In the 28th century, the technology of rejuvenation allows for immortality. This device is also used for sentencing as well. A penitatas; a criminal that is sent back to childhood to live a highly strict and disciplined life to start anew. (Story Twenty-One)
Concept by Lurking Dragon
Kayla and story by Professor Bob

Ninne was busy pacing around with an anxious and nervous look upon her face, trotting around while she rung her raptor claws. June had just recently started, now almost two weeks since Kayla's birthday. Things had been going fine in the neighborhood and for the girls, who had been enjoying summer so far as best they could. Today however, Ninne was dreading like no other. The night before, she had learned something dreadful to her...

"Aiiee!", the young drake yiped when the doorbeep signaled, looking at it nervously. She only moved again once she recognized the familiar beep that Kayla made for a joke, and sighed with relief, heading across the livingroom to answer the door.

"Hiya Ninne!", Kayla greeted with her usual smile when her friend opened the door, as Ki`rene was busy in the kitchen.

"Hi Kayla. Come on in", Ninne said a little sulky, letting her inside and closing the door.

"Are you allowed to play?", the fox asked with a curious tail swish, noticing something was up with Ninne.

"Not really I don't think...I'm not sure. I'm scared out of my wits..", Ninne spoke softly, walking inside a little more, before stopping and shivering. Kayla cocked her head for a moment, concerned about her pal.

"About what?", she asked, putting her paw up on Ninne's raptor shoulder, which required just a little reaching for the little fox. If Ninne wasn't a big dinosaur and looked as upright as herself or a human, she probbably wouldn't be able to reach her shoulder. The fox could only guess her friend did something bad, but there was no sign of an upset Ki`rene, so she was really curious about this. Ninne started walking a little more with her head down before turning and clasping Kayla's shoulders with her claws.

"My parents are coming!!", Ninne said in a frightened way, a little shocked and panicy. Now Kayla was more confused.

"But...isn't Ki`rene right over there?", Kayla said lightly, pointing towards the kitchen.

"Not my ma`ma! My biological mother and father! They're coming to visit from Drakon!", she explained in her paniced hype.

"I get to meet mister and misses Sak`kral! That's not so bad, you get to see them", Kayla said with a little hop.

"I haven't seen them since I was made a penitatas, and they've always not been the nicest...they're going to chew my tail to pulp!", Ninne answered, still panicy and scared.

"Kayla honey?", Ki`rene said gently, walking in from the kitchen while she wiped her claws with a washcloth. "Ninne and I need to talk alone, and her parents are going to be here at any time. Why don't you stop by tomorrow?", she said to her, hugging her daughter to calm her a little.

"I didn't realize it was this bad..", the kit sighed. "Take care you two, I'll see you later", Kayla then said with a little less pep, padding herself to their door and giving a friendly wave before she left.

"Bye Kayla!", Ninne called as the door was closing. When it did, she snuggled against her mother, knowing she didn't have to restrain her personal emotions any longer. "Please don't let them hurt me mommy...I know they will!", Ninne said almost tearily in their embrace.

"I know you're worried sweetie, I've told me how mean they can be and you're scared, but I can't stop them from punishing you if they see're a penitatas, pretty much anyone has the right to discipline you. I can't stop them even if I want. Though, while they're in my house, you're my child now and I'm your peni parent, so they have to abide by regulations and not cross any lines", Ki`rene answered her daughter softly. Ninne's parents were never the greatest, and were on occation mean, as well as very strict, to the point that she was certain they would make her miserable during their visit since she's a penitatas. She's been so used to love and tender care now, being punished by teeth that didn't care would hurt a lot more. Last night Ki`rene got a call from her father that they were on their way to Earth for vacation and decided to visit their three years penitatas daughter. Ninne hadn't even heard from them in that long! Being a kind drake, Ki`rene offered the spare room and they took it very willingly.

"They weren't great when I was a kindern, I just know they're going to be horrid now that I'm a penitatas...scares me..", Ninne spoke softly.

"Cheer up Ninne, maybe it won't be so bad", Ki`rene said reassuringly with a nuzzle. "You might just have a good time for all you know. Come in the kitchen and help me out till they arrive, so you're not pacing around out here ok?", she then said, wishing her girl wouldn't upset herself so much over this. Ninne sighed just a little, trying to be a little calmer for her mother.

"Okay", she said with a bit of a smile, walking into the kitchen beside her mother. Ki`rene had been trying to make home made raspberry tarts as a snack for their guests, and had trouble as usual. Since Ninne helped her out in making them, Ki`rene promised her she could have a few of the bunch. Just after they were set in to cook, the front door beeped and Ninne completely froze. Ki`rene looked down to her almost trembling daughter and felt bad for her being so worried.

"I'll answer the door", Ki`rene told her with a pat upon her scaly girl's head, and quickly left the kitchen. Ninne stayed behind in her fright, ever so nervous about this. Ki`rene opened her door to find two older drakes of the clothed kind; one female of the same size as her at 8.4 feet, and a naturally shorter male at 6.5 feet. They were dressed nicely, and greeted her with a smile.

"Hello!", the female greeted first, in panglish, "I'm Dianne, and this is my husband Kurt", she introduced with an outstretched claw.

"Hi", Kurt said in a friendly sort of way, shaking Ki`rene's claw after his wife's.

"Good day! It's nice to finally meet Ninne's original parents. Come on in", Ki`rene said in a welcoming way, stepping out of the way to let them in. She didn't see anything wrong with the two, as they seemed nice enough.

"So where is our daughter?", Kurt asked in a not so excited way after they had walked in the doorway, looking about.

"Well, sh-..", Ki`rene began to answer in her happy tone, before she was interrupted.

"Ninne! Get your tail out here!", Dianne bellowed at her husband's remark, causing the young drake in the kitchen to wince and quickly get her feet moving, walking into the livingroom with her head a little low and her claws together. Ki`rene was a little shocked by her hasty interruption, but assumed it was too early to had been three years since they had seen their daughter, but she would have hoped they would be glad to see her and not so angry. "Can't even greet your own parents?!", she then said in a stern and angry way once Ninne stopped a short distance infront of her, noticibly nervous.

"I-...I'm sorry mom...", she replied much unlike her usual self, still looking mostly at the ground and her biological mother's raptor feet.

"Are you just gonna tell us you're 'sorry' for being a theif too?", Kurt then scolded himself, crossing her arms. Ki`rene didn't really like this was more then an angry parent. Dianne and Kurt looked furious and not the least bit happy to see her, and Ninne looked frightened out of her wits..

"I did..", Ninne said before she paused and gulped, "..what I thought I had to...but I was wrong and I turned myself in for it..", Ninne said somewhat shaky, with a voice of fear.

"Because you thought you were going to get caught, don't try and act like you turned yourself in because you felt bad! Apparently your father and I didn't teach you it wasn't right to steal you rotton little thing!", Dianne snapped at the drake before her in a growl. Ninne shrank a little and rang her claws, almost in tears at the commanding voice that controled her so long ago...the voice that never liked her.

"And now you're a penitatas, which makes it very convinient to see you a child again!", Kurt added, just as harsh as his wife.

"Now we can punish you again for being a useless little wench!", his wife snapped right after, grabbing Ninne by the claw firmly and pulling her through the livingroom.

"Mommy please no!!!", Ninne plead in a terrified and tearful manner, pawing at her mother's tightly gripped claw with her still free one, struggling to free herself. Ki`rene felt sick...her poor girl...this isn't the way she would have hoped a pair of parents would act upon seeing their daughter after so long, penitatas or not! Dianne settled herself onto her tail, knowing well how to chew a tail, and quickly and forcefully removed all of Ninne's clothing and shoved it aside, lifting Ninne into her lap by her neck and tail, pinning her. "Mommy!!!", Ninne begged with a pair of tears running down her snout as her legs became trapped and she felt a sudden jerk on her tail and claw gripping the scruff of her neck. The very next sound was a Drakonian roar, from when Dianne snapped her teeth powerfully onto the base of Ninne's tail, chomping and chewing with power. Ninne didn't even wimper, because she was too busy roaring and screaming in TEARS...she had never had her tail chewed this forcefully before! IT HURT!! BAD!! She knew this would be the first time drake teeth would leave blisters on her tail, she knew it!!

"Miss, may I borrow your claw swatter? I'm certain you have one", Kurt interrupted Ki`rene's thoughts and gaze, watching her girl get chewed that harshly...she used paddles when she wanted to go that far, not teeth.

"Oh..yes, it's right in that drawer there", she replied, pointing to at little table by where the paddles hung on the wall, though she wish she didn't have to answer that. She had to be polite, and as much as she didn't like it, Ninne was a penitatas and she was open for discipline.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! MOMMYYYYY SSSTTTTTOOOOPPPP!!!!", Ninne screamed in a painful panic, bawling a helluva lot. Ki`rene stood sadly in her dismay, watching this display as Kurt got her claw swatter and walked around to Ninne's frontside. He ignored her howls and grabbed her left arm that was trying unsuccessfully to cover her tail, pulling it away and infront of her, squeezing her wrist with his free claw to hold it in place.

"Keep your claw open!", Kurt commanded, prying it open, and quickly swatting it hard with the little swatter while his wife made a nasty blistered, bruised, and HURTING tail. Ninne couldn't cry anymore then she already was, but she certainly tried. His swats were fast and crisp, only focusing on a single claw at a time...all the horrible smacks landed again and again on the same poor claw. It wasn't long at all before Ninne couldn't bear it any longer and closed her claw, bawling herself to a lack of air and convulsive sobs, crying too much to beg or plea anymore. "Fine, we'll just swat the claw you use the most double then", Kurt growled, releasing her wrist with an angry toss, pulling the other arm upfront and restraining it the same way, though using his claws to hold the palm forcably open a bit. With that, he started swatting even harder and faster on her right claw while Dianne worked to finish up on Ninne's already horrible looking tail.

"AAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEE-AAAAAAHHHHH-HHAAAAAA-HAAAAAAAA!!!", Ninne gave as a sudden howling cry, a lot weaker and horser then previous...even her eyes hurt from crying so much. Her entire tailbase was bruised a dark color and little white blisters from where Dianne's teeth punctured her scales littered the entire base of her tail. *SMACK!!* *SMACK!!* *SLAP!!*, the claw swatter continued stinging at such a harsh pace. Her claw would have closed at the begining if it wasn't for his claw keeping it open and her own fear. It felt like she had her claw put in boiling water, and the scales were quickly begining to look like it too. Ki`rene felt pained to watch...Ninne had been scared before this, and she personally didn't expect her predictions to come true..

"That'll do it", Dianne said in a remorseless way once she raised her head from her biological daughter's tail. With that, Kurt stopped as well, and Ninne was released from Dianne's lap. Ninne was still crying the same and her claws quickly flung for her tail when she corrected her balance and got upright, but her claws were quickly caught by her father...and he didn't hold those swatted claws gently.

"No rubbing your claws or tail Ninne! You deserve every single second of sting for being such a terrible daughter!", he smited in his words, restraining her struggling and painstricken claws in a squeeze....she had to rub her tail!! Her tears subsided none, and she didn't have the strength to increase it any farther from there once her father lifted her tail and fully restrained her, claws, tail, and all. Ki`rene couldn't believe this...this had to be over!...but what she saw, said they weren't finished. Her hips were still unmarked, and Dianne wouldn't stand for that, so she turned and picked the strongest paddle she saw off the wall...the blistering paddle naturally. Ki`rene's jaw trembled in her near tearyness for a moment before she swallowed it all down, needing to be stronger then this...for Ninne. The young bawling drake with her snout to the carpet had no idea what was going to happen and Dianne gave her no warning, PLOWING the heavy paddle straight into her right hip.

"AAAAAAAAOOOOOOOWWWWWWIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE-AAAAAHHHHHH!!!", Ninne managed to scream out before the second *SMACK!!!!* on her left hip. She jumped and kicked her feet, crying a little harder in her powerful sobs, wailing her pained wimpers...her TRUE mommy to her, Ki`rene, hadn't ever punished her this hard. *SMACK!!!!*, went the paddle again, as Ki`rene clenched her claws, and when it went *SMACK!!!!* again, she acted. Ki`rene caught the wrist that was swinging the paddle, quite to Dianne's sudden surprise.

"That is enough. Though a penitatas, there as limits to how much we can do at a time and how badly we can punish. As her parent and penitatas licensed mother, I call these shots, and though you have right to punish her, I can say when to stop to make sure no lines are crossed", Ki`rene said in a less friendly way, making sure her point got across, taking the paddle from her claw. Kurt let Ninne go from being bent over, but made sure she didn't rub ber claws or tail.

"That's fine", Dianne replied in an 'ok with it' way, "I think she's gotten a good dose myself", she said, having a seat on the sofa with her husband at Ki`rene's claw's beckoning as Ninne went to her and gave her a weak hug, still crying as hard as before. She lifted her girl into her arms carefully and sat down on the couch with the other two, cuddling her. Ninne cried into her chest, comforted and protected by the one she loved the most...she felt so weak to Ki`rene in her arms and lap with her muffled convulsive sobs into her shirt. Her motherly fingers brushed the scales on her youngster's neck and back, feeling ever so bad for her..

"This is an awfuly nice place you have here, miss?...I'm sorry, I don't believe we caught your last name", Kurt complimented at her side, before realizing he didn't know her full name and chuckled a little. Ki`rene kept her arms around her girl and turned her head, hoping they'll calm down now that they gave Ninne the licking of her life, so she decided to be friendly still.

"Dal`krest. Ki`rene Dal`krest", she said with a smile. "And thank you for your compliment, I make sure I take very good care of my home", Ki`rene added.

Dianne looked down the sofa at her and Ninne, giving Ninne sort of a look. "Why are you letting her cuddle you like that Ki`rene? Ninne, quit bothering her and get your filthy snout in the corner!", she barked to Ninne. To Ki`rene's surprise, Ninne broke from her chest and arms and quickly trotted to her corner, sitting down on her stool, still in tears without hesitation...this certainly made Ki`rene want to cry now.

"Well I-...usualy one would comfort their child after such a harsh punishment, it's not like I don't want to..", Ki`rene tried to defend what she and Ninne held dear, sounding confused to what she had said.

"Oh don't worry about it, her naughty tail is out of the way anyway. So how are things around here? Kurt and I haven't been on earth for quite some time now!", Dianne said, getting more chipper as she went on. Ki`rene wondered if what Ninne had been telling her was right afterall...that they really weren't nice. She seemed pretty happy to have done what she did!..but the poor mother knew she couldn't judge so fast, she'd only just met them. Maybe things will get better, she thought, so they talked for a while as Ninne kept quietly sobbing in the corner, occationally sniffling. About eight minutes afterward, the timer she had on the oven-unit went off and Ki`rene took the tarts out and put them on their plate to cool, then returned. They talked for another fifteen minutes with a sad drake still in the corner, as Ki`rene didn't want to let her out too fast, concidering her parents might try to punish her again too soon....though she felt bad, having let them make her sit after that...she was still crying, even after all this time...concidering she was sitting on lots of fresh blisters and one giantly bruised tailbase.

"I'll go grab the tarts, I'll be right back", Ki`rene said, getting up from the couch.

"Wait a second Ki`rene. Just have Ninne do it. Ninne! Go get the tarts from the kitchen, and don't you dare steal any!", Dianne said with a tone of voice that wondered why Ninne wasn't doing anything and added a sharp emphisis on the word 'steal' to mock her. Ki`rene sat back down slowly, being that Ninne darted compliantly from her stool towards the kitchen, coming back a moment later with the plate, which she set down on the coffee table infront of the sofa.

"Thank you Ni-..", Ki`rene began with her warm tone and a smile before she was cut short again.

"Now get back in the corner!", Kurt said sharply, taking a tart. Ninne did just that, not hesitating once again to place her tail on that stool...Ki`rene guessed it must be unbarable if she was still crying after all this time. A minute later however, Ki`rene decided she could act.

"Ninne,", Ki`rene began as she stood up from the sofa, "Come on upstairs so I can tend to your tail. Excuse us for a moment", she nodded with a smile at the end for her two guests as she started upstairs with her girl in close follow. Ninne followed her into her mother's room, wiping her snout. Ki`rene closed the door behind her and gave Ninne a good hug.

"I'm so sorry Ninne! I couldn't do anything that didn't jepordize your tail anymore, I'm sorry!", Ki`rene said in near tears. "I hope things get better...I can't stand the way they treat you!", she then added in her motherly way.

"I know ma`ma, it's ok..", Ninne did say tearily, hugging back with only her arms and wrists..not her claws. Her mother went and grabbed the nano-lotion tube off her dresser behind herself and rubbed a lot onto her tail, hips, and claws, staying in the room longer then they usualy would, just so her tail could heal a little.

"Your parents seem somewhat nice towards me, but something about them really bugs me..with the way they treat you..", Ki`rene sighed.

"They hate me..", Ninne sniffed, still bare. "Always have..", she added after a wimper. Ki`rene held her close, trying to comfort her as best she could.

"It'll get better. It's been three years since they've seen you, certainly they'll get to know you again. You're a good girl!", she encouraged.

"I wasn't so bad when I was little either..", Ninne said sadly.

"We're gonna have a big dinner, and there will be plenty of time for you to talk, as well as me tell them what a treasure you are", Ki`rene smiled, trying to reassure though she was worried too. Dianne acted like she couldn't give a care about Ninne at all...especially the way she talks to her, REALLY pisses her off. Kurt didn't seem much better, but like most Drakonian males, he was subservient and Dianne controled most everything anyway. Ki`rene loved Ninne so much, and to see this tore her spirit to shreds, thinking of her childhood....people like that are usualy filtered out of getting a parenting liscence, which is why this was so confusing to her. However, with them as her guests, trying to show all Ninne's good to prove them wrong could always be a nice idea.

"Thanks ma`ma...I know you'll trt and keep me safe", Ninne said with a little smile, giving her mother a hug. "I can't blame you for..them..", she sighed.

Ki`rene could feel Ninne's inner pain and fear...but she could also see that Ninne expected what happened completely. "Let's go get you dressed sweetie", she smiled, looking to lift her girl's spirits. They went together to Ninne's room and she got dressed in clean clothes, though her tail and claws were still just a little sore. Nano-lotion needs more time to heal more severe punishments, such as the bad brusing and blistering on her tail. Once she looked nice and presentable again, Ki`rene led the way back downstairs.

"We're back", Ki`rene said in a happy way with Ninne at her side as they walked around the coffee table together, trying to look like a mother and daughter. Ninne sat down on the sofa beside Ki`rene, between her and her father, happy to have someone to defend her at even just one of her sides...though that wouldn't last long in the least. "I'm going to leave you three to talk while I go get dinner started", she said next, giving Ninne's raptor knee a quick pat. "You can have a couple of tarts like I promised, but don't spoil your dinner, okay?", she said in her motherly way, getting back up from the sofa towards the kitchen.

"Alright ma`ma", Ninne smiled in reply, though nervous to be left alone with her parents.

"So she's ma`ma now?", Dianne said in a low and sinical way to her daughter, making her scales tingle once Ki`rene had left.

"Well...yes..", Ninne managed to answer, being that Ki`rene WAS her mother now.

"If you think that's an excuse to not show us respect, you're sadly mistaken", Kurt, growled softly, giving Ninne a look she so long ago know.

"Y-yes sir..", Ninne gulped, feeling just as much overpowered now as she was when she was a kindern. Feared into speaking how they wanted, and doing as they commanded..

"Little wretch probbably thinks she's better then us now", her mother griped.

"She becomes a criminal and a spanking toy and she thinks she is actually worth something", her father then sneered.

Ninne lowered her head with a sad look, not knowing anything to say. She never did at these moments, and she could only guess her parents didn't want to her her voice anyway. After several awkward moments of silence, she sliped herself foreward a little and leaned over, reaching for a raspberry tart with her claw. Just before she got her fingers around a tart, her father hastily smacked her claw away. "What do you think you're doing, eating our tarts?", Kurt said in a mildly angry way, taking one for himself and eating it while looking straight at her.

"Ma`ma said I could..", Ninne pouted, knowing she was allowed.

"Selfish little brats don't deserve anything, and that especially means you. I say you can't have any", Dianne said sternly, taking another for herself. Ninne curled up a little at the end of the couch, feeling quite sad...that just made her mother laugh a little, and the two adults went to talking between themselves, ignoring her completely. As if Ninne could care...or did she. Though she hated them, she still wished to be loved...the young, saddened drake sat quietly, only thinking to herself for nearly an hour, trying to enjoy the time her parents were just ignoring her and not doing worse. All the thoughts of her past had crept back, and she didn't snap out of it till her mother returned.

"Dinner is ready everyone!", Ki`rene walked in and said chipperly with a smile, looking to the couch at her guests and daughter. It was rather noticible that Ninne looked miserable and had been ignored for quite some time...this was really upsetting Ki`rene, as people like these two don't usualy get their parenting liscences, which was why she didn't judge too quickly, as they obtained one...but the more she went, the more she could see how right Ninne was.

"Smells quite nice miss Dal`krest", Kurt said in his friendly way, getting up from the couch with his wife while Ninne slipped to her feet, still looking alone.

"Venalark steak is what you smell", she smiled in reply as they walked to the diningroom, though she was quite worried about her girl...she didn't want to show it too much, condering she didn't want Ninne targeted because of her. "Out of all the things I can't cook, I cook a good steak", Ki`rene giggled just a little as her guests took their seats. Ki`rene did her last minute checks to make sure everything was set upon the table and took her own seat, filling her plate and Ninne's for her.

"Why are you making her serve you Ninne? Don't you have claws of your own?", Dianne scowled from her seat once Ki`rene had settled in to eat.

"That's quite fine, she's only nine after all", Ki`rene said in a happy way, trying to get the point across that she was only being a mother...if Dianne even knew what that was. Ninne just kept sulking at her comment.

"More like thirty-nine..", Dianne said, giving Ninne a look, reminding her of her total age.

"Fourty mom...I would have been fourty..", Ninne said in a sad way, as she got her age wrong again as usual. They didn't even wish her happy birthday sometimes when she was little...Kurt and Dianne just shot Ninne a nasty look, reminding her silently to be respectful and not correct her mother...always right, her father would least from there, they stopped focusing on her and talked to Ki`rene, so she at least got to enjoy her dinner, minus the fact she still had to hear their voices. Once dinner was over, Ninne helped Ki`rene clean up as she usualy did, trying to just shut her parents out of her mind.

"That will be fine Ninne", Ki`rene said with a smile when she brought another plate into the kitchen, rubbing the top of her scaly head. "You go get washed up for the evening. I'll take care of everything here", she told her while she went back to getting everything cleaned up. Ninne started calmly for the stairs, heading up with a sense of relief...a nice and quiet shower would do very much good right about now.

"I'll be giving you a bath Ninne, so get in there and get undressed", Dianne startled her from behind, at the top of the stairs, once she reached the bathroom.

"I'm allowed to take showers mom..", Ninne said in a somewhat confused and irritated way, having stopped at the open bathroom door. Dianne just steped up to her and back-clawed her clear across the snout, causing a light yelp of surprise from the young a drake, it didn't hurt much, but it still had the usual mental effect..

"Are you arguing with me you little bitch?!", her mother yelled in anger, teeth bared.

Ninne lowered her head with a wimper, rubbing her snout where she was smacked hard. "..No ma`am..", she said at nearly a whisper. Dianne sort of shoved her hastily inside the bathroom and closed the door, starting the bathwater...Ninne began slowly stripping her clothes off, wishing they had never came...her stupid parents..

"Get your tail in", her mother plainly commanded, gesturing for the water. Ninne climbed sulkily in, certainly not wanting a bath...from her. The water wasn't even the right temperature.

"The..water is a little cold..", she commented on it softly once she was nicely in. Dianne just grabbed a little scrub brush for her scales and began briskly washing, not being gentle.

"Quit your complaining you spoiled brat", Dianne growled, going from her scrubbing with the scrub brush and raising it, smacking the hard wooden back with a crack into the top rear of Ninne's head...she yelped quite a bit louder that time, her mother's claw holding her arm with a squeeze to keep her from bolting up. She went quickly back to washing while Ninne began to cry in painful sobs, rubbing her head with her free claw. This continued like this for some time, while Dianne washed her whole body, not giving a thought to her daughter's privacy while she continued crying a little from the nasty crack to her head.

"Filthy little wretches need their scrubbings", Dianne growled cruely, giving Ninne a shove when she was done washing, sending the teary drake slipping onto her hip. Ninne slowly recovered herself with only a sniffle, wiping her teary snout with her left claw, the one that had been restrained tightly the entire bath. Dianne had the tub start to empty and went over to the counter, looking around for something apparently...Ninne didn't even get any time to enjoy her bath or play. "I knew I'd find one in here somewhere!", she said, closing the counter's cabinets with a hairbrush in claw. Ninne only got out a wimper before Dianne pulled her out of the tub forcefully by her claw and towled her off with little care for her comfort, putting the towel down to catch any drips of water she missed, raising Ninne's tail upon it. Before a plea could even be made once Dianne grabbed her tail, she began spanking the base of her tail briskly with the bristles of the brush, inciting a yelp and teary wimper instead of what she wanted to say. "Spoiled brat!", she yelled at her once more in nearly a teeth grinding growl as she beat the brush bristles into her crying daughter's tailbase. Ninne couldn't stand this! Having basic privlidges and the occational tail chewing even when she was good is spoiled?!

"P-please momma!! SStttooppp!!", Ninne wimpered and sobed in a crying panic, feeling her tail ablaze from her nasty swats. To Ninne's surprise, she did stop.

"Fine, I'll just swat a little differently", Dianne said in a sadistic manner, moving her claw the upper base of Ninne's tail, giving her girlhood a few pats with the brush bristles to scare her...and they certainly did.

"Momma no!! Not that!! My ma`ma and I don't even approve of that!!", Ninne howled in panic, with a pair of tears going down her snout...her mother did her research before she came..

"I don't care what you do or don't approve you walking filth-bag! I could personally care less what that woman approves either!", Dianne growled, immidiately starting to spank Ninne's reptilian slit as soon as she said what she wanted.

"OOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! NO NO NOOOOOO!!!!", Ninne howled in her tears, feeling a harsh sting and burn somewhere she didnt want it. Her mother only swatted for a minute, just to bring Ninne to foot shifting and bawling, before letting go of her tail. Ninne quickly started to fiercely rub her slit to get the fire out with tears dripping off her snout from her sobbing. Dianne just back-clawed her again.

"Touching yourself you dirty whore?", her mother sneered while Ninne only lowered her head and cried. "Quit your waterworks and get dressed", she said in an angry and tauntive way, throwing the clothes she had neatly placed on the counter at her before leaving. Ninne sat down on the floor and put her snout in her claws, crying sadly and painfully into them. The drops of salty tears would run down her snout onto her fingers, running across them till they fell to earth beside the poor dinosaur. She tried to stop crying after a minute or so and sadly picked up her clothes, getting herself dressed again, trying to ignore the brushing she got. Ninne didn't leave till she thought she had composed herself, deciding not to tell Ki`rene about this...she knew she didn't need nano-lotion, so she decided not to worry her mother any. Now that she had washed, this was usualy the time she watched the holo before bed to catch the news or a show, but she didn't think that was wise she slipped out of the bathroom and went right down to her room, settling into her bed with her sketchbook and colored pencils to draw. Something she could do to ease her mind...and a soft bed to ease her tail. Her favorite hobby that she took up when she was a escape and window to creativity and happiness. Though she had to put up with their cruelty all the time, she was a strong girl and made it matter how hard they tried to keep her down as nothing more then a personal slave to them. As Ninne's claw with it's sharpened pencil went to work, she began to think back some more. She would draw nice things back then...trees, people, other drakes, holidays, starships...happy families...the things she liked, or wished she could have. Her parents would tell her she was no good at it, and in one case burned her sketchbook...though she bawled her little heart out at such a young age when she was learning to draw as a little drake, she never gave up. She kept drawing, no matter what they said, because it braught her imagination and hopes to life...happiness arised. Now, as even Ki`rene and Kayla said to her, her artwork is terrific. Ninne smiled to herself at how far she had come as she drew a portrait of a drake, though a sad one...she thought she'd draw what she felt inside after today...a tear on the young drake's scaled cheek. As sad as it looked, it braught comfort to her. Ninne picked up Aiko, her drake plushie and gave her a hug, nuzzling her snout with her's before tucking her in beneath the covers...such a comfort she was.

"Get up, it's time for bed", a command startled her. It was her father. She put her sketchbook aside and looked at the clock, shocked she had worked for so WAS a nice portrait!

"Alright..", Ninne sighed, being that she didn't want to go to bed yet. Ki`rene might have let her stay up a little later, but she knew not to ask her father. She slipped off her bed and started removing her pants for bed as her mother too walked in.

"Get your worthless hide in that bed, and I don't want to hear a single thing from you", Dianne immidiately ordered as Kurt left for downstairs.

"Yes ma`am..", Ninne answered quietly as she was instructed to when given a command.

"I said I didn't want to hear anything!", she then growled, stomping over and grabbing Ninne's arm, taking the claw swatter from her pocket.

"Mommy I just did wha-AAAAAAOOOOOWWWWW!!!", Ninne began to explain before the swatter began spanking someplace very different...that part of her hips and leg that were exposed, and not covered by her panties. Dianne didn't even grab her tail or bend her over, as she just BRISKLY spanked the little stinging swatter into her sensitive hips as she held her forcefully by the arm. Ninne yiped and yelped, hopping and squirming in tears, having been braught to crying by the sting on her exposed scales before her mother stopped.

"Now get to bed this instant! You're just as much an insulent snake as you were back then!", Dianne said angrily, leaving Ninne and closing the door behind her with the lights off. Ninne sniffled and wimpered tearily, getting into bed slowly, rubbing her stinging goodnight, no kiss, no tucking in...

"Miss Sak`kral..", Ki`rene said in a less friendly way then usual as she walked towards her from the top of the stairs, "..I really don't appreciate the way you speak to Ninne, or the way you treat her at all. When you asked to put Ninne in for bed yourself, I was hoping you'd do something nice, not this!", she then said, stopping infront of her without the happiest of looks.

"She's only getting what she deserves", Dianne said without any doubt in her voice.

"No she isn't! What Ninne deserves is tender loving care! She's perfectly well behaved, and your harshness and verbal abuse is not welcome in my home. She is your born child, but I am her mother now. I can't force you to change or love your girl overnight, but you should try showing Ninne some kindness", Ki`rene told Dianne somewhat forcefully, angered herself for what she was doing to Ninne...her little girl.

Dianne gave Ki`rene a surprised and possibly irritated look. "I see miss Dal`krest...this is your home, I shant argue with what you do with her", she said in an acceptant and overpowered way. Ki`rene sighed to calm herself.

"It's getting late, so I'm going to get out my datapad and read in my bed. You and your husband are welcome to my downstairs holo as long as you like", Ki`rene said with half a smile.

"Oh that's alright, Kurt and I are about to head to bed ourselves. Been a long day and all", Dianne smiled herself.

"Goodnight then", Ki`rene said with a little wave as she want to her room and closed the door, sighing after she did. She slowly took off her pants and shirt, slipping into bed with her drake panties while her claw picked the datapad on the nightstand up. She lied down in bed and flicked the story she was reading on, before closing her eyes for a moment. "Please hang in there Ninne...I love you..", she said quietly in the name of her daughter, before taking a deep breath and going to her reading to unwind after a worryful day.

"Get in the corner Ninne"..

"But why mommy?"..

"Because you just questioned me"..

Ninne could hear the words of her past and laugh of her mother...she was so cruel, always being mean and punishing for no always made her hurt...on the inside. The feeling of being a child, unwanted and unloved...was more then a kindern could bear, and no one should have to. She knew the only reason her parents got their parenting liscence so they could have her was by being kind to the medicalos they took in, spoiling him to no end...she never did understand though why she wasn't ever loved. Maybe they just wanted an 'underling', someone to tease and hurt...or maybe they just didn't get what they wanted. Reasons mattered none to her, seeing images of how her first and true childhood was.

[Dad-dee! Could you teach me how to w`ite my name in panglish?], the very little drake asked her father, once she scampered to him at the diningroom table with a sheet of paper and a stubby pencil.

"Why would you need that?", Kurt asked his kindern daughter in a 'what is the point' way, speaking in panglish as Ninne could understand it, though not speak it yet.

[To learn], the little Ninne smiled, holding up the paper and pencil. Kurt sighed and took them both, writing 'Ninne Sak`kral' upon the paper's surface and placing both beside him, going back to his datapad. Ninne looked at what he wrote and carefully worked her claw to try and reproduce the strange writing to her. [How`th this?], Ninne said in a child's happy glee, proudly holding up the paper.

[That doesn't look anything like it!], he said in an irritated manner, smacking the paper, sending it from her claws as he got up and stomped off. Ninne picked her wrinkled paper back up slowly and stood there with it in her two claws...hoping with a shaky jaw and teary eyes that he'd come back and say he was sorry and teach her...but he never did.

Ninne couldn't bear to watch these things...her past hurt. 'Please, no more..' her thoughts said aloud, wanting this dream to end, as she had been saddened enough.

[Mommy please don't!! Please!!], Ninne heard her young six year old self beg...she remembered this time too.

"Throw it in Kurt", Dianne growled angrily...and into the fire her poor sketchbook went, with all her drawings...the only things that kept her happy, and all her work...Ninne could feel herself choke up as she watched her so young kindern self howl and bawl on her dinosaur knees, watching all her effort and treasured little pictures burn, char, and crumble to black pieces in the fireplace...the fun pictures on the front cover, with her very own name she had written, engulfed in flame, melting and disfiguring as bits of her work began to show...happy colors of blues and yellows, of happy things and fun times...all burning and taken away...the little drake watching it burn, bawling her poor little heart out..

Ninne awoke with a jolt, gripping her pillow in fright, looking about to see if everything was alright...she thanked her mind for at least sparing her from seeing some worse stuff, as there was a lot of that. She sighed and panted, feeling so angry for having her whole kindern childhood taken and ruined. She looked at the back of her claw, at the silver 'P' that resided there...she growled, knowing why she screwed up so bad to have done what she did. She was never taught any better. The room was filled with the glow of the rising sun, though Ninne snuggled her head back into her pillow to sleep some more. She reached her claw up, feeling something funny, and sighed angrily when she found a bruise upon her head where she was struck with the scrub brush. Ninne was then startled by the sound of her door.

"Good morning sweetie", came the calm and quiet voice of her mother...the one she concidered her true mother. Ki`rene smiled as she walked to her bedside and kissed her snout. "I see you're up...I thought I'd come and see you first before your parents got up. I'm so sorry for the way they've been treating patience with them as totaly dwindled...and I'm sorry for doubting your words", she told her girl, gently running her scalled fingers across Ninne's raptor neck.

"I know you've're not the type to sit idle, I know how much you care about me. Thanks ma`ma", Ninne smiled, kissing back. "Nightmare woke me up..", she then sighed.

"Poor thing. Get yourself dressed and I'll make breakfast for you", Ki`rene tried to comfort, bringing a clean pair of pants, a shirt, and some new panties too. Ki`rene left her to get dressed and went down to start her breakfast, and Ninne bounded down after in only a minute, getting her tummy's fill before her parents got up...something she wasn't looking foreward to.

"Morning", Dianne smiled, having a seat at the diningroom table with Kurt in a later suit just after Ninne left the table and was washing her plate herself...she felt lucky by that fact. After she was done and went for the stairs, as soon as her right foot touched the first step, the door beeped. Ninne knew only one person expected today and darted over to the door, opening it with a happy smile.

"Hiya Ninne!", Kayla said as she came in. "Available today?", she asked in a curious manner, condering how Ninne was like yesterday.

"Yeah sure, let's just head up to my room though", Ninne said with somewhat of a smile, knowing she'd be trapped in her room if she was to play with Kayla and avoid her mother and father. The two went playfully up the stairs and into Ninne's room, where she quickly showed Kayla her most recent sketch. The sad drake.

"Awwwww, how're getting even better Ninne, this is so realistic!", Kayla commented enthusiasticly, looking over the paper closely. Ninne put her sketchpad aside and they went to their usual chatter and play, giving the drake a well needed break from the trash going on...though that wouldn't last naturally.

"So Ninne has a criminal friend too?", Dianne asked in a surprised way as she walked in, closing the door behind herself. Kayla didn't quite understand the criminal remark, and Ninne just sulked at her arival.

"Um..yes, I'm Kayla Ackart", the fox introduced herself with an extended paw. Dianne took her paw, not in a handshake, but sat down on the bed and pulled her over her lap to Ninne and especially Kayla's shock.

"We'll just see if Ninne likes seeing her dog friend spanked", Dianne said in her little way, grasping Kayla's tail and spanking her through her jeans hard with her other claw...Kayla certainly yelped.

"I didn't do anything! AAAAARRRRRROOOOOO!!!", Kayla said in her defense before howling tearily, kicking her legs at how hard she hit with her claw. She wasn't using her claw properly, as her claws weren't trimmed, so she was basicly pounding it into Kayla's innocent rear.

"Mom don't hurt Kayla!", Ninne wimpered, unable to believe she'd target Kayla to get to her..

"I don't need a reason to spank a rotton penitatas", Dianne scowled, spanking the sobbing fox a few more times before taking her off her lap and walking out, shutting the door again behind herself. Not enough to arouse Ki`rene's awareness, and enough to disrupt Ninne's fun. Kayla rubbed her rear through her jeans and cried a bit, gently wagging her tail side to side at the sting.

"I'm so sorry Kayla!", Ninne said in a shocked and appologetic way, going to her friend's side and helping to wipe her tears.

"I-I...I should go..huh?..", Kayla asked tearily, seeing something was wrong for herself. Ninne nodded a little, feeling so bad.

"It might be best..", she sniffled, "I didn't know she'd hurt you..", Ninne said in quite the upset way.

"Good luck Ninne. See me when you can ok?", Kayla said with a few sniffs before opening the door and going down the stairs. Ninne went to her bed and picked up Aiko, hugging her with a sniffle, trying not to cry...seeing her friend hurt for no reason because of her, and her having to leave for her rear's own safety, made her feel so bad. She hugged and cuddled her drake plushie, knowing it was her comfort when there was little to obtain elsewhere.

"Aww, did I make your dog friend leave?", Dianne taunted heavily from Ninne's doorway.

Ninne wiped her eyes with a claw. "Kayla is a fox..", she took the chance of correcting.

"What's this here?", she then said in a peculiar manner, taking Aiko forcefully from Ninne's arms, inciting a paniced gasp. "Completatas? Oh I see, this is your little friend. Aren't you a little big for plushies you big twit?", she said down to her, making sure the plushie drake was out of Ninne's reach.

"Give Aiko back! She's a present from my ma`ma!", Ninne said in a frantic way, caring about that plushie so much...her comfort and the symbol of she and her mother Ki`rene...the 'C's she sewed on herself.

"What the hell do you need with presents?!", she growled, looking closely at the drake. "So you even name it huh. I bet you cuddle with it and it brings you comfort when you're sad...awww, isn't that cute", she teased. She then held the plushie drake firmly by the back, holding it facing towards Ninne...and placed the nail of her index finger of her right claw against it's neck. "What if I were to tear this thing? Would the brat cry?", Dianne smirked most cruely, threatening the well being of one of Ninne's most valued treasures.

"Please mommy...Aiko didn't do anything, don't hurt her!", Ninne pleaded in near tears, pawing at her mother to give it back and let go.

"Maybe if I just removed her right arm..", Dianne chuckled in her sick little way, squeezing her nails into the stitching at the base of her right arm, making poping and ripping sounds as her nails cut through.

"NNNNNOOOOOOO!!!", Ninne screamed, jumping and trying to get it forcefully back, growling and struggling for her plushie. Dianne dropped it...only to bring her right claw back and swing...claw extended. "YYYEEEEEEIIIIIEEEEEEEEOOOOOWWWWW!!!!" , the poor drake screamed as she was practicly knocked off her feet with several bleeding lines from her mother's slash. She was crying with a claw upon the bloody snout, unable to take the pain of having her scales sliced through, piercing and tearing the flesh of her poor snout..

"You were right miss Sak`kral, Ninne is getting exactly what she deserves", Ki`rene said in a stern manner, stepping up from behind Dianne with her arms firmly crossed. "It was a very good thing you did that....because now I get to do this, and give Ninne what she deserves! GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!", Ki`rene shouted with all her power, practicly in Dianne's face. The only thing stopping her from kicking her abusive tailhole was the fact that she'd get in trouble for it and would be a bad example for Ninne.

"Fine!! I don't care if I see either of you ever again!!", Dianne growled heavily as she stormed out, going to quickly pack her things. Ki`rene went to Ninne's side in haste, taking off her own shirt and padding Ninne's bloody snout with it.

"You'll be ok honey, sshhhh, shhhhhh...", Ki`rene said in her motherly way, with tears in her eyes as she wiped the blood drip. "Ma`ma will make it all better again", she comforted, hugging her crying daughter...HER crying daughter. No one elses...Ninne was her's...

Dianne and Kurt quickly left, taking all their things with them to most likely spend the rest of their earth vacation someplace else. Ki`rene got out the first-aid kit and fixed Ninne's snout just fine, with not as much as a mark with the technology they had. The worst time they had in a while...

"Ma`ma..", Ninne said sadly with a look of worry, handing Ki`rene Aiko. "Can you fix her arm? Please say you can...she means so much..", she looked down, begging fate to let the sewing be repairable.

"I can Ninne, the stitching is just torn. I should be able to make her arm look just as it was. Aiko will be just fine honey", Ki`rene said softly as they sat upon the livingroom couch, with the first-aid kit at her side. Ninne's eyes lit up.

"Thank you ma`ma!", Ninne said so happily, hugging her mother tight. "I love you so much..", she said softly, happy to be where she was. Happy to be a penitatas and relearn the right way how to do things...her second chance. Once she fine, Ki`rene sent her across the street to play with Kayla, after she was apparently 'swatted' out of her house by who Ki`rene calls 'that bitch'. She made some calls on her vid-phone, but wasn't able to do as much as she hoped...because of the circumstances or something of the other, she couldn't start a criminal case...but she was able to do the next best thing. Dianne and Kurt's parenting liscence was revoked, and they were placed on a universal list of child abusers. Where ever that would go, they wouldn't be able to get a parenting liscence or take care of a child of any kind. It was the least Ki`rene knew she could do for her daughter, after what she had been put through. The mother was just happy they survived this ordeal...but did get one satisfaction. Ninne would always stay her's, even when she is parolled...Ki`rene really did have a daughter...and she couldn't be happier for that. Ninne needed some good cuddling time with her and playing time with Kayla to repair what had taken place, as her family and friends are always there...Ki`rene wouldn't have to punish Ninne for a while either, as Dianne did so much of that. As bad as things get, Ninne and Ki`rene...mother and daughter...will always hold eachother's claws and make sure they reach their Ninne only had one mommy now...the good one, that loved her more then anything.