her father, though either way she was in hot water. A loud crack of the gavel from Judge Pierce got Dianne's attention back to where it should be.

"That's more then enough miss Sak'kral! Any more like that towards miss Ellin and you could be looking at further charges!", Judge Pierce bellowed, pointing his gavel at her with the most authoritive tone he had used yet. Dianne looked very angry and displeased, but she had sure kept her snout shut. "Ashley, you may begin now", he let her know, setting his gavel back down upon his stand.

"Um..Well..", Ashley sighed and very nervously began with a droopy expression, "I met her one day after school. I had just gotten off the bus, and she was walking along the sidewalk. When the bus took off she stopped me and asked if I knew Ninne..I told her I didn't want to speak to her, but she introduced herself and told me that she had a plan that I could use to really get back at Ninne. She had told me she had waited for me to get off the bus and made herself look like she was taking a walk for my bus driver just to tell me. After she told me her plan I..agreed to help..s-so I told my mom and dad I had a new friend in the neighborhood, and that they should go meet her peni mommy so I could play. Dianne had made it so she'd be babysitting her neighbor's penitatas that evening, so when my parents came and met her, they were none the wiser that I was going there to plot revenge..she loaded up a program on my school-work chip I still had on me after my parents left and told me what to do to hurt Ninne. I did as directed the next day. I stayed behind when class was over and everyone left for the busses, I put the chip in my teacher's console, ran it, and left, changing Ninne's grade information that was going to be recorded to grade chips that evening. Miss Chester had left to pick up her chips needed, so that's why she was out of the room..when she came back, she had no clue the data she put in for Ninne was wrong now, and I was already on the bus for home..", Ashley had explained as best as she could in her timid voice, sounding even ashamed of herself at times.

"Revenge is a dish best not served at all", the judge said in a somber grumble, shaking his head. "Why did you follow her words though? Did you know why she wanted you to do this?", he asked in almost a confused manner as to why someone who was already a penitatas would do such a thing. Ashley sobbed and lowered her head, giving her eyes a couple of wipes.

"All I knew was that she wanted to get back at Ninne too..I just..wanted to get back at Ninne. I never told anyone about all that since..like..I was..", Ashley sniffled and tried to say.

"Oh out with it! You were a pawn you stupid brat, and you never figured it out till it was too late! Is that what you were trying to say?!", Dianne turned her head to Ashley and growled. "Loudmouth!", she had to comment, concidering Ashley just told the whole truth.

"Shut up snake!", Ashley yelled back, ditching her fear of the woman to get her usual angry tone she took, even with tears running down her cheeks, "You used me! You had me do your dirty work because you knew how much I hated Ninne!", she went on, confirming what Dianne had said. She was always too ashamed to say it, trembling and crying now even, that she was nothing more then a pawn in what was Dianne's scheme.

"That is enough you two!", the judge called to the squabbling ex-partners in crime, with Dianne's guard also motioning for her to stop. Ninne's teeth were clenched tight, trying her best not to growl loudly as she watched and listened, being filled with rage at everything done to her and her mother. Ki'rene wasn't happy either, though she was calm enough to see Ninne needed some support, taking Ninne's left claw in her right to massage. "Dianne Sak'kral, is this true reguarding your chosing of Ashley?", Judge Pierce asked in a loud and now anger filled manner, seeing the 'criminals' making a shouting match of his courtroom.

"Yes, it is", Dianne answered snidely after a moment's hesitation. "I searched public records to find someone who would put my plan into motion, and while going through student files I happened to stumble across this..charm's discipline records. She did nothing but get into fights with my daughter, and otherwise was known as a biggot. I thought right then..", she grinned evily, setting her eyes on Ashley, "..how easy it would be to make her be that pawn I needed, using that blind anger and lust for revenge. She wanted so badly to hurt Ninne it was easy to bring her on board, and she never saw that she was used till she was arrested for the crime she willingly committed", the drake spoke in a 'matter-of-fact' way, nearly taunting Ashley, who growled and cried while staring at the woman. Dianne turned her eyes back to the judge then, still grinning slightly, sadistic on the inside and proud of what she had accomplished. "So with her arrogance I took out two birds with one stone. I hurt my daughter and that fool she calls a mother", the cold hearted woman said, turning her eye's stone glare to Ninne and Ki'rene. Ki'rene couldn't help but turn her snout slightly toward Dianne and growl at the cruel woman in Ninne's name, looking awfully displeased..though she took a startling shock when Ninne nearly lept into her lap, shouting across it.

"I am not your daughter!!", Ninne screamed, claws gripping her mother's leg. "You caniving bitch, I am where I am today because of you! You abused me my whole kindernhood and hurt me whenever you could, and you're sicker now then you were then! You're a sour and dispicable snake that gives Drakonians a bad name goddamn you!", the young hurt-filled drake yelled and screamed at her biological mother, tears in her eyes and force in her voice, and Dianne yelling back at her about what a terrible daughter she was. She had never really told her mother what she just did, letting much pressure off her wounded heart. The girl had been hurt so many times by her mother as a kindern, she had been turned into an obidient slave to her whim, full of fear..Ninne finally let herself be liberated from it, letting years of anger flow out with every loud and heavy shout. Ki'rene put a claw on Ninne's raptor chest to re-settle her in her seat, while she growled violently at Dianne, shushing her softly and trying to calm her down while Judge Pierce banged his gavel several hard times against his podium, making enough sharp sound that Kayla had to cover her sensitive ears a bit.

"Order! Order already!", he called with a shout of his own while Ki'rene tried to hold and calm down Ninne..whom sat back properly and rested her head against the right side of Ki'rene's chest, lightly crying while her neck was petted.

"Calm down Ninne, just calm honey. She'll pay for her crimes and arrogance", Ki'rene tried to soothe, speaking quietly to ease Ninne's obvious tensions and pain. Ninne sighed and gave a sniff, taking her head from her mother's side to wipe her eyes with the back of her right claw while Kayla and Emily watched the two sympetheticly..they had been through much, and still are.

"Ninne Sak'kral, I do not wish outburts from you either, and a snout like that might need some soap", Judge Pierce turned to her and scolded, like one would towards a penitatas. "Took me a while to remember why the name Sak'kral was familiar. All it took was looking at your records however", he crossed his arms on his podium and stated, getting another weak and light growl from Ninne, whom lowered her head. "Case 194016, breaking and entering along with burglary. Rather quiet Drakonian woman, though smug in her attitude. Appologetic, though willingly committing crime. A confused woman practically fighting herself I'd say. So..". he spoke lower and somewhat slower then normal, keeping most of his natural force out of his voice, till he was lightly interrupted.

"..So you sentenced her to be rejuved as a penitatas, with a 2x6-12 cycle. I know this story well Judge Pierce", Ninne spoke lightly, sighing at the end. She had been sentenced by him roughly three years ago, adding a second stressor to this court trip for the drake. The judge nodded his head.

"Seeing your parent here shows me why you could have been so confused", he said with a sudden strong and renewed force right towards Dianne, who openly scoffed at him. Judge Pierce leaned on his podium and scowled at Dianne just as she was doing to him. "Tell me Miss Sak'kral, what did you hope to accomplish here besides making yourself a criminal to go with those non-existant morals and ethics?", he asked in in a snide way of his own, using Dianne's own tactics against her. Just as Dianne controled Ashley by using Ashley's own anger, he was going to make her own anger get the best of her.

"Accomplish? I wanted to ruin this quaint little family over here", Dianne growled slightly at the way she was talked to, making a gesture towards Ninne and Ki'rene with her snout. "I expected Ninne to hate that tramp for wrongly beating her..", she went on to say, getting cut off sharply with Judge Pierce's loud voice.

"Which failed!", the man had to snap at the arrogant woman that had pushed his patience to no end. Kayla couldn't help but grin at Dianne's frustration growing on her face.

"What would you know! Why do you stick up for that wench anyhow?! My husband left me shortly after our parenting liscense was revoked, so after our vacation on Earth, he left for Drakon and I stayed here and got a home. Getting back at this stupid woman and bitch of a girl was my only priority!", Dianne tried to snap back at Judge Maeron Pierce, studdering slightly and looking like she could no longer defend herself. His vocal tactic was working like a charm, and it got Kayla to even giggle lightly, though that got a slight slap to her skirt covered leg from Emily.

"Kayla, quiet", Emily whispered, while Kayla made a slight frown and rubbed her leg, really not wanting to give her mother any reason to punish her further.

"Ninne was right when you said you were sour, and also right that you played a part in making that confused woman I saw in this courthouse three years ago. You have shown your heart to be empty and cold, and your mind to be filled with foolish hate and criminal intent. The law of Earth is far far mightier then any fear tactic or murder attempt you could undertake. Dianne Sak'kral, I hareby sentence you to be rejuvenated as a penitatas immidiately with a cycle of 8x4-9!", the judge issued with all his judicial power, placing the sentence upon Dianne who's maw gaped and she looked shocked and frozen.

"No! You can't do this!", Dianne spoke in a tone of sudden realization, which was ignored by Judge Pierce, who's gaze was upon Ashley.

"As for you Ashley Ellin, lying during your last trial because of your pride and not wanting to look like a pawn, you committed a crime. This is not penitatas court, and you have already been issued a judicial paddling three days ago anyhow, so I have something different for you. Once you are either paroled or complete your sentence, you will be rejuvenated to serve a second sentence of 1x5-12 mandatory soft time with different parents even since you have shown a great lack of morals and you will be needing the guidance. That last time, you will be taught right and allowed to grow up from there to make sure you get that boost of slightly stricter parental guidance so these ethics grow and these fights and squabbles stop", he then issued upon his young penitatas defendant, who unlike last time, just hung her head quietly, still teary. His gaze turned towards Kayla afterwards, making the fox's ears flick stiffly upright. "Kayla Ackart, hmm? I trust you have been punished accordinglu for your own fighting of Ashley, and you have taken decisions to better behave yourself?", Judge Pierce suddenly asked in a lighter tone again, making the fox wince a little nervously, knowing she had to reply.

"Y-yes sir..", Kayla said in a shy way for having to say that in front of the courtroom. The Judge's gaze then turned lastly to Ninne and Ki'rene.

"I wish that you both can get back to normal with the terrors of Dianne's interferace no longer a worry. With that..", he spoke with a smile even, till it diappeared, picking up his gavel and giving it a quick wrap on his desk. "..Court ajurned! Take Miss Dianne Sak'kral down to rejuvenation laboratory two!", came his order right along with his gavel. Dianne's guard put his arm around Dianne's right arm, with a second guard helping him pull the now suddenly worryful Dianne, with no more evil underhanded tactics or fear controls to make things work her way. She was going to get the punishment she rightfully deserved, and the four girls stood up from their bench behind their table, watching Dianne being pulled towards the courtroom's side door, kicking and screaming practically. Ninne stood there and watched with the rest of them, snickering and grinning while giving her biological mother a little wave..and just like that, she was taken right on out and the door closed behind them, silencing Dianne's sudden change of tune. The scaled girl sighed relivedly while Judge Pierce returned to his room and most of the people were getting up and leaving, just showing her all of this was over. Ashley's parents walked by with her, with the look on their face that they were going to whap her blistered hide when they got home.

"That is one case closed that I don't ever care to see again..", Ki'rene sighed with a smile, giving Ninne a surprise hug, as light as it was. After the trial she had completely depleated her smell reserve of energy, needing to rest some more for her body. Dianne was about to lose any injuries while being rejuved, so she will be perfectly fine..though Ki'rene wasn't jealous of course, concidering Dianne is going to have fourty years of tail chewings. A lengthy penitatas sentence, but the crime was heafty afterall.

"Glad to see everything working right and justice served", Kayla smiled and watched the two drakes hug one another, being really the only warm sight the fox had seen all day, and even since yesterday. The fox felt something at her paw and looked over as Emily took Kayla's paw to hold.

"Speaking of justice being served, we need to get you back home now. The weekend isn't over yet", Emily reminded her daughter. Kayla gave Ninne a bit of a saddened look when her Drakonian friend looked to her for a responce to what Emily said, exchanging how they felt about it without words. "Hope you keep getting better Ki'rene..I'm real happy things worked out in the end and all", the group's human woman wished.

"I can still see Dianne kicking and screaming", Ki'rene lightly giggled in her own drake way. "Take care both of you", she smiled, getting some goodbyes from Emily and Kayla as well before they headed off down the isle, with Ninne frowning beside her mother where she stood.

"I still wish Emily would stop punishing Kayla, I haven't gotten to play with her all weekend", Ninne pouted a little as she watched them leave the courtroom together.

"Kayla earns what she earns honey, and that's Emily's decision and no one elses, except her husband of course. Just feel fortunate I'm going to ignore your swearing before due to circumstances", Ki'rene replied to her girl with, grinning at the end. Ninne looked sheepish at that, looking away slightly.

"Sorry about that ma'ma..thanks though", Ninne appologized and thanked with her sheepish smile on her snout, taking her mother's claw and heading down the isle themselves. Meanwhile the fox and her mother worked their way down and out of the courthouse, climbing back into their hovercar. Kayla pulled herself back into their hovercar with her paws, doing well on her own, grabbing her seatbelt to strap in for the ride home.

"Don't strap in just yet", Emily told her as she got in the hovercar and shut her door, which got a bewildered facial reaction from her daughter, who let go of the strap and let it go back to it's normal position. Her mother reached down into her purse that she left in the middle of the seat, pulling out her hairbrush, which gave Kayla a shock to the chest, eyes focusing on the brush that was used on her last time she left the courthouse as well.

"B-but!..", she stammered as Emily moved the purse out of the way and made her lap free, "I was good the whole time like you asked mommy!", Kayla tried to defend her backside with. Emily seemed like she was going to ignore Kayla's question, patting her lap, till she finally answered.

"For the most part, yes, you were a good girl. This is just because it's your punishment weekend and your backside needs a refresher. Right over my lap and you'll get a couple of good swats over your panties", her mother directed, being blunt with her reasoning. Kayla whimpered sadly like a fox as she crawled across the seat and over her mother's lap, just so Emily would know how she felt. The brush was not a forgiving instroment of spanking and could certainly bruise like a full size paddle could..and concidering she still had bruises and a welted backside, she knew this was going to hurt quite badly. Tummy and pelvis situated across her mother's skirt covered lap, she moved her tail up towards her back as she felt her mother take the hem of her skirt and pull the back of her skirt up to where her tail-slit was, draping the back of the skirt over her tail and holding her down there there. The young fox's paws trembled lightly, just waiting for the first jolt against her defenseless rear end, fearful of the pain that could very well arise. Emily patted the smooth back of the hairbrush against her daughter's white cotton panty covered rear, making Kayla flinch and clench her eyes. The brush suddenly left her rear and returned with an audible smack to the left side of Kayla's rear, inciting a jolt and heavy yelp that didn't even finish before the second spank landed upon the right side. Her light bruises throbbed and felt like rocks from the thick wooden impliment, each side being whapped slowly, back and forth..the pace was enough to make her squirm, especially since the spanks were hard. Her backside ached worse then it ever had the whole weekend as the brush spanked and dug it's force down into her welts and bruises, rear muscles twitching with light spazms from the pain going so deep into her rear. Kayla was a perfectly tender fox from her weekend, and these whaps to her pantied bottom were enough to make her kick her footpaws and cry already, trembling down her arms now as well. She held her head up slightly, wincing and fidgeting at each spank with a whimper or yelp, and sobbing between them. With one last whap to the center of Kayla's rear end that only recieved loud crying, Emily set her brush down and fixed the back of her girl's skirt. "Okay Kayla, you can go and strap in now", she let the fox know, who painfully backed out of her mother's lap and very reluctantly sat down on her hurting backside, soft seat or not. Once sitting, she squirmed while strapping herself in, still crying from it, and did till they got home even. Their hovercar was prompt in taking the pair home, landing in their driveway in just a short time, which Kayla was glad for, hopping out and giving her rear a rub while clening her teeth.

"Damn that hurt..", she grumbled to herself, pouting a bit with sulky looking ears and tail, rubbing her rear as she slowly walked around the car after closing her door. She followed behind her mom, curious as to why her mother wasn't speaking to her or issuing any orders. The fox had figured that morning Emily was less angry then she used to be, but this was beginning to contradict her belief. Emily opened their front automatic door and stepped in, taking the few steps over to her desk to place down her purse.

"Just hold there for a second Kayla", she said as she turned around, stopping Kayla's movements completely as she stood facing her mother. Emily knelt down and started popping the buttons of her girl's blazer, removing her skirt as well once the blazer was un-done, with the garment falling to the floor around her legs. "Step out of your shoes and scoot your tail to your corner, and I expect that nose to touch the corner and stay right there till I say so", she finally ordered, taking off Kayla's blazer so she was standing only in her grey undershirt and white panties. The poor frowning fox, slowly took her shoes off, padding across the livingroom to her corner with her head hanging, putting her nose in the corner as told. By now, she was certainly and without a doubt forelorn, and it could not be missed. Her eyes burned from crying still, and the burn in her rear hadn't really stopped for days since she had been punished so much. Kayla made a loud sniffle and closed her eyes to try and think of something good..anything! Thoughts wouldn't let up though, as today's events and her backside stayed with her. Dianne was most likely being rejuvenated this very moment, facing her own terror and punishment instead of dishing it to Ninne when she was only a little drake. Kayla knew her mother to be right, that all justices were being served, even if her own sucked for her. It felt like she had stood there for the longest time, though it had only been an hour, before her mother called her with an order. "Alright Kayla, head up to your room", she had called, sounding like she was in the dinningroom to her foxy ears. Not sooner did she turn from the corner did Emily add to her direction, as if Kayla wasn't already full of dread. "Lay down on your bed on your stomach, and I best find those panties at your knees as well. Wait for me", Emily stepped into the livingroom and told Kayla, who bit her lip and only nodded, till she realized she needed to give a more polite answer.

"Yes ma'am..", the fox lightly sniffed, heading upstairs with a heavy lump in her chest. She was fearful now about being further punished, rear being so badly marked now. She dipped a paw down the back of her panties carefully, slowly running her fingertips across her backside to feel through her fur. Heat, lumps, welts, and even a large line from where Mister Yami broke his nursery cane on her still remained..it didn't surprise her though from the force it was sent into her rear, shattering his cane. Her paw slipped from her rear and started slowly letting her panties down now that she turned the corner at the top of the stairs, walking into her room with her panties now down her thighs, getting to knee level as she climbed up onto her back on her tummy, head on her pillow. A few pathetic whimpers escaped her muzzle before a sudden sob..the fox had been through much, and the thought of this rear being further disciplined simply brought tears. Kayla nearly curled up where she lied, hearing her mother's footsteps coming up the stairs, letting a solitary whine go into her pillow, trying not to just start crying. Once she heard her mother come in though and sit down on the side of the bed, she had to open her eyes, seeing her mother looking at her. "Mommy please..", she pleaded softly, full of tearyness. "I learned my lesson, please don't spank me again, it hurts way too badly, please!", she really pleaded then, tears dripping from her sad eyes with a light sob at the end, closing her eyes and whimpering into her pillow.

"I know you've learned your lesson lil' one", Emily smiled and spoke kindly, with one big wince from her daughter when she felt something touch her rear end..it quickly left though, and Kayla's muzzle turned into a smile, looking right up from her pillow at her mother to watch her rub nano-lotion into her tender and beaten backside, keeping her tail well out of the way for her. "Your punishment weekend is over, even though the weekend isn't. If you get dressed, you have time to play with Ninne before dinner, bath, and bed, which you'll be getting in early again so I know you have your energy for school tomorrow", her mother spoke to her in her usual way, proving to Kayla she really wasn't angry today really. Just doing her job. Kayla could have purred at the massaging hand on her rear, if it didn't hurt slightly to have it applied, getting a very good amount all over till Emily stopped and stood up from her girl's bed, with Kayla doing likewise in a careful way.

"Thanks mom..a lot", Kayla smiled up at her appreciatively, lightly pulling her panties back up and re-latching the velcro above her tail.

"I'll let you get dressed so you can go across the street", her mother grinned, actually quite happy she no longer had to punish her penitatas daughter. She knew she had one of the best, even if she made mistakes or still makes some. Emily was admittedly very angry that first morning at Kayla's behavior, and a bit at Kayla herself, but such things never last. Emily turned and left the room for her daughter to do what she needed now that she was free, after removing the lock on her toy chest of course. The relieved fox padded her footpaws over to her closet, looking in for some clothes while she smiled sheepishly from the itchyness of the nanites repairing her sore behind. Her paw idly scritched and scratched through her panties while she picked out a pair of shorts, taking her time with the shorts to make sure they would be comfortable with her healing in progress.

"Thank the stars I wasn't punished anymore, I couldn't take another swat..", she fox commented to herself, giving her eyes a wipe before working to step into her shorts. "Things can go back to normal now thankfully, and Ninne got some real justice for her abuse. I have some justice that's eluding me though..perhaps I will find it. Someday. Till then..", Kayla lightly mumbled to herself, latching the button above her tail so her shorts would stay on. "I'm going to play and get some stress release", the fox giggled, scampering right out of her room to enjoy the end of her weekend, and the end of her punishings, while she wondered what Dianne would feel like..staring at her small, child claw, at the silver filled in 'P'..staring back at her dammingly.