Kayla: Old Ways
In the 28th century, the technology of rejuvenation allows for immortality. This device is also used for sentencing as well. A penitatas; a criminal that is sent back to childhood to live a highly strict and disciplined life to start anew. (Story Twenty-Seven)
Concept by Lurking Dragon
Kayla and story by Professor Bob

Kayla quietly shut the door to her classroom, acting calmly till it was safe to look around and act cautious. With the coast clear, the young fox, padded herself down the hallway with her ears fully perked to hear any sort of approaching sound, with her eyes still alert. It's been a short amount of time since Ninne's severe and undeserved punishment, and so far the investigation has been sour into who tampered with the grade chip. Kayla didn't even think Starfleet had stepped into this, and it was apparent to her that the police couldn't find any evidence or leads. The news chips even agreed with her, as the knowledge of this crime had reached around Calleet of the illegal slicing of private information in a public rejuve school. They said the culprit had wiped their tracks clean, but Kayla didn't agree..they didn't wipe it clear enough for her. In an act of desperation, or in an act of friendship, Kayla vowed to do what the investigators could not, and of course would not let her.

"Let's hope I can pull this off little guy..", the fox whispered to herself as she patted her jeans pocket, checking on the chip she had placed in there. The day Ninne was punished and Ki'rene was on the vidphone, she had made an exact copy of Ninne's grade chip. On the excuse that she had to go to the bathroom, Kayla made it down the fourth grade hall to an unmarked door without a window, looking to her sides and carefully checking the door handle, getting a knot in her stomach as she pressed down on the non-electronic lever..finding it locked. She sighed relievedly, knowing now that no one was inside. She knew this to be one of the janitor's utility rooms, and if her hunch was right..

"Okay okay, calm the nerves Kayla..you've done this lots of times before..", she mumbled to herself, putting a paw on her forehead and trying to think. "Just not on site..or with primitive locking mechanisms..", Kayla then looked up and grumbled a bit at the bright orange door. She had to act fast, before Miss Chester got suspicious about her long bathroom break or someone else came down the hallway. Kayla's tail swished and twitched quite nervously at what she was putting herself into, just hoping it all went according to plan. She just had to remember what Ninne had said once...

"Not everything had buttons and circuits Kayla", Ninne had giggled as she sat beside Kayla that one day in the fox's room, kicking her footclaws idly. "Like when I did...you know, my two thefts..", she dulled her voice a bit, very much disliking that time of her life and her foolish mistake. "I had to use a little cunning. When it came to a door I had found that wasn't electronic, I used my claw on the side of the door where the knob worked, and popped the lock", Ninne said as she lifted her right index finger of her claw, looking at the lil nail.

Kayla stroked her muzzle a moment, looking to be a bit of a sly fox if Ninne was going to be a cunning raptor. She knew her nail wasn't going to do it. "Well..", she muttered, taking the grade chip copy from her pocket. With the chip in paw, she got down beside the knob and looked in the crevise between the door and the frame. She slipped the chip a bit inside, trying to be careful with it as she tried to jimmy the lock. After a moment of holding her breath and trying, she heard the lock pop open with a stroke of her paw and the chip. Looking both ways, up and down the hall, she quickly opened the door and slipped in, closing it behind herself. She smiled a bit proudly, then turned her head to inspect the room. A large machine with some vents hummed in one corner of the small room, taking up most of it. It looked to be a part of the ventalation system, with a few mops, brooms, and janitorial supplies left in the slightly dirty looking corner. But what Kayla really wanted was also there. On the wall, opposite of the door and left of the machinery, was a small terminal station, built into the rust colored metalic wall. With no hesitation, she ran the few steps to the console and checked to see if it was operational with one paw, while her other paw pulled not one, but two chips from both her pockets. She knows some sort of clean-up program was used when the slicer was finished, but with some work, the little hacker hoped to find that information she wanted.

"Okay Kayla, focus now..it's showtime again", Kayla told herself as she popped the copied grade chip into the console and ran her fingers across the keys, keeping her eyes on the screen. Working at her speed and skill, it was only a few moments till she worked her way into their system, with every bit of information and access at her disposal. Packet-Storm, for that moment, lived again as she herself illegaly hacked into their database. Time being short, the little fox used tiny bits of information left on the grade chip, left behind upon it, to locate the bits of information that remained still in the system. With the timestamp placed in, she had all the key components scattered about infront of her in a garbled symbol and number mess, mixed in with undamaged and wiped code. The grade chip copy quickly flicks out of the machine as her paw slipped the other chip in, putting the old back into her pocket as she kept working with a lump in her chest. It had been so long since she had done something like this, but she was determined. Her furious looking paws pulled up a program she wrote herself in these days prior to this moment when her mother wasn't looking. With the information she gathered pooling into the program's memory, it ran a line of code in a window and set a bar in the middle of the screen, with the word 'Re-Compiling' above it as the machine worked to take all the damaged and scattered infomation and rebuild it so that there might be some sort of clue as to who caused it. Kayla sighed and ran her paw through her foxy headfur, bending an ear back, making a little smile at the screen as the ear popped back up, seeing her program's completion bar slowly growing. Her paws rested beside the console's keys, nervously waiting as the bar slowly went up...and was first part of the fox to wince at a sound, alien to the quiet. Kayla's fur jumped on end, with her head zipping around to the door with a gasp. She begged in her head as she quickly turned herself all the way around to the door, seeing there was no place to hide as it opened. Her heart raced and she was frozen stiff as the person she'd last want walking in on her, did..

"Who's wor-..", is all the burly principal, Mr. Yami got out as he stepped in from doing his rounds, having found the door unlocked with the presumtion someone was working in there, before seeing it wasn't exactly a worker in the building's maintenance room. "Kayla Ackart, what do you think you're doing?!", the Japanese man yelled in shock at the sight of a cowering fox, standing with her back to a computer console...the last place anyone would ever want to catch a notorious hacker. His black polished boots thumped loudly against the blue painted concrete floor as he stomped in, almost slamming the door behind himself as he grabbed his belt and unlatched it, already working it off. Kayla shook in fright, whimpering with her ears plastered to her head, wanting to back away but has no room left to do so as the strong man approached quickly.

"Mister Yami! It's not what it looks like!", was all the fox could stammer out before she yelped at having her arm grabbed. In a fit of anger, seeing that his school's computer system had been hacked and compromised, he shoved Kayla bend over a pipe that was going into the machine, holding her down strongly as she squirmed to no avail against his hand on her back.

"You're going to pay for this miss Ackart! The authorities wouldn't mind seeing you again!", Mr. Yami shouted angrily at the hacker he was looking down upon, wondering if she herself was the one who first hacked the school database and altered Ninne Sak'kral's grade chip. Still holding onto his belt in his right hand, he used that hand to pull down Kayla's dark blue jeans and soft white cotton panties in one quick tug, down to her calves above her ankles. Kayla whimpered and gulped, swishing her tail around desperately as her mind tried to think of some way to stop this..the little fox, back when she was six, had gotten the belt once from her mother. She had been told more then once to stay with her mother while out at the Calleet Mall, and because of her disobidience and straying, Emily took her by her paw to a vacant bathroom and removed her belt. Kayla heard Mr. Yami snap her belt behind her and she winced, thinking about her paws upon the porcilan toilet seat that previous time as the fear of the belt was making her think of the pain again.

"Please I wasn't doing any harm! I know I was hacking, b- but..!", the frightened Kayla got out as her tail was pinned down roughly against her back, being held down completely now.

"But nothing!", the voice above and behind her snapped till she felt a jerk in the paw holding her down, and heard a swish..*SNAP!*. The belt made harsh contact across her rear, blazing a pain deep into her rear, coursing through her body as she jumped and yelped loudly.

"AARRRROOOOOOOO!!", she howled in pain with tears quickly welling. Mr. Yami was striking hard, and certainly more harshly then a normal child would be struck. This unfortunate girl was a penitatas, and one who had been caught..causing a crime. The young fox's mind was full of all sorts of fears, worries, and utter pain as the belt came a second, third, fourth, fifth time..her footpaws fidgeted and kicked as she howled and cried in pain, letting her sobs out desperately and hard. The belt would rear back in Mr. Yami's burly arm and swing very quickly back, landing another burning stripe across Kayla's bottom as the skin beneath her fur was quickly turning red. "I can't take anymore!", she screamed out in tears after another thunderous snap of the leather belt across her lower rear, seathing into the other welts into her sore and hurting muscles.

"Oh you will!", her principal growled, spanking the belt across the base of her rear, where her tush met her legs, and where her weight went when she sat. Kayla screeched and let out a series of kit sobs with the tears rolling down the fur of her muzzle and cheeks. Her paws kept clenched and her footpaws kept squirming and scuffing at the cool concrete floor with her shoes. The strap of the belt cut through the air again, landing across the same spot with fury, stinging all the way down to the bone. Kayla's muzzle opened wide to howl, but only frantic tears came at the pain..this man was strong, and it felt like her skin was being torn and her fur being ripped out by the sheer force of the belt. At the next crack, her muzzle, winced closed with her teeth bare and clenched together before she screamed, with it growing weaker as it went on. Her throat hurt and her rear couldn't be described, expecially with Mr. Yami whapping the base of her rear a third and fourth time. The poor fox wanted to get away, or plea, but had no choice but to get her backside whapped beyond crimson. Mr. Yami vowed to not let Kayla sit at all for a good while, ignoring the tiring in his arm to spank away at the tender backside and, now, her thighs as well. By the second crack of the belt across her thighs, across the center of them, she was bawling uncontrolably, using all her energy to kick and shift her legs apart to try and avoid the spanks in vain. She cared not to spread her legs bare, showing the thin fur of her young slit as she squirmed, spreading those lips just slightly against her intentions at the pain. Certainly not going to put up with his unlawful student's squirming, he gripped the belt hard in his hand and let let it fly, CRACKING it loudly into the girl's most sensitive upper thighs..and with her legs suddenly apart at the strike, a bif of the belt got in between her legs and snapped the bottom xenith of her sex, closing her legs up quickly with a short tearful howl. She didn't have much left to give in the howl department, so her legs closed tightly with her knees buckling and shaking, and the tip of her tail trembling. The fur of her muzzle as face were soaked as she hung her head limply, bent over across the pipe with tears streaming down her muzzle, dripping to the ground. The single only sounds left in the room, were that of the machine, the snap of the belt, and the crying of a little Aspatrian fox. Through the whole ordeal, Kayla had been lashed more then three dozen times, and the skin of her rear and thighs were dark red and heavily marked. After the last blow was struck and Mr. Yami stopped gritting his teeth in anger, looking at the backside he had thrashed, Kayla was left weak over the pipe, with no strength in her legs. She was holding herself to the pipe with her shaky paws while she cried and bawled, so weak in the knees it looked like she'd just fall if her paws gave out. The principal made a small nod at his work, listening to the fox's cries for a moment and looking at her clenched tear dripping eyes, wet nose, and spittle-ish muzzle, looking like a baby kit...till a bit of a chirp took his attention, making him turn his head back to the console. Kayla's bottom and legs burned and stung like all hell, a deep dark red and brutaly marked all over, with even a hint of a sting upon her crotch from that one mis- spank.. but she too, perked her ears a little at the sound. Letting go of Kayla's tail, Mr. Yami walked up to the console a bit and watched it curiously, trying to figure what it was doing. The window in the middle of the screen had 'Completed' within the full bar, running a string of code in the corner at a speed he could not read. The fox's head turned a bit as well, still blubbering like a baby, to see if she was successful or not...with a sudden flash onto the screen, a new window appeared over the others with text and variables going down that was nice and easy to read even. It was the part of the database the hacker had supposedly wiped clean, all back and restored. The old principal stood almost wide eyed at it, seeing it had a time, date, access node, everything...and what he was more then delighted to see, was a user chip ID tag the system had stored when the hacker's program was run from a chip. The chip run was a student chip, and all student chips were required to have the student's name as the ID..

"It...w-worked...", Kayla whispered tearily to herself, resting and closer her eyes to quietly cry in utter pain.

"My god..", Mr. Yami had mumbled after staring at the file. His head shot down a bit, giving a communicator on his belt a slap. "I have a situation regarding the hacking case. Call the police right now, and...", he said in a haste, before looking to the hurting fox, "...Get the nurse to the four- hundred hallway maintenance room with nano-lotion. Yami out", he spoke a little more solumnly, giving his communicator one last tap to turn it off. He took one last glance at the computer screen, before stepping over to the punished girl, placing his hand on her back. "Kayla..thanks.."

Kayla sighed softly into the corner of her livingroom, since her nose was up against where the two walls intersected. Her paws were on her head, standing in her shirt and panties with her tail up. She felt lucky she had been pardoned of her crime, since what she did was to catch a real criminal. Mr. Yami and her mother and father agreed the belting she had recieved was enough punishment for pulling anything, since Alex and Emily had to come to the school to get her. Alex was actually rather proud of his daughter, having given her furry head a ruffle as he put her into the car before coming home. Emily was likewise, but did have a short talk with her when they went inside..so Kayla ended up in the corner, with no spanks, just as a reminder to her that hacking was still bad. Kayla wasn't mad about it, and was thankful enough her mother only gave her an hour..though, she didn't like the fact she was instructed to keep her paws on her head and tail up, and keep still. It kinda ached after a while, and knew that was the point of her 'reminder' corner time. It was thirty minues in now, and the fox certainly did have plenty of time to think about what had happened and what she had done. She was alright with being punished for hacking and knew it was wrong, so that wasn't what was on her mind...it was the information she had found. She was proud of herself for catching the 'Calleet School Hacker', but just couldn't understand all of it..

She now knew, Ashley Ellin was the hacker..but how?

The discovery of her chip's ID in the school database within the traces cleared proved her guilt, and so did a sweep of her school chip when she was aprehended, right from her own class. It didn't surprise Kayla at all that the little racist Ashley would stoop to such a level, but she just couldn't explain by any means HOW she did it. Ashley was an idiot, no hacker! The thoughtful fox knew Ashley couldn't have hacked the school database. She didn't have those kinds of skills, or at least from what Kayla thought...either way, the fox wouldn't believe that Ashley was THE criminal. It didn't add up to her. She kept running it through her head, till the ache in her tailbase and arm muscles started to get a bit painful. She made a light whimper, keeping her eyes boredly fixed in the corner.

"Kayla sweetie? I think you've had enough time to think about the bads of hacking. That's enough reminders on the subject for today", Emily said kindly from her seat on the sofa, calling her daughter over. Kayla phewed and let her tail and arms down to rest, fixing her panties a little as she padded her footpaws over to her mother, being lifted up onto her lap with her poor sore legs from standing in the corner an hour resting upon the sofa.

"Thanks mom", she smiled, getting a lil hug from Emily. "I'm sorry about all this..", Kayla added, snugged against her mother's tummy and chest.

"It's alright Kayla, you did good today, even though you did something bad to do it", Emily nodded, petting her daughter.

"I had my rear belted to pieces and I got an hour in the corner..my footpaws know that at least", the fox replied with a light grin, rubbing a footpaw she had been standing still on. Emily giggled slightly, giving her girl's right foxy ear a scratch.

"I could have spanked you just as hard as your principal and made you sit up on the punishment stool in your room", Emily grinned back, getting a wince from Kayla. She really hated the pointy seat of that stool, and the face she made told that aloud. "But then again, I'll let this one slide..you did a great thing for Ninne. Now, am I going to have to slap your rear before bed tonight and let you have a go on that stool with your legs out even?", Emily teased a bit, though it was enough to make Kayla meep and shake her head good.

"Nope nope! Deffinately not ma'!", Kayla replied a bit sheepish sounding at that, though both mother and daughter hugged good after that.

"Love you Kayla. Keep on the right track and you're going to have a bright future", the mother looked down and told her girl as she was hugged and cradled to her, a hand on her hip upon her panties, and the other around her back, rubbing it lightly. Kayla smiled happily and closed her eyes to rest as the sun shimmered through the window panes, to rest after what had already been a very long day...and she knew more were still to come before all this was over.