Kayla: Penitatas' Nightmare
In the 28th century, the technology of rejuvenation allows for immortality. This device is also used for sentencing as well. A penitatas; a criminal that is sent back to childhood to live a highly strict and disciplined life to start anew. (Story Twenty-Eight)
Concept by Lurking Dragon
Kayla and story by Professor Bob

The halls of the courthouse, the securety officers, and bustling activity not only caught Kayla's curiosity as she walked with her paw in her mother's hand, but a bit of fear as well. It had been only two days since Ashley Ellin's arrest, and that day the young fox herself could very well have been arrested, and would have if she wasn't pardoned for her effort in catching an elusive criminal. Kayla's tail swished just slightly back and forth as she tagged along with her mother, wearing a little light blue skirt and shirt, even though she rather disliked skirts. Emily picked out her clothes today for her trip to penitatas court, which she was glad she was only being a witness for and not the defendant. Penitatas court is the most feared thing to a penitatas..a peni who is found of another crime during their sentence gets delt with quite hard. This was sort of like a trip back in time, being inside of this courthouse...since she was sentenced and rejuved here. The rejuve lab was fresh in her mind at the moment, but so were the smiles of Alex and Emily when they first laid eyes upon the shy and frightened little girl. She had come a long way since that day, which felt so long ago now. She made a slight sigh, thinking with a saddened frown from the judge's harsh words that came before the total crush of being told she was guilty, having her whole sentence laid before her..

"Heya Kayla!", Ninne said happily as the groups approached one another, making Kayla snap back to reality. The raptor quickly gave her a hug, and Kayla giggled and hugged her friend's chest region back, since thats all she could really hug on a dinosaur.

"Hi Ninne", she greeted in reply as both parents smiled at their two daughters. Ninne had been shocked Kayla did what she did for her, feeling extremely grateful for catching Ashley, whom she hated now more then ever.

"Alright you two, let's get our tails..", Ki'rene said cheerfully, holding a claw out for Ninne before stopping and giving Emily a sheepish grin. "..and those of us without one, into the court room we need to get to", she finished, making a joke since Emily was the only human out of the four.

"Funny", Emily smirked, taking Kayla's paw as Ki'rene took Ninne's, heading on their way since they had met at their meeting spot. "The penitatas court rooms are on the third floor, so I guess someone can redirect us once we're up there", Emily said as she looked at the signs, looking for the turbolift.

"The rejuve lab is on the second floor", Kayla decided to say for a larf. Ninne turned her raptor neck to Kayla and grined her Drakonian teeth.

"And so are the court rooms", Ninne added to Kayla's statement. Ki'rene rolled her eyes and Emily giggled, stepping into a turbolift with their daughters now that they had found one.

"You two are such experts aren't you?", Ki'rene smiled, giving Ninne's claw a light squeeze.

"Can't beat experience mom", Ninne smiled up to her, being in the good mood she was in. The turbolift quietly and quickly zipped the two little families to the third floor where they stepped out, with the girls looking a bit curious to the floor of the courthouse they hadn't actually seen yet. The carpeting was tan with red and black decor upon it, working nicely with the wood colored walls and fancy courthouse atmosphere.

"You go on Emily, I want to talk with Ninne for a moment", Ki'rene asked of her human friend, who nodded in responce without thought.

"Sure thing!", Emily said to her, before looking down to her daughter. "We just have to pass through securety Kayla, then we can get into Ashley's courtroom", she answered her foxy girl's obvious curiosity, walking on together. Ki'rene watched them head off for a moment, before kneeling down onto her raptor knee, right up at the same height with Ninne, smiling lightly to her.

"Ninne honey, are you ready for this?", the mother kindly asked, stroking her daughter's neck-scales.

"I don't have much of a choice..", Ninne purred lightly to the strokes. "I'll do my best though. Court rooms just aren't my thing as you can guess", she assured. Ki'rene closed her eyes a little and chuckled very softly, sighing afterwards.

"Yeah, I can guess that. I'm sorry you had to come to penitatas court like this and..I'm really sorry for punishing you so hard when you had done a terrific job. I promise it'll never happen again..I just feel horrid for what I did..", Ki'rene told Ninne softly, getting that teary sort of voice at the end. Ninne smiled a bit more and nuzzled her mother's snout.

"You've appologized a million times already, and you know it's okay!", she giggled a bit. "This is Ashley's fault, and she's going to get what's coming to her. That's honestly the only reason I'm not shaking about going to penitatas court, since I know it's going to help me get justice, instead of making me serve justice this time. I'm not going to let her make me fuming over this..that's why I'm going to do this calmly. She's going to regret this", the young drake grinned.

"I'm glad Ninne..let's get up to the court room now, alright?", Ki'rene said with a bit more pep, knowing very well she was forgiven and her daughter was going to do this the right way.

"Lead the way", Ninne nodded, offering her claw which was taken once Ki'rene got to her footclaws. The two passed through a nearby securety checkpoint by a guard who scanned them for weapons and such, and patted down Ninne. She was a bit miffed by the fact he did that, but she figured a penitatas wasn't going to be all too trusted in a courthouse, being a criminal and all. Once sent on their way, Ki'rene made sure to pat Ninne's shoulders for dealing with that nicely, deciding her girl's claw didn't need to be held from this point on. Ninne looked above the two large, wooden style doors she had lead her to, examining the intricate work of the wooden olive branch, the symbol of peace that hung there as a symbol of the law. Ki'rene opened the doors and showed her daughter the way down the aisle as the smaller drake looked about at the people in the courtroom. At the end of the aisle, Ki'rene directed her girl left to the seats at the table there, where Emily and Kayla were already sitting. Ninne took her seat beside Kayla, making a bit of a smirk.

"Did the guard pat you down too Kayla, or am I just special?" , Ninne playfully asked with that grin of her's, showing she didn't quite like the lack of trust the place had for penitatas. Kayla rolled her eyes a little and giggled.

"You bet, and he did quite a bit of seaching..guess he was looking for any chips. I can't hide who I am, that's for sure", the young hacker fox grinned back, using it as her own playful way to say she didn't like it either. "They'll do anything to embarass us penitatas though", Kayla added, getting a nod of agreement from Ninne. "At least we didn't get strip searched like Ashley did", she then suddenly started snickering, having tried to save that part for last.

"She's here?", Ninne giggled, getting a 'shh' from Ki'rene for being a bit loud.

"Don't be so loud you two, this is a courtroom", Ki'rene lightly scolded both girls, who said 'sorry' at the volume of a whisper. Kayla turned her head back to Ninne and made a quick lil nod.

"She is from what I overheard. She'll be brought in shortly, after they're done checking all of her possible hiding places", she whispered, trying not to snicker. Ninne had to do likewise, thinking about Ashley getting cavity searched in the nude. The two stopped snickering once a side door opened, automaticly, unlike the fancy entrance doors, watching as Ashley and her parents walked in and took their seats at the defendant's table. From the looks of things, Ashley looked like she could cry at any second, and her parents didn't look at all happy with her.

"Serves her right", Ninne smiled at the sight, getting a little more comphy in her seat while still sitting the way she was supposed to. Ki'rene expected Ninne to be on her best behavior, just like Emily expected Kayla to be.

"Case 262331 is now underway. Calleet penitatas judge Maria Stafford presiding", a bailif announced, standing in uniform in front of the judge's stand before walking off to the side as the older woman took her seat, quickly shuffling a few papers and taking her reading glasses off. Both girls knew the look on this fifty-or-so year old woman meant business, and felt a good bit intimidated even if they weren't the ones on trial.

"Ashley Ellin..", Judge Stafford slowly began after a moment, "..you have been charged with one count of slicing private data, as well as one count of third person assault", the stern woman said aloud, looking right at Ashley who winced at hearing third party assault. No body expected that one. "Because of the illegal tampering of your school's database information, you lead to the severe punishment of miss Ninne Sak'kral. A punishment which she didn't earn, nor deserve. This constitutes for third party assault, since she was harmed because of your actions. What do you have to say for yourself before we get under way miss Ellin?", the judge scowled down at the young, nine year old human sitting in her seat in fear.

"I...don't know", was all Ashley could reply, gripping the hem of her skirt nervously.

"You will soon enough, I can assure you", Judge Stafford said in a scowl, being the stone a penitatas court judge usualy is. She turned her head towards a man in a black suit and tie, and what Kayla and Ninne could see from their seats, a thin brown mustache. "You are representing in the Calleet police squadron's behalf, correct?", she asked the man outright.

"Yes your honor, I'm Detective Gatti. I worked this case and have all the collected evidence against the defendant", the man answered, taking a few steps up to the judge and handing her some papers. She calmly placed her reading glasses on and looked over his forms, setting them and her glasses down once again.

"Now that we have the police department's evidence on hand, let's get down to business. Miss Ellin, I want you to tell me the whole truth. Why did you do this, and how", she said aloud before looking right at Ashley with a demanding sort of tone. Ashley kept her head low, seeming hesitant for a moment before replying.

"I wanted to get back at Ninne for all the times I had gotten in trouble scuffling with her..and how she made fun of me after I was punished on the last day of school last school year. With the chip I used for my assignments, I brought in everything I needed that I assembled from stuff in my parent's computer. When I was staying after school two days before we got our report chips, I popped the chip in my teacher's console when he was out of the classroom for a moment. He didn't know I had stayed after. So with what I had on my chip, I altered Ninne's grades to get her in big trouble, adding poor comments from her teacher too", Ashley explained in simple detail, while Ninne made a bit of a scowl in her general direction. Kayla however, had her arms crossed and shook her head lightly to herself.

"I don't buy it..", Kayla whispered very quietly with a tone of disbelief. Ninne caught what she whispered and turned her head a little to her fox comrade, before the voice of Judge Stafford caught her eyes and ear's attention again.

"One would think a penitatas would already know the consequences of crime, but apparently there are those such as yourself that slip through the judicial and discipline system's fingers. Your school discipline records state many racist fights and arguments, and most with Ninne and other classmates of alien origin. Miss Ninne Sak'kral..", the woman scolded down upon the human girl, before turning her gaze and voice to Ninne. "..may you tell us the sort of problems you have had with miss Ellin in the past, in your own words?", she asked in her cold and calm voice, clear and official with her confidence of her position and the discipline within it. Ninne nodded her head and pushed the butterflies down to speak respectfully, wishing nothing but her best for this.

"Ashley I had met last year when she was in my class, though she isn't this year. Our first scuffle with her was when she tried to pick a fight with Kayla and I, that very same day school began. Ashley is a big racist and hates all alien species, and she never got along with any of us that weren't human. The class knew she was mean and usualy enjoyed seeing her get spanked so often. You were right in saying most of the fights were with me, she hated me the most because I was the 'snake' that stood up to her biggotry. It surprises me none that she'd stoop this low..", Ninne spoke aloud, looking right at the judge and not Ashley. The Drakonian girl didn't care what the racist human girl thought of what she said. Ki'rene had placed a claw on her daughter's shoulder at the end, just to let Ninne know that was alright, and to cool off and stop.

"Yes, it's quite obvious you both bare resentment to one another, and it stops now. This fighting will get you no where", Judge Stafford spoke in a slightly angered manner, warning Ashley and Ninne. Both penitatas nodded their heads lightly. Kayla was busy thinking to herself how scary this woman was, till the images in her mind were broken by her name being said aloud. "Miss Ackart, you deliberately broke the law and hacked your school computer system to catch miss Ellin. You're lucky your good deeds over this past year and a half helped you, or else you too would be on trial in front of this court, and beneath my paddle. You were pardoned for your crime, so it seems you're going to get off this time. While commiting your act of hacking, why don't you tell us what you learned about Ashley since you are the one who caused her capture", the woman said in her generaly cold manner, though lightening up a bit at the end, almost making it feel like she appreciated Kayla's assistance in the case.

"I had figured the slicer had left behind traces of themselves that weren't totaly destroyed, so I made a program to locate and rebuild the scattered and corrupted data. Once the program had finished, it gave the ID of the chip that had the slicing programs run off of, giving us Ashley's name. There is no doubt she did it ma'am, however..", Kayla went on explaining, being her cool headed self about it though her paws were really fidgeting in her lap a little, being in the uncomfortable setting of a court room, "..I don't believe Ashley was alone. In my expertise, I don't see her having the abilities to do what she did. I see her having assistance", she told the judge as she saw it, making her own voice firm and positive sounding. Judge Stafford placed a hand upon her chin and hummed a bit to herself at the thought.

"If I may interject your honor..", the man from the Calleet police squad cut in.

"You may speak sir", Judge Stafford nodded, taking the hand from her chin and giving him her attention.

"The evidence we pulled from Ashley's home, and questioning Ashley herself and her school mates, we found only evidence that suggested she worked alone. There was no signs of anyone else assisting her at any time", the man spoke in his deep voice from where he stood, sounding perfectly confident. Kayla rolled her eyes and growled quietly to herself.

"Yeah right, you Calleet police are stupid screw-ups..", Kayla grumbled softly, giving the man a look without him noticing.

"Kayla, behave yourself!", Emily snapped, still retaining the whisper level of Kayla's grumble, though keeping it's scold. Kayla sighed and let it go for the moment to listen.

"Miss Ellin, you have already given your complete statements to the police, but I do wish to hear this part for myself. Did you work alone, or did you not?", Judge Stafford asked the cowering looking girl, sounding like even she didn't think there was anyone else involved with the evidence presented. Ashley promptly shook her head rapidly, till she realized her parents wanted her most respectful behavior..she really didn't want to be in more trouble at the moment, if that was possible.

"No your honor, this was my doing alone..", Ashley affirmed lightly, dreading her position as things looked dismal for her.

"This was certainly a brick case, especially with your own admittance of guilt miss Ellin. You let your hate and wrongdoing manifest, and you will pay the consequences of your crimes to the fullest extent!", the judge barked at the end, getting quite the wince from Ashley and an almost terrified look. "Only now, once punishment looms over your head for your penal offence of illegal data alteration, do you show signs of regret. Your school records and parental testimony discribes a complete brat, full of hate and constant disobidience. Therefore, upon the will of the Calleet Penitatas Court, I sentence you to two additional cycles, both hard time manditory, and a judicial paddling right here and now for this crime that you have commited as already a penitatas serving another crime", Judge Stafford said clear and aloud as she laid forth the punishment brought down by the court, till Ashley went foreward in her chair, almost jumping to her feet in panic and fear with tears welled in her eyes, starting to cry.

"Please, don't! I begging you, please! I'm just a little girl!", Ashley cried up to her with her hands on the table, till her father whapped one with his hand and scooted her back properly in her chair. Before he could give Ashley a scold a harsh look, Judge Stafford gave both, and tenfold even he would have.

"Ashley Ellin, that is enoguh!", she demanded in a harsh manner, with her voice bellowing through the court and striking a wince in even Kayla and Ninne's chests. "You are not just a girl, you are in reality an adult, just like any other rejuve! Your actions can not be hidden by the visad of your body, for you know right from wrong and are more then intelligent enough to impliment it! You have proven yourself a culpable recidivist, and you will pay for your crime under the law's paddle of correction! This is something many of you have stopped realizing, that you penitatas are truely adults and pay the prices for wrongdoing like any other!", the woman yelled with a deep, scowling expression while Ashley kept her head down and her hands to her face, crying in defeat. Kayla found herself very glad she wasn't going before the court herself, watching and listening to the judge lay down the law..she was certainly scared, though for once in her life, when she turned her head to Ninne, the drake who was usualy more nervous and scared then she ever was, seemed just fine. Ninne wasn't going to fear the judge or the law right now, not when all her faith was placed into it. Kayla sighed lightly to herself and turned her muzzle back to the judge, deciding she shouldn't worry, which was something she taught herself long ago when it came to making mistakes. You just had to live up to them, and Ashley had to do it now, even if the fox didn't have as much faith in the court as Ninne did.

"I'm sorry..", Ashley very quietly said as she sobbed, wishing this wasn't true. Two additional cycles of hard time meant twelve extra years of what she was already serving, and if that wasn't enough to make someone cry, a judicial paddling was certainly going to do that. The judicial paddling was what made penitatas court so dreaded, and is what makes it a penitatas' nightmare.

"Come miss Ellin, I'm giving you the paddling you deserve, and need, to correct your behavior. No dawdling, now young lady!", Judge Stafford commanded angrily in her demeanor, reaching under the top of her stand where her three paddles were kept, with each being a different age group. Ashley being nine, got the highest level, and Kayla gulped and dropped her ears to her head when she saw it. The paddle was large and thick, covered in what looked to be eight well sized holes through the strong alien wood..

"Ninne, what the heck is that?", Kayla whispered as quietly as she could to her friend, watching Ashley get up from her chair promptly at the command of the judge, walking quickly in tears around the front area of the court to get to the judge's eager lap.

"That..", Ninne began, trying also to keep good and quiet, "..is a bumblebee paddle. It's meant for adults, and about as strong as a paddle gets", she finished answering, also not taking her eyes off the judge. Ashley climbed up onto Judge Stafford's lap, head already hung and in tears at her fate, being watched by the court's attentive eyes as her skirt was pulled all the way up with a bit of a tug, bareing her white pantied rear completely. Her panties quickly went down to her ankles, where the judge knew they'd quell some of her kickings, and she picked up a hypospray from where she kept her paddles, injecting a fluid into her rear.

"This will ensure this lasts a week, at least. Nano-machines will be immidiately deactivated upon detecting this, so expect your rear to be in terrible pain for quite a while", Judge Stafford told Ashley, who wailed upon hearing it, though it was no surprise. The hypospray went back under her stand and she slid the hard and heavy paddle from her stand's top, getting it well gripped before raising it. Judge Stafford had been trained and taught the master abilities of punishing penitatas, knowing how to do everything just so painfully and perfectly. The paddle came down with a certain sort of grace, cutting the air with a sharp sound as the air passed through the holes and the strong paddle flew without resistance, gaining more and more speed before an excruciating WHAP and scream drowned the remains of the sound out. While Ninne smiled at justice, Kayla couldn't help but cringe. For a paddle that was being swung so quickly and almost frantic looking in severity, it was being swung at full power and accuracy each time by the skilled hand of Judge Stafford. Ashley was screaming and bawling even at the beginning from the horrid pain as the judge held her down firmly and beat at her young and fleshy backside with the large paddle, not meant on someone her age, but was certainly being used reguardless. Back and forth the face of the paddle would come and make a very painful and audible contact with her defenseless human rear, with the paddle smacking her almost once a second even. At twenty, half way through a traditional judicial paddle, Ashley was screaming and crying hard and doing her best to squirm and kick to mostly no avail, wriggling her rear in a futile attempt to dodge the infinate pain with her rear a very dark red already from the shear force of the paddle. Kayla had a hard time watching this, even if she knew it was well deserved. Ki'rene and Ninne looked like they could feel the pain slightly, as if it was wafting through the air, but they were satisfied in justice being served for them both. Judge Stafford continued on and on, not once slowing down or weakening her spanking to the beyond blood red and bruised backside. By now, Ashley's mouth was wide and face red and utter pain and lack of air, tears streaming from her bloodshot eyes down her cheeks. Not a sound came from her, with the pain being too great to even scream, with a small train of spittle coming from her mouth..swats still coming at their rapid and merciless pace. Almost quickly, though an eternity to the guilty girl, the paddling stopped at fourty from the terrible paddle..she gasped for air and immidiately started bawling very loudly with even more tears now that her body could muster it, trying her best to get air into her lungs. Her white rear had been spanked a deep dark red, and purple and black in some places, with a giant white sting blister forming dead center on each of her fleshy cheeks, and several other smaller ones littering her backside from the top to the base of her rear and a little on her thighs that strayed, with a bit of fluid still lightly seaping from the damaged skin. Done with the task, Judge Stafford returned her paddle to the top of her stand, lying it on top of her papers. Ashley's penitatas parents stepped foreward to the judge's stand to hear her final orders and retrieve their girl. "Mister and miss Cartino, Ashley to be paddled daily and spend at least two hours in the corner daily as well, for at least a week. You can tack a day or two more on pending on her behavior, and the chemical I hyposprayed her with till make nano-lotion ineffective for one week. Those blisters will be split open every day and not allowed to heal at all because of it", Judge Stafford told the two parents outright her court order, which all just helped Ashley cry more. With that said, Ashley's mother went around and took Ashley from her, pulling up the bawling girl's panties without any regard to her backside, and held her hand to assist her in walking as she limped. "This court is ajourned", Judge Stafford announced as Ashley and her parents walked down the walkway to the door, turning her head to Kayla and Ninne afterwards. "And let me not see either of you commit a crime like she did. You had already come close to it, miss Ackart", she said smoothly to the two penitatas, softer then she had been speaking. She nodded to the familes and stepped down, heading to her office for the time being with her papers in hand.

"Justice served Ninne?", Ki'rene asked her daughter with a smile.

"Seems that way!", Ninne smiled back, nodding her head to her mother and getting up from her seat.

"Well I think so at least. She's going to be sitting on one nasty tush for a while", Ki'rene couldn't help but snicker. "I'm glad though, she got what she deserved for hurting you. C'mon, let's get home, I'm sure you're sick of the courthouse by now", she grinned playfully, getting up from her seat as well, getting out of Ninne's way.

"Don't have to tell me that one twice", Ninne giggled in reply, before turning her neck around to Kayla and Emily, who had been watching them both, feeling glad the two drakes were happy. "See ya' Kayla, bye miss Emily!", she said, giving her goodbyes. Kayla and Emily gave theirs too, and Ki'rene and Ninne were already on their way.

"I bet you're happy you were pardoned of hacking, now that you see what happens to penitatas that commit crimes while penitatas", Emily told her girl as she got up, with kayla getting up as well at her side, fixing her skirt.

"Yeah, a lot happy..but hey, I couldn't pick a better stupid biggot to get paddled like that", Kayla said with a toothy grin, finishing straightening out the hem of her skirt after sitting. Emily frowned a little, though Kayla didn't see it while looking down at her skirt.

"Kayla, give me your paw", Emily lightly ordered her daughter with a sigh, knowing she would know what that meant. Kayla dipped her ears and looked up at her mother, slowly offering her right paw up to her waiting left hand.

"What I do mom?", she asked with a slight whine as Emily held her right paw in her left hand. Kayla made a wince and a lil 'ow!' as Emily gave the back of her paw two crisp whaps with her right hand. Kayla took her paw back and rubbed the back of it, cluching it a brief moment before looking back up at her mother.

"What is that earth saying again?", Emily asked, crossing her arms a bit. Kayla thought about it for a moment with a confused face, till she sighed and drooped her right ear all the way, remembering what she had said.

"If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all?", the fox tried as an answer. Emily nodded her head.

"Right..Kayla, all this happened because Ashley and Ninne disliked eachother so much. Name calling like that just adds to the cycle of hate that racism brings. I know Ashley isn't a nice person in the least, but letting this cycle go on any further would be foolish. Name calling get's no one no where, even if you don't like her. That's why I'm going to spank you when we get back to the hovercar..I don't want you scuffling with her any longer. Understand?", Emily stood there and scolded to her furry girl, who had drooped her ears down and kept her paws together, tail motionless.

"Yes mommy, I understand..", she answered a tad sadly, having gotten herself into trouble. She couldn't help but feel like Emily was right about the 'cycle of hate'. As much as she wanted to though, she still didn't buy that Ashley was alone..

"Good. Let's get going back to the hover car then", Emily said softly with a light smile. She took her daughter's paw, the one she smacked, and headed out of the courtroom. Kayla kept her muzzle quiet, looking down a little since she knew she was going to get it once they had gotten out of the courthouse. Before long Emily had walked her out to the hovercar and popped open the left rear door and oddly climbed in herself. "Alright Kayla, let's get that rear good and sore then", she said with a pat to her knee, sitting in the center of the back seat for room. Kayla sighed and climbed in, pulling the door closed behind herself. Emily helped her furry girl turn around in the somewhat confined space to be lying across her lap the correct direction, and grabbed her purse once Kayla was settled in right. "I think my little swatting paddle will do for this one..", she commented as she pulled the small, thin, paddle looking swatter from her purse and set her purse aside.

"M-..ma'?", Kayla said timidly.

"Yes dear?", Emily replied with her soft, motherly sort of voice as she turned up the fox's skirt. With her tail still through the hole of her skirt, it make it easy to hold the skirt and her tail up against her back.

"Do you have to do this?", she turned her head and asked, speaking a bit unhappily. Emily placed her hand upon her daughter's white cotton pantied rear and nodded her head.

"I'm afraid so. The way things have been going lately, with you hacking your school computer system and all the problems with Ashley, I don't want any more of it. You're a penitatas and you'll be kept on course no matter how many corrections must be made. That's my job, as it's always been, as your parent. Besides, your little quirp in court that I scolded you for was bad too. I had told you to behave..", Emily told her foxy daughter how it was. Her voice was still calm, but she still had to be firm and spank as she always has.

"Can I at least keep my panties on this time?..", Kayla wondered with a frown, getting the point that she had inevitably earned a good spanking from her mother. Emily gave her a bit of a look for her question, making Kayla lightly sigh and face foreward. "Stupid question..", Kayla said, knowing it was from her mother's look.

"Let's get this over with so we can get your spanked butt home afterwards", Emily rolled her eyes a little with a lil smile, till she got a bit serious again and slipped Kayla's soft panties down to her knees. With her furred girl in place, Emily picked up the little swatter from her side and begun her daughter's rearing. Kayla winced and whimpered like a kit at the first slap of her rear by the smooth face of the stinging wood, moving her legs at the next few spanks that begun to burn into her backside, swat by swat. Emily kept her left hand on Kayla's back and tail, just trying to keep her still wile her swatter did it's painful purpose, smacking rhythmaticly into her girl's tender rear. Tears began to well in Kayla's eyes after a short amount of time, while her mother spanked slowly, giving each slap time to sting and burn. Satisfied that her daughter was hurting, Emily suddenly picked up the pace, swatting just a little harder, but a good deal faster with the light spanking device. After only four quick spanks from the sudden and much more harsh change in her mother's technique, Kayla yelped tearily and scuffed her shoes against the seat, letting the tears come freely as she started to cry more obviously. Her teeth kept gritted, trying to take each spank, though they were coming rapidly and unpredictably.

"Aaarrrrooooo!!", Kayla cried out a little howl, trying to raise her back up, which just made the hand on her back press her back down. As much as she tried to take the serious sting her mother was applying, she could not...she pawed at the seat and cried, squirming her rear around in pain. Emily expected Kayla would be squirming by now, and kept the pace of the swatter coming, reddening her rear as she intended. While crying, Kayla whimpered out sadly and hurtfully, trying to kick her legs as she begun crying more franticly, on the verge of bawling as her rear hurt badly from the constant spanking of it so many times. "Mooommyyyyy! Please!", the poor fox whined in plea, wanting to stop the sting and burning of her rear, squirming a bit more. Emily did not listen to the plea and kept spanking just as she was, whapping the swatter around every bit of her rear, even the base of it. Kayla's rear was looking very red beneath her fur now and she was bawling from her mother's spanking now, yelping out a series of tearful 'Oowww!!'s. Seeing her work had gone well, Emily changed her swatting again..this time, only smacking the base of Kayla's rear, and hard as well. Kayla screamed an 'Oooooowwwwww!!', crying like a kit as she tried to thrash her tail to no avail at all, wriggling her backside as the paddle kept making it's stinging *WHAP!* sound against the same place. Emily kept spanking her there for a minute, till it was burning red, then moved to her daughter's thighs and began swatting just her left one. Kayla bit her foxy lip in pain, before howling again, laying her head down to keep bawling into the hovercar seat. Wincing and bawling, she took the set of swats to her right thigh as well, ears plastered to her head.

"There there Kayla, it's over now", Emily said softly to help calm her girl's tears. The young fox took the time to rest and just cry out her pain, obidiently keeping her paws in front of herself and far from her rear. Emily let go of Kayla's tail and skirt, petting Kayla's foxy hair between her ears, making them raise back up a little. Kayla sniffled and kept crying silently, just not able to stop her eyes and teary whimperings from being on the verge of it. "Let's get you strapped in and head home", her mother told her, pulling Kayla's panties back up with care and fixing her skirt. Emily helped Kayla off of her lap and seated her, which incited quite the yelp and a bit of crying again. She shushed her girl softly and strapped her in, giving her muzzle a kiss before slipping out the door and getting in to drive home, while Kayla sat painfully on her sore bottom..

Kayla yawned softly as her mother walked out of her room, closing the automatic door behind herself. The young girl smiled softly from having said goodnight and kissed her mother, rubbing her cheek with a paw to straighten her soft, freshly bathed fur, still cool from the bath she had just had this evening. With a sudden wince, when she tried to move her tail to get comphy, she rolled onto her side, getting off her sore rear end..it had been a painful day, having been spanked earlier. The fox guessed this would be one of those times she wasn't getting nano-lotion and just had to deal with it till it healed on it's own. Kayla snuggled into her pillow and bedding, tiredly resting her head as she thought about things. The thought of Ashley lying about working alone wouldn't get out of her head, even though her mother sought to stop such thoughts..she was just too skilled in hacking to think Ashley could do what she did. Whether or not she was alone was a mystery to her..but the young fox swore to find out one way or another. With those thoughts, Kayla shifted her bushy tail beneath the covers, keeping it up against her pink, silky panties, and rear of a similar color beneath her fur. Nice and cozy, the kit drifted off to sleep, getting rest for her mind, as well as body..