Kayla: Computer Problems
In the 28th century, the technology of rejuvenation allows for immortality. This device is also used for sentencing as well. A penitatas; a criminal that is sent back to childhood to live a highly strict and disciplined life to start anew. (Story Three)
Concept by Lurking Dragon
Kayla and story by Professor Bob

The fox and Drakonian became friends as Ninne knew they would. She and Kayla would see eachother every day, that is, unless they weren't permitted to go out. That was usualy Ninne's story, as she was a lot more 'trouble prone' then Kayla was. Kayla made sure to be polite and respectful to her mother's orders, so getting into trouble was something she didn't do often.. sort of. Once her first month was well over, Emily eased off her discipline into more of a schedule, also being sure to positively reinforce good behavior with cuddles and extra time to work on her computer projects, or play with Ninne, as they really were children at heart now. Ninne liked having a friend that didn't get into trouble much, and had a linient mom, so the two could watch the holo together and other privleges. This also came with a downside, as her mother would ask Emily to punish her occationally when she sat for her or got too carried away when playing in Emily's house. Worst off, Kayla was around often to see her punished, which was pretty embarassing, but she wasn't always alone in that. If Emily was requested to further Ninne's punishment while she was in her care, she would sometimes spank Kayla too, so they could comfort eachother. Ninne wouldn't be alone, and Kayla wouldn't be in guilt, watching her friend, and that she'd be getting one of her 'unearned' spankings out of the way. This would leave them a good part of the day to spend as they liked. Kayla would sometimes scold her herself, like when Ninne came to the door to be babysat, carrying her dragon-paddle and slinking with a teary look, knowing she had done wrong and expected the painful "toothed" paddle to soundly land at the bottom base of her tail. Ki'rene knew Ninne was trying to be good for her, and her love for that little reptile never changed, no matter how many times she chewed the hide of her tail. Neither of them got out much, as Ki'rene was a busy thing and Emily didn't usually go out much. It was a big part of a penitatas to be punished in public, as long as the area was designated penitatas and not kindern (Kids with K's on the back of their hand meant they were REAL children, not rejuvenated ones), but with Kayla's natural comfort with her nudity, Emily could actually not have to do them 'on purpose' to embarass her. So she got her punishments at home, and one once from Ki'rene over her large knees with the palm of her claw, which hurt quite a bit on her quite smaller then Drakonian rear, for accidently cussing. Kayla really likes Ki'rene, so she appologized a lot for being disrespectful with her old "hacking lingo" while she cried lightly with her shorts at her knees, just standing beside the large mother. As kind as Ki'rene was, she didn't tell her mother about letting a bad word slip, since she thought she had been punished enough. Emily might have went for the soap this time! Kayla was now one and three-quarters months into her sentence, and she had known Ninne for more then two weeks now. She had obayed her mother well and hadn't needed a real good punishment, that is, until now.

Kayla's ears drooped farther then ever before, and Ninne winced and shrunk. They'd been caught.

"What do you think you're doing Kayla?!", her mother scolded, loud and angrily.

Kayla wimpered a tiny bit from being nervous. She was sitting infront of the computer with Ninne beside her. She deffinately wasn't permitted to use it, and most certainly not without supervision. This was a big rule to Emily, mostly because of Kayla's history. Leaving a legendary hacker alone with a computer was a big NO. This would be the equivalant to Ninne stealing something from someone else - an extreme offense. "I wasn't doing anything bad momma!", Kayla tried to convince her in a plea, nearly in tears. Her mother quickly walked to their side of the desk so she could see the screen, standing next to Ninne. Kayla was too scared to even move, especially without being told now.

"Tell me what you two were doing", she scolded not only her little fox, but her Drakonian friend too. Ninne and Kayla explained for her. Ninne asked her to show her computer abilities, against her judgement. Futher against her own judgement, Kayla complied, and started briskly showing the drake some things. Kayla tried her hardest to convince her mother she did no hacking, but her mother looked at the computer's windows to see for herself. She was telling the truth, but she still got into things she shouldn't have. She had written a bit of programming to Emily's knowledge, looking at a set of uncompiled strings.

"I was only making a little game she and Ki'rene could play, honest!", Kayla said tearily, her eyes glistening. This was not looking good on her part. There was so little to try and hide, with so much out in the open for her mother to see.

"I will believe that Kayla, but that's not the point! You two had no business operating this console without asking me, and more importantly, me watching. You do know that was the big rule, right Kayla?", Emily continued scolding, focusing herself on her naughty daughter. This was mostly Kayla's own fault afterall.

Kayla sobbed. "Yes.. I'm sorry, I got carried away", she sniffled, knowing she was in quite the trouble now. Ninne just looked between the teary fox and the scowling human, sunk into her chair, obviously nervous for her own well being too.

"Ninne, I'm going to call your mother. She can decide what happens to you. As for you Kayla, give me your shorts and panties, then go get your little paddle and nursery cane while I talk to Ki'rene", she said sternly, making Ninne wince good, and Kayla whine. Kayla got up from her black padded chair and moved carefully around Ninne, removing her shorts and panties for her mother, who stood there still scowling. She handed them to her with a few wimpers and started for the stairs, biting her paw at the extreme fear of what she was about to endure. "Kayla, get your tail restraint too", her mother added as she watched her pad off to get what she asked for.

"Alrigh't.. ", Kayla replied while walking, muffling the end of her word with a sob. Not even Ninne's eyes were dry now, as she feared for her friend's rear, and her own tail.

"Ninne, could you save Kayla's progress? I don't want her to lose it. You can wait here while I call your mom", Emily asked the girl before she walked off towards the kitchen to use the Vid-phone. Ninne did as asked, though it took effort to figure out how to save and close what a master computer technician was working on.

Emily hit a button on the vid-phone on the wall. "Ki'rene", she told the device, that beeped in reply. Within a few seconds, the screen flicked on with yet another beep.

"Hello!...oh no, that look doesn't tell of a good story...", Ki'rene answered to the call, before noticing Emily's expression. Alien races were great at picking up human facial expressions. "What did Ninne do?", she asked somberly, really not feeling like chewing her girl's tail.

The teary eyed Kayla returned from upstairs, carrying a different impliment in each paw, as Emily returned from her call.

"Ninne, I'm afraid that you're going to get a good punishing from me before your mom comes to get you. Per her request", Emily told the sulking Drakonian, who quickly sobbed at having her fate sealed. "This should be better then having your tail chewed Ninne. Your mom said you were good for a while, so she let up on you for this", she replied to the teary reptile. "But, I was asked to make this harsh", she then told her, taking out a dragon-paddle from a livingroom drawer. Ki'rene gave her two different ones. A normal dragon-paddle that was genrally used on her, and a heavy one with even more of the even sharper steel studs. Emily also gave Ki'rene a paddle incase Kayla required it. To Ninne's dismay, then terror, Emily lifted the dragon-paddle from the drawer, and the much harsher one with her other hand.

"Oh no! Please don't use that paddle!", Ninne cried from her seat at the desk, clasping her claws together, thinking about how much it hurt. Her mother had a second paddle too, which wasn't used on her often. It was pretty severe when used on her legs and hips. Ki'rene was fond of her teeth, but knew Emily could do an equal job if equipped with a sturdy and harsh dragon-paddle.

"Kayla, take Ninne's chair and put it in the corner. Then, sit down and face the wall till I'm done with Ninne", Emily told the fox, who was waiting for orders, carrying her paddle, restraint, and cane, while Emily ignored the dinosaur's plea. Ninne sniffed and got off her chair, kindly giving it a nudge so Kayla could take it, which she did. As Kayla took her seat, Ninne slowly trotted to Emily, who was obviously waiting. Upon her arrival, she stopped obidiently, feeling human fingers undoing the button of her pants and the velcro tab of her panties, above her tail. Once they were pulled down, she stepped out of them and pushed them aside with her big footclaw. Giving a sudden series of sobs, her tail was raised and her snout touched the carpet. "I was asked to swat the underside of your tail with the more severe one, so get ready", Emily told the trembling girl, raising the heavy, studded paddle.

"Miss Emily!! *POP!!* OWWWWWW!!! *SLAM!!* YEEEEOW!!! *SWAT!!* Noooo'!!", Ninne screamed, starting to cry hard. This heavy paddle was like a thourough tail chomping from her mommy, and her screams quickly became uncomprehendable howls. Her tears flowed freely down her snout to the carpet, and she howled louder then Kayla ever did. *SWAT!!* *SWAT!!* *SWAT!!*, came the horrible dragon-paddle over the base of her tail, right where she would sit down. Her least leathery spot on her cold, brown, scaly tail, that right now was begining to look quite raw and turning a shade of red against her scales, along with many little "points" where the paddle's teeth struck hard. The whole two faces of the paddle were covered with the spikes, not too small, not too large, so they hurt immensely and there were a lot of them. By the time Emily stopped, Ninne had cried herself horse, screaming and howling. She recieved thirty-five swats, and the underside of her tail looked like it really stung.

"Now Ninne, I'm going to use the normal dragon-paddle to swat your hips now, just like Ki'rene told me to do", she then told the hurting Drakonian, who made a loud teary wail upon hearing this. Their hips were less leathery and were more sensitive then anything else, on the beginings of those large allosaur-like legs. This is a Drakonian equivalent of a punishment paddling, although that tail swatting with the harsh dragon-paddle was just as equal, or more. Drakonian moms took it upon themselves to teach humans the best ways to punish a dragon child, since they didn't have teeth to do the job.

"No moreeee!!", Ninne managed to get enough air to say, through her powerful bawling, once Emily swaped the two paddles, while still keeping her tail grasped and raised good. With a hard swish of air, *SWAT!*, onto her right hip, where a drake child was far from used to being punished, as their mommy's teeth couldn't chew it. With little jumps and kicks, Ninne cried hard and loud, no longer able to howl, but she managed to howl out draconic growls through her screaming tears. After ten swats on each sensitive hip, she dropped the paddle and her tail. The claws flew to her tail, only to fly off of it with a yelp. It hurt too badly to rub.. not something she expected from a human's punishment. Emily took her by the claw and started walking her to her kitchen, where she took a normal stool and placed it in the corner of the dining room, like Ki'rene would have done.

"Ple-ase! N-no'!", cried the child in pure horror, not wanting to focus her weight upon a small stool after a stern punishment. She was one for putting up protest. With a rapid lift of her tail, Emily hit the underside of her tail as hard as her hand could hit it, since she dropped the paddle already. After the number it had, even a human's hand hurt a bit, making her howl yet again into submissiveness. Emily forced her onto the stool, making sure all her weight went on her tail's 'sit spot', and keeping force on her so she wouldn't jump up until she got Ninne's feet locked behind two of the legs of the stool. Kayla listened with tears of her own, never hearing howls and roars like this before.

"And keep your snout against the wall until your mom comes to get you!", Emily ordered the uncontrolably howling and crying reptile. She put Ninne in the dinning room so Kayla and her couldn't comfort eachother this time, and so that Ninne's inhuman and strong crying wouldn't interrupt what Kayla was about to get for breaking one of her most dire rules. "Kayla, turn your chair around and come here", her mother ordered, sitting down on the couch. Kayla stood up with a sniffle, turning the chair around as asked, though she didn't know why, and walked over to her mom, who put her upon her lap. With no warning *SLAP!* *SLAP!* came the small paddle over her rear, before she was barely settled into position.

"OW-OW-OOWW-OOOOWWW!!", Kayla cried submissively, trying to take her mother's angered strikes as best her rear could. She worked the paddle over her cheeks soundly, along with her thighs, to make sure Kayla got the picture. This required a serious spanking, and Emily was going to give the furry girl she loved, just that. Kayla howled in her own foxy way, though not too different from Ninne would at this point, though she could still be easily heard wimpering and crying in the other room. With a rhythmatic *SMACK!* upon the fox's rear, she kept going until Kayla was crying hard, unable to take having being paddled anymore. Emily lost count of how many swats she gave the little fox for breaking such a rule, and just looked at the clock to figure out when to stop, which was about ten minutes. That was harsh, though Kayla was completely uninjured. An extreme punishment for Ninne herself could have been much worse, and for Kayla, even more worse. Having swatted Kayla long enough, she placed her hand upon her rear and found it to be quite hot, even through the fur. Kayla's painstricken howls and yelps subsided as the paddle stopped, and she just kept crying, and hard.

"Momm'a, I'mm sorrryyy!...", Kayla tried to appologize while crying, making it sound like a plea for forgiveness. Kayla couldn't stand hurting those she cared about, and that also came with those she cared about hurting her. There was still that nursery cane and tail restraint left too. Emily felt really bad after that plea, knowing how good of a girl Kayla was, but she did wrong, and it was time to face it.

"Get on that chair on your knees", Emily told her, lifting the fox off her lap. Kayla complied without changing the force of her tears, and she feared the worst. She now realized why she had her turn the chair around. Her mother clamped the collar of the restraint around her neck, then her tail, keeping it firmly raised. Emily bent her over, making her furry rear stick up, and instructed her to grasp the chair so she wouldn't shoot up. Kayla kept making a series of wimpers, never being so scared and anxious about a punishment. Her rear had already been well spanked, and she was going to use a nursery cane of all things! Kayla heard the obvious swish of the cane and she screamed with good reason. *CRACK!*, it came as it landed at the base of her bottom, right where she would sit down.

"Not ther' momma, please, no more!!", Kayla cried out, feeling an incredible sting where it really made it's mark. *WHAP!* *WHAP!* *CRACK!* *CRACK!* "MOMMY!!!", she then screamed in explosive tears, her whole body trembling under the pain and suffering. With one last swish and hard *SMACK!!* dead center of hear rear to anger the paddle marks, she quickly releaced Kayla's tail restraint and let her stand up. As soon as she did, she started hopping around, yelping and howling, never feeling this hurt before EVER. This was a wake-up call as to the consequences of disobeying. Emily grasped her paw and she turned the chair back around, placing the child onto the fiery cane welts on the base of her rear. The second her anthro-fox rear end touched that chair, there was a howl that drowned out Ninne for a short time. Emily kept Kayla's paws clasped so she wouldn't shoot up, and she gently let them go, settling them into her daugher's lap, when she calmed down just slightly. Before she left her daughter for her horrid conertime, she kissed her forehead, just to remind Kayla how much she cared about her, and went to check on the poor Drakonian. Kayla's painful wimpers and howls matched Ninne's now, which had slightly dicipated. The number she did on Ninne's underside would last more then a day, most likely two, but she knew Ki'rene would rub nano-lotion on her before bed this evening, but she would have to keep the reminder of her judgement with her for the day. Emily would do the same with Kayla, and infact, she wasn't going to let her keep that rear still. She had to go to the mall today, so bringing the spanked kit to walk around should really remind Kayla about proper behavior. A little bit after Kayla's punishment, Emily let Ninne out of her corner and allowed her to sit on a nice padded chair to have some cold juice for those sore larynx. The seat still hurt, but it was a lot better, and Emily's kindness was appreciated. Emily also brought the dragon her panties and pants, which she didn't put back on, due to the pain reasons. Unlike Kayla, a Drakonian couldn't hide much of anything, and nudity was something she was not comfortable with, and for good reason. Hiding your gender with such space between your legs and having your balance dropped that far when your tail was lifted, you gave the world plenty of chance to look. At almost the time for Kayla to be let out of her corner and join Ninne at the dining room table for juice, the front door beeped. Ki'rene had come to see Ninne and take her home. Before Emily walked back, she walked to her right and told Kayla to put her clothes back on and come have juice. Kayla had just sniffled and nodded, being too tired to reply.

"Well well Ninne, I'm sure you're not happy about helping to cause trouble now are you?", Kayla heard Ki'rene ask Ninne when she walked into the diningroom, nicely clothed, though it hurt quite a bit.

"I'm sorry mom...sorry Emily", Ninne appologized solumnly, with her snout still slightly stained from having so much tears run down it. "You too Kayla, I'm sorry for asking you to disobay your mom. This is my fault...", she then appologized, seeing her furry friend enter, giving a guilty sob at the end.

"Ki'rene, I'm going to be going to the mall. You want to come? I was thinking that making these two walk around with us would help futher this, but it does so look like they've learned their lesson. You agree?", Emily said lightly, making the two kid's faces light up. That would mean that that would be going to the mall for fun!

"I'll come, and yes, I think Ninne learned her lesson. You did a great job!", Ki'rene agreed. She had asked Ninne to show her the underside of her tail once she went in, and got quite the satisfaction from her sound punishment.

Emily smiled. "I'll go get the nano-lotion for these two then", she declared, heading upstairs to get the cream. Ninne and Kayla couldn't have been more relieved...well, at least they knew they would be in a few minutes. Within a minute, Kayla was over Emily's lap, having the nano-lotion rubbed on, while Ki'rene sat on her tail with Ninne over her own lap. It took more nano-lotion and rubbing for the dragon girl's poor hide of the underside of her tail, but they both pulled their pants back up knowing the nanites would repair everything in a short time. They could care less it still hurt a bit now, knowing it wouldn't shortly. Emily offered to take the Drakonian girls in their own hovercar. Alex works a lot, so he really wasn't home much. Kayla and Ninne resumed their normal chatter and play in the back of the car, really enjoying that they were going to the mall. Kayla told Ki'rene of the game she was working on for she and Ninne, and she thanked her for the gesture. Kayla also got the happy note that her work wasn't destroyed, and that her mother would let her program things like that, even though she lost her computer privliges for a week. No big deal....sort of. Once they went into the mall, the two girls basicly had to follow at least one of the adults, since they could not go out on their own. Kayla and Ninne relieved some inner irritation by getting a few snickers at little penitatas being punished occationally, all human of course. Drakonians were one in a few, and Anthro-foxes weren't really seen at all. Kayla got used to stares and looks, trying to figure out the walking, talking fox. Considering the rarity of her species on earth, quite a few people guessed upon sight who she was. The young girls still had to deal with the itchyness of the nanos and what remained from their punishment earlier. Ninne's rounded bruises were slowly disappearing, though they were a little irritated by her clothes. It was actually very rare to see a drake penitatas, and even rarer to see a clothed one. Ki'rene thought it was just appropreate, even though it was very difficult to get clothes for such large and dinosaur shaped bodies. It wasn't a crime or anything to not wear clothes around humans, since more then most did not, but some hold themselves to different values. Kayla knew how rare it was for Drakonians to even speak good panglish, but she always found it funny when Ki'rene scolded Ninne in Drakonian. Kayla's punishment was mending nicely, though it hurt. What she got was very severe, and it made her a little jumpy. At the time they went to the second floor Electronics shop (Kayla would never let her mother pass up a place filled with her own style of candy) that their fun outing with their daughters, and their mothers, was shattered.

Phaser fire, and not a very light setting, started flooding the mall. Orange beams of energy scattered across the air randomly, as a large group of terrorists had stormed the mall and attempted to create confusion. Such operations were rare, and it was obvious that they were well armed enough to take what they wanted and flee. Before the four girls could take cover, Ninne was hit.

Ninne made a sound of a roar, flying to the ground with a bloody wound upon her right chest, just below her shoulder. Ki'rene grasped her and pulled her into the shop's enterance, out of the way. "Mom-meee!!", Ninne cried, knowing she was bleeding, and still hearing the phaser discharges that caused her such harm in the first place while they hid in the shop enterance.

"Ninneeee!", Kayla paniced, grabbing her friend's claw. Ki'rene snapped the claws of her fingers out and ripped Ninne's shirt off, baring the blood and phaser burn. Ninne cried in her pain and panic, in her deep drake way. Phaser fire was still going through the area, but even more now. Kayla knew Starfleet would have military and medical officers here in no time.. hell, they dropped into her house quickly enough. She was all too aware of their readiness. The four girls just kept their heads low and snuggled against Ninne, since there was no way they could flee with her in this condition. They just trembled, and the two younger girls knew how much their 'punishers' cared, as they huddled infront of them, ready to take a blast to save their lives, especially the large Ki'rene who kept her big tail near Emily to save her too. For penitatas parents, they were actually very loving, and sometimes made it obvious that they really didn't want to do the things they did, though the Corrections Council believed they did. The two females would do whatever it took to take the fine girls and correct them, not because they liked their job, but they liked their kids.

"Ninne, please hang in there, you'll be okay", Ki'rene tried to assure her, with her own eyes teary. [I love you Ninne], she then said in Drakonian, which sounded like spits and snarrls to Kayla, as she was never taught Drakonian. It was just amusing.. but not now. Kayla was terrified, not only because of her own well being and Ninne's, but she was afraid of Starfleet officers.. they were the only ones to foil her in her entire life, and the last time she had to fear phasers, it was Starfleet yet again.

A tactical officer in a blue uniform and medical equipment, darted by the store, only to dart back. Without word, he flew his medic tricorder open and started repairing the wound with a small medical device. "She'll be fine, I've stopped the bleeding for now, the rest can come later. You need to be evacuated!", he said in an rushed way, beckoning them to follow him. Ki'rene lifted Ninne up by the scruff of her neck, as she usualy would to get her into her lap for a chewing, but put an arm around her to help the injured child walk. Through stray phaser blasts, they all crouched and ran, trying to keep up with the medic. Once they got to the main area of the second floor, they were met with heavy fire.

"They have hostages! Watch your fire!", a commander shouted, warning the other tactical officers to not fire blindly. The girls were in the center of the conflict now.

"Please don't let me be shot ma'ma.. ", Ninne lightly wimpered, holding Ki'rene in a panic. [I'm sorry for everything mommy, but don't let them kill me.. ], she spit in Drakonian, trying to make their conversation a little more private as her weak legs worked their way across the tile out of danger.

[I would never let them], Ki'rene replied, protecting her daughter from anything that were to come. The armed men were only a little ways away, leading hostages through the main door to the administration area, where a very large amount of money was stored - mostly in the form of valueables used for auctions. After a brief exchange of fire, the door closed. The officers darted to the door to find it locked, and locked good. The door was meant for high security, and the officers couldn't open it. Emily got a sudden idea, grabbing Kayla's paw and running to the door.

"Whoa! Ma' what are you doing?!", Kayla said confusedly, feeling like she was running straight into a war. That's very much not where she wanted to be.

"Out of the way! Move! The key to this door is right here!", Emily shouted, nearly knocking one officer down that tried to stop her. She ran up to the computer in the wall beside the door and looked to Kayla. "This is your field, show these officers how you open a door!", she said hastily, knowing her girl could do it, giving her daughter a scoot towards the console so those people could be helped. Kayla swallowed hard and stepped up to the console, slowly placing her paws upon it. Ki'rene and Ninne joined her mother, as the officers realized exacly who this was. With a panicy shriek, Kayla's paws flew away from the console with a teary wimper, stumbling backwards like she was shot.

"I can't! Not after what I've been through!", she said in a terrified panic, grasping her mother's leg, having tears in her eyes. Emily knew this could happen. A flaw to the 'penitatas' justice system. Kayla couldn't use her skill like that, she was far too scared.

"Please Kayla! They'll kill those people if we can't get in there!", Emily tried to convice her.

"I'll be hit! I know I will! No matter what, good or bad, I'll be hit!", she said in a crying panic, trembling.

Emily knelt down, releacing the child's grasp of her leg, and embraced her furry girl. "Never! There is a good way to use your skill, and there is no way I would hurt you for this! You know me! Don't be scared, oh please don't", she tried to reassure her, knowing this was a lot to ask of Kayla. Fear was in the fox's little eyes, and she had never even used her skills for good before. Maybe she didn't even know there was good to her abilities. "I'm sorry I have made you scared like this, this isn't what was intended. You're a good girl, and you can save lives! Pull yourself together and make us all proud by using those evil techniques in a really good way! I'm with you all the way Kayla, I love you!", she continued, feeling bad for causing her psycological fear reguarding her abilities. That wasn't supposed to happen.

Kayla sniffed, pulling her nerves together. With a deep breath, she turned and quickly placed her paws upon the console, leaving her eyes closed for a moment to put herself in the state of mind she needed.

"Good luck Packet-Storm", Emily wished her softly.

With that, her eyes shot open and her furry fingers upon those paws shot around that console faster then any of them had yet seen. Her eyes were fixed upon the monitor, never blinking or moving them, as thousands of numbers flew across the screen. Other windows would shoot up and her fingers would just keep going, doing what she knew how to do. The armed terrorists put a complex algorithum into the securety door, even more complex then it already was. They knew it was beyond Starfleet's capability to open it within a day, but they didn't suspect a small girl to be able to do so. "Ninne, come hold this key here for me, quickly!", she said, holding a key with a finger while the other paw kept working. Ninne limped to her as asked and held the key, allowing both Kayla's paws to keep working at such an incredible speed. Within a minute, the console made several confirmation beeps and the door opened, allowing a full Starfleet strike team to go in. Kayla sighed relievedly, having a look at her sore paws, as well as the flashing screen, showing her accomplishment. Her fingers were so small now, just that job really ached. "Thank you Ninne...I wish I had you there when I hacked DeltaStar Banking. Would have made things a lot easier", she said appreciatively, panting slightly.

Ninne's tear stained allosaurian looking snout replied with a smile. "Anytime", she said simply.

Ki'rene and Emily spent the rest of their day kissing and hugging their girls. Ninne's phaser blast was repaired before they left, tended to by Starfleet tactical medics. As for Kayla, she got many thanks from officers, and even the hostages she saved! Ki'rene felt bad for her being shot and having her fun ruined, so she made sure to play with Ninne, with the promise of no tail chewings for a while. Kayla was promised the same, though Emily wasn't talking about tail chewings. Emily knew she needed plenty of positive reinforecement, even though she wasn't supposed to get much since she was a penitatas. Emily could use species differences or mental differences to have a few things allowed of her, not to mention she saved a dozen people's lives! Emily felt so bad, she couldn't leave Kayla's side all day. She gave her a relaxing bath, making sure to be gentle, and even let her back on the computer afterwards. She thought after her display earlier, she didn't have to watch Kayla all the time. Maybe just a few check-ins would do the trick. Since Alex was gone for a while, she tucked Kayla in for bed herself.

"You did a fine job today Kayla. You saved a lot of valueables, got all the terrorists caught, and most of all, saved lives. You're a furry blessing!", she complimented her, feeling proud.

"Thanks mommy. Good night", Kayla said happily, knowing her rear was safe, and so was Ninne's. She was proud of herself too for what she did, but not as much as everyone else. She saw herself doing what she thought was needed of her.

Kayla awoke in the morning to an excited voice and a hand rubbing her fur to wake her. Kayla grumbled and yawned, sitting herself up in bed, wondering what the good news was.

"You hit the news again! Read this one!", Emily laughed, though in more of a proud way then she did last time. Kayla took the palm pad into her paws and read the screen.

'A hostile assault upon the Calleet Mall by members of the group "Fire" occured yesterday afternoon, baffling those who were in the vicinity. This rare occurance caused several injuries, including one child. The terrorists were looking to steal a large quantity of Jalaxian Diamonds that were being stored there secretly till they were to be shipped. The armed men took one dozen hostages, and recoded a securety door to keep Starfleet tactical officers out so that they could get the diamonds. The notorious hacker Kayla Ackart (Packet-Storm) was within the mall during the time and broke the security locks on the door that the Starfleet technicians could not crack. Due to the hacker's good efforts, the twelve hostages, being women and children, were rescued. None of the diamonds were taken, and all the attackers were arrested, and are expected to appear in court within the next days. Starfleet is claiming the foiling of this plot has crippled the terrorist cell and has brought an end to the attacks on Earth and Mars'

"Another keeper", Kayla smiled, taking her personal chip from her nightstand and saving the data, a little slower then she normally would, since her fingers were still a little tired. Knowing she wouldn't be punished for a while was a very nice thing to know, and she and her friend played happily and nicely, trying to stay out of trouble so their rears wouldn't get anything. Pain was a part of a penitatas' life, but who says they can't be happy too after all.