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April 19th Update

Well guys, I went out on a limb, writing so lengthily and descriptively - making folks wait, and drawing out the tale. I used this as an opportunity to flesh into the characters deeper than I ever had before, especially when it came to the parents. The next leg of the story won't be so bright... I have grown fond of action and deeper dramatics. :3 This is actually only half of the planned tale, being that I had to split it up because of how long this one had became. The next installment will be continuing this tale, and will be titled 'Kayla: From Dusk to Dawn'.

So, I hope the story is worth it, as long as it is. There is a fine line between "satisfying" and just way too long. Punish me if I have made an error, but hey, this series is my forever playground as I keep writing. Let me know how you think! It's been a while since I've done a tale so focused on the families, and a little bit of the brighter sides. "A day in the life", as it were.

It's roughly 50,500 words, and again, the longest to date. Go on and check 'Green Vacation' out!