Kayla: Child Again
In the 28th century, the technology of rejuvenation allows for immortality. This device is also used for sentencing as well. A penitatas; a criminal that is sent back to childhood to live a highly strict and disciplined life to start anew. (Story One)
Concept by Lurking Dragon
Kayla and story by Professor Bob

Once she felt herself released and complete, she pushed the see-through door to the booth open by herself, feeling rather confident that she didn't need to be pampered like a child. The young furred girl quickly stumbled and fell to her hands and knees, being that her virtually "new" legs weren't fully settled into operation. A technician from a nearby console went briskly to the fox-resembling girl, helping her to her feet slowly.

"Careful now! Let your body finish reassembling it's nervous-net and figure out how to use those muscles. One step at a time.", he told her, holding her up a bit so only a little weight would go on her feet for a few moments. The girl sighed tiredly, and the man helped her slowly to an exam table to do his medical tests. Having her seated, he hit a few buttons on the bed's console which activated the vital scanners and monitors against the wall and linked the scanners with his console, which he went back to.

The young girl looked down at her feet, seeing the small fox feet and toe claws as they should be. A patch of white stood in the middle of her chest, white at the end of her tail, and black at the tips of her ears. She could care less she was naked, since her race didn't think all that much of some bare fur, especially at her young age. This girl's name was Kayla, and she was an anthropomorphic fox from Aspatria, a planet with loose ties to Federation worlds. Not many of her kind lived on Earth, or were around this region at all for that matter. The new ordeal she was set through was called rejuvenation, which made her a little six year old again, with her small child-like muzzle, tail, and ears. Kayla also knew what else came with this, and tried to ignore it, as she only cared to examine her young again self. She had silky smooth kit fur again! And humorous to herself, she found no pubic fur left at all, leaving only the short, thin, fuzz she knew when she really was a child. This was her very first rejuvenation, so it was common to be curious. Minutes ago she stood tall, as an adult facing a weary sentence ahead.

"To be th'ix again. What the heel iz wrong wiff my voice?", Kayla said to herself with a smile, before she realized her speech was impaired.

"Your larynx are still adjusting, but keep in mind too that you are six again.", the technician told her while he picked up a small portable computer, and loaded his scans onto them.

"Alright miss, come on into this room and we can get you ready to go.", he informed her, carrying her information with him as he waved for her to follow.

Kayla hopped off the examination bed a little clumsily, before she lightly padded after her rejuve technician. Her body felt like it had never been so light, and her tail felt like it wasn't even there with such little weight. He showed her inside a little room where they had provided her a small white dress and an undergarment, along with a mirror. Before she dressed, she checked herself out from all sides, giggling like the child she now was at the sight. Not wishing for the man to wait long since he was still present, she put the panties they gave her on, then slipped on her dress, taking a glimpse to see if she looked alright in the mirror. To the fox, it seemed like such a strange bit of clothing. A dress?

"You'll be able to meet your parents now.", the man said, beckoning for her to follow yet again. She padded just behind him, being able to use her little legs properly now. The pair headed out of the rejuvenation room and into a different room across the courthouse's hallway. There, she walked in to meet the faces of her two new guardians, who she wasn't surprised were human. They were still the majority of Earth's population, even in the year 2889, when peace had been well established in the Alpha Quadrant.

"Mister and Misses Targate, meet Kayla.", the rejuvenation technician greeted the two who were sitting on a couch. Kayla felt a little shy, especially since she knew the role of these two new "parents". Their eyes on her, they seemed to know that role just as well as she did.

All she managed to say, was a quiet little, "Hi.".

"Kayla's full information is right here, along with her charges and everything else.", he said, taking a few steps to hand the woman the data-pad he brought. She raised her hand in decline.

"Kayla can tell us.", the female told him, having a calming sense to her voice that Kayla could pick up. The technician nodded and handed her a chip for her own records, before the new family departed with the somewhat nervous fox trailing behind. Her new father opened the back door of the hover-car for her and strapped her in before they took off for home. Kayla felt too shy and scared to speak on her own. She wanted to talk to them, but couldn't. It was like being in a total strangers vehicle, and it had already been a busy, nervous day for her in court.

"Why so shy?", her dad asked with a smile over his shoulder in the front passenger seat, making it obvious he was being nice and not faking it. The young humanoid canine had clammed up entirely, it seemed to him.

"I was always shy when I was little.", she replied quietly, making sure she was respectful. She was now what was called a Penitatas. A criminal that was rejuvenated into a child, to be strictly raised under the hands of her new parents. Kayla was fully aware of the hurt she faced during the time of her sentence, and her furred rear was already twitching. Silver letters showed through the fur on the backs of both her hands, showing a filled-in ‘P'; her designation as a hard-time Penitatas.

"Once we go inside, we can have a good talk and get to know each other.", her newfound mother said sort of warmly. Kayla felt almost frightened, just because of their kindness. She expected whack-jobs for parents, that would beat her for fun! Never having lived what an Earthling would have considered an open life, even this concept of rejuvenation was strange, much less courtroom procedure and criminal punishment under the law. Within a few minutes tops, Kayla had arrived at her new home; simple and white, placed within a Penitatas district in accordance with housing regulation for those taking care of a reforming criminal. The three piled out of the car and led their furry daughter inside, welcoming her a seat on a couch while they both sat at each of her sides. Kayla's eyes busily wandered around the room, trying to imagine this as being her home. It would be, for years. Her mother had a glass of juice ready for her, which the little fox appreciated, though still just short of trembling.

"Well Kayla, I'm Emily, and this is my husband Alex. Don't be hesitant to call us mom or dad, since that's who we'll be for you.", her new mother told her. Such a basic concept, but, still somewhat hard for the new Penitatas of the house.

"You're our third penitatas, so we're pretty experienced.", Alex chimed in happily, as if noting their qualifications. Kayla actually didn't like the experienced remark. Did that mean they hit harder? A penitatas - reduced to a child to be spanked and punished for their crimes to start anew. With the addition of rejuvenation technology, this became their justice system. No prisons - just solid reform and payment for their crimes. Punishments for the sake of punishing, and parents to re-teach right from wrong.

"We'll show you around in a bit, but could you tell us about yourself? I didn't read your chart, because I would rather be told your story from well, you!", her mother said with a chuckle, making Kayla feel just a tiny bit better. The woman appeared trusting.

"Well.. ", she mumbled softly as she gathered her thoughts, returning the glass to the table.

"I am Kayla Ackart, a once thirty-nine year old Aspatrian.", she said first, introducing herself properly.

"So what did you do to get arrested? I heard you only got two cycles.", her mother asked with curiosity. A hard time cycle was full-on discipline, with all the 'bonuses' that came with it, while soft time was significantly less discipline. Punishment for the crime and then the full rehabilitation, though a judge really decides what you get at the end of a cycle. Kayla cleared her throat, thinking of how to answer that question.

"Have you heard of the hacker named Packet-Storm?", she asked nervously, with a look on her face. Kayla had been a well known, dangerous pest for quite some time. She quickly got a look from her two new guardians. It was not re-assuring.

"You're Packet-Storm?!", her father snapped in his own surprise, looking to the fox as if he‘d twitch in some way. That was one name that had frequently appeared in the news for over twenty years. Packet-Storm's exploits were known across the quadrant as the most notorious. It was like having a long standing legend in their living room. Kayla nodded, solemnly.

"Yes. I jumped the galactic net, getting my laughs at destroying things and taking looks at files my nose shouldn't have been in.", she said proudly, sort of, trying to hold back her nervousness. Her parents weren't looking a as happy as before, hearing now why she was a Penitatas, but they still looked curious, so she choked her insecurities deep within.

"I never stole money from bank accounts like you might have heard. That wasn't my thing. I just broke into things to prove a point, and because I was curious. I got a much lighter penitatas sentence because I only committed mischief acts, and they didn't find anything that indicated I looked at anything top secret. You see, my last hack was Starfleet's central computer system at their headquarters. I proved your Earth saying, 'curiosity killed the cat', and quickly found myself being tracked down by tracers. I was up to my ear tips in Starfleet officers in less then a minute.", she said sadly, admitting that the master hacker failed, drooping her ears.

"They wanted to punish me and make this hacker a useful part of society. So that's why I'm here before you.", she sighed, mostly repeating the words she heard in court that day. "I accept being a Penitatas, and I promise to try and be real good and obey you, no matter what. I'm really nice and I want to have parents. I never had parents.", she said a little more desperately, knowing exactly what was in store for a hard time Penitatas; hell. For that reason, most Penitatas would not have been so behaved up till this point, and most certainly would not have been accepting of their fate. Criminal mischief turns into childish mischief rather easily once rejuvenated.

"We'll be fine parents.", her mom declared.

"We take in penitatas because we care. You already know what's in store for you, for the crimes you have been convicted of.", she said softly, making sure Kayla knew she meant it.

"We play by the Correction Council's book. This will be very hard, and we absolutely will punish you for everything you do wrong. We'll be harsh when we need to do what we have to do, and it's appreciated you understand why you're going to be disciplined. We do however, want to be loving too, and raise you with gentle hands as well. We can help you and take care of you, since you are a child again", her father explained, letting it out flat. Alex was a forthright sort of man.

"I don't get it. Aren't Penitatas parents supposed to enjoy this?", Kayla up and asked, finding this to not be what she expected.

"Doing your job doesn't mean you have to love it. The Penitatas Justice Department gave us our Penitatas Parent License - we're perfectly qualified", her mother answered.

"Well, let's show you the house, then your room. Once we get to your room, you'll get too meet the usual punishment tools first hand for your very first spanking from us.", her father told her as of it was nothing, getting up from his seat.

Kayla's heart sunk at that last sentence. She got up too, giving an unexpected sniff and small whimper. The little fox wasn't used to being six again, and crying wasn't something she did easily. But that was when she was an adult, and higher then everyone else, because of her extreme skill. Now though, she was small and defenseless, with punishment looming over her, ready to show it's own skill. She placed the back of her paw below the bottom-end of her muzzle, feeling a little upset, knowing her life as a penitatas was just about to begin. She closed her eyes while taking a few steps, only to have them open again with an arm around her, and a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"Don't be sad yet Kayla, we still want to show you around first. Worry about your punishments as they come, you'll get used to it.", Emily said motherly, even in the light of the subject matter. Kayla gave her a smile and sort of hugged her back, even if she had to force it through her fear. She didn't want to be a bad girl, and knew she deserved what she got. But, it was going to hurt, and she didn't like that.

Her new parents showed her around their house, showing her the kitchen, dinning room, and even the backyard. Then they headed off to her own room, which she was dreading. She lightly padded behind her mother, with her father wandering along behind them.

"That's our room right there. If you ever need us during the night, that's where we'll be.", Emily pointed out once they reached Kayla's room, pointing to an adjacent automatic door. Kayla watched her mother hit a button beside the door, and the chamber she knew was going to be a torture room opened. When she went inside, it was a cozy room with cream colored walls, with a white fancy boarder going around the center. Her bed looked even more comfortable then the one she slept on before! Much more so, in fact. There was a closet full of drawers and a toy chest. The things you would expect of a child's room. There was even a dark, synthetic wood desk.

"Please tell me this is a toy chest, and not something else.", Kayla asked outright, shifting a foot in awkward worry while motioning towards the box loosely with a paw. Emily laughed, and her father who just entered behind them chuckled.

"Yes, that is your toy chest. It may not be up to date, but it‘s something to pass the time with when you‘re behaved. It‘s not every day you‘re six years old again.", she answered for her. Kayla looked around a little more, only finding one thing that was designed for her discipline, which was a punishment stool. It had little pyramids on it, looking like a meat tenderizer, just that the points were more numerous.

"Well Kayla, it's time for your first spanking. It‘s called a welcome spanking, and a requirement for your first day.", her mother told her, changing her tone of voice. Kayla flinched and rung her hands, feeling tense under her worry as she turned around from the stool she was examining.

"I want you to be able to get used to this fast. Go ahead and strip down. From what I know, your species doesn't mind that much when it comes to children, so I am hoping for little hesitation.", Emily asked of her, laying down the first bit of parental law Kayla would ever have to experience.

"Alright.", Kayla whispered in a slight whine, slipping down her panties first and taking off her dress second. She handed them politely to her father, who offered to take them. Her mother took the chair that was at the desk and placed it in the open space at the foot of her bed, taking a seat.

"Now Kayla, you're going to get five licks from each of our implements. This is going to be harsh for your first time, and well, harsh period. Once I'm done, you'll get a few minutes of corner-time on the stool and you'll be done. Come on, over my knees.", she told the small furry girl, who was whimpering a little bit. Kayla told her she was going to obey and be good, so she climbed up into Emily‘s lap with the older human‘s assistance. She was much too small to do it alone now.

"I'm not used to having a furry penitatas. I'm going to have to special order some things to compensate for fur, and the addition of a tail. You'll just have to wear dresses and keep your tail down until I get things with holes made for your tail.", she spoke awkwardly, as if trying to imagine how she‘d handle certain things that were new. Emily grasped Kayla's tail and pulled it up the girl's back so it would be up and away from her rear.

"Honey, did you bring them all?", she asked her husband, who replied with a nod of certainty. Without prior warning, she raised her hand and began swatting the furred rump situated in her lap, not all too confused by anatomy differences. Kayla yelped at the sudden swats, receiving five that made her whimper a lot more then she just was, only a little short of crying. It stung worse than Kayla would have imagined, but having silky smooth kit fur also meant having delicate, sensitive skin.

"My hand is an implement, and usually the normal one. Now, we'll take the next step up to your little paddle.", Emily then said, taking the small swatter into hand. It was like a ping-pong paddle, only extremely thin, made out of a strong synthetic wood. It's initial whap against fur and skin made the little Penitatas flinch strongly, belly full of butterflies.

"Stop-... !", Kayla cried out, feeling tears now as her first pleas were interrupted by the swatting her body desperately sought to avoid. Enduring the crisp, sharp spanks of the thin wooden device, her ears folded as flat to her head as they could to avoid the high pitched sound associated with the increasingly more potent sting she was starting to grasp. After those five paddles, she was definitely crying, whimpering and whining like a punished kit would. This pain was all so new, and Kayla promptly realized the sting was only getting worse as time passed, trembling and struggling lightly out of natural reaction. The fur of her rear did not help much at all it seemed as her eyes clenched, squeezing a fresh pair of young tears from her blue eyes.

"Next up is the back of what would have been your hairbrush. I need to get a different one for your fur.", Emily then said, changing implements and bringing the wooden backside of it down upon the hurting rear-end of Kayla. The sound was deeper, from the much thicker piece of wood, that felt more like a bat then a paddle. Kayla had grit her teeth hard in her crying but couldn't repress the sting. Against her will she howled, half like a child and half like a fox. Across both sides of her rear came the final two with the last one hurting a lot more, making her start to bawl. The brush felt hard enough to bruise, not like the thin wood from before designed to simply welt the skin.

"Only two left Kayla, and these are the worst. This one is a nursery cane, made for girls your age.", her mother continued, raising the rod. She wasn't leaving a lot of breathing room between implements at all!

"No! Not un' of thoz'!", Kayla cried out while bawling, not knowing how to speak through her crying yet, just before the first strike came down with a swish and a mild crack. Kayla just screamed and howled through her desperate sorrow, as her mother went down her rump with the cane from top to bottom. Kayla was reduced to the most subdued of little kits, crying hard over her new mommy's knees. Demeaning, embarrassing, Kayla didn't know how she would last. The silky fur she once loved, she now damned for not being able to absorb anything at all. Her legs fought to kick, but her mother's leg had already pinned them down. The pain was already past anything she had experienced in decades, with only her time on Aspatria topping it. Last swat making a line of messy fur at the top of her thighs, Kayla gripped her muzzle only to nearly scratch it with her claws in the midst of her strong tears.

"Last one Kayla, the switch. This one is from a hickory tree, and it's been carved just for your welcome spanking. Keep your legs and paws down now.", Emily said, reminding her daughter of the pain of this device in wake of the cane. Kayla screeched at being told this, tensing her body before the first impact caught her between Emily's first two cane welts, working downward in all the empty space.

The crying fox screamed out, rearing her head back with her teeth fully bared out of agony. She howled her most pathetically as the final whippy lashes were felt, breaking her will through use of such foreign discipline. Kayla was entirely subdued, utterly bawling from the sting and ache of being lashed and smacked so many times across such a small backside. Emily gave the crying child a few moments to keep bawling over her lap. The parents did their duties in solemn silence, for Kayla's benefit. After the first experience of many she will have, the least they could permit was a moment to cry to herself. They allowed Kayla to catch her breath and lower her head back down, before Alex took her paw and lead her to her feet, taking her towards to stool tucked away in the corner

"Please no! Not aftr' tha't!", Kayla cried out in broken difficulty, trying to stop herself with her little feet; paw pads digging into the carpet. Harsh swats rang out in the kit's folded down ears in sync with strong jolts against her backside and tail, while her wrists were still restrained during her trek to the corner.

"Don't argue young lady! This is for all the bad things your alias Packet-Storm has done!", her mother said sternly, spanking her thrice against her punished rear, for her disobedience. With Alex's hands full, Emily employed teamwork. She picked the sobbing kit up and placed her onto the stool, strapping her orange ankles in so the little girl wouldn't be forced to hold them in place herself. With no experience in dealing with spanking and other forms of discipline, there was no way she could realistically expect her new daughter to stay still.

"Keep that tail down!", her mother scolded when she tried to use it to take weight off her rear, simply standing with her arms crossed while she watched. This stool's pointy pyramids went straight through her fur and punished her well spanked bottom while she cried forcefully, putting the backs of her paws to her cheeks. She whined like the kit she was for two minutes, fighting the urge to squirm, until her mother released her straps. Emily carried her to her bed gently once she had lifted the young Aspatrian from the pointed pyramids of her stool, trying to keep pressure off the rear she just punished. Kayla squirmed when Emily slid onto the bed and settled her down onto her lap, on her stomach like she was going to be spanked again.

"Kayla, it's okay, just rest now.", she said comfortingly while she shushed, stroking the fur on the back of the fox's neck. Emily was only trying to comfort her. Kayla continued her crying, trying to focus more on the loving touch, instead of the not so loving ones that left their mark. Either way, her bushy tail covered her backside firmly, trembling. Within a minute, her father came back from putting the devices away and brought a canister of cream with him. Kayla bit her lip cautiously, trying to read the tube through her watery eyes as it passed her field of vision. Nano-lotion, it said. Her mother began to lightly massage into her rear, making her fur a little gooey. Not having lived a normal life, Kayla wasn't very familiar with it. Soon she was though, sighing in relief - finding to be a cream that contained nanite robots that worked to repair damaged skin. It itched, but the welts and bruises would be healed. She'd be better rather shortly, even. After it was in, she rubbed her eyes, drying them with the fur of her paws.

After she was released, her welcome punishment completed, her mother pulled out a chess game from the closet and worked to set it up on the bed. It was a wild guess, but with Kayla‘s intelligence, it seemed to be suitable as a way to bond and get to know this mysterious little fox. The two girls played together, talking about any subject that arised. Kayla seemed timid, or at least shy, despite being so openly acceptant of her punishment. It was like she had spoken to few people during her lifetime. As sad as Kayla was to be punished by such a nice person, she more then appreciated having a parent, even if it wasn't her own species.

As a new family, they had a nice day getting to know each other, although Emily spanked Kayla with her hand before placing the young girl in bed. It was tied in with a lecture about rules and what she expected of the now Penitatas. Kayla only cried a little, leaving her parents to tuck her into bed with warm smiles. The glow of dusk shined through Kayla's window, situated to the left of her desk, beside her bed. Her mother wiped the slightly damp fur beneath the fox's eyes upon seeing the light shine off of the moisture, and kissed her on the forehead. It was not going to be easy for the fox this first month. Emily's job was to be as strict as possible.

"Good night Kayla.", she wished, speaking quietly before she lifted her head from Kayla's own.

"Sleep well.", her dad then added, flicking off the light from her bedroom doorway.

"Good night. And, thank you.", she said quietly, though it had truthful calm to it. In pain, and exhausted, it was all the girl could find to say. For the first time in over a day, Kayla was alone. After rejuvenating and dealing with a day full of active discipline, her mind was too worn to spend it thinking, stewing, and moping while re-living her trial. While the sun set over the city of Calleet, Kayla was swept away by the peace of slumber.

* * * * * * *

Kayla awoke early the next morning to an amused voice and a hand rubbing her back. She opened her eyes and rolled onto her back, sitting up somewhat groggily with her white bed sheet covering her lap.

"Kayla! Have a look at this!", said her mother enthusiastically, handing her a data-pad. Kayla got a good little laugh looking at it's screen. It was today's news, and a certain something made the cover. At least her parents took it lightly, instead of getting more angry at it. Still, it was strange to see. Damning in it's own way.

'The sentencing of the notorious hacker, whom goes by the alias of Packet-Storm, completed yesterday as the hacker was sentenced to twelve years as a Penitatas through two cycles. Her true name has been revealed to be Kayla Ackart, an Aspatrian, who's original home on the outskirts of Calleet has still yet to be declassified by the Starfleet Security Council. She was apprehended after a failed hack into Starfleet Headquarters' central computer system. Kayla Ackart's equipment and hardware is currently being examined to determine the full extent of her capabilities.'

"Oh man, this is a keeper!", Kayla chuckled, figuring this was something of an important memory. It's the end of her reign. Her mother smirked and raised a chip she had already brought with her, for Kayla to save such occurrences.

"I thought you'd say that.", she said with knowing sort of tone, handing Kayla a memory chip to save it. It was good to have a new young one in the house again, she thought. Kayla popped it in without thinking and rapidly tapped her fuzzy fingers around the device like a pro. Emily watched in near awe, witnessing a six year old fox use a data-pad better then anyone else, tapping her fingers around at unheard of speed, with a straight face, just taking in the data and changing windows as fast as they came and changed. In only a few seconds, the article was pieced by itself and saved. Compressed and indexed even. Kayla tossed the device to her other hand while the chip clicked out onto her other. A little trick she learned.

"Wow.", her mother said awkwardly, while Kayla, Packet-Storm, just smirked and handed her the data-pad back. Yes, there was a reason she was here alright.