Kayla: Fists and Paws
In the 28th century, the technology of rejuvenation allows for immortality. This device is also used for sentencing as well. A penitatas; a criminal that is sent back to childhood to live a highly strict and disciplined life to start anew. (Story Twenty-Nine)
Concept by Lurking Dragon
Kayla and story by Professor Bob

One small claw of her left paw tapped against her desk while the right paw tapped around the key's of the console below it, as Kayla pondered idly to herself while she did her classwork. The sun shined it's way down, unhindered by the few clouds in the sky, highlighting the brown leaves outside the classroom windows, though no student dared stare at the nice day outside when the ruler or paddle may fall upon them for being off task. So the fox's eyes stayed upon her console's screen, doing her assignment with only half her mind staring out into space, thinking about other things besides this math work. It was a mere day after Ashley's trial, though the day wasn't so 'mere' for the other penitatas, seeing that today was Friday. Kayla was still looking for her answers when it came down to what happened, refusing to believe what everyone else seemed to believe, even if she may be wrong herself. As much as the fox may ponder however, her answers never come. That is why she decided they have to be obtained from the person who would have those answers she sought in her friend's name. Kayla made a lil sigh and turned her head from her work, just to take a glance at Ninne busily working.

"Class, you may stop your work now", Mrs. Chester instructed her class, which turned Kayla's head towards her teacher. The penitatas gladly stopped what they were doing, and a couple of them rubbed their wrists, having worked rather hard all morning, with Ninne included in that group. "It's time for your recess, so please set your consoles on standby and follow me everyone", the woman said as she rose from her seat and went to the door. The kids certainly did not dawdle, wanting their break right that moment, without further delay. Kayla followed their ramshackle of a line towards the back, just a few steps behind Ninne, with her paws behind her back and looking down at the ground. Her face looked only slightly thoughtful now, but more of a scowl as time quickly crept past.

"Something the matter Kayla?", the fox had heard Ninne ask, looking up to meet her friend's gaze, since Ninne had turned that long raptor neck of her's a good ways. Kayla tried to lighten up the serious look on her face and shook her head a little.

"I'm fine. Just thinking about stuff, and trying to get my mind focused", she replied, with her voice sounding of less pep then it normally did. Ninne 'hmmed' softly to herself.

"Okay. Just checking and stuff", Ninne giggled lightly, going back to talking to Paula since Kayla didn't seem in much of a mood to talk. Her assumption was correct. Kayla lowered her head back down and let her thoughts return, and within less then a minute she was looking down upon grass, having reached the recess grounds. She looked up and around her surroundings as the others were off socializing and playing, looking for her sole target. Her Aspatrian eyes fixed themselves upon Ashley, walking through a more secluded part of the playground, obviously still in distress from being so severely paddled and sentenced to more cycles. Kayla nearly growled to herself, thinking this girl had no right to be sulking after what she had caused and the crime she had committed. This sort of aggressive thought was awkward for Kayla, but she had focused long and hard to get her mental state to be this way. She welcomed her anger and confidence, so she could do what she believed she must..

"Hold it Ashley", Kayla said aloud in a firm tone of voice as she approached with haste in her step, and Ashley's own legs coming to a total halt. The young human girl turned around and made a bit of a miffed look, both startled and perplexed.

"Oh what do you want", Ashley scoffed, crossing her arms and watching Kayla's tail flick back and forth restlessly.

"Answers", Kayla said plainly, slowing her tail to keep it still, taking a step foreward. "And I want them now", she demanded with a much more obviously firm look.

"To what?", Ashley huffed, before turning her back on Kayla. "I don't have anything to friggen' tell you", she said in a confident manner. Kayla growled a little, and that got her head to turn around.

"Don't give me that, I know you weren't alone in your slicing!", the fox yelled at her, now getting Ashley to fully turn back around.

"You're just jealous you stupid fox! That someone can hack something other then you, that's all!", Ashley yelled right back in her defense. "That is the whole reason you went and hacked the school computer, just to see if you could too! You're a phoney, you got a rise from all this! Couldn't resist the feeling you get when you hack something, could you Packet-Criminal?", she said very snidely, rubbing every notion of it into Kayla's nose. Kayla clenched her paws and growled much like a fox would, raising her muzzle up a touch more so her angry gaze met that of Ashley's with a look that could burn a stone.

"That isn't true! No way in hell!", the fox shouted in anger, giving her tail a forceful flick in the process.

"You can't stand to be away from your precious galactic net, and you can't stand not destroying every system you touch that isn't your own! Fraud! Criminal! Furry hacking dirtbag! You'll use any excuse to feed your thirst for corruption again!", Ashley assaulted Kayla with, grinning all the while at how much she was angering Kayla, who looked like her eyes could spout fire at any split second. Instead, the next thing in line happened. The furious fox lunged foreward and grabbed Ashley by the chest of her shirt, pulling her close with a deep growl and baring of her white, sharp teeth.

"Shut it! That will never, ever be true! I have done this and everything else for my family and friends! For Ninne! I'm going to prove it too, because you're going to tell me the truth, for their sakes and justice! Who is your accomplice?! Tell me, now!", Kayla screamed at the girl who was slightly bigger then her even, with the two year age difference. Her rage nearly made her fur stand on end.

"There is none!", Ashley shouted, only taking a split second to get herself enough out of Kayla's grip to get hooked across her left cheek by Kayla's paw.

"Then I will make you!", came out of Kayla's muzzle, showing Ashley just why she had been focusing her anger all morning, and what those thoughts of her's had been planning. Ashley took a step back in surprise, just to be very quickly lunged at again, with Kayla's fist thrusting a blow right into her jaw. The fox's eyes were lit with fury, loaded with adrenaline, which was fueling her already slick Aspatrian agility. Ashley made a bit of a growl, swinging her right fist hard..only to miss Kayla's muzzle as she slipped to the human girl's side, ramming her fist up into Ashley's side. Ashley coughed and winced hard, but swung herself around and whopped Kayla in the muzzle like she had done last year's first day of school. Kayla's trusty feet kept her balance after the hard blow, and only made her more determined. The girls were oblivious to everything else as they fought with eachother, oddly matched. Kayla had the advantage of alien agility, which she used to dodge two more swings from Ashley, only to get punched in the nose, then her cheek by Ashley's left, and another hook from the right. Kayla fell to her paws and knees, scuffing the knees of her jeans, rolling out of the way as her sharp reflxes did to avoid Ashley jumping on her. The young fox lept up to her feet, and kicked Ashley in the head as soon as she tried to get all the way back up. She howled and clutched her head with a hand, taking a swing at the charging Kayla. It hit Kayla right in the stomach, but the fox had enough left in her to punch Ashley several quick times, making her even more disoriented. With a slip of the footpaw, Kayla got it behind Ashley's leg and pushed with her paw, sending Ashley right over onto her back, and a fox landing hard on top of her. Ashley screamed and tried to hit Kayla with little avail, being repeatedly pummeled into submission.

"Kayla sssttoooppp!!", the girl screamed in plea, just trying to get the fox off of her now. Kayla's expression of total rage didn't fade, and kept punching Ashley as hard as she could, splitting her lip a few times, and adding some cuts. A bit of the blood as Kayla's own, with a light trickle of blood coming from her nose. "I'll tell! I'll tell you!", Ashley cried out, trying to kick free. Kayla's swings suddenly stopped, and she listened closely.

"Who?!", Kayla quickly asked, with her teeth bared and a streak of blood down the front of her muzzle, grabbing the collar of Ashley's shirt.

"It's..", Ashley begun, telling Kayla who had helped her all the way. When Kayla heard it, her ears perked straight up, and her look of anger turned into shock and surprise. The sounds of the goings on caught up with the both, and as soon as Kayla knew Ashley's accomplice, a hand grabbed her and threw her backwards off of Ashley. Kayla landed on her backside, upon the upperside of her tail, cringing a little before looking up and finding her teacher, whom quickly grabbed Kayla firmly by the arm and pulled her up with nearly no grace, very angry herself.

"Kayla Ackart, what do you think you've done?!", Miss Chester yelled at her student, with a second teacher coming to her side.

"The same goes for you Ashley Ellin! As if you didn't get in enough trouble yesterday!", Ashley's own teacher scolded down to the sniffling girl, who got to her feet rubbing her eyes with one hand, and her very sore rear with the other.

"She started it miss Thompson! She attacked me!", Ashley said in almost a panic, looking to quickly turn blame away from herself. Kayla was still dumbfounded from Ashley's confession, and only slowly becoming aware of the deepness of trouble she was in.

"Looks like Mister Yami has two penitatas to deal with. Come on Kayla", Miss Chester sighed, half angrily, and half to calm down as she started walking Kayla by her arm towards the school. Ashley wasn't very protestant either, sulking and drooping at the idea of having her horribly blistered rear spanked harshly already, and the fact that she had just came out and told who her accomplice was. Kayla walked along, thinking of who that accomplice exactly was as well..trying to figure how this all happened. Soon, her shoes were walking along carpet, now being taken through the office.

"You two sit and wait there", Ashley's teacher directed, pointing to the seats beside Mister Yami's door as the approached. Kayla took her seat on the nearest one, and Ashley reluctantly sat down on the farthest one, while the two teachers went into the principal's office to tell him of what happened. No longer full of her adrenaline and confidence, the frowning fox had realized exactly the situation she had put herself in. Her eyes gazed up at Mister Yami's secretary, who was working diligently at her console, then lowered her head back down.

"What have I done..", Kayla whispered to herself. Sure she had gotten the information she needed, but she also directly disobeyed her mother. Just yesterday she was spanked in her car and told not to cause any more trouble with Ashley..and not only did she cause trouble, but she got into a fight with her and started it even. Her worries were suddenly cut short as the door beside her opened, and the two teachers went down the hall.

"Ashley..", came the voice of Mister Yami as he appeared from his door, "..please come into my office", he ordered with a most unhappy look. Kayla watched as Ashley walked by, already crying. Her ears dropped down to her head as the door closed, and she thought about what sort of trouble she just got into, and how her mother would react to the information she retrieved from Ashley. It was some minutes before Mister Yami's door opened again, and Ashley begun slowly walking down the hallway in tears, bawling from the hurt Kayla guessed she must have recieved. Mister Yami was right behind her, and watched the young, very punished penitatas go before turning around to face Kayla. As soon as the fox saw his disheartening look, she lowered her head to look away.

"Sir, I..umm..", Kayla quietly sputtered out, feeling as if she must speak.

"Kayla, in my office. Now", her principal said very sternly above her, silencing her muzzle. With almost a shiver, she slipped herself from the chair and walked around him, into his office with her tail practicly between her legs from the way he had looked at her and spoken to her in such a harsh manner. She knew she was in for it. She padded in towards his desk, and mister Yami was right behind, going up to his desk and standing in front of it with his arms crossed, looking down at the fox before him. "Ashley got a good hand spanking from me for fighting back. I think that's all that was needed for someone who just got a judicial paddling, and didn't start the fight. Kayla, drop your jeans and underwear right now. You don't know how disappointed in you I am", he spoke in a somber sort of anger. Kayla did immidiately as told, still almost in shock. Her paws went behind her back and popped the button above her tail, slipping her jeans down a little before snapping the velcro tab of her white cotton panties, pulling them all the way down her legs and off, taking her shoes off in the process, standing bare from the waist down.

"I'm real sorry sir..I didn't mean to cause so much trouble", Kayla said in a sulky sort of manner, as mister Yami moved from the front of his desk and directed her to bend over in front of it. She slowly stepped up to it and bent over, raising her tail up, while the older Japanese man took a nursery cane from his wall..the sight nearly made Kayla whimper on the spot.

"Trouble?", Mister Yami almost scoffed, "Kayla, people who aren't looking for trouble don't beat up other people and start fist fights. You landed yourself in a mess of hurt little girl..", he said even coldly near the end, reeling the cane back and swinging it with such force it broke in half upon contact with Kayla's backside.

"AAAAAAARRRRRROOOOOOOOOOO!!!", Kayla howled with tears from the one crack, holding onto the desk with her legs giving out from the sheer pain, gripping her rear with a paw. A large, blood red welt had instantly appeared across the middle of her rear, and it's pain was enough to make her cry already. She begun to right herself back into a proper bent over position, putting her rear back up with many sad whimpers of hurt.

"You're better then fist fights Kayla..and I'll make you regret having to come to my office for such a thing", Mister Yami said in almost sad tone, surprised to find Kayla had done such a thing. The fox sniffled and sobbed a few times, resting her head against the desk with tears down her cheeks and dried blood on her nose. Mister Yami tossed the broken cane in his garbage pail, and took a tissue to wipe Kayla's dried blood from her nose and muzzle, just like he had done for Ashley, though she had more injuries then Kayla. She sniffed some while he tended to her nose with care, tossing the tissue in his garbage as well when he was finished. "That's better", said the burly voice above where she lay partially on the desk, bent over. "You're going to recieve a good paddling for this, right over that big welt. Seems I have a cane to replace too", he said as he walked back to his wall and picked up a dark, wood colored paddle. The rectangular shaped paddle was just the right thickness for Kayla's tender backside, and the sight of the paddle made the fox cringe, since it looked bigger then her very own paddle back at home. She couldn't help but be a little fearful this time around, knowing mister Yami was mad...his breaking of a cane with one stroke proved to her the rumor that he can make a drake bawl with a normal paddle was true, and the man was as strong as he was indeed known for. Her tail got all the way up and her legs parted just slightly to recieve her spanking when he walked behind her with the painful instrament, biting her lip slightly.

"Mister Yami..sir?", Kayla managed to say, while the burly man readied the paddle within his hand. He patted her rear with the paddle to get his aim, being quiet for only a moment.

"Yes Kayla?", he aknowledged, with the kit tensing at the pats from the paddle.

"What are you going to do..besides paddle me?", she just had to ask, from worry.

"Call your home. Your mother has already been notified by my secretary I bet, and with the severity of what you did, she actually has to come in. Which means I should paddle you right now to make sure I get it all in before she arrives..", Principal Yami answered her immidiately, inciting a prompt sinking of Kayla's already worryful heart. When he had spoken what he had to, he gave Kayla's rear one light pat, and drew the paddle back quick enough to be heard loud and clear. Kayla's ears pressed hard into her head and she clenched her teeth and eyes, only a split second prior to the smooth paddle's impact with her rear. The paddle's unmistakeable sound was mixed with a foxy yelp and set of whimpers, leaving her rear and returning with just as much force. Kayla's fists clenched and her toes did likewise, trying to cry out the burning pain as it came searing up her back and down her legs. Mister Yami was using his strength to move the paddle with ease, cutting the air like butter with his skillful arm's swing and sharp WHAP onto the lil fox's hurting backside.

"AAAARRROOO-Ow ow ow..", Kayla cried out for a second before her sobs took over, with the tears rolling effortlessly down her cheek fur after several hard swats. The skilled disciplinarian, was using no technique, as a technique. Simply put, he kept laying the paddle in pretty much the same place upon her rear, not touching her legs even though they were totaly accessable..and strangely enough, Kayla was hating it. He was focusing all his spanks on her backside where they would all whap harshly into the deep and very painful cane welt he had placed upon her, whapping and pounding it a deep deep red and sending sharp bolts of stabbing sting all the way up into Kayla's tummy. Her repeatedly and rapidly spanked rear was quickly deepening in color beneath her orange fur with each smack of the smooth wooden face of the paddle, being taken to her without mercy, relent, or even a brief pause. Principal Yami was keeping his tempo right up there, swatting Kayla's rear over and over with the same hurtful slaping smack sound when it made harsh contact with her behind. The young foxes cries were more pathetic sounding by now, with over two dozen swats to her rear with more to come. Her yelps and hard sobs were pleading in their sounds, even though the girl was crying to hard to say a word. With a red hot rear, and pain being taken to new hights with every swat of the wooden device, she was scuffing and fidgeting her footpaws, unable to stay still as she was paddled when she wanted nothing more but to end it. After a little while, and fourty two harsh swats that covered her whole rear and always that blazing welt, the paddling had finally ended. Kayla's teeth grit together and kept bawling out all her hurt, holding onto the desk and letting her legs rest some. Two small puddles from her tear drops had formed benath her cheeks from where her head lay, trying to cry out the hurt with no avail there. That welt on her rear had been beaten and abused, and was going to be searing hot and in deep pain for a good while, and she could almost feel the bruises forming already upon her rump.

"Alright miss Ackart,", her principal said, interrupting her crying, "get yourself in my open corner back there and wait till your mother arrives. I expect your paws to stay in front of you at all times", he directed as the paddle was returned to the wall. Kayla continued to sniffle, sob, and cry as she stood up, wiping her eyes before padding into the corner, wincing every step. Her paws stayed in front of herself, as much as they wanted to rub her bruising backside. "Good. Now just stay like that while I go and do some things. I'll leave my door open, and my secretary will be listening to you in here", mister Yami told the foxy girl before opening his door and walking out, with his duty done. Kayla's head hung slightly, staring into the corner witrh dripping eyes and teary pained cries, fidgeting her paws a little down by her crotch in her nervousness. With drooped ears, she cried forlorn tears from being punished, and also from knowing her mother would arrive at any moment. She knew she had disobeyed what she was not only told, but had spanked into her by her mother, and that this was not going to look good. She knew, however, that she still had that one incredible thing..

"Kayla Ackart!", she heard in a sharp and sudden scolding tone, which belonged to no one else but Emily as she walked into Principal Yami's office to see her well padded daughter sniffling and lightly crying in the corner, after she had stood there only three minutes. Kayla winced and whimpered to herself, but dared not turn around without being directed to.

"H-..hi mommy..", she sniffled into her little corner, with the water in her eyes building to make another small set of tears drip down her wet cheeks.

"I can't believe you Kayla. Turn around this instant", Emily said in a very angry voice, causing the fox to do quickly what was told, facing her mother with her teary expression and ears plastered to her head. "You beat up Ashley, cutting her up and pummeling her, after I had even spanked you about stopping this whole Ashley business! I am very disappointed in you Kayla, you just wait!", she scolded down with a harsh tone.

"Mommy I..I only did it because I wanted Ashley to tell me her accomplice..a-and she did..", Kayla said quietly through her teary voice, making a big sniff at the end to try and clear it up. Emily's look of anger dwindled down to a look of surprise, and she knelt down to her girl's level.

"Tell me, who is it?", the mother wondered, looking into Kayla's watery eyes and feeling the truth from them, though she was still madder then a hornet in reality. Kayla made another, smaller sniff, leaning foreward and whispering into Emily's ear, who shot her head back at the news. "Are you sure?!", Emily asked in haste.

"Yes mommy..", the fox nodded. Emily jumped to her feet and bolted for the door.

"My god!", she exclaimed, running clear out of the office and down the hallway, as quick as she could. Out the building and on towards the parking lot, she paniced trying to open her hover car door, leaping in and plotting a course for Ki'rene's home. The human woman squirmed in her seat, needing to tell her Drakonian friend quickly who the whole key behind her and Ninne being hurt was. The auto pilot took her straight back home to Ki'rene's, landing in her driveway. Emily got out of her hover car and found herself even more urgent with the sounds she was beginning to hear..she ran up to the wide open front automatic door. What she saw was bloody and fierce; the sight of two Drakonian females fighting against eachother with all they got. Claws fully extended and covered in blood, a wrecked livingroom, and blood on the floor and walls. Ki'rene's clothes were all shread and most of it was strewn about the livingroom, and her body was slammed into the wall with enough force to put a hole in it, inciting a roar from the beaten raptor.

"Die you stupid woman!", Ki'rene's opposer roared in panglish, with her own clothing torn to shreads. Ki'rene lunched foreward with heavy force from the wall, headbutting the other female in the snout and slashing her claws wildly for dear life, dripping with blood and becoming disoriented from all her injuries. Both drakes slashed with the claws into eachothers scales, using their strong legs. With a sudden snap, the opposing female's jaws locked around Ki'rene's neck and squeezed, tearing scales and flesh..and with one strong drake kick, Ki'rene was again sent into the wall, and to the floor, not getting back up this time, covered in blood and severe wounds. The other drake stumbled a little from her own injuries, growling in pain..

"Ssssttooooppp!!", Emily screamed, rushing up from behind the drake, smashing one of Ki'rene's large vases over her head as soon as her neck bolted around in surprise. The reptile went over, unconcious, and Emily bolted quickly to the vid-phone, not wasting the time to check on Ki'rene, as time was of the essence..and she already knew things were very grim, with the amount of blood and damage around the place. "Send EMTs now! It's a dire emergency, my friend is dying!", Emily screamed in paniced tears, with a heavy feeling in her heart that Ki'rene could already be dead as they spoke. After she had said that, she slammed her hand on the vid-phone and closed the connection, running to Ki'rene's side and getting down. "Ki'rene?! Ki'rene!", she shouted, trying to rouse her. The battered and bloody reptile made a slight gurgle, speaking in a near silent, raspy voice.

[Damn...Dianne...Sak'kral..], she spat in her own language. Emily looked behind herself to make sure Dianne was still out cold, before turning back to Ki'rene and rubbing her raptor shoulder.

"Help is coming Ki'rene, just hold on...you're bleeding everywhere, I don't know how to stop any of this!", Emily said in her state of panic, crying. Within moments, the hasty EMTs had arrived and loaded Ki'rene into their ambulance, which accomodated a Drakonian's size, and taken her off, while police accompanied Dianne's medical transport as well. Emily was stuck answering questions, and dealing with the hard feeling in her heart from her fear and worry for her friend. After a while, she was able to leave back into her hover car and return back to Callet Rejuve Elementary to not only pick up Kayla, but Ninne now too. Kayla had stood in the corner the whole time Emily was gone, and Ninne was nothing less then hysterical when she found out. She bawled the whole car ride, and Kayla cried too, but having such a painful rear to sit on helped.

"Please let her be okay, please..", Ninne cried in sadness as she stood with Kayla behind Emily, as she went to find where Ki'rene's room was and how she was doing. Her claws never moved far from her snout, always wiping her eyes while Kayla stayed close, feeling much sympathy for her. They were all worried for Ki'rene's sake.

"Girls, this way", Emily said with a hand gesture, leading the way down the hall, sounding very tired now from everything that had happened. In a moment, they had arrived at a room and walked right on in..to find a light smile and some pearly drake teeth shining back at them.

"Ninne..", Ki'rene tried to exclaim when they walked in, but it was low and raspy, and only made her cough painfully from her neck injury. "Come here hun, I'm okay..", she said, smiling again. Ninne made a happy and teary sound at the same time, darting to her mother's bedside.

"I'm so sorry my mother did this to you! She..tried to kill you!", she sobbed. "How are you ma'ma, are you okay?!", she asked in total concern. Ki'rene nodded her head some, but just a small amount.

"Yes..I'll be okay. You almost got to see me as a seven year old though..from what I hear. They were..going to emergency rejuvenate me", Ki'rene tried to say in a cheery way, till she growled in anger, pain, and grief. "I fought for my life..", she sighed with a crackle. Kayla watched and listened with half drooped ears, trying to look at the familiar white walls she had seen once before herself, instead of Ki'rene's treated and healing wounds. "Emily,", Ki'rene said lightly, "thank you for helping me..I owe you. I'm sure I would have won eventually, but that's besides the point", she tried to chuckle at the end, only making herself cough again and Ninne look worried.

"You owe nothing, I just did what I had to do..", Emily smiled to the grateful drake, barely getting out her sentence before a doctor walked in and cut her off.

"My patient needs some rest and more aid, so I will have to ask that she have no visitors for now", the man spoke as he came in, going around to the bedside opposite of Ninne with a liveliness in his step. "Hmm?", he hummed, when a picked up a medical tricorder and noticed the silver 'P' on Ninne's claw. "Oh, but her penitatas can stay", he added, not knowing what her relation was till now. Ninne turned her neck to Emily and Kayla and gave her thanks before the two left, and went down to the hover car without a word. The same continued on the ride home, and the fox couldn't figure out if this was a good thing or a bad thing.

"Mom...are you really mad at me?", Kayla found the courage to ask as their hover car landed itself in their own driveway. Emily sighed and didn't turn her head.

"Very much so", Emily said as she opened the driver side door and put out foot out onto their driveway. "I want you to go straight to your room and undress", she gave as an order, getting out of the car as soon as she gave it. Kayla whimpered and got out herself, padding behind her mother with her head low. Once in the house, she went right up stairs to her room and started to strip down while her mother stayed downstairs for some moments. Her jeans and panties came off first, then her shirt, which all went in her hamper before she stood by her bed and waited sadly for what she presumed was another spanking. Emily came up stairs a few minutes later, crossing her arms and giving her daughter a disappointed and angry look.

"Mom I'm sorry..", Kayla appologized outright, "I only wanted to help. And I found out Dianne was Ashley's accomplice too", she added in her own defence.

"That is totaly besides the point little fox", her mother quickly scolded. "Do you know what you did? You completely disobeyed me by going against Ashley, again, and you started a fight with her! A fist fight! Kayla, you used violence to try and make her tell, when you didn't even have proof there was even any accomplice. There is no excuse for attacking Ashley. I am completely disappointed in you..you know better, a lot better, and the Kayla I know wouldn't resort to violence before using her head. But no, you went right off and assaulted her! What if you were an adult Kayla, and this wasn't a school thing? You did a terrible thing...and you're going to be punished for it. Bigtime. You are a penitatas even and did all this, so your parents are just going to have to show you right and wrong as penitatas parents should", Emily scolded hard upon her furry girl, who sulked the whole time. Kayla couldn't disagree she made a total mistake, and that violence wasn't right. Ki'rene defended her life today with it...but she herself only used it to beat up a girl. Kayla didn't have anything to say to her fate, and no matter what she said wouldn't have helped her any..so she only made a soft whine in reply. "Go on and put a nightie on. I'm putting you to bed early", Emily then said as an order.

"But mom, it's only late afternoon!", Kayla really whined for that one. Emily only scowled and grabbed her girl by the arm, swatting her sore rear end with her hand a good three times, each with it's own slap and jumping yelp.

"I will not have any backtalk Kayla! You are in more trouble then you even want to know!", her mother said in an angry way while Kayla sniffled and wiped her nose. She sat down on the bed and helped pull her daughter across her lap, with some panicy whimpers and kicks of her legs.

"Wait mommy, no!", Kayla pleaded as she was tugged into place with her tail pinned to her back.

"I wasn't going to spank you today, and let your principal's paddling do, but after your AGAIN disobidience, I'm going to have to spank some into you", Emily growled a little before her right paw slapped hard against Kayla's rear, getting a teary yelp from her daughter and more kicks from her legs. As Emily's hand begin to re-work the sting and pain back into Kayla's red backside and the big welt across it, Kayla squirmed a bit at first but started to take it a bit more when her fast hand reached fourteen.

"I'll go to bed!", Kayla cried out with some fresh sobs. "Please don't spank anymore, it hurts a lllloottttt!!", she howled and whined like the fox she was from the fire lit upon her backside by her mother's stern hand. Emily spanked her daughter one last dozen times, though hard.

"Kayla, get into bed. You can do without the nightie", Emily said in a somewhat less mad tone, letting go of her girl's tail. With a few sobs and whimpers, Kayla crawled from Emily's lap and got right into bed..on her side naturally. She nuzzled her pillow, trying to wipe the fresh tears upon it, while Emily rose from her bedside and helped tuck her in under her sheets. "Kayla, you are going to be spanked and punished this whole weekend. I promise you you'll hate it..and hopefully you will learn your lesson. Spanking you in the hover car didn't stop your judgement from going awol when it came to Ashley, so a long, strict weekend of punishments is well deserved. Goodnight Kayla, rest well", Emily said sternly, but also motherly at the same time..something she ended up being good at. She gave Kayla a quick kiss to her cheek while she lightly cried, and stepped out, closing the automatic door behind herself. The punished fox, from a long day, fell asleep not long after, with a whole weekend ahead of her..