In the 28th century, the technology of rejuvenation allows for immortality. This device is also used for sentencing as well. A penitatas; a criminal that is sent back to childhood to live a highly strict and disciplined life to start anew. (Story Twenty-Four)
Concept by Lurking Dragon
Kayla and story by Professor Bob

"Bye Kayla!", Ninne said to her with a smile as she began walking up her walkway, and Kayla her own, waving her paw to her from across the street. It was now September and the girls were arriving home from school, from yet another long day of learning. Ninne was in a fairly good mood as she trotted up to her door, having had a fairly pleasant day, and her tail hadn't been smacked for anything. With her smooth right claw, she opened up her front door and walked in with a cheery, "Ma', I'm home!".

"Hello Ninne. How was your day?", Ki'rene came around the corner of the kitchen and smiled, walked towards her daughter through the livingroom.

"Good!", Ninne replied. "Had no problems at all today", she then added, just to show she was being a good girl and that things were alright.

"Good dear", Ki'rene said, her Drakonian smile still gleaming. "Now, go get started on your homework so you don't have to do it all later", she told her daughter with a pat on her little raptor head. Ninne frowned a little.

"Do I have to now ma'ma?", Ninne softly asked with a small whine.

"Ninne..", Ki'rene quickly scolded a bit sternly, reminding her daughter what backtalk earned you.

"Alright ma'ma, I'll go get started", Ninne relented, not wanting to upset her mother or not do as asked. Ki'rene just smiled at that.

"Thanks hun. Call me if you need help", her mother said in her happy way, returning to the kitchen as her nine year old daughter went upstairs to her room. Ki'rene returned to her work in the kitchen, chopping up some things for her homemade dinner tonight. She always enjoyed trying to cook instead of replicating most things..though she tended to make many errors. A Drakonian stew was tonights choice, and she could only give her pot a happy smile once it was on the plasma stove and simmering. As she wiped her claws of moisture and oils from her cooking, she heard the console in the livingroom beep a couple of times. "Ahh", she made a sound to herself, dropping the cloth the counter and walking around the corner of the kitchen, since the computer was right infront of her. She trotted over to the desk's side and went infront of it, slipping her tail down into the cushioned computer chair, made for her drake self. Ki'rene tapped a few keys on the console, bringing up a message that was sent to her...and frowning a lot as she read it's contents. She held her snout up with a claw and sighed as she stared at the message, even after it's completion. "I can't believe it..", she grumbled as she got up and walked across the livingroom, getting her claw swatter from the drawer before heading upstairs. Ninne had a little answering to do. She trotted into Ninne's room, with the swatter pocketed, so her daughter only gave a smile as she walked in, pencil in her claw as she worked on her writing homework.

"Hey mom. What's up?", she asked to the look on her mother's snout.

"Ninne, I just got a message from your teacher", Ki'rene said on a solumn note as she stopped at Ninne's side..Ninne's look suddenly turned more worried as a lump grew in her chest. "She told me your grades are slipping, and they're slipping low. Aren't you doing your work, aren't you studying like you're supposed to?", she then went on more sternly.

"I..I umm..", Ninne began to studder out an answer, before sighing. She had in truth been slacking off and not caring about her work, and her guilty look proved everything in miss Chester's note was true.

"I'm very disappointed in you're more then capable to do this work and do your best. You haven't even been trying, haven't you?", Ki'rene said more quietly, making it obvious she was upset.

"I'm sorry ma'..", she frowned as she lowered her muzzle, staring at the desk with a sigh. Ki'rene slipped her claw into the pocket of her drake pants, slipping the swatter out back by her right hip.

"I know, but you're going to have to be punished. I have to make sure you get your tail back on track. Just put your claws flat down on the desk, I'm going to swat the backs of them so you can keep going with your homework", Ki'rene told her, getting in close at her side, with the claw holding the swatter against the desk's surface. Ninne gave a pouty look but complied as told, setting her pencil down and laying her claws flat down, with the palms of them against the desk. Ki'rene lifted her swatter up a bit and steadied her claw, before raising it up a bit and bringing the first smack into the back of her right claw with that studded device. Ninne winced and began to wimper at each swat to her claws, watching her claws get smacked in alternation through eyes that continued to blur as they welled up. The cracking sound of the swatter against the backs of her claws seemed constant, especially since Ki'rene was speeding up and swatting harder as she went.

"Ooooowwww...!", Ninne whined out as she began to cry, letting the first pair of full tears drip down her smooth scaled cheeks with a small sob. Her fingers twiched at each of the young girl's winces, trying to stay still and let her tears out as her mother swatted the nasty little paddle device, turning the backs of her claws red, then redder. The mother continued on without break till fourty swats, twenty to each claw, was administered to Ninne's claws, leaving them reddened and stingingly sore. Once it was over, Ninne left her claws still and cried, knowing better then to move them without being told.

"Alright Ninne, that's done. I want you to come and see me as soon as you finish your homework alright?", Ki'rene said as she pocketed the swatter again. Ninne sniffled and nodded, slowly picking up her pencil again and wiping her cool, wet cheeks.

"Yes mommy..", came out a lil teary with a sniff. Ki'rene turned and headed out the door, trotting downstairs again, putting the claw swatter back in it's drawer. Ninne went back to work, feeling fortunate it wasn't the palms of her claws that were spanked. She rubbed at the backs of them occationaly, just sort of poutting at the reddened scales. She tried to be a little slower with her homework, but she eventually finished it, and, with a sigh, she left her chair and went downstairs.

"That you Ninne?", she heard her mother call as she trotted down the last steps of the stairs, turning her head around the corner to see her sitting at the computer across the livingroom. "Oh good. Well come on Ninne, follow me into the kitchen, your punishment isn't over yet", Ki'rene told Ninne as she got up from the chair, trotting over into the kitchen. Ninne hung her head and followed, rubbing her claws in worry, and at the ache. When she stepped in, her mother was already standing and waiting for her. "Okay Ninne, take off your clothes", she nodded as she stepped up to her.

"Alright..", Ninne said quietly in reply, lifting her shirt off then, reaching back to undo the button and velcro of her big drake shorts and panties, slipping them down her raptor legs. Ki'rene took all her garments and placed them on the counter for now, out of the way, and picked up a big wash cloth, putting a glob of liquid soap on it and wetting it. Ninne watched this and gave wimper, knowing what she was doing, but not why. "Ma'ma, I didn't cuss..why are you doing that?..", she asked with a bit of a whine.

"Because you've been lying to me all this time Ninne. I think it's fitting, and I think this will help teach you a lesson about doing your work and getting good grades, because you're capable of much more. You've been telling me all this time you've been doing fine and working well, and that wasn't true..", Ki'rene spoke as she lathered up the cloth over the sink, getting it really sudsy and soapy. Ninne just kept her head hung, unable to really was true. "..So, open up your snout honey", she then told her daughter, turning around with the soapy cloth in her claw. Ninne raised her head and opened her snout wide, accepting what she'd earned herself. Ki'rene raised the cloth up to her snout level, but paused a second. "Stick your tongue out just a little", Ki'rene asked. Ninne did as asked, and Ki'rene, with her left claw, she held the forked tip and held her tongue down, making sure she could keep it still. With that, the mother put the soapy cloth in her girl's mouth, which immidiately got a grimace, and she began scrubbing. She scrubbed at her teeth carefully, making sure the sharp things wouldn't tear her cloth, then the roof of her snout, her cheeks, her teeth and roof again...Ninne just gagged and grimaced, till her mother started scrubbing her tongue real good. Then, she squirmed and grimaced even more, wimpering and whining out at the terrible taste and slight burning from the horrid suds. Ki'rene held her girl's tonguetip and just scrubbed the whole big drake tongue like mad, keeping at it for a lil time, till the suds were begining to leak from her snout. "Close your snout now Ninne, and stay put", the young drake's mother told her.

"MMmmmmrrrrrffmm..", Ninne made a noise with her snout closed, uncomprehendable, but obviously a sad whine. Ki'rene took the cloth over the sink and loaded it with soap, putting glob after glob on it, before adding a little more water and scrubbing it up even more sudsy, though leaving lots of the soap still liquidy. She turned and used her claw to open Ninne's snout back up, putting most of the cloth into her muzzle, with the side having the most soap bunched up.

"Bite", Ki'rene told her as she looked sternly into her eyes. Ninne wimpered and closed her snout around most of the cloth with a serious grimace, clenching her claws. The dry parts around the cloth remained out the front of her snout, while the rest burned and filled her snout. She opened her eyes from her grimace when she felt her claw being taken and herself being led into the livingroom. "I'm going to watch some holo, since you're going to have that in your snout for a good while", answered why she was being taken to the sofa. Ki'rene sat herself down, and helped Ninne onto her lap..facing towards her mother. "While I watch my show, you're going to watch the wall and the back of the sofa from my lap", her mother then told her, getting another pouty look from her daughter. Ki'rene put her claws on the top and bottom of Ninne's snout and pressed, getting a sound and squirm as she clamped more into the cloth, pressing it into her tongue and getting more suds out as she sat oddly on her mother's lap, head at her mother's side and staring at the wall behind the couch. "And stay still. Unless you want a tail chewing after this", Ki'rene was sure to warn Ninne, making sure she had a good hold on her girl's snout and her bare self was seated alright on her lap..and not blocking the holo, of course. Ninne tried to keep still, wimpering at the claws keeping every sud and that cloth in her snout..five minutes, seven, then she was fidgeting lightly at all the suds, cringing and wimpering loud at the soap and slimy suds she was forced to swallow as they built up and forced it's way down. She began to feel ill, feeling all the nasty soap in her snout, the horrid taste, burning, and icky feel of stuff going down into her lil tummy.

"MMmrrrrummmmmm!", the poor young drake squeeled as she swalled a big gulp of suds and liquid soap to keep from choking and gagging on it, slipping it all down into her tummy as time continued to pass, without her mother's claws moving as she watched the holo.

"Ninne, I told you to keep still", Ki'rene scolded, pressing her claws a little harder to squeeze a bit more suds out onto her tongue as she fidgeted. Ninne quietly wimpered and whined, staring at the wall as she felt her eyes well in desperation to get the cloth out, just waiting for the moment it'll leave her felt like an eternity that wouldn't end, and the soapy taste wasn't subsiding. When the show Ki'rene sat down to watch ended, thirty minutes had passed with that cloth still pressed in her girl's snout as she fidgeted and wimpered a bit. "If you can't hush and stay still for that, I guess I'm just going to have to chew your tail a little Ninne. You deserve it dear...I just hope you learn to do your best and not slack off", the mother sighed, taking her daughter and putting her into her lap, scooching foreward. Ninne squeeled out in protest, looking and sounding like she was gonna sob as her legs were pinned into place, with a claw still holding her snout and the other stretching her tail out. Ki'rene leaned in and looked at her girl's tail for a second, before clamping her teeth down into the softer scales. Ninne tried you howl out, but the claw pressed hard to keep her snout shut, so all she was able to do is make noise and drip a set of tears as her mother began chewing and biting at the base of her tail. Ki'rene did her best to keep her still and punish her tailbase for being a naughty girl. She continued to chomp on her tail and press her teeth, grinding the sharp teeth on her daughter's tender scales, over her tailhole and whole area. Ninne's attempts to howl only ended up in some suds leaking out of her snout from the front and sides, dripping down her chin, and the fact that she keeps swallowing more soap and suds from the hurt as she cried and winced. After a real quick chewing, Ki'rene released her tail and let her up, along with herself, as she held her snout closed still.

"Rrrrrrrruuuuummmmmmmm-hhhmmm-hhhmmmmmmmmmrrrmmm..", Ninne whined out of her clamped snout in tears as she cried a little.

"Let's go get that cloth out and snout cleaned", Ki'rene smiled as the walked her daughter back to the kitchen, going to the sink. She took her left claw from her girl's muzzle and slipped the cloth out, setting it in the sink and helping Ninne up to it. Ki'rene turned on the faucet and filled up a cup of water and handed it to Ninne, who promptly rinced out her muzzle of the suds, almost in a haste. Ki'rene rubbed her back as she wimpered, cleaning her muzzle out, trying to comfort her. She took a dry cloth from the counter and padded Ninne's cheeks as her girl turned her head to her, looking quite repentant for what she had done in school...which was almost nothing. "Please get good grades and not slack off, you know I don't enjoy this hun..", Ki'rene shushed her lil tears, giving her daughter a hug. Ninne hugged back, nuzzling her mother's smooth raptor chest.

"I'm sorry ma'ma..I promise I'll pick up my grades and make you proud..I will", Ninne said quietly and still just a bit tearily, having giving a sniff or two in there. Ki'rene smiled and bent her neck down, kissing her girl atop her snout.

"That's my Ninne, I know you keep your word. Here", the mother replied softly, handing Ninne her clothes. Ninne got dressed and winced when latching her pants above her tail, having to give her tail a quick rub. It didn't hurt much, but it was a tail chewing none the less, and that meant a lil soreness. "There you are. Dinner will be done in an hour or so. Since your homework is done, why don't you go study for a few?", Ki'rene smiled at her. Ninne drooped a little at the 'study' part, and her mother only giggled at it. "..then, you can play. Just study for fifteen minutes for mommy, okay?", she smiled even more, getting one from her daughter as well.

"Okay mom", Ninne replied.

"Love you Ninne", Ki'rene added.

"Love you too", Ninne giggled, before trotting herself back upstairs to do a short bit of studying and get to play finally. Ki'rene tidied up her sink and returned to the pot of stew, giving it a stir and pulling out a spoonful of broth and a small Drakonian piece of meat. Sar'kath, it was called. She popped the spoon in her mouth and ate it, smiling as she tasted pretty good! As she threw a few quick seasonings into her stew, she knew..she and her daughter would have a tasty and pleasant dinner that evening.