In the 28th century, the technology of rejuvenation allows for immortality. This device is also used for sentencing as well. A penitatas; a criminal that is sent back to childhood to live a highly strict and disciplined life to start anew. (Story Twenty-Five)
Concept by Lurking Dragon
Kayla and story by Professor Bob

It was late September and the summer's heat was dwindling, day by day as fall crept near in the city of Calleet. Kayla sat in her room, playing with a few toys she pulled from her toy chest, giggling a little from the silly scene she was making with a Starfleet figure and a hovercar. It was Saturday and nearing noon, so the young fox hadn't even bothered to dress, still in her blue silk nightie and soft lavender cotton panties, her tail draped out behind herself as she played between her bed and closet.

"Stupid car!", Kayla said, assuming the voice of the Starfleet figure as he jumped, once again, out of the way of the crazy hover car driver. She made a few phaser-ish sounds, pretending he was firing at her toy hover car, though a small meep slipped when she was startled by a voice from her door, looking up.

"Kayla dear, it's time to get dressed. I'm taking you over to little Paul's so his mom Ashley can babysit you", Emily stepped in and told her daughter, finishing the last button of her shirt. Kayla made a soft whine, setting her toys in the toybox beside her and standing.

"Do I have to ma'?..", the fox had whined as she stood up. Emily took a step foreward and Kayla got a quick jolt through her body as she took hold of her upper left arm and smacked her only panty covered rear hard, twice, as she tried to cover it with her bushy orange and white tail, giving a yelp. Kayla put her paws in front of herself and looked up rather pouty from the two swats, making a quiet sniff.

"You know better then to talk back Kayla..I know you don't want to spend your day there, but you have no choice, and you knew that. Ki'rene has already gone out with Ninne. Just be a good girl, okay?", Emily scolded, getting lighter as she went, giving her girl's furry head a pat at the end. Kayla nodded her head lightly and padded behind her mother as she went over to her dresser, giving her tush a quick rub through her panties. She watched her mother go through her drawers, getting out a teal t-shirt, blue denim shorts, a pair of socks, then a fresh pair of panties, being the other teal pair Kayla had pointed to while she was looking in the drawer for underwear. Emily took a few moments to help her seven year old daughter dress, and quickly enough, she was all ready to go as she sat on her bed, having her hair brushed real quick.

"Hey mom?", Kayla said as Emily sat at her side, still running the brush through the fox's hair.

"Yes hun?", Emily smiled, minding Kayla's ears and making sure she didn't knick them with the bristles.

"When will you be picking me up today?", she asked as she shifted her tail, curious to how long she'd be with them.

"About five thirty, so you'll probabbly be eatting there. Just promise you'll be on your best behavior till then", Emily replied as she finished brushing and got up off the bed, stepping over to the dresser and placing the brush upon it.

"I promise. I just hope Paul isn't a pain in the tail, and I understand them both", Kayla said with an idle kick of her footpaws off the side of her bed, before slipping off of it to follow her mom out of the room. Her mother turned the lights down and nodded her head as she stepped out and closed the door behind them.

"You know enough Drakonian dear, you're good at it. Just pay attention to their speech and you'll do fine", Emily reassured as she went downstairs and grabbed her hover car keys and went out the front door, with her foxy girl behind her. She knelt down once she closed the door and gave Kayla a quick hug and a kiss on the forehead, before helping her into the car and getting in herself. Concidering their house was only three houses down, Emily was right there and smiled out the window as Kayla popped the door open and slipped down to her feet. "Take care Kayla, and have fun!", Emily said with a cheery wave as her daughter stepped onto the drive way to their home.

"See you later mom!", Kayla smiled back, waving with a tailwag as she walked. Emily's hover car sped off and before Kayla even reached the door, it opened to a smiling mother drake. "Hi miss Ashley", the fox smiled politely as she padded up.

[Hello little one. Come on in], Ashley told her, stepping out of her way. Kayla looked around as she padded inside, since it had been a while since she'd been here. She'd only been in Paul's house a couple of times, so she was feeling just a bit curious and shy at the moment. She had Ninne with her the other times, so this time she felt more alone, though she did like and trust Ashley. [Paul is upstairs in his room], the big scaly drake mom said as she walked past, over to the stairs. [I'll show you up], she then spat as she started walking up her stairs.

"Okay", Kayla said kindly, following Ashley up the stairs. The fox blushed a bit, trying not to look up at the mother drake's bare tailbase, though it's not like she could see anything anyway. She flicked her tail softly and wished she and Paul were like Ninne and Ki'rene, wearing clothes and speaking panglish. Kayla felt fortunate though, that she could understand them now at least. Ashley lead her over to a room with an open door and gestured her in with a drake smile on her snout. The young fox walked in first, with the drake right behind her. Paul was sitting on his bed, playing with a small electronical game when they walked in, and he quickly put it down and looked up. Kayla guessed Paul had promised to be on his best behavior as well, since he got off the bed and stood politely. [You two play nice now. I'll just be downstairs], the larger drake nodded, before turning and trotting her raptor footpaws down the stairs. Kayla turned her muzzle to Paul and smiled a little, though not sure of what to say.

"You want to play anything Paul?", she asked kindly after a moment or two of awkward silence.

[I guess so, not like I have much of a choice], the little boy drake sighed, padding over to his own toy chest. Kayla followed, getting the confirmation that he did make a promise to be nice, though he didn't like keeping it at all. [It's your fault I'm here you know..miss 'I know how to open encrypted doors'..], Paul scowled a little, being a bit of the brat he usualy is.

"I was only doing my duty back then, you know that. You said yourself that you deserved it", Kayla said lightly as she sat down in front of his toy chest with Paul at her side. Paul began rummaging where he sat, picking out a little starship he had on top first.

[I know..], Paul replied lightly back. He never did like how he helped storm that mall and fire at people to try and rob the vault there..but Kayla knew he was going to resent her anyway. That's just the kind of drake Paul was..mean and naughty. The two kids played with Paul's toys for a good while, getting into using several of them to tell a story they were making up. Paul snapped a few times that Kayla was doing it wrong when things didn't go his way, but she let it slide..Paul was younger then she was. At least that's the excuse she gave herself to not get angry with his rudeness. Kayla didn't want to come here for the sole reason that she knew he'd act like this, especially without Ninne around. He was always intimidated by Ninne for some reason, though Kayla wasn't going to dare and ask Paul himself about that.

"Hey Paul, I'll be right back, I gotta go to the bathroom", Kayla said after an hour or so had passed from their play, starting to get up.

[Oh no you don't, this is the best part!], the little drake said, hopping onto her leg and clutching it. Kayla pulled at her leg a bit, not able to get up with him holding it like that.

"I really have to pee, now get off my leg!", Kayla sort of scolded to Paul, not liking the fact that he was doing this.

[I'm not letting you go to the bathroom], Paul grinned, nearly knocking Kayla over and sitting on her tummy a bit, sticking his tongue out at her. Kayla squirmed, trying to hold her bladder with the pressure Paul was putting on it.

"This isn't funny, let me go!", Kayla said with an angry tone, feeling the need to go rather badly. Paul hissed out a few Drakonian chuckles.

[This is funny! For me at least!], Paul grinned more, showing he could be a mean little kid even while trying to amuse himself..especially at other's cost. Kayla bared a few of her teeth and growled softly to him, trying to remain kind as he let more of his weight onto her tummy and it started to ache.

"Paul, get off!", she demanded, trying to toss him off when he thwaped her nose with his long drake tongue, squirming and fidgeting, though the movement of him on her tummy and her own legs was making holding her full bladder even harder. With one good shove, she rolled Paul off of herself and hopped up to dart to the bathroom, but stopped with a sharp yelp and jolt as he grabbed her tail and pulled. Kayla turned and raked her little fox nails across his arm and claw with a quick swipe, getting a small 'yipe' out of him..well, in his own Drakonian way at least. Kayla's actions got him off her tail, but Paul quickly pounced her, sending the two rolling with a growl while Kayla made a few wimpers and scratched at him with her footpaws.

[That's enough you two, break it up!], Ashley bellowed at their rough-housing, stepping right in the doorway. Kayla quickly tried to get up so she could go to the bathroom, but tripped and fell right back on her rear when Paul tried to get up as well..the sudden jolt back down releasing her bladder as she whined sadly and looked down..her shorts and panties soaking, as well as the carpet. [Ohhh, Kayla, look at you!], the drake mother sighed.

"Paaauulll!!", Kayla howled, feeling the warm fluid leave herself and wet her clothes. Paul snickered lots, but tried to supress it.

[I was only playing!], he tried to defend himself with. Ashley shot her son a cold look fast.

[Don't give me that Paul! I saw you getting rough!], she solded, before turning to look at the poor fox, who was sitting in a bit wet spot of her own pee, wimpering with her paws to her eyes, huddled up at all this, trying not to cry. [Kayla, tell me what happened..], Ashley said, sounding slightly irritated at what the young girl hoped was with her son and not her.

"Paul wouldn't let me go to the bathroom and kept me here as much as I tried to get out!", Kayla said on an angry note, giving Paul a glare before looking down at the wet crotch and legs of her shorts.

[So you tried to make her wet herself? Didn't you promise me you'd be good?!], the larger Drake spat to her charge. Paul winced and quickly thought of a reply.

[I was just playing! Honest!], was the best the young drake could think of. Ashley shook her head.

[You're getting punished right now Paul for this...and Kayla, you will be too. You should have called for me, not got rough with him], Ashley said to the two, pointing to the mark Kayla had left on Paul's arm. Kayla felt she could have snapped at Paul right that second for this, but she held it in, looking down and sulking.

"Yes ma'am..", Kayla said quietly.

[But mom!], Paul whined out.

[No buts Paul! You're the one at fault here for treating her the way you did. You will think not letting people go to the bathroom isn't fun when I'm through with you. Get downstairs and put your snout in the corner, I'll be down for you as soon as I'm finished with Kayla. Now march!], Ashley spat to her boy, sending him out of the room with his head hanging. [Follow me Kayla, let me get you cleaned up..], Ashley turned to her and said lighter. Kayla got up, having a look at the wet spot on the carpet as she padded off behind Ashley with a sigh, down to their bathroom. [I'm sorry Paul did this, but I still have to spank you too for misbehaving little one], the drake mother said to her as they went into the bathroom, and Kayla was taking her wet shorts and panties off while Ashley got a few wipes. Kayla nodded her head and allowed the woman's cool scaled claw to wipe her wet fur between her legs and on her thighs. [I'll also wash these], Ashley said, picking up the wet clothes. [Just head on downstairs and put yourself in the other corner till I get there], she then said with a nod.

"Okay miss Ashley, I will..and sorry about this..", Kayla sighed and replied, adding her appologies for getting rough with Paul back, and wetting her rug. She looked up to find a gentle smile from the motherly drake.

[No worries, I know who is at fault, and I don't mind cleaning a little. I'm not going to be harsh with you in the least dear], Ashley looked down at her and said, holding her wet clothes in claw. Kayla smiled a little herself. [Sit on the sofa while you wait for me. You can watch Paul for me instead of watching the corner, for now], she then added, knowing the fox was sincere.

"Alright", Kayla nodded lightly, before padding out and heading downstairs with a sigh. She knew she was still getting punished, and she didn't like that one bit. The fox sat herself softly down on their sofa, watching Paul and wishing he didn't do what he did. Kayla wanted to be home playing as it was, this didn't make it any better. In about five minutes, Ashley trotted down the stairs, and to Kayla's dismay, she looked at her first.

[Kayla, you're first], the drake said, settling herself down onto her tail in the middle of her livingroom and patting her knee for Kayla to come over. Kayla got her bare rear off the sofa and walked up to her, getting help in being lifted up onto the Drakonian's big lap. [Paul doesn't get to watch yours, but you'll see his. You're getting ten lashes from my tongue, so be a good girl and hold still], she said down to the girl in her lap, holding her tail out of the way with her left claw. Kayla nodded up at her.

"I will..", Kayla replied quietly, putting her head down, along with her paws, obidiently perfectly positioned. Kayla grit her teeth in anticipation, knowing what a forked drake tongue felt like, thanks to having Ki'rene around..*WHAP!* rang out along with a wimper and a slight buck from Kayla, feeling a sting across the center of her rear. Ashley drew her strong forked tongue out again, slapping it just above the last, then lashing her tongue harshly over the base of her rear. Kayla yelped and whined, starting to softly cry from the burn, as her tongue worked her backside like a belt. Ashley looked at Kayla's rear and aimed her wet and slick strap of a tongue, spanking it right against the base of Kayla's rear.

"Aaaaarrrrrrrooooo!!", the now sobbing fox howled out, only to buck hard and cry out again as the drake slapped her tongue right over the same lash, sending a deep shot of stinging pain through Kayla's rear end. Kayla kept her head down and cried audiably now at the pain of her tongue lashing, squeeling in sharp wimpers as the tongue *CRACKED!* against her thighs, making a little scream and crying harder at one that landed even lower on her legs, squirming about Ashley's cool scaly lap as her backside turned red and welted, and her fur wet from drake saliva. Kayla gripped Ashley's leg a bit as the seventh spank came back across the base of her rear, and she kept her head down and bawled a bit, sobbing and sending her young tears down her muzzle and cheeks. She yeeeeeeelllppedd very tearily at the next, at the center of her rear, pawing at Ashley's leg, knowing just one more remained.... *SLAP!* ..just below the base of her rear again, harder then the others which made her buck, kicking her legs with another foxy howl, which was short lived due to her need for air, panting and crying like the kit she was. Ashley quickly pat her back and set her to her footpaws, looking her right in the eyes.

[Stand right there by my sofa, paws on your head. You'll watch Paul's punishment, but you can't rub your rear while my saliva burns into the welts, understand?], Ashley explained just a little sternly, though her voice was light. Kayla sobbed a few more times and sniffed before trying to speak.

"Y-yes..", came out rather teary from her muzzle, slowly putting her paws on her head, by her foxy ears, as she stood where she was told, tail totaly still as she sniffled and cried a little more, knowing her rear's burning and seathing would only get worse. The skin beneath her rear's fur was welted and a good shade of red, with the poor base of her rear, where she'd sit, a darker red, and very sore.

[Paul, get over here now]. Ashley turned over her shoulder and said to him sternly, getting a slight wince from him before he turned and sulked his way over to her. [Son, you defied your promise, and were mean to your guest. I'm going to chew your tail good, then put the harsh dragon-paddle to your hips. After that, is a surprise], she scolded to the pouty little drake, before lifting him up onto her lap and pinning his legs between her own, pressing his neck down with a claw and stretching out his tail with the other. Paul made a couple of drake wimperings as he tried to move his head and neck to no avail, stopping his efforts to cry out a roar as his mother bit down on the base of his tail hard, pressing the teeth a little before biting all around his tailbase, getting some of the rest of his tail in the process as she gave her son what he deserved. Paul tried to buck and fidget, but the way drake's pinned their children in their laps, it ws all in vain. Ashley chomped her sharp teeth all about the thick hide of his tailbase, focusing on where he'd sit, just like she did with Kayla, starting off with a long series of fast and strong bites to his now aching and stinging scales.

[Ooooowww! Ma' don't!], Paul whined, his Drakonian snarrling getting shaky as his eyes welled, and a few more well placed chomps got him to let out a sob, sending the wet tears over his scaly cheeks. Ashley started to chew on his tailbase now, working it like an untender piece of steak, making the little drake howl, growl, and cry much harder as the pain and sting went up tenfold, as well as the knowledge and pain that her chews were going right onto the scales he sat upon. Paul sobbed hard, soon bawling under the treatment his tail was getting. Kayla watched and cried herself, though she was enjoying the show a bit. Her own tender backside was BURNING, and her paws shook upon her head trying to keep them there, letting out a whine and some wimpers, just short of making a big series of sobs at the sting and bad ache the irritant was doing to her rear. Ashley bit down on his tailbase and quickly lashed her head upward and off, grinding her teeth HARSHLY and very quickly off his tail with force. Paul let out a long and pained roar, streaming tears down his cheeks, and obviously squirming very much at the nasty pain of that grind, bawling franticly.

[That, my little Paul, is to make sure you never ever do this again], Ashley says down to him, in reply to her own painful technique, looking at the long painful marks her grind left over all the others, leaving a bruised and marked tailbase and very well crying boy. She then turned her head to Kayla, who was obviously hurting as well, with her teared up eyes clenched and her wimpers. [Alright Kayla, you can go sit in the corner now, and you can rub your rear before you sit. Go in the dinningroom and use one of the wooden seats], she instructed. Kayla took her paws from her head and sent them right to her rear, rubbing her welts and the back of her legs with a cringe, though at least getting the irritant's sting out. With a bit of a sigh and a nod, Kayla sniffles and pads her footpaws into their dinningroom, taking one of the non padded chairs and setting it in a corner, carefully sitting herslef down with almost a howl, getting a few more tears out of her as her bottom's soreness can subside, having removed the saliva from her skin. Her black and wet from crying little fox nose was right in the corner as she fidgeted to get a comphy position..though she couldn't see what was happening, she listened a lil over her sniffs.

[Paul, you wait here now], the mother drake told her son, having put him down while Kayla went and set herself in the corner. Paul sniffled and stayed quiet, just opting to cry as he mother went over to where the paddles were kept, pulling the harsh dragon-paddle and bringing it back. Without a word, she lifts his tail, raising a few more cries from him as his badly aching and pained tailbase was exposed.

[Please mm-mm-mommy!], he cried.

[Just a couple of swats to your hips with this should sink this in..], Ashley replied with, before swinging the heavy studded paddle, straight into his right hip. Paul yeowled and roared, sobbing greatly as the tears went down his snout like a river as it looked right into the carpet as he was bent over. His right leg hadn't finished twitching before his left hip got spanked next, the pointed studs going into his hip's thinner scales. Paul hopped and roared weakly, not having much reserve air to roar that loud now, squirming his legs and fidgeting with cries and tears as each hip got spanked thrice more, leaving them marked and hurting along with the rest of himself. Ashley let go of his tail and held his claws so he couldn't nurse his tail, shushing him softly in her Drakonian way, which sounded almost like a reptilian purr. Paul stood where he was and bawled, getting comforted after his ordeal by the drake that administered it..soon enough, his tears as subsided a little as his hips and tail kept hurting, just as a penitatas was to be punished. [One last thing Paul..], she said quietly, putting the claws she held in front of him, silently telling him he still could not rub his ache. She trotted to her cabinet of disciplinary arsenal, where she kept Paul's things and pulled out..a drake diaper. Paul just blinked and sniffled at it.

[Mom..], Paul said softly and tearily, still crying a little, before a quiet sound from his mother quieted his voice.

[Because you thought it was funny to forbid someone to go to the bathroom, that is what I will do to you. Till tomorrow night, you're in diapers my son, and the bathroom will be locked], Ashley told him softer then she had been, since he was punished for what he had done. Paul just hung his head and kept softly crying as she took the drake fitted diaper, slipping the tail hole of it on his thick raptor tail and sliding it up, with got a sharp wimper once it reached the tail chewing marks. She pulled the top part and lower part to his body and around his big hips, latching them with two strong adhesive tabs..leaving him a diapered drake. After that, he was scooted into his corner and placed onto his stool. The diaper padded his tail some, but he still hated sitting very much, and the tears were proof.

Kayla sniffed softly into the corner, still feeling the burn on her rear end from the welts she was sitting upon. "Stupid Paul..", she sighed quietly at the spanking she had gotten, and her distake to staring at the wall.

Ashley padded towards Kayla once he was seated, snout in the corner, and tapped her shoulder with a scaled finger, making the fox look up over her shoulder, taking it as she could from the tap. Her eyes were a lil red from her tears earlier, though her crying had stopped now. [You can get up now Kayla], Ashley told her a lil lightly. Kayla gladly hopped to her footpaws, rubbing her rear a little more.

"Miss Ashley..are you going to tell my mom about this?", Kayla looked up and asked worriedly. Ashley nodded her head softly.

[I have to little one. Just don't worry about it], she told the half nude seven year old fox infront of her. Kayla tried not to as evening slowly came. She watched the holo on the sofa with Paul on the floor beside it, that is, when he was let out of the corner. The two kids talked little, since Paul was tired and aching..heck, so was Kayla. They had a small bit of relief once dinner came, being that Ashley didn't make them sit on the wooden chairs, but the soft padded ones. Once dinner was through and Ashley was cleaning, the front door beeped..needless to say, Kayla's heart sunk. She followed Ashley to the front door, in her panties and shorts again, having put them back on once they were clean and dry again.

"Hello Ashley!", smiled Emily, giving a smile to her daughter at her side as well, getting a smile back. Kayla was happy to see her, though she knew this could mean bad news. "How was Kayla today?", she then asked.

[Pretty good, but she did have to be punished once], Ashley told truthfully. [She and Paul squabbled a little and they got a little rough because Paul made her wet herself on purpose. It's his fault, but they both still got rough. Kayla was a good girl about it though, and she appologized almost immidiately], the Drakonian mother explained, adding Kayla's good points as well, making sure Emily knew that Kayla wasn't really bad or anything. Emily nodded her head.

"I'm sorry about that. Thanks for caring for her Ashley, and washing her clothes I see as well. Come on Kayla", she said to her, before gesturing for Kayla to follow. "Bye!", she smiled to Ashley, taking Kayla's paw.

"Bye miss Ashley!", Kayla said with a wave from her other paw.

[Bye you two, take care!], Ashley smiled and said, before heading in the give her son a diaper change. Kayla padded at her mom's side and she helped her daughter into the car as usual, before getting in herself and starting the hover car. Kayla fidgeted her sore rear on the seat and looked over to her mother.

"Mom..are you mad?..", Kayla asked softly, wondering if her rear was on the line again.

"Not much dear, but you're not out of this yet I'm afraid", Emily sighed a little, looking to her as the hover car parked itself automaticly right into their driveway. Kayla wimpered softly and looked down. Emily cut the engine and patted her head. "It's just a brief spanking from my hand shortly, then you get nano lotion before bed. Just a little something for getting rough with Paul instead of calling for Ashley. So go scamper your little furry butt in the house amd go stand by the wooden chair near the computer, I'm going to spank you right over my lap when I get in", she told her daughter, starting to gather her things at the end.

"Okay mommy..I understand..", Kayla said as she slipped from her seat and closed the door, heading inside. The lights flickered up at her entry and the young fox went right over to the wooden armless chair her mother used to watch her on the computer sometimes, and pulled it out a bit for her, so it was beside the desk, right by the front door, and stood as asked. In less then a minute, Emily braught in her things and set them on the computer desk, before sitting down on the chair. She gestured Kayla in front of herself, which the fox did, and Emily reached her arms around her daughter to the button above her bushy tail.

"Ma'..I'm sorry for what I did. I didn't think", Kayla said, shaking her head a bit with her tone sounding disappointed in herself.

"Don't be hard on yourself, mistakes happen, We just have to set them right, okay hun?", Emily smiled a little reassuringly, slipping Kayla's shorts and panties to her knees. Kayla climbed up onto her mother's lap once they were down, lowering her head.

"Okay..", Kayla softly replies. Emily took her girl's tail and put it against her back with her left hand, looking at her rear at the few welts that were still rosy.

"Just a quick one honey", Emily says, before dropping her hand down with a slap against Kayla's sore backside, getting a little flinch and a very fox-ish wimpering as her hand started to swat, not too hard, not too fast, starting to re- warm her tender tush. Kayla started to fidget her footpaws at the swats of her mother's hand against her rear, getting achy and sore fast, since she was keeping a steaky rhythum of stinging swats. Emily moved a little lower, spanking the base of Kayla's rear, reaching onto her thighs as she wimpered more and began to cry. The welts from early stung badly at being slapped, and Emily begun spanking a little harder and faster, becoming more random. Kayla kept her head hung and let a sob out, along with some more and she squirmed. Her thighs got a couple of slaps, but Emily mainly focuses herself on Kayla's rear, and some of the base of her rear, where the skin was welted worse then anywhere else. All that could be heard in the quiet house was a slapping sound and the small cries and whines of a punished girl. Emily kept her word about being light, only finishing with one crisp spank to her tender rear, getting a quick buck from Kayla as she lied softly where she was and cried, feeling tired. Emily petted her back and scritches her ears, comforting her some before picking her up and hugging her, minding her girl's sore and spanked backside, letting her cry softly over her shoulder. "That's my girl..let it out, it's okay. All done, and you needn't feel guilty now", Emily spoke softly to her daughter, getting a sniff and squeeze in reply. Emily tugged down Kayla's shorts and carefully set her panties back up, before setting her down and giving her a kiss on the muzzle. "Go play up in your room sweetie. No corner time, though you're forbidden to use the computer till an hour before bed time. Thats nothing though", she smiles. Kayla wiped her eyes with one paw and gently rubbed her rear with the other, swishing her tail gently back and fourth, being the responce to the kiss.

"Love you mommy..I'll go play", Kayla smiled a little, though she sniffles. "Paul was such a pain in the tail, but he got what he deserved..I bet I did too", she added softly.

"Thats what us parents are her for give you what you deserve. Sometimes it's spanks, sometimes it's rewards..but you always deserve love, and that's what you get", Emily smiled in reply to that. Kayla had spent that evening playing in her room till just after seven, when Emily let her use the computer. When it was bed time, Kayla finished up her work and went upstairs to be tucked in with her mom. The young fox stripped her shirt off for a nightie and lowered her panties, getting nano lotion rubbed into her rear and thighs before getting dressed and into bed. Emily kissed her daughter and Kayla kissed back, saying their caring goodnights before the mother dimmed her girl's lights, and let her rest and heal, to be ready for another new day.