In the 28th century, the technology of rejuvenation allows for immortality. This device is also used for sentencing as well. A penitatas; a criminal that is sent back to childhood to live a highly strict and disciplined life to start anew. (Story Sixteen)
Concept by Lurking Dragon
Kayla and story by Professor Bob

A week has past since Kayla and Ninne's horrifying Christmas, within January of the new year. The air was chilled but hearts were still warm across the lands, except for most penitatas of course. Kayla survived her first Christmas, getting nano-lotion for the severe welts below her tail when she and Emily awoke together the next morning. She nearly dropped dead when Ninne finally explained a Drakonian Christmas, but she also came to noticing how much closer Ninne and Ki`rene were afterwards. They acted like a normal family, mother and daughter, though Kayla would rather be switched like she was at full force then have a certain place swatted with a steel bristled brush. Both girls loved their familys no less for doing their job, and for Ninne, she loved her mother even more. Their presents were appreciated, and so was the tender care. Kayla had showed Ninne an episode of the Drakonian cartoon she got for Christmas a few days back when she came to her house, and she translated the title for her to 'Battle Skies'. She told her the cartoon was an old style used on their planet many many years back, and that was why it had violence and fighting with the more dangerous weapons used then that certainly weren't now. Kayla decided to take the box of chips with her to Ninne's house so they could watch the series together, sitting a little ways from the holo together. Ki`rene was surprised Emily got Kayla one of these old drake animes, but assumed you had to catch her technological intrest if she wanted her to learn Drakonian. Kids her age weren't usualy allowed to watch something like this, even as a rejuve, but Kayla was mature enough, and Ki`rene allowed Ninne to watch it as well. Cartoons don't really hurt, but she popped her head from the kitchen a few times when she heard something too close to a cuss, wondering if Emily even knew what she baught.

"Hey Kayla, how long would it take you to open that?", Ninne smirked, refering to a large electronic door with a complicated control pannel that one of the main characters, Kahhata, opened into a large room.

Kayla brushed her muzzle with a paw. "Well the technology is kinda old, it might have taken me a bit unless the old style wires behind the pannel could be minipulated", she answered, thinking if she really could hack something so old with her modern skill. The two girls got quiet again at the important part, being a military style briefing in the hangar-like structure. Kayla hadn't seen a room full of more then a hundred drakes before. Kahhata spoke aloud to her under rankings, briefing them with a large plasma screen behind her, with her firearm on a holster before her hip, and her high commander ranking pins on her sash around her neck. Once the long scene was over, the cartoon suddenly froze and neither knew why, till Ki`rene spoke up from behind them with the remote in claw.

"Kayla, can you repeat the list of mission objectives that woman said?", Ki`rene asked in her her teacher sort of way, looking to see how Kayla's knowledge of the Drakonian language was holding up after all the tutoring she and Ninne had been giving her.

"Well ummm...", Kayla studdered, trying to remember and decipher the spits and snarrls. "She said something about stopping somebody, and a few things about the...Tolisk group and err...the day for an attack is tomorrow?", she tried to answer. Ki`rene and even Ninne gave her a near appauled look.

"That's all?..", Ninne just sort of said, looking at the shrunken fox beside her. Kayla certainly felt nervous now, especially at the look Ki`rene was giving her. She had been working on her drake and all, but she still wasn't good at it. Out of most things, she only recognized a few words, and they're usualy simple and short sentences. Enough to make it look like she understood plenty, but when it came to something complex like Kahhata briefed, she didn't really get any of it.

"Kayla, after all the work I've done tutoring you I certainly expected something better then that! That was horrible! I barely paid attention and I got more then that summary!", Ki`rene scolded, really disappointed Kayla's drake was still under par. It might have been enough to squeeze by in school, but it wasn't with her. Kayla sulked and look down at the floor, knowing for certain she should have known much more with the work she and Ninne had put in for her.

"And she didn't say 'the day for attack is tomorrow'. She said 'the day for revenge is today'! Come on, that's easy stuff", even Ninne scolded, since she tutored Kayla as well. Kayla felt ashamed and cornered, realizing she hadn't worked as hard as she should have. Her friends worked hard with her, but she let a bit of it slip away and only knew just enough for school. Not really enough to read or understand a full drake speech, though she should have understood most of it at least.

Ki`rene stood with her arms crossed, tapping her right claw's fingers on her arm, thinking. She came to her decision. "Ninne, go upstairs and fetch a nursery cane from my closet and the full size paddle Emily gave me a while back", she requested of her daughter, trusting she wouldn't mess with anything.

Ninne gave a nod. "Ok momma", she said slightly lower then her normal tone, sad to know Kayla was about to be punished, but also disappointed her progress was so lacking, especially for her. She could do far better. Ninne went upstairs while Kayla darted her head to Ki`rene in a panic, making a small high wimper, getting scared.

"Kayla, I'm awfully disappointed in you, and I think you deserve 'encouragement'", Ki`rene told her, taking a few steps and leaning back to settle herself on her tail, making the high Drakonian lap. Kayla gulped and wimpered more noticibly.

"Ki`rene please, I don't mean to slack off..", Kayla said as she stood up, holding her paws infront of her, looking sulky and sad.

Ki`rene just gave her big knee a pat. "Over here Kayla, you need this", she said, making Kayla comply with tears in her eyes. The big drake lifted Kayla up onto her lap, undoing the button of her pants, pulling them off. Kayla hung her head quietly, but making a loud sound and series of teary wimpers when Ki`rene started to swat her cotton panty covered rear with her claw.

"Ooooowwwww!! OOWWWW!! Ki`rene!!", Kayla yelped, giving her feet a kick, wincing and cringing over her lap as the big brown claw spanked her. Took only a few seconds for the real crying to start, as the fox pawed at Ki`rene's leg. *SMACK!*, the claw would continue, delivering over two dozen before the mommy stopped and started undoing the velcro of her panties, taking them off as Kayla cried in pain. Ki`rene's claw was about to make contact with the bare fuzzy rear when it stopped, seeing her daughter trot back in from the stairs with both the requested devices. "S-s-stop please...I promise I'll do better!", Kayla sobbed and sniffled a bit, seriously not liking the idea of being caned and paddled with that full size one. Her own mother usualy only used the little thin one, but this was big and thick, only really used for discipline. It looked just slightly like what she got for Christmas but without paint, so now she got to see how much that paddle they got would hurt, concidering it hadn't yet been used on her. It almost did four days ago, but some good pleading got her mother to use the brush instead, though she threw in a really hard handspanking too.

"Have a seat on the couch now Ninne", Ki`rene nodded to her girl, once she politely gave her both spanking tools. Ninne hopped on the couch and looked on attentively, knowing this was kinda harsh, but Kayla really needed to learn drake. Being so far behind in the language left her at a rush to catch up, and she wouldn't last the next school grade's Drakonian if she didn't improve. It was better for her to recieve the consequences now for not trying as hard as was needed, then to have it pounded into her daily by their next teacher and a fourth grade paddle. Kayla cried saddly over Ki`rene's lap, damming herself for not using her abilities to learn as she should have. "I'm sorry to do this Kayla, but you have to learn Drakonian. Promise me you'll try harder after this, alright?", Ki`rene said in her motherly way, as punishing Kayla didn't exactly sit well, especially when her behavior was just fine.

"I promise Ki`rene, just don't be too harsh..", Kayla lightly cried, just wishing the big drake would say it was all ok and she could put her back to her feet. Instead, Ki`rene took her tail and held it against her back firmly, taking the little nursery cane into claw. The fox closed her eyes hard, bracing for the first lash, which came quickly. *CRACK!!* *CRACK!!* "OOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!! PPPLLLLEEE-HEE-HEEESE!!", Kayla cried, held in place by her claw, though she kicked her feet a bit as the cane smacked at a slow rhythum below her tail, painting little welts all the way down. Kayla howled and kicked her legs hard, but that was only responded with a sharp crack by the cane onto the center of her rear, causing a teary yelp and a quick cease to her kicks. Ki`rene rather use this then her tongue, as it was less harsh, but would deffinately get the message across. The fox's cries and wimpers sure told that true as the cane smacked her rear, nearing thirteen smacks and she wasn't even done coating her rump yet. "AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!", Kayla howled loud like a fox when the cane dove harshly into the crease between her rear and legs, and didn't stop. Ki`rene quickly administered a few swats to her thighs as Kayla howled and cried hard, renewing those kicks. Ki`rene set the cane aside, picking Kayla up and sitting her up in her lap, upon one of her big raptor legs.

"Kayla, do you think it was fair for others to put in such effort for you and you not do the same?", Ki`rene asked in her light drake mother way, leaning her head down to speak with the little crying fox. Kayla shook her head, trying to wipe her eyes with a paw. Ki`rene gently wiped them for her with the back of her claw, giving the child a little assistance. "Even Ninne, your best friend had taught you things that were in that speech you forgot. It really disappoints people when they try hard to get someone somewhere, and they don't try to help themselves. Your lack of trying could have hurt your friend's feelings you know", she told Kayla as her tears began to subside to listen. Ninne appreciated her mother's thought for her feelings, but Kayla could never hurt them that easily, since she was the best friend she ever had.

Kayla sniffled, looking down, trying not to cry. "I'm sorry..", she appologized, knowing it was wrong of her to shrug off a friend's help when she needed it.

"Now, take this and put yourself over Ninne's lap", Ki`rene said most unexpectedly, handing the fox the full sized paddle. She took it into her paws after she took a blow to her chest and yelped, being set to her feet, off the high lap. Ninne was just as shocked as Kayla was.

"I...I have to paddle her mom?", Ninne asked confusedly, just to make sure she got this right. She didn't want to spank her friend, Kayla didn't make her angry, just a little disappointed maybe...she learned her lesson, hadn't she?

"It's best she get's something from both her teachers honey, you're just as important in her learning", Ki`rene replied softly as Kayla took the few steps to Ninne and placed herself over her lap on the couch in tears. Ninne saw her mother's words to be true, but she also saw the fox crying face down over her lap, certainly with an already well spanked rear. Ninne did though, have the paddle and swat number at her own discression. Her mom left all the decisions for her, treating her like a big girl, and this meant she could be as harsh as she wanted, or in this case, didn't want.

"N-Ninne..don't spank me hard...please...", Kayla sobbed and said lightly, mostly wimpering her tears out, thinking of how much this will hurt over a rear of cane stripes.

"Just ten easy swats from me, as I'm not really angry. Maybe disappointed, but I have faith in you", Ninne smiled to her with the paddle in claw.

"I'm sorry Ninne...", Kayla cried softly. Ninne moved her tail up her back and out of the way as she had seen so many times before, and raised the paddle in the other claw, bringing it down not too hard, but it was enough to make a yelp from the spanked and caned Kayla. *SMACK!*, the paddle begun it's assault, delivering a few swats before Kayla upped her crying and wimpering, fidgeting a little as the cane stripes lit on fire from the slaps. "Ooooowwwww!!!", Kayla howled at swat six, and only cried for the next four, subdued as a little kit would be. She felt bad because of Ki`rene's words about disappointing them when they cared so much, and accepted this paddling from her friend to make things right. She had swatted Ninne's claws when she did a big wrong on her, it was only right that Ninne get to paddle her when she showed such disrespect. Ninne placed the paddle beside her and rubbed her friends back a moment before helping her off, both getting up. Ki`rene collected her paddle and cane, handing the sobbing Kayla her clothes.

"When I come back down, why don't we work on your Drakonian? Will you be ok to do that?", Ki`rene asked Kayla and she slowly slipped her panties back up her legs.

"Yes, please..", she sniffled, wanting to make this right. She really did want to learn, but she had a laziness issue that needed correction. Ki`rene went upstairs to her room to put away her things when Kayla started getting her pants back on.

"My mom'll give you nano-lotion, don't you worry. She won't make you keep the sting or ache since you didn't do anything bad. Sorry to paddle you too", Ninne assured and appologized, sad to have done that to her. Kayla latched her pants and sniffed.

"It's ok, I felt bad for letting you down. I'll try harder", Kayla promised her friend, wiping her eyes and nose. Ki`rene came back down and they all started working at Kayla's encouragement for them to do so, and they even used the briefing on the cartoon as part of the lesson. After Kayla answered one of Ki`rene's little questions right, she went and got her some nano-lotion which she applied liberally, taking all the punishment away from the little fox. With her full focus, Ninne and Ki`rene were able to teach her the entire briefing, and Kayla could translate it word for word from her memory. Very crafty for someone never known drake before, and neither drake expected her to be able to repeat this in exact another day, but they knew she learned a lot today. Kayla got to find out exactly what the briefing was for, and Ninne and she sat back down to watch their cartoon once Kayla found out the cool battle that was about to ensue. By the time the episode ended, Emily had come to pick her up, happy to hear Kayla had learned a lot. Ki`rene kindly left out mentioning the whole punishment, and Kayla quietly thanked her before she left, appreciative of her friend's care.

Ki`rene went back to working in the kitchen, having decided earlier to make something new for dinner that she and Ninne could enjoy. She turned her head with a smile when Ninne padded in, having a look at what she was doing. "I'm sorry you had to paddle your friend, but it helped didn't it?", Ki`rene asked, not sure if her daughter could be secretly mad at her for asking her to do that. Ninne only smiled.

"It's ok ma`ma, it did", Ninne reassured and smiled in her happy drake way, knowing Kayla knew more and things were peachy. Ki`rene gave her girl a kiss on top of her raptor head.

"I'll give you a call when dinner's ready....I really don't know when that'll be", Ki`rene told her in a loving way, before chuckling at the mess infront of her and a page of instructions that weren't too good. Ninne giggled and went off to watch the holo for a little bit, having the privlidge to do so. She couldn't have been happier, being loved so much and cared for. The little disobidient drake was no longer an outcast from her mother, but a warm family like Ki`rene always wanted in the first place. Discipline wasn't as bad when it was from someone you loved, and loved you back.