Kayla: A New Friend
In the 28th century, the technology of rejuvenation allows for immortality. This device is also used for sentencing as well. A penitatas; a criminal that is sent back to childhood to live a highly strict and disciplined life to start anew. (Story Two)
Concept by Lurking Dragon
Kayla and story by Professor Bob

The first few weeks went on harshly, and Kayla quickly just how effective a pair of strict parents could be, even when they're being kind. Emily did a perfect job. Kayla thought her first day was rough, but getting spanked several times a day was actually worse, especially when she actually did something bad. Kayla had a little trouble controling her sass and inappropreate language, being that she was a lonely hacker and all. Communicating with others is not something she was accustomed to. She and her mother would play a lot, since Emily found Kayla to be very lonely and secluded. She couldn't go to school yet, since it was summer, so she didn't have any friends. She was too shy to go and meet the other penitatas kids on her own. Being there with Kayla also gave her plenty of time to punish her hard, as any other penitatas parent would during their first month. When Emily and Alex saw that a new penitatas had moved in across the street, they thought they would get the two shy girls to meet. A bonus for Kayla, was that her friend wasn't human either. She was a Drakonian, so they already had something in common.

Kayla sat in the black padded chair, tapping her little fingers away at the micro-desk computer they kept on the desk in the corner of the livingroom. This was the young girl's favorite enjoyment, no matter what it was she was working on. Concidering her past with such devices, Emily had to bring an extra chair to the desk and sit beside her so she could supervise. It never ceased to amaze her how skilled Kayla was, so she tried her best to look close, even though the fox zipped through windows and information very quickly.

"Kayla, finish what you're working so you can go upstairs to put your shoes on. I want to introduce you to the new neighbors. They have a peni girl that could use a friend, and it'll be nice for you two to meet", her mother asked, causing Kayla's speed to decreace so she could listen. Emily finally got her a special ordered pair of shoes for her, along with two pairs of jeans with tailholes, and a pair of shorts. They also got her panties with tailholes too, so she wouldn't have to wear the pair with the tailhole cheaply cut out that she came home with. To Kayla's dismay though, she also got a tail restraint for her, to be used on her more severe punishments. A collar would go around her neck that was padded a bit, and it had a black string that came off the back with a looping strap on the end that would go around the top part of her tail firmly and keep it raised.

"Okay ma'", Kayla replied, only taking a few seconds to save her work. She hopped off her chair and went upstairs to her room, getting ready to go across the street. Though she was shy, the new girl would be too, so they were even. She hadn't seen them or anything, so she wondered how old this girl was, or what species even. Having gotten ready, she bounded down the stairs with her small foxish agility and met her human mother waiting for her by the front door. The two went outside walking across the street, and Kayla now began to feel the nervousness of meeting this new girl. Apparently her mother didn't want her to feel nervous, and she held her paw and rubbed it while walking, not to mention she hadn't been spanked this morning. Her mother rang the house's bell (Which was now just a series of beeps that indicated the front door), and Kayla didn't expect to see what she did. An 8.3 foot tall Drakonian woman. A Drakonian was a decendant of a race similar to Allosaurian dinosaurs and raptors, with their large, strong legs, that were counterbalanced by a long, heavyish tail, and a mouth of sharp, pointy, and carnivorous teeth. Their arms were long, and had retractable claws, making themselves look incredibly strong. Although, their homeworld's gravity was only 0.89G, making them near equal to anyone else on this planet due to the gravity variation. They were the first race to meet earthlings, and even her own home planet of Aspatria, though she never really lived there long.

"Oh hi! So you brought Kayla", the woman said welcomingly to Emily, whom she met the day before briefly. She wore a shirt and a pair of pants, made for a Drakonian naturally. Looked odd to see clothing on such a dinosaur shaped body. "Come on in and I'll show Kayla to Ninne's room", she invited, allowing the two inside. Her mother took a seat on their slightly larger couch, giving them extra room for their tails, and the woman lead Kayla upstairs and down a short hallway. "I'm Ki'rene. Ninne is in here", she introduced, pointing to a door just a few steps away. She hit the button on the side of the door and motioned for Kayla go inside, which she did. "Ninne, this is Kayla. I'll let you two get aquainted now", she introduced for the shy fox, before giving a smile and walking out, with the door closing behind her. The Drakonian girl who was quietly sitting at her desk sketching, had gotten to her feet. Kayla would have been scared if the girl was not seemingly happy.. she had never seen a Draconian in person before, even if they're a major race on Earth.

"Hello Kayla. I'm Ninne", she kindly greeted, as the two approached eachother. Ninne had her take a seat on the end of her bed, and Kayla herself did the same. "So what are you in for?", she then asked, raising her right claw to reveal the back of it. A silver, filled in P; the symbol of a hard time penitatas was imprinted into her brown scales. Kayla had one too, but it was sometimes tough to see through the orange fur of her paw.

"I'm Packet-Storm, ex. thirty-nine year old", Kayla replied nicely, feeling a little better that Ninne wasn't anyone to be nervous about.

The reptile gave her a shocked look. "Wow! I have a famous person for a neighbor!", she joked. "I myself was a thief, ex. thirty-seven year old. I stole devices from houses and whatnot.. something I'm not proud of doing anymore", she told her, admitting her past as she shook her head a bit. "I'm eight. Been a peni for two years now, and I have the same cycles you do. I read up on you after your rejuve, so you're a few weeks in now I guess", she said, getting into some conversation.

Kayla groaned. "Yeah...", she said sadly, knowing that her friend here knew of the harshness of her first month.

"Well, I only moved here from across district. I'll be going back to the same school, which will be yours too, once summer ends. I think we'll end up being good friends", she said, ending on a happy note. Ninne was bigger then she was, but the two girls sat around, talking and playing for quite a while. Kayla hadn't been so relieved in a while, being able to relate with another penitatas, and a non-human one at that. They both were eagar for a friend. Ninne was experienced, so Kayla knew any question could be answered, and that put a few nervous tingles to rest. Kayla complimented Ninne and her mother for their wonderful Panglish (English, but with the name changed once it became the galaxy's standard language), which was unusual for a Drakonian. Ninne studied it very well when she was little, and her mother had a lot of experience, living a total of 214 years if you counted the rejuvenations for age reasons. Both their sentences were abnormally short, and neither knew exactly why. Kayla believed that the Correction Council wanted a 'quick fix', so they could get her and her abilities into Starfleet. Ninne admitted she only robbed two houses and took little things, and actually turned herself in. They also talked about their parents. Kayla was fortunate to have a penitatas mother that actually loved her, and didn't pull cruel things like asking for her punishments. Ninne described her mother as caring and that she really did love her, but she was strict, and took her punishments to the humiliating extents. Ninne wondered if fur helped absorb the pain, and Kayla replied with a blunt no. Her mother used just a little more force to compensate for the thin, extra soft fur, though she didn't really have to. Kayla also had a little more free decision, like she could play with toys in her room at her lesiure, as long as she knew it was okay at that time, and she also got time to watch the holo and use her ever favorite computer. Ninne was restricted to her holo watching time, and her mother was usualy too busy to play a game with her, so she was usualy just trying to occupy herself. She had no father, which was odd for a penitatas, but she was most likely placed here because they could get her a drake mother. Their chatter and play went on for about two hours, until Ki'rene came in.

"Okay you two, come on downstairs. It's time for you to be punished Ninne; Isn't there something you need to tell me?", her mother said lightly, before she became stern. Kayla noiced a look on the older Drakonian's snout that she figured Ninne had seen hundreds of times before. Reminded her of that look Emily gave her whenever she said a word she didn't like.

Ninne winced, and since she was but a child, made a whimper as she rubbed her little claws. She paused at that question, wondering if she could hide it or if she should admit it. "I broke your Middnarian vase when I tried to carry it in, and, and I tried to hide it.. ", she decided to admit, seeing that telling the truth hurt less. Besides, it seemed her mother knew the truth anyway. She most likely only had to state the reason for her punishment because Kayla was present.

Her mother's scold could have pierced a shuttlecraft's hull. "After I told you not to help carry in delicate things, AND you tried to hide your mistake! I was going to punish you today anyway, but now you've made it much worse! As a bonus, we're going to get to show Kayla what it's like for a drake to be diciplined!", she scowled, making Ninne gasp worriedly at the idea of someone watching. It wasn't anything new, but it was something she hated.

"Momma please!", the little (Littler then 8.3 feet at least) Drakonian pleaded.

Ki'rene scolded her again. "No Ninne! You're going to deal with this, you've earned it good! Now come on, downstairs so we can show Kayla a few of your implements", she said quite sternly, pointing her claw to the door. Ninne made a nervous sob, wiping her eyes with the backs of her claws as she walked out. Ki'rene relented her scold and looked toward the sympethetic Kayla. "You'll find this sort of educational, and don't feel too bad, because she really earned this one", she assured, not wanting to discomfort her furry guest since the penitatas life outside her home was brand new to her. Kayla nodded and trotted down the stairs beside the huge Drakonian, finding Ninne waiting patiently in the center of the livingroom. Ki'rene walked Kayla over to a part of the wall, where a few things hung. Things that made Kayla want to drop dead from a heart attack. "This here is a dragon-paddle", she said pointing to a large, thick black paddle with steel studs that came to a point all over it. "This would be the equivalent of a good handspanking to you", she then explained, making Kayla wonder how that would hurt ANYTHING that little. Drakonian hide was pretty thick and leathery, so punishing them was much more difficult. "And Ninne, tell Kayla what a Drakonian mommy uses for punishment on her kids", she asked her girl to explain.

Ninne sniffed. "Her teeth", she said sadly, knowing that was to come now that she answered that question.

"Yes. This paddle is only something I would use to hit her thighs and hips where my teeth can't get at. Otherwise, this is for a human if Ninne needs to be corrected. As for corner time, she gets to sit on a small, hard stool for a very long time, but not today. Your mom is going to sit for Ninne today while I'm out, so Ninne, it's time", she continued explaining for the little fox, adding a piece of information in there. Kayla took a seat on the couch as Ki'rene gestured, feeling bad that she's going to see her new friend punished, though she really was curious to how a Drakonian was disciplined. Ninne's mother grasped her by the neck and tail, as she sat down on her tail, using it as a chair. She pinned the smaller dragon's legs between her own in her lap, holding her down firmly with one claw and stretching out her tail with the other. Ninne made a panicy wimper, finding her arms couldn't reach behind herself to defend her tail in this position, as she found out many many times before. Her mother leaned her head down and chomped her Drakonian teeth into the base of the youngster's tail. Kayla winced herself as Ninne howled, having the base of her tail chewed and bit firmly. Ki'rene sped up the speed of her chomps, moving her head slightly each time to drive teeth evenly around her tailbase. She had her head turned slightly so she would get her teeth into the more tender underside of the tail, and that was making Ninne scream and cry. She would cock her head a different way to get both of her upper and lower teeth to all have a chance to punish that underside, while she bit and chomped fiercely, all over the base of her tail. Top, sides, and most importantly, the slightly less leathery bottom. Ninne howled in pain, dripping tears, as her mother was being harsh in her tail-chewing, making sure to be thourough. By the time the drake finished, Ninne was bawling and howling, feeling fire and an unrelenting stinging upon her tail. It was certainly different, but effective, Kayla determined. Ki'rene stood up, releacing the young Drakonian's legs, but grabbing her tail and lifting it swiftly before the girl could try rubbing the raw and Drakonian tooth chewed tail. Lifting a Drakonian's tail threw them off balance, making their snout touch the ground and not be able to recover it.

"Kayla, could you get me the dragon-paddle? I think her legs need a few swats", the older dragon asked of her while she held the submissive (whether she wanted to be or not) Ninne. Kayla did as she was asked, going to the wall and pulling down the heavy paddle with only mild difficulty.. but man was it heavy.

"Mommmmyyy' noo!", Ninne cried in protest. Making sure the tail was grasped well, she swat her thighs, three times on each, doing almost as well as her teeth could if they could chomp that low properly. The poor Drakonian that was on the recieving end fidgeted and kicked her legs with a hard cry, howling loud. Ki'rene let go of her daughter's tail and pulled her drake panties back up along with her jeans, making Ninne yip and yelp, feeling the clothing sent hard over the well punished base of her tail.

"Alright, now you'll be going over to Kayla's house. Kayla can walk you over", she said with a sigh, being that she could go out now and run her errands. Kayla held the claw of her friend and began leading her to the door.

"Bye miss Ki'rene!", Kayla made sure to say, to be polite.

"See you Kayla!", she replied, placing the paddle on the wall before she would go. "I'll be over in two hours to get you Ninne!", she then called out as Kayla opened the door.

Ninne sputtered out of wimpers and sobs before being understandable. "Oo-kay ma'ma", she cried out, feeling immense pain as she walked, as her mother chewed her out thouroughly, chomping her most vital areas of her tender undertail. Kayla walked her across the street as she kept crying, rubbing her claw to cheer her friend up.

"Sorry to be there to watch that", Kayla appologized for her embarassment, knowing it must have been hard to be chewed on infront of someone. It's not like she saw anything though - each scale looked pretty similar to the next, at least from where she was sitting.

Ninne wiped her snout of the tears that dripped down it, even though she was still sobbing. She wanted to say something, but her lower jaw was just too shaky. Kayla walked her inside the house, having her mother approach the two when she walked the crying raptor inside.

"Looks like someone just got punished. Sorry to tell you this, but your mom asked me to punish you too", she said somberly, knowing she had to do what she had to do. She raised an object she had in hand, just as Ninne begun to wail and cry more from being told there was more. The object she held was a hairbrush. "Your mom gave me this for when I babysit for you", she said, displaying the hairbrush with steel bristles, making Ninne just hold Kayla. "Don't worry now, you're not alone. Kayla is going to be spanked with the same brush just after you!", she said trying to reassure the dragon, while making her own girl cringe and hug the dragon back. Seemed she didn't get to be spectator today, and had to deal with more of this swatting herself. "Come over here Ninne", she ordered the Drakonian girl, holding the steel bristled side out for her thick tail. Ninne complied with tears and sobs and she walked to where Emily had gestured, and slipped down and off her pants and panties, as big as they were. Emily grasped her tail and raised it, throwing the young one off balance with her rear raised.

"YEEEWOWWW!!", Ninne howled painfully at the first hard strike of the steel bristled side against the very tender, already chewed spot on her tail just above her tailhole. She administered two dozen swats with the pointed bristles, quickly making further work of her mother's chewing. She let go of her tail and led her to the corner, sitting her in a chair, which made her howl and cry harder then she was before. To Kayla's absolute dismay, her mother turned the brush around to it's flat side, and Kayla saw the second chair next to the corner. Seems this was all prepared for the two girl's while they were hanging-out together.

"Over my lap Kayla", she told her plainly, taking a seat on the couch. This was a spanking simply for the fact she was a penitatas, so there was no scolding involved. Kayla wimpered like the fox she was and did as told, having her jeans and panties removed after she complied. The familiar sound of a brush swatting against her rear and the bolt of pain into her backside made her ears flatten, as she winced hard from the spanks. "Ooooowww!! *SWAT!* It's hard!! *SWAT!* Pleeease!!", she shouted and cried, starting her pathetic howls. Emily gave her two dozen sound swats with her new brush, just like she did to her new friend, and she lead Kayla by her paw over to her chair and sat her down in it. No CornerStool right now, she wanted to keep it equal between the two friends. That's why she put the two chairs together in the first place. Emily walked upstairs to put her new toy away, and thew two girls cried beside one another. Ninne's brown tail had a red tint, and the scales looked painful to sit upon, and Kayla figured she was at least better then that, even if her backside hurt badly from that brush. Felt like sitting on a big, aching bruise.

"I'm sorry y-ou got it so h-hard.. ", Kayla wimpered out, sitting there like a good girl and speaking in a whisper while she knew her mother was not around.

Ninne was crying just as much as the freshly spanked Kayla. "Me too", she sobbed, sitting on the base of her tail and fidgeting less then the fox. Must come with experience. They both just sat there crying together, taking in the comfort of their friendship, even though they were pretty embarassed, and sitting there bare so soon after only introducing themselves. The begining of a great friendship spawned, and when Emily allowed them out of the corner, she set them both into Kayla's bed for a nap. Anyone could use a friend at a time like this.