In the 28th century, the technology of rejuvenation allows for immortality. This device is also used for sentencing as well. A penitatas; a criminal that is sent back to childhood to live a highly strict and disciplined life to start anew. (Story Twelve)
Concept by Lurking Dragon
Kayla and story by Professor Bob

It had been a bit more then a week now since Kayla and Ninne took their in-school swim class, and October had just begun. Kayla and Ninne were sitting in the drake's room taking a glance out the was pouring outside. The two had been stuck inside because of the darkness and bad weather, but they were making good of their time, sitting on Ninne's big bed and talking with eachother. They had become closer since Ninne's screw-up, and were very close friends once again, so they enjoyed talking about their pasts and other things about themselves. A certain topic not yet touched though, was about to be.

"Did you ever have sex Kayla?...I mean, uhhhh, not including what happened with...I...ugh, sorry...", Ninne asked with a giggle, before remembering the fact she was raped not to long ago, feeling a bit ashamed for asking.

"It's alright wasn't the first time", Kayla smiled and sighed, actualy shocking her reptilian friend with the last part of her sentence. "The only person who knows is my mom this age, I was sucking off guys on my home planet to stay alive, as I was alone and homeless, living in alleys. I had been raped twice, so now it's three really", she explained for her friend, who gasped and looked so sad upon hearing that.

"You...never had real sex before? Ever?", Ninne asked curiously and concernedly, wondering what it was like to always have it forced...and never have fun, or love.

Kayla shook her head. "I haven't ever had a mate", she sighed again, trying to stay happy on such a painful subject to her. She didn't know what it was like to be loved like that...she only knew how to have her love taken from her.

"My god, I'm so must be horrible, never having a good time with someone you loved....and never even having someone to hold you at all", Ninne said in the most sympethetic of ways.

"I'm guesing you have", Kayla smirked, trying to lighten the atmosphere. "So it's fun?", she giggled, actually wondering what 'real' consentual sex was like. The topic was one of memory and curiosity, remembering all the acts of their previous life.

Ninne smiled, thinking back. "I'll tell you the story of my first time, and you decide for yourself if it's as loving and fun as you would expect", she said in a happy way, making herself comfortable on her bed, getting ready to tell a story that makes her warm inside...

Ninne walked inside of her very own home, tired from her day, and excited of what was to soon come. She was nineteen and just recently gotten a house of her own, living on Earth. Her mother and father moved back to the Drakonian homeworld once she had gotten a house, having decided she wanted to stay on Earth while they moved. She spent her whole life on Earth, she wasn't about to change that now. She was finally on her own, with no nosy mother to see who she was dating and meddle in her relationships! Knowing she had 'special' company coming, she made sure all her drake clothes looked nice, as well as her house. She had met a very cute drake male a day before, who was 6.7 feet tall and had red stripes going down his tail. She guessed he had them up his back too, but he wore clothes like she did, as that's how they noticed eachother in the first place. Ninne had invited him to her house for the evening, whispering a little something in his ear before she left. Thanks to her nosy parents, she was still a virgin, and she was eager to mate with this kind male. Once Ninne finished making her bed, just to make it look presentable, though she expected it to be wrecked again shortly, she answered the beep of her door with a little Drakonian skip, feeling like a little girl.

[Hey Mark. Come on in], Ninne smiled and spoke in Drakonian, as Mark couldn't speak panglish like her vocal cords could. Not even Ninne could speak good panglish yet, as she was still working on her speech, being that it was much different from spits and snarrls.

[Hi Ninne. Lookin` nice as usual], Mark greeted in his own little way, being the friendly sort. He came inside, brushing the end of his tail against his host's hip, while Ninne just sort of smirked and looked at those cute red stripes he had painted on. Such things were popular on Drakonian males. Ninne closed her front door and turned around, giving and returning a kiss that was already waiting for her. She couldn't repress a giggle once they parted, looking at the naturally shorter then she was Mark, thinking certain naughty thoughts. She had pleasured herself before, but she knew that now was the time to see what the real thing was like, with the love and greater pleasure from a mate. That cute drake was so funny and kind, they hit it off so fast and easily... she knew she wanted to share her first experience with him.

[Why don't we head to my bedroom before dinner?], Ninne said in an erotic and hintive way, giving him the most seductive look she could give, nearly purring. Mark gave his big raptor tail a flick, extending a claw to her with a smile.

[Shall we?], Mark replied to her in his humorous way, as she took his claw in her own. Ninne made something similar to a combination of a growl and giggle, leading him claw in claw through her home to the bed she had prepared. Her room had been dimmed just slightly for mood, and the two entered already knowing their intentions. Ninne stopped Mark and turned to his side, enlatching the button of his pants and the velcro strap of his underwear, while he purred in his Drakonian way, undoing a few buttons on the top part of his shirt. Within a moment, his clothes were tossed aside, and he turned his attention to doing the larger female's, as Ninne removed her shirt and tossed it towards her hamper. Mark pulled off her garments with her help, leaving the two drakes bare as two would be, scanning over the scales they hadn't yet seen. Ninne flicked her strong tongue, crawling up onto her bed and inviting the male, eager to please her instincts. The red striped drake crawled up next to her, gently licking her neck, which turned the girl on more then she even was. Ninne growled softly, looking down the dimly lit reptilian body before her, noticing the way he was sitting. He was sitting on the top of his tail and hip, leaving the swollen slit between his legs showing...Ninne was going to do more then just look. Slipping away from his erotic licks, she bent her neck downward, slipping her tongue inbetween his poorly closed legs in his reclined state. Mark sort of meeped, giving a growling purr and a happy flick of his tongue as he opened his legs and lied back, letting Ninne lick the whole length of his sheeth slit, making him slip out in seconds. Ninne had to stop herself from laughing in excitement, wrapping her long, powerful tongue around his Drakonian cock, and unrapping it as her rough tongue rubbed the entire length of it as it left. Before he could even moan at it, she placed it in her mouth, rubbing her tongue all over it, and letting her sharp teeth gently tickle and massage.

[Damn Ninne..], Mark continued to purr, flicking his tongue a few more times with a pleasurful smile. She was doing great for a virgin! Mark knew she was, because she was truthful. He wasn't, but by damn Ninne was a helluva lot better then that skanky drake a while back! She just kept her jaw so lightly clamped using the space between her carnivorous teeth to rub and pleasure so perfectly while...ooohhh god that tongue! If he let her keep going at this rate, he wouldn't have anything left! [It's my turn now. Get on your back], Mark forced himself to say through his pleasure, almost hating himself for stopping her. She needed a little reward for that..

[Come on you..], Ninne purred once she was on her back with her legs out of the way. It was hard for a drake to get her raptor legs out of the way like this on her back, but Ninne would do anything to welcome pleasure from this cute drake. Mark wasted no time finding her tight, virgin, reptilian slit, and sent his tongue across the scaly opening as she did to pleasure his sheath. Ninne just closed her eyes, smiling quietly as she took all this in...but growled quite pleasurfuly when that long powerful tongue dove into her slit. She had to grip her bed while she growled in sheer pleasure as he moved his rough tongue in, out, and around her pink sensitive flesh within her slit. Mark sent his tongue as far in as it would go, getting an urge to do something great as they were both greatly aroused. With the quickest motion he could make with his tongue, he withdrew it, sending it's rough and muscular surface flying out of her hole. Ninne roared, sending a wave of pleasure through her whole body as she tensed.

[Get up off your back and get onto your knees], Mark instructed with a twitch in his hip, ever too eager to mate. [I want to take your virginity my sweet sweet drake..], he spat in nearly a whisper. Not only was Ninne the best pleasure he ever had, but she was the nicest and most interesting girl he'd met. It was time. Ninne did as he asked, bending over on her knees and purring ever so softly, just waiting for him. Mark moved on top of her, positioning his strong legs just right as his member made it's way under her tail, until it found it's target. Slowly and carefully, he spread the soft, scaly lips of her girlhood, slipping himself inside as Ninne growled a moan. Getting himself perfectly positioned, the red striped male started rocking and thrusting with his strong raptor hips as he placed more of himself upon her, reaching up and gently nipping the scruff at the base of her neck he could reach. Ninne loved this to every extent, matching the pitch and volume of her lover's growls, thrusting back just slightly as he used the strong power of his Drakonian legs to mate with her. Mark bit her neck softly just a few times as he continued his mating, before he got a good clamp and squeezed just a bit, growling deeply hjas he thrust his hips hard and fast, sending the two reptiles into their orgasm. Mark was a loud, purring growl, while Ninne roared at the experience, feeling so much love and pleasure for the first time. Even after both drakes had came, Mark stayed clamped to her neck for a few moments as the waves of ecstacy finished their round trip through his body, and only then did he withdraw himself and leave the tight and wonderful girlhood that made his day. With a tired sigh, Ninne collapsed to her bed, lying her head on her pillow as she rolled to her side, feeling a drip upon her tail of his juices, as well as her own. As she panted and tried to fathom the wonder she just felt, Mark crawled up along side of her, lying down and giving the end of her snout a lick as the two lied there....

Ninne giggled, thinking back so far. She missed such pleasures. "So Kayla, have you seen the sunny side of such acts yet?", she asked her furry friend, who had been listening quite attentively.

"Not sure about Drakonian mating, but yes, I see what you mean. I'm sure it's fun when you're loved, and you're not being paid or forced to...", Kayla spoke rather softly, wishing her life hadn't been such a mess. Her childhood was a horror, and everything then on was's how she got so smart, as she had no other life.

Ninne looked at her strangely, trying to read her emotions. "I didn't make you sad Kayla, did I?", she asked in a confused way, not sure what she did.

"No, it's alright....thinking back on my old life hurts sometimes, but I'm happy it's over, and I have new things to look foreward too", the fox spoke in a light way, smiling a bit. Ninne returned the smile, sad of Kayla's past...she had never known such things bothered such a spirit. Kayla's heart was as light as a feather, though things kept tugging on it, trying to force their weight upon something so fragile. Not even she could figure out how she became the universe's legendary hacker with such kindness and purity...but a life so painful, she could not be blamed for going astray, never having guidance or most of all, love.

"I miss being grown up, but at least we have been given a new start", Ninne sighed. Though they were children, their memories gave them plenty to speak about in a serious conversation. There was a tap at the door, which opened with the usual button press by a Drakonian finger.

"Your mom is here to walk you home Kayla", Ki`rene smiled from the doorway, seeing that they had been sitting and talking.

Kayla looked out the window and sighed. "My fur is gonna get wet and I'm gonna have to take an early bath..", she just sorta said, looking at the pouring rain before she slid off of her friend's bad.

"Ninne, you need a bath yourself. Why don't you go take a shower?", Ki`rene chuckled. She gave Ninne the privlidge of taking showers by herself just shortly ago, as she was old enough and proved she was responsible and careful with her good behavior. She had been improving since she screwed-up with Kayla, and she really did admit it when she did something wrong...Ki`rene was proud of her daughter.

Ninne sighed too. "Ok mom", she replied, hopping off her bed as she and Kayla left the room together, saying their goodbye.