In the 28th century, the technology of rejuvenation allows for immortality. This device is also used for sentencing as well. A penitatas; a criminal that is sent back to childhood to live a highly strict and disciplined life to start anew. (Story Ten)
Concept by Lurking Dragon
Kayla and story by Professor Bob

A few weeks have passed and it's mid september now, a month into Kayla and Ninne's school year. Kayla's had been doing very good as she guessed, and had straight 'A's last she looked so she wouldn't be getting spanked come report cards. Ninne was having a tad of trouble, but it wasn't anything she was all too concerned about, as she usualy pulled through. Emily and Ki`rene were more understanding about a 'B' then most penitatas parents, since they didn't need it as excuse to punish them. The Drakonian tutoring was going very well, and Kayla could actually understand some of Ki`rene's scolds now, or some of Ninne and Anne's conversations at lunch. It was mid morning during the ethics and morals class, Kayla's personally most hated class. Learning how to be a good person seemed to be almost an insult to her, though she does accept that what she did as Packet-Storm was wrong. The day had been slow and standard, with no one misbehaving at all, that is, as of yet.

Mrs. Rembrant's head perked up from her console upon hearing a clatter of a small object that had been thrown. "What's going on back there?", she said in a curiously stern tone, looking towards the center rear of the room. Upon getting no reply or movement from anyone, as they were all watching her, she got up from her desk and went back there to see what had been thrown, since no one moved to pick it up. Behind the last row of desks, she found the object she heard clatter. "Who's data chip is this?", she asked, wondering who it belonged to so she could punish that person for throwing it. Once again, she recieved no reply, and this was getting very irritating. She took her palmpad from her pocket to look at it's contents, and found something a bit more interesting then. "Oh I see....", she said with a smirk, getting a few answers about what was going on. "Miss Ackart", Mrs. Rembrant called. Kayla could have winced, but she knew she had been on task, and turned from her work at her computer.

"Yes Mrs. Rembrant?", Kayla said politely.

"The sentence structure and word usage of this person looks a lot like your's...not to mention I don't know anyone that would pass a note in my class with a data chip..", Mrs. Rembrant scolded, looking for her admition to this chip being her own.

Kayla couldn't believe she would be blamed, but remained composed, knowing she was innocent. "I haven't done anything like that Mrs. Rembrant", she replied, knowing pretty much all the class was watching her right about now to see what would happen.

"Lying doesn't help you Kayla, especially with me! I don't like lying, and it's not wise to do it to me! There is no one in this class other then you that uses high-grade chips with a blue casing!", Mrs. Rembrant shouted angrilly, now making Kayla rather scared, being that she could not convince her teacher that she wasn't to blame!

"N-no Mrs. Rembrant, I'm not lying!", the now nervous fox tried to defend herself, with her tone of voice not doing the best of jobs displaying truthfulness in her fright. Mrs. Rembrant growled and went quickly to Kayla's desk, pulling her off her chair by the paw and taking her to the front of the class, while the now panicy anthro-fox claimed her innocence. Kayla had been working diligently all morning, and this was a big slap to her, even though she knew bigger slaps were about to come for no reason! "I didn't do antyhing wrong!", she said in a more teary way, as she was suddenly placed over her teachers lap on her desk, right infront of the whole class, who was watching every second of this.

"It doesn't matter if you admit to doing it or not, you'll still be punished just as hard!", Mrs. Rembrant scolded, tired of hearing Kayla's 'untruthful' pleas. She reached behind herself to get her paddle...the third grade paddle. Kayla squeeled and squirmed upon seeing that she took that paddle into hand, knowing it was too harsh for her six year old rear! Mrs. Rembrant quickly pinned her down and restrained her tail, undoing the button above it and taking her pants and panties completely off. Kayla was bare below the waist, and she started crying in sheer panic, knowing she had done nothing to deserve such a humiliating punishment, and with a paddle that was as harsh as this. Ninne wasn't so comfortable at her own seat either, having already known the humiliation of being spanked infront of the class, and Mrs. Rembrant was going out of her way to make this as embarassing and painful as possible. This wasn't right.....Ninne knew Kayla's actions were only fueling her teacher, as she winced when Mrs. Rembrant raised the paddle and sent it down fast. *WHAP!!!*

"AAAAAAAAOOOWOWWWOOOOWWW!!!...", Kayla yelped and howled out, sending her into a harder cry. This paddle not only stung a lot more then another paddle, but landed with a hard impact that added a deep ache, even with one single swat. *SMACK!!!* , came her teacher's second swat, which was replied with a sharp whine, as Kayla just put her head down to bawl, having given up trying to protect her innocence and opted to just cry submissively as to not make this any worse. All the prying eyes, watching her bawl and be punished this severely, was just too much for the little fox.

"*SMACK!!!* This is *SWAT!!!* what happens *WHAP!!!* when you *SMACK!!!* lie to me! *WHAP!!!*", Mrs. Rembrant said sharply as she delivered the third grade paddle over the fuzzy orange rear of Kayla, as she wimpered harshly in pain, bawling and kicking her feet slightly. Ninne hated to watch something like this, and more importantly, on Kayla. She wrang her claws at her desk, unable to stop shifting her feet under it.

After being spanked with such a paddle for a while, Kayla couldn't just stay quiet and bawl any longer. With another *WHAP!!!* below her tail, she screamed sharply, reaching back to try and protect her rear with her paws and trying to squirm her body to make the hurt stop. "P-ppllleee- heeessseee..I haa-haveee don` na`thing wrronngg..", Kayla cried out, ever so patheticly, once she tried to stop her teacher's assault, as her poor rear was a nasty red and bruising. Mrs. Rembrant just grabbed the wrist of the paw that blocked her path and pulled it behind the fox's back, causing a sharp *SMACK!!!* once the paddle made angry contact with her furry, punished rear.

"I have had enough of this Kayla...", Mrs. Rembrant growled, tired of being 'lied' to and having resistance. She placed the paddle back upon the desk and dug around her purse for her brush, which she did not forget this time. Giving the crying fox no warning of what was impending, she smacked the back of that wooden brush onto her left thigh, at the base of her very well paddled rear end. Kayla made a teary yelp that renewed the pain and bawling, making a sudden spazam at the harsh sting she didn't expect upon such sensitive soft flesh and fur. Ninne felt like she would cry if her teacher continued punishing her friend this harshly, watching her scream, howl, and bawl like a baby, as Mrs. Rembrant just kept spanking her thighs hard while she kept Kayla from struggling. Kayla was no liar!

"AAHHHHAAAAAAAOOWWW!!", Kayla yowled out, once Mrs. Rembrant started hairbrushing her paddled rear at a very rapid pace. This was very harsh, and with the way Kayla was squirming and crying, this was absolutely humiliating. Mrs. Rembrant knew she had done a number on her, but she was still resistant and trying to say she was innocent occationally, though the words never made sense in her bawling. She was going to lash every single speck of independance and defiance from this girl before this would end, so she placed the brush back into her purse and looked at the furry kit that was bawling over her lap, that still hadn't given all up.

"Up Kayla, and bend over the front of my desk", she ordered, picking the crying girl off her lap and keeping a hold of her so she wouldn't fight or fall under the pain of her spanked rear and legs. Kayla did as told once her teacher got off her desk, bending over the front of it, and placing her head down into her paws to just cry. Mrs. Rembrant walked to the other side of her desk and got an apple switch from her top drawer, causing a few gasps and sympethetic winces from the class, though they were watching every second of the fox's punishment, examining it all carefully and curiously, as it was rare for them to see Kayla spanked. Ninne closed her eyes and made a tiny wimper, now pretty sure her eyes had welled upon seeing that switch.

Mrs. Rembrant came back around, giving Kayla's hip a tap with the switch as a signal to raise her tail and put her legs into the proper switching position. She was up against the desk with her tail high and her legs open just slightly, exposing her rear and a bit more to the class for their inspection. Though Kayla was in horrid pain and crying hard because of it, she was very embarassed, knowing she was showing her tailhole and a bit of her fuzzy slit to everyone, and this was Mrs. Rembrant's full intent. Being switched and squirming, exposed to an audience, hurt more then just physically, as she would be embarassed to no end while the whippy stick lashed her. As if the apple switch wasn't enough to make her bawl her heart out. Being comfortable with nudity was one thing, but being presented like this to humans who don't see it that way wan't comfortable at all. Mrs. Rembrant positioned herself to Kayla's left, aligning the switch with her rear, and she raised it quickly with precision and it came back down with a swish and a *CRACK!!!*.

"NNNNOOOOOO!!..", the poor fox screeched out, having the switch land dead center, where the paddle had already done it's nasty hurt. She started crying loud with panicy whines and wimpers, not too different from a baby, shifting her feet. *WHAP!!!*, it landed again...on her sensitive right thigh. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!", she outright screamed, with the only thing keeping her standing being the desk. The fur of her cheeks were soaked, and her chest ached from BAWLING so forcefully and loud. Mrs. Rembrant was going to finish this off as harshly as possible, taking a step closer, and started swatting below that bushy tail rapidly. Kayla howled and tried to squirm violently, but she was restrained by her teacher, who kept swatting her with the branch nearly twice a second. The fox's scream was constant, and so were the big tears, as she felt herself being lashed in the most harshest of ways.

"Mrs. Rembrant, STOP!!", Ninne leaped from her seat, shouting her teary plea as a few sets of tears dripped down her scaly cheeks. The switch stopped mid-air and Mrs. Rembrant turned around, quite angry that a student would interrupt such a deserved punishment. "I'm guilty!! I threw the chip, Kayla hasn't done anything at all!!", the drake confessed with tears, speaking quickly and panicy. Mrs. Rembrant could have fallen over....Kayla was innocent?

"Explain young lady!", she scowled, absolutely angry for Ninne's letting someone else take the fall, and shocked and actually saddened that she just punished an innocent student as harshly as she did.

"Kayla gave me that chip a while back when she gave me a game she made for my computer....the note is mine....", Ninne fully confessed with her head hung low, having a pair of guilty tears run down her snout, while the class looked at her and saw she was telling the truth. Kayla, even in her hard crying and holding onto the desk to keep from falling to the floor, couldn't believe her friend would do this. She lifted her head from her paws and looked back at Ninne in disbelief that she would do this...

"Kayla, I'm so sorry...", Mrs. Rembrant applogized in a frantic but composed way, feeling horrible for doing this to her little advance placement student. She helped her to her feet and looked out into the class. "Anthony, please help Kayla walk to the clinic and........give the nurse this note", she asked of him, as she found him trustable, and handed him a small slip.

"Yes Mrs. Rembrant", Anthony nodded once he went to the front of the class, taking the slip and putting an arm around Kayla to help her walk. They started heading out, with Kayla limping and crying still.

"Ninne, you're to go to Mr. Yami's office immidiately. What you have done is inexcusable, and you will pay a SEVERE penalty for making another student take the fall for your own actions when they're innocent! Go now!", Mrs. Rembrant scolded while they left, hearing a sniff and a faint reply as the door closed behind them. Anthony held onto Kayla tight, carrying the fox's clothes, and trying to comfort her.

"I can't believe Ninne would do this to me..", Kayla said quietly and very tearily in a soft growl. Ninne was her best friend...and she allowed her to be paddled, hairbrushed, and switched when she was the guilty one. She betrayed her...

"It's alright Kayla, just keep walking....worry about friendships after you've been taken care of", Anthony tried to take her mind off her mental pain, reminding her of the physical one that needed to be treated as she didn't deserve it. He took her to the nurse within a few minutes and handed the nurse the slip, leaving back for class. Nurse Winterfeld lied her on a bed on her stomach and read the slip she was given.

"You poor thing! I'll get you nano-lotion, just hold on a sec..", she exclaimed when she read the paper, going to her medical supply cabinet. She came back and rubbed it into her rear and thighs, giving her time to lie there and rest. Being punished as a penitatas was one thing, but being punished that harshly for no reason wasn't fair at all. Kayla stayed there, trying to relax her body while the nanos repaired her flesh back to normal, and thought. Her best friend let this happen...just because she wanted to save her own tail. She let her be spanked when she knew she was innocent, and she herself was to blame. Ninne did more then just let her down, as Kayla was fuming that her BEST FRIEND would do this to her! She was going to let her be spanked so she could get away scott free! If she didn't feel guilty that Kayla was being lashed like that, she might have never stopped the wrongful punishment that should have been her on the recieving end! No friend would ever so something so low...

"Kayla?", Nurse Winterfeld interrupted, stopping her angry thoughts. "Mr. Yami just called, he wants you in his office. I think the nanos have done a good enough job for you to walk without any pain, and it should be fully healed in a very short time, so you can go now", she told her, handing the fox her pants and panties. Kayla slipped up the pink little panties and put on her denim pants, latching both above her tail and setting off for Mr. Yami's office across the building. She knew she wasn't going to be punished, as she had done absolutely nothing wrong, so she wondered what he needed with her. The trek across the office building wasn't long, and it gave Kayla more time to flick her bushy tail and grumble in her head about Ninne. Mr. Yami's secretary was sitting at her desk with a cup of coffee, and allowed her inside his office. When she entered, she found a sniffling and sobbing Ninne without her pants or panties, standing and facing the desk. Her hips and what she could see of her tail showed she had already been treated with the harsh dragon- paddle, and the person with it was standing beside her, apparently waiting for the person he called.

"Hello Kayla. I was quite disturbed when I found out the person she let take the fall for her own actions was you, when I knew the two of you were best friends. I thought I should give you a chance to talk, before Ninne's punishment continues", Mr. Yami said in his burly voice, speaking on a more solumn note, knowing this was a strange and hurtful predicament Kayla had reached.

Kayla took a few steps foreward, and Ninne turned her head towards her with her raptor-like neck, making a sniff and showing her teary snout. "Ninne, how could you do this me? After all we've been through, you would have let someone else, and me of all people, to take the blame for your mistake?! You allowed all of that to happen to me, and for me to be absolutely humiliated, just because you wanted to save YOUR OWN TAIL?!!", Kayla said in the most angriest and disappointed ways, feeling like she had been stepped on. Ninne closed her eyes and made a painful sob, along with a series of wimpers. "Well?! Did our friendship mean that little to you, that you'd throw me away just so you wouldn't be punished?! Do you know how much you've hurt me?...", the fox growled angrily, still her own eyes welled and she felt too sad to speak in such a tone, feeling like she would cry.

"Kayla please, I didn't want anything to happen to you..", Ninne said tearily, choking a bit on the tears she was trying to supress. "I'm sorry I couldn't stand up and admit it earlier, I just couldn't! I'm so sorrryyy!!", she pleaded, turning her head back to the desk with her head low and a pair of tears dripping.

"I'd like for you to stay for this Kayla, and administer something yourself. Ninne hurt a friend, thus a friend can hurt her, so that she might see how much more painful it is", Mr. Yami told the saddened fox, speaking in a lower then normal tone. He was quite sympethetic for what happened to Kayla, and what was still happening to her now, with the pain her friendship had taken. Kayla thought about it for a moment, and replied to her principal with a nod. He went around his desk and got something small from the drawer. "Come and sit on the front of the desk Kayla", he asked of her, which she did, sitting with the teary drake infront of her. Mr. Yami handed her this small paddle-like device, but far too small and oddly shaped to be one. It had a round, flat surface, that was completely covered with small pointed studs, like a dragon-paddle, but they were much smaller and quite numerous. "Ninne might know what this is. This is a little something used to swat the palms of a drake's claws. Since you're too small to paddle her, I think this harsh treatment will do just nicely. Ninne, extend your arms and hold out your claws, palms up and open", he explained once she had examined the little thing, giving the Drakonian the order to accept what she had very well earned. Ninne wimpered, doing as told, having her claws extended side by side within swatting distance of Kayla, who was at just the right height by sitting on that desk.

"P-please Kayla...don't hit too hard...", Ninne quietly begged in her teary way.

"You're only going to get what you deserve", Kayla growled, not feeling all too sympethetic for such betrayal, knowing Ninne really did deserve this, and good. Sad and angry, this poor fox wasn't going to give the drake the benifit that she could swat lightly, and she was going to punish her just like anyone else who had done absolute wrong. Ninne flinched when Kayla raised the claw-swatter, and cringed with a yelp when the pointy, stinging device landed dead center of her left claw. Kayla hit hard, and did it as professionally as possible...Ninne knew she was in for it. *WHAP!!* *WHAP!!*, Kayla continued in rhythum, smacking the palm of each claw, alternating the two. Ninne just flinched and held her claws open, crying at the pain she felt upon her claws and everything else at the other end. The little fox just kept going, never easing up the power of her swats, and the crying drake could have sworn she was hitting harder each time. After two minutes of this, Ninne was nearly bawling, knowing Kayla wasn't even keeping count, and there was no way of knowing when it would end. The sting on the palms of her claws was UNBAREABLE, and if she closed them or tried to rub them, worse would come. She cried hard, not only at the horrid sting, but the fact that she was helpless, under the mercy of a very angry Kayla. *WHAP!!* *WHAP!!* *WHAP!!*, Kayla swatted hard, watching the effect she was having on Ninne and those claws. She howled, whined, wimpered, growled, and cried, making Kayla feel that she had about done her job. The palms of her Drakonian claws were discolored from their usual brown, and the scales were hot and swollen instead of soft and cool, along with all the raw and well punished scales all over her fingers and palm.

"Kayla please!!", Ninne quickly cried out, unable to stand this anymore, as she actually shifted her feet under the horrid pain the fox had put her through. With two hard as she could whaps, one for each claw, making a loud *SLAP!!!*, she ceased her claw swatting. Ninne had flinched and cringed hard at the final two, making a howling wimper and a good cry, sending the closed claws to her chest to rub them against her dinosaur-like body, crying hard at the sting. Kayla just watched her with a scowl, handing the little claw-swatter back to Mr. Yami, who was rather impressed at how well she did.

"Come have a seat Kayla, I just have a little more work left with Ninne's tail. After being switched like that infront of the class, I think you have the right to watch this", Mr. Yami said, putting a chair on the right side of the space infront of his desk. Kayla sat down, certain the nanos had fixed everything from earlier, and watched Ninne. "Turn to the left wall Ninne, Kayla has the right to see this from the punisher's point of view, after you made her do the same when she was switched", he told the drake, who complied with a crying whine, doing as told. She was a lot easier embarassed then Kayla was, so this wasn't the most comfortable news. Mr. Yami went to his wall, and Ninne roared in tears at the paddle he removed from the wall...the blistering equivalent dragon-paddle, that as of yet, hadn't ever been used on her. "Three swats with this on your extremely sore tail should teach you how to behave in class, and the value of your friendships...", Mr. Yami said in a deep yet calm way. The main reason to him for this punishment was for what Ninne did to her dear friend, and not some note. With a brisk lift of Ninne's tail, sending her snout to his carpet, he raised the heavy, harsh dragon-paddle-like device with it's large and sharp studs, and let it fly. Kayla saw Ninne's tail was already very very well punished, and could only imagine the nasty hurt these three swats would bring.....*SLAM!!!!*

"YYYYYYEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW--", Ninne practically roared, once that paddle made a hard impact at the base of her tail. *SLAM!!!!*, it came again, while the roar never stopped. The tears and the cringing were constant, and Ninne was literally hopping even while bent over like this. With one final *SLAM!!!!* against her tail, he let go of her tail. Ninne BAWLED, hopping in place like she stood upon hot coals, with her claws on her hips, afraid to actually rub her tail. There were a few blisters the larger studs pinched and stabbed into her tail, which was raw and bruised bad.

"You may return to class Kayla, I want to put Ninne on the CornerStool for a while to make sure my point got across. Just tell me secretary to walk you back to class", Mr. Yami said in a kind way, speaking loud enough to be heard over the howling and crying drake that was hopping beside him.

"Goodbye Mr. Yami", Kayla said politely with a smile as she left. His secretary walked her back to class as said, and Kayla kept half a smile, though she was incredibly sad. Most of her anger had been spent swatting Ninne's claws, so all that was left now was her inner pain of being sacraficed by her own best friend. By not stepping up and telling the truth to stop her innocent friend from being spanked and lashed, she might as well have just beat the crap out of her and lied to people she did it, because that's how Kayla felt. She walked back into class to be met with the sympethetic look of the whole class, as if they all meant to say 'sorry' for watching a punishment she never deserved, and for what happened between she and Ninne. Their friendship was well known to everyone, as they did little apart...

Once Kayla took her seat, Mrs. Rembrant stood at her desk. "Everyone, I would like to formally appologize for Kayla's undeserved punishment, being as very harsh as it was. I will make sure from now on as to who is the guilty party. Kayla, you may turn in your ethics class work as is, and I will give you full credit for it uncompleted. We're about to start today's math assignment, so I don't wish for you to be behind", she said in a kind and appologetic way, knowing how she wronged Kayla with her incorrect detective work. Kayla turned in her work the way it was by sending it to her teacher's console and downloaded today's math work, getting started on it promptly. She cared not to rack her head with her saddened thoughts, so the math was welcomed. Ninne came back fifteen minutes later, still teary and sniffly, and Kayla payed no attention to her. It was hell for the drake to sit, and a pair of tears proved it once she did. Kayla didn't speak with her for the rest of the day, ignoring her completely. At lunch she sat with Anthony a little farther down the table, while the still hurting Ninne stayed with Anne, her other Drakonian friend. Once they got on the bus for home, Ninne sat beside her as usual, though Kayla looked out the window, still crushed. Ninne watched her angry friend sadly, sulking as she felt like crying again, seeing her best friend like this after what she had done. Her tail was so sore and even sitting on these padded seats hurt...and the blisters...

"Umm...K-Kayla...can we talk?", Ninne had difficulty saying, though her words were quiet, soft, and sad.

Kayla sighed, turning her head from the window and leaning back, giving Ninne not the most friendly of looks. "Why would I want to?", she growled.

"Please Kayla, I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry...I just couldn't find the courage to fess up and I choked when she pulled you infront of the class. I didn't know what to do, I...I-I just hoped she would be light, I didn't expect anything she did.." , Ninne pleaded so sadly, sulking with her sore claws in her lap.

"You betrayed our entire friendship. You tossed me aside and allowed such a painful thing to happen to me when you KNEW I was innocent, and YOU were to blame. It's no different then lying, and it was to save your tail! Because you were scared is no excuse for what you did, and I can't say how low it was to think about your own well being while you let your innocent best friend take the fall!", Kayla told her forcefully, raising back her old anger. Ninne pouted, looking down at the floor.

"I'm sorry, I'll never do anything like this again....please believe me Kayla, I was just scared, I didn't mean for anyone at all to be hurt, especially not you", the painstricken drake said solumnly as her eyes welled. "I deserved what Mr. Yami gave me, I deserved the claw-swatting you gave me to every extent, and I deserve everything my mom will give me later when she hears what I have done...", she said quietly, finding herself crying softly.

Kayla eased up her angry look, seeing the anguish her friend was in. She really was sorry, but that doesn't excuse her from doing it in the first place. "I accept that you're sorry for what you did, and you just choked, but you still did it and I still got hurt for no reason. I swatted your claws as hard and long as I did for a damn good reason, because I do still care about you, though I don't think I have been this angry in a while, and I have thought a lot about our friendship, and if it was still there..", the fox told her, starting off stern but became more soft and sad as she went.

"No, no Kayla! Please don't say you don't want to be my friend anymore, because I still do! I beg of you to give me another chance, I just made a mistake, please Kayla!", Ninne completely begged, clasping her sore claws together and everything with tears going down her snout. Before Kayla could reply, the bus stopped infront of their houses, with Emily and Ki`rene waiting at the sidewalk, with Ki`rene not looking very happy at all....the two got off, while Ninne shrank and wiped her tears from her glistening eyes.

"Ninne, you're in deep trouble!!", Ki`rene yelled at her once the bus set off. Kayla found herself pretty sympethetic now, standing beside her mother and seeing Ninne so teary and sad.

"Mommy I've learned my lesson! Please no more! I can't take anymore hurt today...", the drake pleaded and wimpered, being grabbed by the claw forcefully by her mother.

"What you did was horrible and downright mean, and you expect for me to NOT chew your tail ten times over?!", Ki`rene scolded.

"I forgive her Ki`rene, don't be too hard on her", Kayla said with a relenting sigh, making Ninne turn her teary snout to her.

"Thank you...I promise to make this up to you Kayla, and I'll admit what I do wrong like you always do. I just hope we can be as good friends as we've always been, though I'm such a screw-up...I'm so sorry..", Ninne said from the bottom of her heart, glad she hadn't lost the best friend she ever had. She would have to show Kayla she was trustable again, but she was up for the job.

"Good to hear you two are still alright..", Emily sighed. She heard about what happened to Kayla, and who caused it...she was shocked to no end. The sympathy she had for her girl couldn't have been greater, and she was going to treat her to dinner out for being treated so wrongly.

"Thank you for being understanding Kayla, you really are a good friend to Ninne. Since you were the victim and all, I'll adhear to your request to be easy on her, but she is getting at least one tail chewing from me and some good corner time, and she will be going to bed an hour early with no nano- lotion till morning", Ki`rene said to Kayla in a more softer way, actually relieved herself that the two friends weren't fighting. It was a kind thing to give Ninne a second chance after she was hurt by her mistake, but the big drake knew her daughter would make the absolute best of that chance. Ninne sniffled at hearing her fate, but accepted it as something she earned.

"Thanks. I'll see you two tomorrow morning then, and...make the best of your day Ninne. Being punished isn't the end of the world", Kayla told her reptilian friend with her usual warm smile. Ninne wiped her snout and smiled back, while they all said goodbye and the two parties went back to their houses. Emily held Kayla's paw along the way, telling her she was sorry for what happened to her today, and that Mrs. Rembrant appologized to her too. After all of this, there were some rocks to be crossed between student and teacher, and friend and friend, but no one hated anyone, and eveything was going to be alright. Kayla, Emily, and even Alex went out for dinner, and were astonished at how well behaved their girl was in a restaraunt. A normal penitatas couple would have been disappointed with Kayla, as they wouldn't get to spank her as often as a normal penitatas. Alex wasn't home much, but it was easy for him to see how close Emily and she had become, and how much of a good girl their furry blessing was. Though Kayla knew Ninne wasn't having the best of times back at her own house, she also knew her friend accepted it. Both Emily and Alex tucked Kayla in that night, since he was home for once, and they went downstairs to watch the holo, knowing their daughter really was a daughter to them. In her room, Kayla snuggled her anthro-fox plushie close, feeling happier then ever...knowing how much her family loved her, and that she had a family. A real family. Things may go wrong in the world, whether it's friends or school, painful mentally of physically...but a mommy and daddy could always be there, and she went to sleep, plushie in arms, ready to take the world and fix the best friendship she ever had in her two lives.