In the 28th century, the technology of rejuvenation allows for immortality. This device is also used for sentencing as well. A penitatas; a criminal that is sent back to childhood to live a highly strict and disciplined life to start anew. (Story Fifteen)
Concept by Lurking Dragon
Kayla and story by Professor Bob

Alas, the day Ninne had dreadded since the last, had come once again. She had experienced two before, and another was about to be added to her list. It was early, and she couldn't sleep anymore, or even close her eyes. There was nothing she hated more then a hard timer's Christmas...

"Please make this day go away...", Ninne wimpered, curling up beneath her cozy warm blankets. Her door opened and her mother slowly peeked inside.

"Ninne?", Ki`rene asked to see if she was awake, and it was obvious she was. Her voice was low, as she also hated this holiday, and she sighed upon seeing her daughter awake. "Time to get up. You can come open your presents, and I'm not talking about what the Correction Council sent me", she said with a smile, trying to be comforting as she knew this was going to be a bad day for her little drake. Ninne made a small whine and slipped out of her bed, sulking out of her room with her mom beside her, just wearing her shirt and panties. "Cheer up Ninne, you know I'm going to try and make this day as enjoyable as possible. I'm not going to add extra things like other penitatas parents would do, or humiliate you. I just want to spend time with you, and maybe we could still have fun", Ki`rene tried to assure, walking down the stairs with her daughter just behind.

"I know, you're so much nicer then other mommys, but I'm still going to feel humiliated...", Ninne sighed. They arrived in the livingroom, with a little pile of gifts upon the coffee table infront of the couch. Ninne sat down beside her mother, and smiled up to her, out of appreciation.

"These two over here are for after you open your real presents", Ki`rene told her, pointing to the floor at a wrapped gift that was rather big, with a smaller one attached to it. Ninne nodded and looked over the pile. "Well? Go ahead Ninne", she giggled, wanting her to have some fun. Ninne took that as a good invite, grabbing one of the gifts off the table. She opened it carefully, finding her mom had got her a cute drake girl plushie. Ki`rene saw Kayla's Melissa and got this idea for Ninne.

"Awwww", she smiled, giving the drake a test hug. Something like this was a nice thing to keep her company in bed after a good tail chewing. The next gifts showed to be an outfit, a new computer game, and an art supply set, since she liked to sketch at her desk. After their fun and a thank you hug, there was one left.

"Sorry Ninne, but it's time for these..", Ki`rene said in a sad way, handing her daughter the big box. Ninne looked at it for a moment with a sad look, before placing it on the table and unwrapping it. It was a box, so once she lifted the lid, she gasped with a wimper and shot her claws back upon what she saw. She was eight Ki`rene's arsenal just got a new paddle. The equivalent of a blistering paddle, with it's few huge and sharp studs, attached to a harsh dragon-paddle- like surface, though it was bigger and heavier too. Along with it was the usual Drakonian Christmas brush, or it was for a girl at least, covered in dense, completely straight and sharp steel bristles. Ki`rene took the other little gift for herself, seeing that her girl was scared out of her wits, and read it's contents, knowing what it was.

"It says you're to get ten with the paddle, hundred and fourty-nine with the brush", she said rather painfully to her youngster.

Ninne wimpered saddly and painfully, letting loose a set of tears, knowing of her horrid fate. "Let's get this over with", she said almost tearily, getting up from the couch and unstrapping the velcro of her panties.

"I'll do the paddling now, the brush can come later, since that's really the worst part for you and me too. I'm sorry. After this you'll be sent to the corner till I have our Christmas breakfast ready, and that'll be almost an hour", Ki`rene told her upfront, getting up herself and taking the large and horrid paddle into claw. Ninne walked herself to the middle of the livingroom with a gesture of her mother's claw, wimpering very quietly as she sulked. Ki`rene didn't want to do this, knowing herself how a normal punishment hurt, and guessing how baddily this was going to harm her daughter. She took Ninne's bare tail and raised it, sending her snout to the carpet. "Alright, I go..", Ki`rene said quietly and sadly, raising the new paddle and giving a warning before she did so. Ninne made a teary whine, clenching every muscle of her body with another set of tears before...*SLAM!!!!*

"IIIIIIIEEEEEEEEAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!", Ninne screamed at the highest pitch and vibration her Drakonian vocal cords could go, sending a tremor through her body. The pain of this paddle was incredible, and from those big studs, she would have blisters from where they pinched and stabbed her scales. One single swat was all it took for the real crying to come, having the hard paddle whap her. Her mommy didn't chew this harshly at all! *WHAP!!!!*

"Just hang in there!", Ki`rene encouraged, while her girl made a hard wail, bawling already. She could use her teeth just as well or better then any paddle, but she never used this much strength...not her her poor tail like this. The paddle just kept coming, swat after swat, sending Ninne into a shaking frenzy, with the tears streaming. Ninne knew pleading wasn't going to stop this day's punishments, but after six hard swats, she had to say something.

"MMOOOOMMMM-MMMEEEE!!!!", Ninne choked out, bawling herself achy. Her limbs shook and trembled, while she intentionally burried her snout into the carpet, muffling her insane cries. Ki`rene couldn't stand her to be like submissive and hurt, after she had done nothing recently to earn this...this was for her crimes, and she had paid enough already. She pounded the paddle it's last times into her tail while Ninne roared into the carpet, with the tears never stopping. It was just a flow...

"Come Ninne, to the corner. I'm sorry, but I have to make you sit after that, and it'll be a while...", Ki`rene told her absolutely bawling girl, dropping her tail slowly and taking her claw to lead her to the corner and prevent her from rubbing. She wouldn't actually want to rub her tail after that...not with the blisters the larger points caused. Ninne just kept bawling, being slowly lead to the corner where her stool waited.

"Ppllleeaaseeeeee mommmmyyyy`...", Ninne just whined out, as tearily as ever through her bawling. Ki`rene gently sat her down, cringing at herself at the roar of her daughter once weight went onto such a punished tail.

"Calm down Ninne...shhh, shhhh...", Ki`rene tried to calm her, keeping a gentle restrain on her girl, wanting her to just stay still and not hurt her own tail. She didn't need those blisters coming open. Ninne settled herself down to just bawling after several moments, and Ki`rene went sulking off to the kitchen to start their breakfast, listening to her loving girl's painful sounds. It was unfair, especially what she had to do next. That brush's swats were intended for a certain slit up the base of her tail, where the scales were thin and sensitive...Ki`rene didn't even want to think what that felt like. She spent the while cooking their big Christmas breakfast, while she listened to the weeping and occational teary growl of Ninne, being forced to sit on that small and hard stool with her nasty hurting tail. It took fourty-five minutes, but Ki`rene eventually eventually finished their breakfast of Galsigan eggs (Big with much whites), breakfast sauasge, sweet rolls, and Venalark steak (A rare Drakonian treat, as they love a good steak).

"Breakfast is ready Ninne. You can put your panties on if you want, but you don't have to. I made Venalark steak!", Ki`rene went into the livingroom to tell her sniffly girl, once their plates were set upon the table. Ninne got up off the stool with relief, though a nasty ache and sting remained. "Come on Ninne, you don't have to worry about the next punishment till noon. Here...", she tried to cheer the sukly sad drake up, wiping her tear stained snout and eyes with the back of her claw.

"Thanks mom..", Ninne said with a slight smile, trying to ignore the hurt and focus on her mother's love as she wanted. They both decided the panties weren't needed, as they had no company today and she had no reason to be modest about the base of her tail with Ki`rene, as they didn't show anything really. The beifit of being a reptile. Ninne disliked sitting at the table, though her mother tried to cushion her chair quite a bit, while they had a quite delicious Drakonian breakfast. Afterwards, they talked and played together, while noon slowly creeped up on the both of them. Once they finished their game on the computer, they realized what time it was, and Ninne drooped a bit, knowing where that brush was going to land...

Ki`rene sighed, long and painful. "It's time Ninne. Let's get this over with..", she said, getting up from her chair at the computer, while Ninne replied with a teary sound, getting off her own. Ki`rene took one look at her daughter, listening to the small teary wimpers she was trying to repress, looking like she was about to cry like a small kindern. "Onto the couch and bend over the arm", Ki`rene just sort of said, knowing her girl knew what to do for this horrible punishment. Ninne hated it to no end, and Ki`rene personally didn't approve of it...but both were going to have to endure. Ninne slowly and near limply climbed onto their couch, bending over it's left arm, since Ki`rene was right clawed. She had no will left to fight it, and complied sniffly and tearily with the order, just waiting for the stinging pain. Ki`rene wasn't rushing this, so she took a bit of time, as she was sulking herself. She returned to her drake with two pieces of soft but somewhat strong cloth she had torn herself with her claw. The eyes of Ninne spoke of no pain or horror, but only sadness and watery tears, as Ki`rene looked into them as she wrapped a piece of cloth around her two wrists, restraining her claws. She was soft and gentle, never able to take her eyes off the face of her poor girl who didn't wish to look into her mommy's eyes, looking down and sulking tearily, afraid she would make her sad. Ki`rene sort of choked with the last piece of cloth, looking at it in her claws. She was to wrap this one around her girl's raptor snout, so she wasn't so loud from this extreme punishment, or hurt her own larynx by roaring too much, by tying her mouth shut. Ninne was eight and Ki`rene felt she should have the option of chosing to have it or not...she was a big enough girl, and she thought Ninne had a right to choose, being such a good girl and all. "Ninne, do you want me to tie your snout shut? It's up to you", Ki`rene sadly offered.

With a sniffle and a thought, Ninne replied. "..Yes", she answered, nearly surprising her mother, who thought she wouldn't want her snout tied shut. "I don't wanna make you sad when I howl..", she spoke, softly and sad herself, never looking up while she lied bent over the arm of their couch on her knees. Ki`rene felt horrible, giving a swallow to choke down her grief.

"If that's what you want..", she replied to her quesion's answer, slowly and gently tying the cloth around her snout, just tight enough to keep it closed and still be comfortable. Ki`rene picked up the Drakonian punishment brush from the table, moving the whole coffee table out of the way so she could have enough room to do this. There were so many bristles on this brush...and they looked sharp...this was going to really hurt and sting. "Alright hundred and fourty-nine swats..", she made sure to announce, before taking a deep breath and raising Ninne's tail. Being bent over like this, the Drakonian girl was easily more exposed, where her young reptilian slit could be swatted, between those large dinosaur legs and at the upper base of her tail. With brush in claw and target located on her daughter's brown scaly self, she focused herself for this, as she too has to endure even doing something this harsh. "Here I go Ninne..", Ki`rene said as fair warning, raising the harsh Drakonian brush. Ninne quickly, yet in a sort of calm way to stay focused, took a deep breath with her nostrils and readied her body for the long and stinging inferno, upon an innocent spot that she and her mother didn't agree upon...why did they have to invent this Drakonian punishment?...*SMACK!!*... the pointed steel bristles landed hard on the scales on and around her feminine slit, begining the terrible punishment. Ninne made a muffled and teary whine, as her mother started the pace that lit her aflame, swatting her poor scales twice a second. This would be over faster but it would deffinately sting to no end. *SMACK!!*..*SMACK!!*..*SMACK!!*..*SMACK!!*

"UUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMM-RRRRUUUUUHHHHHH!!", Ninne cried from her closed snout, muffling her wimpers and hard sobs into a panicy wail. Ki`rene herself could even feel the pain from this...

"It'll be over honey, it will..", she assured her in a low voice, feeling like she was going to choke. Ninne's insane muffled cries pierced her heart, as she kept bringing those sharp steel bristles upon such thin and sensitive scales at a rapid rhythum. The poor drake streamed her tears, tensing and cringing her entire raptor body, from her eyes to her toes. She couldn't help but wriggle and move a bit as her muffled screames and howls escalated, feeling the sharpest sting upon the most hurtful of areas. It felt like the scales of her slit were being mauled off while someone took a white hot needle to those that remained! She didn't think she'd be able to ever pee again with the amount of HURT she felt right now! Ninne felt so small and helpless, having the most painful and embarassing punishment delt to her...she'd rather get her tail chewed and be grounded from everything for a month then have the slit of her girlhood swatted!

*SWAT!!* *SWAT!!* *SWAT!!* *SWAT!!* *SMACK!!* "OOOOOOOOOOWWWERRRRRRMM!!!! MMMMMMMMMMMRRRROOOO- RRRRRREEE!!!!", the poor Ninne bawled in her muffled way, crying so hard it hurt...but it was barely noticible with the awesome burning sting down by her tail. There was no way at all she could stop her supressed whines, howls, and cries, no matter how much she stayed calm and focused her mind. Such focus had already been taken from her, being spanked in such a place and reducing her to a humiliated kindern, crying till there were no more tears and then some. Her heart throbbed and raced at her sheer pain and panic, fidgeting though her body couldn't move much. Nothing could stop the angry bites and stabs of the steel bristles anyway. The young drake not only felt helpless, but she was...she had no control, and the greatest sting imaginable she couldn't make go away. She cried and cried, knowing she was a mere child and could do nothing else as the bristles smacked her slit.

"Seventy Ninne, you're about halfway, just a little longer.." , Ki`rene painfully told her, knowing it would be hours for her girl. The sting and fire could only get worse. Ki`rene knew her eyes had watered, thinking about how much hurt Ninne was in and...that she was causing it. She wanted to stop and help her daughter, but she couldn't. The little girl would have to hold on and calm her body. From the tip of her snout to the tip of her tail, her body felt numb and like it was being squeezed. All her muscles were clenching to their greatest amount, and it was like her body was dulling every single sense, just to be able to carry across exactly how much the inferno and spanking upon her reptilian slit hurt. All that her mind could do was feel pain...a blazing sting like nothing else. Her jaws hurt from trying to scream and everything was so clouded and slow to her. Only the pain remained, as her mind had no extra room to process a single thought, but one that stayed in the back of her mind. The prayer that the sting would end. "That's a hundred..", Ki`rene felt like announcing, getting anxious to see this punishment's end. Ninne lied there on the arm of her couch, wimpering limply as the tears flowed energy left to scream or struggle...only cry, and that she did. Ki`rene choked back her tears and sadness, silently counting the swats of the brush and seeing the effect they were having on her scales. Discolored, swollen, hot, raw, and covered with dark dark red stab marks. The sound of the bristles, making it's *SWAT!!* sound against her slit and scales were enough to make the poor mother go nuts alone, as she was forced to swing her arm and count her daughter's twenty thirty close to the end, Ki`rene felt like slamming that brush's last swats in as fast as she could, but that would hurt her girl more then help. "Just ten more Ninne...*sniff*..", she said so sad, making a sniffle. Ninne just stayed still, wimpering and bawling, as the final swats with the bristles made contact with her swollen and marked slit. Ki`rene's wrist trembled once the final smack was sent, dropping the brush to the floor, as she let go a small sob and sniffle, dripping a pair of tears down her hundred and fourty nine. She quickly sat down on the couch and put her arms around her daughter's dinosaur torso, pulling her up and turning her around. She hastily but carefully removed the piece of cloth that bound Ninne's snout, causing it to shoot open with a cry once the cloth fell to the couch.

hooooowwwwwwrrrrrrrrreeeoooowowwowowow", she howled out, just turning into a submissive cry, bawling her heart out. Ki`rene put her arms around her lovingly, holding her close as she curled up and lied the side of her head against her mommy's chest to cry.

"There there...cry all you want's all over..", Ki`rene said in the most motherly of ways, holding her girl and rubbing a claw gently against her in support. She herself felt like crying, but she didn't want to burdon her girl anymore, after she tried so hard not to make her sad. Ninne loved her and cared so much...she was the daughter she never had herself. As promised, the mother held and comforted her daughter, humming a soothing tune, allowing her girl to cry as much as she wanted...she earned that right by enduring that punishment. Ninne sobbed and dripped her tears onto her mommy's shirt, just keeping herself curled up as she was held close and lovingly by her mother...listening to her gentle hum. Once her daughter's cries and tears had calmed down, she snuggled her close, making her curled up self comphy. She still had to sit in the corner after that, but this mother was in no rush. She brushed the scales on the back of her daughter's head and neck, being as soothing as she could be, trying to calm and heal her girl with love, since she couldn't administer nano-lotion to the hurt she created till tomorrow. "You're a good girl....the hurt'll subside, you just wait..", she told Ninne comfortingly. Ninne wimpered a tiny bit, repressing her sobs.

"I love you..", Ninne sniffled with a good sigh, regaining some of her lost energy, though the burn and sting barely subsided at all, and probabbly wouldn't till she got nano- lotion. Ki`rene reached down and untied the cloth around her wrists, just to end up being embraced by her girl.

"You do know I still have to sit you in the corner for a good two hours right?", Ki`rene reminded her several moments later in a quiet way, feeling bad for having to do that. Ninne nodded her head, rubbing her snout against her shirt. Ki`rene took her shirt and wiped her daughter's snout and cheeks, as well as wiping the end of her snout with a piece of cloth. She helped her her to her feet after that, still crying just lightly with sniffles. Compliantly, she started her short trek to the stool without being told, keeping her head down. "Ninne, hold up a moment", her mother said, stopping her as she got up from the couch. She went into the diningroom and came back with a different stool. A padded one. "I think you deserve this more then the hard wood one", she told her with a bit of a smile, removing the usual stool and placing the soft one in it's place. Ninne sat herself down, raising her neck and baring her teeth with a soft and submissive growl, before she lowered her head and dripped a fresh pair of tears. Ki`rene took away the other stool, knowing she had a real good girl, that she was proud of. Ninne sat in the corner for two hours before it was all over, and her mother called her over to the couch to watch some Christmas shows on the holo before dinner. The sting upon her slit remained and it was hell to sit on her blistered tail, but her mother allowed her to curl up on the top of her tail and hip like she did before and cuddle. That's what her mom wanted her to do in the first place anyways. They stayed closer then ever before, quietly watching or laughing at the holo in their company. Ninne didn't get any lunch while she was sitting on the stool, so they both had a good dinner that early evening before Ki`rene said she could go upstairs and take a shower. Ninne went upstairs to the bathroom, finding out it DID hurt to pee, but not as much as she thought during the swatting. It also hurt even when not, so it's not like it mattered anyway. She let the water massage her back, and she was careful not to scrub the base of her tail. Ki`rene went upstairs a while afterwards, having heard the water stop a bit ago, but her daughter not appear. She found her in her room, passed out on her bed. She had went to pull out some clothes and get dressed, but only got halfway before she fell asleep with the shirt and panties at the end of her bed. Ki`rene smiled and placed a blanket over her daughter, turning out the light.

Ninne grumbled a bit with a small wimper, feeling a renewed sting on her tail and between her legs as she awoke, feeling her mother's claw rubbing against her back. "Ninne, I brought you nano-lotion", Ki`rene said in the darkness.

Ninne yawned, looking towards her window. It was pitch black outside. "But I thought you weren't allowed to give me any till tomorrow?..", she groggily asked.

Ki`rene snickered. "It is tomorrow. It's twelve in the morning. I stayed up so I could give you some as soon as I could. Close your eyes while I turn on the lights ok?", she said happily, giving her fair warning before she turned on her light. Ninne had to take a few seconds to adjust her eyes, but she basicly just lied there anyway, as her mother took off her blanket and rubbed the healing lotion into her tail. She had to lift her right leg a bit to have the rest, somewhat embarassedly rubbed on, but she didn't mind it at all. She trusted and loved her.

"Thank you ma`ma", Ninne lifted her neck and smiled, getting a kiss from Ki`rene on her snout.

"Good night Ninne, you'll be feeling better in minutes so you can get a comphy night's rest. I love you", Ki`rene said in her motherly way, smiling and flicking off the lights once she got to her door.

"Love you too...g`night..", Ninne replied in a soft tone, nuzzling her head back into her pillow as her door closed. Her mother loved her so much, she really appreciated her doing something this nice, just so she could sleep comfortably. It felt good, knowing you were cared about...she saw her mothers quiet tears after the hairbrushing. She and her had never been closer. With warm thoughts and a soothingness upon her tail, she drifted off into a winter's sleep.