Kayla: The Last Straw
In the 28th century, the technology of rejuvenation allows for immortality. This device is also used for sentencing as well. A penitatas; a criminal that is sent back to childhood to live a highly strict and disciplined life to start anew. (Story Twenty-Six)
Concept by Lurking Dragon
Kayla and story by Professor Bob

Ninne walked into her house with a smile, happy to be home from a long day at school. The day had been relatively well, minus the fact that her writing class was difficult today and her wrist had gotten sore. Calleet's penitatas classes have been progressing as usual, with your everyday test and spanking or two for a misbehaving student. As every child knows, as the school year goes on, there are those certain days you have to bring your grade chip home to show your parents. Ninne knew this well as she took her black and grey colored chip from her pocket, still smiling, certain she had done a good job and her report card that was encrypted upon it would look nice. Kayla had that same confidence as well, concidering she just skipped to her own home, not really caring today was report card day either. Ninne looked about for her mother, though she really wanted to go and play.

"Ma'ma! I'm home! Where are you?!", Ninne called when she went into the kitchen and found her also not there. She turned around on a footclaw, shifting her raptor neck upon hearing the back sliding door, seeing her mother step inside.

"Sorry dear, I was planting a few flowers", Ki'rene said as she stepped in, closing the door behind herself. Ninne smiled and gave her a hug.

"Hiya mom", the young drake girl told her mother, with the familiar colored chip clutched in her right claw as she hugged the front of her mother's raptor torso. Ki'rene hugged her daughter back and 'hmmed' upon seeing the chip sticking from Ninne's closed claw.

"Got your grade chip today I see?", she said with a smile, gently pulling the chip out of her closed claw as Ninne looked up, still hugging.

"Yep!", Ninne replied, letting her mother go once the chip was in her claw.

"Well come on hun, I wanna see how you did!", Ki'rene said with a pat to Ninne's back, walking towards the livingroom as her girl followed along, glad to see her mother was cheery over her grade chip. They had worked on studying together and Ki'rene had given her some extra help, so her mother was naturally curious to see how she did. Ninne stopped walking once she was in front of her sofa, looking up at Ki'rene with a smile as she picked up her datapad from the table beside the sofa, by the dinningroom entrance, where she had left it after reading the news on it that morning. The mother clicked the chip into the side of the datapad and started tapping a finger at the screen, bringing up the school's decryption and reader program that was hidden on the device and password protected. In only a moment, she had the grade chip's contents displayed, with Ninne still standing in front of her with a curious smile on her snout.

"So how did I do ma'?", Ninne asked happily as she looked up at her mother. Ki'rene looked like she was about to answer, opening her snout a bit, till her eyes widened and her smile faded quickly as she looked over the chip's information...Ninne exchanged her smile for a look of worry and confusion. "What's wrong ma'? Didn't I do alright?", Ninne asked more bewildered up to her.

"Ninne...", Ki'rene softly growled, closing her eyes and looking angry, "...you have straight 'F's!", she nearly snapped, yelling right at her daughter's dumbfounded look. Ninne gasped and could have stumbled back at that..she couldn't believe she had straight 'F's!

"It couldn't be ma'ma, no way! I've been trying hard!", Ninne said in a panic up to her angered mother, almost afraid of how her teeth were showing as she looked at her datapad.

"Well apparently not young lady!", Ki'rene immidiately scolded harshly down to her, having to take a moment to repress her growl. Ninne winced and was about to try and defend herself again, before she was cut off. "Now look at this! 'Ninne has been a terrible student, and constantly procrastinates with work, or just plain doesn't do it with any effort. She is the most poorly behaved student in my class, hense the 'F' in deportment. Her attitude is foul and her work ethic is non-existant'...I can't believe this Ninne! I feel almost taken advantage of, that you'd go and do this!" , Ki'rene read to her panic stricken girl, scolding at her with quite the angry sounding voice, though she seemed almost calm about it she was so shocked and disappointed.

"But mom, I-.. !", Ninne almost whined out in a desperate plea.

"No Ninne", Ki'rene cut her off with, almost solumn in her mad tone. "Go up to your room right now!", she forcefully commanded the drake before her, who was looking up at her with a shaky jaw. Ninne wimpered and quickly turned once she started sobbing, pounding up the stairs with her raptor footclaws, crying with her claws to her snout as she ran. Ki'rene took another glance at the datapad's screen and sighed, giving the device a gentle drop onto her couch. The poor mother couldn't believe her eyes at what she had read, and she was almost furious with Ninne. And, as a penitatas, Ninne was going to have to be punished severely, especially for straight 'F's. Penitatas would be spanked for 'C's even, but an 'F' is something they're totaly afraid of, and Ninne got a whole lot. Ki'rene looked towards the wall where her dragon-paddles hung, giving it a rather solumn look. "I'm sorry my daughter...", Ki'rene said quietly as she trotted slowly to the wall, "...but you're going to have to learn.", she said as she took the blistering dragon-paddle from the wall, lifting it into her claws. She looked down at it, brushing a claw over the large and sharp metal studs, knowing they'd pierce and hurt her girl's defenseless little scales..but she had no choice. Ninne wasn't only a penitatas who was to be punished, but Ki'rene felt so hurt and angered. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, before setting for the stairs to get somethings from her room and confront her girl..

Ninne sat down on her bed, freshly bare with her clothes in a bundle beside her closet. The young raptor wept into her claws, scared of what was to happen today and utterly upset over her report chip. She just couldn't help but cry. "I haven't been that bad of a girl..h-have I?..", she wimpered, giving a teary sob. She just couldn't believe Miss Chester put down what she did, and she had failed everything..she had tried hard, but she felt like the only one who had noticed. Ninne sniffled out her raptor nostrils and took her claws from her eyes, looking at the wetness of tears upon them before looking up. She heard her mother coming, and she was right.

"Good, I see you were wise enough to undres before I got here", Ki'rene said as she stepped in the door, taking a few articles and setting them on Ninne's dresser, still holding the big paddle in claw. Ninne wimpered softly to herself and looked up with teary eyes, not really having much of a reply she could get out of her snout. Ki'rene set the paddle down, resting it against the wall and slipping something from the dresser into her claw..Ninne's claw swatter. "Alright Ninne, stand up and put your claws out, palms up", Ki'rene instructed as she turned, stepping to her with the small device in claw. Ki'rene watched her daughter sniffle and stand up slowly, raising her claws. "What do you have to say for yourself?", she asked in a scold, whapping Ninne's right claw hard, sending the lil studs into her soft scales. Ninne yelped and flinched hard, getting a few new sobs.

"I don't know how I could have failed mommy!", Ninne said tearily, heart aching in her tears. She yelped out much more tearily as the claw swatter impacted her left claw twice in a hard and rapid succession, making it sting and burn quickly.

"I tried so hard with you Ninne, how could you do this?", Ki'rene scolded more solumnly, tapping Ninne's right claw with the sharp lil studs before spanking it down upon her claw crisply. Ninne fidgeted and lowered her head a little, crying from the hurt and the fact she didn't know the answer to that question.

"I tried real hard mom, I'm telling the truth!", the young drake cried out, eyes clenched as a series of harsh claw swats smacked her right, then left, then back to her right claw. Ki'rene was smacking her paws hard with the little swatter, and it was growing to be very stinging and painful for Ninne, especially since she had to fight the need to rub the hurt.

"I guess you didn't try hard enough honey.", Ki'rene looked down at her, without a swat. "You're going to be punished so badly for this.", she said almost softly, before raising the claw swatter up again. Ninne closed her eyes and looked away from her claws again with a wimper, wincing at the loud slap and pain that followed as both her claws were whapped hard, leaving marks from where the metal studs had dug in. When no other swats came, Ninne turned her head back slowly, opening her watery eyes as she continued to cry, seeing her mother putting the claw swatter down. "Turn around Ninne", her mother told her as she lifted the heavy blistering dragon- paddle..the young drake didn't dare disobey, slowly turning herself around. In a second, her mother had taken her tail and lifted it, sending her snout to the carpet beside her bed. Ninne bit her lip softly before getting herself ready, still sobbing lightly with sore claws and tears dripping down her snout to the carpet below.

"Ma'ma.", Ninne wimpered quietly, but tearily and sharply out to the carpet, just before the first swat of the paddle plowed right into her tail, getting a jump and kick from her and a cry at the second. Ki'rene looked at her daughter's tail and swung again, sending the nasty paddle right into her tender tailbase with a loud pop. Ninne roared out now, squirming on both footclaws..this paddle really hurt. None the less, the mother swung the heavy paddle at her charge's raptor tailbase again and again, quickly nearing ten as Ninne cried heavily, kicking her footclaws and yeowling at every spank, sounding like the child she was. Without even a second thought, Ki'rene raised the paddle up and re-aimed it, swinging it down into her daughter's right hip with a smack. Ninne roared and bent her knees, shaking at the pain and bawling, streaming the tears down her snout as the tip of it rubbed against the carpet in agony. The mother drake was determined to punish her daughter to no end this day, swatting both hips another three times in succession, leaving Ninne howling and nearly gasping for air from so much terrible pain. She cried so hard she couldn't even plea, and she felt like she'd choke on her own tears..her whole body just plain hurt.

"Get right into bed Ninne, don't you even dare get out of it till I get you. Go right to sleep", Ki'rene ordered a little sternly as she let her daughter's tail go, helping to scoot her into bed. Ninne kept bawling as she slowly crawled into her bed under the covers, quickly burrying her face and snout in her pillow, crying loudly into it. Ki'rene sighed quietly but nodded her head at her work, collecting the paddle and other things she had braught that were to be used later. She trotted slowly out, knowing Ninne would shortly be asleep, and also knowing her backside would get much more before the day was out..

"Mmrrmmpphh...", Ninne softly wimpered out, waking up to a nudging on her shoulder and the distictive ache of puncture blisters on her hips and tailbase.

"Dear, it's time to get up", Ki'rene said above her girl with another soft nudge. Ninne stretched and cringed as she got up, rubbing her hips once she stood.

"Dinner time?", Ninne wondered, taking a peek at her clock. It read 5:50, and her window began to look just a bit orange in color.

"Actually Ninne..", Ki'rene said in an awkward sort of way to that, "..you're being put to bed without your dinner, after your lengthy punishment", she told her girl bluntly. Ninne looked up with a face that told her mother that her heart just sunk into her footclaws.

"Please ma'ma.", the poor drake whined, wringing her sore claws.

"That won't get you anywhere tonight young lady", the mother quickly scolded at that, making Ninne lower her head and sniffle. "March your tail downstairs to the livingroom, I'll be right behind you.", she then instructed. Ninne sighed quietly and trotted herself downstairs as told, hearing her mother a couple of steps behind her. As usual, she went right over to the center of the livingroom and turned herself around to meet her mother's gaze. "Just hold there..", Ki'rene said once Ninne stood where she should. She walked over to the sofa and picked up something she had placed there before going to wake up her daughter, and Ninne wimpered patheticly at the sight of it. It was the brush she had gotten from the Corrections Council last Christmas, with it's light colored wood and long, sharp, and shiny steel bristles all over it. Without another word to her girl, she walked right over to Ninne's side and took her tail into claw, raising it and bending her over as she did. Ninne was already wimpering softly to herself, ready to cry at a single swat..she couldn't believe this had happened at all, and her tail already hurt so bad..the brush would be hell..but that's what Ki'rene wanted.

"Mommy I'm sorry, I don't know what happened. I've been trying.", came out of Ninne's snout, into the carpet, with a tired and teary sound on the verge of tears.

"If only I could believe you Ninne", Ki'rene looked at Ninne's blistered scale punctures and spoke solumnly, sending a chill through her girl as well as raising a sob from her. The harsh Drakonian spanking brush reeled back and flung itself foreward in the mother's claw, swatting itself angrily against Ninne's poor hurting tailbase. Ki'rene whapped the brush quickly, running it all over Ninne's already marked scales in a random manner. Ninne squeeled out in pain at the first spank or so, before rolling out a howl at the third, crying freely already as her tail was spanked harshly, bringing up even more marks as Ki'rene continued without relent.

"Oooowwww! OOOOOOWWWWW!! PLEASE STOP!!", Ninne cried out as her mom kept going, with her tailbase ablaze with no way to even move as she squirmed and fidgeted where she stood, bawling her eyes out. The sharp bristles would smack her tailbase and stab her scales, but worst of all, the sharp tips would puncture the blisters, stinging and hurting greatly to the point Ninne just wanted to scream and cry. None the less, Ki'rene payed no attention to Ninne's now roarings, swinging the brush even harder. Ninne roared out hard after what felt like a whole minute of this harsh treatment, bawling her tears out loudly and scuffing her footclaws at the carpet with little jumps. Ninne's tailbase had quickly turned red, covered with red dots from harder spanks, where the bristles had left their mark on the spanked drake's tail. A couple of hurting blisters could be seen, where the healing scales were made even redder, and even Ninne's tiny tailhole was red and thouroughly swatted. Only then did Ki'rene stop swatting, when Ninne's tail looked nearly immpossible to sit upon. Ninne was bawling too hard to even celebrate the spanking's end, crying like a baby with her snout open and eyes clenched shut, tears leaking and dripping around them. Ki'rene let her cry a little, to calm down, though she knew her tail was in too much pain to really settle. Taking a step closer to her daughter, she moves her neck down a bit to closer look at Ninne's backside, tapping the brush at her next target..Ninne's reptilian girlslit.

"MA'MA NO!!!", Ninne screamed in a tear stricken panic as she felt the brush tapping at her tender slit.

"I have no other choice Ninne.", Ki'rene said in a stern, but heartbroken way. She didn't want do do this to her daughter, not at all. She never want's to do this, but she had to. Ninne was a penitatas, and she did a terribly bad thing. The poor hurting drake cried out in howls at the impending spanking, not even comprehendable in her crying. Ninne's cryings quickly went up to a roar and loud, piercing and bawling sobs as the nasty brush began spanking her sex. The lips of her reptilian slit were thin scaled and sensitive, making each whap with the steel bristles a burning and hurtful nightmare. Ninne was trying her damnedest to scream or cry out a plea, anything to stop this hurt that she, and even her mother didn't condone, but she couldn't get enough air in her lungs to do so, since all her air was being used to cry and howl so hard. Her body shook and trembled as the brush quickly swatted at her slit, turning it slowly red and marked..everything hurt now, but nothing compared to the ache of her tail and the pain upon her girl slit.

"AAAAAAOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW-!!!", Ninne howled out, growing horse and scratchy in her tired ache. With three final, but very hard swats to daughter's brown scaled slit that made her utterly scream the last of her howls out of her, Ki'rene stood back upright. She held the brush in her claw, but let Ninne's tail go, quickly having to catch her claws as her girl cried panicly.

"No rubbing at all. Get into your corner, I have one last thing for you... for now at least", Ki'rene told her as she slowly let her claws go. Ninne hung her head and trotted herself painfully to her corner, standing there and crying hard..there wasn't much else she could do at the moment, as the young girl continued to try catching her breath. Seeing her daughter do as told, the mother set the brush down on the computer table and went over to the sofa to get that last thing she had pulled out earlier. Ninne wimpered as she heard her mother's footclaws approaching again, trembling slightly. "Keep your claws in front of you, understand?", Ki'rene told her, taking a bottle in her right claw and putting some of the fluid from within it on one side of a sponge in her left claw. Ninne had no clue what she was doing, so she just sniffed and kept crying, holding her paws together in front of herself. Once the sponge was wet enough for Ki'rene's liking, she reached it under her daugher's tail and began rubbing her down there with it...and boy did Ninne shriek in pain. It was a mild irritant that was being rubbed into her sore and hurt scales, sending Ninne into bawling again as she squirmed much. Ki'rene held her and rubbed the wet sponge over Ninne's welts, soaking the stinging irritant into her scales. She moved the sponge farther up her tailbase, to the upper part, rubbing her slit with it next, determined to punish Ninne to the fullest extent. Ninne screamed with her mouth wide into the confines for the corner, eyes bolting open with a waterfall of tears. Ki'rene was quick about rubbing Ninne's tender slit with the irritant, but it was still hell none the less. Ninne's whole backside stung horribly, and all the poor drake could do was cry, and that she did, very hard with her head hung in her corner. Ki'rene watched her for a brief moment, before setting the bottle and sponge on the computer desk as well. "I'll come get you when it's time for bed", her mother said to her crying little girl, before turning and walking through the dinning room, going out back. Ninne wimpered and gnawed at her lip, trying to be a good girl for her mommy and not rub her tail or slit, but it was so hard. She let go her tears of pain and frustration, staring at the two conjoining walls with a tired and tear stained look. She had took there only ten minutes before her head perked up at a familiar tap at the door's beep button..It was Kayla. Ninne stood there and waited with a few loose tears still, waiting for the sound of her mother, but they never came. Ninne sighed, deciding to risk it, turning from the corner and walking to the door. She assumed her mother was outside and didn't hear it, and she was right. Ninne opened the door for her friend, trying hard to smile.

"H-..hey Kayla.", she managed to get out with a sniffle. Kayla just blinked and turned her usualy cheery smile into a sad frown.

"What happened Ninne? You're a wreck.", the young furry fox immidiately asked after Ninne's greeting, looking at her eyes and snout. Ninne gave a quiet wimper.

"I got punished really bad for having straight 'F's Kayla..I should be in the corner, you're not exactly allowed to be here right now..", Ninne replied, still sounding slightly teary, especially with the irritant still having a few effects in her now dark red scales from all the spanking and punishing. Kayla's jaw dropped, looking absolutely shocked.

"Straight 'F's?? How could you have done that bad?! Where is your grade chip, I want to see this..", Kayla sighed, padding herself in. She knew very well she shouldn't be there, but she had to see for herself. Ninne sighed and closed her front door, showing Kayla to her mother's datapad by the sofa, with the chip discarded beside it.

"Right here Kayla..but you know the school encrypts these so we can't look at them, don't you?", Ninne said as she gestured to the black and grey chip, watching as Kayla skillfully slapped the chip into the datapad's port and began tapping at the screen at a rapid pace with a single paw. In only a moment, it was displaying Ninne's grades.

"Encrypted for most people", Kayla grinned to her friend, reminding Ninne of her unheard of abilities. Ninne couldn't help but crack a grin herself, even if it was a weak one. She continued watching Kayla, seeing her shake her head and sigh. "This is BS Ninne..I can't believe this..how could you do so bad?..No, that's not possible..", Kayla spoke in shock to the grade chip's contents, plucking her fingers around at lightning speed as she usualy does. Ninne sighed, but her heart quickly began to race as she saw the back door open, startling even Kayla.

"Kayla! What are you doing with that?!", Ki'rene quickly snapped, closing the door in a hurry. "And Ninne, wha-..", was all she got out next as she started trotting over to them, before getting interrupted.

"Ninne's grade chip was altered!", Kayla yelled to Ki'rene. She froze dead in her tracks, looking almost pale.

"That's not possible...", the mother drake replied, knowing those grade chips can't exactly be tampered with. It was illegal to do that!

"I looked at the chip's coding, it was altered to these grades inside of the school database after the grades were made! It has a modification flag!", Kayla answered that, shocked herself...Ninne's grades were not real.

"Oh my god. God no.", Ki'rene said in a teary voice, putting her claws to her snout at the end with watery eyes. She bolted quickly for Ninne and got down, hugging her tightly and rubbing her back in tears. "Ninne I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!", she sobbed, resting her head on Ninne's raptor back. Ninne sniffled and let out a loose sob, hugging weakly back.

"I can't believe this.", Kayla said quietly, while staring at the chip's code she ripped out. Someone had really changed Ninne's file in the school network. The bewildered fox held the datapad in her paws, now watching mother and daughter drake cry against eachother.

"I'm sorry Ninne.", Ki'rene whispered as she cried softly, holding her daughter and rubbing her tailbase to get the irritant and sting out. Ninne wimpered and winced at the rubs, but they were inevitably soothing. "I can't possibly appolgize enough my dear, but I'm going to call your teacher right now", she sniffed, looking into her girl's eyes.

"I love you mom.", Ninne looked up and told her mother..her appology was accepted. Ki'rene smiled brightly with a loose tear down her cool scaly cheeks.

"I love you too dear. Now let's get to the bottom of this.", she tenderly replied, before turning and hurrying around the corner into the dinning room, activating the vid-phone on the wall.

"Ki'rene, you'll have to call miss Chester's home, she won't be in school now.", Kayla added, datapad in her paw at her side, yet to put it down.

"What's her full name? Do you know?", Ki'rene turned her raptor neck and asked Kayla, placing a finger on the vid- phone's console. The fox gently shook her head.

"I think it's Shelley Chester mom.", Ninne piped up from her mother's other side. Ki'rene gave her girl a smile and tapped a few buttons of the console.

"Computer, dial Shelley Chester. Local.", Ki'rene told the vid-phone when it was ready to take a voice command. The screen blipped up a searching screen, then changed it's color to the dialing screen. In a few moments, the screen displayed what the two girls knew to be their teacher, and gave a nod to the mother drake so she'd know as well.

"Hello. What can I do for you?", Miss Chester asked with a smile.

"Hi. I'm Ninne's mother, and I think we have a serious issue..", she replied with a sniffle, making the woman's expression change a bit to a worried one. "I think her grade chip was illegally altered..can you tell me her grades please?", she explained on a light voice, sounding desperate to know.

"Miss Ninne has straight 'A's, she's been working hard as to what I've seen. She managed to pull them all up with her good attitude. What did the grade chip say?", Miss Chester answered, sounding very worried at the end.

"It said she had straight 'F's and was a terrible student. I had punished her very badly for it too..I owe it to Kayla here for finding an discrepancy in her grade chip", Ki'rene gulped, telling the truth, knowing there was a big problem. She looked to Kayla with a smile to show her appreciation, getting a smile back as Kayla popped the grade chip back into the datapad and slipped a different chip into her pocket.

"I'm terribly sorry miss Dal'krest", Miss Chester sighed, looking down almost angrily for what happend, getting Ki'rene's attention again. "I'm calling the police this instant, as well as the school board. This is computer slicing of school and private property, and an investigation will begin immidiately", she spoke very seriously.

"Alright. Take care", Ki'rene said seriously back with a nod. She nodded back, and the line closed. The sorry mother drake turned to Kayla first. "Thank you Kayla so much for showing me my stupid mistake..", she sighed deeply, before turning her neck again. "And Ninne..my girl, I'm so proud of you for how you've done in school...c'mon dear, let's get you some nano-lotion fast", she continued to sulk, with a lil smile at the end, trotting quickly off to grab a tube of nano-lotion for her daughter. Ninne had whined softly at it's application, but Ki'rene purred softly to her all the while, and Kayla had left once that was done, headed home to tell her mother what had happened. The mother took good care of her daughter, making sure she was comfortable and healing, and making her that dinner she wasn't planning on giving her. Ninne even got to stay up an hour late to make up for some lost time, cuddling against her mother's side and watching the holo. Ninne was a bit angry for what had happened, but not at her mother really..she loved her to no end. The question that was on the two's minds though, as well as the minds of Kayla and her mother, was...

Who did this to Ninne?