In the 28th century, the technology of rejuvenation allows for immortality. This device is also used for sentencing as well. A penitatas; a criminal that is sent back to childhood to live a highly strict and disciplined life to start anew. (Story Thirteen)
Concept by Lurking Dragon
Kayla and story by Professor Bob

Once October's rains ended and November began, Emily and Ki`rene decided to take their girls to the park. The temperature was just right, especially for the furred Kayla, though Ninne wore an extra shirt and a pair of shorts under her pants just to insulate her scales. She didn't think it was needed, but Ki`rene didn't want her catching a chill when she was playing. Their park was only an eight minute walk, and it was used by the local rejuves, not just penitatas. The trees had turned a colorful shade of oranges, reds, and browns, and the day was purely delightful. The park was full of green grass for the football and soccer field, as well as trees, walking paths, and a big playground. Once they arrived, Emily and Ki`rene had a seat on a nearby bench to talk with eachother and watch their daughters, sending the two on their way. There were a bunch of other kids as well, with two other penitatas, a hard timer and a soft timer, two medicalos, and a big handful of voluntarus. Ninne's first stop was the sand box, and Kayla followed her lead, taking a seat in the soft sand infront of her.

"I didn't know you were into sand castles", Kayla giggled, watching her friend attempt to sculpt something with her claw.

"Just trying to keep myself out of trouble..", Ninne replied to that a little low, causing Kayla to look at her confusedly.

"What do you mean? Why do you think you'd do something bad?", Kayla had to ask, knowing how hard her friend had been trying since she caused her so much undue pain. Why would she be afraid?

Ninne sighed, working with her small castle a little slower, trimming it with one of the nails of her claw. "I wasn't the best behaved if you remember back to when we always doing something stupid, or showing up to be babysat at your house carrying my dragon-paddle to be punished for something. My mom was really hard on me back then, like I explained when we first met. You helped me stay more behaved, and my mom finally let up, but she was really strict with me for a while, before we moved here. I was always causing her so much trouble when she only wanted to take care of me and love me....the last time I was at the park, I got into big trouble..", she explained, thinking those months back, just shortly before she moved in May. With a short pause and noticing a curious look from Kayla, she guessed she wanted to hear what happened. "Well, here's what happened...", she began.

Ninne darted playfully around the playground of the park where they used to live, as her mother kindly took her to the park that early Spring day. She had just recently turned eight in March, making it more then two years as a penitatas. Only last week she found out they would be moving to Calleet in a month, once she finished her school year here. The air was fresh and many children were at play, as it was Spring break, and everyone was out having fun. She hopped on one of the swings to just enjoy the atmosphere and have fun, but she was overjoyed at the sight that sat down on the swing beside her. Another Drakonian girl! By a glance at the back of her claw, she saw the girl was a...kindern? This park was full of mostly rejuves, she wasn't aware any kindern lived anywhere nearby. The letter on the back of her claw didn't mean much to her anyway, so she outright decided to talk to her.

[Hi! I wasn't expecting any other of my kind here, I thought I'd have to mingle for a while], Ninne enthusiastically said, sort of joking in her happy drake voice. The other drake looked no older or younger then she was, looking over to the happy drake swinging lightly beside her, just sort of scanning her over. She stared at the back of her claw for a few seconds, as her own smile disappeared.

[Mommy says I'm not supposed to talk to you], the girl quietly spat, looking up from Ninne's claw, which was holding onto the chain of the swing. Ninne was surprised and hurt by her one simple sentence, slowing her swinging to barely anything.

[Why not?..], Ninne asked sadly, wondering why she said that.

[My mom says you penitatas are criminals, and I'm not supposed to talk to you, because you're a bad influence], the young kindern drake replied to her, looking away slightly.

Ninne got to her feet, drooping a bit. [I only wanted to play..], she told the girl, low and sad, hurt by her words as she really wanted another drake to play with. Some kindern children's parents didn't let them speak with or be near penitatas, fearing they would corrupt their child, which wasn't really fair...though she was a penitatas, she never hurt anyone. She had feelings like any other little girl.

[No! You're a bad bad girl! I dun` have to be grown up to know you're a meanie drakie!], the girl scowled like a true eight year old, piercing Ninne's heart with her false beliefs that her immature mind thought could judge on her own.

[But thats not true!], Ninne said in her defense.

[The only drakes that should be called snakes are you nasty penitatas!], the girl growled, getting off her swing, teasing to the cruelest extent. That drove Ninne way too far. She stuck her foot in the sand, and with a well placed kick, she sent a concentrated plume of sand into the drake's face, covering her snout and hitting her eyes with a teary yelp. Ninne thrust her foot foreward and placed herself in an attack stance, baring her teeth in anger as she growled.

[Take that back!!], Ninne demanded, spitting her words harshly as the girl growled and wimpered, trying to get the whole mess of sand out of her eyes. It looked like the two girls were going to lunge for eachother a split moment later, before an angry shout broke Ninne's will to fight.

"NINNE!!", Ki`rene shouted, rushing over to the two girls, having seen her Ninne's attack on a kindern girl. The moment Ninne snapped out of her attack stance with a look of fright, Ki`rene grabbed her by the scruff of her neck.

[Tammy, are you alright?!], the young girl's mother hurried over and asked, seeing her still wiping her eyes with her claws and wimpering.

[I'm sorry miss, this little drake will be miserable for a while, I can assure you!], Ki`rene spat to the other mother, still keeping a good hold of her own daughter.

The mother took her girl's claw, as Ninne yelped, feeling the button of her shorts and the velcro of her panties being undone. [Come Tammy, let's go get you cleaned don't need to see this], the big drake said, leading her girl away as Ki`rene struggled with her daughter.

"Momma no! Not here, there's so many people watching!", Ninne pleaded, having her shorts and panties fully removed from her legs, right in the middle of the playground. Ki`rene quickly settled herself onto her tail, picking up her daughter and pinning Ninne's legs between her own.

"Oh be quiet! You cause trouble here, you can be punished for it here too!", her mother replied, briskly restraining her neck and stretching out her tail. Ninne wimpered and struggled to no avail, knowing there were so many other rejuves to watch this and laugh! "You kicked sand in the face of a kindern Ninne! A kindern! You're going to pay DEARLY for your atrocious behavior and violence!", Ki`rene scolded harshly, unable to believe her girl would do something this bad, when she only wanted to be good! Ninne wimpered franticly, pleading silently with fate to let her free, before her own howl shattered her thoughts. Ki`rene clamped onto the base of her tail hard, biting and chomping her tail to cause the nastiest amount of hurt, not even chewing with her teeth. A constant barrage of teeth pressing hard all over the base of her tail made her roar quite loudly, bringing fast and panicy tears.

"NNNOOOOOOOO!!! MOOOMMMMAAAAAAAAAA!!! S-S-She wasss- YYYEEEEEOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!!-ma-ma-meaaaann!! OWWW!! OOOOWWWWWWW-STTOOPP MOMMMYYY!!!", Ninne howled, pleaded, and tried to explain in her crying. Ki`rene wasn't going to stop her chomps for a second, and replied to her girl with one good chomp with her teeth, holding it for a few seconds and adding pressure, making her roar as her mommy's teeth made it's mark. Ninne was bawling after that, feeling such a stinging and bruised tail, aching all the way down to the tip as the fire at the base of her tail spread. Her roars and cries were frantic, not having her tail chewed this harshly in a very long time, and she knew other rejuves were watching and snickering at her...this was horrible! She didn't think she'd have a base of her tail left to sit on, feeling such a pain from her mother's very harsh chomps.

"MMMMOOOOOMMM-MEEEEEEEEE-HEE-HEEEEE!!! PLEESSS`!!!", Ninne begged and wailed, crying hard to her terrible embarassment. Her mother switched techniques, going from all chomping to all chewing. She already bruised and punished her tail deep and sore, so now she was going to thouroughly punish all the scales raw, knowing how much chewing and grinding would hurt after her already harsh treatment. Ninne roared like a foghorn, clenching her toes, claws, and eyelids as the tears streamed and dripped down her snout to the sand below. *ChewChewChewChew-GRRRINNNDDDDDD-CHOMP-ChewChewChew..*, Ki`rene continued, being as harsh as she saw needed for her girl's absolutely inexcusable behavior, punishing every speck of defiance from her naughty daughter. "YYYYYEEEEEEEEEE- AAAAAAAOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!", Ninne howled her larynx sore, as discomfort and ache enveloped her whole raptor-like body. With an entire series of fast chomps, chews, and grinds, her mother finally stopped this incredibly hurtful tail chewing, as she fell to the sand bawling, trying to rub her sore and aching tail, though it hurt too much to nurse it. Even through her tear plagued eyes, she could see the blur of other kids who had watched, knowing the whole playground probabbly did the same...she didn't think she could feel any smaller. Ki`rene grabbed Ninne by the neck, picking her up to her feet as she kept crying.

"Let's go Ninne..", her angry mother growled, walking off and wishing for her daughter to follow. Ninne slowly did as asked, sulking and crying as she tried to wipe her tears that wouldn't stop coming. Some of her well punished tail was on display to everyone, as a drake with a shirt and nothing else drew attention, giving them a chance to try and peek at the base of her tail and laugh. Ninne followed her mother to the bench she was sitting at, as she grabbed her purse and placed it on the bench.

"C-can www-we go now?", Ninne asked tearily, sobbing. She really didn't wish to be here anymore.

Ki`rene replied, once she removed something from their purse that made Ninne wince and wimper. Their claw-swatter. "Not yet Ninne. Hold out your claws, and keep your palms open. You deffinately deserve this!", she ordered her girl with the swatter in claw.

Ninne wimpered tearily and sobbed, looking up at her mother sadly and patheticly, looking for some sympathy. "Please mommaaa..*sniff* not my claaawwwss! *sobs*", she cried, holding her claws close to her chest, afraid for them to be stung with that swatter.

"You're only making this worse, now hold out your claws!", Ki`rene scolded, showing her girl there was no way out of what she had done. With a few sobbing whines, she extended her arms and opened her claws flat to be swatted, which came the moment she did that with a *WHAP!!* onto her left claw and a speedy follow-up on her right. Ninne cringed and yelped, renewing her hard tears, feeling the ever painful sting of that little studded swatter, landing with the sharpest sting on the palms of her poor claws and fingers. She just wanted to go, having had enough of being snickered at, as her yelps and cries from having her claws embarassedly swat drew attention. Ninne didn't have much room in her mind to really think about the lump of embarassment, as the HORRID pain upon her defenseless claws continued and added to the extreme hurt on her tail. How could such a nice Spring day be so horrible?! How could she screw-up so baddly...she only wanted to play...

"*Big series of sobs* I'vveee leearrned myy-ieeee lessooonn!" , she wimpered, hoping her mother would stop, as the sting upon her claws grew to be too great. Ki`rene stopped once twenty-five were delivered onto each claw, reducing her girl to a world of hurt, bawling as her poor tail and claws felt like they touched an open flame.

"I'm not done with you yet Ninne. You just wait till we get home so I can smack your hips with your paddle, AND your TAIL!", Ki`rene told her, placing the swatter back in her purse to leave. Ninne had to walk the few minutes home alongside her mother without her pants or panties, while having that shirt on pretty much told everyone she was punished. Her crying didn't even stop once they arrived back home, and once they went in, Ki`rene went right to the wall where her dragon-paddle hung. "Over here", she directed, removing the paddle from the wall.

Ninne cried harder, sulking like she was insignificant, as she walked to where he mother told her. She hated the idea of having her hips spanked too, but the thought of her tail being smacked...after being so sore, aching, stinging, and bruised? "Mommy I'm sorrryyy..*sob and sniffle*..s-she was mean to me and sa-said drake peni's are s-snakes..I..I lost my te-hhhemper", she composed herself enough to say as she sulked, before bursting into tears when her mother lifted her tail and her snout went to the carpet.

"No, the girl wasn't nice, but that doesn't excuse you from hurting her! You did a very very bad thing Ninne! Do you think you changed her mind about penitatas by acting like that?", Ki`rene said to her daughter, knowing she only lost her temper because of the other girl, but there really was no excuse for her to kick sand in the face of a kindern. Such a horrible act, is met with horrible consequences.

" mommy", the drake sniffled and cried.

"I'm very disappointed in you...I deffinately regret taking you to the park now, as that's a place where well behaved girls get to play! You're going to be a very sorry drake for a while, and your attitude and behavior better change young lady! Now, get ready..", Ki`rene scolded in a slightly lighter voice, as she was more disappointed then angry, though she deffinately was. With a raise of the studded paddle and a wimper from Ninne, she smacked it right onto her left hip.

"OOOOOOOWWWW!!", Ninne plain howled out, crying like a small drake and blubbering like a kindern. *SMACK!!*, the paddle landed on her right hip next, causing a jumping kick from the bawling little girl. Ki`rene just continued, knowing she deserved this for everything she's done, watching her daughter roar and kick her feet as she administered the ten smacks with the paddle, before aiming at her tail. Ninne knew what she was doing with the sudden pause, though her eyes were shut and she was bawling...she didn't want her tail hit. *WHAP!!*...right onto her poor tail.
"AAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!", she cried, bending her knees a bit as the stinging fire upon her tail grew to a blaze, never subsiding even after the swat. *WHAP!!* *SMACK!!*, her mother quickly and hardly hit into her nasty looking tail, knowing this was beyond hurtful on her girl, and maybe this would teach her a good lesson. Ki`rene delivered only five good and hard swats. Just enough to renew and kindle the fire and hurt, so she could sit her in the corner for quite a while. Ninne was BAWLING franticly, especially when she was let up and her mother began taking her by her sore claws to the corner. "Ahh-I d-don` wanna` sit ma-hammmy..", Ninne bawled barely understandibly, though she had nothing left to resist with. With a long and teary roar, Ki`rene sat her nasty burning tail on her little stool, putting her feet behind the legs of the stool so she wouldn't just up and shoot up. She cried there for almost two hours, until her mother braught her upstairs for her bath and put her exhausted girl in for a nap.

"She took away all my holo privlidges, even though I had little in the first place. She took my toy chest too, and I didn't get anything at all back for a week. No nano-lotion either...she wanted to leave me aching and sore to teach me a lesson, as I had to sit in the corner almost every day for what I did..", Ninne finished explaining to Kayla, who had flinched and drooped her ears all throughout her story.

"I'm sorry that all happened to you...I might have done the same thing to that girl", Kayla answered.

Ninne shook her head lightly, adding the last finishing thouches to her castle. "She was only a kindern, she knew no better...I had no right to do what I did", she said softly, feeling sad again for what had happened.

"Well, you hadn't done anything like that for a very long time. When Ashley kept calling you that name, you kept your cool and tried to walk away. You're not a bad girl, and Ki`rene is proud of you and she loves you to no end. Your holo privlidges have grown since we first met too haven't they? You can play and watch the holo just about anytime you want!", Kayla tried to assure her friend, showing her that being good has brought more happiness to not only her, but her mom too. She and Ki`rene were so close now, and have been for a while.

"I know, and I think most of it is thanks to you", Ninne said with a bit of a smile, looking up from her sand castle.

Kayla stood up and wiped some sand from her jeans and her tail. "Let's go play. I may not be a drake like you wanted back then, but I'm your friend none the less", she smiled happily.

Ninne smiled back and laughed, having her castle complete. "Alright, I'll play. No sense in sitting here out of the way when all I wanted was to have fun with someone. Bye castle", she said in her happy way, getting to her feet. Why sit here worrying about getting into trouble when you have such a good friend to have fun with, and you never really wanted to cause trouble in the first place. Kayla and Ninne ran off together, abandoning the nicely made little castle and giving it to a small drake boy so he could play with his little knight figures. Ki`rene saw this from her bench beside Emily and smiled warmly, knowing that was a very nice thing she did. A long time ago, she would have just destroyed it, but instead she let a little child have fun with it since he couldn't build his own. She really was proud, and thanked the heavenly starts her wish has come true....that she could love her daughter like a true mommy.