In the 28th century, the technology of rejuvenation allows for immortality. This device is also used for sentencing as well. A penitatas; a criminal that is sent back to childhood to live a highly strict and disciplined life to start anew. (Story Fourteen)
Concept by Lurking Dragon
Kayla and story by Professor Bob

Kayla woke up Christmas morning with a stretch and a yawn. She was excited it was Christmas, but she also had a lump in her chest that was growing. Ninne had told her a few things a week before that really scared her...

"Aren't you happy Christmas is almost here?", Kayla smiled, playing outside her house with her best friend, though it was just a tad nippy.

"Are you kidding??!!", Ninne just snapped with a look of fear and shock. Kayla winced at that, wondering why she did that, drooping her ears just slightly. Her friend relented her shock, seeing she upset her by looking at her ears. "You don't know what they do to us hard timers huh?", she said lightly.

"No I..guess not", she replied in a confused way.

"On Christmas you're going to get a stocking and three switches from the Correction Council. The amount of coal that is in your stocking, based on your crime and behavior that year, tells you how many licks you get from EACH SWITCH!", Ninne just had to explain, frightening the fox.

"Wait...what would you get? You're a drake..", Kayla curiously asked, knowing switches weren't used on Drakonians.

Ninne shifted her feet, silent for a moment. "I don't wanna talk about it....let's just wait till Christmas comes ok?", she said a little quietly, dropping the subject while they went back to playing.

Kayla didn't know if what she said was true, but she knew Ninne wouldn't play a joke like that. How many switchings WOULD she get? She gulped, now losing her excitement, thinking this was all too real. She slipped out of bed and went to her dresser, grabbing a new shirt and pair of panties which she changed into, putting the old ones neatly in her hamper by her closet. She had been a good girl about staying out of trouble, only needing a few extra spankings with the hairbrush. Things had been going smoothly, even with school, as Mrs. Rembrant wasn't so hasty about spanking her after her little mistake. She WAS on the other hand, hastier to punish Ninne, but her drake friend accepted that. Before she left her room, she checked the clock beside her bed, pretty sure her parents would be up by now. Alex was home for Christmas, so she hoped to spend time with her whole family...but she also hoped silently that the whole switching thing wasn't going to be so bad...she hated switches! Nothing stung as bad as a switch, and Emily made sure to use them when she did something really bad, knowing it would teach her a lesson. Fortunately, that wasn't often. Wishing for the best as she usualy does, she opened the door of her room and left, headed downstairs to greet her family, the tree, and her presents. She padded down the stairs and found her mother and father on the couch, watching the holo, with a whole bunch of Christmas presents by the tree. This looked like Christmas to her!

"Merry Christmas!", Kayla wished them her childish-glee, as they looked over to her with a smile...though it was a different smile.

"Good morning Kayla, and merry Christmas", Emily said only half happily. As they say, alien races have an easy time picking up human expressions and emotions...she knew something was wrong.

"So..what Ninne told me was true?..", the fox asked with a knot in her stomach.

Emily gave a nod. "Yes honey, it's true..", she answered her solumnly. Kayla flinched, before she darted to the floor at her mothers feet in tears, on her knees begging.

"Momma no! I was always a good girl on Christmas! I didn't hack anyone at all, I love Christmas!..", the fox sobbed and pouted, begging for mercy...she only wanted to have fun and be with her family. Emily lifted her crying daughter onto her lap, cuddling her a bit.

"How did you not know about a hard timer's Christmas?", Alex just sort of asked, surprised she didn't know. Even non- penitatas know what they go through while everyone else is having a good time.

Kayla sobbed a few times, sniffling as she tried to speak. "I lived alone my whole life..there was no one to tell me", she tried to explain. Kids would learn of these things in school from other people, or things like that. Kayla had always been alone...though she was smart, she missed out on some things regarding society. Emily and Alex felt horrible for breaking such news to her right before it would happen...she was such a perfect daughter, it pained them to even think of doing this to her and ruining her day.

"Dry your tears Kayla, we have to go through with it, but we'll also be having a big dinner tonight and you still get to open your real presents we got you! I know it'll hurt and this won't be such a fun Christmas, but I'll do my best to make it enjoyable, since you've been such a good girl this year", Emily said calmly, trying to comfort Kayla. Emily knew she would loathe this day when it came, as she knew her Kayla didn't deserve this.

Kayla sniffled a few times, wiping her eyes with a paw upon her mother's lap. "Alright...I'll be a big girl for you and take my switchin`s..", she relented with the acceptiveness she always had. No point in fighting something that can't be stopped...she just told herself she earned this.

"Well Kayla, why don't you go open your gifts?", Alex smiled, wanting to lift the poor thoughts, at least for now. Kayla hopped from her mother's lap, padding over to the tree and having a seat where her presents resided. By her quick count, there were five, along with a stocking and..three switches against the wall. She tried to ignore the whippy branches and picked up the first present in her paws, giving it a happy shake before she began carefully opening it. She never encountered wrapped gifts really, so she was more careful then some other excited kit, not tearing the wrapping to shreds. The box had a whole set of chips, being computer games and programs she could use or edit. That was her style of fun! She didn't expect programming utilities for Christmas, being given to a legendary hacker and all. They really did trust her.

"Thanks you guys, I can make better things with these!", she smiled appreciatively.

"You're welcome Kayla, those were my idea", Emily said in her mother-like way, happy to have done a good job. Alex wasn't sure about getting her those, but he relented, being that he knew she knew Kayla best when it came to trust. Kayla went and opened the other four, finding a new set of blank, blue high-grade chips, an old but popular Drakonian cartoon series (Hoping it would help her learn drake some more), some new clothes, and...a new paddle?

Alex snickered. "We thought we'd get you a full size one to go along with the little one your mother uses. We had it personalized, so I thought I'd wrap it too", he sort of chuckled, having wrapped it and all as a joke. Kayla was worried a bit, having a bigger paddle in her paws, but liked the painting on it. It had her name in gold paint on the top with a blue background, along with a bushy and wavy fox tail in the middle. Cute she thought, and luckily she could take a joke from Alex. He was good for such things.

"It's cute I'll admit. Just don't test it anytime soon", Kayla giggled a bit.

"Bring it over here, I'm sure you don't want to look at it", Alex kept chuckling, as his girl gave him the paddle and he tucked it out of sight. Unfortunately, now that the gifts were opened, it was time.

"Kayla, go see how many pieces of coal are in your stocking. It's about time for your first switching honey", Emily said sort of low, once she hugged both her parents for the nice gifts. She hadn't had a real Christmas like this...ever. With a sad sigh and a compliant nod, she went back over to the tree, picking up the stocking into her paws. Putting a paw in, she plucked out a lump of coal and placed it upon the floor, counting each piece as she went. The number, was ten. Kayla wimpered at the thought of thirty lashes at full strength, but her mother was surprisedly pleased.

"Looks like Santa thought you were a good girl this year too! Being your first Christmas, you should have gotten twelve or thirteen. He remembered that you saved a dozen people's lives it seems", Emily smiled warmly, knowing any less lashes was good, expecially for a penitatas' first year. It sent a bit of relief to Kayla, knowing it could be worse, but it was still pretty bad. Her ears drooped almost all the way, feeling a bit teary at even the thought of thirty HARD lashes over today. Even if they're spread out, the last switching wouldn't have even subsided by then! The poor fox had to supress a wimper when Emily got off the couch, walking over. Kayla didn't even move while she watched her in worry, as her mother examined the three switches. "Peach, hickory, and oak it looks like. We'll just go in order..", she said out loud, taking the peach branch into hand. "Kayla, come on over here", she directed, placing a chair in the corner and waving her girl over to the couch. Kayla diffinately wimpered now, unable to stop her eyes from watering so much. With a quick lift, her mother placed her over the arm of the couch, where her rear was easily swattable. "I'll do this first switching like this", Emily said lightly, knowing Kayla would most likely need to be more restrained for the other two then this. Placing her hand on the top of her panties, moving her shirt up and out of the way at the same time, she pulled the pink little garment off.

"Momma, when are my other switchings?", the fox nervously asked, wondering exactly how much she should be fearing.

"After lunch and after dinner sweetie. I'm afraid you'll be missing breakfast", her mother replied even lighter, feeling quite bad. She didn't deserve this...

"Ok...I'm ready", Kayla sighed poutingly. Emily took her tail and pulled it up against her back, keeping her hand on it so she wouldn't shoot up as she licked her rear with the peach switch. Not wanting to waste time thinking about it, Emily drew back the branch and swung it with a loud swish, landing with a louder *CRACK!!!*

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!", Kayla howled out, pretty loud. This STUNG like thousands upon thousands of jagged needles, and the pain only throbbed and lingered as hurful as the original strike! By the end of her short howl, the switch *CRACK!!!*'ed again in a slightly different spot, as Emily didn't wish to cross the blood red switching lines. This one was replied with a sharp wail, wimpering and sobbing like she was choking, gripping the couch as the tears flowed. Nothing could hurt this bad! She was hitting so hard! And not slowly either! *CRACK!!!* "MMOOOMMMMMAAAAAAA!!!!", she literally screamed, bawling like a little girl. Lash upon lash would continue as she'd flinch hard, fidgeting a bit as her mother lashed her good. She didn't even howl after that third lash, just wailing and crying like a kindern like her rear was literally on fire. in defferent spots of her rear, coating everything below her tail in lines of swollen burning red. Once nine cracked over the base of her rear, Kayla found out there WAS a bit of howl and squirming left in her.
"AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOO!!!!!", she howled like a fox, unable to stop such a cry, before the final lash landed with only bawling. Her limbs were limp and she had gripped the couch so hard her paws wouldn't let go. Emily knew she couldn't really walk right after that, picking her up into her arms as the fox bawled onto her shoulder, as she carried her girl to the chair she placed in the corner.

"I have to leave you in the corner for at least an hour, ok?" , she told her uncontrolably bawling fox, gently placing her onto the stool, which naturally was met with a sharp yelp and howl, as she tried to struggle and not let her weight onto her rear, having touched the seat. "Sit Kayla, you have to now!", she told her a little more forcibly, as she didn't want to punish her anymore for disobeying. It took a moment, but she managed to get Kayla onto the chair, whimpering and crying the whole time. Emily gave an exhausted sigh once that was done, putting away the peach switch, now that she didn't need it anymore. Alex gave her a comforting hug, knowing she needed it, as they went to the kitchen to have their breakfast while Kayla couldn't have any. Emily would make her a good lunch to make up for it, but not so much as it would spoil her appetite for their big dinner. She hated having this 'ritualistic' Christmas, but she put up with it, as it's what she had to do to be Kayla's mommy. They were quiet about having breakfast, making things that wouldn't smell, so they wouldn't make their crying daughter's tummy growl and make her ordeal worse. Emily let her off the chair in an hour as she promised, and she lied on her stomach infront of the holo until lunch, watching the Drakonian cartoon series they had gotten her. It was much like old style Japanese anime, full of action and violence, as well as a lot of comedy. They did well in picking a cartoon for someone who spent most of their life cussing and doing technological things, as this cartoon was pretty funny was well! She'd have to show this to Ninne, as she couldn't translate the title of the series, though she got most of the diologue...maybe half in some places. But the weapontry and computer stuff well made up for it! Emily called her to the table at noon, and surprisingly Kayla wasn't too unhappy as her next switching approached and she had to sit and eat. She was too hungry to not. After lunch, her mother gave her some time to digest a bit and go to the bathroom, before she went and got the next switch. She was going to switch her and put her in for a nap, so Kayla had already went to her room compliantly after she went upstairs to use the bathroom. Emily didn't want to switch her again after she had been so well behaved but...she was too eager for this all to end to stop herself or feel too bad. She walked into her daughter's room, finding her standing at the foot of her bed, with her head hung a bit and her paws clutching eachother, with only she shirt she put on this morning. She hadn't worn panties all morning since the first switching, and she really didn't care. The switches were the only thing on her mind anyway. She was still stinging from the last, but she didn't dare to resist...she felt like such a that was subjected to the harshest of punishments.

"Please don't spank me hurts...", Kayla sadly asked, holding back her tears. This was unfair! She only wanted to have fun..

"I'll be swatting just a little lighter now, but a very small ammount", Emily sighed, sitting down onto her bed and sliding back a tad. With a pat on her leg, Kayla climbed up and layed herself comfortably over her mommy's legs. She pulled up her tail as she usualy did, readying the hickory switch. She was going to make this very quick. It will spare her daughter a bit by not making this long, but she will deffinately be crying herself to sleep with the amount of PAIN she'll be in...*WHAP!!!* *WHAP!!!* *WHAP!!!* *WHAP!!!* *WHAP!!!* *WHAP!!!* *WHAP!!!* *WHAP!!!* *WHAP!!!*....all delivered in six seconds. Kayla gave a long scream that kept going even after the switching's end, until her voice had no more air to keep going. After that was a horse inhale and an explosion of INSANE crying, as Emily had to restrain her paws to keep from rubbing her SORE and BLAZING rear...most penitatas mommys would let the sting stay, but she gently brushed her rear with her hand, dropping her bawling into just a hard wimpering cry. After that, she let Kayla rub her own rear, now that she could do it gently without hurting herself further, and tucked her poor child in for her nap, where she'd cry until her body had no energy left. With a peck on the side of her furry head, Emily left her to cry in peace and sleep.

"You doing ok honey?", Alex asked his wife after she came downstairs.

"Yeah, I'll be ok. She can sleep some of the hurt off until dinner, then just another ten after that. Then it's all over", she ended with a sigh, becoming increasingly disheartened about the whole Kayla thing. She couldn't stand to see her furry blessing like this. Alex gave her another comforting hug, just assuring her she was only doing her job with his squeeze. They wanted to spend time with her and have fun too, but sitting in the corner and being switched or crying herself to sleep was deffinately in the way. They went to work padding their daughter's seat for dinner, swearing they would enjoy it like a real family. Kayla was important enough to them that they'd go out of their way to make her happy.

Kayla awoke to a funny feeling, before she realized she was being carried over her father's shoulder. Her rear felt like a swarm of wasps got at it, but his arm made sure to support her upper thighs and not her WELL switched rump. He realized she finally awoke when her tail started to swish a tiny bit against his arm, and he just smiled. "Good to see you're awake now. I'm gonna give you a quick bath while your mommy finishes with dinner ok?", he said in a happy, fatherly way. Wasn't often he got to spend time with her. Kayla yawned, making a bit of a tiny wimper because of her rear.

"Ok daddy", she agreed upon, still partially asleep. He set her to her feet once he walked to the bathroom, so he could run the water and take off her shirt. Once the water was a luke warm, he set her in on her knees, putting no pressure on her rear. His whole intention was to make it feel better, while he washed her fur, and especially her muzzle that she had been crying on. Didn't take long to get her out, and he rubbed her dry, only lightly patting her rear to remove any water droplets. He went and get her a new shirt and a soft and thin pair of panties, so she wouldn't have to be half- bare during dinner. She wouldn't have minded, but she got what they wanted to do. They were trying to make things seem normal, so they could enjoy themselves. The thought made her smile, and she got dressed quickly with Alex's help. The family of three sat down to a great dinner, with a turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, biscuits, stuffing, veggies. Kayla found her seat cushioned nicely, though sitting sucked no matter what. It was enough though, for them to have the Christmas dinner they desired, as they all talked and joked like a real family. They even had a pie for desert. Only once they were all done and everything was cleaned and cleared did Emily even think about having to switch Kayla one last time. She sulked into the livingroom, taking the last switch and having herself a seat on the couch.

"Kayla honey, come on in here", Emily called, as her girl was helping Alex in the kitchen. She slowly padded out, sniffling by the time she arrived at her mother's side. She gently placed Kayla over her lap and took off her panties, as her daughter began crying lightly. She knew this was going to hurt...

"*sniff*, I dun` wanna be switched anymore..", Kayla cried softly. Getting twenty full power shots was more then enough.

"I'm sorry Kayla, I have have to. Just ten more..", Emily tried to comfort her, rubbing her bushy tail softly before she pulled it up her back. Kayla stayed quiet, just crying at what she knew was impending. Emily didn't want her to wait anymore, so she raised the oak switch a bit and started smacking it into her fuzzy rump, swatting over the previous two switching's marks. This was slower then last time, but faster then the first...this one hurt the most!

"AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOO!!!!", Kayla howled out long, clearly and tearily, in too much pain to be embarassed about howling like a fox twice in one day. Her ears were flattened completely and her eyes were closed, dripping tear after tear. By the time her howl ended, she was crying HARD, squirming just a bit as her body gave her a last boost of energy in it's despserate act to stop the hurt. *WHAP!!!*, the whippy oak switch would come, till all ten were administered as perscribed. The fox lay limp and crying, having been whipped so horribly all day. Emily picked her up a bit, as she herself settled her back down into the side of the couch, letting her furry girl lie on her chest and cry. Alex found them both asleep not long after, mother sleeping with daughter in her arms upon her chest. He dimmed the livingroom lights and draped a small blanket upon them, before he himself went upstairs to watch the holo and get to sleep early, as he had work in the morning. Emily and Kayla would wake up together, and the poor fox would get her nano- lotion. Until then, she would sleep, having nothing left to cry.