In the 28th century, the technology of rejuvenation allows for immortality. This device is also used for sentencing as well. A penitatas; a criminal that is sent back to childhood to live a highly strict and disciplined life to start anew. (Story Nineteen)
Concept by Lurking Dragon
Kayla and story by Professor Bob

After so long, even the constant tapping noise of fingers on a console has gotten on Kayla's nerves, especially when it's her fingers making most of the noise. The day every child waits for during the school year has finally arrived...the last! Kayla sat at her console, doing her last few things and getting her console cleaned off for the next person, actually glad not to have to touch this computer anymore. Not much was left in the day now, and Mrs. Rembrant was letting everyone talk quietly while they got ready to leave the school for the last time. The fox's grades were just fine, and with a lot of hard work, had straight 'A's, just barely making it in writing and Drakonian. She made sure to pick easy electives for herself and worked real hard on everything, unlike some other penitatas who would be taking their grade chips home today with scared looks, knowing they were going to get it bad from their parents. Ninne herself had three 'B's, and she was kinda scared Ki`rene might apply something for that many, since a penitatas is usualy disciplined pretty much for anything below an 'A'. Since Ninne was a desk or so away, Kayla kept to herself while tidying off her console's memory, sitting bored with a paw on her cheek to keep her head up. She barely listened to the chatter around her, between her classmates, till a certain well known stern voice that Mrs. Rembrant used when she was mad was heard.

"You're coming with me young ladies!", Mrs. Rembrant scolded while pulling two girls along to the front of the class, one by an ear lobe, the other by the tip of her feline ear, still growling and arguing with eachother. Ashley and Paula were the duo being marched to the front of the class in their teacher's custody, and Kayla stopped her work to watch. Apparently, Ashley went off on her usual rudeness and snobbiness, causing an argument and poking fun at the Jalaxian, since that's what she seems to do best. Paula flipped and lost her temper as Jalaxians do, yelling at her in a frenzy, slamming her paws into the racist human girl's desk, which incited more near fighting from both. Was a quick thing, mostly because Mrs. Rembrant was quick in taking both hot tempered girl's by the ear and seperating them on each side of her, before pulling them up to recive what troublemakers get. The whole class hushed their chatter just slightly to watch the spectacle, while taking the privlidge of talking and using it to whisper to eachother about the two. Kayla leaned back and crossed her feet comfortably, looking on with her full attention, too happy to see Ashley getting something yet again, but somewhat upset to see her comrade in fur Paula a part of it too.

"Take that you little bitch..", Ninne mumbled with a huge smug smile, all nice and comfortable at her desk to watch this. After the first day of school, Ashley and Ninne were always on bad terms, and both got enjoyment from watching the other's 'rearings' infront of the class. It wasn't uncommon to see Ninne's snout to the floor, especially after the chip throwing incident, while the human girl watched and listened to the drake howl, but most often it was little Ashley infront of the class. Concidering her attitude and ways, that is certainly not a surprise, and it looks like Ninne won by far this year in getting paddled less, and even got a last day bonus!

"B-but the cat started it!", Ashley griped once Mrs. Rembrant seperated them on both sides of her desk, while she pulled the chair over she used for spanking purposes and took a seat upon it, infront of her desk. Paula was about to growl out a response, but Mrs. Rembrant said one for her.

"I have had absolutely enough of your racist laungage and diplorable attitude! You cause so much trouble to those who don't deserve it, and you're by far my most disbehaved student! I'm going to punish you so good today for all of it little Ashley!", Mrs. Rembrant heavily scolded Ashley. Paula could have smirked, if it wasn't for the sudden tug on her paw, taking her over her teacher's lap. "Paula, you're first. Since Ashley obviously started it, you're getting a lighter punishment", she calmly explained to the Jalaxian while she wimpered, feeling her skirt being pulled up and her white cotton panties being pulled down to her knees, revealing her blue furred rear. Mrs. Rembrant reached behind herself and grabbed one of the things she placed on her desk for this; her third grade paddle, level 2. Just a little harsher then normal, but for any recipiant of a paddling, any harsher means a lot worse. Mrs. Rembrant raised Paula's long slender tail out of the way, and started swatting the paddle into her blue rump, causing quite the howls from the other end.

"RRRRRREEEEEEEOOOOOOWWWWW!! FFFHHHIISSS-RRRRRRRRROOOOOWWW!!", Paula howled like the feline she was, while she pawed at her teacher's leg. Mrs. Rembrant wasn't being any harsher then was reqired of her, but the Jalaxian was going to complain about it none the less. "OOOWW!! OOOOOOWWW!! STOP- RRREEEEEEEEEOOOWW!!!", she pleaded after fifteen swats, crying like any other child would. She kicked her legs a little and cried good as her howls began to supress themselves. Paula lowered her head and just cried, dripping some of her tears onto the teacher's pantleg, having stopped fighting it already. After 26 were swat in, Mrs. Rembrant helped her off her lap and fixed her skirt for her.

"You may pull your panties back up and take your seat. I want everyone to be able to watch this little girl's punishment, so wipe those tears", Mrs. Rembrant sorta smiled, wiping the Jalaxian's wet cheeks. She didn't blame the incident on her at all, and her real anger was ready to be focused on the true cause. Paula sniffled and wimpered out her tears while she pulled up her undergarment and walked back to her seat, rubbing below her tail with her paws.

"Hey Paula, you did good", Ninne said quietly from her seat, holding a claw out to Paula as she went to walk by. Paula stopped and looked at the friendly smile of the drake before she sniffed and made one herself, shaking Ninne's claw as a way to say 'you're quite alright' before going down the walkway between the desks and taking her seat on the row closer to the wall. Mrs. Rembrant, after grabbing a new something off her desk, quickly pulled Ashley over her lap while everyone watched almost quietly, since some were snickering at the annoying Ashley's final swatting. Ninne though was fully quiet, watching with a big smile, and Kayla was actually snickering at the look on her friend's face, instead of the spectacle infront of the class.

"You will be very sorry for your behavior once I'm through with you!", Mrs. Rembrant scolded much more angrily, tugging down the girl's pants and panties, keeping them tightly bundled at her ankles to supress the kicking she knew would happen.

Ashley whined and wimpered like a small child. "No no please!!", she gave out in a quick plea, with her white human rear raised upon her teacher's lap. Not even a moment after, the ruler that was in Mrs. Rembrant's hand made a hard impact against the flesh of her student, inciting quite the teary yelp. There, her spanking begun, with her teacher rapidly and harshly spanking her rear-end with that ruler. She spanked with little care, though she made sure to paint stripes with it across her bare cheeks, sometimes not changing a cheek for several swats, as the white skin quickly turned a hot red. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!", Ashley howled, trying to kick her legs, though they were bundled together by her own clothes, squirming and crying hard. Ninne was thouroughly enjoying every well deserved swat, and every painful howl that resulted from it. The sniffling and lightly wimpering Paula was even enjoying herself, leaning foreward with her weight on her thighs instead of her still sore rear. Mrs. Rembrant coated red stripes all over the twin globes as her spanking kept going with no end in sight for little Ashley, as she howled again and again, bawling like a baby. Swats fourty, fifty, sixty came and went, as Mrs. Rembrant gave her most worse behaved student the rearing she deserved, turning her entire rear a crimson red, covered in the heavy welted stripes and then some. *SMACK!!!* *WHAP!!!* "PPPPPPPLLLLLLEEEEEE-AAAAAHHHHHHH-HHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!", the bawling girl attempted to plea at swat sixty-nine, coming out as a barely understandable cry and howl. Then, her teacher changed techniques, to the child's horrible dismay.

"You WILL learn to teach other's with *SMACK!!!!* respect!!", Mrs. Rembrant told the screaming and bawling child, before one swat at end end of her sentence scared and made Ashley howl patheticly and tearily. It landed at the base of her rear, right before her thigh, where her weight went when she sat.

"NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOO-AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!", Ashley screamed, bawling her heart out, as her teacher swatted that sensitive and already spanked part of her rear furiously, painting stripe over stripe on both nates, smacking the burning welt at the base of her rear that was darker and swollen more then the rest from her hard swats. *WHAP!!!* *WHAP!!!* *WHAP!!!* *WHAP!!!*, the ruler kept coming at a hard and fast rate, till ninety-one was swat, and the base of her rear was a BURNING and DARK crimson red. Ashley lay limp over her teacher's lap, no longer howling, but only convulsively sobbing, bawling in gasps like a very well punished child, which she was.

"And if that wasn't enough...", Mrs. Rembrant said, swapping the ruler out for something she put on the desk, out of view. The students gasped and snickered at it, seeing it was her highest level third grade paddle; level 5, the one with a few holes in it. Her minor blistering paddle. Before Ashley could turn her head to see, it landed with a *SMACK!!!!* on her left cheek, causing a tremble and wimpering crying, which continued as the next swat came on her other cheek, right over all the nasty ruler welts. Mrs. Rembrant only planted four, leaving a small blister on each cheek, and leaving Ashley broken and only crying with nothing left for her crappy attitude to stand up against. "Now I hope you have a good time explaining the two little blisters to your parents later, but I assure you that they will be recieving a note as well, telling them of your horrible behavior young lady", she told the bawling child, lifting her off her lap and pulling up her panties and pants with a yelp, latching them. "You'll learn to be a good girl someday, but until then, you go SIT at your desk, and I want you to sit properly, right on those welts!", she instructed with a little force in her voice, scooting her off to her desk while she returned her chair to where she kept it and put away her spanking things for what she hoped as the last time this year. Kayla watched Ashley slowly walk back to her desk, almost feeling sorry for her, but not really, as she found out when she herself snickered good at the wimpering yowl when Ashley sat down.

"Bout time that girl got a taste of her own medicine", Kayla said quietly, mainly to herself, while her eyes went back to her monitor and her fingers tapped at her console, wanting to finish what she was doing and shut it down. Ninne was snickering lightly, trying to supress it and keep a straight face, but she busted out laughing.

"You never learn do you?", Ninne turned her neck and asked Ashley through her chuckling.

Ashley lifted her head from her hands, turning to reveal her red and tear covered face. "S-shut up snake..", she sniffled out, speaking low with a tiny hint of a growl.

Ninne only laughed a little more. "Face it little girl, you lost. Only someone worth anything can insult me with that word, and since you're only a racist little twit, I could care less", she said with a smile, inciting more snickering around her, and Ashley cried a little more, looking just slightly away at all the looks and laughs she was getting at her expense.

"I'm better then any snake or cat, or anyone!", Ashley sniffled out in much more obvious an angry growl, feeling horribly embarassed and hurt.

"Oh give it up", Ninne really laughed, upping the teasing upon Ashley by everyone around her. Her voice was calm and confident, triumphing over Ashley in every way. Ashley turned back around quiet, crying into her hands again, barely able to stand sitting on the bad welts at the base of her rear, and hating everyone for all this.

"I'll get you for this you fucking snake...", Ashley quietly growled angrilly with her head down, a pair of tears going down her cheeks.

Kayla kept a smile on her face while her fingers shut down her console for the last time, so happy for her friend. Ninne was really enjoying her day. With her work done, she sat and listened to everyone, talking to Anthony a little, before Mrs. Rembrant spoke.

"Attention everyone! It's time for the assembly in the auditorium, then it'll be time to head home, so everyone be on your best behavior!", Mrs. Rembrant got up and said, walking to the door and opening it to escourt her students. Kayla hopped up from her desk, joining Ninne with Anthony with her was well.

"Well you had a lot of fun there Ninne. I didn't expect to laugh so hard today!", Anthony smiled to his Drakonian classmate.

"All in a day's work", Ninne giggled, leaving out into the hall with him and Kayla.

"I'm just glad she finally got something totaly horrid for BEING totaly horrid...I got caned because of her", Kayla said with a little fox growl at the end, crossing her arms and remembering her first day of school and how she ruined it.

Anthony scratched behind Kayla's ear. "Don't get all huffy now Kayla", he chuckled. Kayla pawed at his hand to her it to stop scratching, though it felt good.

"Knock it off silly", the fox giggled. They walked down to the school's auditorium in Mrs. Rembrant's nearby accompaniment, with Ashley slowly trailing along behind the others, wincing as she walked. Kayla sat down with her friends in a row of seats in the center row of the center section, looking down at the stage. The final assembly, where the administrators get to say their piece and awards are given for greatest achievement, grades, and whatnot. Not all too interesting, but they all smiled and waited in anticipation, since it was the last day of school anyway. Once the school was present and seated, the assembly began with Mr. Yami on stage.

"Good afternoon students of Newstat Elementary, and congradulations on another fine year. As you grow up once again, you have a chance to learn even more and achieve great new things that no one else has yet to accomplish. I'm proud of all my students for coming and putting forth effort to better themselves and become a new and even better adult", Mr. Yami gave as a brief speech, before starting the award ceremony for the highest ranking students, mainly voluntarus, and one medicalos and surprisingly one penitatas that had done Chanderlain physics work this year and did great. Kayla wondered how how parents would treat him after such a feat. She watched with her friends at her sides, till the awards ceremony was complete and Mr. Yami again took the podium. "We have a very special award to hand out this year students, for a special student amoung you. Under incredible curcumstances and danger, this person assisted, and did an incredible good by doing so. A certain group of people have set up this award as a 'thanks', and are here today to present it to the one who has rightfully earned it", he said with a big smile, looking towards the side of the stage at the end, when the group walked out in a row onto the stage. Kayla wasn't sure at first but something hit her...could it be? One middle aged woman took the podium and Mr. Yami stood beside it to allow the group of 12 women and children to present their thanks.

"Thank you Mr. Yami. Some quite a while ago, a terrorist group known as "Fire" stormed the Calleet mall. The twelve of us here today were the hostages taken duing this incident, and we all owe our lives to a very special little penitatas. Kayla Ackart, could you please come up here?", the woman said with a smile. Kayla was shocked to no end, but was quickly helped out of her seat by a very pleased Ninne and Anthony, and she started her trek down the walkway to the stage's steps. "Kayla, or Packet-Storm as her alias was, was able to break the terrorist's securety algorithum to the administration area when Starfleet could not, saving the diamonds and, most importantly, all of our lives, me and my little girl, and all the others!", she explained happily as Kayla padded herself quickly across the stage with an applause, making her feel very shy. The woman who she met so long ago, turned from the podium to her, and the others joined. The old woman, the others, the little boys, girls....each one was there to greet her and thank her, shaking her paw with a smile. Kindern, voluntarus or adult, they thanked her all the same. The woman who announced at the podium was handed a plaque by her kindern daughter of seven, and she held it respectfully in her hands. "Kayla, we got together and had this plaque made as a symbol of our thanks, and we are here today to present it and show everyone how much we appreciate your heroic rescue by allowing Starfleet inside to save our lives. Without you, my little girl and I would not be here today..*sniff*...thank you from the bottom of my heart..", she said, getting teary at the end, handing Kayla the plaque while her daughter hugged her mother's pantleg.

"Thank you, all of you! I'm glad I was there at the right time, I only did what I knew was right. My abilities are there for such purposes too, and I intend to only use them for things like that from now on", Kayla thanked with a big smile while everyone applauded, Ninne's voice a little louder then the rest.

"Thanks for saving my mommy", the woman's daughter said, giving Kayla a hug that made her giggle.

"My name is Serena, and this is my girl, Asta. You're a wonderful little girl in my book, and you'll be a completatas in no time if you keep your bushy tail out of trouble ok?", the woman, Serena, told her warm heartedly, giving her a kiss on the forehead. Kayla gave her last thanks and set off for her seat while the group left off stage, and Mr. Yami took the podium once again, his loud burly voice speaking aloud while she went back to her seat to rejoin the extatic Ninne and happy Anthony.

"This concludes your year students. Have a nice summer! School is dismissed!", Mr. Yami said happily with one last wave before a cheer went up and everyone bolted up to go to their busses. Ninne was so happy for Kayla, she ruffled the fur on her head and chuckled while walking out to the bus, and Kayla said her goodbye to Anthony. The buses were boarded and they set off for their homes, the students giving the campus one last look or one last finger.

"So what does the plaque say Kayla?", Ninne said in an excited way beside her. Kayla took the plaque from her chest, looking at the golden plate upon the fancy dark wood, reading what it said.

"To Kayla Ackart, Packet-Storm, for her bravery and incredible talent that saved not only diamonds, but something more valueable. Twelve women and children's lives", she read to Ninne, looking over the words and design, as well as the engraved portrait of herself at top. Such a kind made Kayla warm inside to know that other's cared, and that her old skill was still useful, even when it wasn't used for screwing with people. The fox was proud. When it was her and Ninne's stop they bounded off the bus with a cheer and slapped their paws and claws together happily.

"What do you have there Kayla?", Emily asked beside Ki`rene, as they came out to wait for them on the last day. Kayla smirked and handed her mother the plaque, which incited a big hug from Emily. "Congradulations honey!! You did the right thing back then, and I've always been proud of you!", she said with her arms around her furry girl.

Ki`rene took a glimpse of the plaque and smiled. "Come on Ninne, we should head home. Bye Emily, bye Kayla, congradulations!", she said, walking towards their house.

"See you later Kayla!", Ninne said as she trotted behind her mother. Kayla waved from her mother's shoulder as she happily carried her across the street, obviously very proud. Ninne walked inside her house and closed the door behind herself with a sigh of comfort, knowing the summer was all her's now. She went about telling her mother about Ashley, which they got a giggle over, since neither of them liked the little racist after the incident at the first day of school. Ninne was a happy little camper, till her mother reminded her of something.

"Where's your final report chip?", Ki`rene asked curiously, whipping her datapad from her pocket. Ninne took a slight shock to her chest, pulling it out, hoping her mother would be alright with it. Ki`rene inserted the chip into her datapad and decrypted the information, looking it over carefully.

"How did I do ma`ma?..", Ninne asked, feeling nervous to see if she'd upset her mother.

"I don't mind 'B's Ninne, I'm not like some penitatas parents, but it's what you got 'B's in that upsets me. I can understand the 'B' in mathmatics, but you got a 'B' in behavior and one in DRAKONIAN writing!", Ki`rene told her daughter, making her shrink a little, thinking about having her tail chewed or swatted after such a nice day.

"I tried my best to be really behaved, b-but I had done some bad things this year..and drake writing is still kinda hard and I sometimes got slow...", Ninne tried to explain, but sighed at the end and stood up sulkingly, reaching her claws back to undo the button above her tail upon her raptor body. "I'm sorry ma`...", she said sadly, unlatching the button. Ki`rene took her claws away from her tail gently and relatched the button with a smile.

"It's alright Ninne, you made a simple mistake or two and had some trouble. I know now what to help you with over the summer is all", she told her girl, giving her a hug that relieved her daughter very much.

"Thanks ma`..I love you", Ninne said happily, reaching her raptor neck up and giving her mom a kiss upon the snout. Both girls had a comfortable evening that night in the warmth of their homes. Without school, it sure felt like to Kayla when she first started as a penitatas, and she wasn't far off from that time either. Emily was so proud of her daughter after recieveing that plaque of 'thanks', and seeing that her girl actually had straight 'A's, a difficult feat. Ninne herself did very well with the 'B's, but it just disappointed her that she didn't do better. After all was said and done though, those grade chips mattered none, as they were still wonderful daughters to their parents. Kayla's plaque was hung on her wall by her door, shining of her accomplishment, that everyone was proud of, especially the twelve that gave it to her. Kayla and Ninne went to bed that evening with a smile, tucked in by their mother. Ki`rene kissed Ninne goodnight and tucked her in, shutting off her lights and telling her she was loved before she left quietly with a smile. Emily tucked Kayla in at around the same time, having let her stay up a little later, and tucked her in shortly after ber bath, giving her a little peck on the muzzle before dimming the lights and heading out. No more school, no more books, no more teacher's friggin` paddles. Their summer was free.