In the 28th century, the technology of rejuvenation allows for immortality. This device is also used for sentencing as well. A penitatas; a criminal that is sent back to childhood to live a highly strict and disciplined life to start anew. (Story Eleven)
Concept by Lurking Dragon
Kayla and story by Professor Bob

Five days have passed since the incident involving Kayla and Ninne, and it was a Monday morning, the day of Swim Class. All rejuves lose their coordination and 'muscle memory', so certain actions and movements need to be relearned by the body. Though the mind still had data regarding it, the body hasn't learned to handle it yet, so that's the reason rejuves need to go through a rejuve school, to learn how to write and type again. Kayla was particularly excited about getting to swim, as she loved water, but never was the best swimmer in the first place so she had much to learn. All the aliens were placed into one third grade group, as they all had to split up into different times to use the pool, so Ninne, Paula, and Anne were in the same group as she was, along with five other humans, two being from Kayla and Ninne's class. Ninne was ashamed for what she did, letting Kayla be punished for doing nothing. She got that tail chewing as promised, and she couldn't discribe to Kayla how much it hurt on such a sore and blistered tail, along with sitting in the corner for an hour. She was fortunate she went to bed an hour early and not two, as she at least got supper before she was forced into bed to try and sleep with such a nasty hurt. Kayla did forgive her and give her a second chance, and their friendship had grown back to normal since. She knew that poor drake didn't need anymore discipline, or an angry friend. They were spending much time together, and had grown as close as before because of Ninne's efforts to make Kayla happy with her again. Once all of the group was present and in their bathingsuits at the pool area, they waited for their instructors and talked with eachother, especially about the fact that this was a penitatas group, and they were in for it. Kayla had gone out to get a suit that weekend, and ended up getting a one piece blue one, while Ninne's suit consisted of nothing. As a Drakonian, the only practical way to swim was without her clothes, and she wasn't embarassed about it at all, as this was one of the times she deemed it completely appropreate. She and Anne snickered about how they'd have no trouble, as Drakonians were EXCELLENT swimmers, being able to swim in-humanly fast and manuver much better with their tail. The group of nine all lined up once their two human instructors, both female, came from the local locker room.

"Good morning students, and welcome to our swimming recap class", the woman on the right said. They both wore single piece suits, and had a paddle holsered at their waist. "I am Elizabeth", she then said.

"And I am Katalina, your other instructor. As for our two Drakonian girls this class, we have a special instructor for you", she introduced, with the door to the locker room opening before she could finish her sentence. A 8.5 foot tall drake woman. Ninne and Anne shrank with a more worried look, knowing it wasn't going to be easy to please the instructor now, especially when a big mouth of teeth was there to bite their tail, being that they got them a drake teacher.

[We're screwed..], Anne quietly spat, speaking into her Drakonian comrade. Being next to Ninne, Kayla was just close enough to hear, and she understood what she said too and agreed. She and Paula would be treated like the humans however, while Ninne and Anne worked at the other end of the big pool with their own instructor.

[I'm Diana, and I'll be working with you two as she said. Come on to this end of the pool so we have enough room], the big drake introduced, instructing them to follow. Ninne and Anne went down the poolside with her, and Kayla's own instructors turned their attention back to their group of seven now.

"Alright now. First we will start with floating on your back, then leg kicking, basic swimming, and then underwater swimming. We will apply our paddles as needed, and use them to 'encourage' you so that you will have your swimming recaped as quickly as possible. Now, everyone into the pool", Elizabeth told her group, stepping into the shallow end of the pool. Both ends were shallow, as the deep end was in the middle, but this one was much shallower for the younger children. Kayla carefully stepped down, as to not do anything to irritate her instructors, getting her fur wet. Once all the kids were in the pool, one in particular was already bent over the side of it, getting four well placed *WHAP!!*'s onto her bathingsuit seat. Paula, being the kind of feline she was, was just a bit slower getting into the pool then she should have. Being afraid of the water wasn't so important when they had those paddles to beware of! Katalina releaced her after that, sniffling and wiping her eyes with the blue fur on the back of her paw. Upon instruction, the row of children got on their backs and tried to remain afloat, which wasn't difficult. Kayla had to try more then the rest, because of the weight of wet fur, but her energetic lungs could hold a good amount of air to keep up. Once the instructors saw everyone was floating alright, they let them stand back up on the shallowest part, while something down the pool caught their eyes...

[Now you're both ready to test your speed dive. Anne, you may go first. Dive into the water, swim under it for speed, and come up the other side of the pool], Diana told her two drakes. Being Drakonians, they skipped right to wading, which neither had trouble with, so now they were going to test their natural Drakoanian diving capabilities. Anne knew this was way easy, stepping towards the side of the pool. With a few fast steps, a raise of her left leg just slighty, she fired herself into the water with her right foot and powerful leg, causing quite the explosion of water. The brown torpedo zipped across the pool under the water, literally bursting out of the water on the other side straight into the air with a plume of water, landing soundly on her two feet on the pools other side. [Your turn Ninne], the big drake told her. Ninne stepped to the side of the pool, using her two feet to make a sudden leap into the air, going into the water with less dramatics and climbing up the other side with a small leap, just a bit slower then Anne. Their instructor dove in herself, meeting them on the other side, dripping. [Anne, do you realize how dangerous showing off like that is? That was a highly improper dive, with far less control then you should have. What if that right foot slipped? You would have fell in the pool head first and smacked it on the bottom!], Diana scolded with concern, trying to shame her student, who sulked and shrunk at this. What really made Anne unhappy, was when Diana settled herself onto her tail and grasped the scruff of her neck, pinning her between her legs.

[Nooo! Stop! I'm sorry, I'll be more careful!], Anne pleaded as she was held down and had her tail stretched out. Ninne never really got to see another drake get her tail chewed, so she took the time to observe and see what she and Ki`rene might look like...*BITE!*. Ninne shuddered for a moment, getting not the most pleasant sound in her ears as her friend roared, having her tail bit. Anne didn't take the begining of her punishments well it so seemed, roaring like a fog horn. [OOOWWWW--STOOOOPP!!], the poor drake tried to stop her teacher, not wanting to have her tail chewed by her. Ninne took note how painful having your tail chewed looks like, especially from such a big mommy with big sharp teeth, having the youngster howling and crying, pinned between their legs and helpless. She also noticed how this woman chewed a tail, taking less focus on chomping and a lot more on chewing. Diana was treating the base of Anne's tail like a stick of gum! *ChewChewChewChewChew-CHOMP-SNAP-ChewChewChew*, she continued as Anne howled with tears streaming, feeling her tender underside of her tail being chewed so harshly. When a mommy used her teeth to chew like that, it STUNG and BURNED a poor scaled tail, instead of applying the punishment with an alternation of sharp bites, grinds, and a bit of chewing to really hurt. Just chewing like that left an incredible sting and soreness, making her scales RAW, though there was little brusing without the chomping. When she let go of Anne, she cried good, rubbing her tail franticly, not having her tail punished quite like that in a while. Without the chomps, the sting was purely superficial and she would be fine, able to use her tail to swim normally...but she'd have to deal with the pain for a while. A real chewed tail could swim too, but apparently Diana didn't want to apply her teeth in a true tail chewing this least that's what Ninne nervously got.

[Ooowwwww-hoow-hhoowwwww..], Anne wimpered as she rubbed her tail, sniffling and crying lightly.

[Alright Anne, that's enough. I want the two of you to follow safety rules, no matter how good of swimmers you may be. Into the pool now, we're going to do some basic swimming before we return to the dive], Diana told Anne, before switching her instruction to the both of them. Ninne could tell Diana was a skilled disciplinarian, but her voice was soft and kind, and was concerned about Anne's carelessness. Maybe she could keep her tail out of trouble if she just stayed safe, Ninne pondered, giving a light hop into the pool with Anne and Diana.

On the other side of the pool, Elizabeth and Katalina were holding up kids in the water while they kicked their feet. Four had already gone while Kayla watched Anne get her tail chewed on the other end, though she was awed by both Anne and Ninne's swimming. Kayla was diffinately going to the beach with Ninne this summer! She was the only one left in the line, as she was the last of the seven, having the other two in the pool and the other four sitting on the edge of the pool as their instructors finish with the last students. Once those two were done, Elizabeth took the group a little farther down the pool so they could swim from one side to the other, as since they were going one at a time, they only needed a single instructor. Katalina stayed behind to do Kayla's leg kicking with her, and that fox was more then eager to do so.

"There you go Kayla. Now, just kick your legs and I'll keep a hold of you so you stay up", the light voiced Katalina told the little fox, once she had a proper hold on her to keep her above the water while she did her leg training. Kayla did as told, kicking her legs, though a bit improperly, and though she tried to get the power and control into them, it wasn't quite working out. The fox could have yelped when her teacher picked her up a bit, carrying her towards the side of the pool. "I'm sorry, I know you're trying very hard, but I think now is the time for a little bit of encouragement", Katalina told her in her soft voice, having grown fond of Kayla's exemplary personality and behavior. Kayla just sort of moaned disheartedly, sort of accepting she needed help to get her body to swim right again in this short time. She retained so much that was normally lost in a rejuve, but swimming appeared to not be one of those. She bent over the side of the pool with her legs and feet in the water, while her teacher unholstered her paddle. *WHAP!!* *WHAP!!* *WHAP!!*, she began fast, causing quite the yelp and cringe from Kayla, who didn't like being paddled so damp, as it hurt more. She managed to keep her soaked tail raised for her as she kept striking her in her speed, just whining and crying, trying to keep still.

"AARROOOOOOO!", Kayla howled more like a fox then anything else, after fifteen swats had been delivered to the seat of her bathingsuit, stinging her rear quite well. She was quite embarassed by that more canine howl, being that she was sure it caught everyone's attention...not like there was any other fox here. Kayla sniffed a few times, trying to stop her crying so she could focus on her learning, as Katalina brought her back into the water to try again. Remarkably enough, the sting of her rear helped her kick her legs a lot better! By now most of the students had swam across, and would have already, if Elizabeth didn't have to paddle Brian and this one Nicole girl from another class. As Katalina took her down the pool a bit for her turn, she looked down on the other end and saw Ninne was doing quite fine, as she was doing her best for her teacher and staying well behaved. Anne was trying that too it looked like, having had her tail chewed already, not wanting another dose.

"Hey Kayla, nice howl", Paula giggled with a smile as Kayla climbed up the side of the pool for her swim. She stopped being so timid as she used to be, but she was still quiet unless she felt comfortable enough to speak.

"You're one to talk, you sound like a cat that had her tail stepped on!", Kayla teased with a small laugh. Paula just sticked out her tongue and smiled.

"Kayla, your turn", Elizabeth told her as she swam back from the other side. Kayla sat down on the edge of the pool, just slipping herself into the water. She swam across with little difficulty, though Elizabeth had to show her how to use her arms properly. That was the only time Kayla was paddled, and it actually helped, as she swam nicely. Some of the other kids were paddled twice during the course of this, so Kayla was proud to only walk away with one, and it wasn't for behavioral purposes. Once everyone had done the underwater swimming part, they were allowed some time to swim freely and have fun, just to gain actual leisure swimming experience. Kayla zipped around with her own foxy agility, spending time with Paula and Brian from her class. She got some nice time to practice staying afloat in once place, as the drakes down the pool caught her attention once again...

[Ninne, that is not a proper 'snap'. You're not coordinating your legs and tail in the right sequence and you've tried three times already!], Diana explained to Ninne, who was not able to do a Drakonian 'snap' right. For underwater swimming, a drake needed to know how to 'snap', making something of a snap with the rear half of their body, making a burst of speed with their tail, legs, and feet, and this was critical to proper underwater swimming. Ninne had tried to copy her teacher and followed her instruction, but she was still not up to Drakonian par. Ninne only sighed and hung her head when Diana settled herself onto her tail. She had tried hard and followed every rule, but it looked like it wasn't enough. She took a few sulky steps foreward and compliantly placed herself into her lap, having her legs pinned between Diana's. [You have been a great student and you're only having trouble, so I'm not going to be harsh. Just enough to encourage that tail to work with your legs!], Diana kindly said, knowing that Ninne was giving her all. Ninne nodded and put her head down when a claw was placed upon her neck, and Diana's other stretched out her tail. Anne watched this a bit, for the same reason Ninne watched hers, curious to see a tail chewing from someone else's perspective. The big drake bent her head down, and Ninne flinched when she felt her minty breath, just before...*CHOMP!*

"YYYEEOOWW-OOWW-OW-OW-OWERRRRR!!", Ninne howled out when she begun, but took the pain and grit her teeth, repressing her cries and roars. She was taking this a lot better then Anne did! This time Diana was using more chomps, making this a proper tail chewing, but she was being light...though that didn't mean Ninne felt no pain, as there was, as usual. Diana kept her chomps, chews, bites, and grinds up, making Ninne's poor tail hurt even more as she continued, and she wasn't able to repress a howl and a series of wimpers and whines, dripping some tears down her snout. *Bite Chomp Chomp ChewChew Grinnnnddd CHOMP CHOMP Bite Chew..* went right onto the base of her tail, hurting the underside of it a lot. Ninne just cried and wimpered, having grown able to stop her howls. With a few final chomps, a quick chew of her poor scales, and a grind off, Diana unclamped her legs and let Ninne free. Ninne only nursed her tail a bit while she cried, before she wanted to give underwater swimming another try, determined to make Diana proud.

[Can I try again now?], Ninne sniffled, giving her eyes a quick wipe with her claw.

[Certainly. Hop back into the pool], Diana replied, hopping in herself with a splash. Ninne sort of dove in, attemping to properly swim underwater, swimming around a bit before she returned to her teacher and popped her head back up. A Drakonian can hold their breath for quite a while, so Ninne gave Diana plenty of time to observe her underwater swimming.

[Did I do better?], she asked, really hoping she did well.

[Much! You and Anne can swim freely now, just work on that 'snap' for a bit and you should have it down completely], Diana said in an encouraging way, taking a seat on the side of the pool. Anne dove in with a happy sound, and Ninne thought she should swim underwater for a bit to make sure she learned how to swim right again, before the two drake friends would play. After twenty minutes both groups were called out of the water and they could head in and get changed back into their clothes. Being nude in the locker rooms was a little unnerving for some, but most of them had seen their fellow girl's rears before, usualy over someone's lap. Kayla was comfortable though, and it was a good thing, as it took a while to get her fur dry enough to get dressed, and Paula really was no better off. The Drakonians took a little longer getting in, and Diana spoke with Ninne before she went into the girl's locker room with her.

[You were a terrific and well behaved student, and I'm sorry I chewed your tail. I saw it as a means of helping you learn, and by the looks of things, you can swim underwater nicely now], Diana said to her, walking along side.

[Yes, and thank you for your teaching, I appreciate you trying to help me and all], Ninne said with a smile, being truthful about it. She liked Diana.

[You're welcome], Diana smiled in return, walking into the locker room. Ninne went straight to the still trying to dry herself Kayla, opening the locker beside her's, which she crammed her large and oddly shaped clothes into, along with a towel.

[So Kayla, you do well?], Ninne asked, pulling out her towel and trying to dry off.

"Yeah, I guess. After that embarassing howl from that paddling I was swimming better. By the way, switch your language for me if you could", Kayla answered, making a joke about that fox cry and reminding Ninne to speak Panglish.

"Oops! Got too used to speaking drake. Glad you understood me at least", Ninne giggled, happy that the Drakonian tutoring she and her mother had been giving was helping.

"Saw you get your tail chewed, sorry about that. You were a lot quieter then Anne at least", Kayla said, snickering at the end.

[I heard that!], spat a certain drake from the other side of the lockers, making Kayla and Ninne laugh.

"She was only trying to help", Ninne just sort of shrugged, not about to be mad at Diana after she restored so much swimming abilities. Once everyone was dried and dressed, they left back for their classes, with a restored swimming ability and a rear just a tiny bit sore. At least they had fun in the end!