In the 28th century, the technology of rejuvenation allows for immortality. This device is also used for sentencing as well. A penitatas; a criminal that is sent back to childhood to live a highly strict and disciplined life to start anew. (Story Twenty-Three)
Concept by Lurking Dragon
Kayla and story by Professor Bob

Kayla was busy getting herself cleaned and ready in the bathroom, brushing out her silky clean tailfur. Today was a very special day for this fox, and a special day for another fox. A good day for one, a nightmare for the other. Kayla smiled a toothy smirk into the mirror as she did her hair, just thinking about it all. Today, was Stephanie's birthday, and black 'P' penitatas like her don't get to have fun or enjoyable birthdays like Kayla got. Being Stephanie's victim, Kayla was invited as the guest of honor to her punishment party, and got to invite whoever she wanted as well!

"You almost ready Kayla? They're expecting us now", Emily stepped to the doorway and smiled happily, putting an arm around her furry girl. Naturally, Emily was just as happy to get to see Stephanie's punishment party. Kayla set the brush down and looked up with a light smile and a noddle. "Excited?", Emily giggled a little.

"Sure am!", Kayla giggled back with a hug and a gentle wag of her fox tail. "It doesn't feel like a year though..", she said more solumnly.

"She's getting what she deserves for what she did to you..I know it hurts", Emily said quietly and reassuringly, getting down on her kness and hugging Kayla against her in a cuddle. She knew being raped was ever so painful to her, having had to deal with such things in her horrifying original childhood...heck, being nearly killed and raped would terrify anyone. She knew it hurt her still..

"It does, but I'm moving on", Kayla smiled a little, with her chin on Emily's chest as she looked up, feeling a bit cheered up by her mother's care. Emily scritched Kayla's little fox ears, standing back up with her smile.

"That's my strong girl", Emily said softly as she took the brush back up off the counter and quickly brushed at Kayla's fur a bit more as the young fox purred. Kayla happened to like it when that brush was being used to make her feel good and not swat her, something it was quite known for, especially for the occational bruise it can leave. Emily brushed gently, just looking Kayla over. She had picked out her daughter's outfit for her, and it got Kayla's approval as well. A brand new pair of light blue jeans made for her, and a plain pink t-shirt to go with her fresh smelling and perfectly tended to fur. Emily made sure Kayla looked and smelled nice for this nice occation, and they already had a talk, so Kayla knew to be on her best behavior. It wasn't HER day to be spanked afterall. "Let's go hop in the hovercar and head across the street", Emily smiled as she put the brush back on the counter and offered her hand.

"Okay ma'!", Kayla said happily, holding her mother's hand with her left paw. Emily walked her downstairs and went outside, checking that the two was ready. Emily got into her seat and Kayla into her's, letting the vehicle hover across the street to Ninne and Ki'rene's house.

"Honey, could you run to the door and tell them we're ready?" , Emily looked over and asked her girl, who nodded in reply with an energetic smile.

"Sure!", she said with a hop out of the hovercar, scampering up the walkway and giving a couple of taps to the door call that the two Drakonian's knew was her's. Ninne opened the door with a grin and giggle.

"Heya!", Ninne greetd her friend, before turning her neck and looking behind herself. "C'mon mom, they're ready!", she called.

"I'm coming Ninne, calm down", Ki'rene chuckled softly, walking from the dinning room as she fiddled in her purse to make sure she had everything. Most likely Ninne's claw swatter too, though she knew she wouldn't have to use it.

"You're coming with us Ki'rene?", Kayla asked with a curious tail flick. The big drake mother smiled as she walked out of her door, Ninne ahead of her, stepping to Kayla's side.

"I wouldn't miss this Kayla, even for all the Venalark steak in the world", she smiled cheerily, caring about Kayla a lot. The three started walking back towards the car, when Ki'rene put a claw to the bottom of her snout in thought, cocking her head a bit. "Though it sounds tempting..", she then grinned.

"Ma'ma!", Ninne said with an odd little smile, while Kayla herself just giggled as she opened the rear door for Ninne and Ki'rene, keeping her promise about being polite today, though that wasn't ever an issue with her friends.

"I'm playing Ninne!", Ki'rene laughed a little, scooting her daughter into the car first. Kayla popped her door open and hopped back into her seat, strapping herself in and closing her door behind herself. Once the group was ready, Emily set the hovercar's auto controls to Stephanie's home. The ride was very short, only going about three blocks in their vehicle, till it came to a rest at it's destination. The crew of four got out of their car, seeing that they weren't the first guests. Kayla looked around in curiosity as she padded in the already open front door, seeing the place had been prepared for a small party of sorts.

"Hello Emily, hello Kayla", a firm looking Jenny, Stephanie's mother, walked towards the group and greeted, while Ki'rene moved off with a rather inquisitive Ninne. "Long time no see", she smiled, offering her hand to shake Kayla's paw, then Emily's.

"Thanks for having us Jenny", Emily nodded with her polite smile as their handshake broke.

"And thanks for coming. Kayla, why don't you come and see Stephanie? I have her in the corner of the kitchen from her birthday spanking from me this morning still, but I presume she can be let up now that her guests are arriving", Jenny smiled down at the sweet little fox, who gave a nod. "Feel free to help yourself to refreshments Emily, the other guests will be here in ten minutes tops", she then looked back up and told Emily. With that said and done, the human mother, an obviously strict one at that, for a black 'P' penitatas, lead Kayla through the house to the kitchen. She had even left all of Stephanie's spanking things in plain view, right in the livingroom. It was obvious Stephanie wasn't being spared anything. Kayla made her way into the kitchen, right behind Jenny, seeing the still slightly sniffly fox in the far right corner, perched on a tall green wooden stool, wearing only her fur. "Stephanie, you can get up now", the fox's mother told her from Kayla's side. Stephanie quickly wiped at her eyes with the back of her paw, carefully getting her muzzle out of the corner and herself off the stool. Kayla could see the younger fox had gotten it very good when she was awoken this morning, as her rear was a dark and quite welted was easy to tell, as Jenny had used a discipilator on Stephanie. She had no fur on her rear and thighs, showing just marked and burning skin. The girl turned and looked up, giving only a small sniff as she held her paws together infront of herself. "Stephanie, your guests are arriving, and Kayla is here now as well. Come say hello to everyone", Jenny told her small daughter.

"Yes mommy..", Stephanie said somewhat quietly, seeming quite sad and defeated already. She padded foreward to the two, a little nervous to see Kayla. "..h-hi Kayla", she greeted the other Aspatrian fox, keeping her tail completely still, nearly tucked between her legs her rear hurt so bad and she was so scared.

"I'll let you two talk for a few while the guests arrive. Come on out shortly, alright?", Stephanie's mother nodded to the two female foxes, stepping out of the kitchen. Kayla turned her muzzle back to Stephanie, seeing her look down a little and sigh.

"Hello Stephanie", Kayla said on a slight solumn note, being that this was a little hard. She was talking to her own rapist afterall, a person who nearly murdered her.

"I can't believe how my life has been this past year..and it's all because of that day..I used to be the one giving these spankings..", the small and well spanked fox said, wiping at her cheeks slowly with the back of her paw again. Kayla flicked the tip of her tail and nodded a little.

"You're not the only one who loathes that day...Stephanie, why did you do it? Why were you that way?", Kayla sighed, but then asked quietly, sounded almost disappointed. Stephanie gulped noticibly, and stood in quiet thought.

"I don't know...I...I just don't. I felt I needed sex, and that I could get away with it..but I got lustful and..Kayla..I just wanna say..", she went on, till she sniffled and wimpered tearily, like she was about to cry. "I'm sorry..I know I made a mistake now..I've blamed you for so long're not the one who raped me, it was the other way around. I can't explain why I did what I did, or why I'm such a jerk..", she sniffed again, "..but I'm paying for it", she ended, looking down.

"Maybe being on the recieving end, you're learning how you made others hurt. We all have to deal with our mistakes Stephanie..", Kayla said, raising her right paw up to chest level and pushing a lil fur out of the way to show her silver 'P' plainly, "..even me. This is hard, but you do deserve it. Do you know what it's like to be raped?", Kayla said slightly more angrily, but not much.

"No Kayla..but I can tell you, that I hope I don't find out. I'm being spanked and punished practicly daily...all I can tell you is that I'm suffering for what I did to you, and I'm sorry Kayla, I really am..", Stephanie nearly pleaded at the end, paws together. Kayla could believe it a bit..she'd been a black 'P' penitatas a year. That's a lot of time she had to think about things, crying herself to sleep or standing in the corner. You can't be a penitatas without eventually seeing and accepting you did something wrong.

"You may feel like you're only here to be whipped, but don't're learning again too", Kayla said softly to the sad fox, who was looking at her with pouty eyes at what her day was going to contain.

"Girls?", Jenny came to the doorway and said, making Kayla turn and Stephanie's muzzle look up. "Come on out here, everyone's here now", she nodded. Kayla walked out with the two, though Stephanie was a little sluggish. She stepped back into the livingroom and found all the child guests had indeed arrived, most being local neighborhood kids who lived by Stephanie's home, that she herself did not know. By a quick head count, Kayla found there were eleven penitatas, besides herself and the birthday girl. Kayla padded herself back over to her mother, who was sitting on a sofa beside Ki'rene, while the drake mother watched her daughter talk and play around with a few other children.

"Talk to Stephanie Kayla?", Emily asked her, looking down at her side when her furry girl hopped up onto the sofa beside her.

"Yep, I did ma'", she replied rather plainly, though she smiled a little. It was obvious she was hiding some emotion, especially to her mother, but Emily decided she wouldn't pry.

"Attention everyone!", Jenny called out with Stephanie bare at her side, waiting a few moments for the kids to quiet down and pay attention. One boy wasn't so quick at responding, but a swat to his rear from his father nearby hushed him. "Thank you for coming all of you, and I hope you have fun for Stephanie's punishment party. As you all know, she is six today..", the woman spoke to her guests, till everyone gave a quick 'happy birthday' cheer to Stephanie, who sorta blushed under her fur at all this. "So, without further delay, we'll start Stephanie's spankings and all of you can have cake and ice cream afterwards, and get to play some games together", she said with a smile, though her furry daughter at her side looked down and winced. Jenny took Stephanie's paw and took her towards the near corner where one of her lower stools resided, already having a pillow placed on top. She put the little fox on her tummy on tip of the stool and hooked the tail restraint she had beside it to her tail, then her neck, leaving her already bare of fur and marked rear and thighs in sight of everyone. "All of you will get to have a turn to give Stephanie her birthday spanks, which is six, for her age today. The only exception is Kayla, who get's three turns in a row", Jenny then explained, and Kayla gave a wave of her paw at the end, at the mentioning of herself. "So Kayla, would you like to go first?", she then asked, smiling at the fox, who was snuggled in beside her mother still.

"I'll go last", Kayla said with a nod.

"Alrighty then. Ninne, you're Kayla's guest, why don't you go first then? Afterwards, you can pick who goes next", Jenny nodded herself, turning to Ninne. The young drake could only smirk, trotting foreward without a thought.

"My pleasure ma'am", Ninne said in a happy way, taking the full size paddle Jenny handed her into claw, stepping over to Stephanie. The six year old fox wimpered and held onto the stool obidiently, afraid of what would happen if she screwed up on a special punishment day. Ninne examined the fox's backside for a moment and raised the paddle, swinging it sharply onto Stephanie's rear end.

"AAAAARRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo-!", Stephanie HOWLED out, quite like the fox she was, and Kayla didn't think she'd ever hear another howl like her's again. Kayla had only listened to herself howl for so long afterall. Ninne was unwavered by the pain stricken howl of the fox, still swinging the paddle as she was into the nasty welted rear. As quick as it begun, Ninne *SMACKED!* her six swats in and stopped, turning around and picking one of the kids she had been playing with before. Kayla sat with a twitchy tail as she watched Stephanie get paddled, penitatas after penitatas, and searing spank after spank. Kayla didn't wish to know what that dark red and welted tush felt like, but she knew she was going to give her all. Stephanie won't forget what she did to a fellow Aspatrian fox. Soon enough, all the other kids had went, and Stephanie lied on her tummy over the stool, limp and bawling with a refreshed and even more blazing rear then she had begun this with. Kayla hopped up for her turn when the last person finished, taking the paddle from the boy.

"Okay Kayla, first turn of three", Jenny said. Kayla walked not to Stephanie's rear, but to her side. She knelt in, till her muzzle was at the sobbing little girl's ear, which was, to add, flattened against her head.

"Stephanie will never in your life realise the harm you did to me, or how sick and deranged you were that and violence don't go together. When I was a kit on Aspatria, sucking off people like you was how I got a few coins to stay alive, when I was only four. Drawing my blood..beating me, whipping me, torturing me..was the sickest thing I had ever witnessed and unfortunately been the victim of, ever, even with my horrible first life. You deserve every lash and punishment given to you, and every cycle you have..all those years you'll still be under the paddle, brush, switch, everything...all I can do is hope you learn. You're a child again under new circumstances, and maybe you will learn not to be a twisted pervert or child torturer. You almost killed me, and took my life away through ultimate pain and horror..but that is the past now, as much as it hurts..I'll just see to it that you hurt too, and that you learn", Kayla spoke quietly into her ear, with a slight growl as she went on. Kayla, the victim of a terrible crime and the SICKEST day, as loving as she was, knew Stephanie had to pay..from her own paws. Stephanie wimpered and cried as she was told all this, not saying a word, but just keeping her head low. At ehe end, all she could mumble, barely audiable, was, "..I'm..s-sorry..".

"You have this coming..", Kayla sighed, stepping behind the younger fox and raising the paddle with a fast motion, swatting it against Stephanie's rear as hard as she could swing, and as fast. One, two, three...Stephanie screamed and bawled, finding there was just a bit more squirming left in her. *SMACK!* *SMACK!*, came the last two in a fury, both dead center. Even the other guests were surprised at Kayla's determination.

"There you are Kayla. Now, for the next two turns, you can pick out your own spanking impliment", Jenny nodded, jesturing to the other things she left out. Kayla set the paddle down with the other things, and picked up a strap, giving a quick flick with her paws to ready the belt-like tool, in such skill, she even surprised her own mother with it. Stretching it out real quick with her left paw she drew it back, saying softly, "You will learn..". *WHAP!!*, came the strap across Stephanie's backside, getting nothing more then a horse and defeated howl as the girl could do no more then cry. It came cross her upper rear, then her lower rear, then right in the center, and the last two overlapping on her upper thighs. Stephanie was trembling in pain, shaking the stool lightly as she squirmed softly and BAWLED. Kayla calmly set the strap back, and pondered what to get next.

"You're doing a good job Kayla, just one more left", Jenny told her, being pleased with her work on her daughter's rear. It was clearly visible to all, and the increased redness and welting is very easily noticible. Kayla wanted to make this last one a bit of a she picked up Stephanie's wooden hairbrush, taking a few steps back to Stephanie. She moved in closer this time, more towards her left hip, placing her left paw on the girl's lower back.....*WHAP!!*, came sharply next for the young birthday fox, and a kick from her legs as the wooden back spanked the base of her rear, right were the thigh and rear met..where she sat down on. Kayla swung from side to side, full force, six very painful swats. She hoped that would leave a little bruising, so the rapist got the punishment she deserved. Jenny took the brush from her once she was finished, and patted Kayla on the head.

"Hope that helped you a bit dear", she smiled, before looking to everyone. "Into the dinning room everyone, it's time for some cake and ice cream!", she nodded to them. Emily came and scooped up her daughter, carrying her into the dinning room with the others.

"Tired?", her mother asked. Kayla nodded.

"Yeah ma'..", Kayla replied quietly.

"Can't blame you. You were serious with that. I think you helped teach her a lesson", Emily smiled, getting a little one from her fur covered daughter. She sat Kayla down in the seat beside her, and Kayla watched a crying Stephanie be carried in as well. Jenny SAT Stephanie down in the corner, facing away from everyone, and boy did she howl and cringe as she was sat properly down. Once she was crying into the corner on her ravaged rear end, Jenny started cutting the cake and getting ice cream for everyone. Kayla sort of frowned at the corner, hearing and seeing her weep there..a black 'P' penitatas' birthday was harsh..they didn't even get a piece of their own birthday cake. This part of the party they get to hear others having fun, while a real child would be having the funnest part of their birthday..she'd be able to painfully play games after, but she'd be sitting this part out. Emily passed Kayla a nice sliver of cake, not yet with ice cream. The fox picked up the fork and paused..just looking at it.

"Excuse me a minute..", Kayla said quietly, slipping from her chair and picking her cake up, walking around the crowd of parents that stood with a slice, and walked to Stephanie's corner. She found the little fox crying into her paws, just utterly repentant. "Stephanie?..", Kayla said gently and caringly. She lifted her head from her paws and sobbed a few sniffles as she looked at her curiously through blurry tears. Kayla held her cake and plastic fork to her with a little smile as she offered it, "I forgive you now..", she said softly. Stephanie sobbed again..but smiled, slowly taking the small birthday plate and piece of cake. Kayla knew some had watched and were shocked by her actions but she only padded back to her mother, who lifted her up into her lap and cuddled her.

"Honey? You..forgive her?", Emily asked, rather surprised that she'd say that after the terror Stephanie put her through. Kayla nodded her head softly.

"Everyone deserves a second chance mommy", the young and strong fox looked up and said quietly, with a small smile upon her muzzle. Emily smiled back, having to hold back a tear as she hugged Kayla against her tummy and chest..