In the 28th century, the technology of rejuvenation allows for immortality. This device is also used for sentencing as well. A penitatas; a criminal that is sent back to childhood to live a highly strict and disciplined life to start anew. (Story Seventeen)
Concept by Lurking Dragon
Kayla and story by Professor Bob

Kayla sat on her bed beside her anthro-fox plushie Melissa, sketching pictures of foxes, clouds, and the occational electronic thing that popped into her head. It was early February, with the days and nights not being as nippy as it used to, but still pretty chilly. School was fine, home was fine. The little fox had no problems, other then the spankings or getting into trouble. She tried to not let being a penitatas ruin her new childhood, and though it was hard, she was a happy little fox, because of her loving friends and family. The ex-hacker sat there comfortably drawing for a while, till her mother stepped in, interrupting the sketch of a drake she was trying.

"Kayla, Ki`rene just called. She asked me to send you over, and that she needs your help. All I know", Emily told her daughter, giving a shrug at the end to what Ki`rene wanted of her. Kayla set down her paper and colored pencils for Melissa to watch over, while she slipped off the bed to put her shoes and jacket on.

"Ok momma", Kayla replied while getting one of her new pinkish shoes on, having outgrown her old pair. To think, she'd been a penitatas for nearly one year now, and would be in a few months. Emily went back downstairs and Kayla quickly got herself ready, padding herself down the stairs with a child's energy, on her way to the door. "You gonna walk me across the street mom?", she asked her mother who was sitting at the computer by the door, not looking like she was getting up.

"I can watch you from the window Kayla, don't worry about it", Emily smiled, giving faith to her girl to look both ways and be safe. Kayla wagged her tail and left, happy to be trusted. She did as was told, being cautious about crossing the street where hovercars would wiz by, and walked up to Ninne and Ki`rene's door, giving the button a tap to signal the door's beep. With the opening of the door, Kayla wagged her bushy orange and white tail, greeting Ki`rene. "Hiya Ki`rene. You needed me for something?", she said in her happy and friendly way, curious to why she was summoned.

"Hi Kayla, come on in and walk to the diningroom so there's no chance of Ninne hearing us ok? I have to talk to you", Ki`rene answered with a smile. She was certain Ninne couldn't hear a thing in her room with the door closed, but the big mother wanted to make certain. Kayla walked in with her, wondering why Ninne couldn't hear this. She sat down at their dinner table, while Ki`rene worked in the kitchen a moment, returning with a glass of juice for her as she took her seat. "I need your help talking with Ninne..", she began, speaking a little disheartenedly. "I've tried to talk to her myself, and as close as we are, she just can't speak with me about it and seems so distant from me now..", she then said, looking and sounding sad.

Kayla took a sip of her grape juice, worried for her friend and what was bothering her. "Something happen? What's wrong?" , she asked out of confusion and worry, knowing that was very unlike Ninne. Ninne loved and adored Ki`rene to no end, and for her to close herself out like this was very worry causing.

Ki`rene nodded a bit. "You see, the past two nights, Ninne's wet her bed. Even as a rejuve, your bodies haven't fully figured itselves out, so you might wet the bed once during your time...however, is very strange to have more then one, and even more to have it in a row. For her to be nearly nine and have this happen to her is highly strange, especially when one is bad enough. The first time she was real sad and mad at herself, but I only comforted her and let her clean herself up while I fixed her bed. She was real upset about it, but I didn't mind any. She was quiet and timid afterwards, but I thought it was only embarassment. However, last night was a different story with her...", Ki`rene explained as Kayla took a few sips of her juice, going into telling the story...

Ki`rene quickly lept up from her bed, dropping her datapad to the matress, when she heard the obvious howl of her daughter. She went very quickly to her room, opening the door and hitting the lights, seeing her girl crying, still curled up tight under her covers, practicly trembling. An scent and large wet stain on her blanket and sheets was also pretty obvious, as she walked to her side. She went to carress her raptor neck and tell her it was ok and to not be scared, but she actually cringed at the touch, making a tiny light wimper. "Ninne? Ninne honey, you can get out of bed, nothing is wrong", she reassured, seeing her daughter was kinda scared.

"I'm sorry!", Ninne cried in a wimper, slipping out of bed on the other side, crying very lightly. Ki`rene was pretty worried.

"Sweetie, it was only an accident, I'm not mad. I'm not gonna punish you and I think no less of you. Go take off your panties and hop into the shower to wash yourself all nice and clean ok?", Ki`rene said as she walked around to her girl's side, giving her a kiss on her head after she had taken off her soaked panties. Ninne just sort of sulked afterwards, taking a quick shower and getting dressed. Her mother had her bed fresh and clean by the time she came back, and helped her into bed, tucking her in, being as motherly as she was with her loving daughter.

"I'm really sorry ma`ma..", Ninne sighed after she was tucked into her warm and dry sheets. Ki`rene only smiled.

"Don't be embarassed dear, you're just having trouble is all. Nothing to cry about, I'd never punish you for a little accident ok?", she tried to assure, being her usual self. Ninne nuzzled her snout into her pillow, looking sad.

"It's ok, it's nothing..", Ninne answered to her mother's reassurance, playing like nothing was bothering her. Ki`rene supressed her sigh and gave her a good kiss on the snout, noticing a flinch when she did. Ninne was real upset, but she decided to not push her and went to the door, turning out the lights.

"Good night", Ki`rene said, before closing the door and heading downstairs to take care of her girl's dirty laundry...

Kayla finished her juice, feeling embarassed for her friend, though she was also distraught. Ki`rene paused a moment, before continuing. "All today she's been up in her room, not even playing. She looks really sad and sulky, and I can't get her to tell me what's wrong...I feel bad...", the poor drake mother sighed. "Could you try talking to her? Maybe she needs a friend and not a mom..", Ki`rene asked, before looking and sounding even sadder, worried for her daughter, and saddened by her wishes to not open up to her. Kayla nodded her head.

"I will", she said, getting off the chair and padding herself upstairs. Ki`rene watched her go up and wished her luck silently, taking care of the empty glass. She wanted to know why Ninne hurt so much...she loved her to no end, and it tore her apart inside. Bedwetting or not, she thought no less of her daughter...but she wondered if Kayla would have any effect, especially if she herself couldn't even help Ninne. Kayla went the short ways to Ninne's door and paused for a moment, before hitting the button that opened her bedroom door. Ninne looked up from her seat in the middle of her bed, huddled up with herself, to see who intruded on her solitude. Kayla closed the door behind herself and walked in a step, trying to look happy, and that she knew nothing.

"Hiya Ninne! What's with the sad look?", she greeted happily, before toning it down as she walked to the side of the bed and hopped onto it, beside her big reptilian friend. She looked like something was really bothering her, and she was fighting something within even as she spoke.

"It's nothing. Just...a tummy ache is all", Ninne said low and light, trying to mask her pain with an excuse. Kayla guessed she'd have to me more outright.

"Your mom told me about the past two nights..", the fox admitted to knowing.

Ninne turned her head to her with almost a shocked look. "She told?!", the drake yelped, before huddling closer and putting her head down.

"Don't be ashamed of bedwetting, it's only an accident", Kayla tried to reassure, hoping Ninne was still listening as she looked so sulky.

"It's not that Kayla..", Ninne sighed painfully, sending a chill through herself. The more Kayla listened, the more she worried about Ninne.

"Please, tell me what's wrong. Why are you so upset? It'll feel better to tell..", Kayla tried to get her to open up.

Ninne stayed quiet a moment, and Kayla thought she failed, before her friend spoke. "Nightmares. The past two nights I've had nothing but nightmares...long, terrifying, painful...the most hurtful ones I wake up from with a scream, and find I've wet the bed..", the drake opened up and admitted.

"Nightmares can't hurt, they'll go away. Talk to your mom about them", Kayla tried to reassure, seeing her friend looked nearly frightened.

Ninne lifted her neck from having her head huddled close, and shook her head. "They always get worse....and I can't talk to my mom about them because...they're about her", she answered, getting a look from Kayla that insisted that she continued. "They're always about me hurting her somehow. My momma loves me so much, but I've been such a brat the past two years...she's always wanted us to be like this, but I always did horrible things and pushed her away! The guilt of being such a monster is tearing me apart..", she said, looking about to cry. "Do you know what it's like to know you've hurt someone for so long that loves you like her own child? I was so mean to her and disobidient, and I've caused her so much trouble, pain, and regret...she only wanted to love me and I hurt her again and again, treating her like my worst enemy! Ever since Christmas I've gotten to see how much she loves me, and it hurts so bad knowing what I've put her through! These nightmares are so terrifying and painful to experience, and everything it shows me makes the guilt that had been growing even worse..", she fully explained as her eyes welled at the pain inside. Kayla was near speechless. Ninne unhuddled herself and looked behind herself, taking her drake girl plushie gently into her claws to show Kayla something as she looked into her plushie's eyes. She turned a little bit and handed her drake plushie to Kayla, whom she didn't ever really get to see, but knew her name was Aiko. Something on the plushie's claws caught her attention while she held it...home sewn silver 'C's resided upon the backs of her claws, and looked practicly like it was a part of the original plush so much work went into doing it carefully. "My momma sewed those on her..", Ninne sniffled, getting Kayla's quick attention. "She said a little drake who had gone through being a peni could comfort me better a-and...I could dream..", she told her tearly before she began to cry, pausing her sentence for a moment or two. "..a-about having them on the backs of my own claws...", she sniffled and sobbed saddly, crying from her guilt. Kayla was pretty sad herself watching this, and thought sewing those on her plushie was an incredibly thoughtful and loving thing. "She want's me to be a penitatas as much as I could I have hurt someone that's loved me that much? How could I do so many terribly bad things, like a selfish little bitch when she loves me even more then my real mother!!", the hurting drake cried, sobbing into her claws. Kayla set her plushie down infront of them and Kayla hopped up with a hug, putting her arms around Ninne's raptor side as she sat there crying into her claws.

"You need to talk to Ki`rene to get rid of your guilt! She loves you like nothing else, you have to take yourself, sorrow and all, and see her", Kayla heavily encouraged in her friendly way, so worried about her and Ki`rene. Ninne would never sleep soundly again if she didn't let go her pain, and may not even play or enjoy her time awake if she sulked, fighting the demons inside all by herself. She tried to fathom what she was feeling...she knew all the stories of things she had done before they met, and even got to see her get her tail chewed just hours after they saw eachother for the first time. To be loved so much by someone who you thought hated you, and you caused so much trouble to...and even loved you more then your real parents? It's no wonder Ninne was so depressed and in pain...she thought she'd been perfectly alone all this time. Kayla held her friend and stayed close by till her tears subsided to sniffs, and she beat back at the demons hurting her.

"I'll be ok Kayla...c-can I have some time alone? I need to think..", Ninne sniffled, putting her head down a little, tired from crying and everything else. Kayla made a nod, keeping an eye on Ninne to make sure she wouldn't cry anymore as she slipped off the bed.

"Alright Ninne. Please take care ok?", Kayla said as she went to the door, still keeping an eye on her drake friend, before she left, again closing the door behind her. She padded lightly downstairs and looked about for Ki`rene, who she found in the kitchen, getting a mug of coffee with lots of cream from her replicator. "I'm back Ki`rene", the fox let her know, catching her attention as she took her mug.

"How did it go Kayla?", the mother asked most curiously, looking like she was dying to know the answer.

"She's been having nightmares, and that's why she's been wetting the bed in her sleep...there's more then that, but you'll need to wait for Ninne to think things through and talk to you...she really want's to be alone right now, and she's sad about...what she's worrying about", Kayla answered for her lightly, though not saying anything about Ninne's true issue. Ninne hed to tell her mother on her own.

Ki`rene made a nod, looking just slightly better. "Thank you very much Kayla, I'll do that", she answered lightly herself, appreciative of her efforts. "Would you like anything before you go?", she then offered.

"No thanks, I'm fine", Kayla smiled with a little tail swish.

Ki`rene made herself more relieved, and smiled in return. "Be careful headed home then, and I'll give your mom a call and tell her you were a big help", she said on a more happier note. She and Kayla said their goodbyes and she left for home to carefully cross the street unattended again. Ki`rene noticed she came that way, so she allowed her to walk home without her. After she gave Emily her 'thank you' call and told her that Kayla was a good girl, she sat down to drink her coffee at the dinner table, trying to patiently wait and see if her daughter would come down on her own. She eventually went about tiding up the kitchen and diningroom, wondering if Ninne would ever come down, but after a long while, the question was answered.

"Ma`ma, I need to talk to you..", Ninne said, once she quietly trotted downstairs and softly called to her mother from the short distance away livingroom. Ki`rene went from her work quickly, going to her daughter in the space in the livingroom she was usualy punished in, and put a claw on her raptorish neck with a smile.

"Yes Ninne?", Ki`rene said rather calmly and soothingly, speaking to her girl in a motherly tone. Ninne looked up from her sulking, with a face that looked like she would cry.

"The reason for the bedwetting is that I've been having nightmares....I was afraid to talk to you about them, because they're about you..", Ninne began, looking sad. "Scary dreams...blood, hate, and hurt...and I'm always doing it to hurts to watch, and I'm always screaming for all of it to stop but it doesn't...I'm afraid to even say all of it..", she said with difficulty, admitting this while sounding a bit teary. Ki`rene just rubbed her neck affectionately.

"It'll be ok honey..", her mother said in a kind and gentle way.

Ninne tried to supress it, but it didn't work. She started crying, and not too lightly either. "I feel horrible for being the stupid penitatas I've been for so long! I always hurt you! I treated you like scum and made you chew my tail ten times over so many times when you only wanted to take care of me! I've been so mean to you when you've treated me better then even my own parents! You loved me...and I only did bad things in return...I'm so sorry...t-the guilt is painful for everything I've done the past nearly three years, making your life a horror with my constant disobidience and mean things I've done..I'm so ashamed, it's bringing me nightmares now, finally seeing how you really wanted to be with me...I saw you cry during my Christmas punishment, I've felt all the love you've been giving me, and love everything you have done, especially with my put 'C's on her claws meant a lot to me...I love you mommy..", Ninne cried out, trying her hardest to show her mother the agony in her heart for the insulent brat she had been. Ki`rene was shocked by her full outburst of tears, and felt really bad for Ninne.

"Shh, shhh...It's ok're a good girl", Ki`rene reassured with a smile, looking into her girl's teary eyes.

Ninne looked up sniffling, looking into her mother's loving gaze. The smile upon her snout and a mother's care. She couldn't take it anymore, the guilt was tearing at every fiber of her being, the amount of kindness and love she was giving her, even after everything she had done. There was only one solution, and she had to use it. This was it. "Momma I want you to punish me for everything I've ever done! Everything that's hurt you, upset you, or inconvinienced you! I can't take the guilt anymore!!", the poor girl nearly howled out. Ki`rene could have thought her ears were decieving her.

"Ninne I can't punish you. You're a good girl, and I'm not upset with you! You're the daughter I have always hoped for!" , she replied to her, holding her girl a bit.

Ninne looked up with her tears into her mother's eyes. "Please, you have to! I'll never be able to sleep again! I can't live with what I've done, and this is how my guilt can go away! I don't want to hurt like this anymore...p- please..", she cried quietly and desperately. Ki`rene felt a pressure on her heart, seeing her girl feeling so guilty about her past. She wasn't angry, she wasn't upset...but Ninne was. Her mind and concience wasn't leaving her alone, now that she had felt her love and saw her past wrongs.

"B-but Ninne...what kind of punishment are you looking for?..", Ki`rene sort of asked, not being able to believe she was. She didn't want to do this at all...but if it's what Ninne wanted to stop her guilt and problems, Ki`rene loved her enough to put herself through it. Ninne pondered at her question while sniffling, and came to her decision.

"The blistering dragon-paddle..", Ninne answered firmly, with a swallow beforehand, condemning herself. Ki`rene actually winced herself.

"Are you certain Ninne?...I-I'll do it for you if I must..", Ki`rene said nervously, unable to believe how big her girl's heart really was to condemn herself for her guilty concience, feeling this horrible as to have mind shattering nightmares. Ninne nodded her head confidently, though slowly. "How harsh Ninne?", she felt she had to ask.

"As much as it takes to paddle me nasty, with a bunch of blisters...thirty, on the tail...and the hips..", the young drake sniffled, feeling very iffy about putting herself through it...but her heart was making the decisions, and it said she deserved every lick.

"Hips?!", Ki`rene nearly choked. She didn't even use the harsh dragon-paddle on her hips unless she did something really bad, and even then it was only ten or fifteen swats! To use THIS paddle on her hips was excruciating to even think about! "Ninne, do you know what you're asking?", she just had to reaffirm.

"Yes momma...I really do mean it..", Ninne said confidently, though still sadly. Ki`rene sighed painfully, looking at her daughter and pondering this. She came to a discision herself.

"I'll do it Ninne..", Ki`rene said quietly, giving her girl a quick embrace before walking to the wall and taking the new paddle down, that she didn't think she'd be picking up anytime soon at all. It went up onto the wall only the other day, just for ornamentation...but now it really did have a purpose. The loving mother wanted nothing to do with this, but she couldn't turn down her crying daughter..not in the pain she was in. Ninne lifted her head fully and positioned herself in the space where her punishments were usualy done, sniffling and doing this without any sort of gesture or order. She really was determined to destroy her guilt and right the wrongs of her past. After Ninne completely removed her clothing, Ki`rene went slowly over behind her girl as usualy done, though taking her tail very gently and raising it, while Ninne's snout went softly to the carpet. The mother positioned herself properly for the use of this paddle, giving more room, while looking at the horrible thing in her own claw. Thick, heavily studded, and many large sharp studs that were designed to inflict blistering upon a drake, stabbing into the thick scales to cause serious hurt to them.

"Swat like you mean business...aa-and I don't want nano- lotion after this..", Ninne said from the carpet. Ki`rene looked real shocked now...was her girl sick? Asking to NOT get nano-lotion?! This wasn't the old Ninne talking...the one she met that one day in the waitingroom of the courthouse, the morning she finally got a call, saying there was a girl for her. She was excited to no end, happy to meet the little six year old drake, who's name she found to be tender as she could be, she always disobeyed, and most of all, acted selfish...but now...the tender side won, and the drake wanted to repent for everything she's done, having finally tasted love and the guilt of her past wrongs. Ki`rene would never take that away.

"..Here I go Ninne..", Ki`rene said really softly, hurting inside to do this to her girl, but she wanted her guilt gone too. Taking a firm grip on the paddle's handle, she raised it and swung without holding anything back from normal, just as Ninne asked. *SWAT!!!!*

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW W!!!!!!!!", Ninne roared at her first swat, landing right on the base of her tail. The crying came immidiately at the hurt this paddle brought, as two and three went back into her tail, slamming it and her scales. Ninne was howling and crying good at the hurt and sting already, and she had a ways to go. Ki`rene paddled four into her tail, and with a change in her claw, slammed it down on her right hip. Ninne ROARED out her howl, making a little hopping kick with the leg, twitching it as the pain plowed through it. *WHAP!!!!*, it landed on her left, making her hop up and down on her only two legs BAWLING while she fidgeted her legs. Ki`rene couldn't believe she was doing this, and felt like she'd cry if she had to keep doing this to someone she loved when they'd done nothing wrong. The paddle would come again and again, reaching the double digits and rising, while Ninne only bawled her heart out, howling when her hips were smacked. No pleas at all. The mother would swing her arm hard to wield this big thing, watching her girl's hips and tail as they were paddled a horrid stabbed red, with blisters all over while Ninne made a continuous howl once twenty was reached. The girl was bawling very hard, choking on her howls and tears, while the salty fluid went down her snout to the carpet like a river. "AAAAAAAHHHHHHH-HHAAA-HHHHAAAAAAA!!!!!", Ninne cried like a newborn drake, loud and at a high pitch, combining her screaming howls and cries into one baby cry. Legs trembling, knees buckling, tail in flames and hips mauled, Ninne felt like the most insignificant child, who's horrid acts forced this upon her. *SMACK!!!!* *SLAM!!!!*, came twenty six and twenty seven on the hips while Ki`rene dripped tears of her own at what she had done, swatting the paddle it's last times into her tail and right hip to end. The sobbing mother clasped her girl in a hug on her dinoasur knees to keep Ninne from falling over while she screamed and cried like an infant that had a cinderblock dropped on her tail, and certainly more then once too. The paddle laid finally silent upon the carpet, while the cries of a young drake filled her mother's ears, you was crying a bit herself, just holding her brave and terrific daughter.

"Ninne..", Ki`rene said softly and tearily, before picking her crying girl up and carrying her to the couch. She helped her curl up with her to cry, and not cry alone. Ninne would never be alone. The worst paddling she ever got, blisters on her tail and even her poor sensitive hips, and she said no plea, or no cry for her to stop. Her tail looked NASTY and her hips looked even worse! Ninne laid curled up like that for quite the while, not able to move, feeling limp, still trying to cry it all out and catch her breath. Her mother calmed her own crying, trying to rock her girl gently, shushing her softly like a mother would her small child. Ninne couldn't stop her crying as much as she wanted to, being that the sting and burning wasn't subsiding, and probabbly wouldn't. After Ki`rene gave her a kiss on the head, Ninne uncurled herself and slipped off the couch, as much painful as that was, and walked herself over to the corner, putting her snout against the wall where the two conjoined, following standard procedure as she was used to. She had nothing to do after her paddling, so she stood and cried into the corner while her hips and tail burned. Ki`rene wiped her eyes and actually smiled at the warm glow of Ninne's heart, getting up and putting the paddle back on the wall, and returning to Ninne with a little something she spread on her claw silently behind her, before she crouched down and rubbed it onto her tailbase and hips real quick before she could protest. "As your mother, and the person you did this for, I say you deserve this too", Ki`rene smiled to her girl when she turned her head around, feeling the nano-lotion being applied. Ki`rene rubbed every bit of it in, the whole glob, and Ninne replied to that with a giant and tight hug, nuzzling her mommy's neck while she stayed crouched down.

"I love you ma`ma!", Ninne said in her still teary and tired voice, though the tears would soon stop fully. Ki`rene hugged just as tightly back.

"I love you too sweetie. I hope you won't feel bad about the past anymore, and the nightmares will go away. I didn't want to do that, but I'd force myself for you", Ki`rene told her daughter with her eyes closed and a smile, just letting her claws 'see' for her. She 'saw' a wonderful little drake with a big heart that was warm to the touch. Her daughter. The one she had always wanted since she got her penitatas licence, and lucky for her, it was her first peni. She would never let Ninne go, and she'd be there for her for the rest of time. Almost three years...only that little? She felt as attached to her as if she had known her since she was born. Ninne's first words out of the rejuvenation chamber came shortly after, being 'Ow! Dammit!' when she stumbled and smacked her snout on a exam bed...but the first word actually spoken to Ki`rene as soon as they met, was a simple 'Hiya' and nervous wave with her six year old claw. From that moment on, Ninne was her's. "I'm gonna make your favorite for dinner, give you a fun little bath, then we'll play and watch the holo before bedtime", she looked into Ninne's eyes and said with her motherly smile, feeling so close to her now. Ninne smiled back while her mom wiped her snout of tears and cleaned her off, knowing she felt better on the inside. Her heart was at peace.

"Thanks ma`ma, you're a big help", Ninne said with a kiss of her own. The two went off for to make dinner together, which turned out alright, though Ki`rene screwed up the recipe a tiny bit. The two girls enjoyed their Saturday quite thuroughly, playing together, laughing, or silently enjoying the other's company. When bedtime came around, Ki`rene tucked her in for bed and gave her a kiss, looking at her for a moment while she thought.

"You're a real sweet girl, and you don't need to worry about your misbehavior way back. You've changed, and you're the best thing in my life", the mother said with a bright smile, telling Ninne of her importantance to her heart. Ninne smiled back.

"And you're the best thing in mine too. Good night you!", Ninne admitted fully and wished of her, nuzzling her head into her pillow, beside her drake plushie Aiko. Ki`rene went to the door and turned out the lights, making sure to look back at the tranqil little girl before closing the door, knowing how lucky they both were. Ninne curled up warmly with a smile, falling asleep shortly after, finding a nightmareless slumber...only a warm dream of having silver 'C's on the back of her claws would come tonight.