Kayla: Anne's View
In the 28th century, the technology of rejuvenation allows for immortality. This device is also used for sentencing as well. A penitatas; a criminal that is sent back to childhood to live a highly strict and disciplined life to start anew. (Story Twenty-Two)
Concept by Lurking Dragon
Kayla and story by Professor Bob

I began to wake up rather groggily to a claw rubbing and petting my back, still curled from my sleep. My legs, neck, and tail shifted, and I heard a voice come through to my half awake mind.

[Anne? Anne dear, it's time to get up for your first day of school], the voice of my mother Daria said in her soft manner, the cool scaled claw making me crack a smile on my snout. It's odd how a claw that helps spank you all the time can feel so good as well..

[Good morning momma], I said as I turned my neck up, nosing her waiting snout.

[Come on, out of bed now], she spat with a pat to my shoulder. I growled out a groan, slipping from my sheets and my comphy bed. The summer wasn't long enough, especially for a penitatas like me. [Oh don't be pouty, you know you have to go], my mother had to remind me for my little groan. [Come on downstairs for breakfast after you wash up], she then said with more pep, rubbing my scaled head before heading out.

[Okay mom], I nodded as she left, leaving me to my thoughts as I sat down on my bed for a moment with a stretch. It's days like this that really make me hate being a penitatas, as well as hating myself for getting to be one in the first place. The first day of school always made me nervous and gave me butterflies when I was a kindern, and it's deffinately not better now that I know I'm gonna get my tail paddled when I get there. It's always that knowing...that makes you regret your mistake. At least this isn't Christmas...ooohh that just makes me shiver just thinking about it. Did they really have to do that? Make that day?..Well, I'm scared of it, and hate it, so I guess it's doing it's job. Today isn't like that, so I had better hop to it. With that thought, I gave a bounce on the side of my mattress and got to my good ol' raptor feet. All it took was a step out my door to smell the breakfast my parents were cooking. [Bacon!], I chirped, going from my room and bounding down the stairs. Dad making a big breakfast is the only other perk to this day I can think of, other then getting to see my friends. Ninne and everyone! I slowed my feet down before I got to the dinning room, so I woulndn't be caught running around the house, and smiled to my parents as I trotted in.

[Good morning Anne], my dad, Clark, nodded from his spot in the kitchen, infront of the plasma-stove. He was a Drakonian like my mom, and he wore a keen and light smile most of the time. He's the gentler one, but he can really punish too when he sees it fit. Not as big a mouth as mommy, but he makes it up in corner time. All penitatas parents have their own style..

[Here Anne. Let me see those claws], my mom asked of me as she got up from her seat at our dinning room table, holding her's up slightly and wiggling her fingers. I took a wince to my chest just after she said that, and I remembered I was supposed to wash up..damn bacon distracting me. I took a step and raised my claws for her, just hoping..[Anne! You didn't wash up!], my mom snapped a scold. So much for hoping she wouldn't notice.

[I got distracted mom, I forgot..], I sorta sighed. Being a little nine year old is a lot different from what it used to be, being an adult.

[I asked you to wash up and you didn't], she said sternly, but lightly as my head lowered a little. I had to repress my worry when she took me by the wrist of my left claw and took me to the corner, left of the walkway to the kitchen. [Keep the end of your snout against the wall till I come back with my claw swatter], she instructed, her voice hinting her disappointment. Hey, I'm disappointed too. I kept quiet, trying to be good, keeping my snout gently pressed against the wall. It's funny how you notice all the details and color in a wall when it's the only boring thing you can see..blue, riples, curves..

[C'mon Anne, you know better..], came the soft, caring, voice of my peni father. He had walked in from the kitchen, from the doorway beside me, and his voice nearly made my snout turn to him. The end of my snout didn't leave that wall or move though...you learn not to turn your head from the wall when you get punished extra for it. I made a little wimperish chirp in reply, not speaking when I wasn't really supposed to. He patted me on the back and I heard him step back into the kitchen. A claw may punish but it can certainly love too...at least I know I'm cared about. I try hard to be a good girl..I still wonder how I was stupid enough to try and rip a casino off. Easy money my tail...I'm ashamed of myself, but I'm learning how to be good again, and paying it back in tears..peh, and staring at the walls. This wasn't how I wanted to start this morning at all...oh crap, I hear her coming..

[Alright Anne, take your snout from the corner], I heared my mother command as I sighed to myself. I shifted my head and turned around on my feet with a couple steps foreward with my head lower then usual, eyes gazing sorrily up. Wielded in my mom's right claw was her claw swatter..or should I say, 'my' claw swatter. Got butterflies in my tummy already. [Okay, go on. Claws up and open flat], she told me in her 'you know the drill already' way. That was quite true. So, I did as required of me, leaving my claws defenceless..I was looking sadly up, just waiting for ma' to raise her swatter, while my eyelids and muscles were already anticipating the wince. Then, the moment my mind and body was dreading..I meeped almost silently and shut my eyes tight, bracing myself as my mom quickly raised her swatter. I heard a sharp *SMACK!* as a jolt of pain shot through my arm and my claw stung, causing a yelp. I opened my eyes and wimpered, wincing and trying to keep my claws flatly open as I just had to endure. It's not like I'm working, but this is stil hard and tiring..I started to lose count, which doesn't take me long, when I started to cry.

[Ooooowww!! Ma'ma stop!], I plead in tears as she continued slapping the studded Drakonian claw swatter down on my palms and fingers. It felt like an hour..the sting burning into paw claws and going up my arms..my cries, howls, and fidgets...but it stopped.

[There. Two dozen], I heard my mother say contently over my sobs and wimpers. I was an easy crier and rather vocal in my spankings..damn it hurts, I wanna rub it so bad! Grr, but I'm not allowed! I winced again when my mother took my wrist again, thinking this wasn't over..I just cried to myself quietly, feeling the wet drip on my scaled cheeks and snout. She took me into the kitchen, past my dad, to the sink where she pulled my claws out and turned the faucet on. The cold rush of water brought me instant relief and slowed me tears and wimpers to nothing. She gently washed my paws, getting them clean, and letting the hurt ease. She dried my claws and my snout with a smile as I could see, scooting me off to the dinning room. [Breakfast is done dear, go take your seat], she said without anything in her voice that would say she was still mad. All forgotten. I was feeling better when I sat down, though holding a fork was just slightly sore at times from my swatting. I looked up from my plate as my mom and dad sat down a few moments later with their own plates.

[So are you ready for the first day of school Anne?], my dad asked as he took a large bite of his eggs.

[Yep!], I replied to him with a smile and nod, sniffles gone already. I might be ready for school, but I'm not actually comfortable about it though.

[We expect you to be on your best behavior today, and follow every rule. No talking out, and be compliant about your welcome spanking], I looked at my mother as she gave me her expectations. I'm reckless when it comes to rules, and in first grade I tried to escape my welcome spanking, so her words weren't exactly 'not needed'. Boy that teacher got my tail good for that..

[Yes ma'ma, I will], I said in my most kindest and respectful way, so that she'd know I was being truthful. I usualy always try to be good, it's just when I slip up that I get punished. I'm not all that bad a girl really. I ate to my fill a little faster then my parents, but still minding my manners to an extent. This came to be to my advantage, because as I was finishing, my mom startled my feasting.

[Alright Anne, it's time to meet the bus], she said as she got from her seat, leaving her half finished plate behind. She must not have expected she'd have to spank my claws this morning and didn't leave any free time.

[Ok. Bye daddy!], I said as I slipped from my chair and kissed by dad as he lowered his snout a bit for me.

[Bye honey], he smiled warmly back, giving my head a pat. Mom took my left claw, only slightly sore now, and walked me outside to the curb. The sun was shining and there was only a few clouds..seemed like a beautiful day, but I was nervous now more then ever. Seeing all the houses this morning, and thinking about where I was going, and what was going to happen. A single glimpse to the back of my right claw could affirm my fate as well. That silver 'P' I've gotten used to seeing, that appeared there once I was lead out of the rejuvenation chamber my a rejuve technician. Seems so long ago, and it's only been three years..

[Take care today, okay Anne?], my mom said warmly, snapping me back into my reality as the bus was coming down the street.

[Sure mommy, I'll see you later], I nodded, giving her a kiss when she lowered her snout to me. The bus came to a stop beside us and I waved my mom goodbye as I hopped on. Most of the kids were familar, and I walked with a smile down the walkway, sitting down beside one of my friends..Paula. I was fortunate enough she rode my bus, or else I'd be the only non human! They all must have gotten up much earlier then me to prepare, since they wear clothes and all. Being a reptile, such things weren't needed, but there always were the types like Ninne and her mom who have lived here so long and believed it was ethicly good to wear clothes.

"Hey Annie!", Paula greeted as she made room for me on the seat. Hey, I was a Drakonian afterall, I needed a little more space.

[Hi Paula!], I spat back in my language. The blue furred Jalaxian was wearing a skirt, looking much like a school girl. Her parents were always ones for looking pretty. [You as nervous as I am?], I sorta giggled. I knew she was, maybe more then me. She was always the nervous sort.

"Yeah..", she bit her feline lip and nodded. I'm not the only one who felt the way they did..all the penitatas do really. I'm sure even Kayla is worrying about her orange furred rear right down to the white tip of her tail, and she's as well behaved as I know anyone to be! Paula and I talked our 'girl talk' and other school gossip on or way to school, which didn't take long. We got off the bus along with everyone else, looking about the campus of students. Voluntarus, medicalos, penitatas, and all the other classes of children, right here before us. Another year at Calleet Rejuve Elementary..

"Hey raptor girl!", I heard walk by me as Paula and I looked for our class.

[Shut up Davis!], I snarrled playfully at him. He was in my class last year, and this year it looks like Paula and I will have the same class. We went promptly to the fourth grade hallway, walking through it's doors. School, a place so familiar, still seems so...unknown on the first day. I trotted my feet down the white tile'd hall till I arrived at my classroom door. Paula and I wasted no time walking in to see who else would be in the class with us. As soon as we went in, two certain classmates caught my eye, since they weren't human either. [Ninne! Kayla!], I said happily, heading quickly in with Paula.

[Hey Anne!], Ninne waved first, speaking our own language and meeting me. Our claws clasped and we gave a hop and giggle. "You're with all of us this year!", she said quite excitedly, speaking in panglish now. Kayla's paw rested on her new desk that she and Ninne must have located before Paula and I arrived, and she gave a wave with her other foxy paw, smiling quite friendly, as she always does.

"Heya Paula", she smiled to her first, since I was busy, then gave a, "Heya Anne", once my feet hit the floor from Ninne and I's hop. "You're behind me this year", she said towards me, gesturing for the desk that was mine.

[Thanks], I smiled back, trotting over to my desk and checking into my console. I could sense that Kayla was nervous, but she's always so calm and happy. Can't see it through that smile of her's easily.

[Looks like the dragon-paddle isn't just for me this year..], Ninne said while leaning on the desk beside mine, with her voice hinting her own nervousness. The dragon-paddle in my old class was just for me too, and I'll vouch for Ninne, that it's creepy to see it lying around or taken out...because you know who it's for. You.

[Just be happy you take spankings better then I do], I sighed. I'm bad with pain, and I always feel so embarassed, howling or roaring like an kindern. This place is filling up fast, and I know class is going to begin soon..

[It'll be over before you know it Anne. Let's keep our snouts up and take what we have coming], Ninne sighed with a smile giving my shoulder a pat as she walked past to go to her own seat, a row to my right. I can keep my snout up, but it won't be dry I'll tell you...man, Ninne sounds more like Kayla by the day. That calm acceptance of being a penitatas..how do they stand it all?

"Class, take your seats!", rang out in a feminine voice. I look to the door and behold, naturally, our teacher had arrived. 'Oh wonderful', was the only responce my mind could think as she walked straight from the class' door to her desk as the others who weren't yet seated went to their desks. Kayla sat down quietly infont of me as Paula went to her own desk, off to the other side of the room. The fox's twin ears and all that fur infront of me, seemingly calm and kind, just makes me feel a little better. Feels good to not be alone, and Kayla always had a knack for giving off a fine aura.

[Here we go..], I muttered to myself.

"Good morning students, I am miss Chester, and welcome to fourth grade!", the somewhat older woman said as she sat down behind her desk, leaning on it somewhat as she spoke to her new pupils. "As my roster shows, every student of mine this year is a penitatas, so there will be no disciplinary exceptions here I see", she looked at her datapad and said aloud to the class, giving me a chill down my spine. I was kinda happy no one could just sit back and watch my tail get chewed while their rear was always safe, but a complete penitatas class just means they'll be harder on us as a group. Lots of fun...yeah, fun my tailhole. "Since by now you have met mostly all of your fellow classmates from the previous three grades, we won't be doing the introduction procedure you've become used to. Instead, it will give me more time for all your punishment spankings, since they're a little longer this year", the teacher said rather plainly, though it was enough to cause a few muffled groans around me, and even a little drake one from myself. This lady says it like it's nothing! I noticed miss Chester's look turn a little colder rather quickly. "And everyone I just hear groan will be getting a worse punishment then the rest. You know better by now!", she added, giving me a chill through my scales as I sat still...just shocked. Ma'ma wasn't going to be happy about that..argh, my claws are still sore! It was myself and four others of the 12 child group who's names she called out to the class who would be getting an 'addition' to their spanking, I guess for our information and humiliation at the same time. Good job lady, you're doing fine at that. Kayla and Ninne didn't groan, though I did see Ninne look down a little. Kayla's ears made a twitch, but she of all people knew not to anger the teacher. I heard what happened to her last year when Ninne got her in trouble with the chip of her's! In my looking about, I did see I knew most everyone here though..Davey, Markus..hey, even Bill, that little barrel of laughs. It's hard to think he would hurt someone that badly but...he did, and he's here with us. That Ashley girl that was always being mean to people wasn't in this class, fortunately...I guess they got smart enough to keep her away from us drakes. "Miss Anne!", I heard sharply, enough to make me wince and snap back upright with my snout foreward. "You will pay attention in here and not be looking around and daydreaming, understand?", she said sternly, giving me a very warning look. Well, I nodded and took that warning for sure.

[Yes Miss Chester, sorry], I told her quickly. I guess my lack of attention is a bit more obvious then I think sometimes..

"You, miss Anne, will be last. You now have TWO additions to your welcome spanking, and you will have to sit still and watch everyone elses while you wait", miss Chester scolded towards me with a disappointed scowl. I just kept quiet, trying not to pout..now I know ma'ma will rip my tail off! I saw from the corner of my eye that Ninne gave me a quick sympethetic look. I just tried to pull a little strength from the fact I wasn't alone, and put my claws together on top of my desk to sit and wait for what I had coming. Miss Chester had already picked up her datapad, looking through the list. "Let's begin now. Billy, you're first", she said aloud, calling the first name as she brought an armless chair to the front of her desk. The kind we knew was for spanking. I watched Bill march right up there to her with a not so happy look on his face as she took her seat and lead him onto her lap. She tugged down his shorts and briefs, baring his chubby behind for all too see. Miss Chester picked her full sized paddle off the desk, and without hesitation, swatted it crisply against the center of his rear as his paddling begun. I watched with discomfort as I had to listen to him cry out and wimper as he began to sob and tears began to trickle down the sides of his human cheeks. I counted each *WHAP!!* and kept counting till his rear was red and twenty spanks were administered, as a fourth grader gets. Twenty...ugh. Miss Chester scooted Bill towards the wall beside the door, starting the line where all the kids would stand with their noses to the wall and garments around their ankles. I began to watch student after student rise from their seats upon their name being called, their slink over to the teacher's lap, and the twenty nasty spanks from that paddle that came afterwards, till they were sent crying off to the wall. My own tail was feeling sore already..

"Next up is..Ninne", the teacher said as Paula shuffled herself in tears to the wall, tail limp behind her. I didn't like having to watch that..and this was going to be worse. I turned my head slightly to catch a sigh from her as she got up and started her short trot to miss Chester, standing beside the chair and, of course, not on her lap. Miss Chester lifted the heavy harsh dragon-paddle from her desk and got it secure in her hand, stepping to Ninne's side. Ninne turned and faced the desk, knowing the drill to be paddled with her tail on display, and I watched the teacher pull her drake pants and panties down...please don't hit hard. Please? Miss Chester lifted Ninne's tail a moment later, letting Ninne's snout go down to the floor as she was bent over. Ninne looked like she wasn't trying to be scared, but I noticed that claw tremble. "It's fifteen for you too", she decided to tell her reptilian student as she wrapped her arm around Ninne's tail to hold it properly...I just saw Ninne softly nod and take a deep breath. I didn't want to watch, I really didn't..to see a friend spanked wasn't something that made you happy or calmer. Miss Chester got a nice grip on the harsh dragon- paddle and reared it back, swinging it with a good *SMACK!!* upon the base of Ninne's tail, which caused me to wince at the sound of the paddle and it's studs smacking into my friend's tender scales. Ninne gave a pathetic whine at the first spank, and just tried to hang in there as the big paddle continued to leave her tail and return. I kept counting anxiously...five, six, seven...Ninne was crying now, or at least obviously now if she was teary a few swats ago. I kept wincing or grimacing along with Ninne, feeling my tail sting and burn by watching her welcome spanking. I even noticed myself fidget in my seat...

"YYEEEEOOWWLL!!", Ninne yiped out with a draconic growl at number thirteen, crying helplessly as her tears went down her snout. I couldn't stop counting the spanks even if I wanted to. I sighed quietly to myself as I watched Ninne's paddling come to it's end, slamming it's pointed studs one last time into her sore tail. Finally, it was over for her...and I'm sure Ninne was thinking the same now. Miss Chester let go of her tail, letting Ninne up with a quick rub at her tail and wet snout. "Into line at the wall you go", she told Ninne with a little scoot, and Ninne obeyed with a shuffle of her raptorish footclaws. She stood beside Paula and put her snout to the wall as I saw her tears trying to subside, with her claws obidiently at her sides. Ninne was a strong one, or at least I'm a weak one maybe. I watched as a couple more students were called and reared, another two of them getting extra paddle spanks because of that groan. Their butts were a little rosier then the rest, and that didn't make me feel any better..no wonder she wanted me to be last. This went on till there were two left....Kayla and myself.

"Kayla, it's your turn now", miss Chester looked to the fox infront of me and gave a nod. Without as much as a pout, Kayla quickly slipped herself from her desk and padded herself to her, climbing onto her lap. That girl, I swear! If theres anyone acceptant of the inevitable, it's her! She didn't look comfortable as I looked over her look, and mainly her her ears. Kayla's ears told you a lot of what she was thinking and how she felt. Right now, her ears were limp and lowered slightly once she climbed onto her lap..she had a lump in her chest I could tell. Anticipation doesn't escape even the best of us. "So your grade should be second hmm?", she said while looking at the datapad while Kayla lied across her warm lap.

"Yes miss Chester", Kayla looked to her and answered. Her voice wasn't fearful, but lacking a little bit of air then usual from what I could tell. Miss Chester set the datapad down and picked up a small swatting paddle from her desk, reaching with her fingers to undo the button of her pants above her tail. "Your welcome spanking is seventeen with a swatting paddle then", she told the furry fox as she pulled her blue jeans and pink panties down below her knees, while Kayla kept her muzzle foreward and a bit down as she lied on her lap. A free human hand took Kayla's tail and restrained it against her back, keeping her fox rear fully exposed...Kayla was a fortunate one that only I was here to watch now, since everyone else was watching a wall with blurry eyes. Kayla quickly braced herself as she felt a movement behind her and a sharp crack sound came as the small and thin wooden device slapped against her rear, inciting a small whine. Miss Chester spanked with the little swatter quickly, setting the little fox's behind into a stingy fire. Kayla squirmed and wimpered and whined louder and louder at each hard slap of the device till she began to cry at number eleven, the first pair of tears that had welled going down her furred cheeks with a pathetic and teary whine as she began to sob. Kayla wriggles and squirms when she's spanked fast I've come to notice, but she doesn't do it much.

"AAAARRRROOOOO!!", Kayla cried out with a little kick of her footpaws, ruffling her clothing that had slipped to her ankles. The skin beneath her fur I bet had turned red by now, especially since she's younger and has a more tender rear. Her crying and fox howl was enough to tell anyone that! Her tail squirmed against her back as the last spank was sent in with a little extra flick of the wrist at the end, making a crisper *SMACK!!* against the poor girl's rear. "AAAAOOOOOWWW-ooowww-aaarrrooo..", Kayla sniffled and sobbed out in a yelp as that last swat stung it's way down into her bottom, searing it just a little more as the yelpish howl weakened and subsided into a little fox growl of pain and her fidgeting stopped. She lied across Miss Chester's lap and cried, slowly catching her breath as she panted a little.

"All done", our teacher said as she lifted Kayla from her lap a moment later, setting her on her footpaws as she sniffled and wimpered very softly with a wipe of her eyes. "Go join your classmates at the wall, and remember, paws at your sides", Miss Chester nodded to her softly, scooting her gently in the direction of the wall. I just gulped...I was happy Kayla's spanking was over but...that also meant...mine is now. "Anne, please come up here", she said to me as she was walking with the chair, returning it to it's place. I breathed deeply and slowly got from my desk, meeting her infront of the class where everyone was spanked, now lacking the chair. I just rubbed at my claws and looked up sadly at her, wondering what she was going to do to me.

[M-miss..], I had spat out before I was duely interrupted.

"Anne, your behavior and respect have something to be improved upon, and I shall see to it that you're spanked well", she said to me, giving me a chill...I wimpered and nodded. She went behind her desk and pulled something big out...a blistering dragon-paddle. As she was picking it up and slowly started walking towards me, she said, in a solumn tone, "You will have five extra paddle spanks for your groan, as everyone else, but for your second offence, the extra five will be applied with this paddle. Three to your tail, and one for each hip for added measure". I looked down and felt like I could cry as it was, feeling my tail muscles tense. With a motion of her left hand and arm, she raised my tail, bending me over infront of her desk with the base of my raptorish tail at her mercy...I heard her swap the paddle she got out with the one she left on the desk from Ninne, and I just tensed up all over, waiting for it...waiting..*WHAP!!* came the paddle's sharp contact with my tailbase, shooting off a chain reaction of nerves through my entire body as the pain sunk in, stinging and hurting. I wimpered loudly as I felt it two..thh-ree..FOURRR! more times, feeling my eyes quickly well up and my footclaws fidget.

[Oooowwwww!], I growled out like a simple child just before the studded paddle impacted my tail hard once again, making me lurch foreward just slightly and made me begin to cry. My ttttaaiiiilll!! She just kept spanking my tail no matter how I reacted, just like any other spanking, and it just makes you feel helpless. I roared out and howled in tears by swat ten..I wish I could take spankings better!! OOooowwwwiiee..

"You still have more, so don't start bawling on me yet", I heard from above me in my haze, pain, and teary little roars. I can't heeellpp itttt! I just kept crying out in my tears and pawing my footclaws at the floor till it was finally over...it stung dammit! Grrrr, it hurt!

[Aaaaaaooooooowwww..], I whined and sobbed as my body rested slightly at the cease in paddling.

"Five more", Miss Chester said as she pulled the blistering dragon-paddle from the desk. I could hear the heavy thing sliding it's studs along the desk's surface as it became weilded within her hand. The next sound, besides my little wimperings from being paddled, was a swoosh of the heavy paddle through the air and it's impact against my tail...HARD!!

[RRRRRAAAAAAWWWWRRRRRR!!!], I roared out with my muzzle wide in anguish, as the heavy paddle drove it's long sharp studs into my scales, piercing into them and sending a burning, throbbing, and unbareable pain through my tailbase and deep down. Another swing and *WHAP!!!!* made me hop and yelp out loud..I was bawling! THIS HURT!! I tensed up my claws and footclaws as my body burned at the swats, and I only simply cried out at the third upon my tail..it..it just ached to no end. My chest felt pained from my breathing, a haze and tiring in my mind...

"Now for your hips..", Miss Chester said aloud, re-aiming the heavy paddle as she herself breathed a little hard. Weilding dragon-paddles could be a task for an older human, but that just meant she had more skill to compensate...oww...I just sobbed hard and patheticly, til I nearly screamed out a sharp roar at the first spank to my right hip.

[OOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW!!!], I cried out in pain, with the other paddle swat making it's mark on my left hip before I could even finish. I was reduced to nothing but bawling. No wimpers, just tears...m-my..t-t-taaaiill...

"I hope you will learn your lesson now Anne", Miss Chester said lightly, setting the heavy paddle down on her desk and letting my tail go. My claws nearly shot to my hips and tail, but she quickly clasped me by the shoulder and said sharply, "Don't you dare young lady. Claws at your sides". My claws had stopped dead, and I slowly moved them to my sides as I continued my bawling with my snout down...my tail ached and stung so bad..please, I just w-wanna rub it. "Go stand with the others while I tidy up, then it's right into your seat with you for that tail", she said, giving me a scoot like she did the others. I walked carefully over to the wall and down the line of sniffling kids with red and rosy rears, bare below the waist. I took my place beside Kayla, who's ears were a little drooped and she was still sniffling lightly, her clothes still at her ankles. My eyes stared at the wall but mostly remained closed as I cried my tail off...Kayla shifted her eyes to me, without turning her head, and she smiled a little, giving a slight flick of her right ear. I just tried to calm myself and relax..I knew what her body language meant. The two of us, and all the other penitatas, stood as told, obidiently staring at the wall for a minute or so longer before she called us back to our desks and allowed the students to pull their clothing up. I trotted back to my seat and stared at it with a frown, my eyes still teary and dripping occationally, and myself still sniffling and crying quietly. I slowly sat down and cringed with a wimper, squirming on the seat to get comfortable. My tail probbably looked nasty..it felt it. From there I had to try and sit comfortably, as did all the other students, as miss Chester got into her intoductory lessons. We couldn't fidget much without getting in trouble. A young boy, one of those who had groaned like I did, had squirmed a little too much and got his right hand slapped by one of our teacher's rulers, thrice. My claws have been swatted once already, I'm not having them sting any more then I've already had to deal with!

When the late morning rolled around, the class was walked down to the cafeteria at the time the fourth graders were supposed to go. My tail was still terribly sore, and so were many of my classes rears..and, as I won't forget, Ninne's tail. Her occational rub to it showed it was uncomfortable for her. Only difference between she and I, was that her tail couldn't be looked at, and that my tail was even worse. We all headed into the cafeteria doors and I went my way to the servery, getting myself a tray. I picked the table where Paula and Anthony were seated at already, and I still winced a little sitting down and getting settled in. [Hi you two], I smiled to them, popping a little container of milk open with my smooth scaled fingers...which were fortunately not sore anymore from the swatting this morning.

"Hey Anne", the human boy and Jalaxian girl said together, with trays of their own. "Welcome to another year of hell", Anthony smirked, before looking about to make sure no administrators heard his near-swear. Paula gave him a look, but it managed a bit of a Drakonian giggle from me.

[Miss Chester isn't all that bad, it could have been worse...at least I hope it could have been worse], I replied to that. I popped a chicken nugget in my snout and chewed it up in only three bites..our teeth are useful, no?

"Hey fellas!", came the cheery voice of Kayla, who slided her tush onto the cafeteria table's bench, tail hanging down. Her ears were at full perk and she was happy..guess she's not bothered by today anymore much. I wish I could focus on the good stuff like that. Ninne sat down on the other side of Kayla, leaving the fox next to me and Paula and Anthony on the other side. We all gave our little greetings, and naturally Ninne whips out a famous question around here.

"So, how is everyone's rears?", she asked with a hint of a joke, but mostly a curiosity to how everyone was faring from what I could tell. Yeesh, just look at my tail and tell me if it's sore or not.

[Very sore], I sighed a bit, fidgeting to prove it.

"Better, but not perfect", Anthony commented next with a nod.

"Hurts a bit..", Paula said quietly to that.

"Stings a bit but I think I'm okay", Kayla noddled, not smiling as much as before, looking a bit sympethetic. Ninne hummed.

"I still ache a bit too, but yeah, I would imagine you'd be hurting a little more then the rest of us Anne. Sorry about that this morning", Ninne said as she ate some.

"You know better Anne, c'mon", Kayla smiled and nudged me gently. She cared about me, and so did Ninne...now that is something I really appreciate. I should have known better, and I guess I just had to take what I had coming...oh jeez, what does that fox have me thinking now? I giggled out loud a little and smiled a bit a moment later.

[I guess], I looked to Kayla and said. The five of us just started talking about things, like class and miss Chester. Kayla and I spotted good ol' Ashley across the lunch room and she gave us a dirty look...go figure. Ninne just said she was a 'stupid girl' and we went about our business.

I sat on the bus with Paula once again as we trekked home. The day went well I guess, no one got punished after lunch, though my tail still hurts...and I bet it will hurt more when I get home. Ma'ma and dad will have my tail. [Hmm...], I hummed in my draconic way, looking out the window.

"No worries Anne. Just relax", Paula said immidiately. She can read experessions and body lanuage better then I can! I simply hopped off the subject and talked to her till my stop, where we said our goodbye. I stepped off the bus and began walking up our walkway with a slight sigh as I saw the door getting closer. I know what happens when I walk in, but that doesn't stop me from walking in..I just hope they're not too disappointed. I opened the door with my claw and walked in to find my mother on the sofa, who had apparently been waiting for me. She did however, give me a smile and patted her lap, so I trotted obidiently over.

[Hi mommy], I smiled back, giving her a hug.

[Hello Anne. I heard about today], she looked into my eyes and greeted, telling me she knew with a less upbeat tone. I sighed.

[I know..I'm sorry ma'ma], I looked down and pouted.

[That's not the kind of respect you should be showing your teacher, at any time little lady], mom scolded at me.

[Please don't punish me ma'ma, I'm sore..], I could only wimper. She shook her head softly at me.

[Get yourself into my lap dear, I'm going to chew your tail a bit. Your father will decide if he punishes you later as well. We're going to make sure this doesn't happen again, understand?], she said in her parental way. Stern, but somewhat soft. I whined in displeasure, but I did as told, settling myself into her lap and letting her pin my legs without struggle. I felt the ever familiar claw on my neck and the other stretch my tail, and I sighed..it's all I could do. I felt her teeth bite onto my tender tail and I whined and wimpered out panicly in pain..feeling her hot breath and saliva, but most of all, the sharp teeth the pressed against my scales and grinded them. I tried to squirm as I howled out and started to quickly cry. Only when I was near bawling again, with a fully restored ache in my tail and I was good and punished, did she stop her bites, chews, and grinds. She left me off her lap and stood me infront of her, holding my claws as I cried like the punished peni I was. [You don't want me to do that again, do you?], she looked at me and asked, keeping my claws held so I couldn't nurse my sore and stinging tailbase. I shook my head furiously and wimpered through my tears in reply. [You'd best behave as a penitatas should while in school then], she said with a nod, slowly letting my claws go, though I knew I still couldn't rub my tail...

[T-thank you ma'ma..], I sniffled and sobbed out, trying to be good. She smiled softly and got off the sofa.

[Go stand in the corner now dear. Remember, no rubbing your tail], she instructed me. I turned around and slowly trotted to the corner, standing with my snout against where the two walls meet where I just continued to cry and feel the ache of my tail. [Think about being respectful to your teacher so this won't happen again Anne. I'll let you out of the corner when your father get's home in twenty minutes. I think your punishment is over for now, but it's up to him...but I think he'll say you've had enough when he sees your tail. You get nano-lotion in the morning if you're a good girl all day], my mother said somewhat tenderly, before I heard her trot off to the kitchen. I sniffed and wimpered at the pain, but I did think. Though a penitatas, I have a home and a family...but it sure hurts to live here, literally. It's the life of a penitatas, but I should feel fortunate I guess. It could always be worse!