In the 28th century, the technology of rejuvenation allows for immortality. This device is also used for sentencing as well. A penitatas; a criminal that is sent back to childhood to live a highly strict and disciplined life to start anew. (Story Eightteen)
Concept by Lurking Dragon
Kayla and story by Professor Bob

Kayla slipped out of bed extra early this morning, still in the pitch black of night, having gotten sick of sleeping. Her lights turned up with a turn of her paw by the door, leaving her room quietly into the dim house, still in her night shirt and panties. It was March, shortly after Ninne's birthday. She was nine now, and Kayla wished her a very happy birthday a few days back, giving her a big videogame for her computer she had been working on for her, just for that occation. The girls were slowly but surely growing up. Kayla found that Ki`rene and Ninne were on even better terms then before, if that was even possible. She wasn't told of Ninne's punishment, as they left that out, but they were all happy to be alright. Ninne hadn't been so happy in a long time. Kayla had been busy trying to live her life as well, playing with Emily a bit and getting the occational swatting below her tail. That was a penitatas' life, and it was pretty normal to her now. Disciplined from her crimes as Packet-Storm, while making sure she was a good member of society. Such things were accepted, though not liked, but that was the point of being a hard time penitatas. Life had been smooth enough at least, not having been punished by her teacher in a long time, and even Ninne's usual dragon-paddlings slowed too. It was only four in the morning this day, so the little fox tried to keep quiet since she wasn't supposed to be up yet, and wandered to the kitchen, grabbing two cookies from their jar. She walked through the pitch black livingroom towards the stairs, but made one little error. She turned to early in the darkness, and knicked the little table by the stairs with her thigh, making the clock that resided upon it fall with a clatter. Kayla winced and quickly picked it up, hoping no one heard that and shoved the last cookie in her mouth in a nervous panic. The house's lights activated and a voice came from up the stairs a moment after, looking down at her.

"Kayla, what do you think you're doing?", said the voice of Alex from atop the staircase, to Kayla's shock and worry.

The fox checked to make sure the clock was ok now that the lights were on, and answered Alex once she looked up. "I just came down for a bit...I didn't feel like sleeping anymore", she said. Alex started down the stairs and checked the clock himself, seeing it was fine.

"You know you're not supposed to be up now, and you could have at least tried to wipe the cookie crumbs from your muzzle..", Alex crossed his arms and scolded his daughter, who lowered her head and wiped her muzzle of the crumbs that told the full truth. "Since your mother isn't here, I guess I have to take care of this myself", he sighed, walking over to the couch. Kayla took an awkward shock to her chest at hearing that...Emily had gone yesterday to visit her parents, and for the first time, it was Alex home to take care of her...and for the absolute first time, he was going to spank her. Emily always did that, she'd actually never been swatted by him before!

"Yes daddy..", Kayla quietly and nervously replied, walking towards the couch and placing herself compliantly over his lap. The feeling she had now was like that of her first spanking as a penitatas, and not something she was used to...she didn't even know how Alex smacked or how hard! Her usual knowledge of this was no longer valid when it came to him.

"You know I don't like doing this, but I do my job too", Alex said somewhat somberly, still sleepy it seemed too, while he reached over to the coffee table and picked up her thin little swatting paddle that was discarded there. Kayla wasn't used to feeling this nervous, and swallowed hard when she felt his fingers pull up her long shirt and unstrap the velcro tab of her panties, taking them to her knees. With his left hand he took her tail, with the right, he started swatting the little paddle into her rear good, working at a moderate speed, though swatting pretty sharply.

"OOOOOWWW!! OOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!! DAAADDDDYYY!!!", Kayla howled and yelped as she began to cry, feeling that Alex didn't play when he spanked, as his swats were firm and crisp, stinging hard. She kicked her feet just slightly, and either gripping or pawing at the couch with her paws. Why did she have to come down here when she wasn't supposed to and take cookies she wasn't allowed to take without permission? Alex just kept swatting all around with the little thing, occationally swatting a thigh hard when she squirmed too much. He was good at this! "AAAAAAAARRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! PPPLLLEEEAASSEE S-S- STOP!!!", the fox howled similar to one at the nasty sting and hurt he was causing, begging for him to stop this. He hurt, and he was being harsh even with her little paddle. Kayla wimpered and cried after that, holding the couch with her paws, trying to take it as best she could, though her arms would sometimes flail when the sting errupted into fire. Once she was pretty much bawling at the bad swatting Alex was delivering, he finally stopped using the paddle, but quickly went to his hand to finish this, not being all to crisp about it as he cupped his hand slightly, but he really wanted to spread the ache over her welted rear.

"That was very bad of you Kayla to sneak down here and take cookies like that! You know better!", Alex scolded while his hand swat pretty fast. *SMACK!* *SWAT!* *SWAT!* *SMACK!* *SWAT!*

"YYYEEEEOOOWWWW!!! D-DDAAAADDYY, I'MM-OOOOOOWWWW!!! SSSOOORRRYYY!!!", Kayla cried, which finally brought an end to the spanking her poor rear-end had been getting. Alex let her lie there still for a few moments to cry herself down a bit, before picking her up to her feet, pulling her panties back up and latching it above her tail.

"Come on, I'll get you back up to bed", Alex said in a warmer manner, picking her up and letting the fox cry over his shoulder while he carried her upstairs. Kayla supressed her tears to teary sniffles and sobs, crying lighter as she was taken back into her room and placed into bed with a still stingingly welted rear. Alex tucked the teary girl in, giving her a kiss on the forehead and ruffling the fur on her head a bit with a smile. "You need your sleep, and sorry for having to do that. I know you're really a good girl", he said, starting for the door. "See you in the morning", he then turned and smiled, turning the lights back down.

Kayla sniffled. "Ok daddy..goodnight", she wished. The door closed and she grabbed Melissa and held her while she laid there, letting her plushie comfort her. Without Emily around, and after that abnormal spanking, she felt alone and out of much like her first while as a penitatas. She needed someone like was hard to be Calleet's only Aspatrian fox. Everyone knew who you were automaticly, which brought the usual pointing or staring if she was in the mall. Most people didn't care, but Kayla wasn't used to people of any race, period. A life of hate and loneliness was all she had known before. It was like being an infant, born into a family that wasn't her's...where was her mother? Who is she? What about her dad?...who am I, is what poor Kayla asked herself as the strange feelings and thoughts went through her. Kayla shut out her mind, stopping all thoughts to calm herself as she lied there, not wanting to think of these things. Life was alright, and certainly better then before, even as a penitatas...she didn't want to confuse herself. The fox held her plushie gently and snuggled with it and the bed till she fell asleep, a few tear drip lines still remaining on the moist fur of her cheeks.

A dark and dismal field of existance. Kayla was somewhere, and she guessed it didn't exist. Just a shadow stretched far in every direction, and a sky of misty clouds against black that didn't move. It was cold and lonely, blank and motionless.

"I know what it's like to be lonely...", spoke the sad voice of a young girl that came from all areas of the plain, making Kayla look around to see where she was.

"..How so?", Kayla asked the dark plain, wondering who this girl was.

"I was an orphan, just like you..", the said voice replied. Kayla didn't know who she was or why she knew about her, or even what this dream was for, but she found no hostility from her voice.

"It hurts to not have someone love you and raise you, I know..", Kayla stood and spoke, wanting to talk to the entity.

"Yeah...we have our own guilt too for our crimes...but your hacking and mischief can't even compare to mine...I'm so scared, I don't even know how to talk to my penitatas parents..", she said with a sniffle at the end. "I'm scared..", she said quietly and sad, showing kayla exactly why this realm was so dark and lonely.

"Open your heart to them, and you won't feel so alone", Kayla told the darkness, before she shielded her eyes with her paws at the flash of white light that filled the realm, disconnecting her from it.

Kayla woke up, sitting up a little confusedly from the dream. She looked to her window and saw the sun brightly shining, and the clock said it was past eight now. As much as Kayla tried to figure it out, she had no clue who the girl was, or why she felt the need to help her.

"That was a weird dream", Kayla sighed, giving her rear a test rub, finding it to not hurt so bad anymore. Still a little welted, but a good sleep helps all bodily harms. She slipped out of bed and grabbed a pair of shorts, ready to greet the day at the time she was supposed to...and she'd have all sunny day to try and figure out that dream's purpose.